Kendall Jenner Ditches Underwear (and Kylie Ditches Blue Hair) at the MuchMusic Video Awards

06/16/2014 at 10:34 AM ET

She’s already mastered the art of side boob, and now Kendall Jenner has graduated onto higher levels of skin-baring. The 18-year-old model hit the red carpet at the MuchMusic Awards in Toronto Sunday wearing a revealing gown that had one requirement: No underwear. Okay, two requirements: No underwear and a whole lot of double-stick tape.

Kendall Jenner no underwearArthur Mola/Invision/AP

Jenner showed off her long stems (and hipbones) in a white long-sleeve crystal-embellished Fausto Puglisi gown, featuring two crazy-high side slits that almost reached her navel. “why do one slit when you can do TWO!? #MMVAs,” she captioned the below photo on Instagram.

why do one slit when you can do TWO!? #MMVAs

A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

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Kylie Jenner also attended the event with her sister, and of course made her own statement, dyeing her hair back to black. Kylie is no stranger to constantly changing up her mane game, but the 16-year-old’s blue dipped tips had become part of her look for at least a few months (a long time for her), so we thought she would keep them for most of the summer.

Kylie also showed off some skin in a series of different outfits, including a white jumpsuit with a colorful cutout bodice, as she hosted the show alongside Kendall.

Last look MMVAS

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

"omg your hairs as black as my Saint Laurent silk…." @thescottycunha

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

What do you think of Kendall’s dress? Is it too sexy? How about Kylie’s hair? Do you like her black better than blue? Share your thoughts in the comments.

–Brittany Talarico

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bitsy on

she is every bit as trashy as the rest of them! that dress is awful.

tapioca on

There was a time when I thought Kendall seemed a nice, normal girl that would keep her body under wraps better than Kim. Sad to see her evolving in this direction. At the rate these two nitwits are going, we’ll never see the end of this annoying family.

Katrina on

what did Kylie do to her face/lips?? And Kendall’s dress is gorgeous but that look is more editorial definitely not for a red carpet. Just my opinion

rachael on


Green Princess on

She could have a thin G-string on – pulled up high over hips and held in place by double stick tape. Or a panty is part of the underpinnings. It’s a couture dress. Couture is not meant for the average day folks.

Tess on

Now that the older sisters are getting fat and old, the family will begin to roll out the younger, newer versions and pimp them out as well. Must say, she is the prettiest of the 5 girls.

Dawn on

Following the sisters need for attention. i was hoping these two might turn out ok.

CallMeMaybe on

WTG Kris…raising them to be classy like you and the rest of your clan…

Allie on

What is up with the squinty duck face? Can someone explain why this is a thing?

x2023 on

Great example of how a 16 year old should dress. Kylie looks much older than Kendall. I’m not crazy about the high slits, but as a model trying make it in the super category, I’ve seen much racier. Unfortunately, nine of the kids in this family belong to the “well grounded” category. Whatever antics will make them money….

Dawn on

Why bother even wearing a dress?? One little breeze will blow that flap right open! No class at all. Sorry

Mora on

My goodness, this is not the image of a supermodel but rather, the image of desperation. Certainly not in the same league as some of the great names in industry like Gisele, Cindy Crawford, Elle Mcpherson etc. and even the ones of her generation. These people fought to get at the top and did not just rely on connections and family name to be recognised.

LuLu on

Kendall still looks like Kendall. Kylie appears to be trying to look more like a Kardashian than a Jenner!

Melany on

She is too concerned about her crotch she forgot about her breasts, they look horrible. That dress may be houte couture but it is horrible and unflattering.
Nothing classier than going comando, right kid??…

dancer92136 on

The dress is ridiculous.

Carter on

This is seriously sad.

Anya on


jenshoen on

Why? Why? Why? They are teenagers! They don’t need to be dressing this way. What kind of message is this sending out to young teen girls? Objectify yourself for attention? NO! And we wonder why our society has such image issues… So sad. These are beautiful girls that are dressing far too seductively for their age. LET them be kids, why the need to grow up so fast?

MC on

Ridiculous. What kind of parents let their teens dress like this? Pregnant by 20. Both of them. Or porn stars. Mark my word.

Ana on

If my father ever saw me wearing something like that, at that age…..scratch that. I’m nearly 40 and he would still blow a fuse.

Lyn on

When you are raised by pigs, you act like a pig!

Isabel on

Kylie’s face is so differente I didn’t even recognize her!! So… plastic surgery to look kardashian.. at age 16. They sure screw up their kids in that family. Poor girls.

frances on

Oh what w***es, like all the other women in that family.
A mother Kris is not, but a pip maybe……………….

Sassy on

The dress just looks weird – definitely not meant for a red carpet, but she’s not too bright and wants attention so it’s not shocking.
Kylie’s plastic surgery has her looking just like Mila Kunis. I can’t she looks bad – it’s just that she’s too young.

Kendyl on

THAT apple didn’t fall far from the tree, now did it??

Sandra on

Their mother should be so proud !!

hare on

This is the top story c’mon people magazine!!

snow on

I can see Mommy Dearest is priming Kendall for her “career”. This “look” reminds me of the high cut days of the 80s which always looked absolutely ridiculous. I’m having flashbacks to olivia newton john in a leotard and head band.

Jules on

Just because you CAN…does not mean you SHOULD.

Ris on

Kylie ruined her face. Her brows are raised and lips injected. Kris jenner is as bad as lohan.

Life goes on on

Very risque.

nicole on


Pam on

Following in her sisters footsteps I see. Smh.

Guest on

I love how her and her sister are suddenly “authors”- yet when interviewed, neither one gives a clear picture of what the book is actually about ! This whole family disgusts me! Go away everyone of them.

j on

Without the high slit, the dress is beautiful.

Red on

This is ridiculous! These girls are 19 and under…People, I am disappointed that you would promote this as “news!”

Madison on

This is exactly how every 18 year old girl should dress like….un-friggin-believable!

Lesli on

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree….no class whatsoever…..

Mimi on

This is really a shame. This girl is not even 20 yet right? It is really time for me to stop clicking mindlessly on the stories about the Khardashians/Jenners. I am so over them. The next thing this girl will come to an award show with nothing on. I mean, this crew just has no shame. And, the younger ones are following suit. But, we give them this power. I for one am not going to consent to this garbage any longer. Really? Uggghhh. Moving on from here. This doesn’t even shock me coming from this family……ugggghhh.

Kim on

Ok anyone who is in the industry knows things get placed in ways not to have wardrobe issue’s. However that being said garment’s for events usually have to pass the Manager(Kris) , PR director and stylists before ever being laid eyes on by the person actually wearing them . They both look beautiful but so not age worthy. These are young adults that will do what they are told to do…. Shame on their staff for letting this happen….bad choices and their mom should be fired for pimping her yourgest childrens image… So not cool

Mervyn on


Kica on

sad siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. I just have no words :(

flip on

This is outrageous. Both girls have had work done, and they are just teenagers. Very Ugly. Pimp momager should seriously be locked up. With these two nitwits coming down the pike, we will never be rid of this horrific family (if you can even call them a family) UGH

Alive Cullen on

She looks like she’s ready for her customers, giving them an easy access night! Yech! Guess she was heading for the nearest corner after the even

Sammi on

A trashy headline about a trashy girl from a trashy family. So appropriate People.

Rogthu on

They are too young to dress in so little clothing. I cannot believe they are not in school!!! Why did the mom let the youngest carve up her face???

Dana on

There is nothing cute about this dress. It is glorified, bedazzled hooker wear — easy access edition.

Steela on

WTG, People Mag! One of our most treasured athletes passes away and THIS gets the top story?? Wow…

Kerri on

Sleazy, trashy or trampy it’s all the same. First year I didn’t watch the show because of the hosts.

kk on

ooops. not cute, sexy or beautiful. shame. especially with all that money….i’d be looking like a million bucks everytime, with class and style.

Guest 3 on

I really don’t think there is much more than can be said about the dress, the girls, the whole clan……… I hope Chris is proud of her girls…….. I would die if they were my daughters.

Sandy on

Ugh. Just ugh.

EnUff on

Well, when you have a sister (and a mom that encourages) making a career out of showing her butt and her boobs at every opportunity, It’s only natural that these little sisters attribute skin = success. They have to make a career with what they’ve got. And it’s not elegance or class.

Angie on

That whole family is trashy!

Guest 3 on

I don’t think there is much more than can be said about the dress, the girls, the whole clan really………… I hope Chris is proud of her girls, I would die if they were my daughters.


How is this a “TopStory”?

Barbara Ulrich on

If THAT dress is today’s standard of sexy, shoot me now!!! Please give me someone that knows style, taste and elegance.

Erin on

That’s not even a flattering dress. Be a lady. What would Tim Gunn do?

shannon on

I guess she thought this dress would make her look sexy but it really doesnt in my opinion

T on

This is absolutely disgusting. This girl is a teenager and should dress accordingly. Where are her parents.. oh wait, her mom probably picked this out for her. She is a great role model for young girls NOT..

emily on

that is NOT kylie….oh my word…i cannot believe she did that to herself!!! she doesn’t even look the same at all…

Jj on

If these were my kids they’d be locked up until I passed away (probably from embarrassment) . That family lives a whole lot different than the rest of us.

Mikki on

Awe! She is growing up to be quite the little skunk just like her older sister Kim! Her parents must be so proud! And what about the dress her younger sister was shown wearing? She isn’t even 18 yet! Why would her parents let her out of the house in that!

cz on

Did Kylie have plastic surgery? Her face looks completely different then a couple of years ago, her lips are definitely bigger. I just would like to know, it is worth all of the attention to not wear underwear? I mean it has to be super uncomfortable!

Not falling for it on

What do expect when you have a pimp for a mother and a ho for a sister?

Tango on


Lindy on

Look Mom…Tramps in training !!!!!!

ja on

I hope Kris is happy about the five tramps she raised. Seriously well done.

ja on

I hope Kris is pleased with herself. Afterall she singlehandedly raised five tramps. Way to go Kris!

Laura on

Totally inappropriate for an 18 year old.

itsmorganstanley on

I see Kylie is subscribing to the same demented idea as Kim–that they will completely reconstruct their faces with drastic surgeries and then pretend that everyone else is empty-headed when they make the obvious statement, “You’ve had plastic surgery!” Worse than the surgery on a teenager is the pathological lying that the mom encourages. It destroys the integrity of one’s brain.

L on

Looks like momma Kardashian is moving on to the younger girls as cash cows – the other are too old and too used now

Ru on

Really? Smh…money obviously doesn’t buy class

betty on

Guess we know who is next in line for a sex tape.

JP on

Hate the dress but she is a beautiful girl.

Truthfinder on

I agree with other commenters. I really thought that Kendall was going to go in another direction, away from the Kardashian hoopla and create a brand for herself…more wholesome, classy…athletic, perhaps? Guess not!

K. on


Sraad on

The younger sisters Jenner, are losing their looks.

Marisa on

Looks like Kylie has already had work on her face. Too bad these two are on the same ho paths as their older sisters.

Sraad on

The Jenner sisters are losing their looks.

kathy on

she wears it well but I see no reason to have the slit that far up….other than to make folks talk…..which well they do.

Kara on

Sl*t it up, KenDULL. That’s exactly what PMK has groomed you for.

maryhelenc on

That dress just isn’t flattering.

Sraad on

The Jenner sisters are losing their looks. The current images are not at all attractive. Don’t go the way of the sisters Kardashian who are only plasticized. Be true to yourselves, you have much better genes via the Jenner family.

elizazbeth brooks on

Underwear?? I did not think any one of them wore underwear. Isn’t the open crotch their business?

alex on

Over-rides her statement shes shy…. this family must all be lacking attention and will do anything to get attention ie lack of clothing to sex tapes. Including the mother who appears to breed contempt into the daughters. Her only son escaped…… ran as fast as he could to get away from the group.

Avi Lavian on

Omg, some people have no shame!

Lara on

Ohh Kendell Jenner…following in her sisters’ footsteps…talentless so naturally she has to undress. Wasn’t her big sis famous for a sextape which is talent in a specific industry and maybe she could consider that! #dumbsisters #getaneducation #givemeabreak #stupiddress

CF on

How could anyone relax in that outfit. I would be terrrified to move! I can see why Kris would allow her daughter to dress like this, but Bruce.. Come on Dad step up and protect your daughter!

Jamie on

Talentless…disgusting…not a nice dress…get an education or a real job…you’ve contributed nothing to the world…next generation of talentless idiots

Guest on

Kendall is 18. She can try what she wants. Kylie is too young at 16. Sad.

olivia on

I am 16 and nobody even dresses close to kylie. its sad that she has to dress trashy and look older to get attention. she doesn’t look like herself from a year ago and that’s sad. and Kendall is only 18 maybe she should dress like it ??

Linda on

Becoming a Ho just like her sisters.

Suzanne on

Why is it that everyday one of the Kardashians or Jenners is in the news? It is just so sad. It is getting to the point where I don’t even like to read or watch any news, whether it is, the newspaper or whatever it may be, without there being mention of the Kardashians/Jenner family. So, so, so over it. How about giving us, the public a break from them????

Rosie on

Does anyone in that family even own or know what underwear is?

Merci on

Commmmmmmmonnn is anyone surprised really?? Their mother probably picked it out :)

Pacificgirl on

That looks nasty. SMH.

Rosie on

Does anyone in that family own or even know what underwear is?

GP Stoll on


concerned on

arent they like 16?


say what you want but they are beautiful girls full of youth and dreams and its so unfortunate that most people choose to bully them instead of praise them or wish them well. I understand you may not enjoy their kind of entertainment, so if thats the case, move on to something else, why take this far?! I just hope they are strong and pay no mind to what people say about them, I’ll tell you one thing, some of these posts make my skin crawl, and as I had said once, I will say it again, no wonder theres a bullying problem in this World.

JRP on

I know Kendall has been getting a lot of attention, but actually I think KYLIE is the stunner. Lately she has just grown into her face and is just really beautiful. Sorry Kendall…

bkable on

I feel bad for Kylie… she tries to keep up with the Kardashians but seems to fail. She doesn’t do anything. Granted, none of them do but for some reason it seems really sad on her. Maybe because she used to be such a cute kid and now, she’s kind of a fame w**re. It was just a matter of time I guess.

Pnut on

SO UNATTRACTIVE!!! Kendall used to have some potential for being a classy model, but it seems she’d rather be a tramp. Slits that high are NOT sexy. Who wants to see those bones? The dress would be so
Much nicer with slits up to her thigh. And Kylie–she’s not at all good looking. Does she think she is going to fly along on her sisters’ coattails?

FeelinFroggy on

Gross…no class! That isn’t appropriate at any age but even worse at age 18. Her and Miley should get together and figure out other ways to ho themselves out for the world to see.

Sandra on

One high waisted thong and some double sided tape is all that this dress required.

Julie M on

I think she looks beautiful.

Katie on

I wonder if their mother encourages them to be sexually active as young teens. I wonder if she says “If you are going to do it, be careful” and another to say “Honey, you are 14, what do you mean you haven’t had sex yet?”

Danielle on

I thought that People magazine will have more style and class…These girls are trashy and have no fashion style whatsoever. They always look cheap, not matter how expensive the dress is.

And what is their talent? Being sexual objects?

Guest on

Wow – she really is a Kardashian!

Irene on

Who cares!

Guest on

I know it, the story and pix, got me to comment, but all I can add is, “BLEECCHHH!!”

tiff on

hope the wind was calm otherwise everyone saw the used up beaver


Jenny on

Totally. Gross. Every time I see this family I imagine Robert Kardashian rolling in his grave.

Jamie on

I honestly think all the Kardashian women are pretty, but I can’t understand why their fashions always look so trashy. I know it’s cotoure but it just comes across wrong. None of them seem to dress for their body type.

Guest on

Trash. Just like Kate Middleton!

nikki on

Hmmm I thought Kendall would be different, not looking for attention, she doesn’t have to, she has the looks/body. Doesn’t have to use cheap looking tactics. Kendal is looking for attention cuz she is jealous, she looks way too old or her age, slow down,don’t try to grow up too fast. Of course Kris approves, more $$$ for her

Lena on

come on people, i do not like the kardashians, but she is a model, if it was ANY other model no one would be these “mad” about it. Lets admit it she is pretty and has great body and stupid family. but she looks great

Jen on

That 1st picture with the blue lips isn’t even Kylie

Emily on

Kylie.. You try so hard to take pictures lol! Relax your face huney :-)

Li on

Who on earth would think that dress was even close to attractive???? Gross…

Peggy Smith on

Too much for someone her age. And Kylie looks like she has had work done on her face or something – what gives?

J on

Am I the only one who sees cellulite. Kendall go immediately to your doctor. Those hips are nasty….

dee on

People Magazine I use to visit your web page because the K’s weren’t on you bankroll. But now every single day you have these talentless people in your articles. People get some class back and quit promoting these trashy people.

santamariavargas on

I’m waiting for a high wind for this one.

Jenn on

Desperate for attention. Their whole world revolves around appearance! This must be all they know his to do well: pose and dress for attention. How exactly do they

Viva on

These girls are all trash. They get paid for sex. This makes them prostitutes !!!

Viva on

All these girls are missing is a huge d*** up their a** like their big sister Kim. The only talent the Kardashians and Jenners have is making porn and having sex for money.

M on

these narcissistic, entitled and talentless girls make me so embarassed for my generation. no wonder no one takes us seriously. and shame on the mother who let her underage daughter dress like this!

KL on

OMG.. I think she is such a beautiful girl but that dress is disgusting!!!

guest on

Maybe her older sisters can teach her about breast implants-that dress flattened her out where her torso looks weird, pretty design but not flattering and her 16 yrd old sister is wearing an open front dress, what is wrong with their mother, is she too busy trying to compete with the older girls that she doesn’t care about the younger-I guess she is ok with them being under dressed if they bring in money.

forgemagazine on

I’m sorry but they are still kids. especially Kylie. If my daughters were to try and leave the house like that, I certainly would have told them they’ll never see the light of day until they change. I don’t care if they are in the business or not. Show some class, not skin.

Nanu 08 on

Old girly Bruce must be one proud dada…….and old Kris is still making money…! Wonder if Rob ever found himself?

jennifer on

Realistically guys.. Are these girls really teenagers? Age wise yes, but they get up every morning, very early, and work. Which says a lot more than an age. I know people that are 30+ that are living off welfare doing nothing for themselves while these girls work their butt off. You cannot compare them to your typical teenager because their lives are so very different. As for the dress, its beautiful. Do you really think she would go commando under it? It more than likely has built in coverage or she is wearing underwear pulled above the hips at the sides (yes it does exist and isn’t that uncomfortable). She’s a runway model and the clothes she wears will be exaggerated, so not appropriate for anyone in real life. As for Kylie, why can’t she get them? Its her body. I see no difference between that or another 16 year old piling on make up to create a different image. Also. If you look at Kylie’s vine videos of her with no makeup on (yes they exist) she very clearly has different shaped lips. You can use makeup to enhance the size and shape of your lips. Same with your brows. You people are complaining about how they’re being taught to use their bodies and looks to get places, yet everyone in hollywood is probably doing the same thing. Our whole culture is image obsessed and whether you’re on the supportive side or opposing side, you are contributing. Final thought, to you people that are saying “bad influences to our children” then maybe you should get off your computers and you teach your children that this is not appropriate. Did Kendall and Kylie have your kids? Are they parents? Nope. So they don’t have to be a role model if they don’t want to. Besides this is no different than walking down the street and seeing kids walking around with their butt cheeks hanging out or “crop tops” but no one sees an issue with that. Its only cause they’re famous and rich, so people are jealous of them.

blackattackcat on

THAT does not look good. What a bunch of losers and tramps.

Madelyn on

Kendals dress is definitely provocative but I personally don’t have a problem with it. Bottom line is she’s over 18 so she gets to do what she wants. She is quite beautiful & has the opportunity to make a name for herself away from the Kardashian world. As for Kylie, ughh, where do I begin? My biggest problem with her is that she’s only 16. 16…..She dresses way way way too mature for her age. I think the way she dresses makes her look tacky. She could be wearing the most beautiful expensive dress but then you remember she’s only 16 & it’s like a little girl playing dress up… She also has definitely had plastic surgery. I don’t care what she says about puberty, your lips do not get fuller because of it, that’s bs. However, she does look better.

Madelyn on

Kendals dress is definitely provocative but I personally don’t have a problem with it. Bottom line is she’s over 18 so she gets to do what she wants. She is quite beautiful & has the opportunity to make a name for herself away from the Kardashian world. As for Kylie, ughh, where do I begin? My biggest problem with her is that she’s only 16. 16…..She dresses way way way too mature for her age. I think the way she dresses makes her look tacky. She could be wearing the most beautiful expensive dress but then you remember she’s only 16 & it’s like a little girl playing dress up… She also has definitely had plastic surgery. I don’t care what she says about puberty, your lips do not get fuller because of it, that’s bs.

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