Bindi Irwin: 'I Feel Really Bad For' Girls My Age Who Wear Revealing Clothing

06/24/2014 at 01:02 PM ET

You won’t find photos of Bindi Irwin wearing crop tops and denim cutoffs on Instagram. The 15-year-old daughter of the late “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin is committed to dressing appropriately for her teenage years — and that means not showing too much skin.

Bindi Irwin style Don Arnold/WireImage

“I’m a big advocate for young girls dressing their age,” Irwin told News Corp Australia, via the Daily Mail. “I mean, for me, I look around at a lot of young girls that are my age and they’re always trying to dress older. Whether it’s wearing revealing clothes or hardly wearing any clothes at all, I feel really bad for them. It kind of has the opposite effect in some ways … it makes you look younger and like you’re trying too hard.”

The wildlife expert — who hit the red carpet in an age appropriate floral skater dress and boots earlier this year — also explained that dressing inappropriately now might come back to haunt her teenage peers in the future. “I almost wish I could tell young girls, ‘Look, in 10 years when you look back at yourself, you’ll cringe, honey, honestly.'” Her advice? “Don’t try so hard. A pair of jeans and a T-shirt is just as gorgeous and even makes you look classier.”

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Other young starlets in Irwin’s age bracket, like Kylie Jenner, don’t necessarily abide by the same rules. But the young Aussie TV personality explains that she’s always been a different kind of kid, describing herself as having an “86-year-old soul.”

“I love a cup of tea and a good book and none of that [other stuff] really interests me… I guess growing up at [the] Australia Zoo and getting to travel all over the world, I have this great outlook on life and that’s what I hope I inspire other kids to have.”

What do you think of Irwin’s stance? Share your thoughts below.

–Brittany Talarico

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heather on

Finally, a young woman standing up to giving in to peer pressures! I wish more young girls would realize this as well. Her mom must be VERY proud of the way she has raised her!

SMH on

Now HERE is a role model for young girls. Way to go Bindi! We def don’t need more Kardashians…

Kat on

Well said young lady! Thank you for setting a proper example for your generation!

Denise on

She’s adorable. I guess having seen the world the way she has, and losing her dad at such a young age, has really taught her what’s important in life. I hope she will stay true to herself, she is very inspirational.

ivy on

Thank goodness this young woman has the common sense to make sense when it comes to dressing appropriately. Her mom has done an admirable job raising her and I know her dad would be so proud of the young woman she has become. Bindi is a great role model for all young girls her age…a far cry from the trashy Jenner girls for sure.

lisa on

Great girl. Steve would be so so proud of her behavior/outlook & everything she’s accomplished.

kat on

I wish girls would stop judging each other. She can disagree with what other girls wear but they’re not wrong for wearing it. Everyone has their own style and standard of modesty. It’s really not up for her to decide and call others out.The 50’s are long gone sweetheart.

lrmmom on

loving her! so glad young girls these days can have a great role model to look to.

summer on

what a smart girl that she is. her family should be proud of her! we all too. go bindi!!.

LC on

What a breath of fresh air – good for you, girl!

Kara on

Good for Bindi. It’s nice to read about a girl who values herself as a person instead of a hunk of meat.
She sounds like she has her head on straight.

marie on

She’s very stylish without needing slits up to her waist. She’s sassy and classy — AND she’s 100% correct.

Dee on

@ Kat
Just like Miley and the Kardashians have the right to walk around with their b**bs and v*g hanging out, Bindi has the right to not be a little sk*nk.
We know what side of the fence you’re on, obviously.
Too bad you don’t have more self respect.

suburbgrrrl on

Love the message, hate how she comes across. The way this girl talks about herself has always rubbed me the wrong way. It is nice to see her dressed so nicely though and I hope others will follow suit.

Kica on


cocomom on


MsTess on

Your Daddy would be so proud of You I like many others are so ashamed of how the Girls of today think that less is better ,
make makes me Crazy is the Parents that allow them to 1rst Buy the clothes and second to leave the house in them/or lack their of them….. continue what you do I am proud of YOU

Gloria Adams on

LOVE THIS!! She is absolutely gorgeous and more so since this is her point of view. Thanks Bindi!

Wow on

Her father would be so proud of her. What a wonderful role model. You need to do more stories on positive role models such as Bindi. Let’s inspire girls to be ladies and not other words I don’t care to write haha.

Star on

Wow talk about making her dad proud. I haven’t seen her face in a few years and my gosh look at how beautiful she is. Shes always been a cutie pie but as a young woman she has really turned into a beautiful flower. Good for you and I now your dad is thrilled with how you have turned out.

Kat on

Bravo to Bindi!

Maria on

Yes Kat, sweetheart, the 50’s are long gone. And look where that’s gotten us! Girls who are barely teenagers thinking they have to wear tight crop tops to get attention, as well as wearing dresses that would make everyone’s grandma blush. At this rate, women will be walking around topless in a few years and it will be applauded.

Erica on

She is growing up to be such a BEAUTIFUL young lady!

Erica on

A beautiful young lady!

maryhelenc on

Agreed! But for some girls, the short shorts may be it. My teenage daughter & I searched for weeks for longer shorts & all I could find were skimpy cutoffs. We finally found decent ones, buried in a clearance rack. Shopping for swimsuits for her is just as hard & she’s taken to layering tanks because she wants to be covered up. It shouldn’t be, but it’s hard to find decent clothes for teens.

kw on

Too bad she doesn’t get the coverage the ridiculous Kardashian/Jenner trash does, she certainly deserves to!

Truthteller on

I loved her before and even more now. What a beautiful, intelligent & lovely young lady. R.I.P to her Dad, I know he’s looking down so proud:)

Linda on

Steve would be so proud of his baby girl….all grown up and smart and gorgeous. I wish her a good happy life. My daughter dressed like a young lady as well when she was growing up and she still does. I used to get stopped by total strangers who would tell me how lovely my daugther looked in her dress compared to the girls of today showing half their bodies off. So it does makes a difference. Absolutely. Good for Bindi taking a stand on how she feels about this issue.

GCGM01 on

Now this is a role model….

susan on

These are the type of young women I would like my daughters to grow up knowing: grounded, not afraid of getting dirty outside, and intelligent.

Vicki on

Oh, Kat…we are not “judging” and haters just because we have a different opinion. And she didn’t say girls should dress like it’s the 50s. I’m sorry, but you should try reading for comprehension. My guess is you are 12.

Tommie on

She is just beautiful. It is great to see a young lady who knows that she doesn’t have to shed her clothes to matter. Scout Willis should learn from her. You won’t see this girl walking down the street wearing only a skirt to prove a stupid point.

Melany on

I do too Bindi, it is very sad to see a young and beautiful person to hypersexualize their image in order to have money and fame. =(

Aaron Jones on

Nobody said she was “deciding for other young girls”, Kat. She was just giving her opinion, like you just gave yours. The only difference is, someone actually ASKED her for hers.

Team Bindi on

What an excellent role model! I have loved watching her grow up and sure do miss her dad!

Tess on

Beautiful young lady and smart too! She’s done her dad proud!

Yeah Right... on

Says the girl who is wearing revealing clothing in the picture. That dress is WAY too short. If she bent over or raised her arm we’d get an eyeful.

bitsy on

Great to see she is growing up with her head on straight! Lovely young lady.

Lucy Gray on

Wow! There’s hope for the future of the world. A young girl who thinks for herself and doesn’t try to mimic the Mileys and KimKs. She isn’t afraid to be herself, or take a stand. This also shows she has a good mom, instead of the Moms who let their young daughters out of the house as rape material. Way to go, Bindi, God bless you.

Emma on

Why don’t we just stop judging people for what they wear?

veggie mama on

Wonderful, non-judgmental too. I like her self-confidence and belief in who she is. Wish more young girls could hear her, because so many fall victim to the Hollywood cut-out looks, fad diets so everyone looks the same, and dressing cheap. Love her level-headedness. More power to ya!

JustMe on

Hooray!! I was so glad to read this! It made my day a little happier! Common sense is so UN-common in teenagers, way to go Bindi and Mom!

paulie on

Finally a classy young girl with great values. Now this is a role model

Kerissa on

Adorable inside and out. Truly a breath of fresh air. Intelligent, cute and has moral standards.

Give this girl the front page every time please! Step aside Kartrashians, Rihanna, Miley losers!!

Denise on

Rock on, Bindi! You look beautiful!

Jane on

Love her outlook…has a great head on her shoulders!

Kay Campbell on

Good for you, Bindi!! You are SO right!! It thrills me to hear a young lady with maturity and smarts!!

guest on

What a delightful young lady. Beautiful inside and out.

Maria on

I’ll take Bindi over a Kartrashian any day.

choi on

So tired of women putting each other down. We arrive, naked we die naked. So what

Ajah on

Very commendable…and a rarity for girls her age these days! SO very refreshing and good to see girls who want to act their ages. Speaks volumes of her rearing! You go, Bindi! Tell ’em!!

Chihuahua MOM on

I love this girl! Her dad would be so PROUD!

bazookajoe19 on

AWESOME! What a breath of fresh air. We’re tired of the same old stale air from youngsters these days. Here’s a fresh path to follow.

Tina on

Well, that’s refreshing.

Melinda on

Great job! She is adorable and has a great head on her shoulders!

Daniella on

Good for her!! What a great positive role model for young girls on how to be a Lady, even at a younger age.

NJH on

Totally grounded! Totally refreshing!

Lexie on

Bindi, you are beautiful, and wise beyond your years! Good for you! Maybe some of these young girls will pay attention to your wise advise and start realizing they look idiotic.

Thanks from a woman who has grandchildren and cares about this young generation growing up and taking off their clothes.

Hanna on

She is gorgeous! How wonderful to see in this day and age. Appears her mother taught her well.

tsktsk on

Her dress is short and she’s wearing a lot of make – up. But a better role model for young women than most celebrities her age.

tsktsk on

Her dress is short and she’s wearing a lot of make up. Still a better role model for young girls than most celebrities her age.

Erin on

She may not have a plunging neckline but her skirt seems a little short given what she’s advocating.

karen1228 on

If only she could spread her wisdom to all the other teens out there who think less is best. She’s a breath of fresh air in the era of Kartrashians, etc.

Taylor on

Always felt her dad was an arrogant SOB. Sadly his arrogance is probably what hurt him in the end. Every one “loves” this girl? You don’t even know her. Wildlife expert – I doubt it. Get over it people and PEOPLE. And yes it is my opinion and I’m as entitled to it as she is hers!

Helen K. on

Keep up being you Bindi being who u are… do ur dad n mum proud. God bless u n family.

Kathleen Trudgeon on

Her mother is raising her right! And her father would be so very proud of her!

JA on

LOVE this girl! Steve would be so proud! :)

Debby on

Glad to see you are your father’s daughter. Good for you!!! We have enough of the lower class Kardashian and Jenner-Kardashians want-a-be”s.

NAM on

She wears WAY too much make-up for her age though, looks awful!

LL on

She should feel worse about being attached to Sea World via her mother’s greediness. You can wear all of the covered up clothing you want, girl. But if you’re attached to SW and that horror show? You can just S T F U.

Rach on

To anyone who thinks she’s judging these girls, it is most certainly not okay for young girls to dress suggestively-It’s playing with fire.

evy on

Love This! Its so amazing to see such a young girl standing up for this.

To all of the haters though– you do realize that she has found a way to be a fashionable and classy young girl.. shes not wearing a turtle neck with a long skirt down to her toes, shes being fashionable, smart and classy in her attire choices.

mari on

She may talk about the other girls and how they dress but her dress is too short and the top is too tight! If you talk the talk, you have to walk the walk!

Winnie Tres on

I applaud you for saying what you have. It’s very true about what girls wear now and I am SO GLAD you did. Keep up the good work.

Gunny on

Good for her. I have no idea why woman find it sexy to expose themselves in public. Side boobs, lower boobs, nip slips, etc, For celebrities their talent should be enough.

Sunni on

Everyone has their own style and what they feel confidant in the outfit they wear each day…agree with kat’s comment about she doesn’t get to decide and call others out! There is no reason to worry about what others are wearing her age or other age groups for that manner..worry about yourself..the outfits you like to wear! It’s none of her concern about others on what outfits people like to wear! what is she the fashion police?? People learn from what they wear in past…probably think why did I wear that when I was a teen…as you get older your fashion choices change but sometimes people don’t want to!

onganosrus on

Way to go, Bindi!!!!! Finally, a young woman who knows how to dress appropriately & can be self-confident without hanging all her body parts out for the world to see!

Jan on

Girls are wearing things showing their fat stomachs and I’ve been brought of to breast guys like the cushioning.

Britt on

The dress she’s wearing in the photo above it rather short, do I spot some hypocrisy here?

Julie on

What a darling young lady!!!

Paula Rogers on

What a remarkable young woman and what great advice. You are a wonderful role model for our girls today when they are very, very hard to find, if not non-existent. Thank you, Bindi.

jlo27916 on

Now THIS is a role model!

elizabethdaugherty on

For someone who is an advocate for dressing your age, she sure is wearing an awful lot of makeup and a very short skirt.

Just Saying on

That metallic eyeshadow is a bit old for a 15 year-old. She’s a cute girl, she can wait a bit longer for the dramatic eyes.

Angie on

@Kat, I would agree if Bindi was 20 but she’s 15.

Pilar Ribera on

There are so many girls in my school that reveal a lot of skin and I’m proud that I dress appropriately. You don’t have to show a lot of skin to look attractive or pretty, simplicity is more beautiful. I’m glad Bindi is making this point and being a great role model for young girls.

jil on

She looks beautiful and sounds intelligent!! Steve would be proud!!

KdgMom on

Australia has the NICEST people!

Melissa on

I agree! Really good statement and I myself dress my age without being provocutive.

Barbara on

Good Job Bindi! Your a beautiful young lady. :)

Michele Binienda on

Bindi is a ‘breath of fresh air’ among the young women of today. Seeing young women in short shorts that are tight and barely there tops showing way too much is just disgusting. Bindi has no need to draw attention to herself as other young women do in their revealing clothes. Love her modesty. And if anyone wants to criticize her clothing choices, they need to look at themselves and what’s lacking in their lives. Bindi is definitely the new role model for young women as is modesty.

Tracey Verougstraete on

Are we suppose to take her seriously while wearing at least 5 layers of makeup. She is trying way too hard at 15 to look like she is 25 even if she covering her mid section. What was the point her message????? Lol epic fail

allison on

She is wearing a short skirt and too much makeup for a 15 year old. Also she is a bit top heavy so I would say that is why she chooses not to wear the crop trend. I have three teen daughters that wear crops and look beautiful paired with mmaxi skirts or shorts.

Kim J on

Odd, almost like she ‘s trying to convince herself. What does she know about how it is to be an 86 year old. Almost like someone wrote this for her.

Tasha on

I absolutely loved what Steve Irwin stood for, or at least what my interpretation of; I also love that Bindi seems to be carrying on a least part of her dad’s vision. So that said, she may want to stick to that and let it speak for itself, as this seems to be a purity publicity thing that really does call out other girls and make assumptions about what a persons fashion choices state about their life choices. However, she is only 15 and will not always say things perfectly; I just hope she sticks to voicing her opinion about animal rights and conservation, leaving fashion and teenage morals out if it.

Sal on

Sexism! You ladies are all supporting it. Women should empower each other not belittle one another because their choices or standards DIFFER from your own. And no women should be judged for what she’s wears, every body has different levels of modesty. Who deems what is ‘appropriate’ and what’s not!? Everyone has a right to wear what they damn well please with out judgement. You all make me sick

Darlene on

I think Bindi is a beautiful girl but before she talks about girls dressing inappropriately and revealing, may she should change herdress that is so short you can honestly say it is crotch length!

Darlene on

I think Bindi is a beautiful girl but before she talks about girls dressing inappropriately and revealing, may she should change her dress that is so short you can honestly say it is crotch length!

Miss Scarlett on

Classy. Thank God for girls like her.

Andrej on

Bindi is awesome – and right. All she is saying to other young women is have some self-respect!

Cindy on

Bindi has commendable values! Don’t compromise them for anyone.

cruella on

Is this a joke? She looks like twenty in this pic and should lay off all the make-up. Her dress covers the arms, but is pretty short. She is 15 and shouldn’t feel bad for other girl’s dress choices. She comes across as holier than holy!!

Nanu 08 on

Awesome that she is enjoying her youth and not in a hurry to be all grown up so good for her…….classy young lady with a brain!!!!

Monica on

Beautiful girl, well spoken, and an inspiration to young girls as well as, adults! THIS is what GREAT parenting gets you! Hugs to you, Bindi!

sheila on

She is beautiful and smart!!

blackdog on

I absolutely looove this wise-beyond-her-years little gal! How refreshing, she has brains & beauty, an excellent role model:) keep it up, girly!!! Xoxo

liz on

I agree with Bindy. She has been raised with good morals.

Brandy on

Great for Bindi, but let’s also thank her mother for raising this young lady the right way. Parenting goes a long way!

CM on

I think she is delightful, but I do hope that as she grows-up (she is only 15!), she finds a way to talk about the same topic without judging other girls in the process. This same, wonderful sentiment could have been said without shaming others. I recognize that is not the intent and she is very well spoken for a 15 year old. I think with time she will mature to present this message a little more inclusively.

Louise on

Young girls should be able to wear whatever they want. They should be allowed to look back in 10 years and cringe and laugh and be a completely different person.

freya on

In defense of Kylie Jenner she needed a lot of attention because nothing is going on on that 16 year old brain of hers and she has nothing of substance to offer the world . She is fighting for the same relevance as our Dear Irwin Bindi who I bet was her father (may he rest in peace) and mothers Pride and Joy.

Katie on

I have a nine year old daughter and while she watches certain shows, I never encourage her to have them as role models. Bindi has changed my mind. She is a beautiful girl and shows girls that you can be smart without having to showcase everything you have. Way to go, your dad would be so proud of you. This is a girl I want my daughter to look up to. Keep it up and don’t change.

Carolyn on

Bindi, I feel really bad that you live(d) at the Australia Zoo and still eat animals.

Carolyn on

Bindi, I feel really bad that you live(d) at the Australia Zoo and still eat animals!

eliz on

I applaud Bindy’s position and appreciate her efforts as a role model for modesty as I have two teenage daughters. That said, she will have a hard time influencing peers with arrogance. If she genuinely wants to be a role model- and I hope she does- she needs to be a less judgmental and a bit more relatable or the very people who need her guidance will find her advice as off-putting as they do their parents’.

Mindy on

Right on Bindi!! Love the way you carry yourself! Your dad would be so proud!

Melissa on

Wow! I got goose bumps reading this. She is so well spoken and wise beyond her years. It’s great to see a young girl with such high morals. She is an inspiration and is definitely some one to look up to. Beautiful!

>:( on

@Dee: your comment have me terminal cancer. is being sexist as awesome as it sounds?

>:( on

Wow all the old people in the comments are making me cringe so hard. For people who think they’re a lot older and wiser than us silly teens you all seem to be missing the point that a woman can wear a crop top and still have self-respect. Some of you are honestly disgusting. Kylie Jenner is sixteen years old and you’re sitting at home calling her a sk*nk on the internet. Awesome. Take a moment if you will and imagine that a rabid mob of soccer moms all decided to hang up on your teenage daughter and call her a sl*t because they can see too much of her legs. Does that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? It’s great that bindi likes to wear her skirts to her knees, but if you seriously think that a girl is a poor misguided soul who needs a bible and a turtleneck just because you don’t like the amount of skin you’re seeing, you need a reality check. You are the problem, not the tabloids, not the parents, and not the outlet malls. It’s you and your twisted attitude toward the female gender. The girls who wear tank tops are wh*res and the women in the burqas are brainwashed. Is anything good enough for you people? There’s no age limit on clothing. No outfit is “too old” for anyone. You don’t need to show ID to buy miniskirts. Go back to crocheting habits for your future nun offspring.

>:( on

Also if you seriously think the skirt bindi is wearing is “crotch length” you have a very misguided understanding of female anatomy.

Jane on

True! But I don’t think anyone will ever look back at pictures of themselves 10 years ago and not cringe.

Vicky on

She feels bad for other ppl? I guess I agree with dressing her age, that’s nice. But idk about feeling sorry for ppl, it’s all a stereotype if u judge ppl by first sight appearance. Also the eyeshadow doesn’t appear to make her look 15yrs old. So idk about the “trying to look your age?”

Elly on

Why did People Magazine “correct” Australia Zoo to THE Australia Zoo? Bindi knows the name of her family’s business. It IS Australia Zoo. No “the”.

j on

@kat, dressing like a “pristitot” is a sign of immaturity and often insecurity. She’s right.

sally on

finally, a young girl woth emulating. BTW, she is gorgeous!

Denise on

Smart,gorgeous, and classy – the perfect combination.

Avi Lavian on

Yes! Her father would be proud. Rock on Bindi!

Diana Mejia on

Miss Bindi is a wonderful example of a smart, intelligent young lady. She has the benefit of growing up in the spotlight and having a sensible mother. I absolutely loved Steve Irwin and have missed him on TV. I am so happy to see his daughter growing up to be a young lady he would be proud of.

Celia on

Thank you Bindi for sharing your choice and preferences as regards clothing. As in anything decency and moderation helps. Keep up the good work.

doug on

Good for her, her dad would be proud… cant fake class

goots33 on

She looks like a bat

Jasper on

Her dad would be proud of her. I’m sure her mom is!!
“To thine own self be true.” (Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 3)

fletch75 on

I have to say her dad is looking down and smiling. He would be very proud of the daughter he has. She learned well and he taught her right. This is someone kids should look up to and appreciate not Miley or Justin. It is good to see this young girl grow into a beautiful well thought woman. Great job to both her parents and to her for understanding and sharing it.

judi on

How refreshing to see a beautiful accomplished young lady with common sense. It is so nauseating to read about trash that attempts to pass for class as they are pimped by a parent.

jerdixie on

I think Bindi Irwin is spot on and just plain amazing. She has been through so much, but in spite of her heartbreak, she has come out stronger on the other side. She is such a responsible young lady and takes seriously being a role model for not just young girls, but for every one! She looks beautiful in her red carpet dress, and she knows she doesn’t have to show a lot of skin to look great! There should be more people just like Bindi. I wish I could give her a big hug and tell her so. I loved her father. He did and her mom continues to do a wonderful job of raising this amazing young woman.

Linda on

Dear Ms. Irwin,
I have watched you grow up. You are a STUNNING beauty. Your Dad would be so proud of the young lady you have become. I admire your fashion style also. And I SOOOO agree with you. I wish young lady’s looked like young lady’s. You have set the bar high. Stay true to yourself. You are a role model for the younger generation. You have set yourself FAR ABOVE others in your age group !!! WAY to go, Bindi !!!!!!

Nancy Spires on

So very well said. You are an awesome young lady. very impressed.

Dan on

Bindi is a credit to her father and her Mother. She could be a mentor for any girl in the world!!

"LeavingSouthCarolina" on

I can’t believe it’s been 8 years! I just wanted to reach out to Bindi and hug her in 2006 and tell her that God loves her, and her dad. She may not believe it but I absolutely believe she will see him again. In fact I know it! I said a prayer for her and her family 8 years ago and I did again after reading this. She has turned out to be a fine young woman and I have no doubt that her dad is proud of her too. I know I would be proud to have her for my daughter.

Tylen on

To everyone calling her a hypocrite because she’s wearing a dress that comes mid thigh and make up, here is why you’re wrong. She’s not telling girls that they shouldn’t wear crop tops and short shorts, she’s not telling them anything. She’s just putting a general, and kind of true, statement out there how dressing older now will get you unwanted attention, and make it harder for you in the future when you’re trying to have a professional career. If your closet consist of super revealing clothing and that’s all you wear everyday you are getting judged. Showing your mid section and having half your ass hanging out of your shorts is provocative. There’s nothing wrong with wearing short shorts/dresses/skirts, but it’s how you present yourself in those clothes that affects the way you’re seen.

So like I said she’s not really telling anyone that they can’t or shouldn’t wear these things, she’s just simply stating that she feels bad because this phase is going to come back and bite them in the butt if they aren’t acting appropriately.

Vitsing on

A very wise young woman, that her peers would be well advised to listen to.

Lisa on

I love the Sea Turtle necklace Bindi is wearing on the cover of People. Anyone know where I can order one?

j on

I’m sick of the style nowadays and I’m 24. I definitely dress modest and try to find shorts that are longer but it is hard since all places sell mostly short shorts. I was at WalMart with my boyfriend and we saw this girl who was revealing way too much. She was wearing cut off short shorts and her butt cheeks were peeking out and she wore a “muscle shirt” (it looks like a guys tank with the long arm holes that start at shoulders and end near your waist) and no under shirt!!! She turned and my boyfriend, this mom and her kids, and myself got a full view of her entire breast!!! No not side boob, nipple and all! Have some respect for the people around you (and yourself) no one wants to see your breast or your butt cheeks. Yes some disrespectful BOYS do but that’s not good attention. Real men dont want a girl like that.

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