Kim Kardashian Wears No Makeup, Appears to Be Having a Barefaced Moment

08/01/2014 at 10:17 AM ET

There are a few things on which you can rely: The earth will rotate around the sun in 365 days. Death and taxes are the two constants in everyone’s lives. And Kim Kardashian will always leave the house with a full face of contour makeup, eyelashes, highlighter and lip gloss — even to the gym. But there may be a rip in the time-space continuum today, because not only did Kardashian step outside without her usual full face, she Instagrammed a makeup-free photo of herself. Up is down, black is white, etc.

Kim Kardashian no makeupKRLA/Broadimage

If you do keep up with the Kardashians, you will know that the middle sister recently posed for 1,200 (not a typo) selfies while in Thailand to send to husband Kanye West. So she knows a thing or two about camera-ready makeup, because she’s prepared to be on camera at literally any time of the day or night, even if it’s just her own camera. But perhaps the new mom is turning over a new, more low-key leaf, because she appeared very confident in her skin while walking around after a session at Barry’s Bootcamp in L.A.

LOVE @kendalljenner on the cover of LOVE @kegrand

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

And Kardashian took advantage of her post-workout glow to snap a barefaced selfie with the cover of Love magazine, featuring a familiar face: Sister Kendall Jenner, 18. Kardashian is quoted in the magazine saying that all of Kendall’s success is the result of her hard work and not family connections. “She had to work extra hard to gain this respect and to fight for people to see she’s serious,” Kardashian says in the magazine. “Marc Jacobs gave her a real shot and treated her like any other model … Then Riccardo [Tisci] and Karl [Lagerfeld] gave her a chance and she has proven that she is the real deal.”

Echoed Jenner: “Kim was invited to a lot of the shows that I was in. She called me before and was like, ‘Hey, I was invited to the show, I just wanted to let you know. Do you want me to come?’ and I was like, ‘No.’” But it doesn’t appear that there were any hard feelings, seeing as her big sis is now one of the biggest (barefaced) boosters of her modeling career.

Comments? Concerns? Leave them below.

–Alex Apatoff

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Showing 78 comments

amyinoaktown on

I dare People not to post anything about the Kardashian family for a week.

Ladybug on

Yuck! Enough said.

Quest on

Yes please, take them off your site, stop talking about them, no one cares. Send her home to her child!!

Areanna on

I dare you not to gobble up anything about the Kardashian family for a week. You seem to have your head right in the trough lapping up each and every tidbit. The pot calling the kettle black.

Maria on

Botox, anyone?

Dannie on

She is ugly with out the ton of make up she wears.

Taylor on


Lori RN on

No make-up, but plenty of cleavage still on display… she looks barely awake, not like someone who just had a good adrenaline boost from exercise.

TG on

she is so pretty

veggie mama on

Isn’t it enough already? Continual stories about talentless, arrogant people with nothing to share with the world, except endless ‘selfies’ and selfish displays of their extravagant lifestyles and possessions. Ugh.

bitsy on

Really ???

Lindy on

How could we ever survive a full day without Kimmie snapping a picture of herself….

Cynda on

Doesn’t she have a baby? I think her name is IgNori.

Foxtrotter on

This is so news worthy! Kardashians must own People Mag.

Jeri on

Wow makeup really does do wonders. All this time I thought she had plastic surgery on her face but after seeing this pictures Im not so sure. She must have a magician for a makeup artist!

Maggie on

Gross, she looks worse than I thought she would without the drag queen makeup and I apologize if I am insulting drag queens. Please stop printing stories about these awful people every time they fart. They are only “celebrities” because of her sex tape and Ryan Seacrest.

Rose on

She ain’t so hot without all that fluff! I watched 5mons of their show last night and noticed none of their faces move! Their faces are so tight it’s ridiculous. Lay off the Botox ladies!

Jacqui on

I think she actually looks better without all the make-up. She should go more fresh faced. Gosh knows her skin could probably use the breather!

sarahrutland on

Wow …. what a difference makeup makes! BARF

tomkins on

This is actually something she did that I can appreciate. It doesn’t hurt to show that everyone is the same once in a while! Actually I think she looks quite good without it.

ann on


sfcasun on

I think she actually looks quite good without all of her usual makeup, which is almost always applied quite thickly. She should go makeup-free more often!

ann on

HE-GADS!!!!! Get the consealer

Bill on

Meanwhile, North was getting a makeover and a pedicure.

CJ on

Sorry but I don’t buy the no make-up here. Her face looks too “pore-free” and her mouth looks like lip gloss to me. With that being said, I like the look a whole lot more than the over-the-top makeup she typically wears. However, when her boobs are pushed up and spilling over and she takes a photo she knows will be seen with her sister’s magazine cover, it is a staged shot with minimal make-up – NOT makeup free. Just MO

msmimincnyc on

Reblogged this on Circus of Face and commented:
She’s her natural self, some people can pull it off, others can’t. She looks more ethnic without the makeup. Most times, I give my face a good wash and moisturize and nothing else. Good for her. Despite her haters and overexposure, she’s a beautiful woman.

Jen on

Honestly, I think she could walk outside like that and nobody would realize who she was.

funrun05 on

Put the makeup back on!!!! Dang….. She’s really ugly.

Loulouinnebraska on

She has destroyed her face. What is up with those lips. Example of how plastic surgery and Botox/ fillers has gone too far. So sad.

Jennifer on

In my opinion, she looks amazing without makeup :)

Me on

She is beautiful when she is done, but without all those makeup and fancy clothes- every other girl on the street is more beautiful than she is! I saw her and I can tell not sure what the hype is about them! I mean their are not hot at all! They look overweight and dirty to me , but I guess everybody has different taste..

clairemorman on

Would someone please tell Kim and Kloe to lay off the lip enhancers, they are horrible. So much prettier with their natural lips. Also, all that makeup that Kim wears does not do her any justice. She WAS a naturally pretty girl until she started messing with her face….leave well enough alone and be thankful for what you have.

Ana on

Wow. I think she is absolutely stunning with no makeup on! I think the makeup makes her look like a porcelain doll, but without it.. she looks like she has some fire and light inside her.. much much better..

Maria on

Appear being the word, she has make-up on, let’s be real.

support women on

Bravo Kim! You are so much more Beautiful without make up!!! Seriously!
Well done showing women that they do not need make up to be beautiful. Our God given face is truly beautiful. Please go make up free more often!!!

Sandra on

Good Kim, always be a ride or die for family.

Canada1 on

To Areanna….guilty as charged! I can’t stop myself from reading about this self absorbed, narcissistic woman & her equally shallow family. Make it stop!

ashlynn on

Ugly with or without makeup

Lindsey on

Wow makeup does wonders.

Jennifer on

Don’t fret y’all! In 30 minutes we’ll be reading a story on how she applies her makeup.

Tonja on

She looks like a dude

lola on

She looks good!

Tara on

She can opt to not wear makeup, but she can’t opt to not wear all that plastic surgery!! We will never see her “all natural” ever again. And if you look back to before she had all her work……she wasn’t even cute. Kourtney is pretty and natural! Not sure why Kim gets all the attention when, surprisingly, some of her siblings are tolerable if not interesting.

Jen on

Congrats to her. I do that everyday. Maybe I need a people magazine article. Also, her skin looks like garbage. Prob from the paste she wears everyday.

Shannon on

And she looks beautiful

soph on

“I dare People not to post anything about the Kardashian family for a week.”

You know that the more you say this, the more they will, right?

Ru on

Her make up artist is a miracle worker. With no money she would be hairy and ugly.

Sylvie on


thecollectivehole on

she looks like she got punched in the face. she’s probably walking out of her plastic surgeon’s office.

Lee on


jake on

lips are ridiculous…facial discoloration, not pretty

Guest on

So beautiful…especially the photo with her sister’s magazine photo. In my opinion blonde’s are kinda boring compared to that dark exotic look…sigh…

KingKing on

She looks good without make-up. As long as someone has nice skin, and their eye brows filled in, no make-up on a face is a natural beauty.

tsktsk on

She looks better without her usual mask of makeup. Younger and fresher.

Kica on

She looks soooooo much prettier without a full face make-up. She is actually naturally pretty.

Rooper on


Treat on

Takes a lot of makeup to get that Kardashian look

Treat on

Takes tons of makeup to get the kardashian

Jillian Pelliccia on

not a fan of hers at all but she looks pretty without makeup

Helen on

I don’t care for Kim K however I must say that she is quite gorgeous without make up. I hate to say it but you can’t say that she is ugly, that’s just not true.

erica2 on

I hate to admit it but she is gorgeous without makeup. I like Kim’s toned down look.

pauline sinclair on

Kim … looks very tired ttttutts…and stresses out…please try to not overdoing with your makeup…let the face feel free with breeze of fresh air ….your skin will go glowing ….just quick mascra n lippy ….smile princess👑.xx

Say It Isn't So on

No makeup, no clothes, yada, yada, yada. Isn’t Riccardo Tisci the man she sent a nude wedding veil photo to? I guess that’s to keep Kim relevant in light of her baby sister’s current fame .

Guest on

I think she looks a little Pakistani, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

trimb on

Octomoms long lost sister

Gg on

Her lips looks ridiculous. She is not going to age well at all.

skinnickty on

Why is she doing that to her lips? It looks terrible

Darcie on

She’s a pretty girl with or without makeup. You don’t have to like a person to be able to admit that they’re attractive. She was pretty before all the procedures and didn’t need them at all. I think she is addicted to the fame and a prisoner of her own vanity which is sad…but not a reason to hate the girl.

guest on

It’s amazing how ordinary most “stars” look with no makeup. Heck, I could be a star!

jake on

She actually looks better- almost exotic.

Paula on

She is still pretty without makeup. Not a fan but with or without makeup she is still pretty.

gagreflex on

You see her everyday all over . She is quite ordinary just engineered by surgeons.

notafan on

looks better without make up

Debbie on

Without makeup, she looks just like octo mom

poo on

Please stop …..enough of this no talent family!!!

violet on

Her daughters name is IgNori. Ha ha good one.

reefer54jerryj on

No matter how much lip stick you put on a pig, it will always be a pig !!!!!

Stephanie N on

Thats NOT Ugly. She looks good either way. she has good genes. It is what it is. I dont understand why people slam successful people. SMH. Her perfume sells, her clothes sells, and shes had tons of ads for products. Ive never seen her in magazines sniffing coke, or hooking up with random people or driving home drunk. My teen girls actually dont fixate about their weight because of the Kardashians. Its OK to have a butt and thighs. People just need to stop picking people apart.

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