Will Kylie Jenner Have Blue Hair for Kim's Wedding?

05/14/2014 at 03:57 PM ET

Kim Kardashian‘s “something blue” might be part of her bridal party — sister Kylie Jenner’s hair. When the 16-year-old star isn’t giving tattoos to her friends, she’s been gradually tinting her hair sapphire, finishing in Wednesday’s fully blue do. So we’re taking a look back at her hair hue progression.

Kylie Jenner blue hairCourtesy Kylie Jenner (3)

It seems like Kylie can’t fight the urge to add some bold color to her natural brunette mane. She started by just dying the ends an aqua color, then moved on to some bold cobalt highlights before going fully blue, as seen in her most recent Instagram snap (last photo above). “My hairs blue. night.” the hair chameleon (remember the blonde-dipped tips at Coachella?) captioned her new look.

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We can’t imagine Kim, let alone momager Kris Jenner, would let the youngest member of the brood keep the punkish blue shade for the family’s upcoming wedding extravaganza. And we have a feeling the young star likes to experiment a lot with wash-out color, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it changes again in the next 24 hours.

so I'm addicted to diet peach snapple

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

baby shamroo

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Tell us: What do you think of Kylie’s hair? Should she leave the blue for the wedding? Sound off below.

–Brittany Talarico

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Showing 41 comments

holly semelbauer on

what is with those kartrashians,do they always have to have……you know, you get the picture those parents should be real proud…….NOT,more like real humiliated

sally on

I don’t understand why there are articles on this girls, she a nobody, just an attention seeker

Cincysweetie on

What did she do to her face??? She looks so different now…

slb on

She do something to her lips?

Angel on

Her hair looked beautiful before now it looks like burnt pieces of straw. Too much makeup. These are all beautiful girls and women but they put so much clown makeup on it kills their natural beauty. The are the same person now.

guest on

Her hair looks damaged beyond repair at this point…. maybe she should show up bald to the wedding!

Ellen on

Nose-job and lip injection with 16???? What will she look like when she is 26?????
Thats so so sad…….

Marcie on

I see a sex tape in her future. It appears the Jenner girls like to follow Kim’s lead, on everything.

Sammi on

Ugh, ANY excuse at all to throw in something about this stupid wedding….we get it already. STOP with this.

George Clooney's Latest Beard on

She’s starting to have that empty-headed look like her sister, Kim…KNOCK IT OFF KYLIE!!

Lydia on

all the girls should dye there hair different colors for the wedding! Kim would just dye!

dee on

E! oh wait I mean People. You’re putting as many articles about this family out daily as E! now so I get the two confused. E! makes money off this family, it’s their cash cow, but People why do you lower yourself to this trash?

Margarita on

Is it me or this girl is starting to look like Lindsay Lohan. Pouty fake lips and all. Honey, don’t be in such a hurry to grow up.

Bellabooze on

She’s the one that will end up spending most of her adult “career” in porn.

Not a good start.

J on

Love it and note that she is 16 so perhaps the perves need to leave her alone and [re]publish photos after she turns 18.

Guest on

Her sister is too much of a control freak to let her sister keep her hair, on the plus side she could be the something blue.

Kallie on

She’s as nuts as all of them

Belurdragon on

I know she’s only a teen, but she’s looking soo different these days. Why do kids want to grow up so fast? Why do parents want their kids to grow up so fast? I hope that Mama K steps in quick. Money can’t but you everything. You can’t go back and undo wrong. Hopefully someone’s steps in and tells these young girls to slow down.

Madison on

damaged goods…like mother, like daughter…same goes for the rest of the siblings, especially their “Queen B”.

Jessica on

Yet another picture of Kylie NOT in school on a school day! Who needs an education when your mom p!mps you out to the paparazzi and internet? So sad.

Moi on

Do they ALWAYS have to be with black people?????
I mean its good to diversify but they are ridiculous…..

Tiff on

Too much makeup. It ages her terribly.

Lora on

Looks like someone has had some work done. Lip filler for sure! Wth? Can’t believe thy would give in and let her do this. This one is gonna give them a run for all of that money!! Smh!

Mary on

She needs to do weird things to her hair or face, Kendall is the pretty one and Kylie is average. I’m sure it won’t be blue for the cough wedding.

guest on

Her face is totally different – looking like major plastic surgery has been done – she is much much too young for that.

Chrisd on

Do they ever go to school?

Debf on

There’s no way she hasn’t had lip injections. She hardly had a top lip before. And her eyebrows are so much higher and more arched. I don’t think her nose has changed but the lips and brows, for sure!

ella on

I guess there are self esteem issues with her- plastic surgery at age 16- wow. Far right picture looks a little Lindsay Lohan. I feel sorry for her she thinks she’s a celebrity and in a few years (hopefully) that family will disappear and she’ll be left with a swollen disfigured face and only be 20!

Missy on

Why the lip plumper? The parents should have more control of their kids!

Denverpeet on

She has done something besides the inflated lips but I can’t pinpoint what it is. She is going to be like her mom and dad – ridiculously over done.

crb on

Don’t care about the blue hair but what’s with her facial changes??!!! She was a lovely young girl! I do not get Kris pushing her young daughters to become old and cheap at such young ages! Too bad neither of Kris’ husbands had any control of her! Clearly she ruled the roost in her marriages. She has dollar signs in her eyes!! Cheap and tasteless!

taylor on

I would just like to remind everyone that at the age of 16 most teenagers are experimenting with wild hairstyles and colors; that is exactly what they should be doing in order to discover themselves for adulthood. Also, Kylie Jenner does do homeschooling, and is taught by a private teacher who comes to her/or travels with her. She is home schooled because she does actually work. Kylie has a clothing line with her sister, was once a contributing editor to seventeen magazine(requiring her to travel to new york on occasions), and also does other work like endorsements, appearances, and press. ALL of these require travel and time commitments during the school hours. At the young age of 16, she most likely makes more money independently, than some middle class adults. So all in all please think when you are writing these judgmental comments about a 16 year old teenaged girl.

taylor on

Oh, and by the way fuller lips can be achieved through heavy lip lining(makeup), and collagen infused lip plumpers’ in lipsticks.

sfcasun on

So much makeup on her face for a 16-year-old. It makes her look so much older than she actually is.

aliie on

Why, oh why, do you let their mother keep putting them in the news?? There are other people besides this family who do nothing to warrant this coverage and attention.

Reader on

Plastic surgery much??? Geez!

say what on

ewwwwwwww! next story,pls!

Li on

I wonder how many pics she takes of herself a day… What a dull life.

Carrow on

Wow…… what is the rush to look so adult and sexy?

Kiki on

Someone needs a job or hobby in the real world…

CBailey on

I was doing way worse at 16. She works, so she is home-schooled. Her hair is fine, she is just playing with her hair the same way I did when I was 13-19. And most of all that with her face is MAKE-UP! There is a brand of lip plumping stuff that actually works, my friend uses it. The only thing I’m wondering about is….Is that a pot-leaf symbol on her necklace in the far left pic of the row of 3 pics???!! And what is a 16 yr old doing tattoos for? I wouldn’t let a 16 yr old give me a tattoo I don’t care who they are. Although all tattoo artists need practice. But I’m more concerned if shes’s smoking pot, is doing other drugs? I love the family, they have a strong sense of family and they don’t care what people think they are who they are. That’s why people love them. They make mistakes because they are human, like everyone else. With that being said I do believe the Jenner girls grew up a little faster BECAUSE they were on TV and the family started making more & more money. Where Kourtney, Kim, & Khloe & Robert did all their teen years mostly private. So they weren’t being watched by everyone, except that one tape of eh, Kim’s… that was to be seen a few years later? Lol. But for the most part with Kris working all the time and she DOES have 6 kids, and is going through things with Bruce, I think people should lay off with all that. How would you like your family to be in the spotlight then everybody judges you. Cause it will happen NO MATTER WHAT and everyone is free to their own opinions. Cause there is No such thing as a Perfect person or parent.

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