Ciara Debuts Crazy-Long Dreadlocks: Should She Keep Them?

07/07/2014 at 03:16 PM ET

There were quite a few celebrity hair happenings this Fourth of July weekend — Alyson Hannigan’s fiery color swap, Lance Bass went aqua and Nicole Richie switched things up from lavender to a bold blue hue. But Ciara’s dreadlocks might be the most dramatic mane move of them all.

Ciara dreadlocksCourtesy Ciara

The bride-to-be added waist-skimming dreads to her curly ombré style, and showcased her new look in a series of Instagram shots. But it might not be a permanent thing — it seems like the new do was part of a photoshoot. “Back 2 Work and Im Obsessed…:) Thanks @italozucchelli and @CalvinKlein,” she captioned the below photo.

Back 2 Work and Im Obsessed…:) Thanks @italozucchelli and @CalvinKlein. ❤️ You Guys! Xx

A photo posted by Ciara (@ciara) on

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The new mom is a total hair chameleon, so it’s not surprising that she went for such a bold, beautiful look. But we would be surprised if she kept the distinctively dyed streaks for her wedding — the blonde, copper and brunette tri-tone look doesn’t seem to quite jibe with the mood she’s planning to set.

Ciara recently opened up about her nuptials to fiancé Future, and revealed the event will be a very elegant affair. “Indoors and black tie,” she said of her vision. “For the palette, I’m not into loud colors. I like black and white, classic and clean.”

What do you think of Ciara’s dreads? Do you hope they stick around? Share your thoughts below.

–Brittany Talarico

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Showing 43 comments

Angie on

“Ciara recently opened up about her nuptials to fiancé Future, and revealed the event will be a very elegant affair (another reason we think she’ll ditch the dreads).”

So is this your way of saying women with locs aren’t elegant. Plenty wear them on their wedding day.

Krystal K. on

“Ciara recently opened up about her nuptials to fiancé Future, and revealed the event will be a very elegant affair (another reason we think she’ll ditch the dreads).”

So…you’re saying locs can’t be “very elegant,” huh?

Major fail, guys. MAJOR FAIL.

Krystal K.
The Feisty House

Dani on

Wow so locs are not elegant now? Way to be racist, guys. Good to know you’re still keeping up the idea that our hair and hairstyles are something to be ashamed of.

gabi on

She should keep them! Their beautiful, and so is she (:

Steelslo on

…this was written by a white woman, wasn’t it?

Jibron on

Locs cant be elegant now? Overtly racist opinion, people like you are the reason microagressions exist, I hope you know this.

CLP on

Nice that you deleted the comment but you could also do a quick Google search and see a bunch of ways Locs are styled for weddings. Why not feature some Stars with locs in your next article.

Nic on

What makes locs not elegant? Please explain.

najeela79 on

Some white girl wrote this right? Excuse me but ANY style can be elegant and appropriate if done right. Please stop pretending to understand “our” hair. Many beautiful things can be done with black hair. I bet if Miley Cyrus or Some other “can’t for the life of me understand why she’s even famous” white girl chose to rock this same hairstyle on her wedding day, it would be in all the fashion mags and trending the next day about how awesome it was. If Ciara wants to wear dreads on big day, that’s her choice and pretty sure it will only enhance her looks because girlfriend is already gorgeous.

Adele on

What’s wrong with dreadlocks? And why does the writer call the style ‘crazy’? I love the look… stop the racism!

Melody on

” . . . and revealed the event will be a very elegant affair (another reason we think she’ll ditch the dreads).” Since when are locs not elegant? Once again, Eurocentric beauty ideals are being force fed to us through mainstream media – but man, this is really blatant. Black hair is beautiful, elegant, and stunning.

Melissa M. on

Seriously? You would be surprised? What’s so surprising about locs on a wedding day? I would be surprised if you featured more people of color on the cover of your magazine.

Andrea on

Dear Brittany Talarico:
That CYA that you tried to pull…..(in a sing-song voice)didn’t work…..

Jade on

Ciara looks amazing! I think her dreads would be amazing for her big day! As for People magazine, did you not consider how blatantly racist it is to say that dreads can’t be elegant?

brandicryer on

Uh what’s crazy about them?

Max on

So you guys are basically saying that dreads and dirty and would not fit in well at an elegant event. Sad just sad.

Max on

Very racist. Please delete

Taylor on

This is some bull, Ciara can wear whatever the hale she wanna wear for her wedding as well as whatever hair style she chooses to wear daily, do y’all really think she thinks about you’re dumb ass opinion. Dreadlocks are beautiful, and hers are simply stunning! ,

geenengel on

Brittany Talarico needs to write better articles instead of clickbate close-minded pieces.

” . . . and revealed the event will be a very elegant affair (another reason we think she’ll ditch the dreads).”

geenengel on

Brittany Talarico should probably write less click-bate, close minded articles.

” . . . and revealed the event will be a very elegant affair (another reason we think she’ll ditch the dreads).”

jerzygirl45 on

So in your view locs can’t be elegant? That is such a ridiculous statement.

jerzygirl45 on

Reblogged this on … but I digress and commented:
So, what, dreadlocks can’t be elegant? What a ridiculously diminishing statement.

Marie on

Ms. Talarico how rude of you to insinuate that locs are not elegant. You may want to educate yourself on the plethora of loc styles around before you use such a poor choice of words again.

smartmint on

First off, they are called “Locs.” There is nothing dreadful about them. Second, Locs have been elegantly worn at wedding for centuries. Three, apart from your article being racist and anti-natural hair, you clearly don’t understand that in order for her to “ditch the dreads” she would have to cut off all her hair. You can’t take them down like braids when they have been in long enough.

Mackenzie on

I am going to assume that you didn’t mean to imply that, in order to keep in line with her elegant theme, she’d have to cut off her dreads. How do you think people who wear these locs style them for elegant affairs? In elegant ways, no? Sigh…

Nik on

The ORIGINAL comment about locs not being elegant was racist, and is an example of how and why white women should NOT be given entry into the natural hair movement.

elise on

dreads look good on her. people mag, why do you CARE so much about what a person does to their hair? IT’S THEIR HAIR. it’ll be HER wedding, HER decisions, pretty sure she doesn’t give a you know what about what anyone says

MamaC on

Does anyone edit writers anymore?

I’m just asking because a second or third set of eyes might have gently corrected the insulting faux pas featured by this naive, jacked up author who clearly knows nothing about black women or their hair. Can locs be elegant–at a wedding? The question is laughable. PEOPLE or any magazine could do a whole fashion spread on the beauty and the elegance of locs.

Next time, check your writing with a “sassy black friend” or someone with a clue, because you already know you and this article are being DRAGGED on BlackTwitter. Just sayin’.

Marjorie on

Surprise. Racist and uninformed piece about a Black woman’s hair was written by……you guessed it a White woman.

Locs can’t be elegant huh?

Holly on

Ciara, you’re gorgeous but I think other hairstyles have looked MUCH better on you!

Julie on

I think it’s a shame how you’re making it seem like having dreads is such a “bold” and negative thing. Her dreads, and plenty of women’s dreads are absolutely beautiful. I’m sure Future won’t be “ditching” his dreads for their wedding. Shame on PeopleMag and Brittany Talarico for publishing this article.

Lena on

Yes, she should (if she wants) because she is a beautiful black woman with beautiful hair. The end. White supremacist beauty standards need not apply.

Angel on

Dear Brittany,

did you seriously say that?

First, “dreads” is a derogatory term. The preferred term is “Locks.” Do some research before you post anything about what you don’t know.

Second, are you saying that you can’t be elegant without them?

People, you need to fire her racist ass.

FLYlibrarian on

Guest on

She kind of looks like Lisa Bonet in the first picture (where she appears to be sitting on a deck of some kind). Both are beautiful. :)

Elaina on

Wow nice to see People’s true colors will never pick up this magazine again.
an elegant woman with dreadlocs

WB. on

I cannot even comprehend the ableist and discriminating language in this article. Why was this posted to the web? This is an embarrassment to human civilization.

Liz on

Like any other type of hair locs can be styled to look very elegant, so ya’ll can fall back with that.

Asha Moses on

My mother had locks for her wedding and she was the most elegant bride according to friends and family. How dare you add to the racist, yes I said the ugly word racist, view that anything but long hair cannot be elegant. I have dreads and I will be getting married with them. Btw nice change in words. But we have screen shot.

Kayla on

Really? The writer (whom I will assume as white) should be ashamed that she/he so ignorantly insulted SO many people. You’re a disgusting person (even though you’ve edited the article because it more than likely doesn’t come from a place of true sincerity and will to attempt to better yourself) and I am EXTREMELY disappointed that this was not caught before being published. It’s a shame that WE can’t be proud of the way our hair grows naturally while everyone else is allowed to flourish and bask in their beauty. Even though these are faux locs (dreadlocs derive from Europeans calling the style DREADful) its still a representation of a culture that is clearly beneath the writer but would STILL be elegant for a freaking wedding. This is truly sad.

wachsbodywork on

She should be free to do whatever she likes with her hair. Keep the dreads, go blonde, go bald. If she does keep them, why does that somehow class with a formal event?

wachsbodywork on

Why can’t dreadlocks go with formal wear? She’s gorgeous and you shouldn’t give women flak for choosing that hair style. Women of all ethnicities have enough to feel insecure about without articles like this picking at their looks.

vonmiwi on

Ciara is Loc’ed and Lovely!!! Apparently Time Warner doesn’t publish Munaluchi Bridal Magazine and I can’t even remember the last time their publication, ESSENCE Magazine published any editorials featuring beautiful brides of African descent, but I’ve seen several brides who fit Ciara’s description rocking beautiful braids and locs. If you don’t know, don’t comment or better yet ask somebody.

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