Bethenny Frankel Poses in 4-Year-Old Daughter's PJs (and the Internet Reacts Big Time)

07/14/2014 at 11:28 AM ET

Matching mother-and-daughter outfits happen a lot in Hollywood. Kim and Kris. Beyoncé and Blue. But Bethenny Frankel, 43, has gone one step further. The star showed off some eyebrow-raising sleepwear on Instagram Sunday, wearing her 4-year-old daughter Bryn’s Hello Kitty pajamas.

Bethenny Frankel poses in daughter's clothesCourtesy Bethenny Frankel

“This is my daughter’s nightgown and PJ shorts. Think we’re ready to start sharing clothes yet?” she captioned the shot, which highlights her slim physique in an itty-bitty T-shirt, boy shorts and fuzzy slippers.

Many commenters definitely did not seem to advocate Frankel’s wardrobe-sharing proposition, and slammed the Skinny Girl mogul and former talk show host for suggesting she’d swap clothes with a preschooler.

“Wow, way to go, you just destroyed the last 50 years of women who are struggling with body issues, get help!” declared one poster.

“This is sickening. You’re an attention seeker and you’re doing it at your daughters expense,” wrote another.

Yet the former Real Housewives reality star, who recently settled a custody dispute with estranged husband Jason Hoppy, is taking the criticism in stride, posting a response to the rage on Twitter.

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“BREAKING NEWS! World Scandal: Former reality star, failed talk show host & cocktail maven jokes by wearing her kids’ pjs! ‪#itcantbetrue,” she wrote Monday morning.

“When ur 4 year old peanut says ‘mommy please put my dress on’ & giggles uncontrollably, u do what ur told,” Frankel added in response to a fan who Tweeted a message of support.

Will Frozen princess ensembles be next? Time will tell. What do you think of Frankel’s controversial photo? Does it send a bad message or is it completely harmless?

–Kathy Ehrich Dowd

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Showing 288 comments

guest on

Oh Please! I cant stand that woman

bitsy on

What an idiot!

candy on

harmless. folks need to get a grip.

vamanos on

I think people just find any excuse to attack her, because they don’t like her.
If it was someone they liked they wouldn’t say anything.
I don’t think it’s that bad.

De La Roe on

I can not believe her this beyond words! What was she thinking? thats right she wasn’t thinking!
I really am speechless! The woman looks ridiculous!

Ivanna on

She looks drunk.

N.Law on

Since she is a “Has Been”, a “nobody”, “desperate to get a mention in ANY publication for
ANY reason” , I guess this is the best she can come up with.

Ivanna on

She also looks like the joker.

Guest on

Not sure what’s so scandalous about this. It’s just her being silly. I agree with the previous poster – people need to get a grip.

BK003 on

Doing it to make your kid laugh is one thing – boasting about fitting into the 4 year old outfit and putting it on Instagram wasn’t for the kid – it was for her. And it was very sad to see.

Malou on

Who cares…get over it people….

heather on

I think people just wait for her to do something that leaves the door open for criticism and then they attack like there’s no tomorrow. I love how everyone thinks they have the right to judge someone else. I can’t judge Bethany. I’m pretty sure she was just joking around though.

guest2 on

Come on. She’s only joking around. Why the outrage?

lucy on

sounds like we have a world full of fat people who are jealous! Get to the gym if you are offended, instead of exercising your mouth and fingers where you can’t be seen.

SavannahJen on

I’m not a Bethenny fan, but I am the mother of two year daughter who likes to wear my shoes and clothes. I’m sure that it’s all in fun and I wish I had the diligence to maintain my weight like she has. Soooo many other important things to discuss like where is the missing Malaysian airplane and the two hundred plus young girls kidnapped in Nigeria?

sandy on

um…weird, and I thought I liked her, but this is just weird.

pg on


just me on


Jean Darcy on

By wearing her child’s clothes Bethany is confusing taking her daughter’s ability to assume her own identity through clothes choices and emphasizing that mommy’s cute body is the all important image this little girl needs to see as her own. Really harmful stuff.

pg on

…and she fits into her daughter’s clothes and slippers? That must be one big 4-year old!

lisa on

Ummmm…so what she can fit the PJ’s! IT’S NOT THAT DEEP PEOPLE!

Jackie Lemons on

She is playing dress up with her daughter & posted a pic…what is the big deal??

re on

The Joker!

Erin on

Let’s see how funny she thinks it is when her daughter dies of anorexia. Sure, that will be lots of
laughs. Keep it up Bethenny. The cycle will continue.

k on

I think it is totally harmless if in fact her daughter was asking her to try it on – but please keep that stuff private no need to show in public. By showing it public it then does seem you like you would like the attention by saying hey I can fit in my daughter’s clothes look at me in skimpy clothing and it is not an appropriate outfit for a woman your age should be displaying in public. Keep it private.

Life goes on on


Beth on

I’ve looked at it from all angles and I really can’t find anything so horrible about this. She is a very small woman and she was clowning around with her little girl. It is kind of amazing that the clothes fit, but she didn’t do anything wrong and she meant no harm. We really need to stop the knee jerk reactions and not be so critical of each other.

Blushinda on

Her face honestly scares me.

shame on

It’s one thing to share a silly moment with your child like this, it’s another to post it on the internet…attention seeking, it’s sad.

Roze on

The only thing that offends me is that humongous jaw of hers !!!

carecara on

She just wants attention,kind of sad tho

Guest on

I’m definitely not jealous of a woman that can fit into clothing meant for a very normal sized 4 year old (if you have seen pics of her child, she is not big at all.) I used to like Bethenny. But it’s one thing to do something to make your kid laugh, and quite another to post a pic of that on the internet and then be all shocked when people don’t think it’s hilarious or cute.

No Way on

I’m calling BS on this. Just for fun, I went next door (where my nieces live) and asked to try on a pair of the 6 year old’s shorts. I am 5’4″ and weight 108 lbs. Couldn’t even get them on. As for one of her shirts, wouldn’t even go over my head. Nope….don’t know if she bought something super big for the kid or if she’s just good at photoshopping, but no way is this a 4 year old outfit.

MD on

If she can fit into her 4-year old daughter’s clothes, her daughter must be pretty big!

vvL1175642 on

She is trying to distract people from her FACE. Ugh.

peyton on

Very Sad. Looks like a walking zombie…. Totally not attractive. Think she needs help?

Guest 13579 on

If she was really doing this just for her daughter, she would have kept it between her and her daughter. Posting it on instagram is her looking for public attention.

Anonymous on

She has a 4 year olds body and 40 year olds huge head. She looks absolutely ridiculous! Isn’t there anything else about her other than being that “skinny” girl. That’s her only claim to fame is that she is skinny?! No wonder why she’s has 2 failed marriages. Go get a life!

Becky on

Wow, really people?! It’s HARMLESS fun. So, if her daughter tells her to put on her clothes because it’d be funny and she tells her daughter “By wearing your clothes, that will take away your ability to assume your own identity through clothes choices and it will emphasize that mommy’s cute body is the all important image…so no honey, I can’t put on your clothes” that would be better? No, it woulnd’t! That’s stupid! IT’S A JOKE. Like, funny, ha ha. Get it? Or do you guys not know how to goof off and play around with your kids?

Judy on

Just curious…who is taking the picture?

Danielle on

It’s a joke people. Hasn’t your kid ever asked you to put something on, and you thought it was funny enough to share? My 5 year old daughter put on her brother’s 12 mo old sweat pants and we all got a big laugh out of it. Perspective people. Who cares if you like her or not, she’s just having fun w/her kid!

Jerz on

REALLYYYYYY??? WHO’S IN CONTROL HERE? “When ur 4 year old peanut says ‘mommy please put my dress on’ & giggles uncontrollably, u do what ur told.

bettyboop on

I suspect she does have weight issues and is proud to show off her super slender shape. Fact of the matter is a majority of women have weight issues. I have been thin and I have been overweight. Always I was judged. I hope the day comes when women can except themselves, what ever their size.

Steacy on

I agree that you should totally have fun with your children and I think that the request was cute and I understand why it would be entertaining for them–
but why share that moment on social media? Why cannot you have that fun moment with your child and just keep it private? It’s no one’s place to judge her as I don’t necessarily think she was trying to send any sort of message- I believe it was in good fun. But with SO much focus on women’s bodies nowadays- she cannot be in shock that she’s receiving this sort of backlash.

sanibel on

If her daughter asked her to I can see why she did it. BUT….she did not have to share it with the world- that’s where she fails big time. So it goes from some cute interaction with her daughter to being an attention seeker- which let’s face it- that’s why she did it.

Kris on

So put the clothes on to bring a smile and laugh to your daughter’s face but what was the purpose of taking and posting the picture?

Sara on

Any woman that can fit into her 4 year old’s clothes needs help. Can you say anorexia or bulimia? Doesn’t look good at all.

AnnS on

I don’t get the reason she posted it online for everyone to see. The only reasons I can think are either negative in nature or naive at best.

joy on

Simmer down people, it’s really not that serious. Enjoy your time with your daughter Bethany.

trudy on

People put everything on the internet…nothing is private anymore. So what is the big deal??

CF on

After reading several of these responses, I can say that we are a nation of women that need therapy! On the grand scale of things, WHO CARES! Be nice to oneanother women…

Faith on

I know she was joking around. But seriously, eat a sandwich!

maryhelenc on

I’m on the fence. On the one hand, I’ve posted photos on IG of myself & my teenage daughter wearing the same top (in different colours) & hilarious “glam hairstyles” my younger daughters (4 & 7) have done in my hair because I thought it was cute. But if I fit in my four year old’s clothes, I’d be grabbing a donut. I don’t think she meant any harm. She probably wanted to share a cute mother/daughter moment. But I hope she evaluates her weight a little.

Sue d on

Yawn…..wasn’t her 15 minutes up years ago?

Me on

If a celebrity putting on her 4 yr old’s pjs gives you body issues than body issues aren’t your only problem.

ssj455 on

Are you happy that as a grown woman you have the body of a 4 year old? Eat a cheeseburger!!!!

SharonB on

Sick. From the title of her Brand to her big ego. Her poor child will have image problems all her life because of her emaciated mother. Feel sorry for the little girl.

Anonymous on

Oh please, I’m not buying what she’s selling. She didn’t put some ridiculously small baby doll dress with makeup. She did this to feel good about herself. Shallow much?

Really on

She looks 20 years older than she is. And I can’t STAND her, totally obnoxious and so into herself. Makes her uglier than she already is. Eat a burger already – YUCK

Kara on

Way to class it up, butter face. I feel so sorry for her little girl.

gmc3mom on

I can agree with her mentality of her kid asking and she wouldn’t dare not oblige. But, that doesn’t mean you take a photo of it and post it on the internet. Attention seeking, trying to stay in the limelight.

iantoad on

Calm down people, geez!

Amy on

She obviously has an eating disorder and should be in therapy.

DebLG on

Big deal – it’s not like it looks good on her anyway!

Tina on

I’m not sure what’s worse…that a 40-something year old woman feels the need to grab attention like this or the fact that outlets like People will give it to her.

Lynnette on

This broad is a train wreck! What you say is “your clothes are too small for mommy”, you put them on. It’s no wonder she’s divorced. That’s right BF, keep promoting women wearing toddler wear. She’s such an idiot and talk about clueless.

Stephanie on

She’s ridiculous and an embarrassment to women around the world. I wish the media would stop covering people like her!

KathyC on

People need to chill….she’s just kidding around.

Kait B on

Why does everything have to be posted online? She could have done this in a funny moment with her daughter. She allowed everyone’s comment by posting it online.

yell erin on

I’d much rather see a grown woman in kids clothes, than all these little girls that dress like women

Heather on

Wow judgmental much peeps? I thought this was funny especially since I recently put on my 7 yr old daughter’s two piece tank and swim skirt/shorts bc it had stretched out soooo much from all her time in the pool to where it fit me – I just did it to be funny! Lighten up!!

Julie on

Love all the haters! You have never done anything silly and posted it on social media. This is so innocent, and like everything else people must blow it up. I love also how everyone talks about body issues, I am in way her size at all, but since she is skinny its a bad thing and she should feel bad. Everyone needs to get over themselves and more on more important things in life.

kayylabee on

First of all, that isn’t a child’s t-shirt she’s wearing…it’s a night gown that happens to fit her like a t-shirt because, surprise surprise, it’s too small for her. That top is the only part of this outfit that even looks like it’s actually child-size…the shorts clearly don’t.
But big deal, I’m an average-sized woman and I could fit into a four or five year old kid’s nightgown top if I wanted. she isn’t being scandalous or trying to make women feel bad about themselves.

jm on

Seriously? It’s one thing to dress up for your daughter – but if you don’t want public response – don’t to post it on instagram! Come on – you know darn well you were showing off – look at me – look at how small I am. I can wear my four year old daughter’s pj’s. Bethenny – such an attention seeker.


I don’t understand the outrage. Is she not allowed to joke around? If women are supposed to be proud of their bodies, why can’t she be proud of hers? Can you only be proud when you’re not in shape? Are there rules to follow about having a healthy body image? I’ve noticed that when people have decided they don’t like a celebrity, there is nothing that celebrity can do right.

Heather on

Wow judgmental much, peeps??? I thought this was funny especially since I recently tried on my 7 yr old daughter’s swim tank and swim skirt/shorts After they had stretched out soooo much from all her time in the pool to where her once size 7/8 suit was almost my size. I did it to be funny – the funniest part was I toon a pic of myself and my children were like “what??” Lighten up!!!

Lynn on

Completely harmless. Lighten up, America! Sheese! Put your outrage where it should be like the illegal immigration fiasco and those poor children, the killing, abuse and neglect of babies or our outrageous taxes, not some women being silly with her child.

SP on

No-one’s paying any attention to her as she’s no longer on tv so, she’s succeeded in getting everyone’s attention, which was probably her plan from the get go. She’s an idiot.

caroline on

Love yourself embrace who you are as a person.
Poor rich girl life is really not about about that

Lauren on

Just because you can fit into something doesn’t mean you should wear it. AND just because your daughter asks you to “put her dress on” doesn’t mean you have to take a photo and post it to social media.

Meia on

If I was a 4 year old I would be terrified of that!

JQP on

Who is Bethenny Frankel?

LC on

I like Bethenny and I think she’s right in that you do what you’re told to help your child. However, she did not have to post it for millions to see. That’s where I disagree with her.

Liz on

Now we know you have a body of a 4 year old. I can’t imagine how she must look in person. Not attractive at all!

Marie Mullin on

Insecure woman, says I need attention, poor daughter .

ola on

I could personally do without her posting the pic. If she did it for her daughter cool, but to bring attention to herself is shameful.

MC on

She needs to stop playing around in her daughters p.j’s and start cleaning that house. That room is a mess…

RevLizz on

There is nothing wrong with what she did. Really? There are more serious issues. Wow.

Jill on

Why do people care? She was playing around.

m on

I really liked Bethanny and rooting for her well being. I too am a parent of a 4 year old that request that I dress up w/ her. The difference is that I don’t send a picture out to the world to see and I don’t do everything my child will ask of me. What message am I sending to my own daughter if her size 4 outfit also fits me. Either something is not ok with my body OR even worse, something is not ok with my 4 year old’s body! Not cool Bethanny. Even for this supporter of yours!!! Do the right thing, don’t defend your decision, instead take responsibility and educate!!!

Poodle on

Any attention is better than no attention when your a “has-been”.

Natalia on

This is a silly pic, yes. However, Bethenny looks adorable. If you are unhappy with your weight the good news is it can be changed much easier than you can change other life circumstances. People’s backlash can clearly be equated to jealousy . Beauty comes in more than one size, but let’s not demonize everyone in America who isn’t obese.

Michele on

We all have our issues to face. I hope she sees this opportunity to see one of hers. Peace.

Mable on

Simply a pathetic attempt at attention. She has been in this business long enough to know what would happen when she posted this. She got exactly what she wanted. Let’s move on.

Hetanos on

Anyone else notice the ugly wallpaper, drapes and carpeting? Not to mention all the stuff strewn all over the floor? No taste and messy!!!!

lisa on

Sad really. That she feels she has so much to prove.

Elle on

Sorry but there is something definitely wrong when a 40+ old woman fits into her 4 year old daughter’s clothes….give this woman food.

Melissa on

Whatever! I will never understand why people have to overreact to her just being silly! Get a grip on reality and stop being so angry over something so minuscule in the grand scheme of life. It’s just too short to stress like that!

Toni on

Congratulations, your an adult women who fits in a 4 year olds clothes!!!

Tina on

Not a fan of Frankel’s but I don’t really see the big deal. She can fit her 4 year olds’ clothes. So what. She’s tiny. I don’t think she’s advocating being able to wear a toddler’s clothes.

Jess on

And did your daughter tell you to blast it on social media? No? didn’t think so, egomaniac!!!

dancer92136 on

Harmless? A 42 year old woman should not be able to fit in a 4T…period. It isn’t something to be proud of. It is actually kind of sick. Anorexia is a problem for many, and glamorizing this is not going to help.

Robyn on

Oh my goodness, stop with the hate!! She is strong and fit.. Just being silly!

Heather A. on

Maybe, just maybe she was trying to be silly and have some fun with her daughter. She probably shared it with everyone to show that she has a fun side since everyone critiques every move she makes. I honestly like her and wish I had a little bit of her tell it like it is attitude. It’s better than letting people walk all over you and it seems to work well for her, look at her success. She’s living better than most of us

ellys on

Just leave her alone..its not a big thing you all overreacted…im not her fan but tats her body..everybody just need to mind own business and take care own body

Jen DC on

Oh, you’ve never put on a silly face or costume to please your kids? Have a whole row of seats.

As far as body image: Um, well, she has (had?) a company called “Skinny Girl.” Guess what?! SHE’S SKINNY! It’s what she’s always promoted. Don’t like it? Don’t look.

Deeda on

She was CLEARLY being comical. Maybe she should have kept this a private joke, but she is a public figure who sometimes does silly things and shares them with her followers. Why criticize when you elected to follow her every publicized move. Get a grip or simply unfollow her. Peace!

DeDe on

This is hilarious!
So Bethany is 5”7, 43 years old and I would guess weighs maybe around 115-120 lbs.
Average height and weight of a 4 yr girl is around 40 lbs and just over 3 ft tall.
We know Bethany has self/body image issues, struggles with anorexia/dieting (both well publicized)
I truly feel bad for her, that she felt the need to post a picture of herself wearing children’s clothing. I don’t care that her daughter suggested her to put on her clothes (really?) but I am pretty sure her daughter had not wanted her to post a pic for the public to see her wearing her pajamas) on Instagram.
Of course, this also supports her Skinny Girl mantra and company. It wasn’t like she called it Fit & healthy Girl but rather chose using the word ‘skinny’.
For those young girls, young ladies and women out there who idolize her, this pic was perfect and perhaps is also brought about some added revenue.

Kesha on

It’s not that serious people or so dramatic lol!!

Robyn on

Well, with the size of kids these days and the manufacturers catering to childhood obesity a 4T is actually a woman’s size 4.. I have normal sized children and it is ridiculous how big clothes are!

Kara on

She was obviously kidding…calm down everyone.

Dana on

I hope she doesn’t pass on her sick borderline anorexia obsession to her daughter.

Kat on

Disgusting woman. She posted the photo for the same reason everyone post on social media..she thought she looked cute. Blech!

Tracy on

Proving once again there are some things that money can’t buy. Like class, and intelligence.

Tamara on

Leave Bethenny alone! She’s just having a laugh with her child, thought it was funny and shared it with us! I find it hilarious. She’s had a lot going on in the past year. Let’s stop being so serious and critical and support her! Go Bethenny! 💕

K.B. on

I don’t think it’s sad she did it, but sad she posted it. With all her success and accomplishments — she’s a self-made millionaire, for cripes sake — it’s sad she still tries to impress people with the size of her body. If she really wants to impress and inspires us women, she should stand there and hold up her bank statement. You don’t see Donald Trump caring about how he looks or what he weighs… Bethenny needs to get into that mindset and be proud to show women and girls that success has nothing to do with how small your clothes are. It’s how big what you’ve been able to accomplish with your own blood, sweat, and brains is that matters!


What’s the big f–king deal here? Who cares? She’s trying to be funny with her daughter. I find her a little annoying @ times, but give her a break already. Everyone reads into everything she does to much, it’s light.

Amy on

This is what people are getting worked up over? Big deal! I fit into some 4 year old clothing…wearing it outside and posing for a funny pic are two different things. How about we care about things that actually matter…

susan on

No reason why that couldn’t have been a private mommy-daughter moment. Common sense.

PeeP on

I didn’t find anything wrong with it. I figured she was spending time having fun with her daughter. Not heading to Whole Foods.

j george on

Seriously, that’s nothing to be proud of. She’s so sickly thin that she can wear a 4 yr olds clothing?! She has No body. Who would want to bump that anyway. she’s not a real woman. She’s mental and sick in the head.

vanessa on

I like Bethenny, but this is nothing to be proud of. She looks sick and more gaunt than usual. Here’s hoping Brynn doesn’t inherit her obvious body issues.

Jen on

She seems a bit backwards – a cute post is showing your 4 year old trying on your shoes, or one of your dresses and asking “Are we ready to start sharing clothes yet?” Sporting your 4 year old’s pjs is not. Fine if it’s a funny moment between mom and daughter, but not really for public post.

say what on

WTH!!! people, people, people your life so boring that this pic really bother you????!!!! lol.. let’s fix economy, that’s the real issue!

Danielle on

Its one thing to do it for your child, but she didn’t have to post it for the world to see….who cares, keep it between you and your daughter!

Court in Carolina on

Why is this such a big deal. I don’t hate or like Bethanny, I’m just neutral about her, but I’ve been overweight most of my life and just see the humor in her picture.. She doesn’t have a eating disorder, she’s just got a tiny frame/build. I have at least 3 friends with small (under 5 yrs old) children who could do this also. Laugh and lay off of her…

DI on

Not being trying to be mean, but I”m not sure why an adult woman would want to be able to fit into her 4 year old’s pajamas for any reasons.

seastar on

Those 4 yr old sized jammies are probably BAGGY compared to the newly released JCrew 000-xxxs sizing! Bethany could still get clothes in that size with more appropriate cut/print for her age at JCrew. lol

Marianne on

I dont think people are upset because she obliged her daughter’s wish by putting it on, I think people are concerned that she can even fir into clothes meant for a 4 year old. How teeny must she be?

Jills on

You do what you are told and then post it on the internet for the world to see?? Yea ok… Mom of the Year Award goes to you!!! What a poor excuse of a mother!

Wendy on

Wow !I only have one word : ( pathetic

Jenny on

This reminds me of the People of Walmart pictures that circulate the internet every now and then.

mileysux on

Seriously, who cares? She is confident in her body. If you don’t like it, don’t look. If you like fatties, chase them. It’s all relative. Get over yourself and stop attacking her. She is not that interesting of a person but is this really any different than a girl who poses in a bikini? No. So stfu already.

Jean on

As a very tiny person myself, leave her alone. Not all of us can be fat!

mary on

Don’t like her but, please, people…..this is the dumbist thing to be upset over.

frances on

She should grow up and clean the room. Make herself busy instead of
thinking of stupid things to do.

magztoriches on

Yep, another vote for who the ef cares. She’s being silly.

And she might be an annoying public figure, but her own figure looks great. Women who work out, eat healthy, and have low BMI shouldn’t have to defend themselves for looking fit.

guest on

OMG. like she is the first person to ever do that. around here at Halloween its all the rage for grown up “kids” to cut the legs off little kid onesie costumes and wear them. Whats the dif? Its funny.

Mel on

Cant stand the joker either. Yuck

kate on

When ur giggly 4 year old tells you to wear their clothes, and you agree because you are ‘doing w hat you’re told”…..doesn’t mean you have to then post the pic on Instagram for the world to see…unless you really want them to see (which is where the criticism is coming from)

chris on

wah wah …look at me look at me – someone should feed her a cheese burger

J on

She and her camel toe are disgusting

phoenix on

Do you hear how angry and hateful you all sound? Jealous much? She’s just a funny lady being funny. It was obviously just a spur of the moment thing to be funny. It’s not like she had her hair and make up done and struck a pose. I was shocked to see the ugly backlash.

Good Tx Girl on

People need to lighten up…geezzzz

Guest on

I think her face looks terrible – too much plastic surgery??? Anyway, I’m envious of her physique. She looks fit, not emaciated. Personally, I don’t understand all of the fuss surrounding this photo.

T on

Shameless plugging of her size, we get it, she’s SMALL. And that applies to more than her physical size. Celebrities, get a REAL life and post some pictures of that. Get tired of constant self-promotion, wasn’t all the divorce news and show cancellation enough??

Stef on

Something is very wrong when she can wear her 4 year old daughter pajamas. Please eat

Poulette on

Calm down you people, she was just playing and being silly, so do parents with their children.She is not like Rachel Zoe, dressing her boy like a girl!!!!!!!

Lee on

She was joking around and having a little fun. I dont think this was meant for attention, to hurt her daughter or to open up a discussion on her size and body. Women critisizing other woman is the real issue here! For all of you sitting behind your computers or phones talking about her poor judgement and how shes adding to a regression on body image need to stop. She was a mom having fun with her kid. Shes a responsible woman who works hard and breaks the bank and it sounds like you are all jealous of something, be it her size, lifestyle, successes or money. Support other women. Dont bring them down.

Pamela on

A lot of ignorant people out there, this is what we normal people call a sense of humor. Why don’t you go to the store and try to buy one. who knows maybe they will be running a sale. One size fits most.

Eggo on

Calm down people, it’s not that serious. So what if she can wear her child’s NIGHTGOWN as a tee? A four year old’s clothes are not that tiny (it’s not like the kid’s 6 months old). It’s obviously a cute joke directed at her fans who (I hope) get her humor. IMHO she has great style and any daughter would love to share her wardrobe. Anyone who thinks this promotes anorexia or somehow sets women back has serious issues.

guest on

She’s a pig and I don’t care how thirsty I am..wouldn’t buy anything that has her name tied to it…must be taken lessons from Kim

breadsticks on

not a fan of this chick but seriously? what’s the big deal…it’s all in good fun.

Sara on

I can understand her justification that she was just trying to make her daughter laugh, but why have someone who is clearly at least as tall as her take a picture and then post it on social media? If you are playing with your daughter, just play with your daughter.

Katie on

I don’t think it is bad for her daughter or anything. I just think it is bizarre attention seeking behavior.

MEG on

Lady, you fitting in children’s clothes does not impress ANYONE! You look like your 50 years old with that haggard wrinkled old face!!

MoochieMom on

My 4 year old likes My Little Ponies and Frozen. None of these fit in my attire and the thought of wearing her clothes is gross.

Rose on

Oh my goodness, people. It’s silly but not a big deal. Don’t be jealous that she’s so tiny.

Mia on

No you don’t do what you are told, if any thing you go get matching pj’s for you and her that are no so childish looking or matching dresses. You don’t sit there and act like your 4 year old by putting on her clothes. Then again asking a woman like you to be an adult is like asking for world peace..Impossible. I guess you just fail in life all around.

Kristi on

This is hysterical! How on Earth is this sending a bad message?? She is, clearly, having fun with her daughter & thought it would make people laugh! Why do we always have to take something fun, silly, and/or goofy into such a traumatic experience? Talk about drama where drama isn’t needed. Goodness people, relax a bit. Enjoy life. You only live once.

ALM on

“U do what ur told”?
Who’s the parent, who’s the child? And who tweets like she’s some sort of tweeny-bop? Bryn doesn’t have a chance, with this screwed-up twit as a mother.

Me on

Is it just me or does her face look like she went to the same make-up artist as Jack Nicholaus in Batman?

Darlene Bilyeu on

Oh please!! So your chest size is that of a 4 year old, woo hoo. Any man at tracked to a woman who looks like a tall 4 year old, has so e issues.

ryan on

Yeah its harmless but the fact she took a pic and posted it is like she was using a funny harmless thing to disguise just wanting a reason to show off her body to everyone else. She is fit and looks great, we get it. But if you are desperate for everyone to notice, just post a damn selfie. Dont dress up in a four year olds clothes as a way to show off hard work at the gym without looking vain because it doesn’t work. You end up just looking like an idiot.

Jr on

Just because she told you to put it on didn’t mean we had to see it plastered on the internet. Why are all the aged 40+ women in Hollywood feeling this need to show off their bodies to anyone wanting to look? Can you all not keep anything private???? Are you that desperate to feel good about yourselves? Or are you a glutton for punishment since you know how much negativity you are going to receive from posting?

Cat on

No. This is disgusting. It’s an eating disorder waiting to happen. I really hope she’s teaching her daughter to love her body and be healthy. Not be as skinny as possible and skinny is everything. I know what it’s like to have that mom. I suffered with eating disorders and will always. Ugh. It’s seriously sick. Yes, I HOPE I’m overreacting.

Violet on

This is simply gross. Why would you want to fit in your four year old’s clothes? What a horrible example for her daughter. She obviously wants attention for this and evidently needs help

guest on

Its one thing to put your daughters clothes on when she keeps asking and asking you to. Thats OK in fun. It’s just between the two of you. Both its another thing when you take a picture of it and show the world. Really Bethnny??? What were you thinking. It’s sickening!

Crystal Jimmo on

I’m not one to usually comment on these things, but dear God people lighten up! She was having fun with her daughter and just wanted to share their funny moment. Geeze way to take it one step further ladies. And this is why I hang with the guys, women become attack dogs if they see something that “offends” them. Grow up. Good God.

Kristin on

She should spend more time cleaning her house….pick up your pillow and dirty clothes off the floor….slob!

tina on

Anybody that doesn’t see something wrong here needs help. A grown woman that fits into toddler clothing and thinks that’s a good thing needs help. Dysfunctional woman in every way. Hope she can somehow manage to raise her daughter with a more healthy body image.

How can that fit her like that. My 8yr old son is tall and skinny for his age. He looks like the incredible hulk when he wears his 4 yr old brother’s clothes. Like super tight. Smh….

rubyovertherainbow* on

This woman is disgusting and a poor excuse for a mother. Her priorities are so mixed up.

rothiam on

Someone please give that girl a cookie.

cyndithetrainer on

If she was an overweight woman, highlighting her cellulite for a laugh.. no body would complain. If she was a dude, no one would complain. But she happens to post something that was probably cracking the two of them up.. she posted it to her followers, assuming they might think it’s funny too. People need to lighten up. She was playing around. She’s a public figure. The only way to maintain some relevance as a public figure is to have a strong social networking voice..

CF on

She looks fit! Good for her. I would rather see this than Kim K’s butt or naked pics. The celebrities all post attention seeking pics. Get over it!

Jennifer on

People will look for anything they can find to bash someone else. Do you really not have anything else to be upset over than this woman playing with her daughter? So ridiculous.

Carmen on

Jason is so relieved he divorced her. Nothing but a “washed-up” borderline.

PhoenixMom3 on

I agree Vamanos!!! She is hated by all and that’s the only reason people are acting like a bunch of fools!!! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this picture, it was in good fun and people need to get over themselves! How does this picture destroy the last 50 years of women’s self image!? It’s straight up jealousy, nothing more…nothing less! People need to find a hobby, or seek therapy if this picture sets them off in any way!!!! Life has far worse atrocities happening every second…her wearing a 4 year olds pjs is not one of them!!!! Take the piece of pie out of your mouth and switch it for healthy snacks! Jealousy looks so ugly on women!!!!!

4Mom4Nana on

To do this and then to have it POSTED is sick. Her daughter should be taken away from her and placed in permanent legal custody with her father, where she has a chance at a normal life. If it were me or you social services would be all over us!!! This lady has a huge problem.

Kace316 on

Yes you do what your 4 year old asks, but you do not post it to the public! Unless of course you are seeking attention.

Big Kiddy on

She better put that four year old on a diet if mommy can wear her clothes.

Bri on

She’s wearing her 4 year old daughters PJ’s. . . What’s not to get?? Why would any adult even consider trying on their child’s clothes, period? Then to post for the world to view is beyond disturbing. What message is this sending to her child? Hope the child never struggles with body image issues because this will haunt her forever. Way to go BF!

Guest on

Come on! She puts on her 4 year olds pajamas and doesn’t expect a negative response?! Really? She put it on a public forum, expect public backlash. Especially with all the females (and some males) with body issues, as a “public” figure and especially as a mother to a daughter, she should be more responsible on what she posts. I have an 8 year old daughter and am proud that I don’t try to squeeze into her size 8 pajamas (I’m 5’7″ and weigh 120). Not to be too criticizing but, she kind of looks like a lollipop-big head and a stick body.

nicole on

she looks like a mess

sandy on

she looks foolish

Karen on

That is not pleasant to look at. At all. On so many levels.

Angela on

People seriously need to lighten up.

Prettypiper on

Oh, give me a break. She is absolutely adorable. Yes people, my daughter dress from eight years old , I can still wear. It’s fun, I’m glad she post. Why should she have to adapt or conform to anyone’s idea or image. I suggest anyone who has an issue, deal with their own insecurities.

La on

If you do this at the privacy of your home is to make your kid laugh. Once you post it to show to the world how you fit on a 4 year old girl pajamas is a whole different story, a sick story.

Shari on

I get that putting on her daughter’s clothes made her daughter giggle. BUT, other than seeking attention, there was just no reason to post a picture of it.

Sandra on

It is no wonder kids in society these days are “bullies” and there is such an emphasis on “bullying”. Half of you probably have kids an they are the way they are because of you. If you can’t be nice don’t leave a comment.

BL on


ella on

Nothing is wrong with this. Relax people..

Lauren on

There’s nothing wrong with this. She was obviously having a good laugh with her daughter. How is that bad?

Two cents on

*slow clap* Yes congrats dear for being so petite and skinny you can fit into toddler PJs. And so vain you actually had to post it on social media. Narcissism at its finest here, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks Andy Cohen for creating yet another attention-seeking monster. How desperate.

Franca on

So her daughter asked her to put her jammies on?? Why would you post this on the internet for all to see how ridiculously unhealthy you look. Wonder how funny your daughter will find this photo when she is older and is able to google? Think before you act…moron!!

Keri S. on

Leave Bethany alone! Who the heck would be upset with this??? So petty! Focus on the problems in our country not what some mom is wearing. Give me a break people!

Aubs on

Get a grip is right, nothing wrong with having some fun with your child.

Lizzy on

Anybody still wondering why Jason couldn’t take it anymore? Not me!


Relax, people, she’s just having fun. I do stuff like that all the time. I once put my kid’s onesie on the cat. It was awesome.

Tango on

That’s a lie. Kids do not ask their parents to wear their clothes. It’s the other way around. Sorry B, you’re a fake and a fraud and as insecure as they come.

Heather on

Oh My Gosh! Seriously people!!! She is being silly. Can’t anyone have fun with ANYTHING anymore without people loosing their dang minds about it. People really need to lighten up about things. People are just kill joys now a days, take every thing WAY TOO serious, laugh a little people…it is healthy for you.

Guest on

Posting a photo in a child’s clothes and posting on the internet is not for the child-it’s for attention. If for the child-it would have been kept in the privacy of the home. She is an attention seeking has been trying to tie a knot and hang on. Loser.

mickey on

the first time I have ever seen a parent try on their 4 yr old child’s clothes, and THEN post it for the world to see – not funny at all – but scary and weird -not so sure she is the best choice for custodial parent……

ryan on

I think the point everyone’s making is, if her daughter wanted her to put on her sweat pants and turtle neck would that have been posted online? I doubt it.

Stephanie on

I really don’t like her, and her talk show was horrible. However, wearing your children’s clothes shouldn’t be this big of an issue. She most likely paid for them herself, so what’s the problem?

Leah on

I can guarantee you the psychologist that evaluated her and her ex in their recent custody dispute would not consider this as “just having fun with her daughter”- she has serious issues if she sees nothing wrong with this- I don’t know or care about Bethenny but feel sorry for her kid-

sarah r on

everyone needs to take a chill pill… bethenny isn’t trying to seek attention. shes just having fun and wouldn’t wear this in a serious matter. parents will joke around and be silly with their kids! RELAX HATERS!

Victoria on


Really on

The childish clothing is indicitive of her maturity level. She should be embarrassed but she probabky isn’t.

SouthernBirdie on

She is one freak. Take a good look at that scary face and I’m sorry, but that is just ridiculous to even post in a 4-year-old’s clothes. Condolences to her daughter who will have to grow up competing with a narcissist mother.

Jackie on

I have more important things in my life to worry about.

Ann Dumont on

She was having fun with her daughter, no big deal people!

Aly on

Much ado about nothing! People need to find real things to be outraged about.

Guest on

This women is who? Why is she on here? Why do people care? She looks like a dumb ass.

JC on

Nasty. She appears unbathed and grungy. She looks like she smells. Ewwwww….

Annie on

Studies show that the more reality television a young girl watches, the more likely she is to find appearance important…so if anyone in their right mind looks up to this woman-God help them. She screams of an Eating Disorder.

maggie on

What you say is “mommy wears grown up clothes” and then give her a big smooch and hug. Is it THAT friggin difficult to be the parent?

Marie Mullin on

She looks old in pic bony legs.

Darcie on

Attention seeking much! Sad there are things we do for our child(ren) amusement. However have to agree with another poster…this was not for her child. Harmless it would appear if it were not coming from the mind of someone who has spent time in therapy to deal with issues such as low self-esteem and eating disorders. When you look at it from that Perspective it appears that needing the validation that she is thin enough as a grown woman to fit in clothing made for a 4 year old child is troubling and a strong indication that Bethany and her therapist still have a lot of work to do.

RandaE on

Pathetic thirst. WTG HAG! Great way to show how you promote anorexia. #thirstyTHOT

NoThing on

No big deal.

Nancy on

OK her kid asked her to do it. She had to post it why? Get a life, ya bag of bones

guest on

More the power to her if she can fit into then do it! I’d love to see her try and get out of them though!

rachel on

She looks like the Joker

Tay on

This is completely harmless. Has anyone else seen what is shown by other people on Instagram? Seriously? Calm down.

N.H on

Any 43 year old woman who puts on her 5 year old daughters
clothes and has herself photographed , (by whom ????) and then
sends it out for publication , and probably cash, is possibly borderline
pedophile, along with the photog., but without a doubt, over the top
Emotionally unstable, and a very poor parent and possibly a danger to her child. I wonder if she thought of the Family Court System when she had this brilliant idea ? Hope Jason did.

lynn on

Botox much?

Bennyhanna on

I think what people are rally saying, Bethenny, isn’t “worlds scandal” but rather “GO AWAY FAME SEEKING HAG,” just to be of help

amy on

The Joker’s anorexic sister.

ladybits on

This woman is so unnattractive in so many ways. Are her 15 minutes over yet?!?!?!?!?

mary on

This child should wear her own clothes. woman should wear her own clothes. Grow up and get your own clothes.

mary on

Please wear your own clothes.

guest on

I agree with previously comments, I do silly things with my kids all the time… for their benefit.. to make them laugh or have fun. Posting it for the world to see would make it about me and not about our mommy-child fun time. Some things, if as innocent as she says, are meant to stay in the private home.

Lena on

Americans, stop overreacting about everything.

charlotte on

In my opinion, she was just trying to show off, by demonstrating that she’s skinny enough to wear her 4 yr old daughter’s clothes. Kinda sad that she needs or wants the attention of strangers to feel good about herself.

Galen on

Harmless doing it in fun, at home, with your kid. Weird taking a picture of it and then posting it to your instagram. Mommy daughter stuff should stay between the two of you. That is what makes it special

Elle on

Omg, people are way too sensitive now days. She did not pose sexy in the child pajamas, she just took a simple pose pic. Good grief! Too many things in this world to complain about than her playing dress up with her child. Btw, I miss seeing her on t.v. Beth was one in few who actually tried to help women and encourage them in being entrepreneurs.

guest on

Hate the new trend where its ok to totally bash skinny or fit women for not being “real”….this seems like another episode….everyone is real and she was just being real silly….lighten up everyone! AND this neither says nor does anything to the women’s movement, they are screwing that one up all on their own.

Joanna on

Seriously with everything else more pressing going on in the world this is what bothers people. Get A Life!! harmless

Uh-hUh on

The woman is playing with her daughter…being silly as moms do…at least she is not snorting or smoking or drinking or ho’ing or collecting welfare…GOOD FOR HER!!! Ms. Frankel, enjoy your time with your child, as it passes way too fast.

stef on

Harmless! Her hairs not even brushed and she looks a mess! It’s a JOKE! Nothing to get huffy over. I don’t fit in my kids clothes and I don’t feel defensive over this at all!

Ramona Kerr on

I agree with another poster. If she did it it make her daughter happy why post about it with a picture? Is she trying to say she’s proud she fits into a 4-year-old’s clothes?

Me on

“When ur 4 year old peanut says ‘mommy please put my dress on’ & giggles uncontrollably, u do what ur told,” Frankel added in response to a fan

Frankel if your 4 year old peanut tells you to jump off a building please do as you’re told. That woman is a moron!

Patricia on

Sounds like the outrage is from jealous women who can only dream to be her size. Is this really a topic of conversation? Oy. Get a life, folks.

suzy diamond on

W-A-C-K J-O-B….Period!

Lexi on

Ummm idk about anyone else, but my four year old NEVER asks me to put on her clothes…. She’ll try mine on, but it’s just regular tshirts or socks or something. But I’d never even think about trying her stuff on…

Abby on

Washed up, ugly, and desperate for people to give her attention again.

Pattio on

It is so harmless any crude suggestions are ridiculous. It’s mom & daughter playing “dress-up”. Having fun together. Remember being a child and playing “dress-up” as a child? It shows Bethenny being a mom and playing with her daughter. What is wrong with you hater’s, she is doing the best she can after all she has been through with Hoppy man-now that was obscene.

Patti on

It’s a picture of a mom playing dress-up with her daughter. Remember being a kid and playing dress-up and having fun. At least Bethanney takes the time to play & laugh with her little girl. At least she can now have mom & daughter time without that Hoppy man. He’s a freak.

Patti on

This is not my first post on Style News.

eve on

what an ego. who thinks to do that?? ugh.

guestypie on

She’s just gross. If she’s taking orders from her toddler, its apparent who’s the boss in that family. I pray that her daughter does not spend the rest of her life in rehab or taking care of a child she had at 12.

sara on

I don’t see anything wrong with her action. It’s a free country, to express the way you want. She happens to eat well and exercise to look that great in the PJs, don’t hate!!! Everyone is capable if looking fit, get off the couch, media and do something about it!!!!

k on

This is why many of us that are thin don’t have many girlfriends. The jealousy and cattiness are unbelievable. She worked hard and made a hugely popular business based on her being skinny. You cant very well expect her to get fat and then go thru the wrath of that? She is damned if she does or doesn’t. Some of us are genetically thin and are sick of the hate. Are you this bitter when women are heavier? Maybe your self esteem is the problem, not SkinnyGirl.

Mo-Jo on

This chick is just sooooooo ugly. She’s almost scary to look at. Just sayin’

andreatownsleyphotography on

“You do what you’re told”?? This is what is wrong with parents today. Who is the parent and who is the child? It was bad when I was growing up with parents being their kids’ friends, but now it seems the children are in charge.

Ronnie on

This human skeleton is sick…this is her thinspiration and she knows it…she is a raging anoretic and TRUST ME she is very proud that she can fit a 4T as in toddler…
#didtheSkinnyGirlbrand give it away (sideeye).

Luwana sabean on

No big deal. I read once Pamela Anderson shopped in the kids section for shorts once. So what.

#teamskinnygirl on

I love you Bethenny and people are going to overreact and gossip about whatever they can because it’s easier to point the finger elsewhere. This is absolutely harmless. My 3 yr old asks me all the time to put her clothes on and trust me if I could fit I would gladly do it to see her smile. All that matters is you and your precious baby so to heck with the haters :) #teamskinnygirl!!!

Leanne on

I can not believe all the press this getting. Who cares? So Bethanny is skinny…. oh no… I’m on the heavier side and this did not bother me one bit… people need to get a life!

Guest on

She may have been placating her 4 year old by putting on the pajamas, but did her 4 year old take the photo and post it to Instagram? No, this is a 40+ pathetic attention seeking woman who’s identity and self worth is firmly attached to being the Skinny Girl. With this a role model her daughter will be a shoe in for a preteen eating disorder.

Terri on

Trying on her daughter’s pjs at the daughter’s request is one thing. Taking a picture and posting it on social media is narcissistic…

MommaMia on

Just because you can fit in your 4 year olds clothes, doesn’t mean you should put them on. >_<

Maria on

If she was doing this to joke with her daughter then it should have been between her and her daughter. She did not have to post it for the world to see. When you put your business out there you leave the door open to criticism.

Jennifer on

While I wouldn’t do this myself, I’m not quite seeing what the issue is. she posted a shot of herself in her daughter’s pjs. If anything she owes her daughter a new pair for stretching them out lol! I’m not seeing how it’s degrading to women, saying anything about how we look, our size or anything. It’s a mom putting on her daughter’s clothes. What’s the problem again? I commend her for having fun and willing to post it for us all to see, shows even she’ll do childish things to please her daughter. Good for you Bethanny!

Holly on

I think it’s funny. Everyone up in arms- how does this affect you?

sky on

I’m pretty sure it was an excuse to show off her body and get attention. She kind of looks like the Joker. Sorry

Lala on

I do not get the outrage over this. 1. She states the top is a nightgown. So it’s obviously it will be larger and longer than a shirt — but still way too short for her, as you can see in the pic. 2. Look how stretched those shorts are! You can’t even tell the print on them, they’re so stretched out. So no, she is not the size of a 4 year old. She just doesn’t have a lot, if any, fat on her hips, so there’s no muffin top from the tight shorts. I’m not a fan of hers either, but I do not get all the negative comments over this.

frann on

…..well …she is cute !
If mommy can fit in to that….mommy got no butt !

frann on

funny ….frankel…..skinny ass white woman !

Jasmin on

It’s HARMLESS, just like as if a daughter plays in her mommys high heels and make up… Playing dress up, is simply that, “playing dress up.” You do whatever it takes to put a smile on your kids face. People find anything and everything to criticize. What next the pillow on the floor?? Come on people, get ahold of yourself and live and love your own life. Life’s too short.

guest on

people, get a grip….yes, she’s a nut, but what is she hurting? Most of you commenting on here would probably give up your eye teeth to be able to get that over your head and one arm into it, and you know it!!!!

gridsleep on

If you base your life on photographs of someone you don’t even know personally, you’re the one with the problem. If you use them as an excuse or a target of blame for your own lack of control over your own life, you are the problem, not the photographs. People have this ever increasing tendency to blame others for ever problem they have, rather than rolling up their sleeves and working out a solution for themselves. Some people need to have some sense slapped into them.

darksock on

Some people want attention. Some people want to screech anonymously online; a Pavlovian reaction to seeing a “comments” section under any story. So this is a win-win for the skinny attention sponge and the bored histrionic (and let’s face it, probably over-weight) hens raking her down. And Ivanna wins the thread…”looks like The Joker”…I’m still giggling like a school girl.

sam on

Wow this is hillarious .. all of these angry women are blowing my mind! People are really mad? Really?? Ask yourself why you are really upset.

Nicole on

Its amazing how quickly people react. She is probably joking around. It is crazy…but clearly she was just have some fun. I’m sure her daughter found it hilarious…they can play dress up together.

Steve on

Putting the PJs on when asked by your child – awesome.
Being able to fit – frightening.
Posting the photo on Instagram – self-absorbed.
Those struggling with body issues – all body types are okay, don’t judge.

Mr. Tracy on

I would hit it! I think she is sexy

troyison on

Skinny butterface makes fatties mad, news at 11:00.

chris on

Great! Seems like you act 4 too! I think she is a child!

Jill on

who cares. she played dress up with her daughter!! what a crime! if this was someone widely liked everyone would be saying how sweet and funny it is.

David Cato on

If a guy did the same I wonder what the reaction would be by the same women who say get over it

David Cato on

What would the same women say if a guy did the same thing as her? would they say get over it

jaybone on

She looks like The Joker, or some other emaciated Batman villain.

Kimberley benvie on

I dont see the big deal. As for the comment about other peoples body image….thats their own personal problem. Bethany is naturally slim and probably works to stay that way. Why should she or anyone else hide their own body to make someone else feel better. It’s the excessive unrealistic photo shopping that destroys body image expectations. If you dont like her turn your head.

Shairce4 on

I think she looks hott! And keeping her figure! Can’t be always uptight all the time.

Logan on

The people complaining and elevating this story above the lowest-tier of news it belongs in are the ones to blame.

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