Kanye West Edited Wedding Kiss Photo for Four Days Because of 'How Important Kim Is to the Internet' (Plus: See Annie Leibovitz's Response to West's Claim She Dropped Out)

06/17/2014 at 05:09 PM ET

If you’re going to enlist Andrea Bocelli to sing at your wedding and hire Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci to design the flower girl attire, why wouldn’t you spring for one of the most famous wedding photographers in the world — like, say, Annie Leibovitz? That was one of the outstanding questions we had about the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West nuptials. But as it turns out, the newlywed Wests did have their Vogue cover photographer on tap for the big day. At least, so said West during a panel at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity Monday.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West wedding photoCourtesy Kim Kardashian

“Annie Leibovitz pulled out right before the wedding. I think that she was, like, scared of the idea of celebrity,” West told the crowd, according to the New York Post. “Because Annie pulled out, I was like, ‘Okay, I still want my wedding photos to look like Annie Leibovitz,’ and we sat there and worked on that photo [above] for, like, four days because the flowers were off-color.”

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That was four days that the newlyweds were spending on their Ireland honeymoon — a fact that didn’t thrill West’s new bride. “Let me tell you something about that kiss photo that my girl put up … this was pissing my girl off during the honeymoon, she was exhausted because we worked on the photo so much,” he said. “Can you imagine telling someone … who’s the No. 1 person on Instagram, ‘We need to work on the color of the flower wall,’ or the idea that it’s a Givenchy dress, and it’s not about the name Givenchy, it’s about the talent that is Riccardo Tisci — and how important Kim is to the Internet. And the fact the No. 1 most-liked photo [on Instagram] has a kind of aesthetic was a win for what the mission is, which is raising the palette.”

Other things that West is “raising the palette” on, according to the Post: interracial relationships (“It took two years of people not understanding an interracial relationship like [his with Kim]. You have to take the lashes and be able to swim in backlash”), brand partnerships (“I have to work with the No. 1. I can’t work with anyone but Jay Z, I can’t be with any girl but Kim … I am not going to represent any company except Louis Vuitton because that’s the best”) and the idea of good taste, in general (“I think bad taste is vulgar — it’s like cursing. I believe the world can be saved by design because what is the most vulgar thing someone could do? Kill someone, so good taste is the opposite of that”).

For her part, Leibovitz responded Thursday in a joint statement with West designed to clear up any misunderstanding about his Cannes comments. “Although Kanye expressed frustration that he was not able to collaborate with Annie Leibovitz at his recent wedding, he is not assigning blame, and is not accusing Annie in any way,” the statement read. “Kanye and Annie’s representatives were in negotiations for weeks that were not completed by the time of the wedding … Annie Leibovitz – the legendary photographer responsible for Kim and Kanye’s recent Vogue cover – is not known to shoot weddings. But Kanye West dreams big. He loves and respects Annie as a true artist and wanted to bring her eye for beauty to the imagery of the event.”

For more of West’s deep thoughts, check out the whole article here, and tell us: Are you surprised West edited his own wedding photos? What do you think of the end result?

–Alex Apatoff

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domino on

Oh, poor rich people with problems. That must really suck for them.

ash on

He’s legitimately insane.

Rose on

What the f***!? These two are the most shallow self centered greedy ugly a**holes on the planet. Makes me sick that they have a fan base that keeps them famous!

Guest on

Looks like a wall of cauliflower.

gymluv on

Ok I am confused. Was that quote from Farrah Abraham from Backdoor Teen Mom? I swear that long-winded, nonsensical rant was from her. I also see the irony in the similarities. It shows clearly that the priority of the entire wedding, was to impress social media. Four honeymoon days spent fixing a photo for instagram? I wish he was kidding.

sandy on


myuntidydesk on

Annie Liebovitz is a serious, talented, in demand photographer. For her to “walk out” on a job must mean that the people she was working for were a pain in the butt. She probably regrets ever agreeing to even TALK to Kimye, much less taking the job.

maryhelenc on

I think he’s insane. He sees himself as so much more valuable than he actually is & Kim as this hot commodity but they’re both replaceable.

TG on

Does Kanye think that Kim dresses in “good taste?” It’s amazing to me how delusional these two are. Kim is popular on the Internet because people love to hate her. Most people post comments that are negative, not positive. I click on most stories to read the comments!

Erin on

Wonder what the real truth for Annie to quit day before the wedding. Perhaps problems with “Creative differences.”

kayne west babble on

Good lord every time I read something that Kayne West has said – I need a frickin translator. He makes zero sense. Honestly …. get over yourself already.

Morgan on


Corgi on


Salma on

This is disgusting to me. They’re are beyond superficial. I feel bad for their daughter. She has no chance at a normal, humble and honest childhood with parents as egotistical as these two.

kayne west babble on

Ash your comment made me laugh. LOL

Guest on

He is insane. There’s no other way around this. Annie Leibovitz is nothing but celebrity – she’s more likely afraid of being associated with reality stars, instead of the normal crop she’s used to. And 4 days for an instagram photo? Had they just done as Mama Kris surely wanted, a mag would have gladly touched them up. But Kanye needed to go the Jay-Z and Bey route, and give his “celebrity” to the public for free. These are not the thoughts of an in touch person.

Corgi on

How ’bout taking care of your daughter for four straight days…

Ging on

What a waste of time! Someday Kanye will come down from the clouds. His priorities are all screwed up and he doesn’t make much sense. He is extremely overrated.

PeeP on

Please stop!

PeeP on

Did Anne Geddes turn down the newborn photography too?

jackie on

Wow. Dude is crazy.

guest on

I pretty much stopped reading halfway through the 2nd paragraph. Listening to Kanye “speak” is extremely irritating. He is so full of himself and only talks about Kim (A.K.A. “his girl”….. guess he’s not used to saying WIFE??) in terms of her celebrity status, beauty, etc. Ick.

Meeeeeel on

What a moron. So glad those two found each other. Maybe one of these days they will realize there is more to life than money and your “status”. Hopefully someone is stepping in to teach their daughter how to be humble and respectful.

Angela on

All I can say is that Kim and Kanye think too highly of themselves. Why are we giving them any attention at all!!

Ricce on

He is a conceited jack ass.

Sarah S. on

They’re the most narcissistic humans (if you want to call them that) on the face of the Earth. They act like we should all care about them; and they care nothing about real people, real situations. Not even their daughter. They NEED a big reality slap in the face!!

Katey on

The man is a joke. His inflated sense of ego is so frightening! I honestly believe that he is mentally ill. Someone with such gigantic delusions of grandeur can’t be healthy………….

MJ on

Time to take your med’s Kanye…

sandy on

1st of all who thinks a flower wall is all that? not me.
how can you marry someone who sings such disrespectful songs about you? they r really sad people.

EC on

Something tells me even if Liebowitz did take the photos they still would have spent days fixing them. The fact the couple admits they took four days to make the photo “perfect” shows how fake they really are. The photographer doesn’t select the wedding color palette – the couple does. The couple along with their wedding planner and florist should have known the color palette would not work with her dress color and the lighting.. Also, Annie Leibovitz is not a wedding photographer and I’m sure she has her own creative vision and didn’t want to deal with the couple and their demands.

Sophie on

looks like he should have worked another four days because those flowers still look bad…even the poor flowers don’t want to be in the picture with these two egomaniacs

Lindy on

What an idiot !!!!!

kbrit on


deezy weezy on


Thanks for the laughs! This will entertain me for days!

Kimmy on

Right…. Annie Leibovitz is scared of celebrity….what is wrong with you Kenye??? That’s all she does….. These two people are so perfect for each other…dumb and dumber

Tee on

No, Kanye, YOU are vulgar.

Elara on

If I remember correctly, Annie Leibovitz did the Suri Cruise baby picture with Katie and crazy Tom. I doubt she is “afraid of celebrities”. I wonder just how demanding and arrogant these two nuts were that she decided (after working with someone as egotistical as Tom Cruise) to back out of the job. Neither one of them are important to the internet, or the world. Get over yourselves.

DD on

What do you expect Kanye to say when he married into the untalented sex tape empire family??? He knows how to cater to THEIR media. Remember that egomaniac loud mouth made Taylor Swift fulthy rich!!!! Do what you do Kanye…maybe one day you’ll get back to making “Good Music”…after the DIVORCE!!!!

Almond E. Brown on

I think it is gross when men refer to the grown a$$ women they’re dating or married to as “my girl.”

Tina on

He is clearly delusional, I hope there is a doctor tracking his meds. It’s almost sad that he obviously believes the BS spewing out of his mouth & she knowing what a POS she really is buys into it b/c it beats facing the truth. It’s just so unfortunate that they have a child that not only has to live with the name they saddled her with, but with the backlash of having them as parents.

Patonthis on

So, if Annie didn’t shoot it, who did? Shouldn’t the photographer be the one who adjusts the color and works on the shot?

Andrea on

I don’t know which is more disturbing: Kanye’s and Kim’s nonsensical, narcissistic and obtuse view of the world OR the fact that enough people enjoyed the photo to make it the #1 picture on Instgram? These two are beyond professional mental health help.

mel on

omg get over yourselves already your pathetic both of you ..do you honestly think the sun rises and sets in your ass? Please Go the F**** away its getting sickening now yuck!

Sizi on

Wow, he’s such a ‘humble’, ‘down to earth’ person!

Jess on

Yes indeed!!! Because you will never find anyone else on this world trashier than Kimho! You two are NOT that important to everyone, don’t flatter yourself mr west.

diane james on

he’s insane. he’s totally lost his mind. there’s officially no hope for him.

Kaley on

Kanye West talking about taste and he married a Kardashian. That’s irony right there…

Guest on June 17th on

Bahahahahahahaha! It does look like cauliflower!!!!

Guest on


Mila on

He is f**cking delusional!!! He makes absolutely no sense and is so out of touch with reality! It’s very obvious he is a college drop out! Go educate yourself about important issues instead of spending 4 days photoshopping a picture!

Summer on

Baaaahaahaha! This guy is crazy. Seriously, all jokes aside, this guy is definitely crazy. He really doesn’t understand that Annie Leibovitz is a true artist, unlike him.

Jenn on

Does anyone else feel sorry for the flowers for having to be in the picture with these two? And it must be nice to not have anything important to do (like caring for your daughter!) for 4 days that you can arrange this pic.

Lea on

His comment makes no sense. He is extremely vulgar and isn’t number one in anything other than sampling other songs, filling them with curse words, over-synthesizing them, and then releasing them as “art.” Kim and Kanye are the very definition of classless, tacky, and vulgar. It’s unreal how he can’t see that.

catercrab on

Well, I personally think Kanye should work just as hard on his communication skills, because they are lacking. At the same time, it must be said, that the Wedding Picture is lovely, elegant, and classic.

Blah on

I think they both need to get over themselves and I applaud her for pulling out!

Melissa B on

I looked up Narcissistic Personality disorder, here are a few tidbits. But you guys gotta check it out for yourselves it’s golden:

*Expects to be recognized as superior and special, without superior accomplishments (KIM ANYONE?)
*Expects constant attention, admiration and positive reinforcement from others
*Envies others and believes others envy him/her
Is preoccupied with thoughts and fantasies of great success, enormous attractiveness, power, intelligence
*Lacks the ability to empathize with the feelings or desires of others (Kanye – who thinks his opinion is above others & others opinions/feelings dont matter)
*Is arrogant in attitudes and behavior
*Has expectations of special treatment that are unrealistic

*Takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends(KIM ANYONE?), has trouble keeping healthy relationships with others, easily hurt or rejected, appears unemotional, and exaggerating special achievements and talents (KANYE), setting unrealistic goals for himself/herself.

*Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by an over-inflated sense of self-importance, as well as dramatic, emotional behavior (KANYE & KIM)

Really all of the above fits them to a T!!

Guest on

I have a feeling he only says these outrageous things to get a rise out of people. That to him, it’s all one big joke.

Guest on

‘How Important Kim Is to the Internet’?

That’s the funniest and most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Jan on

Completely dillusional…both of them.

Emmy on

Holy Cow!! Shut up Kanye… Arrogant fool…

Sue on

Truely, I think the public is quite done with this so called pseudo “family’..quite done PEOPLE.

Marsha on

You spent four hours for what? The dress appears blue.

I can’t imagine Annie L bailing unless there was some nasty drama going down.

Alma on

Why he keeps mentionng interracial relationship as if theirs is the first….. First of all Kim is not white, she is half Caucasian and had never had any problems or troubles dating man of color. I am sick and tired of this mediocre couple imposing themselves as if they matter to anyone but themselves or if they will change the world. What is he going to say when she dumps him for someone else?

olivia on

K west has to be in control of everything from what tampon kk uses to what diapers NW uses I am sure

Dawn S on

He’s laughing all the way to the bank with his crazy, egotistical delusions. I do NOT understand why even KK is with this dude.

Lilyflower on

What. The. F**k.

PeeP on

I’m to believe that a straight man spent four days editing a flower wall?

itsall good nroanoke on

She got Married & borrowed do many times. That we are waiting on the next person! Sorry that’s the way we see it. Next BROTHER!

Rada on

Kanye only wants the best and he will dump Kim as soon as her celebrity status or beauty fades as we all know it will. I hope he doesn’t apply the same ‘the best or nothing’ philosophy to his poor daughter. I feel so sorry for that child.

Kate on

FFS these people are so vapid. They wouldn’t know a real problem if it smacked them in their big heads.

kg on


Sarah on

Yep, that is what will save all that is wrong with the world. Expenive fashion that only the 1% can afford. Thy are really great people-spending all their money on themselves while there are starving/dying children in the world. You seem really intelligent Kanyne. Oh and the editors of people magazine and other media outlets that keep giving them more money to blow and teach future generations that money, sex, and plastic surgery are “number 1”

Guest on

Read Melissa B’s excerpt on Narcissitic Personalty. It the truth.

lizzy on

she pulled out because she did not want to work with these people. these two must be paying people to put all their stores on this web sight? these two need to go away.

Carriebeth Morrison on

Omg. Those two are delusional. She has no talent, is famous for being famous. And he is a narcissistic moron. They both married the right people.

ckr5009 on

And he did this while on their honeymoon… Ridiculous! Even though I do love that picture lol


Christine on


Connie on

Note to Kim and Kanye: Kim “is not important to the internet”! I believe “the internet is important to Kim” would be the correct statement. Please stop publicizing the narcissistic, superficial life of this miserable family.

Mary on

The whole Kardashian/Jenner is pathetic, I feel sorry for Bruce, and glad he got out and hopes he never goes back to pimp momma.

Amelia on

Kim’s importance to the internet? You’re delusional. Also, you’re not that great an editor.

Not falling for it on

OMG would these people just get over themselves already?

Plumeria on

It was just a mere matter of time before he’d start up a again.. It’s interesting how we rarely hear about Kim or Kanye giving back.. It’s always about themselves.. Anyways..

Mixie on

He did a horrible job!!!

Rebel on

Since when is a KarTRASHian important to the internet?
Daddy Kardashian is rolling over in his grave at the trashy tramps his daughters have become and sadly their Mother is the one who pimps them out.

Shiela Kerr on

Is being popular on the Internet that important to this man? He is so delusional and psychotic , they deserve each. Two shallow worthless fools with no substance. I still can not get beyond his comment of being popular on the Internet, sick!

AXO412 on

“I think bad taste is vulgar – it’s like cursing.”

Uumm, has he listened to his own music? I’m no rap expert, but I certainly recognize cursing, so he basically just called himself vulgar.

Jbp on

There is just something wrong with him. He’s reasoning and basic round about gibberish is just craziness.

arlene on

these two need to get a clue. Everyone thinks you’re a joke! no talent losers!!!!!

arlene on


ljjf on

Mr. Kanye Kardashian, don’t worry about the photo’s, Kim will try and get Annie Leibovitz for her next wedding. Annie wasn’t scared, she was thinking of her career , she didn’t want others to mock her for this so called over the top wedding that will not last.

Lisa on

He is delusional, she will put her name on anything if it’ll make her money and now he’s comparing her to Jay Z and Louis Vuitton!? hahaha she’s not the cream of the crop my friend and neither are you. Ugh I can’t stand Kanye West…I feel bad for their daughter….she has 2 completely delusional narcissistic parents.

Alyssa on


Rufus on

These two make me sick. Yes, he is insane.

jen on

Who would ask Annie Lebovitz to photograph their wedding? That is below her. Get a proper wedding photographer!!

Chantal on

Alas, I have only myself to blame for reading this article. It’s sad that just that given moment for them was not enough to make them happy – no no, the roses were ‘off-colour’ and they had to work on this image for 4 days. Le sigh.

ME on

OH PUKIES!!!! And that hair??????? Gee fake, ya think?

tcvajv on

Boy are these people stuck on themselves. I don’t like KK, but she and her baby should beware, KW is certifiable looney tunes. He is so full of himself; thinks he is better than anyone else, knows more than anyone else. Can’t imagine living with him.

nettrice on

It’s a pretty photo but I’ve never watched one episode of the Kardashians and I’m proud of that. However, I think Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks,” “Get By,” and “I Try” are genius songs, so I’ll overlook his inflated ego for now.

Melany on

WTF did he say?? It sounded like a cheesy rap song. Get lost loser, you and your wife are famous for being egomaniac, ridiculous, and bipolar wh o r e s .. really, go away.

Dana B on

Two selfcentered tools bags in front of a wall of baby’s breath and cauliflower. What losers.

Rosa on

People, if you hate them so much don’t watch the show don’t buy his music and DON’T CLICK on their pictures or anything to leave comments not even negative just ignore them completely and they will disappear…. Please!!!

Momof3 on

WOW!!! Enough said!!!

GP Stoll on


GP Stoll on

@myuntidydesk….I had the same thought….spot on!

Lisa on

With all due respect but does Kanye really understand the definition of “vulgar”? If so, then why is Kim going around letting everything hang out? Is that the new classy to him?

jjmontiel56 on

what is wrong with that guy?

Becky on

Rut Roh…….someone forgot to take his meds again.

Maria on

Dear Kanye and Kim, the Earth goes around the Sun in 365 days. In other words, the world does not revolve around YOU!

Jon Robertson on

Can we please stop making stupid people famous…

Lara on

Wow…he is cray cray.

Amy on


Whatthewhat on

It doesn’t look like Annies work. Sorry Kanye. Beyonces video was much more groundbreaking.

bec215 on

If there were any question this relationship is a business arrangement, this should settle it. Jay-Z and Bey are their model, evidently, but they’re savvy enough to not talk about it. West may be talented as a musician and ambitious entrepreneur, but a deep thinker he’s not.

Letsbehonest on

And, may I just add……..WTF???

Lacey on

Deep thoughts, yeah right….

Linda on

Four days and the photo still looks average at best. Plus someone needs to introduce these two to a therapists couch.

krish on

Even the kiss is staged? What a sad, sad life! This guy is as dumb as his “girl”. The way he butchers the English language is outrageous.

Letsbehonest on

…..keep editing. The flowers look terrible. Like cauliflower, I believe another poster commented.

nikki on

They r both nuts! Who would spend 4 days on flowers for picture.sLike anyone would notice if the colors were off, that’s more important than a honeymoon?,! Kanye is whacked!

Ana on

Huh??!! Is he drunk when he gives interviews? Try never make sense. What is his point? I hope he realizes that when people complain about him and his “girl”, they complain about their stupidity, not their race. Do they really think they paved the way?

Luke on

If you spend the first 4 days of your honeymoon photoshopping a picture just to post on instagram, you have serious issue. I’d spending those four days frolicking on the beach and have as much sex as possible.

sem on


guest on

Bless his heart

Elle on

Someone needs to clue this idiot in on the fact that his “popularity” derives solely from his laughable and insanely rude behavior at the VMAs years ago and his deranged comments since.

missy on

Did he ask his “blushing” bride about the blacklash that RayJ gave her?

lala on

whaaaaat! they are completely insane…

Laura Brown on


Ashley on

Well he needs to enroll his arrogant ass in a photoshop course bc her ugly dress looks blue in the photo. And just so you know- I have people on my little Instagram who “like” my photos and they are fake accounts just trolling. So imagine how many fake people liked this idiotic picture. There’s a reason people don’t like her and it’s purely simple- she’s fake and rude.

Emily on

Youre a nene! Ya you know it

Plato on

For all the show this couple puts on for the world, the chemistry is just not there.

lc on

is that a wall of popcorn to eat later?

Collins on

They need to get over themselves.

Guest on

Not a fan,but loved the photo. Flowers were great. Good job Kanye. Looked like a beautiful time. Kim looked gorgeous. Lovely dress.

Boom on

He is one sick Bastard!

ohgoodness on

oh goodness he really is delusional!!

Jo55 on

Laughed out loud at the article and then split my sides at the comments. You commenters are hilarious. Kimye is the best comedy going. Do they know it????

Pamela on

If I could by Kimye for what they are worth, and sell them for what they think they are worth, I would be set for life.

Pat Brown on

He is just plain foolish, and I never realized what a short little shrimp he is, he’s gross on every level, and she’s just lost!

liz on

Kanye’s fever must have reached a high 110 degrees. He’s beginning to be delusional..

patty on

The wall of flowers looks like the mold that grows on bread. I’ve really heard enough from these two.

jb on

I would love to know how much the Kardashian family is paying People mag to keep them in the news so much! This story is absurd as are all the stories pertaining to this horrible family. Kanye is a delusional nut!

liz on

Kanye’s fever must have reached a scary 110 degrees. He has become delusional…

Tally hoe on

Wtf is that fool saying? He is so uneducated it’s painful to read. I’m embarrassed for him. But in the midst of his narcissism he will not be able to accept anything other than his own thoughts. So sad.

Meia on

Wow. Is this for real? Sometimes I think he is just trying to punk the world with his stupidity. There is just no way someone can be this ridiculous.

oceanlady805 on

He’s nuts! Very phony-assed Narcissist. Kim is getting what she deserves. Let’s see how long she can take his Control Tower to Kim (and the world) ways! If her “Ireland Honeymoon” was ruined by obsessing over some stupid photo where 4 days of life were wasted, then she needs more help than I thought. Sick, Sick, Sick!

cherrish on

ok…….ypu really are stupid,,,,,,,,if you really want to know what you look like ,bend over and look up your ass,,,,thats what you look like,,,,you got sloppy seconds,thirds ,,,whatever with Kim,,,,,and noone cares about what you want anything to look like kanye,,,,,,,stupid

courtney on

oh please these two have some of the biggest egos going Annie was smart to walk away from photographing their tacky wedding. Kim wearing white alone is all kinds of wrong being that it’s her 3rd marriage and they have a child together previously when Paul & Linda McCartney got married March 12th 1969 she wore a beige dress and buttercream yellow overcoat because she was pregnant and had a child from a prior marriage

Poop on

Omg! he’s so full of $h!t!

Ouiser on

Um, no…Ms. Leibovitz doesn’t photograph trash.

Reader on

These two losers are made for each other. They are both so totally full of s***. What’s to become of that poor little girl of theirs.

Janet697 on

kayne is in la la land kim is not important to the internet she is a bain on the face of this earth as is he and the whole kartrashian gang.

oceanlady805 on

Nothing worse than a Narcisistic Control FREAK!!! Annie Lebowitz is “scared of celebrity”??? WTH does that mean? She’s scared of ruining her reputation by mingling with the Phony Rich who think they know everything… and besides, Kim is so “important to the Internet”! I’m sure it will crash any day now.

Cynthia on

West is such a pompous ass. Great real how many retakes of anything you want to look perfect in your eyes is totally giving off the impression of a child/teenager…you are such a loser, spare us all move to Paris so we don’t see too much of you, in the tabloids or onstage moving your mouth- not that anyone can understand whatever you say…. Please just go away

Marie Mullin on

Go away Kanye,you don’t make sense.

Marie Mullin on

Looks like dirty cauliflower.

kardashianhater on

Where’s the moon door when you need it??

J on

Please forgive me

tg on

What in the world is he talking about? There are mental issues there. Delusional.

Just me on

Sure…Annie was scared of your star of disgusting videos. I mean she’s only photographed the Queen of England. Dude is seriously disturbed in the head.

wronda99 on

if u stop commenting on these people maybe they will go away, everyday u comment about something with them, dont care..

joanne1965 on

Jeeeeez…these 2 are so incredibly effed up…

Debj on

Boy he sure likes to hear himself talk doesn’t he? Blah blah blah blah blah

jjb on

Does he ever makes sense? I can never understand what he’s trying to say.

ImALadyToo on

What a delusional narcissist.

Style mom on

If he wasn’t constantly offered a platform to spew this nonsense – then maybe this deluded creature would just face away!!!! People only look because they want a good laugh.

Sita on

This is hilarious! These people deserve all the money they make – because they make us all laugh at how b@t sh&t crazy they are! In a world gone crazy, that is priceless!

Jenb64 on

Freakin’ windbag. Ego is too small of a word to describe what the two of them have far too much of.

Dr Novi on

As a doc, I’m diagnosing these lunatics with thought disorders with delusional thinking… I could not follow that train of thought at all!

Layne on

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are the biggest fans of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. This spectacle is so laughable it’s sad. Each day with them is a brand new circus featuring the same old clowns.

Amanda B on

What a loon! What’s he talking about “it took 2 years for people to understand their interracial relationship”?! Kim’s been in several and so has Khloe. I guess they are a match mad in heaven; egotistical, stuck on themselves, only care about money kind of people. I will rejoice the day they get divorced because they are way to cooky for a genuine, healthy relationship.

ana on

Poor guy….he has not seen him on the mirror his ego don’t let him see he is the ugliest

drinkerbell on

Importance to the Internet?! these people need to go away now.

Amanda B on

It figures that they couldn’t enjoy their honeymoon because all they cared about was looking perfect. That’s why they won’t last. They are way too egotistical to have a healthy, genuine relationship. And what’s this about people taking 2 year to understand their relationship? Kim’s been in interracial relationships before and so has Khloe. They are loons and I will rejoice the day WHEN they are divorced. Then maybe we don’t have to hear about them so much.

Nope! on

WTF did I just read?!

Aly on

Can’t even get upset. He’s off his rocker!!! LOL!!!!

Melinda on

Idiot! All he is worried about is his “celebrity” staus! He sounds like a jackass!

Guest on

I swear he must be high to speak such nonsense. There is no other explanation

Style mom on

This is my last comment ever on these morons… And a special screw you to Ryan Secrest who is largely responsible for providing dozens of hours of airtime to this filthy greedy and disgusting family. He has destroyed the e! Network – all while laughing all the way to the bank. This trash is what we want our kids to watch and “admire??” Puke.

ll on

narcissists…why are we giving these people this undeserving fame…

Plain Jane on

What’s sad is that they had to practice a KISS! WTH!

Nancy on

Good taste? Where was your ” good taste ” when you jumped on stage with Taylor Swift? You are a classless man with no manners who happens to have money so the world listens. Money doesn’t buy you what you’ve failed to learn.

Miss A on

Seriously? Who the fu@k cares Kanye. We all know what she’s famous for… Didn’t she suck off Ray J and it was all over the Internet? Yea! Thought so.. Get a life seriously..

Ivixen on

Narcissist, much?

Stephanie on

Kim is a puppet and Kanye is pulling the strings. I think about the episode of KUWTK when she told Khloe that she had to get rid of all her clothes because he wanted to “style” her. He seems like such a keeper, telling people that he has to be with No. 1, so what happens when people stop drinking the Kardashian Kool-Aid? She may be self-absorbed, but he is so delusional to compare himself to God and narcissitic that he believes he is No 1. That poor little girl doesn’t stand a chance with these two, whom all they seem to care about is designer labels and public appearances. Don’t forget those people that make you, the fans, the common folk, most can’t even afford the socks they wear on their feet and yet you rub how “great” you are because of your wealth in their faces by spreading the message that design is going to save us all. Please spare us with your nonsensical tirades and get back to matters that truly matter.

Courtney on

How comical (and egocentric) that Kayne West thinks Annie Leibovitz “was, like, scared of the idea of celebrity.” The joke is on him, if he thinks he is more of a celebrity than Ms. Leibovitz. Seems like he is a perfect fit for this egomanical, talentless family.

Marcy on

What an idiot!!

boo on

wow.. everytihng in their lives is fake,,

Maureen McGrath on

kims internet importance…lol!!!!

Heddy Murphy on

Dafuq did I just read?!

Pele on

Where is that throw up emoticon when you need it?!

Shay on

They edited a photo for 4 days?!?! On their honeymoon? LMAO how incredibly sad but I would expect nothing less from the likes of those two.

Cynthia on

Personally I have seen better pics that came out of a photo booth! Just because you have money doesn’t make it better!

Ana on

Where is the priest’s head? Something is off about how her hair is pinned…almost looks fake. Is it me?

Guest on

So basically he’s saying that he can only have the best of everything? So marrying Kim isn’t so much about being in love with her , it’s because she is number 1 on social media which would make her the best in his eyes which he feels he deserves. Oh well to each his own I guess.

Alex on

Or “How important internet is to Kim”. These two suck.

lele on

As much as we hate what Kim stands for he isnt lying, she is the most popular celebrity out there, she is everywhere, hate her or not she and he is what the media and paparazzi go for. They are famous .

Hanna on

There are no words to describe these two. Just when I think they have nothing else to say because what they say is so ridiculously stupid, they exceed themselves by saying something even more absurd than the last comment.

Lissy on

Kanye Good taste? Humm , how about understanding good manners too ? And understanding that your opinion it is just that, and it doest not make it a fact or an absolute truth just because you say it , and while I am at it, how about natural beauty , take all the make uo , the fake eyes lashes , the , silicom from breast , derriere, the lios and think to yourself ” will she still be beautiful?” anyway she is beautiful just to you , to me real beauty is a natural beauty , one that can go out in her natural state and still be beautiful , , about good taste ? Sorry but you guys are trying too hard et ça ne marche pas comme ça. Be humble and that is a good taste , i

abby on

What a waste of cauliflower in the background!

lee on

All that work and her dress still looks blue. Kanye obviously picked that wall to go with his black suit, and did not give a second thought to what “girl” was wearing. Poor Kim, she used to look much happier years ago. Even as she was marrying her second husband, who she didn’t love at all, her smiles were more genuine.

Jody on

Oh dear, king of crazy, king of terrible rap, and king of non-sequiturs

alanca on

I actually laughed out loud when I saw the title to this article. Now that I’ve read it, I’m shaking my head. He is truly delusional. Does he really think that either one of them are so important? Believe it or not Kanye… scientists have proven that the world DOESN’T revolve around YOU!!

tapioca on

Little is known about the actual wedding nuptials, so here’s a small snippet: “Kanye, you may now kiss the bride…as soon as you’re done kissing yourself. No rush, we’ll wait.”

nikki on

Because of ‘How Important Kim Is to the Internet’…LMAO..WAHT A JERK…spends all that time on a dumb photo..the flowers look terrible..he rather do that then spend time with Kim…lol

nikki on


Kim J on

Oh gag! What the f**k kind of drugs is he on??? They are both living in their own heads.

Guest on

These two are meant for each other. congrats to being such aholes!!! narcissistic personality disorder…fits them to a T. and this is trash btw….what about the famous Padre Tony Gwynn who just died yesterday from cancer…?????? Where is his story???? Why do we constantly need to read about these two jerks!! I need stop clicking on articles about them…..makes my b/p rise…

Sallie on

Poor thing, he’s off his meds again.

Carly on

Wall of cauliflower… brilliant. Or maybe wall of popcorn balls.

digit on

What’s this he said…four days of photo editing was poured into this photo? Really then, the pic they released is hardly an accurate representation of the original.

Not only were the color of the flowers altered, but seemingly many other things, from the sounds of it. What was released to the world is nothing but a creation of Photoshop. Nothing to see here folks…move on.

Tobs on

Hahahaha! Oh poor couple! I can’t believe these two have a fan base that keeps them famous! How ridiculous! How shallow!!!!

Summer on

I’m sorry, the wall looks like VD!

casmia on

He spent four flipping days editing this picture and couldn’t manage to get them more centered in the photograph? Nice work, Kanye. Nice work.

Créative crowd on

People do not understanding him . This dude is an arstist. He is interested in perfection and fashion
Respect Kanye .

Guest on

It makes me wonder what he was like before he was famous…but then again, why waste my time?!

Liz on

He’s still a Jackass.

required on

Plus, I think they have marketed him “thing” to say stupid things, be self-obsessed, and be an A-hole. This is what he wants to be known for. Nevertheless, he’s just an idiot.

ProudAmericanWoman on

I can hardly believe the choice of words- “what Kim means to the Internet”! I think he means “what the Internet means to Kim”! After reading this, I’m convinced that he may actually be mentally ill, and not in the “driven crazy by genius” sort of way. Definitely delusions of grandeur. Do they not realize that the world would be better off if they were anonymous people? They contribute nothing to society, they are cultural leeches which must be ripped off before they drain us further. Ugh.

nikabela on

Perfect couple. Kanye is obsessed with Kim, and she is in love with him being obsessed with her.

Guest on

he sounds like an artist

Espevilla on

Oh my God! whoever thinks any of these of two egocentric ignorant fools has good taste is crazy!!

Espevilla on

He’s so crazy!! So out of touch with reality haha poor idiot!

Monika on


Lizzie on

…becoz of cim’s NO K importance on the internet, ohhhhhhhhh plezzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!! How long before they ALLLLLLL BANISH, SOON ISN’T SOON ENOUGH!!!!

Carter on

This man is an idiot, who just married the internet’s #1 trampy hoe.

sdca on

wow, the saying “a picture speaks a thousand words” is actually true! No I am not talking about this ridiculous picture, I’m talking about the pics from their honeymoon. When we all saw them, we were like “they looked ticked off”…and sure enough, Kim was. So they couldn’t hire someone to edit their photos?! I mean come on, they have so much money, unless they spent so much on the wedding, that they don’t have any anymore…they’re always looking ticked off, wonder how long this will last…we have until August 2…the 72 day deadline…lets see if this lasts longer than that one!

Joni on

The Kardashian family is not famous because they are well-liked or talented. People watch their show because it’s like driving by an accident. You know you shouldn’t look but you are in utter disbelief at what you’re seeing. Kim and family, and now even worse Kanye, continue to make a spectacle of their lives like a freak show. They are obsessed with exposing themselves, plastic surgeries, god-like behavior, swearing, endless selfies, and money. Very serious emotional issues going on here.

aliie on

Oh this is even more ridiculous than most of the things that they post or Momma Kris manages to plant in the news.
Why do they think that they are that important to even reveal this?
This family is really too much! There are so many worthwhile accomplished people to feature stories about instead of people that just flaunt their wealth all the time.

Kt on

Is he for real? Does he have any idea how stupid he sounds? They are two of the shallowest people in the world. He’s an entertainer, so he should entertain. She’s a marketer, so she should just market her product…herself. A philosopher, he’s not! They both appear to be plastic hucksters…the modern-age snake oil salesmen. Sheesh. They need to get over themselves!!!

Kt on

Two modern-age snake oil salesmen…two shallow, narcissistic, dimwitted individuals who need a strong dose of reality.

j on

I think he is a complete F tard

ja on

The oppppsite of killinh someone is having good taste?
Im sorry what??!
What a complete freak. This loser needs a psychiatrist!

JW on

The pic looks like it was taken with an iphone. Nothing special.

ja on

Dear Kanye,
Your ‘girl’ is not the most important person on the internet. If you want to teach the world about taste, you should probably buy your ‘girl’ a bra or two and teach her how to use it, cos there’s nothing more vulgar than having a 30 year old woman and the mother of your baby girl walking around with her private parts out.

And please, Oh please! find yourself a psychiatrist.
The World.

tanna on

I do not have a problem with interracial relationships. I have a problem with shallow people. I would be so happy to never see these two on the internet again.

Km on

Kanye is delusional!

Barbara A on

“how important Kim is to the Internet”………..WOW that says it all Kanye. I am so happy there is an internet so Kim can feel important, sad For North she’ll never understand what truly is important in life and it’s not the internet. Her only brother not being in or at the wedding says it all for me..

Dino on

Can you say delusional?! Actually can you say it twice ?! Poor, poor fools!

Liza with a "Z" on

Two of the biggest egos that represent the lack of talent in Hollywood. Kanye has some severe delusions. Does he not realize they are all laughing at him now. Whatever street credit he had went out the window and unlikely they are going to be at JayZ 4th of July Bash… I would have loved to have seen Bey and Jay Z face when Kanye first told them he was dating her. That would be priceless pic.

Nanu 08 on

How many folks out there are looking forward to the day there is no more daily reports on Kim and her weird Babydada? These two really think they are about all that…..what do they do that is all that special? Boring!!!!

Denise on

Perhaps Annie didn’t want to be associated with these numnuts!

Chloee on

Wow. He’s really crazy. Kim deserves this.

GG on

Rather than focusing on the love they supposedly have for one another, he’s all about the brands and what looks good. No surprise there.
These two shallow people deserve each other but I wish the public didn’t have to hear about them 24/7.

Liz on

He’s a nut case. This marriage will implode like all her other ones. This entire family is so FULL of themselves it’s pathetic. And BTW females of the K-Klan: PUT ON some clothes!! We get it! You have tata’s and other private parts. No one wants to see them. Cover up for gawd’s sake. Is nothing private anymore???

me on

I do not really care for either of them, as they are everywhere and I am sick of them. However, that is a beautiful wedding picture, and I wish them happiness. They just need to bounce back to reality, and deflate the egos . . .A LOT.

dee on

this is a joke, right? lol

Katiemohio on

His harangues are indicative of a personality disorder. The fact that he does not refer to his wife by name is an example of how he objectifies her. This coupling is defined by his need for a “muse”…how arrogant and insulting to Kim. Also, perhaps he could spend less time worrying about design and familiarize himself with the English language.

Merin on

The picture is beautiful. These people are nuts.

Guest on


Just, really, wow.

Becky on

Please let these two disappear out of show business and the public eye!! I wish their fan base would wake up to how shallow these two really are!!

Star on

Wow cursing is vulgar to him? lol Guess he hasn’t listened to his trashy vulgar music which is FULL of cursing. Then again I guess no one realizes this because you can’t really understand half of what hes even saying. He always sounds like he has a mouth full to me.

Kathleen on

He doesn’t even make sense. Living with him must be a nightmare.

angie on

I can’t even wrap my head around his incoherent attempt at English!!! What in the H*LL is he even saying? He makes ZERO sense….he has got to be the most self centered, brainless, untalented moron out there!! HOW are these 2 even famous? I guess me reading and even responding to this is the reason…but WOW, that’s all…just WOW!!!

Jenno on

He and his annoying bride have always just been a mystery to me. I have never understood why people ever gave them enough attention to be famous. They are idiots.

Lexie on

Oh, please…it’s not Internet Importance, it’s narcissicm, plain and simple from both of you….and plain and simple to see from all the people on the internet.

irms on

the flower wall looks like moldy cheese

Aeol on

Okay…they’re trolling us, right?

Kira on

As I’m reading this article the only thing I could think of was his statement of “how important Kim is to the internet”. Really??? He *does* realize she’s ‘famous’ for making a sex tape, right? If this is what people consider a role model for young girls, then there is something wrong with America….

guest22 on

This man is so pretentious and full of himself. I am sorry, while Kim is attractive, she is not the be all, end all. Just my opnion, but the wedding gown, at least in the pics I have seen, is not that pretty, but maybe it’s how it is cut in the front. Also, I thought that the flower wall Mother’s Day gift was ugly and this bigger version at the wedding was worse. I am a flower lover and all, but I just don’t think it translates well in photos. Maybe it is prettier in person. Yes, I read the article…it’s like a trainwreck, you can’t help but look…but I really wish these two (and the media) would get over them. How are they really even relevant?!?! He makes horrific music and she is so popular with the media for…..

jaanyb on

I’ve heard more coherent thoughts from a 4 year old

LOL on

kanye just revealed how desperate and pathetic him and kim are to the internet.. lol!!

Jamie on

That background looks like a giant wall of mold. Grosses me out everytime I see it. Horribly executed idea.

Sandra on

I’m all for tooting your own horn and believing in yourself, but sometimes the train leaves the station with a clear destination and somewhere it goes off track. Kanye, sometimes you confound me.

guest on

He is not only delusional, but also STUPID. Ray J hit it first, which shows how little respect he has for Kim, and now Kanye shows the world everything she has. How much freaking respect can he have for her. Two air heads who in spite of themselves are making money.

Bree on

Yuk, there was no passion in that kiss, it looked akward!

Lisa on


Mari on

These two are perfect for each other: two talentless, crass, egomaniacs.

guest on

Doing repairs on your wedding photos is so stupid . On another note , Kim has been showing her breasts and wants attention .Kanye and Kim have no respect especially Kanye letting his wife flaunt her body to the word to see when it should be for his eyes only . She seems to want to parade around like this and has no respect for herself .my husband would not out of respect allow me to do this and I wouldn’t disrespect him or myself .

Dianne on

‘How Important Kim Is to the Internet’. You have got to be kidding me? More like how important the internet is to Kim. We sure can survive without ever seeing or reading another story about this shallow couple, but could they survive without the “fan” base they have? I think not. I only came here to post a comment.

Lisa on

He is the definition of “vulgar”. An insipid twit.

Amaryllis on

If you spend four days of your honeymoon in your hotel room it’s not supposed to be because you are editing a picture!

floormodel on


R on

Kanye needs anti-psychotics. That is all.

R on

Kim simply needs to get over herself. Kanye, on the other hand, needs medication.

Kathy on

I think Kanye needs to stick to his “day job”. The wedding pictures are poorly edited. While I think a professional could have done a much better job on this picture — its the picture of the “family” that I find laughable. Really …. does anyone think the picture of Kanye holding North with a veiled Kim beside him is anything but a fake picture. It is so fake it is laughable. During the entire wedding and reception there wasn’t one single time that they could have had a decent picture taken of the three of them?? They had to use a picture of Kanye “holding” North with a picture of Kim walking down the aisle to “create” the “perfect” family picture??? Seriously???

Heather on

Someone hand me a bucket, I think I’m going to barf.

Midwest2 on

I absolutely love these comments. Kanye sounds like someone on a bad acid trip. He needs to return to school and study English with a bit more diligence, because he makes absolutely no sense. He talks about cursing being vulgar, yet his rapping is full of filth! They’re both morons and deserve one another. And I don’t give this marriage long – cannot imagine that there is room in any relationship for two such mammoth egos!

Gina on

Are these people not smart enought to realize how stupid they sound? Kim is old news and has no more clothes to take off to surprise us. Kanye may be limited by his own vocabulary. They seem vapid and directionless other than self adoration and the self delusion that anyone cares. So boring.

cjm on

His conceit is exceeded only by his arrogance. Or is that the other way around? In this case, I’m not absolutely certain. SMH.

Annie Liebovitz afraid of celebrity? ROFLMAO!! I don’t think so….

angie on

Why did I read this. It’s my own fault. I am now infuriated.

Carrie M on

These two have illusions of self-grandeur. It’s comical actually!

Tamarin on

“Bad taste is vulgar,” eh, Kanye? Wow. His head is so far up his *ss he has no idea how ironic and incredibly stupid it is for him to say that. I can barely think of anyone else with worse taste than his.

Lanette on

Did they photoshop the priest out of the picture? You see the robe, but no head!

N.Law on

These individuals definitely suffer from severe mental, psychological and social disorders. They exist in a non-reality
Fictional world where they think they can create themselves and everyone around them. In this fake land, they are the rulers
And everyday they paint a new picture and believe that it will
Come alive. They are definitely I’ll. Believing that they are
Rulers of the Internet, can recolor flowers, spend hours retaking a photo for perfection, obsessing , obsessing, obsessing over themselves. What happens when they have to face a REAL

Bridget on

Two completely delusional human beings!!! I know it’s terrible to give any member of their family any attention, being that they are all worse than the other, but as they say – it’s like watching a train wreck. Just can’t look away from it!

Just a thought on

Wish they would be sucked through the crack in the middle of that wall to never be seen again!

Proud Mama on

They are both so delusional about their importance.

Mitch on

Her Internet importance!!!!?? Are you kidding me!!?? We only know who she is because she did a sex tape!!! Come on, really. I don’t even think she has any importance in her child’s life. She doesn’t even look comfortable holding the poor kid. Kanye is whacked in the brain!!! He probably thanks himself when he sneezes, right after he blesses himself!!

J.E.B. on

Two pathetic, self-important, attention-hungry, dysfunctional idiots. All planned by Kris.

Crick on

I love flowers but that flower wall is butt ugly.

Foxtrotter on

OMG, he is so delusional! Self centered, self worth, self absorbed. Does he even realize how much of a joke people see him as? It’s sad that he really sees the 2 of them as that important to the world.

b miranda on

They both need to worry about being proper parents and not worry about how a big ass hoooooo looks like

Jodi on

These two are so delusional!!!

Meens on

Fame really got the best of him. Makes me sad.

Sally on

They wasted 4 days. The flowers are not pretty. The robe with no head is weird. If it were a picture of just them (although the kissing makes me want to puke) and a solid colored background, it would have been much better. They should have spent the editing time with their child.

Mzlady on

What is it they say today????
Putting lipstick on a pig…..
Is still just a pig with lipstick???
The picture is as fake as the rest of her life…..
BTW Kanye…. You are only one of many,
And more to come I’m sure…. ;)

Emma on

Two idiots made for each other

Emma on

Does look like cauliflower hahahaha

Joy on

I have never sat with my mouth wide open after reading a story on here. I did after this one. Mama Kris you must be beaming with pride. SMDH. I will never, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER read another story about this ignorant twosome again in my life.

Seriously? on

I had to click to skim the article of ‘How Important Kim Is to the Internet’. Seriously? Only reason her family stays in the spotlight is because websites post pictures of them. If People stopped posting these crazy @ss stories about them then they would have to actually do physical labor for a job and not expect things because they think they are famous.

CM on

Love him or hate him – this man is a textbook narcissist. Whoa. Seriously.

Holly on

Why are they still relevant? And if the wall of flowers was “fixed”, why do half of them look dead? Like their “careers”…

stella on

Mirror, mirrow on the flower wall, who is the number one girl on instagram? Poor Kanye and Kim, the number one position just might go to someone else.

Catherine on

What a narcissistic fool…can you believe he actually believes that he and Kim are that important?? OMG…spending 4 days of the honeymoom to edit a photo?? This amount of egocentrism, smugness and excessive self-love does not makes a marriage work…it just continues to fuel an already controlling and micro-managed relationship.

JMO on

He values his own opinion of himself faaaaaaar to highly. No one has such an ego other than perhaps his new in-laws. He has serious delusions of grandeur and what qualifies as class.

Bebe on

He’s sooooo talented he should have just taken the pictures himself anyway. Number 1 on Instagram? Really, that’s an honor? Instagram is overrated – but so are they, so good on ya, Kimye.

Mariana on

omg, those two are unreal.

Erin on

More like he’s a control freak who needs to do everything himself just to “make sure it’s done exactly right.” And nobody wanted to work with him and his overinflated ego. No doubt Annie was artistically stifled by his detailed orders about how he wanted things so she wisely quit… I give this marriage 5 years or less – and greedy Kim taking him to court over child support and more spousal support & lump sum than the pre-nup allots her. LOL

Sandy on

Is this a joke? Good grief.

Pamela Petersen on

Someone please tell Kanya that “NO ONE CARES”

Amy Drew on

Anyone for making bets on how long this sham of a marriage will last?

Debby on

Dig the white dress *snicker*

snow on

these two have such egos, apparently no shame of how they treat other people.

snow on

hah…approved? you don’t want the truth. their egos just cannot allow for any flaws…everything must be perfection with these two. ugh. they think only of themselves.

Gail Burack on

What I got out of his latest rant was he married Kim K because HE thinks she is the best and wants to look the best. So it’s not about love to him. Of course the baby is a different issue. But his marriage is just to make him look good for marrying a “the best” white woman. His opinion, certainly not mine. If she represents “the best” white woman it’s no wonder the world is in the shape it’s in. What a sad society we live in to post the (his) garbage in such a popular magazine. It’s a darn shame!! That’s all I have to say. Sad and totally disgusting.

Lynn on

I am not sure what he was doing for 4 days but the outcome looks like 2 people kissing in front of a wall of old moldy cauliflower. I am pretty sure that is not the look they were going for. Maybe he should have let the photo shoot to the professionals!

donna clark on

Who cares?They’re rich I’m not. Boo hoo hoo! Want some cheese to go with that whine?

lolmom on

um…. is anyone else concerned about the ignorance of the comment about “the world being saved by design”? YEAH! RIGHT! I would LOVE to see a Louis Vuitton purse feed hungry children in Africa, stop human trafficking or even put an end to war and innocent people being killed. They live on Planet WTF. Sick humans is what they are.

lolmom on

Um….. is anyone else concerned about the comment “saving the world by design?” YEAH RIGHT! I would love to see a Loius Vuitton purse feed hungry children, stop human sex trafficking and end wars. They live on Planet WTF. Sick humans is what they are. If they spent four days taking care of their little daughter rather than narcissistic bullsh*t like doctoring pics, they might have a chance at being more in touch with reality.

Sal on

So he thinks Anne is scared of celebrity? Ha, she didn’t want the backlash of photoging a bribed marriage between a townhe and a big headed looney

DebW on

Every time this guy opens his mouth he proves what a jack*ss he is.

Tia Kosmachuk on

lmao anything kanye west says it just makes me laugh how delusional he is about kim kardashian

Susan Jones on

What a lampoon from a buffoon.

Adele on

You can’t buy class… you either have it or you don’t – Kim and Kanye, you would not know class if it hit you in the face….

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