Pamela Anderson Ditches Her Pixie, Adds Long Extensions

05/27/2014 at 07:10 PM ET

Pamela Anderson‘s pixie cut may have made her feel “really powerful,” but when it came time to go full bombshell, the actress reverted to a familiar look: Super long, super voluminous blonde extensions, which she wore Tuesday night to the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo.

Pamela Anderson long hairPascal Le Segretain/Getty

Anderson has been rocking a close-cropped do since last October, a major change that got her tons of positive comments from PEOPLE readers and Ellen alike. The actress told Elle that she was initially worried about going so short (fearing that she looked “like Anderson Cooper”) but she embraced the positive change the hairstyle represented.

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“The rock-star thing became very destructive, like, wow. I didn’t know what I was doing. I just kind of became that thing,” she said of her famed full blonde bouffant. “The hair, that rock-star kind of lifestyle, just living a dream. It kind of took over. It started out very innocent and then I turned into a cartoon character. And I started to feel like a cartoon character.” She echoed that sentiment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, saying “I just thought my hair had had a ‘life.’ And I wanted to put that behind me and start fresh.”

But despite all her raves about her fresh new do, the star has been slowly growing it out — wearing a longer look in January and sporting a mini-mullet in Cannes this week. And apparently she couldn’t wait to get back to the do she’s known for, because she was back to “The Pamela” on the red carpet, plunging neckline, smoky eye makeup, sparkly heels and all.

Do you prefer her with short or long hair? What do you think of her revisiting her famous look? Tell us below!

–Alex Apatoff

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Guest on


Scared on

OMG she looks ridiculous. Her publicist/stylist needs to be fired STAT.

Reeniebobeenie on


Deb on

She’s trying so hard to stay in the public eye recently that it’s sad. Just enjoy your blessings and children and stop trying to be 20 again Pam!

Guest on

She needs a softer look.

Ru on

Rode hard and put away wet….not pretty

erica2 on

Hot mess!

D on

She looks like a transvestite!

lola on

That’s horror file material right there!

disneymommy75 on

Yikes! It’s almost sad, she’s SO much older and seems to think she is still in the early 90’s as a twenty year old. The pixie and toned down makeup looked great on her!

guest on

OMG!! she looks like my daughters OLD matted hair Barbie Doll after my son got hold of it with a SHARPIE Marker!! That is one scary picture!!!

Tiff on


Christine on

Anyone else frightened right now?

renee on

she looks so old

No name on

I don’t care what type of hair she has. She has ZERO talent and should just go away. Once a bimbo, always a bimbo

Guessed on

It’s frightening that she thinks that is an attractive look.

Kim in Victoria on

From one Vancouver Islander to another Pam, lose this look…PLEASE. You looked much younger last week with your shorter hair and softer makeup.

deb on

I’ve seen photo’s of her without makeup and all the hair and she looks so pretty and healthy. It’s so sad that she is trying to stay so young, instead of embracing the age she is at now. She looks dreadful in this photo. :(

Kata on

Geeeez, this is a horrible look. She actually looked kind of classy in the shorter cut. This is just trashy.

Shoppinggal on

She looks cray.

dez on

She looks amazing; she is both a great role model and has always been an idol of mine, she has more than any of us will ever have she is talented and any haters can stop reading articles about pam

Argo on

Hot mama; she gets better with age. Beautiful.

Katrina on


Mrs. Winkler on

OMG!!! She needs to just give it up! She looks hideous, and all that plastic surgery and botox has taken its toll on top of all the drugs and alcohol abuse. She is NOT 30 something anymore, she can be beautiful, sexy AND classy all at the same time. Sheesh, give it up!

Teknosbeka on

I hated the pixie (way too manly) but this makes her look crazy.

Vee on

I don’t think this look is flattering at all. She looks hard and older than her years. The short hair and soft makeup looked very pretty on her. I can see why some commenters think she looks scary in this photo. She is a pretty lady and this isn’t her best look.

Gandalf Girl on

She looked SO much better with her haircut and less make-up! She looks “like a cartoon character” again. :(

Stylista on

She looks like she’s started drinking. Shame – I loved the confident, pretty pixie look. This is sad

darcie on

Wow and bet she paid good money for that birds nest on her head. So sad she’s to insecure to just age gracefully. The makeup is overdone and makes her look hard and the low cut dress is just trashy and tasteless! Bleached blonde hair and big boobs don’t always equate to beauty!

thmsx on

I think this look is definitely NOT working for her anymore, i didnt care for the pixie either, made her look butch, didnt fit her… i think a long bob style with some highlight and low lights would be nice on her… not long and trashy, but not short and boyish either. NO MORE DARK EYE…there a difference between soft and smokey and looking like avril levine after a night at the club.

Dollface on

Girl, you need to fire your hair person…lmao..whilst you are at it..your publicist..manager..the lot of em.

Hair Gone Wrong on

WOW this is HORRIBLE!!
This looks like a bad photoshop job this can’t be real, with all the money Pam has this can’t be worth what she paid I advise she get her money back and a new hair dresser!!!!
Sorry but she looks like a hot mess!!

Kim on

Her pixie cut was cute. Now she’s back to looking like a washed out old tramp.

Dee on

Could they have picked a less flattering pic? Cripes!

Kenneth Carroll on

Does she not have a mirror..she looks in her 60’s

news on

Pam Anderson looks about 100 years old.

Lala on

I saw a pic of her at this same event, on a different site. People apparently picked the most unflattering picture possible — because while she didn’t look amazing in the other photo (long extensions on a pixie cut, never turn out good), she did not look as bad as this photo makes it seem.

skigirl25 on


news on

She looks so hard and ugly

sem on

She’s always been a BUTTERFACE.

skigirl25 on

I am not disagreeing with the long hair. She just needs a softer style. What I think would have looked awesome on Pam would have been a sophisticated bob with a defined edge-style cut..

lola on

Oh my goodness!! What is going on?!! This is not good.

K.B. on

Yeah, that looks MUCH better…. *eye roll*

mrsmass on

What is this?

Denise Johnson on

She needs to realize that she’s going to age and she’s not going to be the same sex symbol Pamela from 20 years ago. There are so many celebs that older and know how to rock it still. She just needs to find a happy medium. I think the pixie only works for some and that was a drastic cut. Now to go back to long again come on

Jeremy hasse on

I like Pamela better with the pixie cut

Guest on

Yikes! She looks like she’s in a horror film!

Guest on

Oh my gosh! She looks like she’s in a horror film!

OMG on

She looks ridiculous.

Jen on

She looked so pretty, young and reborn with shorter hair. It seemed she was embracing her experience, true beauty and surpassing the trashy persona she built her career on. Like Farrah Fawcett, who showed everyone her true acting talent with Burning Bed (I think that’s what the movie was called) I thought maybe Pamela could show everyone that she is more than a wild, wigged out hair extension chick with way too much makeup on (which just accentuated wrinkles), someone who wants to attract the attention of people who aren’t 17 year old Family Guy creeps. Too bad.

skigirl25 on

Pam just doesn’t seem happy.
I am 45 and I have never felt as confident. I don’t have to try and be in my 20’s or 30’s…Perfection is way over-rated!!! Pam give it up! Stop trying to be young and perfect. Be you and be happy!!!

Jeremy hasse on

I like Pamela better with the pixie cut .your fan jeremy

Lynn on

Her short hair was cute. She just never fixed it or at least I never saw a photo with it fixed. This fake hair look ridiculous and makes her look old.

Zeze on

My word, has she fallen off the wagon again?

tlb0505 on

She looks so hilarious. I can’t believe they let her out like that.

tlb0505 on

she looks ridiculous. I cannot believe they let her out like that.

Boom on

Too bad, I loved her with short hair.

Pam on

Eww! She is not aging well!

Don't Hate on

I was just thinking how classy she looked in a beach photo with the cute, short hairdo and covered up a little more. She’s gotten bad advice from somebody and now she just looks scary. Darn it!

Ventress on

Nooooo! She looked so amazing with it short! Now she looks GROSS!

Lisajane on

This woman needs help.
Looks drugged out. Pixie was so much better and classic. Her kids must be so embarrassed.

Lisajane on

Sad really, needs help
Poor kids

krtmom on

What a mess!!!

Kelly on

Lol She’s a hot mess!

Jade on

I personally liked the shorter cut. The extensions don’t bother me so much except it looks like she didn’t get a full set as the one side looks so sparse. Besides that and the fact that she is too old for that platinum (her choice, her problem) her makeup and face look like leather. For someone who is so Pro PETA she sure didn’t treat her own self with ethical treatment. I can’t wait to see her in another 20 years. Can you say YIKES?

innerjuju on

So very bad. Bless her heart.

MrsJAZ on

Not trying to be mean, but her eye make-up is scary.

T on

Yikes ! Poor thing someone is not being honest with her . She looked very nice and presentable with the pixie this is just a hot desperate mess .. Omg

Amaryllis on

I don’t like either look, both are too severe. She needs something softer.

Lexie on

I liked it short. I actually thought that she had changed needing to look like she used to. A woman who can change so dramatically, share her life tragedies, can really bring power to a lot of other women going through the same thing. I hope she won’t go back to the way she was.

Jo on

She looks haggard! Gross

J D on

God! She looks so spent! Doesn’t she realize how horrible she looks?

ImALadyToo on

She is way past the age for that look. The short cut was cute and made her look younger (and not trashy!).

Pattimelt on

She is a complete mess. She needs help.

Mary Kay Mahoney on

Just when I was starting to gain some respect for her. *sigh*

tackiegirl on

In this photo she looks like a scarey barbie doll….ALL plastic…..ewwww c’mon Pamela, you can do better than that :(

Cally on

Has she not heard less is more!!!

tackiegirl on

she looks like a scarey barbie doll, ALL plastic….ewwww……c’mon Pamela, you can do so much better than this :(

wymom2003 on

Those are not good extensions. I don’t think anyone could pull those off well.

abbey on

Who’s the male impersonator ? Pamela is the mother of 2 young men who I’m sure are as horrified as we are.

MJ on

Poor thing, she looks hideous!

Tina on

Her pixie cut was hideous and proved her looks were in her hair…but then I see this and thought she looked like a Barbie With a bad hair cut. Someone help Pam, please!

sheesh on

There was not one mirror in her house?

Joanne on

Oh, my!!

Elle on

She looks like Cynthia-Anjelica Pickles doll….scary 😮😮😮

Jay on

It looks like she went on one heck of a bender. Leave the drugs and booze alone before you OD.

Kellie on

hot mess!

Lucy on

Team Pixie!

Guest on

She was actually looking good for the first time. She kind of looks like she smells something bad. She needs to embrace her age.

Jana on

The extensions look better than her actual hair did when it was long. The pixie was so adorable and made her look younger. This just looks harsh and worn out. Hey Pam, eyebrows aren’t supposed to be a single line-call Anastasia Soare.

guest123 on

Oh my! For the love of God put the Brigette Bardot look/Tommy Lee days behind you.

Brandi on

Oh Pamela…GIRL…🙈

Andrea on

Back to looking like a washed up hoe!

MJ on

Geez, why would Pamela do this? The Pixie was so cute on her and made her look younger. This is NOT a good look it is aging and somehow scary.

c on

She looks awful!

Mel on

Is the brick wall she hit still standing?

Gheri on

This isn’t intended to be mean, just an observation … OMG, she looks like a barbie doll that has been sitting in the toy trunk for years and someone pulled it out to play with it!!!! Sorry Pam (fellow Canadian).

Pnut on

Oy vey

Diane on

She doesn’t good at all, I guess the Baywatch girl didn’t use a lot of sunscreen, as I am the same age and my skin looks way better..

taradoug82 on

Oh my! I am a stylist and would love to make her over! She could look SO pretty if she stopped trying to be an 80’s video vixen!

trish on


carrieflygirl on

Very disappointed…from a powerful brain to a used up ‘puss’

tcvajv on

Halloween makeup??? My goodness but she is scary and mean looking.

tommyl on

No just no! At least go for a happy medium and get a layered bob, but this looks like a cat on her head. A blond cat? Well, you know what I mean, bad, oh so bad.

stacy on

Wow not a flattering picture kinda looks like the bride of chucky. Sorry Pam

claudia on

Pam will always be beautiful. Its a shame she has to try so hard. I like what she has done as far all the animal rights are concerned.

Izzie on

In that picture, she looks like an old Barbie found at the bottom of the toy chest.

Princess2005 on

She looks like a Barbie doll a 2 year old got ahold of!!

So not a pretty look. We need to accept it’s ok to grow older.

YoCo on

What a shame; she looked gorgeous with the pixie.

Missy on

Retire already.

cyndy on

If she went long but sleek and more natural looking make up it would be classy and effective. This shot is one of the worse I’ve seen from the same affair which doesn’t help either. She’s finding her look. We all go through it but not with cameras chronicling and critiquing every moment.

Jackie M Villio on

She looks like she was ridden hard and put away wet. Ugh!

Lulu on

Yikes! She needs to tone down her make up. She looks like a drag queen. Please grow/draw in your eyebrows they age you soo much!

berrittany on

Bride of Chucky.

chris on

the 90s called – they want their hairstyle back.
THE GIG IS UP. She is so trampy – why doesnt somebody tell her the truth already.

conspiracy theory on

uhm.. scary!

Bobbie on

She is scary with makeup. I would hate to see her without it. Fake boobs, fake lips, real cheap hair extensions. At least if Dolly Parton tries this she has a better plastic surgeon, and much better hair. Pamela your to young to look so old. You look like a horse that’s been rode hard and put up wet. You should retire the look, it is NOT cute any longer.

justbeingreal on

I don’t know why she can’t go in between? This look is 15 years too late. The pixie and almost non existent make-up, in my opinion, was not really the answer either. I think she’d look great in shoulder length or maybe an inch or two past, and make-up that isn’t outrageous would be a much better look for her.

Kallie on

Boy does she look hard…

Itsmeduh on

So sad…what a has been…

Sar on

I loved the pixie cut!

peaches4u on

I agree with the Guest who said she looks like an old Barbie.

Guest on

I don’t get why they pan Pam for the “major extensions”. I know she does not look great but that aside, how many actresses have extensions and I have never once heard People or anyone else call them out for it. And personally I would like to know who is wearing extensions and who isn’t :)

Truthfinder on

NOOOOOOOO, say it ain’t so! I hate to say it but she looks like Elvira!

Lee on

Omg! I was scared seeing that! With due respect, she should have at least checked herself in a mirror before stepping out and doing the side sweep look….

Dee on

AAAHHHH!! Damn!! Scrolling down to that picture was like watching one of those videos where the Exorcist kid suddenly flashes on the screen.
I think I pooped my pants a little.

Chula on

99% of men would say she looks hot. She’s an 80’s chick and this is the look she is famous for. 99% of men also hate pixie cuts as do I. You go Pam!!!!

stinky on

sometimes you just can’t go back in time…plus the eye makeup has to go.

Arkknowles on

She looks like a old Barbie doll that someone attacked with sissors. It might help a little if her dress actually fit too.

dana on

She is so pretty but I hate this look for her. I am not a fan of hair extensions. They always look fake and make you look like a bad country singer. She looks like she is trying too hard to be something that she isn’t. Young!

jckfmsincty on

The more hair in her face, the better. She looks like she’s in her 60’s.

meta on

oh…dear!. Pam I think you may be having moment. Take a minute (or a few years) off to be remove yourself from the limelight and get it together. You are falling apart….

Guest on

She looked pretty with her pixie hair style.

J. D. on

She is still beautiful…..a unique being…no one looks like her……her eyes are amazing…
Someone should of told her to move that piece of hair out if her face…..i’m sure there are better pics from this night…but I still think she looks awesome…. she’s our Marilyn Monroe

Patti on

I am embarrassed for her.

Bhavana on

She looks ROUGH!

Liza on

I like Pamela with long hair but this does not look good Sorry Pam

phre on

she looks as if she just had had a car accident…

sholi on

She looks HORRIBLE…. Pam, honey, live up to you age! There is no shame in that, but there is what you doing here! Stop already. …

Liza on

I like Pamela with long hair but this is not working for her… Sorry Pam

Jerz on

fried. overdone. unnatural.

Linda on


Looloobell on

She used to be so fresh and gorgeous on tool time… She looks so overdone and just plain old!!! Get a decent haircut that’s age appropriate and stop trying to look like you’re 24 again!! There are SO many ways to update hair/makeup ghats looks so more appropriate…. I’m 60 and still keep up with current hair and makeup and even tho I don’t have quite a body like hers.. I rock it!!

abbey on

She should stop going to the dollar stores for her hair and make up. And her stylist needs to be fired. She has teen sons for Pete’s sake.

nicole on

love you Pam but that pic is not good.. what happened to your hair.. someone forgot to comb the extensions.

GW on

Reality check: Nobody with great looks wants to get old and lose it! If she wants to try & look 20 again, she needs Restylane in her tear troughs.

YoMomma on

Is it Halloween already?

hmgray on

She looks like she could easily do the scene from Thriller at any moment in this shot lol

Life goes on on

Loved her Pixie.

Carolyn on

I hated her hair do short
Made her look old

scott on

Looks like one of those barbie dolls left in a box for years. Hair is all tangled and messed up. All plastic.

Onecopsgirl on

Good night!! That’s just scary…

lisa on

1980 called and we gave back Pam!

Hazel on

Yeah, we know, she’s a HO!!

PeeP on

I can’t even go there.

Rachel on

Her pixie cut suited her quite well, I am unsure why she felt she needed to go back to her signature look. I mean, years ago it worked but I’m sorry, she does look like a hot mess.

lilly on


Jennifer on

Aging B list actress trying to hang on to her youth…..kind of sad really.

Alex on


Aud on

Noooooo Pam, stop!

misslee on

You could not have chosen a worse photo of her. Come on, PEOPLE.

Amy on

Back to hot mess? She wasn’t getting enough negative attention with the beautiful short haircut. Bummer.

Kimber on

I love Pamela, but that is either not a good picture, or she is not aging well with all that tanning and cosmetic work! :(. She needs a new look at this age.

Kara on

How sad. She is really pretty and the pixie cute and make UNDER really looked great on her. I’m hoping this picture was taken at a bad angle because this look does her no justice.

Denise on

The harsh eye makeup ages her. She is beautiful without all the make up and big hair.

Mickey on

Well, this look just aged her about 20 years. How sad. I thought she looked really cute with the pixie cut and the softer make-up.

Mickey on

I guess after her revelations about her childhood have caused her to go back to her tougher and unfortunately, older looking look. Too bad, she looked great with the pixie, and its growing out look with the softer makeup.

bettyann greco on

she looks better with the shorter version – the fake extensions make her look OLDER and more of a TROLLOP. she almost had it right for a change.

guest on

She’s going backwards. Loved her pixie!!! Trying too hard to be sexy girl. It’s not something she has to work at. Accept yourself, Pam. You’re beautiful as you are.

Julia on

Pamela, look at this picture! REALLY – look at this picture!

Sally Grimm on


Kat on

OMG scary

Drice on

She looks like the Persian on Cats and Dogs….lol

Gina stancil on

I think she should do whatever makes her comfortable

Hope on

I think she looks like an old hag. Who has stayed too long at the party. I loved her with her short pixie hair cut. Women have to realize when its time to embrace and accept the mature woman that will eventually come out.

Wowza on

She looks so ROUGH!!!!!!! What does she expect? How about ya stop trying to look like your in your twenties and embrace yourself? This look is just ratchet. Soory but Pam is a burn out :(

pettigrew44 on

Well, now we know what happened to Baby Jane, don’t we?

anon on

Horrible mess. What is she thinking? She would be pretty with much less, tone it down woman!

Sandy on

Unfortunately Pam is realizing her look is not going to work well now that she’s getting old. I think she too will begin to look like this- ridiculous! Time to reinvent your look- and make it more mature.

Dodo on

She looks like a witch!!!

V on

Pamela. Look in the mirror. You look horrible.

Jennifer on

How can she not know how ridiculous she looks?!

Guest on

This is the conundrum of white women in attempting to create false images of beauty which are ephemeral.

kat on

She looks hard core

rlb237 on

That’s not extensions. That’s a rat’s nest.

Sammie on

Those extentions do not look good. I will refrain from insulting her personally, but whoever is greenlighting her public appearance does not have her best interest at heart.

She needs to just settle down. She is becoming a caricature of herself. it would be better to adopt a more refined look working with her natural beauty instead of trying to maintain an unattainable standard.

Jakes on

Poster child of partying way to hard in her younger years. No amount of make-up will cover that up.

Guest on

Sorry Pam your prime has passed. The pixie looked much better…aging gracefully is knowing when to move on and evolve your look. Be a sexy lady but know when to tweek your look!

jsp81355 on

Sorry to say, but she’s not aging very gracefully.

guest on

sorry Pam you have passed your prime, time to move on from the long hair. Aging gracefully is knowing when to move on from look and not clinging onto the same style you wore in your 20’s. Maybe not a bob but there are plenty she could change her hairstyle and clothes and still look sexy instead of desperate and clueless

Tommie on

She looks like she is auditioning for a Maleficent sequel. That is scary

SL on

She looks scary.

hautemom on


Christine on

Oh my. Please stop. She looks ridiculous.

DDP on

good lord, she looks old…. she is not aging well and the hair just makes her look like a train wreck. Was so much more refreshing to see her without that mess on her head. Too bad.

mimmi on

The sun is not a white womans friend

Foxtrotter on

That there are some bad extensions!

mimmi on

She must have borrowed the extensions it loooks ratty

JAC on

Sorry Pam but you look like an old porn star that hasn’t seen the light of day in a while. Simplicity suits you.

Em13 on

Ugh. She looked so good with short hair.

onecopsgirl on

Good Lord!! That’s just scary….

rachybaby on

Short hair. And in that photo above I’m going to assume the wind was blowing…

Nod on

Oh my gosh… how sad. She could be so beautiful still.

Sunny on

She looks like the bride of chucky. The shorter hair really freshened her look up but she seems insecure about having short hair.

Guest on

The bride of Chucky lives

Guest on

Comments are soooooooo punnnny. You are all hired! My tears are flowing …. LMAO ….! Honestly, there are lotsa folks that can definitely qualify as comedy writers! Pam …. please take a hint, get that pixie-do back.

Noelle on

She looks like she was ridden hard and put away wet. Homegirl needs some HELP, stat!!!

Carol S. on

She looks like one of the demented, tortured Barbie dolls from the ToyStory movie!! Good Lord!!

guest on

Wow, she looks like a caricature of her old self. She looked really great and healthy and happy when she cut her hair and started wearing normal clothes. This is sort of sad.

angie on

One word….YIKES!!!

peet on

Back to her trampy self!

Victoria Dodds on

What a mess. Should have stuck w/the pixie and less is more look.

Gina on

It’s time for her to accept that she is no longer a sex symbol and is aging (like the rest of us). Please take off the extensions and use them on Halloween.

G-Belle on

That couldn’t be more horrifying if she tried.

Lele on


Yikes! on

This is one of the scariest pictures I’ve ever seen. Deranged Barbie!

cynlee on


Sammi on

So ratchet

bitsy on

Rats nest Barbie?

demaris on

She always looks like she smells something bad!!

taartt on

My husband said “She looks like Chucky’s bride”

Mememe on

She looks like a zombie.

guest on

I’m sorry, but she looks like the “bride of chuckie” her and totally possessed!

guest on

I’m sorry, but she looks like the “Bride Of Chuckie” here and totally possessed! NOT your best look, Pam…

allyyyy on

She looks greasy! Yucky yuck!!

Beth on

Wow. The pixie was sophisticated, but this looks like she is trying too hard. This is most likely why this picture was published. It is harsh and makes for good comment drama. Sometimes we have to put away childish things and move on. We don’t have to live like we are 90, but we certainly should not go for 20. Denial, anger, and then accept we are who we are, and we are constantly aging.

Jo on

This woman looks seriously scary !!! Has she had surgery or bad botox ? She looks like a Monster High Doll ! f she were my mom I wouldn’t want her visiting my school. BAD KARMA !!! Even their daddy looks better (yes it’s that bad ) !


I liked the short hair so much better. It took years off her face.

Guest1709 on

My god!!!

moi on

Wow, those are some BAD extensions.
She looked so much softer and better when she first got the pixie cut.

didi on

She did not age well.

Lisa on

Can you say “HOT MESS”? With the money that this woman has, you would think she would be able to afford decent hair extensions, a proper hairdresser and a make up artist from this decade. This woman is someone’s mother, she needs to represent herself as such.

Jules on

She looks scary. I liked the pixie. Way more age appropriate.

GigiOC on

OMG!!!! What happened to her!!!! She looks like a mess!!!

carecara on

she got what she wanted apparently everyone talking about HER

xoxo on

She looks horrible here. I don’t know if it’s the makeup/ or the hair extensions, or the lighting. But she looked very fresh faced in the other photo with her short hair and the pink shirt.

Tara on


Tara on

time to grow up Pam

JMO on

Pam is a gorgeous woman but I do wish she’d tone things down. She could be so elegant and glamourous if she ditched the 80’s party look. Picture soft makeup, tailored and well fitted designer dress with minimal clevage and moderate high slit (cause she does have a killer body!) and her hair in a soft up-do. She’d be so killer!

Lynn on

Loved the short hair, way way more sexier than this.

T on

She looks awful! Very haggard. She usually looks very nice. What happened?

lulu on

she looks fabulous! I hope I look like her when I’m that age! She has done a lot of this industry and she has a great career ahead of her!!! YOU ROCK, PAM!!!

lulu on

she looks great

Erin In KC on

She looks like she’s smelled something bad…or maybe that’s a look of horror after seeing her reflection…

lulu on


joann on


Colleen on

Honestly YEARS ago she did a cover for a old magazine not around anymore called “Jane”. She didn’t have a stitch of makeup on! Not a drop…. And she looked stunning! She is naturally beautiful which is rare! When she does this heavy eye makeup and lipstick over her lip line and 80’s hair band hair, she looks not so flattering. Check out her cover from “Jane” magazine and the pics! She looks her best with the pixie and NO makeup!

Megan on

I knew it, the pixie cut only looked good on Twiggy.



Scott on

That’s just nasty. She has so much makeup on it’s in her hair. Time for this one to retire.

Max on

Kim Kardashian West — take a look into your future.

Diane on

Looks frightening. The harsh makeup and hairstyle make her look older.

Lynne on

It’s almost as if she is trying “to hide” behind all that hair. What could she want to hide from? Some people feel safer behind a veil of hair, like a protection from the world. Maybe it’s not just about the hairstyle.
Having said that, I really liked the pixie cut on her. She looked softer and prettier.

Tellinitlikeitis on

REALLY?? Pam get real.. your old now! Embrace it!

Steve on

She 46, too old to try to look that kind of hot.

Donna J Avina on

She’s starting to look really scary. Like an older woman trying way too hard to be young and sexy again. You can be older and sexy, and not be so scary.

jlo27916 on

For how pretty she used to be, she looks just terrible now! I bet she would’ve aged just fine without all the plastic surgery!

liz on

The extensions, and the heavy make her look older

Merci on

Short was so much classier..

texas chick on

She looks like the bride of chucky.

jaci on


texas chick on

She looks like the bride of Chuckie

Debra Kern on

I liked her original long hair. The short style reminded me of Jamie Priestly. The pic here her hair extensions doesn’t look right at all!

Tango on

She looks like she just smelled a super reeky fart.

Jana on


Tracys38 on


didi on

What in the world?! Who let her out in public looking like that?
Pam, they are not your friends.

Kathy on

What a hot mess! She looks ridiculous. It’s just VERY sad that she thinks she has to look like this, I thought she was very classy looking when she got her hair cut short. And she has been photographed with very minimal makeup and I thought she looked great. Please Pamela, grow up. You’re kids have to be so embarrassed but don’t have the heart to tell you. We know you can do better. This is an intervention, step away from the fake hair, eyeliner, you can keep the boobs this time, just try to keep those puppies a bit more hushed.

Julesy on

OMG, so many years of being out in the sun has caught up to her. She looks way older than her years.

Pat Spiegel on

I saw Pam on the cover of Elle magazine and she looked great! This look is hideous. Pam go a nice salon and have them do your hair. Seriously this hairstyle looks terrible.

V Rogers on

Like the pixie so much more

Mrs. X on

Pam Anderson was trying to looking like her usual self, the way people recognized her. Unfortunately for her, the look didn’t play out too well… She’s pretty well known in Europe because of Baywatch. I understand what she was trying to do but, it still doesn’t work. I thought the pixie cut looked weird because I’m soo used to seeing her with long hair. She held onto thy look for forever. I guess the pixie was inevitable. I guess she’ll take her extensions out and go back to her short blonde hair andore updated make under.

Kelly on

Gross! She looked so cute and younger with her pixie hair cut. Now she looks like some old worn out bar ho

Beatrix on

She looks like a drag queen. Not a good look. My hair extensions made by a local Hungarian salon looked way more natural an good compared to this horrible work. I don’t know how on earth she didn’t realize the bad hairdressing work and went along to an event, where she is in the public eye!!

Carter on

The pixie cut looked AWFUL! And this look is horrible. What is going on with her?

cindy on

That is a wig!

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