Kim Kardashian's Wedding Dress: See the Gorgeous Rear View!

05/27/2014 at 11:24 AM ET

Kim Kardashian Wedding Dress Kanye WestCourtesy Riccardo Tisci

You’ve already swooned over the side view of Kim Kardashian‘s custom Givenchy wedding gown, complete with immense full veil and sheer-inset side cutouts. And we can now confirm that the dress looked as gorgeous going as coming, thanks to the stunning rear view of the full gown posted by pal (and Givenchy designer) Riccardo Tisci.

The designer — a longtime friend of the couple — posted the highly stylized photo to his Instagram, captioning it “Final friends fitting #biggestday #kimandkanye #love #paris #couturesalon @kimkardashian @givenchyofficial.” The back view gives a real sense of the drama of the gown, from the open back, inset with illusion netting and belted, to the full train, to the incredibly dramatic silk veil with a romantic lace edge. Tisci can be spotted on the edge of the photo, supervising the final fitting. (Kris Jenner posted the color version, which was nice of her!)

Breathtaking….such a magnificent dress @riccardotisci17 !!! #Givenchy #Stunning #Love #herecomesthebride

A photo posted by Kris Jenner (@krisjenner) on

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Tisci also posted a snapshot with the bride on her big day (below) that showed off the pearl-edged collar of her high-necked dress design — though later in the night, Kardashian did change into a low-necked dress design, also edged in pearls and gems, for a full night of dancing. And after seeing that truly dramatic train, we can see why the mini might have been necessary.

ABOUT LOVE @kimkardashian #family #love #kimandkanye

A photo posted by riccardotisci17 (@riccardotisci17) on

Thoughts on the gown? Do you love the rear view?

–Alex Apatoff

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Showing 117 comments

AG on

That is a very pretty dress.

Sammi on

Stop, People. Just stop with this non stop coverage of literally anything she does….

guest on

She looks great!

Sari Ty Pierre on

Im so jealous, ! She looks amazing

NL on


A on

It’s a beautiful dress but why would you wear a dress like that when this is your THIRD wedding? Your first I could definitely see but your third?

donnatex on

Beautiful dress…but this chick’s ego is through the roof. it’s her third marriage!!! What does she think she’s royalty? I just wanna gag.

Taylor on

LOVE the rear view.
The front view, not as much.
She is trying to be too high fashion–lost sight on the goal of being a beautiful, timeless bride. The front of the gown just looks off.

FW on

How many times is she going to wear white?

Dana on

White dress and veil for a third wedding? LOL……..

sara on

She does liposuction on waist and stomach and inserts the fat into her butt. Gross.

sara on

She does liposuction on the waist and stomach and inserts that fat into her butt. Yuck.

Sweetness on

The rear view of this dress is amazing! I love it! The front??? Yuck!

MJ on

Strange dress design. The front part looks like a baby bib and the back is sexy…

Just Sayin' on

Third wedding, soon to be third divorce…NEXT!

Ana on

I love the train, veil, and lace. Not too fond of the rest though.

guest on

It looks really pretty from the back.

sara on

Kim’s fake butt is almost popping out of the dress, but that is how she wants it! She couldn’t keep it a classy dress all the way, she had to make it about the plastic butt. She does liposuction on her waist and stomach and inserts into the butt. Boobs are fake too. Yuck.

Guessed on

Uh, who’s the idiot with the sneakers? Hey photographer, you’re supposed to tell the idiot with the sneakers to get out of the shot.

Janie on

Pretty dress, but let’s take bets on how long this marriage will last.

Ladybug on

Beautiful, but completely inappropriate for a 3rd wedding.

guest on

All I see is butt…it’s not pretty.

Jean Strachan on

OK. so she wore a white gown but what else should she have worn for a wedding frensy which cost s á cool 2.8 million (USD)!!!
The train appears to be like a duck coming out of her bottom … wonder if we can read anything into that.
Rightly or wrongly, Kim does think she is an American Princess who married the prevailing Prince, Someone buys all of his albums (not me! for Kenye to make all of the money.

Wen on

Meh! Maybe the dress for her 4th wedding will be nicer.

Foxtrotter on

Do the Kardashians own People Mag?

judykay on

This woman has no shame. Her eyes are dead and her mouth i always hanging open like a dead fish now her 3rd wedding dress has a fish tail in the back lol fits her to a tee. They said they hadn n2 or 3 thousand people coming for the wedding but only 200 ccepted that tells a story of it own. The other HW “royal couple” were a no show long with the other 2800 people they invited. He made a fool of himself with his blathering speach as he usually does and she made a fool of herself and her brother. SHowed exazctly what kind of people they are classless. Money gives no one class or talent and they could have spent more then 20 million for this farce and it still would have been classless. I feel so sorry for the baby being raised by people who have no morals and more money then brains.

Foxtrotter on

Reckon what she does with all those old wedding dresses? She’ll be buying another one in a couple of years.

Trixie on

As much as I dislike this family, it is a very pretty dress. I can’t wait to see what she wears for 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8! Remember, she wants to be just like Elizabeth Taylor! LOL!

JP on

Looks beautiful

Mel on

A veil over the face is meant for virgins. C’mon PEOPLE…. Enough

JA on

That skinny belt ruins it

Tracie on

That is simply beautiful.

Lilyflower on

It’s very pretty from the back, although I don’t get why there’s a belt with it. The front of the dress isn’t that great.

Avi Lavian on


Avi Lavian on


Mrs. K on

When will the coverage be over!!

Pam on

It’s absolutely gorgeous!

Lynn on

Love the rear and side view, its just beautiful. Not big on the bib look from the front even though this is hugely in style right now. The rest is gorgeous.

Pam on

I agree I like the back but not the front.

Dana on

Why do you keep posting pics of this wedding….these 2 egotists and materialistic selfish morons don’t deserve this coverage….will you guys just stop People!!! I’m sure this marriage will be long over before the full wedding album is every completed!!!

Whoru on

For the one who asked who the idiot in the sneakers’s the designer…reviewing the final fitting…its nit an official wedding shot…did you even read the article? Lol..jesus..

Jacki on

That is a stunning dress! She looks equally as beautiful!!

TMZ on

PEOPLE is getting paid TONS by KIM to constantly report on this! It is that obvious, and in order for Kim to stay in the spotlight……..she has to pay as many outlets to keep her relevant as a celebrity!!

Joy on

Awww, she thinks this makes her classy, LOL

lynn on

I love it. It looks magical. Who makes up the rules about what you should wear on your wedding day? Hater’s gonna hate

bptsfinest75 on

I’m no Kimye fan but even i have 2 admit the dress and oicture are fierce…she did trhat!!

Carole on

Lovely dress. A bit strange that she would cover herself in the front, when she loves to show her stuff all the time. sort of reminds me of a baby bib. Dramatic exit gown though.

Kanye West on

Damn, that’s a big fat ass!

Heather on

Wow, this is pretty! I can’t wait to see what her next wedding dress will look like!!

R on

WOW! beautiful!

JAC on

Great picture. All I can say is Thank the Lord it’s over. She got her circus show and hopefully we’ll never have to endure another wedding from them.

Gale Boland on

The dress is beautiful and so is Kim. I am sure the wedding was beautiful and I wish the best for their family. Their daughter is beautiful too. I notice much negative comments regarding the Kardashian family. I believe it is wrong and that haters should give it a rest. The family has no more problems than any other family and God takes care of it all. The name calling is way uncalled for. Best to Kim and Kayne and their family. The dress is beautiful and the designer did a great job. I enjoy their news…Be blessed!

debbie on

Why is the veil soooooooooo long???? it hides the detail of the dress. and she’s wearing white???? LOL

thenitenurse on

I saw the whole dress. While I applaud her for not showing her cleavage I just wasn’t a big fan of the dress.

Sifribella on

Is a beautiful dress and she looks amazing. My only thing is this is her 3rd wedding does she had to wear white??? Her mom is holding her daughter nobody thinks you are pure and innocent anymore. She would have still look great on an ivory, pink or maybe cream color dress

thenitenurse on

Seriously all the commenters that question her use of white and a veil at a third wedding. I wonder how many American women are actual virgins when they get married? Those without sin cast the first stone. Hey Kim has found a way to make money and I applaud her for it.

Susan Stewart on

A beautiful fantasy which our troubled world needs from time to time.

Aingel on

Beautiful. There is no rule about what to wear when. Everyone is entitled to be happy. You people hating are sad, stressing yourselves. Kimye not worrying about you

SoTrue2710 on

This is her third trip down the aisle…back when etiquette meant something, a person of taste would have had a very low key wedding and the brides’s dress certainly wouldn’t have been white. These people wouldn’t know substance from a whole in the ground.

Maddi on

I am not a fan of her or Kanye AT ALL .. but she looks stunning. I love the back of that dress!

Guest on

Reminds me of Morticia from Adams Family).

Opened this article only to make this comment. I have not and will not read any articles related to these two. Why are they getting so much attention? From what I can tell, very few like them and nobody knows what she has done to be considered famous. He’s famous because of his ego and anger management issues. Yippee.

sdagf on

I have to say, i like this dress 100 times better than her last one…her last one made her shoulders look so wide because it was a tube…but this one is beautiful!

Amber on

So tired of the comments about how many times she has been married! Who cares……She looks stunning = )

Cate on

Seriously, it needs to stop. She has done NOTHING, NOTHING, to warrant being a story for anything! Maybe now she will give some of her money to charity. Then I wouldn’t mind reading about her.

demaris on

Yes…it’s a beautiful dress. Now, I hope she is smart and wears this one for her next wedding! Really….it would be a shame to spend all this money and buy another dress!!

CL on

Oh please! Look who’s trying to be like Pippa with the backside view…..sorry honey you ain’t cuttin’ it!!!

sal on

wow that was some semi walking down that isle! how many days until the divorce starts?

Marisa on

Sorry but that’s one of the ugliest dresses. Front looks like a giant bib!

Tiff on

would have been better had the guy sitting there moved out of the way. Pretty dress from the back. I don’t like the front that much though.

deborah soofield on


Kay Anderson on

Watch out for a wide load!

Samantha B. on

I’m sorry, but that dress is simply DIVINE. Say what you want about this woman, she knows how to dress, and that’s it.

Jeff on

Still HO HO HO

Kris on

The dress is really pretty, the veil is weird.

Christine on


Christine on


sandy on

Of course it always has to be about the view from the REAR!
Ha- just glad she kept her big b**bs under wraps. Very elegant.

Antoinette on

I can’t stand this family and all the coverage they get by the media. What a total waste of space. What have they truly contributed to society. Please stop treating this family as if they were royalty: it makes me sick!!! There are so many more news worthy things going on in our world!!!!!

StinkyBooty313 on

Albeit botox leaves her expression-less… but overall I just don’t sense she’s a gushing newlywed. Her friends & Mama seemed more elated than her. It won’t last.

Maria on

Shame on her for wearing white.

Lena on

I am not her fan, but that dress is GORGEOUS

Steve Jackson on

she doesn’t look gorgeous.
The dress overly-price,is a nice dress 1st wedding.or even a 2nd.She is ridiculous.and i don’t think she is gorgeous or beautiful. Will not last. she is a gold digging hussy who at near
mid 30s.i don’t see what she has done edu-wise or donate
she can care less about the homeless,or the ones suffering
so i don’t see why your liking her,but glad MOST do not.

may god bless our troops.

nic on

yep , that “rear” speaks better and lots of volumes than Kim.
I’m not a fan of the rear views though, I still believe in BRAINS!

Future Lawyer Paralegal Activist on

gosh her face is now so diff,
so botoxy,
she can’t even smile,
rarely with her daughter.(only for photo op)
and she is so washed up but yet wearing white 3rd wedding,
lmfao so happy Most agree,she is so washed up.any 1 can so easily dress up pig. but it is still a pig.her time is
old news …Only people on here who are not attractive love
her.She is not talented,not gorgeous and is so fake looking
bod and face geez.what happen to her,sad so used up like this at mid 30s.


Dawn on

The dress is very pretty. Like many others have said, this is her 3rd wedding, white is not appropriate. Plus, she has a child.

anais on

The wedding dress is amazing she is not

kdgmom on

I keep trying NOT to like her. BUT she is beautiful. And they made a beautiful baby!! Great Luck to them. Can’t wait for the knock-offs of her dress, I certainly could not afford a real one for my daughter!

Adriana on

How many times will she wear white? No pure women there..

Regal on

She looks happier and the gown is lovely…

sem on

Cathedral length veil and train on your THIRD MARRIAGE??? This delusional idiot is nothing but a sad mockery to marriage!

kay on

That is a beautiful dress on a very pretty girl. Why does it matter if she wore a white dress on her third wedding? Its really none of anybodys business, myself included. All that matters is the bride & groom are happy on their wedding day. Thats that. End of story. Ive just never got why people who hate someone take the time to stop everything they’re doing at that moment in time to post hateful comments. Jealous much?

GP Stoll on

I think we’ve gotten enough views of her rear.

lola on

BEAUTIFUL!! The top front of the dress could have been better, but I love the sleeves and the neckline is not too low. She looks stunning. Can’t wait to prurchase the magazine.

Melissa on

Reminds me of Grace Kelly’s dress.

miss peru on

I just hope their marry lasts with all the money they have invested n the circus they have created of their let’s hope it lasts

Gottosaysomething on

Agree w/ A says….

She’s in her thirties and already 3 marriages under her belt! We already know K. West is not all that stable so marriage # 4 will be in about 3 yrs.

Rita on

Hollywood you can get married in white for every marriage ! Really

Tiredtraveler on

ok..wonder what the odds are in Vegas for how long this one will last?

Tiredtraveler on

ok..wonder what the odds are in Vegas on how long this marriage will last?

jena on

Who declared this couple “royalty”. Oh, they did. To me royalty is someone who is refined, has grace and manners, is educated, not someone who got famous from having sex. The wedding is over, People magazine is not listening to its readers. Every comment I read is asking for diff. articles.

Billie martin on

Love the dress from the back. She’s just too much! A little humility would go a long way. Kardashian overload. Please stop the coverage. I

Billie martin on

This family should try a little charity work. The money they throw around could feed a starving nation.

Ann on

The dress is lovely and the wedding also; however, comparing Kim’s wedding to the Royal Wedding is just idiotic. I’m sure the Royals didn’t wear leather jackets or have a photobooth. I’m not trying to take away from Kim and Kayne’s wedding, but seriously!!!!! The coverage on the Kardashians is stiffling – enugh.

lena on

A, “It’s a beautiful dress but why would you wear a dress like that when this is your THIRD wedding? Your first I could definitely see but your third?” Because this is her real marriage, she is mature enough, have a child with the dude, it is what it is, like it or not…

T on

The belt across the naked back always strikes me as trashy looking for some reason… and putting such a high class looking veil over the glued on dress just made it look trashier by comparison…

sandra on

The guy who is on her right ruined the point of elegance of this picture, the sneakers and his pose are a distraction. Oxymoron!

Sheila on

She should have walked down the aisle backwards, because the front was really ugly.

Kathryn Palmer-Jackson on

I freaking love this dress!!

tg on

The front though looked like she was wearing a bib.

Marla on

Tacky and trashy. Fits this pig bride to a T!

anne on

This her third wedding and how many wedding dresses hmm. Bit OTT for third wedding and a wanna bee

Chris B on

Eh it’s ok seen better. Wearing a white wedding gown to all three weddings is a joke. The whole wedding is a joke. When your wedding turns into how many people will talk about it etc you seize to remember why you got married in the first place.


ive seen front of dress, its not nice. its like baby apron . i give a thumbs up for being unique but not pretty at all.

Joan Holloway on

What’s the big deal?

IT’s another fishtail gown. They are everywhere.

And it’s a veil that’s a bit longer than cathedral length but shorter than royal length.

These fishtail gowns have been done. Can’t we see something else for a change?

And that piece of material in the front is just YUK.

Joan Holloway on

Dana and A:

All brides wear white. It doesn’t matter — it’s only a color.

And you can bet that this gown is a promo. She got it for free. That’s how it works in most cases like this.

Why does the copy say it is a “full gown” and “full train”?

As I said, by the looks of it, this is a veil that is a bit longer than cathedral length — usually a cathedral is about 6 yards of material.

And a veil like this?

Ridiculously easy to make, believe it or not. I did — you may have to move furniture to cut the tulle or netting but after that, it’s smooth sailing. Any ole sewing machine will add a lace edging of any kind to a veil.:)

Shari on

But I thought the front was plain – downright ugly. Maybe it just didn’t photograph well. But I expected more from the WHOLE dress- not just the back!

Redditman on

She is still obese.

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