Beyoncé Goes Braless, Writes a Poem and Continues to Rule the World (PHOTOS)

08/28/2014 at 04:41 PM ET

We’re still reeling from Beyoncé‘s epic Video Music Awards performance (and still watching this adorable gif of Blue Ivy). And now the superstar has given us something else to obsess over: a provocative spread for Carine Roitfeld’s CR Fashion Book . And instead of an interview, she wrote a poem.

Beyonce CH Fashion BookPierre Debusschere/CR Fashion Book

Queen Bey looks gorgeous as usual as she poses in a number of looks, from a trench coat with only black briefs underneath to a photo with a surfboard strapped to her back. And in the poem titled “Bey the Light”, which was written in her own words and “remixed” by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Forest Gander (because sure, why not), she opens up about how her daughter has given her new purpose.

“It’s my daughter, she’s my biggest muse,” she writes (but as we read it, we imagine her softly rapping the words). “There’s someone we all find out soon, more important than ourselves to lose.”

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Beyonce CH Fashion BookPierre Debusschere/CR Fashion Book

Bey also writes about how she hopes others interpret her talents: “You call me a singer, but I’m called to transform, to suck up the grief, anxiety, and loss of those who hear me into my song’s form.”

Beyonce CH Fashion BookPierre Debusschere/CR Fashion Book

For more on the star’s shoot, styled by Roitfeld (and to read the whole poem) click here. And tell us: What do you think of Bey’s art?

–Brittany Talarico

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Showing 38 comments

Kristina on

My god, a Chanel surfboard? I can only imagine how much that costs! Queen B looks fab as usual.

j on

Go away so tired of her doing the same thing over and over again. Please take your ughhhhhhhhhhhhh child with you

Josie on

This is just weird. I’m tired of Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and everybody else taking their clothes off and thinking their hot shots.

Jester on

Maybe she should be the spokeswoman for ‘Rickets’, no? Here’s a new awareness for you, Bey. Get on that band wagon and promote something that you can be a role model for…ugh…

kelis122 on

That’s a poem? She sucks…stick to singing

jojo on

I never call her a singer. Meh. Mary J. Blige sings better than Beyonce does. and lots of people DANCE better than she does.

JP on

She is beautiful but it is just too much.

People magazine sucks on

“Queen Bey”? How old is the writer for this article – 15 years old? Stage name, sure, but the celebrity worshipping from People magazine is simply embarrassing.

Why not mention the crazy hair extensions or Photoshop editing while you’re at it. Oh right – she has the fastest growing hair on the planet and is really that skinny.

Not hating, but lets keep it real.

Darcie on

Simply beautiful! She seems very gracious and
down to earth. The spread is artistic and she pulled it off effortlessly…good for her!

Mohani on

So this American queen wanabbe comes from a guetto, please, she is just a hommie with money. Like Jlo, and tons of tons “celebrities” who rule their world.

Michaele on

she no longer inspires me :( most of what she writes now is just mumbo jumbo about herself. I want the old Beyonce back not this self absorbed band wagon jumping little girl.

sheila on

First of all, she does not rule the world. She is a mediocre singer with a lot of fake hair. Secondly, given that she has no education, she wouldn’t know a ‘poem’ if it bit her in the ass.

sheila on

First of all, she does not rule the world; she is a mediocre singer with a lot of fake hair. Secondly, since she has no education, she wouldn’t know a ‘poem’ if it bit her in the a**.

Ms V on


sweetapplepie on

I am so over her. She is not a role model. Role model do not girate their asses all the time to prove something.

My daughter who si 15 think that she over sexualized herself and make women look bad by doing so.

her music is not that good . Sorry.

Aeriana on

She is so talented. I don’t understand the people in these comments. Everyone takes everything so serious. One, saying to go back to music and not do poetry — lyrics are poetry, music is poetry with a beat and a tempo. Beyoncé is extremely down to earth if you care to take the time to see her work off camera and her interviews. Photoshop? No. I have seen her in concert up close twice, she really is that in shape. The extensions? Dramatic effect for the shoot which is pretty self explanatory. Name one female artist tha you would think is 100% real. You aren’t going to find one. At least have respect though for a woman that stands firmly on women’s rights and equality of the sexes. She’s fighting for you and all you can do is bash her. How lame. Beautiful art and work in the shoot though, congratulations to the team of artists that put this together.

Raj on

It’s funny that people assume that she’s “ghetto” simply because she black. She grew up in one of the nicest neighborhoods in Houston. Also, Tina Turner, Mariah Carey, Nfl Cheerleaders, Miley Cyrus, basically any entertainer is half naked. I wonder if any of these women would complain if it was a man shaking his body around or was shirtless.

Whatever on

I cannot stand her. She is orange everything on her body and hair is orange. I hate when famous black people change there skin color. Why not just stay black why is she trying to look white or hispanic. She needs to stay like her BFF Kelly . Now Kelly Rowland is a beautiful black women she is natural.

rikki5 on

She’s overrated, I always thought the one other girl in Destiny’s child (forget her name) was a much better singer…and that poem, just hard to read…..

Anita Bogit on

Looks like all jealous B*tches are out in Full Force.

April on

Gorgeous! Beyoncé has probably accomplished every single career aspiration she has ever dreamed of. That must be so amazing and surreal to experience!

Joyce on

She is not a queen and there are tons of singers better than her. I have listened to many of her interviews and she is not articulate. Her songs like Jayz’s, don’t make a lot of sense. Her dancing is just a bunch of sexual thrusts. She gets up on stage sings nonsense and thrusts around and people go crazy. Just goes to show how little it takes to entertain some.

Nanu 08 on

Maybe soon the new fashion trend will be to wear clothes that cover entire body as seeing saggy mom tatas is so old….time for something new and exciting not just uncovered bodies day-n-day- out….YAWN

redhotrash on

she is such an un-natural black woman. I don’t think she is a good role model to young black girls who don’t look like her. she should at least wear her hair natural like her sister.

Dawn on


Janie on

Rule the world?!! I don’t think so. Not in mine or anybody I know, at least. People, I am getting less and less enthusiastic about the way you phrase some of your details. Seriously, Rule the World?!!

cb on

this woman is nothing but pure trash. she flaunts her body like a ho. she is arrogant. her and her husband are not in the real world, they are in their own make believe world. i feel sorry for their child to be growing up that way.

Just Sayin' on

So sick of her

DI on

She’s attractive, there’s no denying, but I cannot understand why she feels the need to be so over exposed, especially since she’s a mom and wife. Wearing a bit more clothing can be just as sexy. The little girl is precious, and I don’t want to sound mean, but she really needs something done with her hair.

Whatever on

I don’t see the need to comment on black women’s hair. It is a controversial, delicate subject that is no one’s business. So what if she wears wigs, weaves, and extensions? Every female artist in the industry wears or has worn fake hair. Why is it such a controversial subject when black women do it?

Nancy on

This is what I think . . . what is the fuss about? I don’t get it. Has this woman cured cancer? She sings . . eh. She dances . .eh. She is an entertainer, so WHAT??!!!!! GO AWAY. Narcissist. LOL. GOD help the world, if people think she rules it!

Bill on

Keep showing the tata’s, baby. Those are your strengths.

Katy on

The amount of hate you see on an article nowadays is insane. If you are sick of a celebrity, or if you don’t agree with how they present their self – why do you take time out of your day to post something negative? She is black so she’s ghetto, but she isn’t black enough and doesn’t wear her hair natural, so she’s trying to be white. This is what makes me sad about the world – people can’t just read something and disagree without putting hate out there while being able to hide behind a screen.
I love her music, I don’t care that she flaunts her sexuality – she’s a grown ass woman. Her music isn’t meant for little girls. She can be a feminist and love her body and show it off and talk about having sex – that doesn’t make her any less of a feminist or a woman. Grow up and remember what your mama should’ve taught you – if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Nadine on

@ Mohani on August 28th, 2014; 1st- She’s not, as you put it “guetto.” by the way; that’s “Ghetto” of you to write it that way, hommie. Her family’s income as a child was 000,000.00, that’s six-digits.
@ j on August 28th, 2014; Whatever your views of Beyonce is, why say such an ignorant remark about a child. Blue didn’t sign-up for this, she’s innocent in any views one may have of her parents. She (Blue) is not her hair, her parents, nor her physical look, but a spirit that I hope won’t be tainted like others and hardened by society…as you are. SMH what a sad day when adults attack innocent children, and we wonder why children are full of hate, it’s because of adults like yourself. By the way, my opinion of Blue Ivy; Natural beauty untouched…

Alyce on

Where’s the poem?

Cheekylady on

Pretentious much!? I cannot stand her! Does nothing for humanity & looks and acts like a f@cking fool!! Ugly inside & out!!!!!!

kankey on

You go bey I love the cover the poeum I can’t wait to buy my copy you are talented smart I am very proud to be a fan for life their I snorting to hate about you you are loved by god good people and we your fans

kankey on

You go queen bey I love your style God bless you for life reamber you are loved by God good people and we your fans haters will never change that

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