Jessica Simpson's Latest Cutoff Shorts Moment Will Make You Do Squats at Your Desk (PHOTO)

08/22/2014 at 12:27 PM ET

Will we ever tire of writing about Jessica Simpson‘s legs? Probably not, because each time she steps out in a mini or a pair of cutoffs, she appears to be even more muscular and toned.

Jessica Simpson toned legsSplash News Online

Simpson selected a pair of her favorite denim Daisy Dukes (short enough to expose her pockets, of course — the lady loves a throwback look) plus a black tank and wedges for date night with husband Eric Johnson Thursday (photo above) and her stems have never looked more toned.

Her secret? Circuit training. Lots of it. “We alternate exercises every third day,” Teri Ann Krefting, Simpson’s trainer who works for Harley Pasternak, told PEOPLE. “So we’ll do squats and lunges one day for quadriceps, deadlifts or glute raises to tighten the butt and hamstrings the next day, and then plie squats, which are good for inner thighs.”

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So in honor of her latest bod-highlighting moment, we’ve rounded up her best Instagram photos that show off her hot mom body. Relive them below.

• The ‘Look at my flower crown (no really look at my amazing bathing suit body)’ photo

Oh yea girl…We are proud to be in our bathing suits!! @baylormcg #hardworkpaysoff #workoutpartnersforlife

A photo posted by Jessica Simpson (@jessicasimpson) on

• The ‘I worked so hard to get in shape for my honeymoon sexy leg cross’ photo

Jessica Johnson

A photo posted by Jessica Simpson (@jessicasimpson) on

• The ‘Hot pink mini + crazy high neutral wedges = Maximum leg flaunting outfit’ photo

Celebrating the most beautiful mommy to be @laurenz422 I absolutely love you with my whole heart!!

A photo posted by Jessica Simpson (@jessicasimpson) on

• The ‘This one-piece makes my legs look amazing’ photo

If I'm in a bathing suit I should pose proudly

A photo posted by Jessica Simpson (@jessicasimpson) on

• The ‘Gym mirror selfie’ photo

These are my legs during a workout today! I'm proud of myself. Thx @tkrefting and @harleypasternak #nofilter

A photo posted by Jessica Simpson (@jessicasimpson) on

Impressed by Simpson’s latest denim moment? Want to try circuit training? Share your thoughts.

–Brittany Talarico

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Showing 116 comments

littlelune85 on

I admire her mega dedication to keep her body fit and slim. But, due to her naturally muscular legs, she´s looking female bodybuilder-adjacent.

sally on

Too muscular!

florida on

i feel bad for her. she is going through all of this to not be overweight.

ImALadyToo on

To be toned is one thing; she has manly-looking legs, though. I think her arms look great and toned, but her legs are a bit over the top for me.

Bridgett on

She looks amazing and I’d rather have her beautiful muscular fit legs than the flabby untoned ones I have now lol

Roo on

I think she looked better when she was heavier. There was nothing wrong with that, but this just looks weird. And obviously she has time to work out for hours a day and have a pro trainer at her side.

Amy on

She looks amazing – including her legs! She can’t help that she’s short and her muscles are compact and build definition easily. You really only notice how defined they are when she’s wearing something that doesn’t cover her thighs. I’d rather have a strong body and legs any day over being scrawny.

Alan on

She looked amazing in the Dukes of Hazard movie.She even looked great when people called her fat.What she has done to herself now is just freaky looking.Her legs are bulging and manly…not feminine or sexy at all!I miss the old Jessica!

Susan on

I applaud every thing she has done to lose weight and get in shape, but her legs are so muscular
the do not look attractive at all.

Guest on

Gross. Her legs look masculine.

Luca on

Yuck! She should fire her trainer!

stacy on

I think Jessica looks better wen she has a little weight on her

Brandi on

I think she’s beautiful any shape she is.

marinemom1024 on

I love Jessica but her legs look gross. This is too much and makes her look wretched instead of beautiful. Enough leg exercises, Jess!

Areyoukiddingme? on

Is anyone going to call a duck a duck. Jessica is on steroids. It’s even showing in her face. Her new hubby turned her on to it. It’s unfortunate because I thought she was a naturally pretty woman.

DanaLayne on

Glad I wasn’t the only one thinking she’s starting to look kind if manly. I, too, think she looked great before.

Sparky on

She looked better when she was heavier. Her legs look too muscular. Even her face doesn’t look like she used to. No not a fan of this new look

Katie on

IMO, her lets looks gross to me

Katie on

Ick, glad I don’t look like that!!

joanna on

Her legs are too muscular, she is a beautiful women no question but honestly her legs being that muscular isn’t sexy.

cruella on

She looks a ℉ucking mess. Her trainer is laughing behind her back.

pat on

Everyone has a right to their opinion…..Mine is her legs look like frog legs. I’ve always thought the same about Carrie Underwoods legs. When she is on stage with those legs shaking I feel very uncomfortable. I just happen to be one that doess’nt envy their legs. I’ve seen skinned frogs!!!

guest on

Unless she’s entering a body building contest, this is not a good look.

joanna on

I think Jessica is beautiful however her legs are too muscular, and to me that is not sexy. I have always admired her regardless of her weight, she is self made, between the clothing line and shows she to me is a fine example of how women can get ahead, unlike Miley Cyrus who has sold out and used sex as her talent. Just my honest opinion.

Lucy on

She is fit, healthy and happy. So why do these legs disturb me? I am upset with myself…but those bulges just look painful! She looks like a mythological centaur. Something is just wrong. And I am so sorry to be mean!

TM Vaughn on

Legs looks way too manly……

Angel on

Maybe should ditch the swimsuit and heels. She looks AMAZING but I think her legs are over done. Hope she does not read this and start toning everything to look like her legs. She has such a natural beauty I would hate for her to cover it up with manly muscles.

kew on

I think they look terrible. Her legs are starting to look like Madonna’s arms and that’s hideous!

dawn on

She has a more muscular body type, which is of course great, but I think her legs look gross, and more manly than her husband’s! (Maybe that’s why he wore pants). Honestly, I don’t know why I clicked on this- Jessica Simpson isn’t much of a celebrity anymore- hasn’t done anything much in years other than WW commercials, yet People obsessively chronicles her daily life.

breadsticks on

She looks amazing. I think she is a bit too thin but the muscle tone looks fab.

Nick on

Those legs are just plain awful.

James on

Jessica Simpson is turning into a dude.

Bill on

I thought women didn’t like for their bodies to be a subject of attention. And yet look at her posting selfies and all of you commenting.

bebe on

I’m so sick of People telling me what I should be jealous of or what I should want to look like. Good for Jessica for getting in shape, but I would NEVER want my legs to look like that. And before anyone asks why I clicked on the article, I clicked on it by accident while picking up my touch screen phone.

Lollipop on

A woman with dude’s legs… um, NOT sexy.

forrest gump on

wonder how her vagina looks, brrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

forrest gump on

wonder how her v*gina looks, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

God on

HGH, looks like a midget powerlifter.

Marilyn on

She’s got lovely legs but I believe she’s flexing her muscles every time she knows she’s going to be photographed. If someone could catch her off-guard, they’d still be awesome but not quite so muscular.

amyinoaktown on

They are too muscular…not very feminine. People seems to only focus on her body…nothing much else to report about her?

kay on

Actually it doesn’t make me want to do squats at my desk. Good for her if she’s happy with the outcome of her workouts/diet changes but her legs are not appealing to me. I like being toned but still feminine looking.

Marianne on

No way. My legs are very decent and I hate that muscle man look. I like smooth and toned not gnarled, veiny, and brawny. I think Jessica is just one of those women who has been so uncomfortable with her looks when she was overweight that now she thinks she needed these muscle bound legs so everyone knows she works out. Not attractive.

Inna on

You all are hilarious. First, she’s too fat, now she’s too muscular. Can you guys just stop with all the hate?! She looks amazing… ESPECIALLY after having 2 kids!

Rachel on

She looks like a bodybuilder…I’m sorry. I’m glad she is taking care of her body etc but she looks too built.

If she was toned and slim I would say, ok nice but this is too much.

Pr on

She’s starting to go a little too far. I love Jessica Simpson, but when your face begins to look like hers and you don’t seem to have any body fat, you’ve lost too much weight. I fear we are going to see another yo-yo in a year or so when her body can’t take anymore.

Sar on

Kudos to you, Jessica! It takes a lot of dedication to look this great!

Lynnette on

Not feminine at all! They are actually extremely unattractive. Maybe her trainer could get her Carrie Underwoods legs because they are gorgeous and feminine.

Jenb on

She looks really scary

Georgia on

Admire her commitment to fitness though she needs to back off on the weight training…her legs are so muscular it’s distracting and detracting from her natural prettiness…she is starting to look unfeminine.

j on


Liz on

Good for her for being fit but, to be 100% honest, her legs look gross and manly. It’s not an attractive look

Tobs on

Theta look like men legs! Good she keeps working out though

Kim on

She does look great, but I think she has gone a little over the top with the muscular legs. Toning is better.

guest on

That’s disgusting. I don’t find her legs remotely attractive. Yuk.

Nicole on

@kay put it perfectly. Quit trying to force us to think her legs are hot. They aren’t ok unless you’re into body building.

Dollface on this article a joke? I love Jessica, but she really needs to chill on the legs..they are starting to look like a man’s legs and her hubby cannot possibly find that attractive!

Whatever on

I am with you on that Luca. She should fire her trainer for making her lhave manly legs That is great she lost weight but her trainer should work on other parts of her body so everything could look evenly toned. Not just her legs. SMH

Jenna on

Ok… This is getting ridiculous.

JP on

She does not need to lose anymore weight.

Nanu 08 on

She looks like a aging Drag Queen with an oggly set of man legs…….not attractive at all…..makes her hubbie look girly…………

One Voice on

She has taken the legs thing way too far. They are no longer feminine. I just watched a documentary on Selena and Venus Williams and one of the sisters said they never work out their arms….ever. She said that they were too muscular on their own, from playing, and didn’t want to look manly. Jessica needs to learn from her and do cardio only and some training on abs and arms.

ann on

Lady looks like a dude

notpetA on

Way too muscular (unless she is training for a body building competition) But better too many muscles than flab…I’ll give her that!

Jaks on

Gross! Women should have some softness to them. But, if she likes it more power to her!

tuesday on

I’m all for being fit but a woman’s body is supposed to be soft looking not body building defined. She is very beautiful but needs to look more feminine. Right now her body looks manly.

Muffin kindergarten teacher on

She is such a lovely person and so beautiful at any weight!
I admire her business success that she has had on her terms.
What a loving mommy most importantly!

Lala on

I think her legs look amazing! I’m sure her wearing heels, exaggerates her muscle tone.
It seems like no one is ever happy. So many people judged her for being too thin in Duke’s of Hazard, then she was too fat. Now she’s too in shape and toned?! If anything, she’s probably in the best shape of her life right now, and I hope she’s doing this for herself, and not so called fans.

Ann Davis on

Losing weight was good but she has went overboard on the rest!

Jessie on

Very manly!!

ann kramer on

I think we pretty much all agree she has gone way too far, too muscular, not at all sexy. She needs to soften her look

Yul Gallimore on

That will make me stop doing squats.Unlike the author of this article I am not into bodybuilding. It looks like one of those protein only diet results, what happened to Weight Watchers?

A.R. on

Her legs actually make me nauseous she looks like a body builder she’s manly more than sexy, sorry.

Kaylie on

Too muscular for my taste but it seems that Jessica is at her happiest so that’s what’s most important. I can’t deny that her confidence has gone up as well.

George on

Nice strong looking legs, I bet she could squat a couple hundred pounds. I was just disappointed when she was chosen as Daisy Duke. Jessica’s legs never did Catherine Bach’s any justice

beme on

I’m happy for her that she lost weight, but this is not sexy. The female body building look went out in the 80’s. There is sexy toned vs. too muscular.

Jan on

Her mega poop a lot diet.

Guest on

@ Bridget !

She looks amazing and I’d rather have her beautiful muscular fit legs than the flabby untoned ones I have now lol

Right on! I m with you! Better that than cottage cheese
For sure LOL !!

cruella on

Yuck. Yuck Yuck yucky yucky yucky Yuck Yuck Yuck yucky Yuck

Just want to know on

What I want to know is how much is Jessica Simpson paying People magazine to do a new story on her body every week!!

marie on

Looks like a man’s legs..Not attractive!!!!

Aussie cathie on

She looks like Courtney Act one of our drag queens

Aussie cathie on

Very manly yuk

Josie on

I don’t know what it is but she looks horrible. There is something just wrong with those muscles/ legs/ body shape ..ewww. And I love muscular body. It just doesn’t work for her.

Letsbehonest on

Eeeeeeew. Way too much. Way to muscular, and in the picture of them together she looks way too thin. Love her though! Definitely borderline body builder. Loved her womanly curves.

Easyup on

She looks like she can seriously crack nuts with those thighs.

lightbrite on

Date night? they look grubby and dirty,

Cody Teichner on

I agree with those that also think her legs are wayyyy too muscular. She’s like a US women’s soccer team member.
And I’m all for gorgeous legs — not hating ! But she needs to stop with hers it looks like madonnas arms and hands 🙈

Alice A on

She is way too skinny now. She looks unhealthy and anorexic. Not settling a good example for her young fans…

Lolo on

Quite honestly, I don’t think she is feminine at all. There is no softness at all around her face and the legs…they are awful!

leigh on

I’d be embarrassed if my legs looked like that, too muscular!

julz on

Wow! If she’s overweight people talk bad about her and when she looks good people talk bad about her! She can’t win! Relax people, she looks great, Good for her! Smh!! 😡

dawn on

THey look gross, and I am tired of all the articles about her. She is barely a celebrity anymore. OTher than WW commercials and marrying some has-been football player she’s a nobody. Why does People seem so obsessed with her. She is a bore.

DG on

Please stop losing weight! You are on the verge of too skinny!

Alli on

I agree she’s too muscular. It’s like she has no fat. She’s taking it a little too far. Not attractive at all & I love love love her.

tina on

Personally, I think she’s too thin. Some curves are nice on a woman. BUT kudos to her for getting strong rather than starving herself.
And yeah, she looks like a bodybuilder.

liz on

Hey if she is healthy about it and healthy minded then God bless and be happy, no prob, but she has lost such an extreme amount of weight ?…., hope it’s not “anorexia athletica” . I support athletic women and looking fit but for her to go to such an extreme (not being an athlete) , jut seems strange. just hope she is ok because the pressure of Hollywood can be tough….

QDPie109 on

Poor Jessica she can’t cut a break from the public. She’s to fat, she’s to thin, she’s to muscular…do what makes you feel good Jessica. People that have that much criticism for people are just unhappy in their own lives.

Two Cents on

So her legs are truly amazing. But the semi fluffy mullet on her hubby is not so much.

k on

I think she looks great and she worked for it, but lets face it, she will get fat again. She always does.

Cheekylady on

Her pin-up girl days are over – not sure what she is trying to achieve, but it does not suit her well.

Grace on

Poor Jessica, she can’t possibly live up to everyone’s standard and she shouldn’t. Hope she is happy and feels wonderful about herself. That’s what matters.

JP on

She looks great.

Shannon on

Beautiful woman…but no I do not envy her legs.

hogo on

She looks like a guy now, has guy legs!!!!!!!!!

hobo on

She has guy legs now!!!!!

Brian on

Wow-nice legs! Funny when you read the comments from all the women here who are putting her down for having “muscular” legs. And yet we continue to blame men for the “psychological” damage we put on them regarding their bodies. Admit it women – YOU are the reason for your psychological issues with your bodies!!! Get over your own jealousy and admit it – she’s frickin’ hot and you hate her because you’re not!

Chade on

She is getting too toned IMO. But as long as she feels ok with that who am I to judge.

ja on

If we’re talking about bodies and proportion…too bad she doesn’t have more of a waist, then those legs would look less masculine and she would look more willowy.

greg on

:/ dang.

rad666 on

The ‘Hot pink mini + crazy high neutral wedges = Maximum leg flaunting outfit’ photo…she so thin now that in that photo she doesn’t even look like Jessica Simpson

patsrule59 on

I used to drool over Jessica Simpson, but if you ask me, she’s gone a bit overboard with the leg training. Her legs have gotten waaaay too muscular.

saltydog77 on

Dam Jessica, you are looking hot. I would spank that thing in a heartbeat

saltydog77 on

Damn Jessica, you are looking hot. I would spank that thing in a heartbeat.

jerry andrew on

Jessica, you are always amazing me w/your beauty. I do apologize for my unflattering comment at Golden Gate Park, back in 1969.
I can only hope; that rude comment created your future desire for fitness. Then, I may feel pride in being a specialist (phd) with both; Nutrition, & Exercise Physiology. Best wishes, for your longevity, honey.

Ashley on

I have always loved this girl… She is absolutely gorgeous BUT yikes she has gone way too far. Her muscles in her legs look too unnatural. It’s just too much. She is a beautiful girl though.

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