Kylie Jenner's New Look: Extensions and Mega-Pouty Lips

08/27/2014 at 06:40 PM ET

It’s been a few minutes since a member of the Kardashian/Jenner brood changed up her tresses, but leave it to the biggest hair chameleon in the family to pull something major. Kylie Jenner just debuted fresh extensions after a few weeks of being quiet on the hair front (since debuting that undercut situation at the Teen Choice Awards). Take a moment to stare at the star in all her long-haired glory below.

Kylie Jenner extensions long hairCourtesy Kylie Jenner

The faux add-ons are for a new PacSun campaign, but Jenner seems very comfortable with her new look. “pacsunn whaaaaart @joycebonelli long hair don’t care,” she captioned the above photo, giving a shout-out to her hairstylist and “twin soul” Joyce Bonelli. The 17-year-old star also sported very doll-like makeup — matte complexion and mega lipliner — for her close-up.

twin soul

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

She also shared a snap with her sister, who played around in the pool while Kylie was on set. We’re assuming Kendall is in the new PacSun shots as well, but without a new do to debut, she wasn’t sharing any behind-the-scenes snaps at the moment.

get off me bae

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Kylie went out after the shoot with her longer hair still intact, so we have a feeling the extensions are in for a week or two. But knowing her, we might be seeing a Malin Akerman-like haircut first thing tomorrow. What do you think of Kylie’s long hair? Should she keep it? Share your thoughts below.

–Brittany Talarico

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Showing 115 comments


She looks like a bobblehead.

Jenb on

With a million likes on just a pic, I don’t think this family will be going away any time soon. Who follows these people?

Lisa on

That poor girl. She sees wastes of space like her sisters and thinks that’s how she needs to look. Meanwhile, she looks like a blow up doll all posed like that. She’s a beautiful girl, she just needs some direction and perspective.

Lolo on

She should be in college and concentrate on something other than pouty lips and hair extensions. I shudder at all the young girls who idolize her. What misdirected lives…

Guest123 on

Since when did she have big lips?? She always had very thin lips. Did she have surgery or is it another illusion thanks to makeup?

Marla on

Another pig in training.

Lu on

That isn’t lip liner, it’s injections.

Peg Bundy on

Kelly Bundy looks so beautiful!

Nadia on

This family can thank plastic surgery for looking “‘good”. Before her nose job, brow lift and lip fillers, she did not look anything like she does now…

trost on

Close up of her lips #hilarity it’s drawn on

Truthfinder on

Feel sorry…

trost on

And the photo shop lines still presenent

Denverpeet on

Bratz doll needs to stop injecting those lips… looks ridiculous! Most mom’s don’t allow that but I think she has a mom that promotes it no matter the age!

Tory on

Shes a beautiful girl, I worry with her being the youngest and being compared to her much taller supermodel sister that she’ll feel a lot of pressure to starve herself. It has to be very tough growing up in a family known for their looks.

jpmom on

In that first picture, she looks a little bit like Megan Fox… and I don’t mean that in a good way…

Hiss on

She looks exactly like Michael Jackson during the “Remember the Time” phase. SERIOUSLY!

Rachel on

Wow, will this family ever stop!? Good grief she looks like a bloody tart just like her sisters.

gb on

She’s morphing into KIm.

Lee on

Wow. All you grown, judgemental, condescending women are bullying a 17 year old girl who is glammed up for a photo shoot which is going to help make her independently financial from her family. Congratulations to you all for thinking you are better than her, and better role models than her, when you are all cowardly and jealously commenting on someone who you damn well know gets picked on enough. Applause to the nasty and hateful women you will all raise. You ignorant idiots.

jjmontiel56 on

Her head makes her look like a wierd doll with a huge head!!!!

Darcie on

Is it me or is she looking more and more like Latoya Jackson?! Lol

kelsey hale on

you sure she isnt trying to bring back the bratz dolls?

Hannah on

Lip injections, should she be in college? Doing smothering with her life?

Irwin Fletcher on

Somebody got hit by the ugly stick!!!

liarlairpantsonfire on

Hard to be the “ugly one” in that family. She had nothig to lose with the injections, etc. She looks fake and cartoonish. But hey, she’s trying.

MO on

Momager new meal ticket.

lola on

geeez, act your age. this girl looks like she’s in the mid 20’s. There should be no rush to want to grow up so soon.

marie on

Sadly, this is what happens when mothers pimp out their daughters.

x2023 on

And another one bites the dust….

S Pear on

Go away please!

Courtney on

I did not look like that when I was seventeen!

Joan on

Wow. stretch those lips out so young? they’ll be awful in a decade and there is really no way to fix that. Ask Lisa Rinna and Pricilla Presley.

Tonja on

Fake and shallow. The younger you are when you start injections and stuff the worse you look and faster you age

Anna M on

Sigh…..I see Momma Kris’ next income source and another child with no direction. Kylie is a pedophile’s poster girl. She is built like Kim and not pretty. I am sure she will follow in her sister’s footsteps. I really feel sad for her. Fake at such a young age.

Joanne on

I feel for her. Her mother did not arm her with what she needed to be happy with her looks. All you have to do is google her before pictures and you will see that she has drastically changed her look. Sad.

Budding Fashionista on

enough with the collagen.

Tara on

That first photo makes her look as if she has an eating disorder. Hopefully it’s just a bad photo.

sue's on

She’s following in her parents footprints and becoming addicted to plastic surgeries.

E! on

She now looks more like a Kardashian than a Jenner thanks to plastic surgery. Nose job and lip fillers sure do wonders on a 17 year old.

Lynnette on

She’s morphing into her half-sister Kim. Next up, sex tape.

Ali on

E! Printed the same picture noting how great she looked and how much she favored Kim…all comments were of course disabled considering the ratings and money they pull in for that network. I just don’t understand being so yo

Ali on

***apparently I speed type when I’m annoyed and I pressed send before I was done lol***

I just don’t understand being so young and wanting to distort and change your looks so badly.

Shara on

top pic…CREEPY

joseph on

Is there some secluded island somewhere we can ship this entire family? Including Kanye.

Tiffanysue2 on

Wow if that first picture doesn’t look completely awkard I don’t know what does. She looks like a fake plastic doll, sad.

Debbe on

She was so naturally pretty so it is sad to see her change the entire look that she was. It was her and she didn’t love it.

Joanna on

Oh puke!!!! I wonder when HER sex tape will hit the Internet?

Deb Walker on

This is a photo of a real person, not special effects, and they intentionally want their lips like that? wow. And they are famous in some realm? wow again, I just happened on this story visiting People. What show is she on or what does she ” do” that makes her famous? serious question, never seen her before in my life

Joanna on

It’s truly sad that a mother would want this for her children.

Nanu 08 on

How sad that these Jenner girls threw their teenage years away so will be interesting to see where they are in a couple of years……wearing oggly outfits with saggy boobs showing just like their aging sister, Kim. When did dada Bruce grow boobs?????

Mary on

Just like her sisters, she looks plastic. Its sad she can’t just be a teenager. Her lips look like they are going to explode.

Wow on

College isn’t for everyone

Anne on

Her lips may be due to makeup. Apparently you can use contouring to get that effect. It’s amazing how much it and false eyelashes transform her.

WS on

It is sad that each new picture she is trying so hard to look like Kim. Granted she isn’t the prettiest of the girls but she had her own unique look and she is trying to hard to change it. Just be yourself!!

Lindy on

Artificial to the max!!!! But she is of the KarTRASHian/ Jenner clan so no surprise….

DJ on

She looks terrible. Its too bad really. . she used to be a cute girl.

Danielle on

It’s just a make-up illusion. If you look closely you can see that her lipstick is much higher than her lips, giving the illusion of large pouty lips. What is sad is that they are making her up to look exactly like her older sister Kim, instead of herself.

rocknmovie on

Gross! Disgusting! Ugly! Horrible!

southerngirl on

She looks awful! This girl needs attention from her parents – she suffers from the my mom loves my prettier sister better syndrome and makes me fee worthless. She is a pretty girl but is made to feel second best!

Larka on

Don’t start blowing a gasket. It’s for a photo shoot. And even if it wasn’t, what do you think girls that age like doing? They like makeup and doing stuff with their hair. They haven’t had any plastic surgery. It’s all done with makeup. Calm down and try to relax.

angie on

Why do all the Kartrashian/Jenner girls think it’s sexy to look like hookers & fake barbies? Being educated, smart & unassuming is so much more sexy than anything they could ever attempt. If it wasn’t for a sex video, bad style, photoshop & boat loads of make-up where would they all be? I guess it all started when Sr. Kartrashian got a murderer off….nice claim to fame. Pathetic.

kathy from fla on

Just another Kardashian sl**t obsessed with her looks. Looks like a fish with those horrible lips! She is only doing what her self- absorbed, narcisstic mother and sisters have done. I pity her!

bellabee on

She’s beautiful. All you haters have issues. Why cast stones on her based off what her sister(s) have done? Plus, all that make up is for a photo shoot!

Name on

Those lips are very over drawn. Not a good look for her. She looks spaced out too :(

Sharon LITTLE on

She looks like a human Bratz doll.Kinda sad for her tho,thinks thats how she needs to look instead of herself.

LadyInRed on

Kylie isn’t model material and instead of pushing her to be like Kendall they should encourage her to pursue something on her own that’s true to herself. She has major self esteem issues much like Khloe, you can tell with her sudden transformation

Madison on

She has that same vacant, dim wit stare as her big sister. Who idiolizes these stupid, little girls? Other stupid, little girls? They should be poster children for what young girls should never do, say or look like.

Jean on

OMG, what are you doing girl? be normal.

Janet on

How is this family still relevant? Also- why is it ok to let your 16 year old get lip injections!

Jean on

Bellabee, Shut up!!!

Susan on

No matter how hard they try, Kylie and Khloe will never be as attractive as Kendall, Kim and Kourtney. I’m not saying they’re ugly, but they’re just not as pretty. That’s where a college education and some life goals would come in handy. They can develop into productive humans rather than just bobble head wannabes.

DI on


Guest on

She’s a pretty girl! You go Kendall!

Guest on

She’s a pretty girl. You go Kendall!

Isa on

This girl easily looks 21. It’s very sad.

Rosanna on

Remember a popular comedienne from the 80’s, Judy Tenuta? Can somebody call her & let her know her younger clone is out well past curfew?

lightbrite on

Yikes the demon pimp momma Kris has sold another one of her daughters

kartrashianssuck on

Next it will be:
Kylie Jenner’s new accessories, a pole and whip.

Denise on

I find her to be very cute. She has her own unique beauty. Let’s remember, she is just a kid. Girls at her age struggle enough with self-esteem without us picking on her, too!

anon on

These poor girls need a foundation, a home life and some education. Money won’t buy it for them. Sad to watch their mother destroy the whole family.

kdm on

Her mouth looks like a hemorrhoid.

anne on

Does her Dad, Bruce, have anything to say about how his children are being sexualized and groomed to be as useless as the rest of their siblings? I’m disappointed in his lack of concern for his kids.

Maria on

First off she is not a star! second, those are fake injected lips not the work of a miracle lipliner/lipstick….

marinemom1024 on

She looks absolutely ridiculous.

Susan on

The scariest thing about the big pic of her is not the fake lips or fake hair, but the vacant, empty look on her face. Unfortunately, that is the only thing that’s real.

Me on

“Lil Kim”?

leigh on

Maybe her lips are still pouty from kissing a@@ to get into the modeling world!

Casmia on

Lips should not be first to a enter a room before you do. Hers look absolutely fake and positively ridiculous. Kylie has evolved into a mouth breather…can’t shut her mouth anymore!

guest 105 on

Not even 18 and already she is a “kartrashian-jenner” plastic fake ho. Is Kourtney the only one who went to college? Kim, Kendall and Kylie all seem to be intellectually short changed.

Tracy on

I feel bad for this girl. It seems like she is very unhappy with her appearance and it’ also seems like her mother doesn’t care. Can’t she see her daughter ending up in therapy in the near future? The obvious signs of disorder are clear to me, but maybe that’s just because I’m an addict and can see these signs. I wish her all the best.

Nanu 08 on

Head looks to big for body……oops! Bob–bbbblllllleee-head

Foxtrotter on

Look how young she is and she’s already trying to mold herself into what her sisters are. She’ll end up like Miley or Lohan or Bieber before she’s an adult.

Snickers on

Such a sad direction for a 17 year old with no family values or education.

Tony on

Wow, she looks like Kim in the second photo! So much beauty in this family!

flyingpixies on

She’s gone from looking like a teen to a 30-year old who’s been around the block a few times. Way to go, kid!

anon on

This family really believes they are US royalty.

betty on

Facewise, she’s the ugliest of the bunch. Even Khloe has some Armenian exoticism to her.

GMarie on

First of I think she looks gorgeous. Fake lips or not. If you’re given this life when your 17, you don’t run away from it you embrace it, like she’s doing. Everyone needs to stop judging this family and focus on their own life.

flyingpixies on

GMarie, I do happily focus on my own life. The Kardashian/Jenners must retire from the interweb. I would love to stop seeing them everywhere. It’s impossible not to comment on them when you can’t get away from them. If they stop; I will.

N.H on


Jillian Pelliccia on

I’m not trying to sound like a hater, but she definitely had work done on her face. She NEVER looked like that before. It’s a toss up between the nose and lips or both. She definitely had lip injections. The comparison if you put a before and after picture speaks for itself but something else seems different as well. Idk, I feel like her nose is a tad thinner. Lips alone couldn’t make that much of a difference. She was a young attractive girl, what the heck are her parents teaching her? Nothing obviously.

Tina on

I know Kris is happy she has two more girls she can pimp out for another 10 years since the older ones r becoming less relevant.. It’s obvious Kylie has lip injections lip liner can’t make ur lips look that full n thick..

Amanda on

This photo SCREAMS desperation. It’s pathetic.

Mohani on

It is tragic that these girls are the idols of millions of young people: our very near future. So go figure… going down down down hill.

bkable on

Love the hair… the lips are a little much for a 17 year old.

MW on

Her lips look like two over-cooked hot dogs ready to split open! That’s gotta be painful…

Julesy on

OMG, she looks absolutely horrible with those lips. Why is someone her age going to such extremes with her appearance? She needs mental help.

jenniferyterry on

My money is on Kylie to turn out the most like big sister Kim.

reecharo on

Kylie is starting to look just as vacuous as Kim. No doubt her butt and boobs will start expanding soon too.

tricky on

As young as she is, she is already relying on way too many gimmicks to maintain her popularity. Of course, like the rest of her sisters, she has no identifiable talent, so she has to do something. Short of taking the Lilo route and breaking a few laws here and there, I see a totally shave head or a massive boob job in her future. Perhaps both at once.

Ava on

I don’t care about the hair, but the lips make her look like a blow-up doll.

sar on

I love Kylie’ s New hair do. She looks great :)

kknc22 on

Just another uneducated bimbo, just like her sisters. Tell me she decided to go back to high school, graduate, and continued on to college, and I’ll be impressed. Getting work done to her face and making the same stupid expression in every single picture, isn’t something to be proud of. Btw, other than being famous because her sister did a sex tape, why is she even part of a photo shoot?

ariana on

Kylie is wareing a ton of makeup,she has lost 25 lbs of baby fat! she had her nose done to look like Angelina jolie,and she had her lips plumped for days for the pout and she had a growing spurt over the summer,and now looks more like her older sister kim!!

Drizzle on

And she is counting her money and laughing at the haters all the way to the bamk. I know I would.

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