J.Crew's New Size Triple-Zero Jeans: Necessary or Insanity?

07/10/2014 at 04:53 PM ET

J. Crew Fashion WeekBrian Ach/Getty

How skinny are your jeans? J.Crew customers are asking that very same question now that the retailer has introduced a size smaller than 0.

The just-launched size 000 fits women with a 23-in. waist, according to the company’s size chart. It’s the equivalent of an extra extra extra small.

Shoppers took to Twitter to make fun of the gimmick. “J.Crew knows that size 000 already exists as toddler 4T, right?” wrote Twitter user @sassycurmudgeon. And from user @juliesnark: “J.Crew now offers size 000 pants for Americans who want a new cool headband.”

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Others criticized the company for vanity sizing, the controversial (and pervasive) practice of assigning smaller sizes to clothes to essentially flatter someone into making a purchase. The idea is that if you actually wear a size 12, you’re more likely to buy a dress if it’s a size 8 because it makes you feel good about yourself. “J.Crew’s vanity sizing has reached a whole new level of crazy,” said a post on the fashion blog Racked. “What’s next, negative numbers?”

But J. Crew denies that it’s trying to boost egos — rather, it’s looking to boost sales in its new stores in Asia. According to a company spokeswoman, the new size was introduced in May when J. Crew launched two stores in Hong Kong, and the 000 is only available there as well as on the website (where they also carry up to a size 20 and extended sizes in shoes and swim).

What do you think of this latest development? Thoughts on vanity sizing in general?

–Stephanie Pfeffer

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guest on

skinny people need clothes too

guest on

i think this is totally necessary. i’m a petite woman and i personally can never find jeans to fit me. i end up paying twice the price in order to have them altered! no one has an issue with a size XXXL, infact they’d probably be criticized for not offering it… an XXXS is no different.

Sarah on

Dear Fashion Industry,
Please make sizing standardized so a size 8 always means the same thing. Please also abolish XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, etc.. Sizing should be a number. Numbers don’t judge you.

Katie on

I work at Jcrew and I want to explain that our sizes run big. If you’re normally a 2, you’re a 0 at jcrew, normally a 6, you should probably buy a 4. That being said, you can see how a 000 is necessary for some customers, especially to help bridge young ladies who dressed in crewcuts to womens. It’s not meant to encourage a waif like figure or eating disorders, but to help fit a wide range of customers. There are many petite women in the world. Jcrew runs up to a size 16 so it’s not like Abercrombie and Fitch where they’re excluding larger women. This merely opens up our clothing to more people but the media is sensationalist and puts this body conscious spin on it.

Jenn on

When my daughter was 9, she was too skinny and too tall for kids size 12-16 clothes. We found size 00 were too big in the waist unless they were ultra skinny jeans, but the length was finally right. The 000 size would have been helpful. Now 12 yrs, she is in a size 4 and isn’t worries about being “too fat” to fit in a 000 or even a 0. She’s just grateful that we can find clothes that fit her. I’m betting that the people wearing those 000 are going to be other tall, thin kids and not adults.

Evlisd56 on

No because they use vanity sizing. I wear a size or two smaller there as compared to my other clothes.

Lexi on

That’s just crazy. If you are at a point where you wear a 000 than that’s a sign that you need help. I feel like J. Crew is just adding another unrealistic goal for women to reach. Now people are going to try to get to size 000.

Lee on

Our society encourages being happy at any shape (to help heavier woman feel comfortable with their bodies). We even have been taught to say “curvy” instead of heavy now. Im a 27 year old woman whos genetically tinier. I have faced criticism and harrassment for my naturally smaller frame my entire life. People need to get a clue as well as some compassion and not just assume that if your body is a certain size, that its intentional. The same way a woman shouldnt be made to feel ashamed of her size 20 that J Crew offers, is the same way that a woman shouldnt feel shame or face controversy over her smaller size. The comments includes in this article from social networking sites on show how ignorant people are. Comparing a waist size to a 4T is just as offensive as using the “N” word. We cant control genetics.

Kiskacb on

The triple zero makes no sense to me. Sizing graduates to positive whole numbers (except shoes) as we grow in size. Why not negative numbers in the other direction? Why not -1, -2, etc. as opposed to triple zero? I could care less what size your waist is. I’m just baffled by the sizing thing.

DI on

There are people out there who have rapid metabolisms and are just naturally skinny, no matter how much we eat; however, I would think a 000 is an exception. A size 0 maybe, but I can’t imagine how tiny a 000 would be.

Amanda on

I’m 30 and very small…not even 5’2″ and have the hardest time finding clothes that fit. Petite clothes never work because they shirts are shorter and the pants aren’t long enough to wear with heels. A range of sizes is necessary. This is probably the most ridiculous story ever. Why does this have to be a vanity issue???

Samantha on

Thank God that J. Crew introduced size 000. I finally can wear J. Crew. As a petite woman, it is impossible to find clothes and J. Crew runs large. To those who say this is vanity sizing and setting impossible goals for all women, this is not about you. This is about widening the spectrum of sizing and yes, size 000 needs to exist b/c there are people out there, like me, who are actually this size.

Guest22 on

If the fashion industry would standardize their sizes, this likely would not be needed. It drives me crazy that I have two dresses made very similarly, yet one is a size 8, but the other is a 12…all because they are two different name brands. I can honestly say, I don’t think that I have ever met someone who would be classified as a XXXS. I have seen some very sickly looking people who might fit into that category, but not an healthy people.

Calla on

If companies can make ridiculously large sizes without being questioned, 000 should be allowed. Skinny shaming is as awful as fat shaming

Guest on

In all fairness, I have found that J Crew runs rather large. Their 000 is probably just a 0 at another store.

guest on

I hate these sizes. My measurements are 32 a, 23, 33, so yes, this size will fit me. However, I am not a zero, nor a triple zero. Zero isn’t a size, zero is nothing. Can’t they make small sizes and large sizes that fit people, without demeaning anyone? For larger people, 000 is going to make them feel even larger. For small people, it just seems ridiculous. I have thrift shop clothes from the sixties and seventies, and a size 2 or a size 4 fits me comfortably. I try on a size 2 or a size 4 now and they fall off. Come on, fashion industry. Stop trying to go with the ‘lots of zeroes’ thing and make normal numbers turn into sizes that fit.

Sue Beauchamp on

INSANE ……. INSANE ……… INSANE ……….. INSANE !!!!!!!!

Jen on

Lexi and Guest22,
It’s completed possible for a healthy woman to wear a size 000, and Lexi, your comments are disparaging. Now I definitely agree that J.Crew has changed their sizing and their fit in recent year, but I also know that in other brands, an 00P is what I wear and sometimes, depending on how the brand runs, that is too big, so I imagine that a 000 might fit me. I’ve had two very healthy easy pregnanices, had no problem making plenty of milk for my babies, and I am active with a clean, but varied diet. I’m tiny AND healthy. And it’s just the way I am.

Ayisha From Brooklyn on

It’s necessary!!! You have to cater to all sizes. The plus size women such as myself scream for equality and a lot clothing stores are carrying a bigger size…so why can’t extremely skinny women get a Size that caters to them? What’s fair is fair

Guest on

I really feel like this is a vanity sizing issue. I have a friend that is verrrrry thin, and I’m about average – I am in 2’s and 4’s, and I can’t imagine having to shop if I were her (since I’m probably more like a 6). I think this is necessary – because sizing has changed, not to accommodate people getting smaller.

Guess 2 on

Who in the world would fit in these jeans other than a “Teen age Crowd!” If they are comming out with this size how about upsizing to 2X,3X and 4X. Thes new size must becoming in from China,India and Honduras.

maryhelenc on

It’s necessary. My 13yo daughter is too tall for kids clothes but too thin for a 00. She’s always cinching stuff up with belts.

Of course, when I was a teenager, I had a 23 inch waist & wore a size 3. When did clothing sizes change so much?

lilly on

HA.. made for pre teens apparently!!

Alexia on

Ridiculous! Let the bulimia and anorexia begin.

Join the conversation on

There are people in this world who are naturally that thin.
In Asia a lot of women are that skinny. It’s not their fault. What are they going to do? wear tents?!?
It looks like their responding to a demand in a specific market

Pepper on

In in 1980’s my 5’2″ 100lb mother bought a pair of Jordache jeans size 10. Took her shopping last month and she is now a size 0. Amazing how she shrunk to a zero and is still 5’2″ 100lbs


#1 – J Crew sizes run HUGE. I’m an XS, or a 0 everywhere else, but the 0 at J Crew is always way too big for me and I end up having to pay a ton to have the thing altered. It is SO hard to find clothing that is actually a true 0 or XS and it’s really a bummer. People who wear XL or larger have a hard time finding clothing that fits and it’s the same for those of us who wear XS or smaller, especially in pants! I’m glad that J Crew is finally offering this size and I hope that other retailers whose sizes run large (Banana Republic, I’m talking to you!!) will follow suit. Thank you J Crew!!

Zoe on

Why the fuss? Banana Republic has been doing this for a long time! It’s nothing new!

melissa on

thank you J Crew…for adding to the problem. A*sholes.

Guest on

I’m a petite woman and i can never find pants that fit me right. I like this idea of offering a smaller size. Thank you!

Kay on

Id like to chime in an say thanks to JCrew! Im a small gal who is almost 30 and shopping sucks! I dont want to dress like a teen and its frustrating when I go to some stores and the 0’s fit like a sack. I personally cannot fit into 000 but its nice that stores are offering clothes both small and large! People are shaped a million ways!

Bethany on

I think some need a reminder that people come in all shapes and sizes and there are bigger things to worry about than J Crew’s sizing. If the store is making their clothes in that size it means there’s a market for it. I doubt they would produce the clothes in that size if they thought they would lose money. It is not anyone’s place to criticize someone who would fit that size.

Mrs. Cohutt on

People are not necessarily getting smaller. I haven’t changed sizes at all. I wore a size 4 25 years ago…….now I find that J Crew 00’s are a little big on me. I repeat: I HAVE NOT GOTTEN SMALLER. This vanity sizing is ridiculous. I’m afraid to order anything online anymore. Men’s sizes don’t do this, and it bothers me that marketers think women are so stupid that they will fall for this “vanity sizing”. Also, please be aware that there are healthy women out there who have very small frames and wear small sizes. We need clothes, too.

GDub57 on

JCrew does not offer up to size 20. A quick glance at their website shows that the store consider 16 to be a “special size.” XXL is offered on some styles, but not many.

But I think it’s ridiculous to get upset at JCrew for offering 000. Who cares if a retailers offers a size who can’t wear? I’m sure if it that was your size, you’d appreciate it. People get cranky about the silliest things.

sugar on

It’s just silly sizing to make you think you’re smaller than you really are; therefore more sales. I wear a 2 – 4 in most stores, and I wear a 0 in JCrew.

jen on

Sizing in woman’s clothing is so all-over the place – I have worn a size 4 and yes even a 000 from White House Black Market and they both fit me. I weigh 120 lbs and am 5’2″. There needs to be consistency in sizing – it varies incredibily from store to store !!

Erin on

I used to love J. Crew (from the mid 90’s). I wish they had the same classic clothes like they used to. I really do not like how the brand has changed.

JAK on

000 is not a size! I understand that some people are naturally small, but I have meant many petite people over the years, and not once have I heard one complain about the need for something smaller than a 00. Half the time they’re excited that they can save money by shopping in the kids section. And to the person who said J.Crew sizes run big, that’s definitely not true! I’m a 4 at J.Crew, and at Gap and Loft and pretty much everywhere else I shop…there are some places where I can wear a 2, but J.Crew is definitely not one of them. Also for those who say this is a size meant for kids…J.Crew is an adult store, they should not be catering their adult sizing to kids-that’s what Crewcuts is for!
To the person who said, “Comparing a waist size to a 4T is just as offensive as using the “N” word.” NOT EVEN CLOSE.

whatever on

if there are people with a 23″ waist then absolutely…if we’re supposed to make XXXXXXXL and size 45, why shouldn’t we have sizes 00 or 000? My waist is 25″ but my hips are 38, we all have issues finding something that fits the right way

Water Faery on

One can NOT be a negative number for a size. And zero means nothing. Sizes need to start at 1 and go up. “vanity” sizing is simply vanity in action. Be a person, NOT a size!!

Trang Nguyen on

I’m 28 years old. I’m 4’11” tall (or short :) depending on you) and I weigh 87 pounds. And no I’m not anorexic (or have ever been and will never be). I have to buy my clothes in the kid’s section or pay outrageous amounts of money to have them tailored. I have to shrink my petite articles of clothing from Gap. I don’t fit the the petite sizes at Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, etc. I want adult clothes in XXXS sizes because I’m an adult and I’m a working professional. I DON’T WANT TO DRESS LIKE A LITTLE KID!!!!!! Please don’t hate what you don’t know.

Sarahjane on

For those saying the size is for pre-teens, maybe that’s a GOOD thing. When I was young I had a terrible time finding anything that fit. I was tall and very, very thin. I’d have loved a store to come up with a size that worked for me! Personally, I’d rather see preteens in JCrew clothes than the skimpy outfits you can get from other big name, expensive retailers (like A&F kids making teeny string bikinis and thongs for 8 year olds.) Clothes from JCrew provide more, um, coverage, than what most retailers are marketing to young people these days.

bitsy on

@ Sarah – right on girl!

TB on

@Katie…..you are not the only one to say JCrew runs big… it’s simply not true. I am a size 16 on the bottom with very muscular (large) upper legs and I can barely shimmy into JCrew pants. Brands need to stop mis informing consumers. More brands should make different styles so that different body types could be accomodated. I have to search high and low for pants that fit w/o gaping at the waist or hitting all the way up at my rib cage (aka mom jeans) @guest- welcome to the club, you are not the only one that pays to have your pants or clothes altered, and people would totally shame a XXXL for the opposite reason they are shaming the 000

MamaBear13 on

If you need to wear size 000…you should probably spend that money on a few cheeseburgers instead…just sayin’

jlo27916 on

TOTALLY necessary! I grew up very skinny (metabolism- I could eat like a pig and not gain anything) and still am (although no size 0 anymore). I think it’s sad that we have stores for larger women but if one opened for skinny girls, it would get so much backlash. I had a heck of a time finding clothes! It’s not fair to us either. Plus J Crew runs big…

K.B. on

Unless it is for the children’s dept., it’s insane. Sarah Jessica Parker, who is as skinny as a rail, is a size 00. If you are skinnier than that, and you’re an adult, IMO, there is a problem.


All people are different sizes, but come on…a size 000??!! Isn’t that setting the standards for wafes a bit…especially young girls who think they needs to starve to be skinny! In regards to the sizing industry, the sizes are so out of wack with true sizing it’s rediculous! therefore, setting the stage for all this body image bashing….etc…etc..the industry is mostly to blame, and ignorant people.

Lee on

JAK… I am tiny and African American woman. You can’t tell me it’s “not even close” when I have experienced both prejudices personally and have been made to feel as though I should be shameful for. Just because you may not have the brain power and tolerance to understand my viewpoint, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Educate yourself or keep your mouth shut if you don’t know the facts.

mlen on

the vanity sizing at jcrew is out of control. this from someone who wears a 0 and 00 there… and there are plenty of people tinier than me in this world. they wouldn’t have to do this if they stuck to normal sizing. then tiny people could fit a 0, just like they can most other places.

molly on

Aeropostale has been doing this for a long time…000 is a good thing…

molly on

Aeropostale has had 00 and 000 for a long time. Nothing new. Thankful for the smaller sizes!!

Lexie on

I think this is only going to lead to more anorexia, and unhealthy eating habits and bigger egos. Stupid, stupid stupid.

l clark on

I think that a 000 size would be to small for my skinny 5 year old granddaughter..how stupid!

L. Ramirez on

It seems that everyone turns their heads when bigger women size jeans are needed but if petite jean size comes out everyone gets judgemental. Does anyone else see the problem in that? Is it fair to even see a problem in either case? Let’s leave to the hypocritical citizens of America to decide.

Annie on

As the mom of a thin, petite young teen who is still growing, it’s next to impossible to find clothing to fit this age/size. Girls sizes only get wider, not longer so they don’t meet the dress code for her school. Plus, no teen wants to dress like a six year old. Women’s clothes swamp her and I frequently have to pay for expensive alterations. I’m thankful that J Crew is making clothes that will fit my daughter until she can wear their regular size clothing.

Kate on

I can understand this. I’m by no means a tiny person, but I’ve worked with a lot of people who are naturally very, very thin and have said before they have a hard time finding clothes that fit.

Jeffrey Arthur on

My wife is 4’10” tall under 90lbs and is never able to find American jeans to fit. I say Hooray for the newer smaller jeans.

sagi on

Why would it matter. If it’s not your size why are people complaining. If the wanted to make a size 1000 who cares. As long as people can buy what the want and need that’s all that matters. I wish more stores sold womens pants with 33 inches long. Tall women need clothes too.. And so do skinny girls….

Tina on

Yes us skinny people do need clothes also! Not all skinny people have eating disorders!!! Some of try to gain weight but cant! They make plenty of clothes for obese or large people! Thanks for thinking of us little women!!

Al Schrader on

I thought it was fat, fatter, and fatest. XL XXL and XXXL

liarlairpantsonfire on

if clothes were sold by inches we wouldn’t have this. a 23 waist/33 length is easy. my teen girl are really thin. buying them clothes is challenging because of the differences in sizes. we have discussed that everyone has a time as a size zero, and then as you develop and your body matures, you don’t. people make the rudest comments about my girls. things like, “why is she SO thin?” if there were n eating disorder, would shaming be helpful? maybe we could stop talking about what size women are. especially tired of seeing how quickly moms lose their baby weight. much more interested in hearing that mom is healthy and baby is doing well.

Beth on

For those commenting “well, J. Crew runs large.” The WHOLE POINT of the article is that the 000 is necessary due to the fact that J. Crew utilizes VANITY SIZING to an insane degree. If they did away with these tactics, they wouldn’t need a 000. We should shy away from just saying “oh well, they run large” and instead demand that J. Crew, along with other popular retailers, use standardized sizing. And we’re just talking sizing here…don’t get me started on J. Crew’s poor quality as of late.

Kerry on

Some of us people are small on the natural side and I am glad to see that they have realized that there are still small women that need clothes that fit us too!!! Not just all these plus size clothes..If you are a very small framed woman it is very difficult to find clothing that fits!! Thank you for the Triple 0 pants


I am Vietnamese woman 48. I am 5 ft. tall, 95 pounds, very petite. Vey few things, American fit me. Right now I buy Double 00 regular short jeans, but perhaps 000 might fit better. I have about 30 to 40 pair at home. I love them. It is very hard to find clothes to fit me in American clothing stores. Many of my Vietnamese woman friends think the same way. We all go back to Vietnam to purchase clothing when we can afford to, to buy clothing that fits, because American sizes are too large and smaller sizes are just not offered here. I shop a lot at Macy’s, Ross, Bebe, Limited, Guess, 21 Forever and many other outlets.

Bill on

Just a sales gimmick no different than the companies who sell only premium coffee or whatever. No one sells just coffee or soda or water its got to be premium or something else to make it sound like your getting something more than what you are paying for. The stupid public falls for it too.

We do exist! on

Lilly, Alexia, and others,
The 000 size is not for preteens or for people with anorexia and bulimia. Some of use REALLY need a much, much smaller size and it has nothing to do with age or eating disorders. I have purchased Ann Taylor’s 00P since I graduated from college and I have always had to alter the waist and shorten the pants. For the record, I am 46 years old and very healthy. It just so happens that I am 5’1″ and weigh 94 pounds. My weight has nothing to with dieting; some of us are really that small. Yes, I have shopped in the girls’ department many times for causal, fun clothing. However, I need age appropriate clothing that fits! Could you imagine conducting a business presentation wearing something with butterflies, glitter, or all pink? THANK YOU JCrew!!

lamolitercs on

Sizes at all stores seem to be running bigger and bigger. I’m petite, but by no means skinny, and I often need to buy a 00 and still the thighs are too roomy and belts are needed on most of my pants since there’s also so much stretch in everything. I don’t really care what number they put on things, but they need to make sizes for all people, bigger and smaller AND shorter as well as taller.

Stefani on

At another retailer I buy jeans and shorts for my daughter in size 000. This is totally necessary. My 12 year old daughter, going on 13, doesn’t want to wear baby clothes and wants to be trendy. I have a very hard time finding clothing in her size where the waist is small enough and the length just right so she’s not in flood. I support!

Jane Doe size 000 on

People need to quit complaining about extra small sizes and acting like a bunch of hypocritical spoiled Americans. This is just as bad as complaining about Barbie being to skinny. If you can’t fit the size, then buy a size that fits. What? Are you going to gripe about XXXL next? I bet you won’t because then it would be discrimination against larger people. Stop criticizing smaller people and making snide remarks against them because its still discrmination. Get a job or 2 to occupy some of that free time, and stop acting like whiney babies and spoiled brats.

em on

If they really are a 23 inch waist, thats a little girls size 7. That is crazy.

Kim on

Nothing in J. Crew fits me anymore…I’m a true “0” – size 24 waist and weigh about 95 lbs…For the last 5 – 6 years, the XS is huge on me and I stopped shopping there….Now, I’ll try again if they actually have something that fits me…And before anyone says, that I’m starving myself to death, I eat like a trucker…I’ve just never gained weight…Which is a good thing when you’re 50 years old. Thanks grandma for the high metabolism!

recce1 on

The criticism is political correctness run amuck. Some like Lexi don’t want to see small women yet they complain about overweight people.

By the way, as a former mathematics major I like Kiskacb’s idea on negative numbers for sizing but I think marketers would shy away from such numbers fearing customers wouldn’t like them.

flossie on

I am by no means a 000, but I work in a clothing store,and i know this is not a “new” size, express was making 000 years ago

mindy on

i think the numerical sizing 000 is crazy. in high school i wore a size three and back then you were LUCKY if you could find a 3, let alone a 1. 31 years later i weigh an entire 3 pounds more and am pretty much the same body type. didn’t get flabby or floppy. i find it ridiculous that i am now a size 0. kudos to them though for making decent clothing in smaller sizes though! wish they had thought to do that 30 years ago. being thin does not automatically mean you are “petite”. thin is thin, SHORT is short! also, shopping in the kids section almost always meant that clothes were not as flattering in fit and often times too short.

Rita on

Everyone sizes their clothes differently. I never know if I’m going to come out a medium, large or xlarge depending on the clothing itself. It’s much easier for men to shop because pants all give the waist size and length size. It’s not that easy for women.

Claudia Bugh on

You are living in a vacuum if you think J. Crew is the only company that “vanity sizes.” For me there are clothing brands where a size 0 is just too big and I’m glad to see some options. Incidentally, I’ve not shrunk over the years I merely stayed the same size since high school when I was a size 6 but there isn’t a retailer where a true “size 6” exists any longer.

AMenCPA on

Geez, when I was that skinny, I could find clothes to fit me. They were tagged as size 1s.

Amber on

I could never shop at jcrew because of the vanity sizing. A size 0 there is really a size 2. So for them to offer smaller sizes would only make sense. There are such thing as smaller HEALTHY people. Get over it! Thanks jcrew for finally catching a clue. Maybe the sizes should be properly marked to avoid the faux / jealous outrage??

Janet697 on

are they printing 000 across the backside so everybody knows how ridiculous the person wearing them is to buy into the myth of size 000. People should boycott the store and its stupidity in feeding into the eating disorder lifestyles.

guest on

23 inch waist size pans are commonly sold in Asia. Nothing wrong with it.

Carlie on

I am 5’3″ tall, and very small boned. I have a 22″ waist, and could totally use pants in this size. I think we’ve gotten so used to vanity sizing that we lose sight that a 000 is probably the equivalent of a 5 or 7 in my mother’s or grandmother’s day.

angelo on

Probably nobody outraged except the Bon-Bon addicts…

Ruby on

I don’t think this is insane at all. In my master school, my female classmates from Asian countries were having hard time to find their clothes in the US. They’re short and bone skinny. It is not because they are anorexia, it’s just their gene.
Some Asian female students were asking their families to send their clothes from their countries or buying junior size. But matured women don’t wanna wear junior clothes in general so…..

guest on

Are you people really buying your 13 year old daughters J. Crew though?

Rik on

Other stores have used 000 for a while. My 12 year old daughter is too tall for most 7 to 16 sizes. By the time we find the right length, it’s too big in the waist. A 000 tends to fit her perfectly. It bridges the sizes for young teens who are gaining height faster than weight.

jo linda on

How could a person be a triple zero ?? Wouldn’t that make them invisible? Totally ridiculous !!

jo linda on

How could someone be a triple zero ? Wouldn’t that make them invisible ? This is totally ridiculous !

Mary on

It is absolutely necessary! My 13-year-old daugther is tall and thin. We were THRILLED to find jeans that fit her. Skinny jeans are too big around the waist if long enough (even with adjustables pulled as tight as possible) and too short if they fit her waiste. Even super-skinny from Justice are loose on her My sister is the same way. Even after having three children she would purchase size zero and my mom would have to alter them to fit. Some people have really high metabolisms. I don’t, but others do. No one has a problem when cruvies are made for for people like me who are full in the hips with a smaller waiste, so why the issue with making clothes to fit other body types as well?

bob on

wtf? being a fat ass is ok but being thin is not>? sad world where fat rules

bob on

gimme thin over fat any time

Kimberly on

My daughter is 16 tall and small we go into a lot of stores and the pants are just too big at a 0 and if we can find a 00 they are still big in waist. This size will be great so I wont yell that her pants are showing her cheeks. She doesnt have an eating problem she is small most of my family is that way. Thank you J. Crew for taking the worry off one Mother of a small teen.

leyla on

I am SICK and tired of skinny people being judged!! It’s like do you criticize large people and say why are there large sizes???!! I am a size 0 in Jcrew and I appreciate the fact that thin women don’t have to go to the junior section of a department store to shop. What on earth is wrong with 000 if a women needs that size? Let’s focus on more important things people and leave headlines for “real” news!!!

Annie24 on

This is BS. When I was in my 20’s, I was 5’1″, 90-95 lbs and very small boned. My waist was 22-23 inchces and hips were 32 inchces. I wore a size 4 in suits and dresses. Size 5 in jeans. This zero and multi zero sizes are nothing but bad PR and a lot of BS. Also, weieght charts had 3 catagories of bone size along with height and weight. Skinny was not “in”. Girls were supposed to be healthy and slender, not bony x-rays.

guest on

I don’t know anything about JCrew’s motivation for this, but I’ll turn 40 this year and have always been “tiny.” Trying to find age appropriate styles that fit is a challenge because, yes, I can still fit in to some girls size 12 clothes except for those that are cut without hips since I have been through puberty! But I wouldn’t be caught dead in the styles available in those sizes. As a professional woman I do not want to look like a teeny-bopper! I can make Ann Taylor’s 00P work for pants, but their skirts and dresses in that size are still too large for me and have to be tailored. If a 000P were available to save me the cost of a seamstress, I’d welcome it.

G.Blank on

Thin people need to look fashionable too!

Eileen on

I wear a 0 or 00. I am not too thin. I exercise and eat clean. This is just resentment on the part if those women who are themselves into oblivion don’t take care of themselves, no makeup hair a mess and sloppy. You wish you could be a 000.

James on

It is entirely believable to me that this new size could indeed be intended for their new Aisian markets; I think most Americans know that the majority of the citizens of most Aisian countries are, and always have been, smaller in both height and weight in comparison to their American counterparts. Really, I don’t understand all of the controversy surrounding this new size. For most of my life, I have never been able to find a pair of jeans that fit me perfectly…..until I tried the low rise style a few years ago, and oh, what a huge difference! For so many years, I felt freakishly shaped or something, because all my jeans would literally just hang off of me; it never crossed my mind that perhaps I needed a smaller rise. People need to begin to realize that it’s not just the plus-sized people who have trouble finding a good fitting pair of jeans. If you’re a smaller guy like me, it can be absolutely maddening to find the right size and fit, especially with regard to smaller guys; it seems like most of these manufacturers assume that all adult American men’s waist sizes begin at 32″ and only go up from there! I actually need a 29-30″ waist with a low rise and a length of about 32″…..thank God I am now able to find this size most of the time.

Guest on

I am a 26 year old woman and would probably buy these jeans. It is a nightmare trying to find something that fits my petite frame and generally have to look in the junior departments. It is getting harder and harder to find pants and even shoes that fit me because of vanity sizing.

Tom Hsueh on

There have always been tiny women, especially Asians, who don’t fit into normal American clothing. It used to be they had to buy their clothes in the juniors/kids section. 000 is a size for them. This is not an encouragement of anorexia.

Leeor on

Yay! I’m a very petite lady and j crew never fits me, I don’t are what they’re called I’m just happy to find a size that will work. I have trouble gaining weight. Skinny shaming is just as mean as fat shaming .

Marguerite on

These jeans should come with a double cheeseburger. If you are so skinny you could shop at Childrens Place you need to eat something.

Annah Elizabeth on

I loathe vanity sizing. It not only gives us a misuigded sense of our overall wellbeing, it sends the wrong message to all women and girls… Enough is enough…

vinnie on

People are not happy unless they have a reaqson and something to complain about. There are obviously people who wear this size no matter what it is called. AS far as vanity sizing if you are a size 12 you are not fitting into these jeans no matter how long you hold in your breath or suck in your gut. If it offends you simply do not buy the jeans. If it really offends you do not shop in the store. Problem solved.

sheila b. on

000 is nothing new to me. Aeropostale has the same size. My daughter is 11 and is in the awkward stage where the kid sizes fit in width but not length and adult sizes fit in length but not width. 00 and 000 and perfect for her! Don’t trip on these sizes, they’re harmless!

Dragonhart on

I remember many years ago (1975-80) I had a 20 inch waist. I worn a size 5 then and it fit perfectly. Yes, there is such a thing as vanity sizing. HaHaHa, what suckers we are.

sheila b. on

000 is nothing new to me. Aeropostale offers 000, 00, and 0. My 11 year old daughter is in that awkward stage where kid clothes fit in width but not length and juniors fit in length but not width. 00 and 000 is a nice balance of the two, and they are perfect for her! Don’t trip on these sizes, they’re harmless.

ellen Harms on

I am an avid JCrew clothing fan. I do not find that I wear any smaller a size in their brand than in others. I generally find that I wear a size 8 or 10 pant no matter the brand and a size xs/s or size 4 top in all brands. I see some very tiny women in the Washington DC area and always wonder wear they buy clothing that fits properly. Asian women in particular can be extremely small and they should be able to buy pretty clothes also, as well as tweens that don’t fit in childrens clothing. Not everyone in the world are the same size.

Mr. Buttons on

Vanity sizing and stretch jeans allow us to kid ourselves. Use your common sense.


I’m thrilled. I don’t care if they call it a 000 or whatever. There are not enough small waisted sizes for women with long legs. My waist size is 24 inseam 34. I am not the only woman out there with these measurements. Lee and Levi’s waist start at 27. Taylors say its easier to make jeans from scratch than take them in that much. Not to mention the inseam. It’s impossible to find a small waist with a long inseam.

Kate O'Connell on

Actually, it makes sense in Asia, where even our smallest sizes would have many women there swimming in fabric.

It doesn’t make sense here, but they’re not for sale in this country.

Susan on

When my granddaughter was 11 and 12 years old she was a child size 7 around and 5″5 tall and it was IMPOSSIBLE to find jeans that fit her. This size xxxs would have been a blessing.

jean on

This is a good idea. My daughter is in her 30’s and still has trouble finding clothing to fit. She is 5’6″ tall so petites don’t work for her. She is just small boned. Glad to hear that she will be able to find something to fit.

lyonel on

hmmm-I suppose this means that those needing a 000 have been sequestered since they have no clothing options currently???

Melanie on

You would be surprised how many women still fall into that size who are not models or bulimic. I am 60, 5’6′, and have had luck with Old Navy teen 12-14 which are perfect 30″ inseam wearing flats. Something more stylish at a reasonable price would be a miracle. Women like me, who are naturally lean, have a huge problem buying clothes. Thanks for hearing the other side of size.

VMG on

What AMAZES me is that when i go into stores looking for my size L or XL, most of the time they are all sold out and all thats left on the rack are the smalls or sizes 2 and 4, so to me that tells me the women who are buying these clothes are mainly my size and maybe they should think about making MORE of those larger sizes as oposed to maybe going the opposite route and making MORE even SMALLER sizes….smh…. makes no sense to me.

Linda on

As a small size woman over 60,I commend J Crew for adding these sizes. It is next to impossible to find pants to fit me in our small town, however every size of plus sizes seems to be available. It’s about time a retailer realizes we need clothes, too.

Mary on

As a short, very slim older woman, I look rediculous in clothing in my size (0 and/or 00 or girls size 10/12) made for children. I wish manufacturers would keep in mind smaller women do age and not gain weight and would like to dress in clothes that fit and are age appr.opriate

C A Farrington on

My closet contains sizes ranging from 10 to 16. All fit exactly the same. I have shoes ranging from 6 to 8 1/2. All fit exactly the same. The issue is standardization that no longer exists in Asia and its adjacent islands. The only commonality is that globalization of apparel has created an ocean-wide difference between what is fashion and what is style. These days I seek out style in upscale consignment shops. It no longer exists on racks in any store or shop.

Bob on

Don’t forget you are dealing with women.
They will fall for anything the dopey designers tell them.

m stack on

I am very petite not by choice. I need these sizes because nothing else fits!
Give us small people a break!

m stack on

I am very petite not by choice. I need these sizes because nothing else fits!
I would have to try this size, maybe a 00 would fit me. Give us small people a break!

JennaKennedy on

I always always wear a size 00 and Jcrew’s size 00 fit me like clown pants…I am thankful to maybe have options there now.

Amy on

There are people out there, like me, who do not
diet or broadcast that they are a size zero. I’m just tiny
and there’s nothing I can do about it. It is the way I was born. I can no longer wear a size zero because a size
zero is now actually a size 2 or 4. It’s a struggle to find clothes , other than kids clothes with sparkles on them, so if a size 000 will replace what was once an actual size 0, hooray

Edward on

Size 000 might be appropriate for many small-bodied Asian people.
As long as that is their target market, I see nothing wrong with it.

Lynne on

Clothes should be of a STANDARD size. It’s really annoying when you don’t know WHAT size to even try because of “vanity” sizing. I am very short (way under 5 feet) and buying clothes has and probably always will be a nightmare for me. It’s time that we recognized that people come in different shapes and sizes…. but please…. keep the sizes at least CLOSE to standard!!!!

mey on

I think it’s a great idea bc for me it’s hard to find my size too.. I wear double zero

Jana on

what’s wrong with it? My mother – who is in her late 60’s early 70’s can NOT fit in at 4T (smartbutt who said that!). She’s tiny and could definitely benefit from this! Can never find anything small enough for her to wear that’s not a kids! There are a lot of people over 50 who could wear these! I say Kudo’s to you!

Lynne on

Ketie…. J Crew’s size 2 should be at least similar to other vendors size 2. I think Vanity sizing is really wrong. Just go with the standard!!!!

Jana on

AGREE! Skinny people need it too! And not everyone who wears a O is anorexic NOR do I try to be!

angela on

Just like their shrinking customer base…which necessitates desperate sales on a daily basis. This brand has lost it’s iconic roots in basic clothing and moved on to junk anyway…let the 000’s have it .

JustMe on

If fat Americans (aka the 2/3 or more majority) can’t wear the 000 what is the ruckus?
Why can’t people of different nationalities & body types have clothes to fit them?
Plus size folks make it a HUGE deal they don’t want to be discriminated against, so why would they care about a 000 or have the inhumanity to judge other small/petite sizes?

Deborah on

I agree with the person who works at J Crew – their sizes do run big
just like the Gap and some other stores as well.
I am a petite woman as well who sometimes finds that some of the smaller sizes run big and don’t fit. I also wear J Crew and Ann Taylor Loft XXS shirts as well. I am not extremely thin, I am more average than slim
but I am very small boned. Now if some of the more expensive jeans like AG or J Brand started selling size 21 or 22 waist sizes I might have a different view… but that is definitely not the case with J Crew. I for one support the sizing!

D P on

I think so y Daughter is very petite and these pants fit her perffectly

Jen on

I am glad, as it hard to find “real”sizes anymore. For a while, vanity sizes took over and size 8’s masked as size 4’s. I could not find anything to fit me and had to wear kids jeans and khakis. Finally, I will have a choice and not avoid the adult clothes.

Mike on

Now we are going to have Baby’s got back trying to get into a 000. Its not the skinny people needing clothes too, it the larger ones that think they are small trying to fit into 000 jeans!

Mimi on

Awesome! I wear a double zero and sometimes I get a little skinner and I could use a smaller size in certain pants and such. But, sometimes I go up and wear a one or a two depending. Of course, that’s all off the rack. In true designer clothes I wear big sizes!! Anyway, JCrew: thank you!!!!

Barbara on

Companies are in business to make money. If there was no need for this size, they wouldn’t be putting it on sale because no one would by them. You’re making more out of this than necessary/

Kim on

They should make any sizes they can sell. Why must everything be discussed

carolyn on

whats wrong with a size000 we have size 44 too so whats the big deal!!!!!

Jenn on

Katie on July 11th, 2014
I work at Jcrew and I want to explain that our sizes run big. If you’re normally a 2, you’re a 0 at jcrew, normally a 6, you should probably buy a 4. That being said, you can see how a 000 is necessary for some customers, especially to help bridge young ladies who dressed in crewcuts to womens. It’s not meant to encourage a waif like figure or eating disorders, but to help fit a wide range of customers. There are many petite women in the world. Jcrew runs up to a size 16 so it’s not like Abercrombie and Fitch where they’re excluding larger women. This merely opens up our clothing to more people but the media is sensationalist and puts this body conscious spin on it.

Katie, sweetie, size 16 is a misses. So the fact that you state that you don’t exclude larger women, and then say sizes go to a 16, is doing just that. 18+ are larger women’s sizes.

Estelle on

I have a 35 year old daughter that has always been XX Petite. She is 4′ 10″ and weighs 85lbs. She has always been super tiny. She does not have a “problem” or any eating disorders. Not everyone is average. There are super large sizes, why not super small sizes? Can you imagine being a professional woman having to wear children’s clothes?

concernedcitizen714 on

I am far from skinny but it is very hard to buy my size in regular stores. I am not higher than 3x and also with shoes (11W). There are shoes a whole row of size 7/8 but get to 11 and 12 they share a shelf and the styles are often not as cute as the other sizes. Same with clothing. I went into Sears and asked for the bigger woman sextion to get a gift for Christmas and they pointed me to a corner in the rear of the floor and it literally was smaller that half of a fast food restaurant dining area.

Stores should carry all sizes as one does not know if someone has a disease that akes them ultra thin or a pre-teen or teen that is in need.

All I know is when I save the money, I am going to open a business for bigger people M, W, and Children from underwear to shoes at reasonable prices. Also did you know that stores also never put on sale things like underwear for the bigger man? My son is 6’11 and 300 and they will have a sale on Fruit of the Loom and it stops at extra large all others are regular price or 2+ more for the sale.

sweet woman on

How exciting… I’m 38yrs old and I wear a double 0.but it’s kind of lose …and I can’t wait to purchase a smaller size😃😊😋😄

louie on

anoxics will love that.

DB on

So basically kids can wear their jeans too!

Peter Hanns on

I guess the fat people would have a problem with this.

kim on

my 23 yr old daughter is very petite. (4’11”) . Everyones reaction is that these sizes are for those suffering from eating disorders. The smaller sizes are perfect for the petite female just as plus sizes are necessary for the larger woman. Dont be so quick to point fingers and judge. Now can we come up with a size 3 shoe for adult women????

Peter Hanns on

Apparently, fat people have a problem with this.

Peggy Johnson on

When I was in high school and college I wore size 8-10. In the 80s I wore size 6. In the 90s I started wearing size 4. Now I wear size 2! Only thing is, I still weigh the same as I did in high school and college. The sizes have changed why, to make over-weight women feel slim??? I’m not sure. But I know when I saw Kirsti Ally on Dr. Oz last year saying she wore size 4 and she looked like she weighed about 200 lbs. I knew something was wrong with today’s sizes. I was actually perfectly happy when I wore size 8. It’s getting harder and harder to find clothes that fit.

doreen on

I’m 5’0″, when I was in my twenties and thirties I was unable to find clothes to fit and was forced to shop in the children’s section. I wasn’t unhealthy just small. My daughter in- law is 4’8″, 29 years old and a success in her field. Some of you should stop and think before posting and consider that there are woman out there that are not super unhealthy thin, just super small. Thanks J crew!!!

Kimber on

Oh please. When will women figure out that looking like a ten year old boy isn’t attractive…….

guest 1 on

I am glad! Now my daughter can finally find jeans to fit her!!! 00 were always to big!

Nancy Eldis on

of course it is vanity sizing!! the only standardized sizes are for patterns. Most women would be shocked to look at a pattern at their local fabric store and see what size they are!! Patterns were standardized years ago. A 23″ waist? they would wear a size 6!! Tell me that calling it a 000 isn’t for vanities’ sake!!

C on

I have a daughter who is 13 but is very tiny. She would love to wear the clothes other middle schoolers wear and up to now the only place I could get a 00 was Aeropostale and those are a bit big. I think this is a great idea for those situations. As for vanity sizing—totally wrong. Women should accept who they are but society will have to change for that to happen.

william r on

I think this is great. . . .why should not smaller women have dress/clothes sizes that fit them. They fat girls have oversized clothesd. quit picking on girls that want to stay thin and healthy…I am not judging people that eat to much . . .I am applauding people that maintain a healthy diet.

angie on

I think vanity sizing is ridiculously insane. I can’t believe people fall for that, otherwise the marketing ploy wouldn’t be in effect. But I also don’t think it’s wrong for companies to cater to different sizes. I hope if they’re catering to tiny women, they’re also catering to women who are larger. Everyone loves to have pretty clothes, regardless of size.

Dee on

I agree with Sarah… PLEASE standardize sizing for womens’ clothing just like mens’ shirt and pant sizing.
And, as a mother who almost lost her teen daughter to anorexia this winter (in ICU for days after her heart stopped for 40 seconds), I am begging the US fashion industry to STOP the insanity of 0, 00, and 000 sizing. It is horrible to experience a daughter and others in her treatment program feel disgusted with themselves when they are so “fat” that they have to wear a size 3, 5, 7, or anything above the magic “Zero”.

Carla on

I have no problem with this. It is their company, their clothes… they can have XXXXXXXS or XXXXXXXXLG.
We all come in different shapes and sizes.
Who Cares??? Nobody should judge anyone – period.

Arby Smith on

I am 61 years old and wear 2’s and 4’s, it is extremely hard to find nice slacks or jeans to fit me. I am too tall for petites (5’7″), so I have to buy larger pants and have them cut down by a seamstress. I agree with the one person who sizes should be universal, so that you could go into any store and ask for a 2 and it fit like a 2.

Susan on

This has been going on forever. Decades ago I worked as a pattern maker in the women’s garment industry, and when I started working for one particular company I was a size 14. By the time I left I was a size 10, and I hadn’t lost an ounce. They had decided to go the vanity-sizing route.

marie on

With all the medical information on negative outcomes concerning both obesity and anorexic conditions, how is it we are seem only appalled at triple 000 sizing when we should be just as concerned for Extra, extra large?

clara on

back in the 60’s when I was in high school my measurements were 34 inch bust 21 inch waist and 34 inch hips and I wore a size 10 ?????? what has changed is the numbers the manufactures are using 000 or 10 as long as it fits who cares

psmobeachbaby on

I just finished making a smocked angel dress and knickers today for a friend’s six-month old daughter. After reading this article I went and measured the waist of the knickers just for fun. Finished measurement when the elastic waist is stretched to the limit? Seventeen inches…. for a six-month-old!
Do the math J-Crew!

Shirley on

Smart women know – -the higher the price equals a smaller size. In the end, finding clothes that fit properly is becoming more difficult. No adult can fit in a 000 unless they are sickly. Maybe J Crew is trying to sell to a teenage market. Thanks for telling us that our comments will be checked by a moderator. I love “free speech”.

Rosa on

In the 1950’s, a size 10 fit a woman 5’4″ with measurements of 34-24-34 and weight of 105. When did the fashion industry change size 10 to 0?

Steve on


I see what these kids wear, pants that are tight enough to keep them from tying their own shoes!

So if my daughter, who gets her height from her mom’s side of the family at 4′ 10′ and 98 lbs at 16 years old, wants a skinny jean that fits her?

This would be the answer.

It’s NOT an insult to anyone, regardless of what the bullies of progressive America would have you think.

Some folks are just actually this size.

There is enough seriously wrong stuff going on in our nation, it’s time for that ilk to stop manufacturing drama.

Samantha on

My daughter and granddaughter both wear this size. What is the big deal? Don’t they deserve to have clothes small enough to fit them without alterations?

LadyInRed on

I see what Jcrew is doing bit wouldn’t it be much easier to cut the clothes a bit smaller? Their stuff definitely run big, I’m an 8 everywhere else UT in Jcrew I can sometimes do a 4.

Florence on

News for JCrew. A 23 inch waist is a 6 (six) not a triple 0, vanity sizing run a muck! If waistlines are kept proportional going down same as up sizes, a triple zero would be about 15 inches.

Vera on

While I agree vanity sizing is ridiculous, and we should be using measurements as opposed to a randomly assigned “sizing number”, JCrew didn’t invent vanity sizing, they just saw fit to actually make clothes for some of us smaller women. Like some of the other commenters mentioned, when people talk about not being able to find a larger size, it’s discrimination on the part of the fashion company. For those of us on the petite end of the scale, we get to put up with “toddler size” and “eat a cheeseburger” comments. I’m at least glad they are making clothes available to us smaller women. Depending on the brand, I usually fit a size 0 curvy, which *NO ONE* makes. I don’t care what number they call it. I just want to be able to pick up a pair of jeans with no hassle just like everyone else. I’m getting ready to start making my own because I’ve given up on finding clothes that fit. Thank you, J.Crew.

jennifer on

Oh brother, this is news? Who cares what size people wear!!!

DKat on

The numbering system is just arbitrary; it is ideally meant to make women feel inseture of their waste size. I myself an fond of a curvasious size 11 through 16 myself; and I am absolutely sure there are other that prefer a lot more in the “junk’ department.

But seriously, boney hips & ribs, and spindly arms and knobby knees are really not that attractive as a sense of fashion; this is an illusion; a falls sense of an idea of beauty that is seemingly sickly, unhealthy and for far too many unnaturally unrealistic for many to emulate…I don’t recommend it nor do I advocate it.

Work with what’cha got; and lastly, make it work. : )

katie on

It’s a free market so stores will make what sells and hopefully everyone can find a good fit, big and small..I’m 5’6′, 120 lbs and I lost 100 lbs 4 years ago. The people on here that are comparing their “struggle” with life as thin, petite people to racial slurs are clueless to real prejudice. I’m the same person I’ve always been but am treated completely different after the weight loss. Our culture is so obsessed with the petite image that fat slurs. jokes and innuendo are just an accepted fact of life. How many magazine covers, actresses, models etc do you see with a “normal’ weight model much less the plus sizes? Bottom line don’t complain about a non issue.

One MercilessMing on

I would have been a 000 when I was in high school–indeed, until I had my children in my 30s. I had a 21 inch waist and 32 inch hips. I was 4 feet 11 inches tall and weighed 92 lbs: small-boned, small-framed, small size.

My mother had to make all my clothes–including my underwear. NOTHING in the commercial realm fit. Even what was sold in the mid-20th century as “junior petites” were too big for me. So, my mother took a tailoring class, visited department stores, sketched what she thought appropriate, went to our local fabric shop for patterns and cut them down to fit me, then sewed everything I wore. I had tailored suits, wool skirts, “ski” pants–whatever was in style, but diminutive for me.

Alas, as a geriatric, I am no longer a 000. Too late, J. Crew!!



Elena Torsiello on

I am a 56 year old woman who has celiac disease and on a gluten free and dairy free diet. I am 84lbs. It has been extremely difficult all of my life to find jeans that fit me . I always have to try on at least 25 pairs of jeans before I can find one that fits me well. It is about time that the fashion industry is considering very thin customers. Every time I go into a clothing store the average size of pants is usually a size 8. No one considers extremely thin women. I say good for J. Crew for being a pioneer in the fashion industry and making size 000 available. I am excited that I I can just go in and get a pair of jeans that will finally fit me. If J.Crew came out with a larger size I don’t think there would be that much controversy but because it is 000 people are in an uproar. I hope there will be more and more stores that will start to cater to the thin population. Thin people need to unite. Not being able to find clothing in my size is discrimination toward the smaller population. Go J. Crew! I can’t believe that after all these years my dream has finally come true. with J. Crew.

Colette on

Be aware of the fake mirrors, they make everyone look skinnier so people keep buying more clothes.

Noel Freedman on

For years I’ve been after COSTCO to carry size jeans. Finally I covvienced COSTCO complied; which proves a million Chinease are not all ell long.

cathy on

Yeah!! My 13 year old is too small to wear the clothes in the stores that all her friends shop in – and to old, as an 8th grader, to shop in the kid stores that have the clothes that fit her. This is perfect for her petite frame – and lets her look her age. THANK YOU!

natalie on

this is not news, i wore a jr size 0 and 1 in Levi’s, i was 91 lbs and 33 years old and that was in 1978….what’s all the flack, there’s always been tiny sizes…..

Steve on

When will they start offering women those lip plates like buggs bunny put into his mouth in the cartoons to stretch the lips or the brass neck bands to stretch their necks? Surely some of these tiny women want those, too! They must be missing the boat.

billie jeanne on

heavens to betsy…. take a fuggin measuring tape, measure yourself and that’s your size like men do – put on your big girl panties if your hips are 35 , your waist 30 – you ain’t no zero anyway wake up

Larry D. on

It is their company and they can make any size they want. If they go too far one way or the other, lack of sales will be their clue. Does someone always have to complain about anything anymore?

Carmen on

Women come in all shapes and sizes especially in different ethnic groups. I know many adult women with 24 or 25 inch waist so 23 does not sound impossible. I’ve noticed that women who 20 years ago would have been considered overweight are now considered average when medically they are almost obese. But there are many American preteen or teenage girls with 23 inch waits who need this size.

hongkonger on

000 is definitely necessary in hk; I am from hk and had lived in the US for a few years. people here and most Chinese in general are thinner than the americans.

Rose on

Oh yayyyy,ONE more step towards making EVERYONE THROW UP!!…NICE MOVE J.CREW!!!

alice on

not concerned about sizing, just wish someone would think more about age appropriate clothing. I am 56 and a size 4 or 6 (depending on where I shop) it is hard to find clothes in these sizes not made for teenagers. I don’t want holes in my jeans or rhinestones on my back pockets, or sweatpants that say “juicy” on the butt.

patty on

Not all woman are 5’11- 120pds and a size 4-6. I have twin girls that are 4’11 and 95 pounds at 20 years old. Its so hard to find clothes and yes they both have a 23 inch waist. I don’t think they are telling woman they need to be super skinny. I think its great because woman come in all shapes and sizes.so all the “upset” woman who are just trying to turn it into something its not, making it an issue should be happy! Now even all the young and older woman who are tiny from being born premature at birth or having battled cancer or another illness in life can still be fashionable~ Thank You J.Crew my 20 year old girls are thrilled!!! ps: I know Aeropostle makes a 000 at the online store because its been one of the only places they have ever been able to shop at.. Know your facts and embrace your own size before you b***h…

fred nero on

Invisible people need 000 sizes.

Leona Hamilton on

My 39 year old daughter is 5’0 and is thin, but eats well, and she has trouble finding jeans that are short and petite enough. She doesn’t focus on size, just what fits her body, because it’s difficult enough for her to find a pair of jeans that don’t make her rear end look flat and her legs look like they’re stuck inside of a pant that is made for a 6’0 person. Whatever the size, it’s whether it fits or not that counts, so who cares if it’s a 000 or a 12?

John Gesselberty on

If it fits a 23 inch waist, it should be called size 23. Men’s waist sizes are listed by girth. Are women really that stupid.

Pat Crocker on

I have always been a slender male, no matter what and how much I eat. I have spent a small fortune trying to find clothes that actually fit. Nearly everyone think it’s open season on vial comments to thin folk, but you might get sued if you speak a word about someone horribly obese. I only wish someone would come out with a store for slender men!!

Desiree Guerriere on

I think this is great! I stand at 5’2 and have the body of a 13 year old, so when the whole larger size clothing trend came into play I had to start buying a size 12 in kids. J.Crew has always had really large clothes sizes for me, so it’s great to finally hear I can now wear their line! I am really excited they are doing this!

Eric on

If they didn’t offer this size, the same people would complain that they are “disenfranchising the slender community.”

Pudgy in Portland on

No problem. I can buy a pair and make mittens out them to match my winter jeans.

mwood on

decent women need clothes

Monique on

they are meeting a need in a new market for them. It’s just smart business. They also carry larger size to meet the needs of the American market.

Kathleen on

Well Jcrew sizes typically runs large. I usually wear petite sizes and sometimes still spend a fortune having to get them altered. I might be offended if Abercrombie and Fitch did this but Jcrew 000 is probably like a normal XS.

Kathryn on

Some people, especially Asians, are built naturally very tiny. They are too tall for children’s clothes so this will work for them.

guest on

I just wish manufactures would go back to makeing clothing with the measurements they used 10 years ago. Over the last 10 years or more they have increased the measurements of clothing to accommodate the size of people as we have become larger.This I believe was to make people feel better about themselves so money kept flowing in the manufactures pockets. The average size for women is now a 14. So a size 2 now has a 38 inch or more hip. Really! There are plenty of women who are naturally small and have no options but to try to wear teen clothing. When you are 50 or older this is not a good look. As a younger women at 4ft.11 inches and 103lbs,I wore a size 4, now at 62, 110lbs, and have managed to keep my figure, there are no, and I mean no, jeans or dress pants that fit me. I can shop for hours, try on 25 pair of pants and go home empty handed. And by the way, it wouldn’t hurt to get over this low low waisted deal, this is why everyone has muffin top no matter what size you are.

Kathryn on

My local clothing store has a Junior Department, divided into two sections, a teenage section, and a junior career section. The junior career line of clothing is for women too tall for petite but need extra small clothes and don’t want to dress like a teenager or child. There are business type outfits and casual weekend wear.

JAK on

I was thinking about this again, especially the idea of people buying this size for their young teen daughters. J.Crew jeans start at $115 a pair…why on earth would you spend that amount of money on jeans for your 13 year old who will likely grow out of them in a year. I’m sure somewhere else carries jeans that could fit someone that size for significantly cheaper (and this is coming from someone who loves J.Crew)!

Linda Vu on

I love how some people like to bash clothing companies for making smaller sizes. I’m a triple zero and it’s very hard for find clothes that fits. I often have to pay more to have my clothes altered to fit. I don’t bash people for being over-weight or obese. We’re all different, that’s the beauty of life! The answer is NO. I don’t think J.Crew is going too far and it’s about time they acknowledge people who are not on the chart.

camean on

It’s probably not a real size 000 anyways. Can you say “vanity sizing”? 23 in. is only one inch smaller than most high-fashion models’ waists.

Amanda on

Personally I just googled where to buy size 000 pants this very morning. So I am VERY excited to hear this! I just hope the prices aren’t outrageous! Why should us petite smaller women pay more for our clothes when it’s less material than say the XXL size. I have medical problems that keep me from gaining a lot of weight, it isn’t a vanity thing. I just prefer for my clothes to fit well instead of falling off of me.

chloe on

Frankly I don’t think it should be a big deal. If you have a problem with triple zero jeans get over it. Yeah I know when you think anyone who can for into triple zero is either bulimic or anorexic but this is not always the case. There are a million possibilities as to why somebody could fit into triple zero. Don’t judge what you don’t know… And they’re just jeans

Guest on

I think it’s hilarious how people are saying “If you are at a point where you wear a 000 than that’s a sign that you need help.” Please open your mind a little and understand there are petite women in the world, just as there are the very opposite and everything in between. I can fit into a size 24 (0) but I fit even better in a 00 because the fabric above my butt usually sticks out because I’m just not wide enough. Fabric sticks out in the stomach area of my jeans and shorts as well, for the same exact reasons. I didn’t ask to be small, and personally, I rather be a size 2 because finding clothes would be easier. For prom I had to get my dress altered which was $391.00 (exact price, the dress was heavily beaded/sequined) and do you think my parents enjoyed spending that extra almost $400 on a dress they had already spent $850 on (it was by MacDuggal)?? I wish people would understand that being extremely skinny is JUST AS hard as being extremely large. When I was younger my mom would’ve loved that triple 0, it really would’ve come in handy.

Tanya on

4’10, 90 pounds, 32-22-33. I’m a real woman, in my 40s, with serious problems finding clothes that fit me. I wish companies making clothes to fit me and other women like me wasn’t controversial. I don’t expect anyone to shrink to my height anymore than I expect them to fit in my jeans.

Anonymous on

I need this as a teenager in highschool it’s embarrassing to shop in the kids department. Thank you for the creation of smaller waisted jeans.

Kat on

Gee, I’m very petite, and I find that J. Crew clothing RUNS LARGE vs. other high end Retailers!

Guess, like other Designers, it’s a way for people to feel as if they’re thinner than they really are!

However, J. Crew’s clothing vs Talbots Petites does NOT run TRUE TO SIZE; Thus, they are not adding to any eating disorders, but making one feel as if they are a size 0!

Petite people want to buy high end clothing too!

Airforce_mom_09 on

It is necessary. I’m 42, 5’6, wear a 00 and I have a very high metabolism. I will be looking forward to 000 jeans. Thank you J.Crew!!

HKell on

What a lot of comments don’t seem to consider (if any– don’t have time to read 22 pages!) is that many young girls/adolescents are SMALL but TALL. Case in point: my 12 year old daughter is 5’3″ tall and has a 22.5″ waist; 33″ inseam!! She is NOT anorexic and loves to eat— even has a bit of a bubble-butt. She weighs about 85 pounds. It’s impossible to find pants long enough for her to wear that don’t fall off her waist unless they are a 000, which we just discovered at Aeropostale. Even then, we can only get jeans/blue denim. She is so limited in colors and styles. I wish there were more 000’s.

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