Kim Kardashian Posts Topless Photo in Wedding Veil as a 'Happy Birthday' to Riccardo Tisci

08/01/2014 at 03:24 PM ET

What do you give your best friends for their birthday? A heartfelt card, a nice pair of earrings, maybe a great dinner out? Kim Kardashian has you beat: She just fêted Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci on his birthday with a photo of herself at a wedding dress fitting, in which she’s wearing tights, her wedding veil — and nothing else.

Kim Kardashian topless wedding veilCourtesy Kim Kardashian

“Happy Birthday @riccardotisci17 I love you soooo much!!! Can’t wait to celebrate with you tonight!!!!” the reality star wrote in the Instagram caption as a shout-out to the creative director of the line, who is a longtime friend of Kardashian and her husband Kanye West. And Kardashian and Tisci clearly are close, judging by the photo of her daringly bare, veil-wearing moment (taken during a fitting for her dramatic Givenchy wedding gown) — and the big smile she’s got in the snap.

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This is the second intimate picture she’s shared from her fittings with Tisci (although the other was fully clothed). We’re not sure how the black tights played into the final look (maybe they were part of her ongoing “selfie book” for West?) but they definitely do lend a very boudoir-photo vibe to the whole photo.

And we’d also like to know more about the other photos above and below this one in the photo roll — maybe we’ll have to wait for next year’s birthday for the next big reveal? Share your thoughts in the comments, please!

–Alex Apatoff

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bitsy on

she is the absolute tackiest cow that has ever lived. wonder how her dumb as a box of rocks husband feels about that?!?

PeeP on

Her husband has a different type of love for Riccardo. Keep up appearances Dim.

People will be removing this shortly.

ssj455 on

Just show the ass, that is all anyone cares about.

Lindy on

This pathetic attention seeking media “ho” has absolutely zero class !!!!!

Elaina on

I’m sure it’s perfectly normal to send your friend of the opposite sex a topless photo of yourself as a birthday gift. Seems legit…in their bizarre fantasy world.

Sacre on

Ok, this MIGHT be something I could see doing for your husband as a private gift for HIS birthday or your wedding anniversary… if you’re in to that kind of thing. But the dude who made your wedding dress? WTF?!?

Rd on

Could she be any more repulsive?

guest on

Her ego must be obscenely large if she thinks a topless picture of herself is somehow a gift to this guy. My word, get over yourself woman!

Amy on


Gina Stoll on

This beatch needs some serious psychiatric help!

Janbel on

With all the money she made off her sex tape you would think she could afford a pair of pantyhose that doesnt have a big hole in them!

Tracy on

Once again, money can’t buy class.

Dooley on

Kartrashian strikes again. She is one desperate piece of work.

Amanda B on

Just go away already. Most people have already seen you naked. Aren’t you a porn girl? (I purposefully left out the word star).

A&G on

That girl is a P-I-G, pig! Guess money really doesn’t buy class. I feel sorry for her daughter, what a role model she has.

Mnmama on

Why oh why does she keep showing off her BIG ARS????

Amanda B on

Funny how it’s someone else’s birthday and she posts a picture of herself as the main focus. Just go away. Most people have already seen you naked. Aren’t you a porn girl? ( I purposefully left out the word star).

jjmontiel56 on

This is just insane, she is so into herself she has surpassed Kanya!!!!!! They both are egotistical pieces of garbage with absolutely NO class of any kind and now Im sure the baby will be the same, I feel sorry for her when she atarts school and is convinced she is better than every other child in the school, that family should move to Paris since they love it so much and leave the US for good.



Anna on

Get. Over. Yourself. Kim.

Nothing is ever private with this woman…oh, except her onslaught of cosmetic/beauty procedures, those are on lockdown.

Anonymous on

Wow. Really? This girl craves validation.

Lydia on

She sure has lost her marbles on this, why would you want to give a friend of your’s a picture of yourself half naked for it’s birthday and why would it be ok with your newly husband of her’s. She is so into herself it’s down right DISGUSTING and more DISGUSTING that her husband agrees with her doing it. The other sister’s have so MUCH MORE CLASS than this one does. It’s really sad you don’t see Kim having to do this because YES she does have MORE CLASS as well as Khloe those 2 are both so beautiful inside and out!

Lia on

there is a psychiatrist near of her? somebody help her ¡¡¡

Honey on

She is a married woman ~ why would she share herself like this to another man? I just don’t get it.

alyssa829 on

Way to go Kim. Making your BFF’s birthday all about yourself. Can you say Classy? NOT

JJ on


Ashlee on

Really? I mean, really?

Jenb on

This is not about his birthday…this is about her. I’m pretty sure she has a respectable picture of two of them that she could have posted instead of this. She is the most self absorbed person on this earth.

Truthfinder on

The fact that we are all commenting about her, bad or not is ALL she cares about. It’s about being relevant as a celebrity. Good or bad…
Popularity whether negative or positive now a days bring in the big $$$. That’s all advertisers want is for you to see their product and unfortunately, as low as these Kardashian’s are, they sell!

Anna Powell on

Why does she think everyone wants to see her big a$$ naked? Who the heck cares but her????? Enough. Quit giving her press time.

Emily K. on

I weep for humanity.

PeeP on

She sent out a birthday greeting that was all about herself. Predictable.

Mare on

How is this a “personal birthday gift” when she’s posted it for EVERYONE to see? Does she know Ricardo is Ksnyes boyfriend? She should have gotten married in the nude because the “bib dress” was absolutely horrible.

Jules on

Since when do you have to be naked to try on a veil?

Mary on

Why is this an article? Anyone who wants to see her goods can google it. Ugh so over her and her family.

tiff on

This cow is really MILKING it for all she can get. She will spend it all and be broke and alone one day.

Laurie on

I agree with everyone’s comments…except Kanye’s (if its his) and his “High Art” comment. High maybe but a long way from art…

Rachel on

I think I just threw up a little. OMG how tasteless and tacky do you have to be in order to send someone who ISN”T YOUR HUSBAND a topless photo of yourself as a BIRTHDAY card!?!?!

I simply don’t understand this horrid family. They are so f*cked up it’s not even funny

yankee on

The internet is forever… some day her daughter and her friends will be seeing all these pics.. talk about scarring a kid for life

N_LO on

So she wishes “Happy Birthday” to someone with a picture of herself topless?? Are we the least bit surprised??? lol She couldn’t beg for more attention if she tried. What an ego! Poor girl.

CindyLou on

Am I the only one that thinks this could be worse ?? I mean half the planet has seen that fat a$$ and saggy rack of hers. At least she isn’t sending vajay shots yet. Yet. Hold on…..going to go vomit my lunch. My cute 92 year old granny calls her “The no class fat ass”. Love you Granny.

Kim on

This is one of societies role models??? Give me a break the woman has no class!!!!

carolyn on

I cannot think of a more self absorbed human being that ever existed. Complete narcissist and a waste of oxygen, along with her equally sickening and uneducated excuse for a husband. God help their daughter!!!

Linda on

I think People has a contract with the Karshnothing. Why else keep writing about these fameho. How about the Dr. who got infected w/the Eboli? He is a hero. What about him?

Bill on

But when one of your idolized stars does nude, it is “elegant” “tasteful” and “artful”.

Kat on

If you’re Kim K, it’s just another day to say “Look at me!”

Jojo on

Happy Birthday, here’s a photo of me!!!!! Dumb

Smithy on

I find it very sad that this woman seems to have absolutely no concept that she is so narcissistic and out of touch with reality. What a miserable existence.

WLS on


daisy on

How totally inappropriate. This girl has issues!

chicago on

I’m sure that makes Kanye feel real good..

onya on

Is that a hole in the black pantyhose?
Tights would be much thicker & opaque.

Suzanne on

Enough with the Kardashians and Jenners they are untalented carpet trash and I do not see why all the mags and people are interested in them. Plus their store sells real fur – disgusting. You mags are the ones that keep them in the public eye. Enough already and enough with Kanye too!!

Courtney on

This woman redefines the term slag.

unknown on

1 minute she’s not comfortable posing nude just for a magazine….and now she’s sooooo comfortable being naked…she doesn’t mind being naked on her knees with guys holding her veil over her. I would never want a gift given from your guy friends’ wife and showing the goods..that’s definitely awkward to receive as a birthday gift…

Gg on

She’s gross

Gg on

She’s gross.

Sue Tarlton on

So SICK Of The Kim’s Stuff she needs to get OVER herself ALrEADY!!!!

emily on

Well yah, doesn’t everyone try on their wedding veil topless?

Jerry Anna on

I guess there is nothing left for me to say….all of the earlier comments about her tackiness, worthlessness, and zero class, say it perfectly.

Jerry Anna on

Nothing else to add to previous comments. She’s beneath tacky, totally worthless, and wouldn’t know an ounce of class if it bit her on that fat, fat, ugly butt!

Olivia on

I am so tired of this woman! We get it already! How about spending time with your daughter

appiah01 on

She is truly horrifying. She is eons beyond narcissistic into the realm of truly disturbed.

amyinoaktown on

Who would post a photo of this to someone who isn’t their husband….i can’t believe out of all the photos of her getting ready that’s the one she chose…actually, i can believe it. no class.

scorpio on

what do you expect from a ex-porn star who loves her ass so much that she want’s other men to imagin them humping her…nasty as they come.

amy on

No style,no class,no self respect.

Melanie on


Say It Isn't So on

Mommy – why are you such a tramp?

Whatever on

Wow. They make pantyhose for all that butt

Whatever on

Lol . That picture looks like a 1970′ s photo it looks old

estrogenfiles on

Toxic hose beast. Her 15 mins should be over.

Reader on

This ho needs some serious psychiatric help! WTF??? Like who does that??? Maybe she knows there’s no chance of him getting turned on since he bats for the other team; the team her “husband” also plays on lol

vivi on

hey cum why dont you take picks of you kid so you can remember what she looks like

Stephanie on

Wow! One word. I’m so NOT A HATER, but she still has no idea how tasteless much of what she does is. We all know she randomly reads the tabloids and comments made about her, or at least hears of them, Kim… many young women look up to you, could you not be a better influence? Afterall, they are who help bring in your revenue in and keep allowing you to live your lifestyle. Good luck hun.

Tammy on

Good excuse to pose a virtually-naked picture of yourself, Kim. No one sees through that.

Icky on

One of these days their daughter is going to grow up. I wonder what she will be like?

sharon on

This woman never ceases to amaze me just how low she’ll go for attention. I thought once having a baby and getting married she’d conduct a little more like a lady but obviously I was wrong , I feel bad for her daughter someday she’s going to see what a pig her mother is and how she traveled all over and left her home with the nanny

Style mom on


Janet697 on

self centered pig always was always will be

Guest on

So tasteless coming from someone who is married and the mother of a young child … she is such a sleazy chick … she must have low self esteem or something … why else would she be so obsessed with her looks and feel the need to show off her body from morning till night.

Nikki on

SHE HAS NO CLASS AND NEVER WILL…!!!!..MAYBE she wants a 3 some with him..isnt he her husband lover ? LOL

Dana on

Is she trying to convince Riccardo to switch sides? She is mental..

Lost interest in people mag on

Her mom made her do it

Nikki on

WHAT A PIG!!!..WHAT IS SHE TRYING TO TURN HIM ON? isnt he kanye lover????..maybe she wants a 3 some…NO CLASS AT ALL…TRASH!

Attention starved on

Adios people mag! No longer can I continue to be barraged multiple times a day by this rubbish. You lost all credibility as soon as you got into bed with is this pig family.

Barbara on

MY Goodness!! Why in the world would you pose topless for anyone other than your husband??? Kim needs professional help. REALLY!!

sue on

Wow way to wish a “friend” a happy birthday in a way that makes it all about you! Laughable! Recently saw an episode of her show and her family vacation, it was just so sad that all she cared about was taking photos of herself. That show really makes her look bad. How self absorbed can you get?!

South east on

That kid is screwed. Start therapy now!

Not a Fan on

So, an appropriate gift for a friend is a pic of yourself naked and on your knees? OMG. Wow. Those people are so out of touch and all we are doing right now, is adding fuel to the fire. She’s obviously so freaking insecure that she needs constant validation. And she’s out of touch enough to think that ANY attention is a good thing. Look up the definition of white trash and you will see Kim Kardashian West’s photo….. She’s naked & on her knees in that pic too. Way to go Kim and Kanye, you both are setting such good examples for your daughter.

D. Hendricks on

Once a porn star, always a porn star….

ana on

I can’t believe she did this. She’s either taking selfies or getting naked in front of every one. She’s disgusting!

Di on


I cannot imagine what kind of marriage they actually have.

Quito on

Seriously? A topless photo of herself was required to wish her friend Happy Bithday!?! Simply rediculous! She made his birthday all about her.

Jen on

Her rear end looks so disfigured. I would never let anyone see a picture of me like that if my hips and butt were that huge!!! She is going to be so massive later in life.

Vcz on

This woman is beyond tacky and an attention wh***

redwagon111 on

N.A.S.T.Y. —> One day (hopefully) she will realize what an a$$ she made of herself … BUT I doubt it.

Ana on

How many of you gals got nearly naked to try on your wedding veil? Anyone? Anyone? Buler?

LR on

I am sorry but what a classless pig! North is going to see and read all of this. Shame on you!

Diane on

What a hoe !

JM on

Who posts a picture of yourself NUDE for a man that is NOT your husband and all over the internet!?! Just when you think she couldn’t be any less classy, she takes to a whole new level.

Jeeeeee on


Mary on

Is Kim busting out of her pantyhose? It looks like there is a huge hole on the left side of her rump.

bex on

gross. And REALLY tacky.

Lisa on

Isn’t that Kanye’s, um, “friend”? Nice that they all get along so well! Stay classy, Kim.

Steph on

Any excuse to be naked!! Mother of the year????

burrrobson on

So, the new hubby pimps her out?

Guest on

I didn’t know diddly- squat about this girl ( & her family ) until I came on here & saw what you all were writing about them) & watched that show that they have. You all are always talking about you want the family gone, People mag to stop writing articles about them, etc. “YET” you keep writing & makinng statements which it is “NEVER” going to stop. If you all want it (them) gone then “STOP” writng & making commentd about them, DANG!!!!! Even if People mag ( makes a statement, DO NOT RESPOND!!!! Is thst so friggin’ hard? I could care less what they do because I don’t make comments. The only reason I am now is because I was halfway through 108 comments that were written & thet all basically said the same thing ( just in different words) stop writing articles about the Kardashians, enough of them already, ect., ect., ect….. IF YOU ALL STOP, PEOPLE MAG, (PEOPLE.COM) WILL STOP!!!! Thank you very much & have a nice day… : – )

Guest on

I didn’t know diddly squat about this girl & her family until I came on her & saw you all making comments (mostly nasty ones at that) about them. If you want People mag ( to stop then you all STOP!!!! Iknow that the majority of you do not like them but DANG, would it be that hard to stop making comments? If they see that people are not being receptive to their articles & not commenting then maybe they will stop. I don’t care what they do because I do not comment on the articles. I just look now because you all are so funny with you comments. People does not care what you say, negaive or otherwise because they know they have got you hook, line, sinker because you always comment, get it now?!?! So try it. Thank you & have a nice day…. : – )

NAP on

She really has no sense of self respect, no class and is obviously so self involved to release these photos. What kind of world is her poor daughter being raised in? Hopefully she has nannies with some values who can help her grow into a happy & adjusted girl, as unfortunately, the Kardashians will likely not be able to raise this little girl properly on their own.

Lola emery on

It’s beyond me how a birthday greeting requires you to be barely clothed. I love her photos when done in good taste, this just makes me wonder, “really? why was that necessary?” You forget you’re a mom? Put some clothes on!

Lee on

i thought she was done doing porn… guess not.

ella on

It would be truly amazing if someone offered her a billion dollars not to take another selfie or revealing picture for like a week. It would be so interesting to watch her struggle between feeding her vanity or her greed

SharonB on

She continues her pathetic abscess of a life and it sickening how much People Magazine covers this cra*. Otherwise I usually love this magazine, and I just can’t understand why they have such a fascination over this creepy woman. She is not only creepy she is downright stupid and so vapid. That’s what she is famous for…being an idiot.

Kristin on

Pure trash.

guest on

She is a dumb Ho!

Jan on

Oh yuck, another stupid Kim moment. She has no class whatsoever. She needs to get over herself and be a mom, a real mom.

Myrtle Pursel on

Beionce hit it right on the nail kim’s not classy enough to be associated with!!!!! The whole Kardission family has no class.

Myrtle Pursel on

Beionce hit it right on the nail kim’s not classy enough to be associated with!!!!! The whole kardashian family has No Class!!!!!!!!!!

diane on

kim? who is she? she’s a married woman and mother of north, how stupid she is taken the topless photo that obviously she know nothing about God.. she want our attention.. forget her.. was never interesting her and the rest of her family . i have never seen her family go to church on sundays.. sad tho.

Sammi on

She would give a photo of herself to someone as a gift, she is total trash no matter how much money she has. And I love that People are still sucking up to this family and accepting their money to run these useless stories about them 3857 times a week.

Nancy on

Is she ever going to go away?

Mojo on

Really not sure what to say other than
she loves sharing her selfies. Why, not sure. Wish I was a psychiatrist so I could offer her some advice cause she really does have a problem. A problem she enjoys sharing with the world and then she wonders why people attack her. If she wants someone to have one of her selfies, just send it to the person its intended for.

leigh on

Why are 674 people mad? Geez, if you don’t like them then DON’T read about articles about them!

leigh on

@leigh It’s early in the morning, sorry about the improper sentence!

Susan on

Kardashian and Tischi are obviously close? Who doesn’t this tramp strip for? This family must have People on retainer.

amyinoaktown on

People can’t even report accurately what folks are saying about this….it’s not a WOW (barely 30), there are over 700 angry faces! Seriously, if they can’t report this correctly, how can we trust them on the articles??

R on

Her butt appears to come to a point. Weird, because all the squats and lunges in the world don’t give me a pointy bum–just a rounder one.

brenda on

what a wonderful role model for her daughter, disgusting.

Michele on

I’m so sorry Kim K.doesn’t understand her true value has nothing to do with her naked body. I hope she will learn to protect herself an her family by avoiding any “blurred lines.”

janie on

What is wrong this woman? Who sends pictures like that to her husband’s friend? Most men would be contacting an attorney! I have a feeling this is the beginning of an onslaught of pre-wedding photos, no one was interested in buying them and we all know she has thousands!

TIa on

So she posted to him a photoshopped basically nude pic of her. She is such an idiot.

gethelpkim on

Super tacky and so starved for attention. She seriously is of another planet. I don’t know 1 person who thinks like this bimbo. It’s like she lives in a bubble.

Krystal on

Porn Queen at it again! C’mon People magazine will you please spare us readers from this “gross” person… Thia is just cruelty beyond belief! Belongs in Playboy magazine not here!

yorkie fan on

is that a hole in her “black” nylons? ewwwww

Katie on

Does she have a hole in the stockings on her left thigh?

guest on

I guess she doesn’t like the guy, cause apparently she wants him to throw up for his birthday. Scum.

tomkins on

I don’t even know what to say.

Elisabetta on

Why. Why. Why, why, why??? I don’t understand why you have to be naked to try on a veil….except pure narcissism.

Cowgirl on

Notice how she’s wishing him a happy birthday, but the photo is all about HER, as usual.

gramma on

YOU SUCK BEYOND COMPARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

seabot on

Why is this on the front page with “What you WOW right now” when “wow” has the last amount of votes?

VI islandgirl on

So instead of giving him a gift she thinks an almost nude pic is a suitible gift? Maybe if it was an original and she hadn’t all ready shown her body to the entire world through porn and almost naked selfies. It’s like giving someone a used bus pass that everyone else has already used and all the punches are gone. Just saying….


Can someone smart tell kim & her ktrash family to not be so trashy, but instead have some class? And smart people should stop being enable to them, and make them more rich. I HAD to say something bc kenya does not have the balls to stop this but at least Bruce finally realized his own stupidity. And People_please stop glorify sex, and trashy people alike!

angela on

Ugh why?

Lisa on


Celia on

I think Riccardo would have preferred a pre-wedding naked picture of Kanye rather than this classless ho. Can’t wait until marriage number 3 goes down for this idiot and her trash family.

Barb on

Like seeing her naked is something new? Disgusting way for a “married” woman to act

Quito on

Once again she makes EVERTHING all about herself! Gross!

floormodel on

Riccardo would have preferred Kanye in nothing but tights and a veil…. just sayin’

Kan't Stand the Kartrashians on

And she claims to be a mother…well, a mother would think of her children’s [future] self-esteem before she showed all of America her t-ts/chestral area, I would think…

remy on

I bet your daughter will be so proud when she gets older and reads about your antics.

Janet697 on

kim is nothing but gutter trash. yuk

michgal66 on

Now she’s a wife & a mom there is no need for that. Cover up for Pete’s sake. Leave that for your hubby, everyone else can guess. All that money & no brains. Well take your money & go buy you some.

Nikki on

she is a PIG..!!!..she will never be a lady..who poses like this for their husbands “friend”…cheap trash…kanye doesnt even care that she exposes herself..NO Normal husband would allow this…TRASH 1

Nikki on

YES kim..ppl are saying nasty things about you..not that you care..but you deserve it..the way you dress and pose..always with your boobs out…wait until your daughter googles what kind of “mother” she has and how she became famous….what happens if she follows in your footsteps? would you care? or just make $$$$ off of her like ur mother is doing

Riccardo on

Brava, Kim! One suggestion [or three]: (1) Turn and face the camera. (2) Smile your pretty smile for me. (3) Put your hands down & smile your pretty smile for me. (4) Remember to send me a picture of Kanye from his next prostate exam to add to my Kardashian/West photo collection [it will go right next to my ‘Kim’s pap smear photos/pelvic exams stills’ so I can really keep it ‘all in the family,’ OK, darlink? Always remember to smile your pretty smile for me [even while you fondle the hole in your pantyhose] so I will always think of you! Cheers, darling!–Riccardo

sarah on

First of all TACKY TACKY TACKY….good grief…do you KIM have any class in you? Ummm not by the way you like to show your ASS and everything else…for your daughters sake get some lessons in couth…

Deni2730 on

Is there a tackier person in this world that Kim?

Sarie on

What is wrong with her?!?

heather on

She is just looking for any opportunity to show her naked self to the world? LOL It is laughable. It is called prostitution..! LOL Hot or Not. It is all the same.

She may get a whole lot of attention and maybe that is all she wants. But what happened to honor? Value? The beauty of a woman? The sacredness of beauty? The sacredness of a woman? Man o man…

Dave H. on

I’m betting Ricardo the clothing designer would have liked a naked picture of Kanye way more than this not topless shot of Kim Kowdasian.

anderson on

Is this for real Kim actually sent her husband buddy a topless picture of herself for his birthday. Her behavior is not normal and because people are making money off her this issue isn’t being address. The so called selfies she takes and post on instagram. She has absolutely whatsoever no morals, no principles, no values or ethics. She is hollow and because she is her mother main meal ticket mom-manager allows Kimmie to run loose. Holding a mirror in in face snapping pictures of her self. No one seem to care that this women is mental. This is why she can send a topless picture of her self to her husband friend with a big smile on her face. If I tried to do something like that my husband would commit me in a insane asylum. So unbelievable.

Nanu 08 on

Obviously this old cow has no self respect much less any for her blinded hubbie and baby so how sad she has to expose her FUGLY body for attention…..lmao at the X_HUGE rearend….moooooooo!!!!

Caroline Jenkins on

That’s one of the most inappropriate things I have ever heard of.

momoftwoinva on

Really! Can you possibly think of anything new other than showing yourself? Newsflash! We’ve ALL seen it, and aside from a good laugh about how much lower could you possibly think of yourself, could care less.

mary on

She so not a lady n so dumb see how she couldnt come up w a nicer present

mary on

Dumb dumb kim aint got no brains or no class like we all know

Eggo on

A better card would’ve been a picture of him and his best designs but nope Kk has to make it l about herself buck naked and center stage. Smh.

Rae on

I have one word to describe her…DISGUSTING! Oh, and CLASSLESS…oh, and TASTELESS…oh, and DUMB (yes, Kanye, we DO understand…perfectly).

sue53mn on

already scouting for next husband? This dumb stunt beats fake nanny and fake baby fiasco

Kan't Stand the Kartrashians on

There’s an old country song–“I’d Rather Have a Bottle In Front of Me Than a Frontal Lobotomy”–I hope Kim K takes advantage of the frontal lobotomy [or perhaps, judging by her recent, past & future behavior–she has already undergone one] but I guess it could be a joke

Vanessa on

She’s so trashy. I pity her child.

lynn on

Admit it, you can’t get enough of her and her family. You keep reading and commenting. That’s what they want.
Why so much angry words. Get over it already. Please if anyone is so bad its all the angry comments being made. Also leave North out of it, she is an innocent child. Grow up already.

My Goodness! on

Can she please just keep her clothes on!

whatever on

reason # 1221 why I workout at 5:30am every other day.

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