Kim Kardashian Flaunts Toned Bikini Body on Second Honeymoon: See Her Sexy Mexico Photos

06/13/2014 at 11:59 AM ET

Kim Kardashian didn’t spend her first honeymoon lounging on the beach in a swimsuit, but the 33-year-old reality star is making up for it now. Two weeks after her return from Ireland, Kardashian and new husband Kanye West are vacationing in Mexico — the perfect spot for the newlywed to show the world she’s back in her pre-baby shape.

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Kardashian flaunted her famous curves in a white (very bridal of her!) Tara Matthews bikini while lounging poolside in Punta Mita, Mexico. And since no trip would be legit without some scenic Instagram shots, Kardashian gave fans a sneak peek of the couple’s private oasis and her flat stomach, which is completely free of any stretch marks.


A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Tan time ☀️

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

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The star worked very hard to shed her baby weight, following a low-carb Atkins diet and a high-cardio fitness routine, including classes at Barry’s Boot Camp and SoulCycle. (Remember this video of her at the cult spinning studio — in full-coverage makeup!)

“She alternates between different types of workouts for a better result,” a source recently told PEOPLE. “She’s very focused and dedicated to her routine.”

The couple will probably be jetting back home to California this weekend to celebrate daughter North’s first birthday on Sunday. Is a third honeymoon in the works? That remains to be seen.

What do you think of Kardashian’s bikini style? Share your thoughts below!

–Brittany Talarico

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Showing 99 comments

Sam on

Too bad she is such a dislikable person because she has an awesome body, but that’s pretty much where the positivity stops.

Melany on

His hubby must have her unsatisfied, since she is eager to look sexy for every guy in this planet. lol

Melany on

HER hubby must have her unsatisfied, since she is eager to look sexy for every guy in this planet. lol
sorry ahahha

Tara on

guess she’s be on an eternal honeymoon since all they seem to do is take vacations

heather on

She looks good. She obviously has a lot of discipline because her body is completely different than before!

anon on

She does nothing but vacation. Most worthless human on the face of this earth. She does nothing for anyone…absolutely nothing. She must be so proud.

Katie on

They will PROBABLY be jetting back home for their daughter’s birthday? I would HOPE so. If she is with them on this trip, then they don’t need to come home, but that comment says she likely isn’t with them. I truly wonder, if she hasn’t already said it, when she says mamma/dada, who she says it to. I hope if it isn’t to Kim or Kanye, that it really hurts them and they rethink how much time they spend with their child. They would likely fire the nanny because she was called mommy, even though it isn’t the nanny’s fault.

ugh on

her hacked up nose is tragic.

Elle on

Second honeymoon? How ridiculous. Curious when the last time was they even saw their kid? What a pathetic life she lives.

Able on

Still looks like a ho to me, just a ho in a bikini that is too small. Another day, same selfie.

fsda on

One word: desperate.

Cal on


megan on

How is it possible that someone that got as big as she did when she was pregnant doesn’t have ONE SINGLE STRETCH MARK???!?!?!?! Talk about unfair.

Bones on

I’m sorry, isn’t her whole life a vacation? This girl does not know the definition of work.

demaris on

Stop taking pictures of yourself you fast beast!

April on

Ok she’s free from stretch marks? So what lol. I’ve had three kids and I don’t have any either I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. You guys made it sound like having them was a bad thing which it’s not. If you have them proud. Next time don’t sound so shallow writing your articles.

bri on

Lipo Queen

Feelbadfornori on

Go back home take care of nori!! She need u her parnets not her nanny!!!! I feel so sorry for nori!!!

veronica on

she was in hiding after the birth of her kid, she had a tummy tuck, lipo suction and a boob job. that’s why there are no stretch marks. money can buy a beautiful body but not a personality

tania on

She looks deformed-only when she contorts her body a certain way does she look good -smoke and mirrors folks!

blah on

Yeah, when you take to Twitter to proclaim how much you missed your kid while on your honeymoon and then proceed to go on a second honeymoon a couple weeks later without your child, it makes me question how much you really do miss your kid. Or if you parent the child at all. You have nannies and help coming out of your ass and more than enough money to give the child their own room, so to not take your kid with you just makes you look BAAAAAAAAAAAD.

This whole thing is just another notch proving how out of touch with reality these narcissistic d-bags really are. Seeing how it took North to teach Kim about racism and hate (who goes 30+ years being that stupid?), maybe the next kid, South, will teach her about tact and responsibility.

Just Sayin' on

These are totally photo shopped. I saw these yesterday…the one’s she posted and the one’s the paps posted. She’s definitely whiter and fatter in the paps photos.

TD on

She is beautiful and has worked hard to get in shape.
She has a lovely family.
So what if she gets a take an extra vacation here and there….we all would too if we had the time and money.
God Bless her and her sweet family!!! :)

shannon on

Surprising how negative people are to a person they THINK they know. Typical.

Kica on

People can hate all they want…..but she looks great!

CF on

She is very beautiful! Too bad she needs constant reassurance from the media though. A self assured woman comfortable with herself would not seek attention as much as she does. There is clearly a void there. Sad for her…

patie88 on

Dont forget..shes under 5′ tall… and those hips are huge man….just sayin!.! …and anyone can lie down on a beach and take a pic of their bod and look good.

Rose on

Still not back with her kid huh?

patie88 on

Anyone can lie down on a beach, take a pic of themselves and look good. But I wouldnt want her hips for no money!! Especially being under 5′ tall. Whoa.!!

Anon on

It is easy to APPEAR stretch mark free when one has them lasered off at a dermatologist and when a person does every weird treatment they possibly can. Sure, in these photos she looks good, but the amount of effort she pits into her looks is extreme. It is mentioned that she adheres to a diet and exercise, which is a positive thing, however the amount of time and money she spends on shortcuts it always overlooked. This is sending the message that with diet and exercise you can look like she does, but that is not the case. She documents on her ‘reality’ show just how many laser treatments she had for things like stretch marks and cellulite. If that is how she wants to spend her money and her time that is her business, but don’t try to sell the results as something else.

Hanna on

They’ll “probably” jet back for their daughter’s birthday, how nice of them

bitsy on

she wins the prize for the most VAIN person on this earth! and I wouldn’t want a butt or hips that size for all the tea in China :)

guest on

Fat pig

DI on

Second Honeymoon, they just got married. She is a beautiful woman who is also a wife and mother. Nothing wrong with looking good, but why flash everything over and over again for public consumption?

lindee on

CORRECTION: It’s NOT her “second honeymoon” it’s her FIFTH honeymoon.

Paula on

They just got back from a two week honeymoon and now they are going on a second one? When is the third one going to be at? Hope they are sending their daughter pics so she can still remember what they look like. And then she wonders why people give her s#it about never being with her daughter. This just proves it. Loser human beings and loser parents

Paula on

Another honeymoon? Obviously in no hurry to getting back to reality and parenting duties. Hope they are sending pics to whoever is taking care of their daughter so she can remember what they look like

Hair Gone Wrong on

There should be an OMG button. Either way I don’t hate nor like Kim K, I find all this flaunting her body everywhere and whatever they do pointless how about take all your money and do something good for once instead using the photogs for look at me use they for good and help people who need help

NonaYaBiznass on

PHOTOSHOPPED. The original paparrazi photos yesterday show a whiter, wider, and much flabbier Kim. Sad when all she does is take millions of selfies and photoshop them.

Katie on

I really wonder if these two (plus Kris) know that so many people can’t stand them but they continue to post these pictures because bad publicity is still keeping them in the public eye. The bad thing is, if Kim/Kanye suddenly realize that their daughter may not know who they are and they actually start spending a ton of time with her and post pictures of it, people won’t believe it is nothing more than a set up shot when it could very likely be genuine. She stated after the honeymoon that she missed North, but then she turns around and leaves again. I really hope she is with her daughter more than she is away from her and we only see these shots rather than the lovey dovey ones. She is creating this problem so she can’t blame anyone but herself for the negative comments she receives.

Sarah S. on

Why even have a kid when you don’t spend any time with her?!! Kim, did you have her as one of your accessories? Pathetic mother.

theyarewasteofspace on

WHO CARES?!?!?!?!? I don’t usually comment on these pages, but in this case I have to rant. I genuinely do not understand America’s fascination with these people! She has to be the most egotistical, self-centered, trashy “celebrity” out there. Please stop reporting on her every move, it only fuels their need for constant attention. The amount of money they spent on their wedding was obviously an attempt to not only flaunt their wealth, but for Kanye (who is a first class D***) to prove he’s bigger and better than her joke of a marriage/wedding to Chris Humphries. We have all probably funded their 2nd honeymoon by looking at these photo’s she charged for releasing. Who needs 2 honeymoons after spending over a million dollars on a wedding???? The amount of money they throw around is just disgusting and could be used for so many better purposes. Ok- rant over!

tapioca on

Ugh. Those giant hips. This nitwit has more photos of her giant arse than her child.

Armchair Psychologist on

I think her reflection in the window is everything.

Gh on

So sick of these people. They are horrific parents! Go home and raise your child, you pieces of garbage!

Ashley on

Everyone’s stomach looks good when they’re laying on their back!

NW Mama on

yeah if you have the money you can have all the laser surgeries you need to rid your self of any mark or mis-shappen part of your body. She is so fake, and wants to flaunt it all the time. GO TAKE CARE OF YOUR BABY and stop going on vacation all the time, what does she do that she needs to go on vacation all the time sheesh!

Janet697 on

kim k is a ho and has fake boobs and a huge butt and is ugly too boot

Emily on

Free of any stretch marks? Really, People? You’re objectifying women’s bodies and given that the majority of your readers are MOTHERS, I am disgusted and canceling my subscription. Pure trash. Your “writers” are journalism degree-holders who barely maintained 3.0 GPA’s. Pathetic. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

Mavis on

Could there be a more narcissistic person in the world? Where is her baby??????????

kt on

Gag. I need to pour bleach in my eyes after looking at her much-visited crotch. WHY did I look ?? And yes, like the other posters said, so sad she will PROBABLY be home for her daughter’s first birthday. This is, after all, her 3rd honeymoon with her 3rd husband. How many more ?? Anyone taking bets ? And I read elsewhere that her little sis Kendall is following in her tarnished footsteps … by posing naked in Playboy. North’s family is well documented …. for all the wrong reasons, starting with her mommy’s sex tape. Hope her nanny can impart some decent values. The writer sure made K sound awesome. What’s the expression … “pearls before swine”??

Hotgal on

Curves for days and extra days:)

susie on

she is nothing but pure trash. i would be ashamed to call myself a mother….

jaanyb on

…whomever thinks this is a “banging body” needs to take a look at Rihanna in a bikini. This is fat injections gone terribly distorted.

Jenna on

toned? more like wide as a house

PeeP on


GP Stoll on

There is not a workout in HE*L that can suck the implants out of that big as*.

Kristi on

Because she has them lasered off! What normal everyday woman can do that?!

nic on

another c……. what else?

lyn on

She is still fat,but she has had liposuction and plastic work done.

lyn on

All liposuction and plastic surgery along with botox.

Ivixen on


Fed up on

She makes me want to throw up. Enough already. Narcissism at it’s best!

UKnoImRight on

must be jam cause jelly don’t shake like that =P

Fed up on

She makes me want to throw up. Enough already! Narcissism at it’s finest.

lani on

Sure, she has a nice body and face (before all those fillers/injections happened) but these (face/fashion and all her riches) all she has to show for. Every inch of her body, every material thing, she has to show the world to. Talk about having a lot of insecurities deep down inside. It’s what people like her do when they are not content with their lives. Sorry KandK, it’s all useless in the end!

Tammy on

It’s one thing to wear a bikini. Lots of women do it. But to post pictures of yourself doing it is so pathetic, insecure and desperate. It’s sad her child and husband couldn’t fill that void.

El on

A star???? now that’s just ridiculous. She became well known for leaking a porn video of herself having sex with some dude.
The entire family acts like trash….they have money from hocking their sex tapes but they will never, I repeat NEVER, have a single ounce of class.

Scarlett on

Shallow as usual.

Leah on

Amazing figure? look at her reflection on the door…..(have nothing nice to say about her, she could have a perfect body but her attitude makes her ugly to me)

Brandi on

Veronica you sound really ignorant. Even if Kim did have a tummy tuck, liposuction and a boob job after Nori was born, none of those procedures would completely eliminate any present stretch marks. A boob job would make them look less pronounced with the extra volume added, but they would still be there and possibly create new ones in the process (just depending on the elasticity of the skin). Liposuction could have the opposite effect and make them look less pronounced after the swelling goes down (depending on how much fat is removed/volume lost in the area). And a tummy tuck…really? You can tell she doesn’t have a man-made belly button or a super-taut tummy (which are two telltale signs of that procedure). I’m a nurse that has worked for a plastic surgeon for the last ten years and I just find comments like yours very irritating because they just aren’t logical and make no sense. Please think before you speak.

Brandi on

*more pronounced

PositiveAttitude on

Guess she’s letting the jerks that called her “Fat” when she was preggers see that she is still in possession of an awesome body:) WTG Kim, you look fantastic!

Katie on

Thunder thighs

Nanu 08 on

Exposing her body is all it seems she has going on and it isn’t exactly the perfect one as has wide hips and that extra large butt that is gross……to bad she can’t find the time to be a mom so it appears mama Kris got a baby instead. Kim wanted a baby for what reason……to say she has one!!!!

lola on

She looks amazing!!! Her skin is beautiful.

Mel on

My goodness, the hate and assumptions on here are full of ignorance. I’m not a fan of the Kardashians but geez people, at least dislike them based on facts, not gossip or assumptions.

Let’s look at facts.
– They spent 1 week in Ireland for honeymoon.
-They returned home for 2 weeks which means they probably spent it with their daughter.
– That means they couldn’t have been in Mexico for more than a few days since they were married for 3 weeks today.

Now, I have never watched the Kardashians or even followed anything they do but I took 5 mins to do some basic sleuthing and I found facts. Try it!

lm on

Yes, she’s lost her baby weight, good for her and if her goal was to lose the baby weight without adding any tone or definition to her body, then she has succeeded. She has an hour glass figure: lovely waist with just a hint of some abs and ample hips, a very curvy body. But unless she gets serious about some form of resistance training she will continue to look ‘soft’. But hey, maybe that’s the way, ah ha, ah ha, he likes it, ah ha, ah ha!!

Mnmama on

No amount of exercise will get rid of her big thighs.

Elle on

Must be nice to have so much money and no job so you can just vacation all the time. So much money and power and no good done with it. The whole bunch of them honestly just make me sick.

K. on

Sad airhead.

Stephanie on

Those 2 disgust me, and so does your constant coverage of them. She is on her 3rd marriage, she, like her Mother, is a self-centered fame wh@re. He is an ignorant, egotistical, waste of human flesh. They deserve one another, and your reader’s deserve more from you than garbage like them.

LM on

I think she looks great. But the constant posting of workout, bikini, sheer top photos is pathetic. Is life nothing more than how she looks close to naked? What happens when the looks fade? It’s pure narcissism and she got it from her mother.

Tamarin on

Did they abandon their child again for this trip as well?

parishilton on

She’s hot!

nina on

Kim looks fit. Some women let themselves go after pregnancy. Then there are those who don’t have kid’s and let themselves go.

Julesy on

She has huge saddlebags. I just to have to believe that she’s had lipo in her belly section. No one has a tummy like that after childbirth.

Dee on

Good lord, who pays this rag to write such sycophantic drivel about this woman? (As if I didn’t know)
Who lays around in a paradise like that and takes selfies of their stomach? Oh yeah, Kim The Narcissist Queen Kardashian.

Kara on

@Nina – Give me a break. You’re probably some idiot man sitting around judging women for ‘letting themselves go’ and you probably weigh 400lbs and live in your mom’s basement.

Gg on

She’s trash. The entire family tries to act as if they are classy inteligent people. They are not.

bettyann greco on

when does the TROLLOP KIM get to see her baby. – really a 2nd. honeymoon – her life is one big one with all different men coming and going. 3rd marriage she wore white again laughed my azz off. there will be a 4th etc. get my drift???

Lori on

Self-absorbed woman.

rothiam on

Let’s remember that Nori was not a full term baby. I didn’t have any stretch marks with my first child either until about 2 weeks before giving birth…besides, stretch marks are more prominent the lighter the skin pigment, so I am not surprised nor impressed that olive skinned Kim didn’t get any from her 7 1/2 month pregnancy.

chaz on

Heard her arrogant husband was booed in a concert at Bonnaroo

rain on

Now those wide hips are made for birthing babies. Her hips are so wide she would look better if she was not so short.

susan on

That poor, poor child….. I use to cry when I had to leave my kids at daycare to WORK for 8 hours. They are the two most worthless creeps on the face of the earth. Period.

Jesseica on

People hate her because she’s rich, beautiful, and has a great body. Does it matter to anyone but her whether she got it by hard work and determination or with medical procedures? We all do what we can to make ourselves look our best even if its just makeup and a haircut. We don’t know her although people like to judge her but to say she’s a bad Mom because she takes a trip? The baby is not going to be traumitized by staying a few extra days being doted on by grandma & all her aunties!

Alex on

I am not a fan nor a hater of the Kardashians, but you people should feel sorrier for your selves than anything else. Why all the hate? Get a life and stop being so hypocritical.

mallgrabber on

what do you do when the first luv left you lost her virginity in 6 months by a guy engaged to two girls. She comes back and has affairs the first year and for 6 year after that? What if you can not let go….

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