Jennifer Hudson and Demi Lovato Share Super-Sexy Bikini Pics on Instagram

06/18/2014 at 12:30 PM ET

Your Instagram feed is probably full of photos of summery cocktails, beaches and bikini snaps. (Are we right?) And it’s no different for your favorite stars. Proof? Jennifer Hudson and Demi Lovato‘s latest bikini photos — prime examples of the A-list swimsuit shot.

Jennifer Hudson bikini photosCourtesy Jennifer Hudson

JHud showed off her curves and slimmed-down physique in a bright yellow two-piece. “It would take mexico to get me to play on the beach! I’m so not that girl! But I work hard, I deserve it right! Plus, I earned it!” the singer captioned the above photo on Instagram.

In March, Hudson stepped away from her role as Weight Watchers ambassador, after reaching her 80-pound weight loss goal. “My experience with Weight Watchers has truly been life changing,” she shared. “I am grateful for what I have learned throughout the process and will always take it with me.”

Aside from a healthy diet, Hudson tries to get in cardio whenever she can. “Sometimes I set the timer on the stove and run up and down my steps until it goes off,” she told PEOPLE. “You don’t even need to go to the gym. Set the timer or microwave for 15 to 20 minutes and you’ll work up a sweat.”

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Demi Lovato also shared a photo (below) of herself lounging poolside in a black studded bikini. The star isn’t a stranger to makeup-free photos or bikini snaps (she posted a similar one earlier this year) — she is an activist for positive body image and promotes healthy self-esteem among her fans.

Summertime ☀️😎💪

A photo posted by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) on

What do you think of these recent swimsuit shots? Do you post bikini photos on Instagram?

–Brittany Talarico

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Showing 54 comments

megan on

Demi = Awesome on so many levels.

Jennifer = Meh.

Pam on


Angie on

Jen’s body is amazing!

emstag on

Jennifer still has big legs.

alex on

All the picture says is “im insecure look at me look at me”, cant these people not take pictures of themselves because WE dont care……. enough is enough –

Melany on

Those are the pictures of 2 sexually and emotional NOT satisfied women.

Ruth Tenney on

You may deserve it but everyone doesn’t need to see or it or want too. It’s a big presumptuous and arrogant.

myopinion--notyour's on

JHud as you call her…her torso looks pretty thin…almost too much so…kinda scary.

L on

My body looks exactly like hers and i’d be dammed if one of you online trolls tries to make me feel anything less than F-IN AWESOME!!!!! Grow up people……she looks damn amazing

Kata on

So sick of these selfies.

Lala on

She needs to ditch that hair! Way too 80’s throwback, especially with the style of her bikini. Otherwise, good for her, and her hard work!

LaLa on

OMG!!! Can we possibly hear one more thing about Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss. Don’t get me wrong….I’ve been there and lost weight using the Weight Watchers program. It is a fabulous program and very realistic for ANYONE to do. But why don’t see stories about her and her son or her and her fiance. i really feel bad for them, because they seem so far in the background. I really hope she sticks with it, but let’s see a little weight loss and a little more of her musical ability!!!!

Kitkat75 on

Does Jennifer H. Ever stop looking pissed off and snotty.

Kimber on

What’s up with that third pic of “JHud”? Is she trying to show us her boobs or what? She still looks like a bobblehead doll.

Ru on

Wish Jennifer didn’t go there….total Katrashian move

guest on

I’d like to see one of these vapid a**wipes post a picture of themselves cracking a book or doing charitable work.

jenn on

I think Jennifer Hudson has gotten so conceited since American Idol. She’s always pouting and has an attitude. Stardom must have gone to her head.

Silver Bow on

Jennifer: I deserve it.

Well if you say so. LMBO! She is starting to come off as the female Kanye.

joan719 on

Demi looks wonderful. Jennifer has a small waist and thunder thighs, not really a good look, but congrats on her weight loss, for sure.

alanca on

What is it with all of the selfies? How narcissistic to believe that you are so wonderful that the whole world needs/wants to see every darn thing you do. These people need to get a life… beyond celebrity and their own worlds.

Gunny on

Good for you Jennifer – you are always an inspiration.

Lexie on

Looking good, girls!

Great work, Jennifer! Keep it up!

Gretchen on

Still trying to decide if you can lose that extra 90 lbs, posters? Talk about needlessly rude comments; some of you either didn’t listen to your mother when she was trying to teach you NOT to be the biggest jerk on the block. Wow, someone works hard to lose 80 lbs, get healthy and exercise, and it’s ” sexually and emotional NOT satisfied”, “Jennifer still has big legs”, “Jennifer = Meh”. What is the matter with you people that you are so hateful when someone else does something about the problem, and they are successful? Sheesh! They both look great, and selfies are what they are, so what’s wrong with showing one once in awhile?!

ll on

I love how people ( read: Caucasian) consider themselves to be the authority on what an “attractive” body is. Her small waist and “thunder thighs” are much appreciated in the black community. Not all cultures worship the skin and bones look that so many of you favor…

Ginger on

Jen has kept off the weight. I am happy for her.

casmia on

Anything looks better when you bend forward or lay down. C’mon!

Julie on

That’s a tummy tuck belly button if I’ve ever seen one. I’m not hating…I just had my third baby and will be getting one myself in a year.

Jaymeson on

Her thighs are huge, she needs to wear a sarong around her to cover them up. Have no idea why overweight people want to show how nasty they look. Yes she’s lost weight, but her bottom half is still big!

TG on

Looking great ladies.

Mikki on

Didn’t Jennifer lose all this weight like, 5 years ago? Why is she still parading her weight loss around likes it’s big news??

Lady on

Would you all stop with the hate already?!! Honestly it just makes you apeear sad… These are two women who have been through a lot in their lives so WTH is wrong with them trying to be happy and showing off their hard work??? And yes they are huge celebs and you DO want to to know if not u wouldn’t be here commenting, pls stop with the unnecessary hate people! I have a feeling if this was some ‘pretty’ and ‘slim’ white celeb the comments will be waaay different… just saying SPREAD LOVE NOT HATE

Peter on

She’s a celebrity with fans who are sometimes as insecure as the stars and she or they are posting these photos as a sign of solidarity to every woman or man who has ever had a weight struggle and saying “you go girl/boy, you can do it too” and for all the haters on here, please just go away already…I really have no untoward vocabulary to characterize your hatefulness other than say, I hope that one day you hate your self less because your hateful comments are a reflection of how you truly feel about yourself and your overall view of the world, which is quite sad simply. J-hud and Demi, keep on working hard and enjoy life!

Kirstin on

I call BS on Jennifer. It’s called Gastric bypass and Plastic surgery!

Bella on

Proud of her, shes come so far!

Nanu 08 on

Jennifer doesn’t look all that great so needs to cover-up…..has big legs!!!!

cruella on

It’s so sad, the constant craving for people admiring them. They are so bloody immature, it hurts.

Kara on

I love Jennifer’s statement about not having to go to the gym to get fit. I think it’s so easy to get in your own way because a lot of times it IS a chore to get to the gym.
I agree with her 100% about running up and down the stairs. Also, throw down an exercise mat and look up a Pilates video on YouTube. Get a simple set of weights and get to work with those.
Fitness is within our grasp.

Bennyhanna on

Selfies are ridiculous.

Famous people going “I need attention and affirmation do bad! Even if I look desperate!” That’s a selfie.

guest on

Attention seeker. Her minute of fame is fading. And, anyone who posts “selfies” of their body, isn’t secure with it, in the first place.

Jean on

Jennifer: iieeewww Her hair is so awful

Demi: beauty

butters on

I’m glad women are proud of themselves, doesn’t matter what size, shape. Too many women hate their bodies, have low self esteem and don’t like themselves. We need positive reinforcements and to have a happy outlook towards life.

bitsy on

I am really so over all these people and their bikini selfies! good for them for the hard work on losing weight and getting in shape, but c’mon. i guess that is why they are in the entertainment business. they need the attention/affirmation from everyone.

Alex on

Still looks good.

katie on

Jennifer has worked hard and definitely seems like she is healthy and loving her life- good for her! Demi also seems happy and seems like such a sweet and genuine person in everything she does. My only question…..why would anyone feel the need to share photos such as these? It is just strange to me? I love feeling good about myself, and while I try to take care of myself and put some effort into what I look like each day so I do feel good, I certainly don’t feel the need to post pictures of me in unnatural positions that are stages. It is strange…then again I don’t do F.B. or Instagram, Twitter etc. so I am not submersed in this media-aged society we live in.
That aside, they both look happy and healthy so that is wonderful:)

Deborah on

She looks good from the waist up… you can tell her thighs are huge and rub against each other when she walks. I hope she keeps up the cardio.

Ali Sultan on

Better Jennifer Hudson show everything naked.What difference does it make anyway.All have become shameless.

Christine on

I have absolutely no problem with these selfies whatsoever. They didn’t ask for these photos to be plastered on They did what most average Janes do nowadays and took selfies and posted them on Instagram. What’s wrong with that? How is this any different than the plus-sized woman who posts a picture of herself in her bathing suit to show that she’s damn proud of the way she looks? That woman gets applauded for her confidence….but the second someone a little thinner comes along and posts the same type of photo, she gets chastised and ridiculed.
The bottom line is, whether you’re plus-sized, average sized or thin and petite, if you’re proud of yourself and the way you look, and you want to show that off, go for it! Nothing is more beautiful than self-confidence — and these women are both beautiful.

Erin on

Um, I think she looks great.. She clearly has worked incredibly hard. Its sad that people on this comment board still find time to pick the woman apart. And you wonder how eating disorders and Body dysmorphic disorder occurs.. Its because people make comment’s like “ew” and “her legs are still too big”. Come on. What a disgusting thing to say about another human. Only insecure people say such cruel things, a secure person either wouldn’t bother to look or offer something positive to say. Grow up.

pinky on

She has an odd body, smaller waist and huge legs/thighs. Very snotty arrogant looking you woman. JH try smiling and MAYBE catch a selfie of you doing something charitable..nah not you!

William on

Poor quality on the Hudson pics, very dark and grainy. We also need to see her other side to confirm junk-in-the-trunk status remains unaffected.

Kristan on

As big as she was she had to have had some body contouring done. You can’t be that overweight for most of your adult life and not have sagging skin. Proud of her for the lifestyle change though!

jill on

Wow some of you people sure are jealous! Looking amazing demi!

Jessica on

Women have thighs….
Get over it.
Dare you haters to post pictures of your thighs.

onfancy on

very nice looking so hot.

keep sharing such pics.

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