Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Spend the Week of Their Wedding Just Like Normal People Do

05/21/2014 at 03:03 PM ET

Kim Kardashian Paris weddingMarc Piasecki/GC

That last week before a wedding is so full of excitement and last-minute details. Many brides-to-be spend the week in a blur of final fittings, stuffing gift bags, putting together programs and welcoming friends and family from out of town. So in that sense, Kim Kardashian is not so different than any other soon-to-be-newlywed, if you don’t count the fact that she’s been doing her final prep in Florence and Paris, wearing a variety of neutral ensembles perfectly coordinated with fiancé Kanye West and every single moment has been documented on Instagram by her family with millions of followers watching in anticipation. Like we said, other than that, she’s just like any other bride.

Wednesday, Kardashian and West received a large shipment of Valentino garment bags delivered to their Paris hotel, before stepping out in perfectly-coordinated tan-and-black ensembles. (The couple that dresses in mirrored color schemes of each other stays together, is what we always say.) Kim wore the traditional four-days-out look of a suede bustier dress with flared hem and matching shoes. Per all accounts, the duo have been spending plenty of time absorbing the culture of the City of Light via its fine retail establishments.

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Kim Kardashian Paris weddingMarc Piasecki/GC; FameFlynet

The crazy-in-love couple also communicated their attachment via some very in-sync casual style — they hit the pavement in matching bandanas and sweats, just like most couples do when they tour a venue or pick up party favors. And Kim demonstrated how much she values commitment by wearing a nude bodysuit with a skirt the day after wearing another nude bodysuit with a skirt (though she gave her latest look a twist with patterned tights and dominatrix-inspired strappy heels).

So how else have the Kardashian/West/Jenners (and their hair/makeup/style entourage) been spending their romantic week leading up to The Main Event? Behold a selection of relevant Instagrams, below, and share your thoughts on this whole endeavor in the comments!

The look of love:


A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Kendall celebrates 10 million Instagram followers as only she can:

Kylie and Kendall go shopping at Saint Laurent:

Saint Laurent

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Khloé wears traditional bridesmaid makeup, credits her glam squad:

Speaking of bridesmaids, we assume these veils go with their bridesmaid gowns:


A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

Kris shows off a horse’s behind on a Parisian merry-go-round:

Love on a merry-go-round!!!! #nightsinparis #herecomesthebride #KanyeheartsKim ❤🎠❤

A photo posted by Kris Jenner (@krisjenner) on

–Alex Apatoff

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Showing 60 comments

Marla on

People Magazine is truly pathetic.

kathy from fla on

Big a**ss ..Big a**ss wedding. I loathe the Kardashians and everything they stand for-greed, narcisism, ignorance, etc.

Wen on

I will go vomit now. Seriously, People magazine, you have reached a new LOW.

Lydia on

I am so ready for all this DRAMA to be done and over with! No more talk about it, no more pictures about it, ok so your married again for what #3 or is this #4 let’s see how long this one will last. Quite pathetic to spend all this $ for another wedding of yours that probably won’t last.

L. Marie on

I too am so tired of these people. This family has no talent!! Why are they “famous”??? Are they actors, are they doctors, are they firemen or policemen…NO. I stopped buying People long ago. Can’t stand all the hype on this family.. I don’t get it!!

Carole123 on

We need this over.

Andrea on

People magazine – you have become nothing but trash the way you cover these selfish people. – they are disgusting and I will not buy your magazine again.

Tina on

The only thing more incredible than the total vapidness of this family is these magazines continuing to report on this garbage. I get this is not the NY Times, but come on. Does People really need the money from the Kartrashians that much?????

Sue on

Elvira mistress of the dark style? and Kris, looks like a old chicken molting. Can someone give Kendall (or Kilie, or Kootie, or whatever her name is? ..some reading lessons. Jezuz she bombed on the billboards awards. Ignorance in the family is so disturbing. Oh but wait they are good at porn videos.

Mrs.DarylDixon on

Very badly written article. Stop hiring 20 year olds!!! Jeez…

lisa on

People place so much judgement on this family and they dont even know them. I like the Kardashians because I watch the show and I think it is funny and entertaining. I cant wait to see the wedding pics! Bring them on People!

Lolo on

Everyone should make a pact not to comment ever again about these disgusting people. No more for me!

Liz on

OMG she has the biggest ass.

Liz on

OMG she has such a bi ASS !!!

Gwen on

Money cannot buy class.

Carol S. on

These people are like a train wreck … I just loathe myself but I can’t stop looking at them! He has that big jaw and those chipmunk cheeks, and she has the biggest fanny I have EVER seen!! They are just very creepy people and they have the worst taste in clothes I have ever seen.

Kyle on

***PUKE!!*** Kanye is fugly and has a horrible attitude. She’ll regret it. She’s too pretty for him. I feel bad for North. As far as the Kardashian clan goes, they’re milking their “fame” as long as they can…Lol…

megan on

So does Kanye even rap anymore? Or does he just follow the trash around slack jawed like an idiot? Can’t wait for the spectacle to be O V E R.

kirby on

Why on earth does the media keep printing stories about these people? I will estimate that 90% of people couldn’t care less. The whole family is totally dysfunctional, and full of themselves, and just lives for the media. Personally I think they are disgusting. Each and every one of them.

Rose on

Oh my god it’s never gonna end is it??? I’m gonna have to boycott People for awhile.

Darla on

Didn’t they have a baby??? Oh yeah! It’s all about them! She’s still with one of the nannies. Be a real mom and dad!

MO on

Why read it if all you people can do is complain. I know there has to be some attraction, or you would find other ways to spend your time. Wish them well, and move on life is to short to be negative.

guest on

I just click on these articles to read the comments…seriously hilirious!!

tramps on

wow, people mag. gone, all kartrashians look like tramps..

Tojo on

Ugga, Bugga! Ah, Ah, Ugga Bugga! Ahhh, Ahhhh, Uggity, Buggity, Boo! Need I say more?

GP Stoll on

That a** seriously needs it’s own country.

Xena on

Pretensious much?! What does France or Italy have to do with these people? Do they believe that by having a wedding in Versailles they will somehow become royal? Or that succumbing to hyper-consumerism and holding $50K handbags and drinking from Baccarat glasses means they’ve made it and are at the top of the world and above everyone else?! All the millions and billions won’t grant a person class or elevate their heritage, accept and love who you are and where you come from, and to thine own self be true, you money-fame-merchandise w****s.

lyn on

Stop the madness! Get married and disappear.

jj on

Looks as if Kimmy has been enjoying her share of French pastries. Her ass has never been bigger!

MzScorpio77 on

I wish this wedding would happen already, I can’t stand Kanye, but this is his first marriage/wedding….I honestly think Kim gets bored once she is married..she is in love with the fairy tale of it , but when it comes to be married it’s another story.
The custody battle and divorce is going to be a mess….but then again I think she met her match with Kanye.

W on


Jo on

With that butt you can’t tell me there isn’t a black man somewhere in Kim’s genes. Guess that explains her love of dark men instead of white ones.

Em on

Ah, yes…the lifestyles of the rich and useless. Truly a sight to behold.

lyn on

Kimmy has been enjoying that French pastry. Her ass never looked bigger!

P on

Please stop writing about these people. There must be better people to comment on. What about Drew barrymore and her babies she’s changed her life. What about Danzel Washington does he have a new movie. Talk about the Superman movie and how well it’s during the the thearhers. But stop the K”S from hogging the new thay are not liked by the WORLD.

Jenb64 on

God, the French must hate them. Maybe even more than us. Do you think that is possible?!

larry on

Why are these two aholes in the news 2 and 3 times a day. They have absolutely nothing to contribute to society. They are losers.

jen on

kim who did you dump your baby off on?

annes22 on

Excuse me but is this whole thing ridiculous? What does Kim look like? She’s enormous and the clothes could have come from a charity store. She looks awful. No one cares People Magazine.

Sue on

I just threw-up in my mouth…


Dang it……I was hoping to see his boobs hanging out! Now that would be matching outfits!

sarah on

I thought Paris Hilton was bad but these folks take it up a notch. They are like a train wreck that people are fascinated by even though they are disgusted by them. People need to avoid articles on them and try to let them fade into oblivion. Paris did so maybe they will.

Guest on

Good. Lord.

Rachel on

Haters are truly pathetic! Bring on the wedding! All the power to Kimye!

Scovlan on

What is Kim proving, that she can outdo the royal wedding?
Oh pleeeeeease! If only Kim had just a little of the class that Kate M. has, oh never mind, she and her entire family never had class so why start now?

H on

I do appreciate the atypically snark this article exudes.

tom holleman on


sal on

big Whoopdedoo! She’s GROSS no matter what the outfit!

sal on

sorry Rachel, there’s NO POWER to these 2! A h()3s a H()3 no matter what anyone says!

TG on

I am SO tired of this wedding “countdown” everywhere I turn!! Surfing the web, it’s on every site, and then watching TV, I stopped on E!, and obviously, it was the top story. It’s driving me crazy and I had to vent!!! Thank God it will be over soon!

Andrea on

I am wondering if people magazine will be covering the upcoming divorce as much as they cover every move the K’s make.

Butch on

Not normal both JERK’S

Pam on

That ass is huge! People magazine is obsessed with this family!

Mizz on

All the best in your marriage Kim and Kanye, such a lovely couple.

Lisa on

Finally the woman has learned the benefit of modern hosiery. Nah, probably hiding psoriasis that can’t be covered by spray tan!

Megan on

Ha !!! this family is pathetic, one of them is in suicide border while the others are whoring themselves as their last day on earth, the worst is, People magz loves them.

David on

Gotta have some titillating news for the low information crowd.
Now, it’s back to “The View”, “Bachelorette” and “Dancing with the Stars’, (None of whom anyone has ever heard of before), to round out their mental stimulation.

Megan on

After the wedding, they will bring out the honey moon, that North is starting to walk, the new Klhoe’s lover, the recovery of Robert, Kendall’s modeling career, etc etc. etc. I only hope the Kartrashian to vanish just as Paris Hilton did. The bad news, there are too many of them !!!!

MaggiePeg on

Omg.. If this is “normal” then i must be a freak of nature sitting around in my comfy clothes after a long day of actually working and eating KD with my kids and while watching cartoons and making comments about this train wreck of a family. Lol this b*tch and her clan is like a drug! Can’t stop reading and laughing at them! Hahah keep your money freaks! Id rather be broke and humble than find false happiness in a pair of louboutins!

April on

I’m be glad when this wedding is over so people isn’t cramming 9 stories a day on this. It’s not that big of a deal it’s her third one. Stop with the constant coverage I can’t find hardly anything else on here because of these junk stories

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