Matt Lauer Wears a Shorts Suit. How Are We Handling This News?

06/20/2014 at 11:21 AM ET

We’ll confess: We like to keep the office TV tuned to the Today Show most mornings, just to see the wacky antics Al and the gang get up to. (And also to cheer on our contributing editor Jill Martin, of course!) But nothing could have prepared us for what we saw today. And that is: Matt Lauer’s bare legs.

Matt Lauer shorts suitMike Coppola/Getty

Oh, sure, we’ve seen him in a one-piece red swimsuit before, so we knew he had some nice stems. But we didn’t really see the news anchor as a paragon of trendy style, so his choice of a very fashion-forward shorts suit was a shock before we had our coffee.

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To be fair, Lauer was just demonstrating the latest in guy style (see Willie Geist in Pitbull pants, below) but he really did commit to the look for the whole morning — and seemed to genuinely enjoy the breeze on his knees. And who came blame him? From his normal perch, Lauer just looked like he was wearing a very stylish suit. But the side shot, also below, shows that there was much more happening below the desk.

Lauer’s Today costar Natalie Morales promised us we’d never be able to unsee this look, and we think she just might be right. Tell us: Are you still recovering from the sight of Matt Lauer in a shorts suit, or do you love this look on him?

–Alex Apatoff

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Guest on

A suit jacket with shorts is only okay if you are age four and under.

Peachy on

Not good……

bitsy on

He looks ridiculous! Don’t care for him anyway so this made my day. He is way too old to pull off that look.

Stacey on

No. No, no, no. And no.

Mark Wrendell on

I am trying to recover from him in general……he is a liberal puke and needs to take his bare head and bare legs to a retirement home.

guest on

Just no.

wwtpgirl on

Ewww.. I wish that I could just unsee the whole thing.

Sacré on

That’s uh, no. Just no.

JML on

Unless you are in Bermuda this is just not acceptable.

sylvia on

Matt’s legs are prettier than Savannahs.

Guessed on

Savannah is pregnant, so maybe give her a pass. Fluid retention, etc.


If anyone can pull off that look, it’s him!

susan G on

My brothers wore short suits – but it was the 60’s and they were making their first communion!

Zeze on

Sorry, but nothing will make him likable.

ginny on

Luv that Matt’s a good sport, looks great from the waist up!!

Jodie on

Well I must be in the minority but I thought it looked just fine! Perfect for summer! I especially liked the cool loafers he wore w/it but I also happen to be a Matt fan so might be a bit biased. Was certainly not offensive to me in any way!

Ivixen on

Apparently he has better legs than Samantha does.

Life goes on on

In the Bermudas, if you have a nice tan, you can do this. But not in NYC.

guest on

His legs look better than hers.

Jess on

unless you are Angus Young or under 10 years old no man should wear shorts with a suit jacket!!!!

jackie on

In Bermuda, the businessmen wear them all the time, however, he should’ve had on knee length socks to wear it properly. That’s how we do in Bermuda….#bermudashorts

yasemina on

Gross. He’s looking very geriatric now. Hard to imagine all the women who felt like they had to sleep with him to get to the top wanting him after seeing this. And I don’t like to say anything bad about pregnant women, but Savannah could do with some solid colors,

kathy on

GROSS….. And they let him on like that no wonder their ratings are going down the drain they are getting what they deserve

yasemina on

Gross. He looks so geriatric. It’s hard to imagine all those co-anchors who felt they needed to sleep their way to the top wanting him now. He’s so pompous and doesn’t deserve that ridiculously huge salary. While Ann Curry was a wrong fit for Today, I hope she looks at this and laughs. And put some solid colors on Savannah, that dress isn’t flattering on anyone!

Emily on

Pretty bad. His wife should burn it before he wears it again. A little too old there Matt.

Shauna del Villar on

And they picked on Anne Curry’s style choices????!!!!

Rita on

It should have short sleeves too!

Guest on

Looks terrible.

Sdubb on

He looks radiant. Also savannah is pregnant,
Give her a break. (eye roll)

Katie on

One of the main reasons I don’t watch Today!! What happened to his hair? Guess it’s been a while since I surfed by that show!

SA on

I always thought Matt’s suits look a size too small. But then that could be because his head is so big.

Erin on

Man has some butt ugly knees. Looks like someone went after them with a chainsaw.

Darlene on

Nice! I love the look. Very fashion forward. Bravo!

Saundra on

Why does this remind me of Angus Young? lol

The Motto on

I hate to admit it, I do not like Matt but find him very sexy. This outfit was for a men’s fashion segment. I doubt Matt would ever wear this on real life. Not loving the look but he’s a hottie.

Jeannie Jex on

Nah … Don’t like the short suit. Looks like the jacket doesn’t belong. Short pants take away the dressed up look.

lila on


DebLG on

Well, I was ready to hate it but I don’t. I really don’t. He does have nice legs, that helps. I also like his shoes.

Mamagirl31 on

Never again.

Shawna on

Hey Angus Young has been doing it for years and no one gives him a hard time so why not let Matt rock them ?

PeeP on

Savannah needs a full length mirror. Lower the skirts about a foot. Knocked knees are never a good look with cankles. Pregnancy is no excuse.

Hrword on

It was for a fashion segment people!!! Catch a clur

Lillie on

No. Just…no.

(LOVE the “four and under” comment from a guest!!)

Tommie on

Not a manly look at all.

1/2dozen on

Matt is not aging very well! He looks really old.

Diana on

I love the look!

Debra on

That’s the business look in the Bahamas! Nothing wrong with it except he should have word knee socks like the Bahamians do.

Kimber on

Sorry, this only works on toddlers and AC/DC.

PeeP on

Moose knuckle.

guest on


os on

I think he looks stupid in it

ldc on

Matt has better looking legs than his co-anchor. He looks good.

Guest on

Would be better if he chose a more casua/shorterl blazer and no tie.

laura on

I’m just glad Al “short” Roker didn’t model this look.

Hotgal on

Sylvia chile – ditto that. I was saying the same thing about her and that she should wear maxi dresses or pants for the duration of her pregnancy. Matt has got some fine man legs on him.

cheryl0729 on

I think it looks really cool. It is Summer time so why not? The suit is better looking than Savannah’s ugly dress.

cheryl0729 on

I love this look on him especially the shoes. It is better than her ugly dress.

Izzie on

Would look better if it hadn’t been the same pattern. Bermudian men look quite dashing going off to work in their suits. Savannah shouldn’t laugh because her dress is way too short and her shoes a bad choice for swollen ankles. Gee, so glad I’m perfect!!

kbn on

he looks like pee wee herman.

Boom on

Shorts fine by themselves but not as part of a suit…….

ljjf on

I think he looks nice, other men should try them on hot summer days at work or whatever.

Jerz on

Don’t like him. Or Savannah. Or Al. Or The Today Show.

Guest on

Umm, why are straight guys dressing like chicks now? Pitbull pants…Sure…
BTW, that suit would look awesome on Prince George since he’s actually a more appropriate age to wear it.

April Vesey on

To pull this off you have to wear the long knee socks, that’s how it’s done in Bermuda.

postathread on

He’s so creepy. Gross, his pants are always too tight, not sure exactly WHAT he’s trying to “show” off…who cares what he wears, after the debacle with Ann Curry, he’s a jerk in my book…always thought he was after cheating on his wife (so we’ve been told all over the media). So, the outfit suits him perfectly…”jerky”…

Lenora Liccioli on

It looks ridiculous.

ELC on

Stupid look on a stupid tv host.

ELC on

Really, he’s not attractive with long pant legs so this surely isn’t an improvement.

MV on

Matt looks very cute wearing that short!

amanda on

no…no! just NO!

Mikki on

Sorry Matt, but shorts? With a suit jacket ? Not gonna fly well with such non-fashionable shoes. Too ‘formal’ looking – not causal enough. Add to it that you are too old for this sort of a ‘suit’ – this is something a toddler wears in summer to a more dressed -up occasion. Khaki’s and a polo shirt and deck shoes would have been okay.

Lacey on

His knees are gross looking and the suit is ridiculous just like it was on Pharrel.

Kathy on

I apparently am in the minority but I thought it’s a cool looking suit. Perfect for summer.

Guest on

Whatever rocks your boat~!
His legs look FAR better than Savannah’s~!

Mary Lou Howland on

Matt doesn’t look professional at all, and I don’t appreciate a suit coat with hairy legs showing. As for the woman, her skirt length is too short, her legs are fat, and she has wrinkled, ugly looking knees.

Mary Lou Howland on

One more thing: Ann Curie had class!

Goson on

Have you at long last, no sense of decency, Mr. Lauer?

Sharon Kamp on

so what is wrong with this… I think it is KOOL!! We ohh and aww when women bare their boobs (very distastful) and wear nothing but a thong on the bottom..(horrifing) …. so don’t tell me this is out of line.. I have often thought men should be more colorful and different in their dress!

fan on

I think it is a good look for summer. the look is totally popular in Bermuda and no one looks twice as executives wear their shorts and suit jackets. good look

Dave on

It might look okay on someone other than the egotistical,conceited Lauer. Other than his Momma, who possibly could have led him to believe that he is cute.

Pat on

He looks as ridiculous as he sounds. Please give it up and go away, NOW!!!

Stephanie on

Matt looks ridiculous. Shorts and a t-shirt or Henley, yes, but a formal jacket? No, No, No.

guest on

Dumb and Dumber.
No wonder we watch FOX news.

Kathy on

I love it!! Why is everyone so opposed to something new?? As long as you have the legs for it, why not?!?!

Pat Rafferty on

How could anyone take him seriously? He looks silly trying to mix casual with business traditional.

Kookie on

Looks ok, But = no suit jacket and tie.

mphseason on

Mr Arrogant is trying to show that he isn’t almost 70, and can look like he is 27…..give it up dude….you can put lipstick…..imo

JW on

OMG! Matt looks fine! Savannah looks utterly ridiculous!
Who wears a dress like that with those legs and pregnant?
She has worst style over. Please S. do us all a favor and hire someone to dress you! Pleeeezzeee…..

LB on

Actually, I really like it!! Matt has kept himself in shape and it’s nice to see someone step out and do something different for a change. Fashion faux pas…not at all. It’s summertime, loose those wool blends.

Rev. Richard D. Pifer on

Bully, bully for you, Mattt. Whatever anyone might say, your wardrobe is still 1oo times better than most dress to attend services in God’s house, the church. This includes the pastor himself, who wears running shoes, hippy jeans and wrinkled shirt, and they let it all hang out. Your behind what we see is no different than times by many in the past. You’re great!

Joe Stanley on

I say live and let live. If someone wants to wear this short suit, that is their business. I am to old and to conservative ( in clothing ) to pull it off.

Tom on

He looks redicules. more like a hairess 5 year old in first grade He fits right in with the super liberal mantra of NBC.

Rhonda Mechtly on

This look: a non-starter. But he has better ankles than the woman next to him.

Rhonda Mechtly on

The look? A non-starter.
He has better looking ankles than the set next to him, however. But no, in these silly days of “there is no black-and-white to things….”: YES, there is. Is a suit appropriate to the situation? Then wear a suit. Is the situation casual? Wear shorts if you like (bermudas, or whatever you want to call them). Will we forever fight reasonable norms?

Harold on


Katy on

I think it’s kinda nifty if you have the body for it. It’s gotta be uncomfortable to have long sleeves AND a jacket on. I like that he doesn’t have sock on, too, because that would like look silly.
On another note, why are nasty people posting here just to show their hate, rage, and fear of people from a political party they don’t agree with? THAT is MUCH more stupid than guys wearing city shorts on a hot day!

Bryan R Merritt on

I never liked Laur anyhow and now he looks like a total idiot to boot..



Ricky on

This would be great if he was four years old, otherwise it’s just plain ridiculous and awful. A grown man should know better.

Susanebere on

I love it! Very stylish and forward! YAYYYYY Matt!

MingtheMerciless on

This is hardly a serious business look. Either he’s working or he’s at the beach. Combining the two makes him (with his already oversized ego) think he’s a trendsetter. He’s a little like the emperor who needed a little boy to give him a wake-up call: But look! He’s not suitably attired!

Margaret on

Fantastic – why not? shall we call it business casual trendy wear? If women can walk around in shorts, why not men as well. I would not consider this style proper for :Professional Business Practices such as meeting with clients, in office structure, etc., – but for casual wear on a Friday at Work, or elsewhere, why not?

Ian on

In all fairness, women have business fashion options for the summer. Nobody gives a second thought to a woman wearing a skirt above the knees in the workplace. Though I’m not a big fan of the suit, I would love to see fashion trends change for men that include shorts and COOLER (as in temperature) options!!

Itb4me2 on

SOOO unprofessional, just like his reporting

fwlrcj on

It looks ridiculous and looks like it was not hemmed which means he probably took a pair of shears to it just before air time.

Spoiler on

If you lose the shirt and tie and replace it with a v-neck t-shirt it would be acceptable but nothing will help Matt’s attitude except intense therapy.

filomenia on

The shorts just a bit longer (mid knee) would have looked better. I think a younger guy could pull it off a bit better, but he looked okay.

jerry on

just like the liberal jerks you are

William on

We all know that ‘celebrities’ try to remain ‘Trendy and With It’ for puposes sometimes unknown. But, Matt, you really are of an age now that the ‘young and hip’ doesn’t quite fit anymore. A regular suit will suffice, Thank You Very Much!

ruth wakefield on

Didn’t look all that bad but I wish someone would have put long pants on Savannah’s tree trunk legs !!

Stella Crawfird on

Matt’s a doll and would look good in or out of any outfit.

d1anaw on

That is one of the ugliest, dumbest ass things I have seen on a man his age. And his age group can pick some doozies.

d1anaw on

She definitely needs to lower her skirt legnth. Her legs are not her best asset.

Nancy on

I love the shorts. So what? His legs are generally under a desk and, if not, again, so what? It’s hot in NYC!

Irving on

As a guy, I hope it catches on big. Now all he has to do is lose the tie. Unfortunately the look is viewed as inappropriate right now, but some day Matt may be considered a pioneer.

Alberta Williams on

No, don’t care for the pants or Matt Lauer. I guess I can’t get over him costing Ann her job on the Today show. Everytime I see him I can’t think of anything but Ann.



Steve on

He’s got better legs than she does!!!



dennis on

Nope…like someone else said, this look is ok for a toddler, but not for a 50+ yr old man…he looks ridiculous

Jim on

what a liberal moron, NBC is full of them they are all anti American

spikeit on

Wonder who convinced this goober he could pull it off with legs like pencils? And what idiot thought up this outfit anyway? Matt looks dorkey enough even on a good day. Gezzzz, you just can’t fix stupid. Personally, I wish the liberal, right wing, O’Bama worshiping “Que Ball” would leave tv altogether…..and take those pathetic pair of legs with him. Clearly, he has no humility.

Ron on

Matt looks fantastic. I love all the negative comments. I’m sure most of the people commenting would look terrible. Oh and by the way. Those of you that are commenting on his age. YOU will be older some day. He is only 56 and is in great shape.

David Harpe on


Stephanie on

With a t-shirt or polo it would be all right, but with a formal jacket? Ugh.

Mike on

Who in heck thinks keeping Lauer and Roker is a good idea and when will that person come out of their coma?

mark on

He’s awful, he looks like an old queen. Matt needs to go! Lester Holt would be a good replacement.

Cholly Easterling on

I think Matt Lauer looks great! More men should try it in hot weather. Poor things! They’re feeling overheated already in jackets and ties. PLUS: He has strong shapely legs.

k gelberd on

I guess most viewers haven’t been to the island of Bermuda. Well, this is the way most business men dress there. Of course they don’t wear the shoes Matt’s wearing. They usually have long socks and a dress shoe to complete the look. Think about it, “Bermuda shorts”. Hmmmm???

dj rowan on

Lauer has always been an idiot, now he looks like one.

Iowa grandmother on

Sure, why not? And why does anyone care? Both Matt and Willie can pull it off, no big guts hanging over, there has been a lot worse on TV. I say GOFORIT!

Dan Brady on

Its about time men get to loosen up a bit in the summer. Woman get away with this forever. BTW Savannah needs to be working with Matt’s trainer on thinning out those legs a bit.

will on

Ever been to Bermuda? This is the norm. Perfectly acceptable.

Jlea on

Looks like a dork but his legs are not bad.

CSpats on

What a Dufuss!!! Actually his legs aren’t bad it’s his mouth I can’t stomach! He needs to GO AWAY! Permanently!!!

Deanna on

Jokes on you Matt. That’s okay though, you can just fire the shows wardrobe person. That should make you feel a little better.

Liz on

When are the men going to start wearing really SHORT short suits like the women on so many talk shows?

Richard on

So, is this how they expect to oust GMA from first place in the morning show ratings??

CBR on

Works for me…

Pat on

I don’t see anything wrong with him wearing the dress shorts to work, he looks nice. Women can wear short dresses so why not the short dress pants for his suit? Just some thing that we will have to get use to if more men chooseto do this.

Shay on

His legs are much better than the unshapely, gnarly legs has. She should cover those up!

Jenna Willbern on

I am not at all fond of him, no matter what he wears, but the
shorts suit is much nicer than that awful patterned dress she
is wearing—-GAG!

Raffaele Zuccaro on

He is nothing but a LIar for the White House and now dresses like a Jerk that he is anyway!!! He is an NBC STOOGE for OBAMA– Yoy NEVER get the truth from NBC, CBS,ABC,MSNBC–All lackeys for the White House!!!–They Cater to the Ill- informed and Un- informed- that watch these networks !!!!!

sally on

To Sylvia…I don’t care for Savannah either. But jeez, she’s pregnant give her a break! And yes, Matts suit is a huge ‘oh no!’

Louise on

I thought Matt Lauer was making enough money on TV to afford a real suit. This style is just not for him or, for that matter, for any “adult” male.
Sorry Matt.

Raffaele Zuccaro on

Since YOU TOO are a muppet for the Obama team- I know I will not be able to speak the truth here – Thanks Stooges of th ePeople

mccloudnj on

I don’t personally like the look of shorts and a suit jacket, but I’m not judgmental about what other people wear. Whatever floats his boat.

However, I wouldn’t want my husband to adopt this style.

Carolina Foster on

Go Matt. I think you model the future style that everyone will enjoy for this weather. You will see. It looks great.

Loren Livas on

JEALOUS MUCH?? Matt Lauer wasn’t wearing that suit, it was for a fashion segment, SO STOPPING HATIN’ ON MATT! His legs looked amazing, but of course you only used goofy photos to try to make your misleading article more appealing. SHAME ON YOU!

Peggy Giddens on

I love and respect Matt Lauer and I think he has impeccable taste. He looks good in shorts and should wear them more often since it’s summer time and time for summer time attire.

Vee on

Looks good!

Dave on

OK, I’m a heterosexual male and the suit looks ridiculous, but Lauer’s legs look better than Samantha Guthrie’s do. My god, she’s a pretty woman, but her legs look like a male wrestler’s…wow…very disappointed…

a on

It’s okay, if your are in the Caribbean

Joseph Van Vactor on

This no talent human being, and I use the term loosely, will do anything for attention. Stop watching and maybe he will be sent to MSNBC with al sharpton.

Diana on

I don’t really care one way or the other….but if that’s savannah next to him she has some pretty awful looking legs.

Ms Ell on

On Bermuda they do have the look of classic . Lawyers in Court look . I wonder if the stylist was going for the….simplist look for comment.

sandra on

His legs are better looking than hers.

elizabeth on

I don’t see what’s wrong with the shorts, reminds me of the business men in Bermuda, besides he has better legs than his co-host. Maybe a little hairier! His shorts look a heck of a lot better than norm we see on young guys with the crotch down to their knees, I guess it’s all in what the eye becomes used to seeing.

bob on

Is he as stupid as he looks?

cheri on

Matt has always been able to rock clothes! He is tight and fit and has great style- the shorts are great. It kind of reminds me of an old ACDC video if I remember correctly. You go Matt, do your thing…

Cherie on

Please NEVER do THAT again!!!

Meow on

Hopefully, it was all in jest. Otherwise, Matt, your taste in fashion is deplorable!

BullKonner on

Matt wore a women’s bathing suit not that long ago,so nothing disgusts me anymore regarding what this goofy Lib will do!

lj on

attention seekers

BullKonner on

With the world going into chaos,and they present this as “news” Give me a break!!

Vales Saunders on

When I saw you, smiles covered my face…I just loved it, it is so European. I love that style, You look very elegant. Growing up I always wanted to open a men’s clothing store in the Bahamas but unfortunately I was unable to. You really look great…

Fred Dow on

Just when i thought Matt lauer couldnt be more useless…then I see him in that short suit.
American in worst shape ever because Media nowadays is like Matt Lauer. they have no substance and no valued information.same as Brian Williams, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper….they have no sense of what Journalisim is. They never ask the right questions or deleiver the truth to peole to make them aware of how corrupt politicians are and how skilffull in disguise the truth. started since the first idiot Bush took us to war this his retarded Son to the second war all based on lies. they sacrificed other poeple’s children for thier blind and greedy ambition.

lj on

I like Savanna’s reaction !

Phil Paterno on

First the hair then the mind… all goes eventually

Fred Dow on

To add to my previous comment .i know you will be to afraid to post my opinion. just like all the rest of the media

Massimo on

Matt Lauer looks good in anything he wears and he wears only the best. Seen him on a beach? He is Ripped, six pack and all.. In Europe nobody would blink an eye seeing this suit.. Only in America wear the hicks are.

Penny Frost on

First the hair then the mind… it all goes eventually

flamingpie on

This ‘short suit’ is only for the younger crowd…that you would fine in the GQ section…older men(Matt incl) need to stick to the regular suits…nothing off his looks or fitness…just isn’t right somehow! I keep thinking of the little British boys in their short suits…he’s over 21…no can do!

Denormanee on

Nothing wrong with it. Men should have summer professional alternatives. I think a kilt would go well aslo.

Mike Gilmore on

OK for Bermuda, but even there the gentlemen wear solid, over-the-calf socks and highly polished, dress shoes – no bare legs and casual shoes.

larry on

What would you expect from the country’s most famous couch potato?

KitKat on

He’s so arrogant he thinks he can do, wear and say anything and it’s just fabulous! Ha! He looks RIDICULOUS!!

NYb on

Desperate people do desperate things. He’s trying to rehab his tarnished image as a result of his knowing in advance that Ann Curry was being fired from the Today Show.

Dale on

In the name of all that is holy…is he kidding. There went all respect for being a professional TV journalist. Would Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, Walter Cronkite EVER have been caught dead in a short suit. I don’t care what the segment was for.

celebratethehorse on

Hair too short. Pants too short. I see a pattern developing here.

George Harris on

This would look right at home in Bermuda as long as Matt put on the calf-length dress socks and dress shoes.

Nancy on

Not new to me.

I worked for a company in the 70s. The guys wore shorts with a jacket every Friday.

Don on

Matt, Ah, he is OK for sure !! I just would not Run, Gallop, or even Fast Trot to see him when wearing a Short Pants Suit, for attire style demonstration purposes.. those male knees and legs are not magnetic for me..

brian on

I can’t believe this clueless, unlikeable person is still on TV. I quit buying any products from companies that advertise on his show a decade ago.

jill on


Ken Long on

I like shorts, cargo shorts and a t shirt, not as a suit for the office.

Guest on

I never enjoyed Matt Lauer, but watch once in a while, he’s a strange man. I’ll never understand why the network has kept him around. By the way, Savannah’s legs has always bothered me. They are the fat “porky pig” style and she should wear pants like Hillary Clinton.

Larry S on

Do people really care?

momstaronstar on

It looks like he just ripped his pants to make shorts out of them. Not a pretty sight.

Joanna on

Why not? If you don’t like it, don’t look. Girls wear much less and men must be overheated in what they are expected to wear.

Jo Ann on

I don’t see the problem other than he should have done what the men in Bermuda do. dressy knee high socks. It looks weird bare-legged. But I’m much more put off by the heavy legs of his co-host in the photo.

carl phillips on


Corrine on

Love it!!!

Mary on

This “style” is worn by many in the news business. Most of you would be surprised to know how many news anchors/reporters are sitting behind a desk dressed like this. Pretty common in the reporting/news business.

Nancy on

His legs are fine. I’m horrified by the ugly thick legs of Natalie Morales. Wow. She shouldn’t wear dresses. Now that’s something that I can’t unsee!

Geegee on

I don’t care what Matt Lauer wears. I don’t like him. Years ago, I liked him, but I have grown to know that he is a liberal smart ass. Sorry, he can wear his momma’s bikini, and I wouldn’t care. Wait a minute. I think he wore that on Halloween a few years back. Yuck….

USMC397 on

U ‘da MAN! Maybe you’ll start a worldwide trend.

Rivertrail on

I think he looks good in the suit…I think it would be ok for all men to wear them..

Pam on

He apparently is getting in touch with his “feminine” side…..

david on

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jd on

I think is so cool. But the best would have been jeans and a
t shirt.

mike ziggy on


jd on

This looked Great. But t-shirts and jeans would have been better……..

Theresa on


Florence Brooks on

His legs are more shapely than the woman he is standing next to.

Lady Klee on

oh Please….. NO !

Arlene on

I don’t like the look of Matt’s short pants suit! He needs to shave his legs! I don’t think the short pants look good on young men either!

Envolson on

Lead guitar replacement for AC/DC??

Envolson on

Lead guitar substitution for AC/DC??

Blake Keith on

join the party

2alarm on

This boring man is also nothing to look at, so it stands to reason he would teeter all the way out to weird to get attention.

studentmom49 on

I think it is cool that he wore shorts on the set of the Today show. People are too old fashion. In todays world it should be about what you know and how you do you job and not what you wear. The fashion world as it is in the work force needs to catch up with the rest of the world and become more trendy. Women can wear cloths that are more comfortable to work and it is still in stile and appropriate but the men are suppose to wear this two or three piece suit to work. In the winter time it is a smart way to dress but what about the summer time when the temperature is in the 80’s or higher? I saw keep the shorts.

Lynn on

After experiencing 95degree temps this week the short pants are ok by me. I wish he had made the jacket short sleeve as well, might have started a new fad. Good on you!

Gracie on

It “suits” him. Silly Matt, attempting style.

Vickie on

Matt’s legs were WAY better than hers!!! It just made her look bad.

msyellarose on

Oh Matt’s look is adorable…for a 2 year old on Easter Sunday. Come on guys, let’s stay with the grown up look.

Ray on

Dumber than dirt!

PJ Johns on

I didn’t realize Matt cdould look that bad! Not a good look, if he has a son (under 5) it would be the son’s look!!!!

Gregory M. Verdell on

I see nothing wrong with that’s it is summer time and long pants do get pretty warm, besides the legs like to get some fresh air also!

Cathi on

He’s such a jerk! He’s the reason why Ann Curry was fired. It should have been him.

Carli P on

It fits his personnality almost to a T. Only this lacking is a bow tie,

Pavel Bryansky on

Matt – Peewee Herman called. He wants his wardrobe back; BIG SHOES too.

emb121 on

Dude needs a serious tan and toneage before he sports those shorts and nasty knees to the naked eye. Having said that, I’m all for the comfort if it’s unseen.

shopgirl18 on

matt is so old looking.. not pleasant to look at , at all… bleh…only 5 and under can wear this get up… maybe if he was replaced by a nicer looking host, the show would improve on ratings… his ship has sailed…

Joan on

I don’t like the style period! Not manly at all …

And does Savannah know they are making some lovely maternity LONG pants these days.?? ….Just sayin’…

Squiggles on

I actually like short suits. It must be awful to be stuck in long pants in summer, especially if you have no access to AC. But the shorts look a bit too short; they should hit right above his knee.

porman on

Poor fellow probably doesn’t get much attention on NBC so he needs to make an exibition out of himself…nothing to see here

JJparty on

I like it ! It is trendy and he wore it like a champ. Pharrell Williams wore them and so can Matt:-)

linda buckley on

nello i think that is nice back on 70s wee chefs were shorts long socks and cooking i like that mrs lauder i am a lady i hope u can wear that all time

Chris on

Who the heck cares what Matt Lauer does? He got just what he wanted extra free press coverage… you all fell right for his ploy!

Jan Lodle on

NBC should put more emphasis on professionalism with their news staff. ML looks goofy and not professional. But then, it is NBC–par for the course.

jack martin on

Man, you guys all KILL me.. Nasty little people with nothing better to do than hate on people. Say something positive, or move on and get a life. I don’t care for Matt… but GOOD FOR HIM…. go for it, Matt. Wish you all wanted his career and his life…. every negative, nasty thing just makes you sadder, and smaller… than you already are. Let everyone wear what they want…. life is SHORT… so wear shorts if you want to…. I would love to see how fashionable all of you are every day. :)

marc on

Looks good- very stylish!

Guest on

What’s wrong with his knees….yuck!

JoBeth on

Oh come on now, The way some women dress, why not……….Cool, comfortable, and his style………Now ladies, remember how you look sometimes!!!!!

mers on

There are very few people who could pull off this look and Matt Lauer certainly IS NOT one of them. He is such an egotistical jerk. He should have been canned long ago!

Bob on

Coat, Tie, Shorts, and Sneakers, just what every well dresed quer needs to wear. LOL and besides his knees look like he had just changed a tire on a greasy driveway.

Eva on

He makes Savannahs’ fat leggs look worse
I sure wish women with fat leggs would not were short dresses that show them..

Just like Fat Girls weaing Tigh Shorts or Jeans or Spanz.. Look Ridicoulous! I laugh at them and shake my head..

Dennis on

He is a JERK period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sandytriad on

Another word comes to mind, but I’ll keep it clean…..he looks like a goober!

xela ortiz on

That guy needs to be removed from the show i haven’t seen show since ann was let go

nikkitytom on

Heck … this is exactly what businessmen in Bermuda have worn for years. With matching ties and socks too. Takes a bit of getting used to but after a couple of weeks it began to look normal to me.

Paul Bambei on

Lauer is a pompous, egotistic, showboat who is desperately trying to offset the lack of hair on his noggin with those spindly sticks underneath. What a joke.

Imnottellingyou on

Is this what you consider news? Very shallow and ridiculous for this to be covered.

Mary on

What on Earth is he thinking? He looks completely ridiculous. I’ve seen this suit style on someone else on TV — I seriously hope it isn’t becoming the fashion. As another poster said, only if you’re age four or younger.

Paul Bambei on

Matt is just narcissistic enough to guide his pompous life by comments like ours, so…..I Say, who cares about him and his funny little shorts that he paid way too much for to try and look cool. He’s not.

femmenoir on

It’s not really the suit that is the problem. He should have gone without a necktie.

Jack on

Does anyone really care what Matt Lauer wears/


Like many people I know, I have not watched the TODAY SHOW after Ann Curry was fired thanks to Matt Lauer’s treachery. I cannot stand the man! He should be the one dismissed.

Susan on

I think he looked great. This is New York. You DO see men in this combo. Why not? I say yes.

tee on

People that live in Bermuda wear this to work all the time, nothing wrong with it and it certainly is not new……

Erika on

Horrendous! And Savannah’s legs are too!

dennodog on

I hope Al Roker doesn’t poop his pants again.

burrrobson on

This is the philandering yet arrogant Matt Lauer? His legs are nothing to brag about. But then I feel that way about all of him.

burrrobson on

Aging knees, not a good look. But then I’m prejudiced; I think he’s a philandering jerk.

curlygirrl on

I wish I looked as good in shorts as Matt does. Go Matt.

G. Sacre on

No, no, no.

Chuck on

Suits with shorts have been popular with businessmen and professionals in the Caribbean for decades.

The Royal Navy has white shorts to go along with open collared shirts for officers, when a ship is on patrol in a warm climate.

The problem for Lauer is that a suit with shorts is supposed to be worn with dress shoes (probably a dressy loafer and not wingtips) and dark knee socks.

Considering how hot and humid it can get in places like New York, Washingon, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, and Houston, I would prefer a “relaxed” business formal look (coat, tie, and shorts) than business casual (polo or short sleeve dress shirt, no tie, and Dockers).

This is just the logical step from what used to be common in summer, the seersucker suit, which was more comfortable than a blue suit made from a wool blend or tropical wool.

Charlie Haase on

That is utterly ridiculous. Where’s the Little Lord Fauntleroy hat?

Carol A Giuliani on

Matt’s legs are better shaped than the female next to him – he’s all good for the short pant suits – why not – they wear this style shorts playing golf etc

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