Jenny McCarthy's Wedding Dress: See the Photos!

09/01/2014 at 10:24 AM ET

It was a big weekend for celebrity weddings: Ashlee Simpson, Gabrielle Union and Jenny McCarthy all tied the knot. But our favorite thing about these three big events? How different all of their dresses were. While Union went sleek and sexy and Simpson reportedly chose an elegant and bohemian look, McCarthy opted for over-the-top glamour for her St. Charles, Illinois wedding to Donnie Wahlberg.

Jenny McCarthy wedding dress photoKamil Krzaczynski/INFphoto

McCarthy, 41, selected an Ines Di Santo dress from the bridal salon of NYC department store Bergdorf Goodman, where she was spotted shopping with Wahlberg in July. And surprisingly, she looked to have bent many of her pre-determined style rules for her big-day dress.

“White is a little too white. Ivory I think possibly, for my age,” she told PEOPLE in May. Her other rule: “No ballgowns!” The dress she ended up with was a super-romantic white strapless gown with a deep sweetheart neckline, a gathered bodice and a full skirt with large tulle floral details at her left hip. She complemented the romantic look with a long tulle veil, mega-glam sparkling drop earrings, a deep red lip and Veronica Lake-inspired waves. She carried dark red roses in her hands, which were accented with scarlet nails, a Rina Limor diamond bracelet and, of course, that enormous yellow sapphire engagement ring.

Jenny McCarthy wedding dress photoKamil Krzaczynski/INFphoto

McCarthy and Wahlberg were wed at St. Charles’s Hotel Baker (a little fancier than the KFC McCarthy joked about) in front of guests including her former The View cohost Sherri Shepherd and Wahlberg’s New Kids on the Block bandmates.

What do you think of McCarthy’s wedding gown? Who had your favorite from the weekend?

–Alex Apatoff

Jenny McCarthy And Donnie Wahlberg Are Married!

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Momo on

Hate it. Too much material at the bust is making her look saggy. There is also nothing wrong in wearing a bra.

Mandy on

Stunning! Such a beautiful couple!

Gemini on

Not crazy about the dress at all but she looks very pretty. Best wishes.

A&G on

White for the former playmate on her second wedding…really?

Mamagirl31 on

She looks beautiful but needs support.

Antonym4U on

It’s 2014 – why should there be any hard and fast rules about what you wear at your 2nd wedding, anyway? Or your 1st, for that matter? Life’s too short, wear what you want! If it makes you feel beautiful and you’re happy, then go for it. Live and let live.

Snow on

Yeah, I think it looked saggy too. But overall she looked pretty. As for white at a second wedding, there’s nothing wrong with it! This is 2014, not 1950. Every bride wants to feel like this marriage is their first and last, even if it isn’t. And they shouldn’t be denied having a traditional color, rather than being reminded that it isn’t their first, like it was something shameful.

Reyahna on

That dress did not fit on top and looks horrible! You have big boobs, Jenny, we get it – but you’re not 24 anymore. A little extra support goes a long way for gals our age!

susan on

I think she looks trashy!!!!

lola on

A strapless dress for boobs that aren’t as high as they used to be doesn’t do any woman any favors! The make-up is a bit harsh. Hope they are happy and this works out.

carol on

Tacky for a wedding. I was hoping just once she would conduct herself with more modesty. Plus her in white is a joke right there. Donnie seems like a nice fellow. I feel so bad for him. She is only marrying him for his money and security. He deserves better.

JulieB on

I agree with what everyone is saying about the sagging. But in a strapless, can you hold ’em up high?Or do you need a shoulder dress for that? To me she looked like every other bride

Carolyn on

She would have been better off sticking with her original plan. Pale peach or pink would have been better on her, and the strapless look seems so overused now. In her case those boobs are headed downhill.

Keri on

Too bad the photos were not officially released and that someone had to sneak in to take them and People Magazine felt they had to publish them without the consent of the happily married couple. I thought you guys were about integrity and not about buying to the first loser to sneak in and sell photos.

JulieB on

Carolyn, when you say the strapless look is so overused, you’re not kidding. It’s been done to death. Like 15 years now. We need at least shoulders on a dress. Why does every bride want to look like a million others?

marisa on

White? Really? Boobs saggy ugh

Mimmi on

White? Really???

dawn on

Totally inappropriate and tacky for a second marriage. Looks like she is overflowing out of the top. TACKY.

Tiff on

Her boobs don’t look right in this dress.

Get a Life on

Complaining about her saggy boobs? Really? Try not being jealous of a beautiful woman marrying your teenage heartthrob.

Wendy on


Get a Life on

Thank you, Wendy! Someone who can be happy for someone else instead of jealous they don’t look like that.

joanne1965 on

ill fitting at best and inappropriate for her second wedding…

guest on

It never shows a front view of the dress, but I’m sure there was waaaaay to much cleavage/boobs hanging out for it to look classy, lol. Probably very pretty other than that, and she’s still got a great bod. Good for them.

lola on

is she pregnant? in that second photo it looks like a baby bump. i realize she has big boobs but perhaps those are pregnant boobs? jmho.
either way, she could have added a bit more support to her dress. in that first photo, her chest looks like a shelf i could put my coffee mug on.

Whatever on

Maybe he’s a “boob man?” Anyone thought of that? Maybe she picked a dress that would please her groom.

Stephanie on

Love the red against the white very striking.

Guest on

Her breasts just, just no.

No. Just no.

Elizabeth Walton on

Love them. Wish them all the best. You all are right about the dress. She needs more support. I do not like it when a bride shows too much cleavage on their wedding day.

sha on

She should wear what she wants no rules anymore about color c’mon now we’re in 2914. I wish them the best of luck and I really hope that this works out for them they seem very much in love and I hope for Evans sake this works as Donnie is now a dad figure for him. God Bless and don’t mind the haters you looked beautiful Jennie! and Donnie mmmmmm grrrrowl what can I say, you look HOT!!!!

karen on

Iwish he would have shaved .Why cannt men shave anymore even for a speical event like a weddind?

anonymous55 on

Can’t see the details of the dress but the top is extremely ill-fitting. I know she has a gorgeous body but in this dress (or these pics) she looks like she has a protruding belly. Probably looked great in person though.

thesnowqueen on

Kind of hard to get a good idea what the dress is like from two long-distance photos from the waist up!

Melissa on

@Momo : Well, it’s a good thing that she loved the dress.

Donna on

Looks very pretty but would like to have seen the dress first and not the chest!

hrword on

overprocessed hair looks horrid. do not get near an open flame. it’ll go up in seconds.

dee on

doesnt the top part remind anyone of the playboy bunny outfit?

krtmom on

She needs to stand up straight! Boobs too big for that dress!!!

sandy on

too much boobs

Josie on

Stunning bride! Wish them all the luck!!

Carrie M on

Her cups runneth over!

erilynne on

@Get A Life – I wasn’t even born when he was in his prime so to call him a teenage heartthrob is inaccurate. Some can be rude talking about her but not all are! I personally think she could have done straps to have herself look more fitted. Her dress can’t handle her top heavy.

ivy on

The dress is very ill fitting. Her breast are sagging and the amount of cleavage way too much. The hair color and extensions plus the heavy make-up…just not flattering. Jenny is in her 40’s and this look just is not flattering. She would have looked great in something less stark and more age appropriate. She looks like she is trying way too hard to stay young.

Laura & Marc on

We got married at The Hotel Baker 37 years ago !


too GAUDY…….and HACNEYED……

rosie on

She definitely needed more support in the bust. I am surprised as the dress choice. It looks a little fussy for her. Shame on whoever dressed/styled her for not pointing out the sagging.
I wish her the best, especially since his brothers dont seem to support the union.

Cindy on

She looks beautiful. I hope they are super happy!

Lisa on

Oh my. She needs a little more support up top. You want to flaunt them, you have to support them!

smithy on

Can you look glamorous with that much boob hanging out?

I found it gratifying to read that many in his family did not attend because they don’t like Jenny.

At least someone in that family has a brain.

Daisy on

Apparently she bought the dress without ever looking in a mirror. Those puppies are about to run loose any minute. There surely were dresses that would have been way more flattering on her but she chose the least flattering option instead

please on

We all know she has big boobs maybe her wedding day should could have put them away. She looks tacky and uncomfortable. Very telling how this marriage is gonna go since several of his family members didn’t attend.

bj on

Too much makeup, too much dress and too much boobs. She looks hunched backed and she is much too old for that style of dress. In bad taste all together.

Jamie on

You can’t deny her hair looks amazing.

Larka on

It’s fine to wear white for a second wedding. Those are old fashioned and outdated opinions that say you shouldn’t. She looks quite pretty here. I don’t think her bust is actually sagging. It’s sitting up there pretty high and isn’t anywhere near her waist..

just saying... on

some women should not wear anything strapless.

celtic on

You cant make a HO a housewife.She looks like a Ho trying to be legit wow wish him luck with that one.

dawnisahorinnj on

dress is not fitting her properly. looks cheap with the large boobs

Reggie on

Dress is pretty but it makes her bust line look weird. I am surprised she wore white white considering this is her second wedding. White gowns were a sign of purity and she was married before and has a child. Just Sayin.

Guest on

Glamorous? It makes her look WAY too busty. It is not flattering at all. Instead of glamorous it makes her look trashy.

Becca on

So all their co workers came, but couldn’t invite certain family members because they wanted to keep it personal and small. Hmmm. Congrats to them both. Dress is nice.

rubyovertherainbow* on

Liked her short hair better. She could have done without the extensions.

Anna on

She looks beautiful!

Nicole on

She looks amazing.

JP on

Not a good look for her in this strapless. Makeup needed to be softer.

kellyrsmith15 on

absolutely gorgeous!!! So happy for them!

Connie on

Why OH Why Ladies must Your boobs be hanging out 4 all 2 see?? On Your wedding day of all special days.. No class what so ever ..Most People do not want 2 see nudity at a wedding …Keep it Classy..

Hoosier on

A bride should be able to wear whatever she wants on her Wedding Day, no matter which wedding it is for her. I really love her dress, but I don’t like the way it fits her in the bust… It looks too small on her. But, I think they are a great couple and I wish them all the best!

Donna H on

A much too young style for her! And why is she wearing white??? White is virginal and Jennie is anything but!! The entire look is so 1940’s and she is not a classic!!! You could hardly recognize her with that hair style and lipstick….
Donnie made a poor choice with this one!

Chris on

Wow, some pretty harsh comments on here for 2014. Yes, its her 2nd wedding, but these days the chances in America of a true virgin walking down the aisle in a white dress is fairly slim.

She looks like I would expect Jenny and Mark or any other celebrity on their wedding day.

Judge Mental on

Put those silicone bags away for cryin out loud at your WEDDING. Way to stay classy. She is obviously proud of being a trollop…her fake bra size probably trilples her IQ.

bluebuns on

Her bust looks droopy.
As long as she likes it -that is all that counts
Hope they had a great day

chg1008 on

I think she’s a beautiful woman, however, this dress really needed better tailoring or a better bra. I’m surprised at how frumpy the top looks. I do wish them both the best of luck!!!

Easyup on

Maybe we need to see more pictures to get a better look of the full effect. Don’t care for what I see here though. Really disappointed, I was expecting Jenny to really knock it out of the park. Makeup and hair way over done and the dress is way to virginal for her. A wedding dress more evening gown style with good support for her breasts would have been more appropriate. She should have called in David Tutera for advice, he really knows how to put a bride and a party together. In any case, I love her and Donnie and I am glad that the deed is done. Congratulations, wishing you both a long and happy road ahead.

JennyMcCarthyDeathCount on

Given the number of children that that woman has killed due to her continued wilful ignorance about vaccines makes me wish she had stuck to Playboy and left science to scientists.

Wahine Jeanie on

Yikes. What a tacky look. Too tight dress, hooker lips and nails. This chick just wanted to get married. To any guy. Wanted to marry Jim Carrey. Nope. Wanted to marry Brian Urlacher. Nope. Finally she found a mook who fell for the cheap look. I guve it 3 maybe 4 years.

Leanna on

I see this alot. Women with big breasts want to show them off. Unfortunately, those are the women that need to cover up a little or wear some support. She wanted to look classy, but having your breasts be the star of your look did not accomplish that.

Donna Avina on

It is beautiful and she looks like a Barbie doll, but I think her bust is too large to accommodate such a sexy bustline. Makes her large breasts sag. Other than that she’s beautiful. Nice looking couple. Hope it lasts.

jan on

I don’t find it flattering at all. All you notice is her bust. With her figure she could have worn just about anything. I think she should have gone with something else. I do like her hair and makeup.

Marianne on

Well it’s their wedding and hopefully they’re happy but I don’t like the prominent boobs or strong dark reds.

Guest on

Too much, too much! For her second wedding she doesn’t need to be wearing a navy blue suit, but this is just too much frou frou! She’s in her forties, a little class please!

Meena on

A strap is needed to keep the puppies up.

Jeeny on

She looks awful in that dress. Had she tried not to show off too much breast, she could have looked elegant with extra material and support.

Kat on

It may not hold true for bridesmaids, but she’ll definitely be able to wear this again – at her next wedding.

Jennifer on

That dress looks horrible on her. Maybe if she would have worn some undergarments to hold her chest up, it may have looked better. She is not a very classy women anyway and with a mouth like a truck driver does it really matter what she wears? I feel sorry for Donnie.

Lindy on

The top of that dress does not fit her well…we know you paid good money for those boobs..but…really Jenny…

Bhavana on

I like Jenny, but she looks awful. I thought she’d have a very low-key wedding and a simple dress. The virginal white gown/veil is just not doing it for her.

Sunni on

She looks good, the intention of the ‘wow’ factor for a bride was there, white is beautiful for summer weddings… beautiful, but her posture is off, making her bust area saggy.

notpetA on

so overdone….she is so pretty…she should have gone simple and classic. She has way too much makeup on and her hair is too much.

Kate Wollaston on

She looked sexy and beautiful – probably the look she was going for. To everyone commenting about the dress being white – get over it. The year is 2014. You get to get married as often as you want, to whomever you want, wearing whatever you want.

Cris on

I think she looks stunning. I wish them nothing but happiness. People wonder why women are so hard on themselves and have unreasonable expectations. This group is exactly why. So she is in her 40s, bleaches her hair and wore white at her 2nd wedding…oh the horror of it all! She has a husband that seems to dig those flaws and she seems pretty comfortable in her skin. I think that’s pretty successful. Why do people have to always put such negativity out instead of looking for something positive??

LM on

Wow, she looks lovely. Congrats to the beautiful couple.

guest on

Wrong, wrong, wrong. She could have been a beautiful bride. This dress might have been appropriate 20 years ago but is incredibly tacky for her today. Does she have no friends or family to tell her that she looked ridiculous?

Muffin kindergarten teacher on


Bee Happy on

She wears white?????!!!! Laughable. She is NO woman of purity!

Anonymous on

I guess white gowns aren’t for virgins anymore!

1twinsfan on

Best of luck…to Wahlberg. As to the dress, it’s not a ballgown but a prom dress.

Amy on

Those are some saggy baggies.

Kimberly on

Girls be nice. I think Jenny looks pretty. Remember hateful remarks and pettiness causes premature wrinkles. Be happy…life is short!

markus on

gorgeous gown and a lovely bride. congratulations!!

sue on

Not glamorous. Kind of showgirly. It looks like it will fall off her at any moment.

kellyc on

Some of these comments make me sad. As women we should support each other and lift each other up! Especially when it’s someone like Jenny McCarthy who has always had the “girl’s girl” vibe going. Perfection is uttainable…. the quicker we realize that as a society, the better off we’ll all be. I think she looks beautiful and I truly hope the best for her and her new mate!

Mary on

The gown is too long and looked saggy.

Yrhino on

Strapless makes her look too top heavy. She should have opted for something with halter-style straps. She also looks like she’s slouching which makes her boobs drop and her tummy pooch out. Her hair and makeup look fantastic!

carol on

We don’t know. Perhaps the look she was going for was “Hoochy” and in that case she pulled it off.

x2023 on

Who cares what color she wears? Seems like a lot of folks are living in very confined walls. Even women in the dark ages just wore what looked best without preference to color. She would look gorgeous in any color. As for her look, it a personal preference and she obviously looks very happy and she is a beautiful woman. Best wishes to her. They seem like a very loving couple.

Tiffanysue2 on

Love her hair and makeup, very retro-glam! But oh man in that second photo she looks hunched over and her boobs stick out like a shelf, looks very uncomfortable.

carolyn on

SO tacky! And a white wedding dress? No.

Marie Mullin on

Why can’t you have a dress that is not strapless??? She looks like a hunch back her boobs are so heavy looking.

Jen on

She needs a bit of support up top and work on her posture would have helped the overall look.

Bambi22 on

I think it’s so tacky to show off the “girls” too much at your wedding.

Jenna on

She coulda let some air out of those boobs to fit the dress better. She looks like a stripper walking towards the pole.

Marie on

Her boobs are sagging. She looks like a tranny. Hope it lasts for his sake.

Jackie on

This has to be one of the most ill-fitting wedding gowns I have ever seen. She also needs to stand up straight.

Allie on

That Jim Carey is ONE SMART MAN.

jrt on

who did she need to marry? …. way too top heavy

jrt on

top heavy in that dress and her ring looks gaudy and cheap

jrt on

she looks like Anna Nicole Smith

Gyl on

I think Jenny is beautiful, but this entire look is hideous. She should have done something more tasteful like Jessica Simpson, Valerie bertinelli or Reese Witherspoon. They loked very classy for the second weddings.

Julee on

Wonder what she’ll wear to her fourth wedding? Guess we’ll find out next year. Marky Mark wasn’t there because he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop laughing at the sight of her in white.

Jay on

She could have done better. Anyone with any kind of ample chest would look saggy in this.

susan schweitzer on

Come on Donny. You married her for her bod, not her brains. Give it less than 2 years.

Cris on

These aren’t the official pics. Have none of you slouched when no one is supposed to be looking? Give the chick the benefit of the doubt instead of being so quick to assume the worst or say the worst.

maria on

The dress may have been pretty but her slumpy posture ruins it.

Erin on

Stunning and beautiful

mrsmass on

well, that top looks awkward.

Izzie on

“Super glamorous” is quite a stretch. Cheap and ill-fitting would be more accurate.

Guest on

Your putting a classless woman is a classless wedding dress. Need I say more?Donnie needs his head examined for marrying the former playboy dimwit. I’ll bet they’ll be divorced before too long…this marriage definitely doesn’t have mileage.

anymous 24 on

Sorry to say this but this is her third wedding., not second., not that it matters to her at all..

Yuck factor on

Honestly, why are Americans so trashy and so ridiculous?!!!

46yearoldmom on

She shouldn’t have worn white….they’ve both been married before, so why….just why. And that dress did not hold her in. She looks exposed and saggy. Awful on top. Makes her look old and droopy.

Ali on

Donny obviously had a BIG SAY in the dress. ALL BOOBS !! But she looks beautiful. Love them both and hope they continue to be super happy!!

YoYoYo on

Now I ain’t sayin she a gold digger…

Ali on

Donnie obviously had a BIG SAY in picking out the dress ALL BOOBS!!! But she looks beautiful ! Hope they continue to be very happy, love them together and adore them separately.

Jamie on

People really!!!! Can’t you just say congratulations and best wishes. Must you criticize. She looks lovely and happy….

Best Wishes Mr & Mrs Wahlberg

Cathy on

Not sure if she has a posture issue, but the dress style really accentuates a pouchy stomach area. She almost looks sway backed! The bodice, front and back, just looks too poofy and thick. (Maybe the above photo is just bad?) She’s a slim girl and I’m surprised the dress bodice did not fit better.

Jamsie on

No ballgowns she states? That’s exactly what this looks like! Another same old boring strapless with a big skirt, can’t anyone ever pick out something different and original? This is the “go to” gown for everyone, looks like something JC Penney’s sells, nothing special here, and those huge fake boobs are disgusting, it’s hilarious how she thinks she’s all that when she’s nothing but a tramp. Donnie has made a big mistake, hope he had the sense to have her sign a prenup.

Tara on

She’s a bit old to have to resort to wearing a dress like that. Seriously. We all know you’ve got implants Jenny. We’ve seen them in Playboy.

yadda on

idk…. from the side photo, it looks like too much of a plunging sweetheart bodice… not sure i like that look going with the very white colour – kind of contradictory styles. Not my taste, but then again, I’m not into the deep red nails while wearing a bridal dress either… it’s such an odd combination

Raul Miller on

Since when does Donny Wahlberg have a lot of $$$. Just wish them the best

Kif on

Nice posture – NOT!

Julesy on

OMG, I think she looks like white trash. She would look so much more modest and demure if she cut back on the hair bleach, red lipstick, and raise her bodice line WAY up. She looks so much better when she has a more natural look.

like it is! on

Sorry it looks bad and so does the make up

Lori on

Gorgeours. She wears this dress well and she is a radiant bride as one can see. Couldn’t be happier for her and Donnie Wahlberg. What kind of hater would wish them anything but happiness for the rest of their lives? She is the essence of everything a bride should be – on this very special day.

Lolo on

What’s with the boobs? Surely there are appropriate styles that would enhance larger bosoms. She should fire her stylist!

sweetapplepie on


lm on

Wow…posture alert!! The bodice of her dress (given her…ample…breasts) was saggy. She could have fixed this by STANDING UP STRAIGHT, putting her SHOULDERS BACK and her HEAD UP!! Instead, her tummy is protruding and she looks less than confident and happy. Too bad….hope she corrected this posture faux pas for the official wedding pictures!! :-O

Em on

Perhaps she bought the dress based on looking in a mirror while standing still, with wedding dresses you have to move around, sit and have a reliable friend take candid photos of you so you can see the dress in action before you buy it. The makeup looks harsh outside, but probably was better in a softly lit venue.

jai on

Maybe second wedding isn’t as important, so you dress as a slu!. Maybe she felt Donnie didn’t deserve the respect.

sandy on

Her b**bs are way to big for her body. makes it look like she may tip forward from carrying those watermelons around! YUCK!

norma sterba on

ugli, poor taste. what do you expect from a porn star?

Jan on

So happy for Jenny and Donnie!

stinky on

not too classy…showcasing your chest on your wedding day is rediculous…the dress makes her chest look horrible.

He seems like a nice guy though…

ladybits on

She is literally a pair of fake boobs with a big mouth. The dress? Trashy and unclassy.

ladybits on

Trashy and totally unclassy!

Lemur on

Jenny’s bustline makes her look like Betty Boop. :-/

B on

She looks like she’s trying to imitate “Jessica Rabbit.”

Lynnette on

She looks beautiful. I love the hint of red to keep it fresh and romantic. Congratulations to them both :)

Charlene on

Boy, there sure are some horrible, nasty, mean people in the world that you can’t say anything nice about what is a beautiful union of love between two people. You’re all terrible

veronica cervantes on

Her chest looks so weird!! Not liking it on her. Oh well Congrats hope it lasts.

Nanu 08 on

looks like an aging female trying to be all sexy…..that look is for young blushing brides!!!!!

Judith Warren on

Igive it 6 months or less and they will devorice i told you Donny run far away from this nut

Judith Warren on

I give it 5 months and a divorce I told you to run Donnie far away from that nut as you could

kas on

I have to agree there is too much gathering at the bustline and during an event like this it should have been a little more demure and streamlined
it just makes her look big and saggy

Sloane on

it’s probably just me but I find the dress tacky
but then again, I more or less find her tacky most times too
sorry to say
wish she had chosen to go the elegant route instead of makiing it all about her implants

Seagyn on

Her posture contributes to how her bust looks. If she stood straight, it wouldn’t look the way it does in these pictures. That being said, I’m sure she looked fine during the actual ceremony where she’s (hopefully) standing straight. —
Can’t say much due to the picture quality, but I definitely like the look she’s going for. I’m not her biggest fan generally, but to insinuate that she’s not allowed to wear white as a once-divorcee and former playmate is so very outdated. It’s tacky even mentioning that in 2014.

JingleAllTheWay on

NOT a fan of the dress. She could’ve gone with something a bit more modest instead of hanging out of the front of it. She does he glam look great and personally I think she would’ve done herself a favor by going with an ivory color. She is so fair skinned, the white makes her look washed out. To the two of them…… I hope they’re happy.

Librababe on

Looks kinda tawdry. I don’t mind her but it just looks tacky w/ the lack of bra. Looks Playboy Bunny-ish.

Maria on

This is what happens to fake boobs years down the road.

Nancy on

Awful dress. Ummm . . why white? Cheap looking as is she. Sorry Jenny . . . your mouth ruins anything you are wearing. I give this marriage 2 years TOPS. Hopefully I’m wrong . . doubt it.

Sandi on

No big surprise that she would have those saggy ta-tas exposed…they define her and always will. Geeze!

charlotte on

Dress does not fit her well, literally and figuratively!

Susan on

When your implants are that big, and you’re that old, you sag. Poor choice of gowns. But whatever, I give it 2 years.

Lisa on

I don’t usually say something negative about people on their wedding day but she looks like a cheap hooker. She should have toned down the lipstick and gone for a different dress. It’s like she doesn’t know how to stop being a playmate.

whatever on

Love her hair and makeup – congrats!

Rally? on

Folks – white originally had NOTHING to do with purity. When white started to be worn at weddings, all it signified was that you were wealthy enough to have a dress made that you only wore once. Back then, 90% of women wore whatever their best dress was – regardless of color – when they married. It’s the 21st century. Any color is acceptable, regardless of whether it is your first marriage or your 10th. While I personally don’t care for the dress on her, it has nothing to do with the color, and everything to do with style and fit. Get over the puritanical stuff, folks!

barbara on

Beautiful gown .However Too young for her and breasts look droopy. She said she wanted age appropriate.This is not age appropriate.

Holly on

She looks so hunched over…maybe she is too old to try and act so young!

Gg on

I don’t like her hair, nail polish, lipstick. The look is trashy. Less is more when it comes to elegance. There is nothing natural about her look. The hair extensions look ridiculous. Strapless dresses are not flattering on big busted women.

Missy on

WOW WOW WOW!! She looks like a 20’s decade bride, Marlin Monroe..GORGEOUS! I have always loved her.

Missy on

I am reading a lot of catty,jealous comments. I always find the nasty stuff people say they believe about themselves.

N.H on

Very,very poor fit in bustline. Makes her look hunched over.

Why does Every woman think that a strapless bridal gown, or any gown
For that matter, will look good on her?
Once she sees Wedding Photos, she’ll regret it.

MJ on

I absolutely hate it when other people judge wedding dresses. A wedding dress is something you dream about for a long time. I just got married last November and I can’t even tell you how much it irks me to hear other peoples judgments. A wedding dress is unique. YOU don’t have to like it.. only SHE does… and maybe her husband..

AnnS on

Feels like the top part of that dress isn’t the right design.

Jessica on

She looks trashy but I wouldn’t expect anything different because she is Trashy. Donnie is a good guy, but not sure what he is doing with her.

Ashley C on

She is disgusting.

Teresa on

Looks pretty white to me.

Gram on

Sorry but i don’t really think strapless gowns are flattering to anyone. This one is particularly droopy.

Ashleigh on

Jenny is GROSS!!!

jenna on

She looks like I would have expected, very trashy. She can’t even add little class for her wedding. This woman has no class at all…none

jenna on

People Magazine changed my negative comment into a positive comment. What happened to FREEDOM OF SPEECH? You can’t change people’s comments because they are appalled by this woman

Kay on

A nice looking woman like this should dress her age, especially on her wedding day. The top bust area definitely does not fit her, she would look more classy with dressing modestly. She looks like Anna Nicole Smith, & I don’t mean that as a compliment!

kattrinka on

Initially I thought the bodice/boobs too unstructured and saggy. But after reading the many uber-critical, nasty comments, including some that seem to outright cast curses against this marriage succeeding, I have decided Jenny deserves better than that! She looked beautiful, Donnie looked attentive and loving, and I wish them many years of happiness together! People can be so cruel. This couple wants what every couple wants when they marry, folks. … to love and be loved unceasingly by their spouse and to grow old together so one is never alone. Have a heart.

NakedTruth on

Wow! She’s Beautiful.

nba 2k16 mt on

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