PHOTO: Kim Kardashian's Short, Sparkly Wedding Party Dress

05/25/2014 at 02:19 PM ET

Kim Kardashian Kanye West wedding dressesCourtesy Olivier Rousteing

Though by all guest accounts, Kim Kardashian‘s custom Givenchy Couture wedding gown was jaw-droppingly gorgeous, no one could have expected her to wear only one designer creation on her big day. And totally true to form, her change was done with a maximum of fanfare. “Kim just changed dresses,” new husband Kanye West told the assembled guests at the Forte di Belvedere in Florence as “This Is How We Do It” played. “I just had to stop things for my girl, Kim. Changed dresses … uh oh!”

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Now thanks to the guests’ Instagrammed photos of the black-and-white photobooth, we have a peek at the second dress, which was described as a short, sparkly and plunging mini. It appeared to be in the same vein as her Balmain bachelorette party dress, a creation of Balmain creative director and wedding guest Olivier Rousteing, who shared the below snap of himself and the bride in what looks like another of his designs (the pearls and graphic embellishments are a good clue). “HELLO MISS WEST KARDASHIAN #kimandkanye #florence #inlove #aboulastnight #wewontforget” he wrote.

A photo posted by OLIVIER R. (@olivier_rousteing) on

What do you think of her second dress? Would you wear a second dress to your wedding?

–Alex Apatoff

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Showing 88 comments

hannah on

You can’t even see her dress here…..perhaps you should wait for a better pic as nobody can give opinions on her dress without seeing it!

Ll on

Oh cool, frozen duck.

rocketinu on

Haven’t we seen her wearing wedding dresses before. Talk about overkill.

BG on

Kim just can’t deny the botox and face injections anymore. Seriously. Look at her face in the first pic. It’s just so obvious. Her face and lips are frozen! She looks like plastic. She needs to slow her roll on that but that would be difficult especially considering that Kanye seems to be enamored with her beauty. That’s all he talks about so I guess she’s under a lot of pressure. But geez…

notagoodsign on

Since when sticking your lips out like a duck is cute??? Who told these women that it looks good?? their enemy?? They look RIDICULOUS!

Kica on

I’m just glad to FINALLY see a smile on his face. Congrats to them.

Hołly Sam on

Happy for them but can’t help thinking about all the poor, the unemployed & seniors who could of been helped with the millions spent in this wedding. These people have their priorities really screwed up!

Nanu 08 on

Are Mrs. and Mr. Kimye Kardashian going on a honeymoon or just going back to Kris’s house and play with their baby???? Is it Mrs. West now or Mr. Kardashian?????

Linda on

Uhhhhh you can’t even see the dress.

dani on

This is her 3rd wedding…..who really cares anymore! get over yourself Kim!

Lynn Sweet on

She looks as fake as a wax sculpture as would be expected from a woman who is all over the book with men… He, however, looks genuinely happy…

Lynn Sweet on

But they are not a married couple, let us not forget. She is still married from her previous ones…

Goldila on

Allow me to hand out barf bags to everyone.

I’ll just sit back, relax and quietly wait for the divorce cause you all know it will happen.

pix on

Wow, her face looks insane! It’s pulled so tight she can hardly smile.

jaycee on

This guy is an idiot. When a woman keeps her maiden name the grooms name comes second. It would be Kardashian-West. Not West-Kardashian which would mean he took her name. Money can’t buy you brains or class.

Guest on

Can she not smile anymore? Supposed to be the happiest day of her life (or in her case the top 3) and she can’t smile….

ash on

I feel more stupid each time a open another kardashian article, but can’t help it, they are like black holes, the tackiness sucking me in.

Guest on

Ttttthhhhhuffffferin Thhhhucccotathhhhhh!!! It’s TTTTHHHTUUUUUUUPER DUCK!!! Yuck man….just yuck.

Denise on

Kanye looks totally happy….she looks like she’s at another photo shoot. Sad.

Anna on

To Jaycee…I agree with what you’ve said. Also, once a woman is married, she’s no longer a “Miss” she’s now a “Mrs”… I’m not trying to pick at such a little detail, but it just seems this over the top circus and the people attending, have little to no redeeming value.

Betty on

Oh boy, too much filler in her lips. Looks like permanent duck face.

cocomom on

love all the pictures this week of kim and kanye spending time with North (snort).

Bhavana on

All these articles about Kim is making even her fans tired of her. I guess we could just not click on the articles, but what is the obsession with People and this woman? If this was her first wedding I could (maybe) understand all the publicity, but this is her third marriage and we all know that it won’t last.

isa on

She looks just like a mannequin. So fake.

sue on

That’s the Kim we know… Showing off her fake boobs!

Rastah on

I’m sorry, why is this headlining all the media? It’s not like these people are philanthropic or charitable contributors to anything but themselves. Good for them, but who really gives 2 f@&ks

dee on

She is always posing. Not even a genuine smile or glance at her groom. In his defense he supposedly has always carried a torch for her so he got his “prize”. I personally believe he was a friend who became her rebound and she became pregnant. She loves him but is not in love with him like she was with Reggie Bush. He would never marry into this circus. She just is trying to save face, it seems literally also. She was in up to her neck and after the last marriage charade there was no turning back. Kanye has connections and plenty of money so she’s in. Remember her last wedding? The groom wasn’t even on the cover of the magazine with her. They are both the most self absorbed people I have ever seen. As cute as the baby is she will always haveself esteem issues trying to live up to her mom’s standards of beauty. A boy would have had more of a chance. She post more photos of herself than a 14 yr old. And has about the same vocabulary. If they would only donate money to a worthy charity for everytime any of the K sisters said “like”. Kanye survived a terrible car accident but instead of being grateful he is always so angry and seemingly un humble. I don’t blame Beyonce for skipping this wedding. Sounds like a bunch of d list, want to be’s attended. In addition, seeing that her own brother left and the party continued. Rob is so desperate for attention. It is really sad. Feel sorry for him and North.

Rachel on

Love the pic! So sweet! I’ve seen the dress already and it’s gorgeous like her!

Jule on

Wow, those lips look awful. She is a young Joan Rivers who cant move her face. Lol… Really kinda sad when you don’t like the way you look at 33 and take such measures.

sue on

Wondering, does she make the duck face to make her cheeks more pronounced? Of course the cheeks are probably filled too.

April on

I’m glad to see him smile for once. He always seems unhappy in pics together. Nice change :)

Jim on

Kim Kardashian’s Short, Sparkly Wedding Party Dress

So what. I’ve seen her naked. You can have your lunch on top of her butt.

May on

It’s the second time People send me an e-mail telling me to go to website and see Kim’s dress (the first and the second). And surprise, surprise! No pictures where I can really see the darn things!

amy on

she could open her own shop with all her wedding dresses, past and present…..

E! on

Duck face = stupid

Super duper on

The photo booth shots make me feel ill. None of the guests smiled like normal joyous people (ie without duck faces) and I’ll bet there was a bigger line for the photo booth to appease their vanity addictions than there was to the bathroom ;)
No matter how beautiful one might be, vanity is ugly….always.

kathy from fla on

This wedding might last 73 days ..1 more than wedding # 2. I will never understand America’s fascination with this egotistical, greedy family!

nikki on

These photos are so ridiculous. They all try to pose sexy and it just looks totally stupid. Get over yourselves and lightin
up. Make cute and funny faces. Or at least smile. Trying way too hard to look sexy. Lol!

Super duper on

Another day, another white dress. Overkill, she’s been wearing white over and over for months.

Janie on

And this marriage will last less than a year. Doesn’t he have a male lover in Paris?

Super duper on

Man, even the guests are ott vain. I bet the line to the photo booth trumped the line to the bathroom.
No matter how beautiful you are, ego and vanity is always ugly.

Super duper on

Someone ought to teach these people how to smile. Or rename them duck dynasty.

Brandy on

A porn star gets married to a singer and no one cares. lol

Pattimelt on

You would think a royal wedding had taken place the way this is all over the media. Can we stop with these people now? Please? Pics are ugly, btw. Stop with the duckface!

73 days on

article said about how much hotels cost. people invited had to pay themselves and airfare. haven’t seen pictures yet, of FAT A$$, WALIKING where ever. the marriage will last 73 days. the grossness is over!! will Kenya kartrashian ever crack a smile, other than bending over and cracking his A$$..

sacbombero on

Can’t wait to see her dress at her next wedding.

Ru on

All I see are Kanye’s teeth

Helene on

Does Kanye have a family? Not that it matters…was just wondering.

Love my cat on

Don’t see Bruce Jenner. Where is he? TMZ reports that Rob Kardashian left Italy for LA right before the wedding cause of some family fallout. Feel sad for that guy. He’s overweight and looks very unhappy. Past reality shows ended up with a divorce or some other problem. The Osbornes (Ozzie) stopped their show cause Kelly and Jack had drug problems. Now they are ok. Think the Ks have worn out their welcome. Time to climb back under their rocks and go away.

Sophia on

Kanye looks deliriously happy, as you should on your wedding day. Good luck to them.

otdina on

Uh, is that her, or is that her statue from Madame Tussaud’s? It looks like he is posing with one of those life sized statues from the wax museum. Ewwwww.

PeeP on

The wax museum called, they need their Kim back.

KC on

OMG! Her face! It looks like it hurts. I know it hurts me to look at it!

Marie on

The only reason I clicked on this article was to get to the comment section………GOOD GRIEF PEOPLE MAGAZINE….ENOUGH OF THESE TWO. Who cares !!!

Guest910 on

Trash with cash…Spending all this $$$ on a marriage that will never last…

Rogthu on

How is she ‘miss west karadashian’?

Rogthu on

Imagine all the good they could have done with the $…instead of wasting it in such a ridiculous fashion.

Alex on

Dumb stupid sexed up poses and duck lips EVEN on her wedding day. Pathetic!!!!

Sheens on

This is sad that we donate so much space to a couple that has done nothing for society, all donations they do are probaly tax write offs, …..why don’t we look at real people, real issues going on….who cares what she wore…I wish them the best but this is ridiculous…as a society it just shows how trivial one can be…..sheena

DM on

Tell me this is a joke!!! There is more coverage about KK 3rd wedding than there was about Princess Diana’s & Kate Middletons wedding combined!! This is a self absorbed individual that deserves NOTHING!! We have canceled our subscriptions to Vogue and People Magazine because these photographers and article writing so called reporters think we as the public want to see this imitation of life on our emails!!! WE DON’T!!! People Mag you have taken it way overboard beyond ignoring…now I’m pissed to see none of these..I have no words to describe them…deserve more attention than individuals that we want to admire & love…KK doesn’t have a loving bone in her big ass, ugly face that I love…please get her pictures off MY emails from People Mag, since I choose to subscribe to it…I do NOT choose to subscribe to this bi$&h!!! And I no longer choose to receive YOUR magazine in MY mailbox…bye, bye

bea33 on

her lips almost fall off from the botox!!! the upper one at least she cannot but pretend to pucker up… so unattractive! expressionless…. too bad…

khall1981 on

I am disgusted by the ridiculous amount of stories about this vapid couple that People is posting. Move on already!

debbie on

Yes I like Kim I think she is Beautiful and I wish her the Best!

Trang on

Who cares!!!!! So annoying about hearing these 2 people!!!!! I give them 1 year tops!!!

Daphne on

YES! Come and behold 5% of Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress! We promise that our two pictures of her right shoulder region are worth seeing! We also can completely justify having to write an entire article about the shoulder one of her reception dresses!

Deanna Hohenstein on

I am just soooooo sick of all the Kardashians!!!!! Whenever they are on televsion I turn the channel as they just make me sick!!!

Deanna Hohenstein on

I am just sooooooooo sick of all the Kardashians – whenever they show any of the Kardashians I can turn the channel to something else.

Chloe on

She looks weird and frozen…STOP Botox and fillers already!!

Eri on

B!tch show us your and Kenya wedding photos.!!!You can’t hide us forever!!!BOO YOU WH0RE!!!

Nakato Maureen on

Congratulation to you! I wish you a happy marriage,May the Good Lord bless you with another baby, LOVE YOU!

zman on

Somebody shoot these two. They are disgusting.

Who Cares on

All I can say is sure hope the wedding guests keep their receipts as in 7 days all gifts will need to be returned!

boo on

I hated myself already for clicking on this page just because i can’t sleep tonight. But then you go and put a picture that doesn’t even show her dress that you said was a short wedding dress. But i guess you were that desperate for a page on her that you put the only image your website has of it…….the top of the dress.

NoNo on

What dress???????????

laarni on

can’t even close her lips/mouth anymore. hahaha.

Doug on

Were not too far from (Star Trek) Android status.

tm on


lgcatwoman19 on

I clicked here from Care2 just to see if I could find the answer to a question that I have been asking for years now. Maybe I live in a vacuum but WHO ARE THE KARDASIANS?? Better yet, WHY SHOULD WE CARE? If anyone can answer this question please do so in the comment section .


What is it that you can’t understand about that? If the duck lips looked good, then why doesn’t Rob, Bruce, Scott, and Lamar do it?


I’m so sick and tired of Kanye and Kim kardashian. When will their 15 minute be over?

rinbeamsxcbxcb on



nice pictures

Joanna on

yeah, here’s a comment kim and her present husband are ridiculous wastes of time and breath. as soon as the press drops them, they will wither and die on the vine, one can only pray

tanka on

kanye is even freakier5 when smiling

tanka on

god, quit trying to make her into beyonce, its never gonna happen to this talentless twit

c on


cristiana on

what a silly article, written about a dress you cant even see!

cristiana on

what a silly article, written about a dress you cant see!

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