Kim Kardashian Wears Extremely See-Through Bustier Chain Mail Gown, So Let's Look at it From All Angles!

09/02/2014 at 05:27 PM ET

Kim Kardashian sheer dressLandov; Splash News Online; Rex USA

There comes a time in every young woman’s life when she just wants to put on her leather bustier bodysuit, top it with a floor-length sheer skirt studded with crystals and step out on the town for a romantic night with her husband. For Kim Kardashian, that night was tonight.

Kardashian was attending London’s GQ Men of the Year awards on the arm of her husband Kanye West. And despite (or perhaps because of) it being West’s night, the star showed all her considerable assets from every angle in her custom Ralph & Russo gown, from the extremely-well supported bra top of her one-piece to the high slit and revealing back view of the skirt. She also boldly let her recently-trimmed mane go bedhead-y and extensions-free, though she did stick to her preferred beauty look: a contoured face, smoky eye and nude lip.

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We think a dress like this really speaks for itself, so why don’t you watch the mesmerizing Gif above for a while and then share your thoughts in the comments.

–Alex Apatoff

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Showing 259 comments

sandra on

That’s so old who cares

Chrystal Heward on

What was Kim K thinking? That outfit did nothing positive for her curves.

Susan on

Oh, I am blinded by the hidous sight.

dlraetz on

Does it say hugely unflattering?

Alexis on

Why would anyone think that she looks good in that outfit, for one it is so tight on her, it does nothing for her except make her look ridiculous.

Truthfinder on

Just say NO!

Mnmama on

Her thighs are so fat I don’t get why people think she has such a great body. Cover up.

Laura on

Gosh she could get $5 each job on the street corner with that outfit.

JoJo on

Embarrsssed for you…..this is in poor taste.

JoJo on

No class!

JoJo on

Totally classless.

skipper on

She has gone into desperation mode, trying to cling to her last little bit of infamy before she follows (again) in Paris Hilton ‘ s footsteps and becomes a washed up reality star who won’t be able to pay someone enough to have her at their club opening. This, and her declining ratings for their show, and it looks like these ridiculous people are about to be forced to crawl back under the rocks from which they came. People rejoice!

Justice on

What will North think of her Mother’s fashion choices when she starts using Google?

laurencarrollphotography on

All I see is trash in a bag.

Frances on

why why why why why?

Holly on

Very tacky.

Tamarin on

Wow that looks gross.

Bill on

And yet if one of your adored actresses wore the outfit, you all would love it.

Nikki on

she looks like a hooker, tramp…what else is new..I guess kanye likes he wife dressing trashy..she will NEVER HAVE ANY STYLE or dress like a lady…stop giving her so much attention..SHE DOESNT NEED OR DESERVE IT

Ejny on

An odd choice of an outfit for her someone her size? Looks hideous.

Debbie on

Maybe it’s just me but I just don’t get her fashion.

Jule on

Oh Kim, stop trying so hard!!! Put. It. Away.

Debbie on

So tired of seeing that HUGE rump roast. lol

enough already! on

She looks so cheap!

cyndy on

how could anyone with so much money not hire a stylist to pick out her clothes. she has such bad taste in all that she wears! i guess she looks like a gansta ho which is probably just the was kanye likes it. it’s true money can’t buy you class. kim is a walking testimony to that for a variety of reasons including the way she dresses!

Hrword on

Where does this sheet com from? Hid. E. Ous

darla on

Mother sleaze.

Kim on

She’s gross and disgusting.

chantel on

Sorry but that is hideous.

Mohani on

The dress !!! The make up!!
Everything about her is fake fake fake

ro on

I do not see the attraction with Kim’s enormous butt, that is so unattractive.

Lori on

Does she own a mirror? Seriously!

ro on

I do not see the attraction with Kim’s enormous butt, that is so unattractive. She needs to start using buttons on her tops also, she does have a child now and needs to stop walking around with her boobs hanging out, pure trash.

Mrs. Garcia on


joanna on

Really at a black tie event, wow classy, nothing like a see threw skirt leather bustier bodysuit to complete the look, she looks hideous.

joanna on

It looks hideous..

joanna on

People please take my subscription and cancel it. I have said nothing offensive in anyway about Kim other than she looks hideous dressed like that at a black tie event. If you are going to censor the truth the please take and cancel my subscription because its clear the first amendment means nothing to you.

Heather on

Really? Someone is calling this a GOWN? She looks hideous. Her boobs are falling out, her hips are as big as Texas and the Rocky Mountains are small in comparison to her gigantic butt. This freak show just can’t stop flaunting her body and I am so tired of her “clothing” choices making top headlines every friggin day. She needs to get a life and be a mom to that kid they named after a direction.

splattershare on

nope. nope. nope. Please cover up. I feel like I shouldn’t even be looking. Why is this dress see through???

socabillsfan on

Yuck. Because NO ONE in their right mind would hack her cell phone for revealing pictures, she has to do it voluntarily because she is an attention junkie. I won’t write the w word because that is really bad, but at some point this nonsense has to stop.

ksdhen on

Joan Rivers, please get better. Fashion Police needs you!

Hiss on

PIG of the year. Let’s honor a woman who is selfless and gives back to the world. Obsessed with kind deeds like Angelina. Not this selfish rat.

Jessyca on

A sow’s ear trying to look like a silk purse…what a pig!! Gross,too!

k on

Please make it stop

Gg on

Doesn’t do her hips any justice. She dresses so trashy.

mrsmass on

Is she going straight from the event to shark diving?

JBug on

Just not attractive outfit…She’s a pretty woman, but that outfit, just is not attractive at all on her….

Carolyn on

Certainly the worst thing I saw today.

Ann on

I think the press is actually making fun if her.

Kartrashians on

She looks bigger than usual outfit does nothing for her. Pure trash.


Wow……. what a poor example she is setting for her daughter! How sad….

JP on

This outfit is NOT flattering on her.

Theresa on

She looks ridiculous. Someone needs to tell her that large ass of her needs to be concealed no revealed. Disgusting really.

Kristin on

And she thinks she looks “good” in that? OMG…. I can’t get over the lack of class she has. Tramp-a-poolza

Nicole on

She’s not a ‘mother’ or anything.

amyinoaktown on

Most unflattering outfit EVER. Does she have a mirror at home??

MN on

Joan Rivers needs to come out of her coma to see this. I’m sure she’d have a thing or two to say of this hideous thought of an outfit.

Melanie on


Jen McClure on

yeah shes getting all the attention now but wait till another 7 to 10 yrs when the little ones get all the attention she will be hating when shes not the center of attention and her mom spends time with them more. I swear thats what mama k had planned, milk her daughters until they can no longer be milked then move on to the next one.

Allen Gustoff on

Her ass is too big to wear this stuff. She looks like a cow and is too stupid to realize how ridiculous she looks.

Sammy on

Hideous !!!

Ruth on

I’m sorry but I don’t understand how she thinks looks good. She’s a pretty woman, but my goodness, do we need to see her ass in every picture? Please try to remember your a grown woman and mother now and less is more sometimes. Leave something to the imagination for cripes sakes.

noisefrom1981 on

That dress gives whole new meaning to the phrase ‘butt ugly’.

noisefrom1981 on

No, Bill. We would NOT.

Angela on

She is a beautiful girl but damn this is a bad outfit! When will she realize that she doesn’t have the body she did before the baby?? Her waist maybe getting smaller but her hips aren’t going to go anywhere! It’s time to start dressing in clothes your size Kim! You’ll look great again once you realize that your not a size two!

lola on

Gotta say I love the hair and make-up and the style of the skirt is interesting. It caught my eye, but why it is see through I just have no idea. Well, and least she’s covered below. Not like Rhianna who was almost 100% nude under her sheer dress.

Marcia on

Why? Why? Why? Would anyone go out looking like that???

Sara on

Make it go away. So boring. The only thing interesting about her is that she’s totally plastic surgerized her face into Octomom.

Amaryllis on

Where does she find these hideous outfits?

marie on

HIDEOUS! Talk about no taste!

Shel on

Another slow news day….

Lindy on

Nothing says trash like Kim Kartrashian…..

Ella on

Does this woman own a mirror?

p on

actually she received ‘Woman of the Year’ award..People Mag..I know you want to be shady…so Kanye was her date… on

You can not make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. Or rear, as the case is here

Lu on

Kim really needs to realize her body isn’t like Kendall’s and dress appropriately.

Pattimelt on


My on

She is trying so hard to get that fashion “wow” moment J-Lo got when she wore that infamous green dress years ago. Unfortunately since she shows her assets each and every day–there can be no surprise.

Kim showing her body is so “been there, done that”…

Iz on

It’s not unflattering- no one can deny that Kim is a gorgeous woman. Unfortunately, only someone that self-absorbed would wear a get up like that, and that’s really what makes her so unattractive as an individual.

Carol on

She is nothing but an exhibitionist. Tacky, tacky, tacky!

Tracy Ross on

I have to start this commentary off with a disclaimer. I find Kim annoying and extremely superficial. With that said: This is by far the most unique dress I have seen in a long time. I put it up their with Jennifer Lopez’s green Versace dress. It will go down in celebrity dress history as iconic. She looks beautiful and sexy! Just stunning.

Karen on

I will never understand why people think this woman’s body is so rocking. Her ass is HUGE, and she’s pretty dumpy. She never wears clothes that flatter her. For being a so-called designer and fashionista, you’d think she’d be more on point. She looks ridiculous. Epic fail, Kimmy!

nikilove on

She’s wider than wide..poor baby that will never go away….

Tonja on

She should be wearing larger size. She looks like a sausage

Alee on

That is horrendous . Completely unflattering from all angles. Just stay home with your husband if you want to wear this. You look like a hooker and your husband must think of you that way.

Charlene on

I just can’t get over her hips and a$$; they are HUGE!!!! I would not accentuate them if I were her but I know those are her strong assets

Cynda on

Seriously, Kim should send Joan Rivers a huge bouquet of flowers, because if Joan was on Fashion Police she would rip her to shreds. And rightly so. Her hips and thighs are huge. She could certainly find something more flattering.

Rachel on

Excuse me while I throw-up

Cynda on

She is a mother. Where is poor, little IgNori? Again with the nanny? Kim needs to realize that she has a child. She should be ashamed and embarrassed about how she treats that poor little girl. Is it any wonder why IgNori never smiles?

Shia on

terrible look!

Sasha on

Healllz yeah !

Kimber on

Prime example of that saying ‘just because you can, doesn’t mean you should’. Horrible…….

Nina on

Classy mom!!

chg1008 on

She looks so awful pretty much all the time.

Tara on

She is trying to be Kanye’s ex, Amber Rose.

Jennifer on

My self esteem just jumped 1000 points thighs look like twigs compared to hers!

Victoria on

Does she really think she looks good in this?? She needs to learn how to dress for her body. She has a beautiful face but her choices for clothes is horrendous.

janice on

Seriously, what was she thinking, is this supposed to be a Halloween costume. That is the most ridiculous outfit I have ever seen, and it probably cost a fortune.

Dara on

The only reason this shallow, self -absorbed dim
Wit married Kanye is to stay in the limelight. She also had North to get millions from Kanye in a divorce. I think he finally has figured out how demented & greedy Kim is. That’s why he looks so miserable.

Brandi on

@ Tara not quite – did you even see Amber Rose’s outfit? It wasn’t even a dress really…it was basically strategically-placed beads on strings over a thong with strappy heels. I’m not a fan of Kim’s at all and while this is far from her best outfit, let’s be real… it does provide more coverage than Amber Rose’s ode to Rose McGowan for SURE.

cy on

She is getting seriously curvy as in getting too chunky now. She is not slender-curvy but beefy-curvy. The dress is not flattering on her. Does she realize she is getting fat now? Often short women with weight issues will have a hard time losing the pregnancy fat and it shows. There are people who think big curves are beautiful but not for me. They just look too disproportional.

Jm on

Good lord. Does she not see what the rest of us do?? Could your hips short waist and butt look any larger. Come on your a Mother show some class!!

Marcia on

Lovely streetwalker attire.

hautemom on


jessica on

Seriously I don’t get it…my opinion is that she is just fat. I mean what is her hip measurement anyway????

Rosie on

Classless overpaid ho!

Budding Fashionista on

it must be uncomfortable to walk around with your arms out to accommodate your hips all the time. not hating on the girl. just sayin’

pam on

Kim looks awful in this ugly dress. What was she thinking??????? Boudoir clothing does not become her at all. Better luck next time

pam on

Ugly, ugly and she gets it wrong again

pam on

Ugly, ugly and she gets it wrong once more

MrsJAZ on

Does this woman not have mirrors in her house ?????

Kazzy on

Whenever I feel doubtful about my body I look at Kim’s and it makes me feel so much better! I’ve got 15 years on her but pretty sure I’m just one “butt” of her two!!

lele on

I think she looks pretty

NAP on

YUK!!! She should really look in the mirror before stepping out for the evening!!

Betty on

One of her boobs hangs lower than the other, the silicone is starting to slip. Her lips are over inflated and her ass is bigger than the Hindenburg. I guess “less is more” never occurred to this woman.

sweets on

She looks really bad in this outfit. Her waist may be thun but her hips and thighs look huge. Plus she needs a bra. Her boobs look lopsided.

Judge Mental on

Wide load, comin’ through! Boom bapa boom bapa boom!

Gina Stoll on

Curves her butt ( pun intended). That’s wide and huge!

Stephanie on

I’m not skinny by any means so don’t think I am when I say this….but she looks huge….

jenny on

wow. that’s hideous and does horrible things for her figure. kanye should have picked something better for her.

pink lady on

She looks horrible and I am so over this trashy family!!! her ass is so freaking huge and just gross.

Teresa on

“From all angles”- Thanks People, just what we all needed.

Lis on

She looks like a cow…proportions sooooooo wrong! Yikes!!

Jennae on

Seriously, does she only have distortion mirrors that make one look thinner? She always seems to be dressed in clothing that makes her look bigger because it’s either too tight, an unflattering cut or has contrasting colors that chop her up. I can’t imagine how she thinks this is flattering…about the 1,000th time I’ve thought that :). This dress would have looked way better in all black. She has all the money to dress fabulously and instead time after time she looks trashy. I just have to click on these stories — when you think it can’t get tackier, it ALWAYS does, LOL!

Rebecca on

Disgusting! Flattering…not. Just another trashy look by Kartrashian.

veronica cervantes on

Kim take a look at yourself real good!

sabrina on

Doesn’t Kim see how stupid this looks? If Ralph & Russo designs a garbage bag would you wear it…because it is from some famous designer. Get a clue, use your brain. I think they played a joke on Kim to see if she would be stupid enough to wear the “gown”

rocknmovie on

She obviously forgot to look at herself in the mirror before going out. This mermaid dress doesn’t suit her at all, she looks totally ridiculous. And the leather bustier makes her look like a porn star.

cbm on

awful…..just awful

GM on

Please, please and PLEASE, quit covering Kim. She is famous for NOTHING and her 15 minutes were up long ago. I’m so sick of seeing her covered in your magazine.

Awwshucks on

I didn’t realize sheer drapes could be stretched to their full potential.

Vania on

She is someone mother and wife. She needs to dress like it. Your not single anymore Kim

MSS on

MY Eyes ! MY EYES !!!!!!!

Mary on

As usual, she looks like trash.

redhotrash on


Reggie on

She looks awful, cover up a bit it would be much more flattering, even on a person who is thin I think it would be an awful outfit.

Jenny H. on

I DON’T think that was something to wear “THERE” more A “BAR”…I MEAN REALLY !

Cheryl on

Kim and Kenya have to be noticed whether good or bad..
Give the dress to her baby sister

Cheryl Lingard on

Seriously …She strives to be a spectacle..good or bad..
And in her case’s mostly bad.. she strives for the Attention’

Brandy on

Her body looks so fake.

Nona on

Kim’s always been a hippy curvy girl and that’s great, but this makes her look downright huge in the hips. Not a good look for her.

Aussie cathie on

Does she use chub rub on those heifer legs? Her arse is like a camels lump

pete on


Tobs on

I don’t dislike Kim, but the only reason why people think she has a great body is because she is famous. If she wasn’t famous she would be just considered “fat”, she really is not that pretty. She has a pretty face but that’s it. Now Sofia and J Lo and BeyoncĂ©, they have lovely bodies!

Julieta on

Does anyone still believe this but is real? Maybe it used to be. If they do stuff to themselves, they could at least say it out loud so that those poor brainwashed girls who follow them wouldn’t be killing themselves trying to achieve it.

Nanu 08 on

Can’t believe her husband would really let her leave the house in that awful thing whatever it is…….does she really think that looks sexy? Somebody get her some glasses!!!!

linda on


TJ on

Money can’t buy class.

Jassica on

She can have all the money in the world…but something she just can seem to buy is CLASS

Guest on

She still looks fat to me

Guest on

Still looks fat!!

Cat Casey on

I have never seen anyone before who has absolutely no clue how clothes truly look on her. Get this woman a mirror.

Guest on

Uh oh!! Angelina and Jennifer were getting too much press, so mama Jenner had to buy Kim an article to put her back in our faces!!

Ana on

Hookers represent

Stephanie on


Cindy on

Awh sweetie, you look embarrassingly bad. Stop thinking you look good and stop wearing clothing that accentuates how wide and out of shape you are.

Psychic One on

Enough already! She obviously thinks she looks amazing and gorge in anything she puts on her body. Not so. I Bible that!

kathy from fla on

Fat fat fat! Once again she feels the need to show NO CLASS with her choice of wardrobe.

Brittany on

I love how celebrities can get by with being almost nude in public. If us normal people would wear anything like that we would be told that we are trash. Just because your a celebrity doesn’t mean you should be able to wear outfits like that. It’s gross and it disgusting. Have some decency for yourself and start wearing clothes.

Jean on

OMG. Why show your breast? Oh I forgot, your a pornstar.

dawn scott on

Pleaes, please hire a stylist who is NOT your husband. This is NOT a good look at all. This “gown” is extremely unflattering to her body type. She needs to dress to compliment her assets and not highlight her flaws. Does she look at herself in the mirror??????

Pam Pioro on

It is so obvious that Kim’s biggest love is her “boobs”. She spends more time on them than her daughter & husband. Will the world ever see her in anything that is truly flattering on her. Her ass is sooooooo huge. She is not on the world’s list of beautiful women…….

DI on

Not a fan of the look, no matter who wears it. It just emphasizes her size, which isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Victoria on

People People why do you think that people want to see these two huge implanted boobs everytime we go to your web site, it is really getting OLD! She is so plastic, everything about her is just plastic from the fillers to the implants. Enough is enough!!

jansanna on

Holy, THUNDER THIGHS Batman! This woman NEEDS to get moving or she’s only going to get bigger…looks like her body is completely out of control…Nasty, if you ask me!

fatwomenaregross on

When you’re FAT, showing off more skin is NOT attractive Kim!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweetness on

I’ve been told “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”, sooooooooo…… comment.

Janie on

She looks very wide when she turns full face. Not flattering.
So tired of these people. Hope they are reading these posts.

PJB on

Even if Kim K wore Princess Diana’s wedding gown, she would still look frumpy.

Ruth on

Kim you look like a double wide. The hips have got to go.

seabot on

Wow that is enormously unflattering.

Mary on

Poor thing. She is very short and very wide. She consistently dresses like she is tall and willowy. So she looks hysterically ridiculous every time she steps out for the paps. Which makes their jobs so much easier. I’m kind of getting to the point where I feel sorry for her. She is some day going to realize she is so “famous” because she is such an easy punching bag – kind of like that car accident we all slow down to see. What a sad way to live.

Ruth on

Double wide, really you look hidious

Stop on

Don’t click, comment, etc to ANY Kardashian related articles. Honestly, they will keep publishing them and force feeding us anything about them if there is any interest. negative or not. Lets band together and do something about this already, it’s evident NO ONE likes these people.

floormodel on

she looks like she was attending the porn star awards ceremony.

wow on

Does she own a full length mirror?

aga s on

she’s so fat!

Farmspice on


Anna on

Is she pregnant again because she looks like a beached whale! She doesn’t understand that if you’re curvy you cannot squeeze yourself into a sample size?!?!?! And the fact that this atrocity was custom made is so sad. All the money in the world and no taste.

barbarabarham on

In a word-Yuck.

rebecca on

Why do you constantly give this cheap exhibitionist a public forum?

debbie on

she looks fat, guess she cant wear spanx with that outfit

Me on

She looks like a “stuffed, medieval cow”

Tina on

That dress is not flattering on her

katey on

She looks so dirty.

TTD on

I wonder what she’ll say when her daughter dresses like that!

TTD on

I wonder what she’ll say when her daughter is older and dresses like that!!

jenc on


Ava on

Absolutely love this dress! I think she looks fab.

Judy on

It makes her hips look like they are a wide as the state of TN.

Lindy on

Sheer class…..

Peach on


J on

I don’t like this look. It’s very tacky.

Marisa on

Embarrsssed for you. Why does anyone think her body is bangin’? She’s fat! Thunder thighs! LMAO with everyone else in the world!

April on

Do we really need to see it from all angles? It looks terrible no matter what angle you look at it

ugh on

Not the best look for Kim. Kim is a very pretty woman. That dress is just soooo not it. Fire your stylist Kim!

Reggie on

She is too big and hippy to wear that outfit. She actually looks horrible

Sarah on

Really…what the heck were you thinking KIM? Are you going to want NORTH to dress like this when she is older? YOU really need to start thinking like a MOTHER not a “ME”THER. And cover up!

Susan on

This foolish narcissist does not know how bad she look in these gawdy clothes. I would guess her to be 60 lbs overweight from this photo alone. PLEASE cover up!

JM on

On what planet would that be considered “fashionable?” Besides the whole outfit looking trashy, it is so ill-fitted and unflattering that it makes her look 10x bigger than she really is. She might as well have put flashing lights pointing to her problem areas.

Elizabeth S on

Not flattering.

lindabinda on


Sheri on

She needs to leave these outfits to her two little sisters, she doesn’t have the figure for this.

Just Sayin' on

Does it also make a loud BEEP-BEEP sound when she backs up??

Marcia on

Since she has been with Kanye , she has gotten sloppy in her appearance. Her hair used to always look good and she dressed nice but not anymore. She just looks trashy!


OMG this woman is blind and stupid. Fat ass and legs. Waldo are you hiding in there?

Lori RN on

That outfit MIGHT work on a stick figure model who is a size 0, but it looks HORRIBLE on a woman with large hips. With all the money in the world, why can’t Kim dress to flatter her figure? She doesn’t have the body to pull off the form fitting stuff she seems to always be wearing.

Ilaria on

It’s embarassing ….from all angles!


oh my goodness..for someone who likes to be considered a “fashion icon”,this dress is is absolutely awwful! everyone makes fashion mistakes at one time or another,but this is not flattering on her in the least! I am not a kk fan,but even a fan would be appalled by this dress..

Mandy on

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. I wish this girl would stop dressing like she has a size 2 body and dress for her body type. She may actually look nice if she did!

E! on

Eeegads! Make it stop! The girl is making +2M on her app and still can’t dress for her figure.

Julesy on

I just had to look, didn’t I? Now I need to wash my eyes out.

Tugs on

This lady has no class and this couple should be referred to as Dumb and Dumber.

guest 105 on

She looks like a cow. Maybe she should stop looking at herself with rose colored glasses and look at how other people dress. she has the ugliest body at every event she goes to. Kourtney looks better pregnant than kim does now. Yuck!

guest 105 on

Can we call her kimmoo????

Robbie on

The worst! I do not understand why you even print this – no one cares about this family – they provide no positive impact on society…quit writing about hem.

Linda Susan Knutson on

Totally unflattering.

ginnokage on

First of all, it’s chain maille or chainmaille. If Kim had a dress made out of chain mail then we’d be seeing a buttload of paper covering her prominent derriere. Please do not confuse this fashion flop with actual chainmaille. :P

brutally honest on

Is there anything this nobody WONT do for attention?

Georgia on

She always looks so trashy…perhaps her husband is her stylist as he has absolutely no taste. She is one lady that might, just might, look better in a burka

Amie on

All I can focus on is her nose! Why all the Botox and plastic surgery? She was naturally pretty BEFORE any of that

mgirl on

I don’t know why she gets so much attention…unless a lot of it is negative? She looks cheap, it’s too revealing, and she has BIG hips and a bigger butt! No class!

pastreye on

Kim has no class. She is all ass in her ridiculous GQ outfit a street girl would not wear in public.

pastreye on

Kim tries to compete with young Beyoncé &, Rhianna who do not have to show boobs & butts to look sexy The have class and style and are talented. Kims talent is displayed in her sex video with her black friend which is proof of her only talent. You are now a mother, dress and act like one and get over yourself..

Shawn Hill on

can you say TRASHY????

JP on


Carol jobes on

She looks like a cow.

Ran on

She’s got a grossly, artificially enlarged butt/thighs. It’s nasty. SHE is nasty. Her claim to fame is having dirty sex involving urine. THIS is WHAT you glamorize??? God, please my head implode.

Rhonda on

Enough already!!!! I think that between K and her husband are looking for our approval and guess what they don’t get it. Enough with the selfies, the outfits that show way more than we really need to see and be a mother!!!! Enough of her as well!!!

Donna Lotts on

Kim Kardashian’s chain mail dress is by far one of the worst creations I have ever had the displeasure on viewing . I can only hope her daughter never sees “mommy” wearing something so trashy. But then consider the source……………

Alexandra Buchanan on

OMG – what a vile outfit
does she not own a full length mirror? Who is her stylist? I think the person who told her she looked good in this must dislike her very much

roo on

She looks like trash! Is this her idea of sexy? Woman of the year? I think more like fat ass of the year!

Debra on

Oh pls she needs to stop exposing her body, she is a mom and be herself. She has a big ass it looks terrible on her

Denise Ouellette on

I did not know size 16/18 was sexy….If Kims’ Rubenesque (beefy) size catches on with all the cool boys, we won’t have to worry about anorexia as much as we do now.

vern on

I noticed that most of the negative comments come from women who if they could they’d be doing the same thing they despise Kim for doing. It’s one thing to disagree with her lifestyle or the way she carries herself it’s something else when every time you see something about her you feel the need to comment with hate. No matter how or what she did to get money of fame, she did it her way. Some of you need to find your way. Every single time her name appears in an article and someone comments ,”Chi Ching” is the sound her bank account makes.

Hugh Jardon on

She needs to just drop trow, grab ankles and show the chonch

Barbara Irving on

Looks like a problem if she needs to relieve herself.

PLW on

Kim’s dress is totally Kim. Don’t like her but I will defend her. She’s covered. The thing that startles me is the size of her hips. I think I’d try to wear something a little less revealing.

Wayne on

Why does her huge butt get a pass ? If this were anyone else they would be talking about how she needs to lose weight or work out more.
She’s a porn star that rose to fame on a tape directed and released by her own mother rfor God’s sake.
If we are going to worship them, there are many that are far more attractice.

flip on

Hideous as always. This ugly pig needs to disappear sooner than later.

flip on

Go away please.

nonyabusiness on

What a fat a$$ she is, Put a PIG in a designer dress and what do you have? A PIG in a design or dress…….

Theresa Searcaigh on

Oh my god I am so sick of this woman. This outfit is dreadful (and I’m a nerd, so when I saw Chain Mail Dress I was excited). Her ass and thighs are exaggerated and huge. Her face is pretty but the rest makes me want to gauge my eyes out. Too much is just too much.

nick on

In a word: UGH!!!!!!!!

Heather Fite on

When did it become fashionable to wear a bathing suit out as an outfit?Not just this goofball,and her thunder thighs.Beyonce,Miley Cyrus,Nikki Minja,Jen Lopez,Christina Aquillera and many more perform their concerts in bathing suit w a built in corset,10 inch stripper heels or knee boots?Did they forget the rest of outfit?Weird Trend.Kim and the whole lot of them will be gone soon enough back to obscurity.And as far as Kayne West is concerned Kim got what she deserves with that ego maniac.If they last a year I will be shocked.

roger on

I think she has a pretty face and looks good from the waist up but she needs to slim down dramatically from the waist down…she is not in proportion

tewdeeq on

KIim is not afraid of those curves.

tewdeeq on

Kim is not ashamed of a woman’s curves.

tewdeeq on


North will see that that is nothing to be ashamed is you a a REAL woman’s body.

Trudy on

Really…. I think this is just unattractive. Is the fashion police around!

trish on

I think u guys are all haters, she looks great

Kalamry on

That dress makes Kim’s hips look so huge!!! She looks awful there with those fake breasts hanging out! What a tramp!

Sheryl on

While I think Kim is stunningly beautiful, her thighs and butt are huge to an abnormally gross size. From the waist down, it’s just awful. Maybe I’m just not a fan of “so much junk in the trunk”!!!!!

rose on

Enough of her oversized ass. I thought men wanted their women this and svelt. Not looking like their sex toy got caught up their privates, and some one forgot to turn off the air tank.Her ass is monsterious

Donna on

Does she even look in the mirror before she waltzes out in public?
Tasteless and awful. It looks like she forgot to wear slip. Her ass looks incredibly huge and this is nothing but unattractive.

Donna on

Does anyone understand the difference between having curves and being huge.
Stop using the “my man like me like this” excuse.
She is huge from the waist down, not curvy.
She looks like a pro in this outfit. Hollywood blvd is calling.

sioux on

There may be a time every little girl would like to put something on like this, and they can, but to go outside in it is a WHOLE different story! This is a classic case of JUST SAY NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Or what your brain looks like on… “Obsessed w/yourself”. lol

Mary on

She’s way too fat for that way too ugly gown… LOL

Chuck on

To quote “Animal House” that woman is a P-I-G pig.

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