Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Honeymoon-Ready Abs With Days to Go Before Her Wedding

05/13/2014 at 03:53 PM ET

Kim Kardashian‘s wedding is just days away, which means it’s crunch time. Literally, judging by the star’s latest Instagram selfie, she’s been doing a ton of crunches to get her body in tip top shape for her upcoming Paris nuptials to Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian absCourtesy Kim Kardashian

“Just finished my morning workout,” she captioned the above photo showing off her toned stomach (and of course, a hint of underboob) in a black sports bra. And with her determination (to exercise and post mirror work out selfies) we have a feeling she’s pulling two-a-day gym sessions this close to the big day.

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What’s her secret? Well, the reality star, 33, rarely goes a day without getting a good sweat in and she loves to mix things up with classes at Barry’s Boot Camp and SoulCycle. (You may remember this video of her at the cult spinning studio with her sisters — in full-coverage makeup!)

“She alternates between different types of workouts for a better result,” a source recently told PEOPLE, adding “She’s very focused and dedicated to her routine.”

While the couple hasn’t confirmed a honeymoon destination yet, Kardashian is definitely working towards that teeny bikini. Tell us: What do you think of the star’s slimdown? Are you impressed by her commitment to “shedding for the wedding?”

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–Brittany Talarico

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Showing 82 comments

Guest on

It must be exhausting to feel like you constantly have to validate yourself to the world – and your fiance. Why doesn’t she just work out and get into shape for herself, and stop caring so much what everyone else thinks?

Ru on

Nice airbrushing! Looks good, not

Jenna on

At what age will she realize its immature to be posting pics of herself 24/7.. motherhood clearly didn’t do it. What a vain vapid women.

emma on

After gaining so much baby weight she really looks great! I wish I had that much determination.

Jay on

With the right lighting shadows will help anyone. If I had a nanny is have the same photoshopped abs.

HoDown on

Her self esteem is still so low after the year long pig comments.

Nichole on

Scientists recently linked selfies to narcissism, addiction, and mental illness. People who have to constantly take selfies with a camera phone just to validate themselves.

Kim fits the bill to a tea.

So insanely insecure, and with so much low self esteem.

AsIf on

Soul Cycle. Lol. She probably can’t ride a bike that’s not attached to the floor.

guest on

I realize losing pregnancy weight is work but she acts like she’s the only one in this universe that has accomplished this feat. Getting really tired of the selfies.. Why not post some pictures of that cute little baby and how quickly she’s growing. After all, she gave Kim those battle wounds.

Guest1 on

Can we all just agree that the trend of combining two celebrities names is just beyond old and out of date????. It sounds absurd.

kathy from fla on

Ho hum another selfie…Kim is a narcissistic disaster..I give the marriage 1 year…

Lexie on

Oh goodie. The countdown has begun. Give me a refreshing sweet story about the Duggers any day. This woman is so full of herself. Talk about narcisstic. Always taking selfless of herself. Ugh….

Rachel on

LOL @ the jealous haters ha ha! Fools!

Kim looks GORGEOUS as always!

Suck it up haters!

Jennifer on

I have never seen someone so desperate for attention.

PeeInIt on

Where were all the selfies during the pregnancy and 3 months after the birth? Oink oink Kimmie.

Mitz on

She is a self absorbing, narcissistic, she’ll of a human being. Why don’t you put your wealth toward real and honest humanitarian efforts vs for your own tax deductionand not giving from your soul but rather your wallet.

Mary on

But her hips and butt are still wide load.

Lesli on

No matter how beautiful she is, no matter how in shape she is, no matter how much money she has, she still doesn’t have what she craves…respect and class….

Rae32 on

Stop taking pictures of yourself and go take care of your child. Seriously what kind of woman does that? Grow up!

laarni on

VAIN and KIMK fit hand in glove!

? on

I agree with nichole. Why is she famous? I’m argentinian

sal on

Totally photoshopped! I guess she is making her self relevant again!

ChimChim on

One day this shameless fame-wh0re will post a picture of herself wiping her sh*tty butt. And then, the alien Apocalypse can arrive.

Li on


liz on


Mr G. on

Is she 33 or 12? What 33 year old adult is so obsessed with posting pictures of themselves it consumes their life. This sick, pathetic waste of a human life has the mentality of a teenage schoolgirl. She’s really not too bright. Pretty sad if you ask me.

liz on

Must be nice to have nannies taking care of the kid.

Lola on

OH. MY. GOD. PLEASE! Stop covering these two! I beg of you. Please stop.

laura on

Why does a grown woman and mother do this…at least ad nauseam like Kim?

kj on

Whoever is ‘counting down’ needs to punch themselves in the face. What a circus of freaks.

Meow on

I’m sure she’s worked out hard and ate right. But she also did plastic surgery to get rid of stretch marks. Not fair. Lol.

Jana on

Seriously WHY is that trick famous again?

Kayla Guagnini on

That doesn’t look like a sports bra. it looks like she pulled up her tank top

Diana on

She is such an incredibly self-serving narcissist. It’s nice to be proud of your achievements, but come on…there comes a point when you need to realize that people are sick and tired of your selfies. People, please publish more substantial articles and trash your stories about Kimye. Enough is enough…really.

amyinoaktown on

Look at me, look at me! Someone please look at me! Can anyone be as self absorbed as she is…

angie on

omg, her abs are incredible! she has a beautiful body and works very hard to maintain it. it’s inspiring. i hate celebs that act like their bodies just -happen-. i’m not a huge kim fan, but i am a fan of how honest she is with her body journey.

Kate on

Her non-legally-binding f@ke wedding since to be legally married in France you have to reside there for the prior forty days. And Kimmykakes, why don’t you look like that in candids?

peoplelover on

She looks fabulous- no doubt about it. She obviously works hard to look that good. But why must she flaunt it every second of every day?!

Marla on

People magazine really is going down the tubes fast. Keep posting about this trashy family and watch your subscriptions and followers drop. People magazine blow$$$$!!

nikki on

Poor Kim, she doesnt get enough attention, so she has to take selfies so everyone can look at her..if she spent more time with her kid than being on the internet. the world would be better ..not seeing her everyday..she is really insecure..pity her..

Amanda on

Seriously…who takes pictures like that???? Good for her for having “abs” like that, but who gives a sh*t? She’s so irrelevant. I wish people would actually use journalistic integrity and write about something news worthy!

Krissy on

Kim isn’t a favorite celebrity of mine however, I do think she looks great. I can’t stop laughing at Kayne’s mug in that picture of the two of them. Is smiling against his beliefs? Or does he want to look like he has a wad of gum in his mouth?

PaulaNC on

Her child was delivered prematurely. If she gained more than 25 lbs, the bulk of that was hers to get off. UGH. He’s so NOT handsome and she is so well, overused. Best wishes, get married already and go AWAY!

Guest on

Can’t wait for the selfies of her honeymoon night ;-p

Kallie on

Oh her nails are done, I guess IGNori had her waxing!

Marcie on

It’s not a black sports bra, it looks like her t-shirt lifted up to see her abs!

She looks amazing and one must give kudos where it’s due.

She’s a beautiful woman with an amazing body although she might be extremely self-absorbed and self-consumed.

Denveer on

Can you say “photo-shopped”?

Denver on

Can you say “photo-shopped”?

Kallie on

Marcy, you obsessed with pure fake

Antikim on

People mag should be ashamed if they think this is news. Exactly why I don’t subscribe to their overpriced mag

Ivixen on

ROFLOL! Why be worried about being “honeymoon ready” at this stage? She already has a child. Not exactly the same concerns others might have headed into a honeymoon…

suzy diamond on

Her “honeymoon ready abs?” Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! I think that “ship” sailed off YEARS AGO!

sandy on

wow, well if these are really her, that s great, she looks really good, I think taking selfies is another topic that may need and intervention though…

Sophia on

If that’s all “her” great for her, but we are all just sick of your selfies (oops, I think I speak for most people) If you spent more time with North instead of travelling the world, taking selfies and worrying about your looks, to look “good” for your controlling fiance then and only then maybe I could be pleased for you

Betty on

she has nothing else to show apart from HERSELF again. How about doing sth for society you greedy bluggers

guest on

well pretending to be that super serious girl from last week who cared about world issues certainly did last long. It must have been so hard to not post mirror selfies those 48 hours.

Ali on

Why does she post pictures of herself like that?
No one else does.

lucyloo on

Let’s all sign a petition asking People to completely cease and assist all tings Kardashian and Jenner. Who’s with me?

Alex on

Great… another news about the Krabadashiens… hooray. Do you know how much world resources you’ll be able to save when you stop making a fuss about yourself every time you sneeze? Show-off.

itsall good nroanoke on

What are her contributions in this world? Rapper! Noooo.Singer, Dancer, box cutter, well what??? QuickTime in marriage! Yes! Love Brothers! Yes! Nasty, Yes.oh well, just wanted to know.

Dee on

Am I impressed with her commitment to ‘shedding for the wedding’?
No. First of all, I’m willing to bet that’s a first rate airbrush contouring job done on her abs.
Secondly, I’d be more impressed if she’d do something about the humongous hips and rear end situation.
Curves are lovely, but her bottom half is not curvy…it’s hideously disproportionate, cartoonish, and unattractive.
I don’t know if the men in her life have told her that she needs ‘junk in her trunk’ or what, but if she really wants to look her best and fit into those form fitting clothes she seems to love so much, she needs to do some serious work on her lower area.

Kimberley on

Hey, as long as we don’t have to look at her artificially-inflated bum, it’s all good.

Kimberley on

Hey, as long as we don’t have to look at her artificially-enhanced super bum, it’s all good.

Becky on

@Angie..I’m sure other celebs work out a lot, they just don’t take minute by minute pictures and post them everywhere.

Yes, her abs do look good, but I don’t have any desire to see them 15 times a day.

alex on

what a ego!!!!!!! Cant wait until this “wedding” will be over with, so Kim can start a whole new set of “selfie’s” that no one really cares about. Maybe you need to start working on a new “sex” video, that should take up 5 mins of your time.

Guest on

A selfie a day keeps Kimye in the press. Blech.

jaredpapertwinltd on

Kim looks great whatever her size, i’m sure she will look great.

Guest on

Stop it already! Enough with Kim and Kanye. Go away!

Jojo on

Because her “business” is selling her physical self, so she has to work at it every day. That is her product; she has nothing else to offer.

PeeInIt on

What’s the matter kimmie your man not giving you enough attention since he realized you’re like dipping it in a wet bucket of paint? Needing validation from strangers, sad…and laughable.

Just Sayin' on

Yeah well when you have a tummy tuck as soon as the baby comes out it’s easy to get abs like that!

jaany b on

as a person that actually works out and can see my abs b/c my diet is clean, I can say that she gets body wraps, freezing and fat transferals –

Lisa on

I hope she’s spending as much time preparing for the work & commitment that the marriage will need to be successful. I wish them well.

Dana on

Seriously…..does PEOPLE magazine have nothing better to put on their website? I used to think PEOPLE was a quality publication — but their obsession with the Kardashian Klan has gone out of control. What’s next — will we be discussing at which time Ms. Kim has a bowel movement? Really pathetic but true!

Guest on

I have abs. Does that i get an article in people magazine too?

Sara on

I wonder if there is a betting pool somewhere for how long this marriage will last. I’ll give it 13 months.

Foxtrotter on

Posting selfies of herself is in her job description. She also gets so much money per tweet. And she’s laughing all the way to the bank.

J.J on

I feel for the bicycle seat. WHAT WOULD THIS BROAD DO WITHOUT a phone in her hand.

Irene on

Love yourself much Kim? For goodness sake grow up.

Carolyn on


winn on

Kim looks fabulous but (No Doubt)the Haters will find something negative to say about her work out routine..or something❗ They refuse to give her credit on her weight loss, having great business savvy nor will they ever recognize that it took a strong woman to rise above the negative publicly generated from Brandy’s Lil Sister…ah,I mean brother when he was so desperate for cash he sold a personal video of the two of them for distribution. Something that should have been a keepsake for his eyes only. What a Jackhole❗ Anyway, she has risen above that with her head held high. She could have hidden away and let Brandy’s Lil sibling win…but she didn’t. KUWTK was the Number 1 reality show for years and set the standard for all Family inclusive reality TV. I admire Kim’s tenacity and her generosity to many charitable organizations and I wish her Kanye and ‘Nori” a great wedding day and a happy life together. I pray the media allows them the happiness they deserve. It’s been quite a journey for all of them.

jhplv on

I hope a seagull poops on her wedding dress.

Karma cheater! This woman needs college not abs.

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