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Minkyfoxtail on

If I were her, I’d throw it into the ocean. I could never wear it… It’d just remind me it was given the year he was so atrocious.

terry kilmer on

I would tell him to shove it up his a**. Good luck trying to fix the mess you made Dude.

Nunyaz on

Nothing like getting a gift from a cheater, bought with your money.

Danielle on

I am sorry but that ring is hideous.

Me on

Not fond of the ring…and nothing like trying to stay in the spotlight…

Mervyn on

Right…a ring will fix everything.

Ladybug on

Trying to buy her forgiveness is just what I’d expect of
him. He is one pathetic loser.

hs on

Victoria Secrets should be the last place he should be spotted it.

guest on

As long as they don’t show a pic of the STD he have her, fine by me.

Rose on

You know if she loves him enough to forgive then good for her. Not every person believes in divorce some people are actually willing to try. Lots of people cheat lots of people forgive, it happens. I wish her the outcome she wants. It’s not my life, but I wouldn’t be willing to throw in the towel either.

Franca on

I have always loved Tori Spelling from Saved by the Bell to 90210. Unfortunately I don’t have any sympathy for her situation, both her and Dean cheated on their spouses. Karma will always catch up with you…I feel sorry for the kids especially Liam as he is old enough to understand something is wrong. I don’t think they should be telling their story on tv, deal with your issues…stop trying to make money off your one feels sorry for you.

Ruth Tenney on

By the way, their show is so bogus—what good therapist would recommend to a celebrity to allow filming of what should be private healing sessions. Dean was completely wrong in what he did, but Tori comes off as some martyr—it’s just bad all the way around. If they really are struggling to make their marriage work, they need to cancel the show and stay private and work out their issues.

NotGoingToLie on

I saw the ring and skipped the article just so I could read the comments.

Shannon on

I may not agree with his infidelity, but the fact that he chose to try at all is refreshing. A ring won’t fix everything…but it’s something. He’s focusing on her and him and his family. Sadly, many just give up on marriage over dirty socks. Forgiving and loving someone after that is a strong person. She could have just walked away.

Anita on

Rose, Tori sure believed in divorce when she got involved with a married man!

rockybopper on

That thing is just as loud and ostentatious as their marital woes.

Mary on

Does he think a ring, a tacky one at that will fix everything?

Hword on

Ick. Not too pretty

Pattimelt on

She deserves him. He sits and tells how awful he feels, then she sits and feels sorry for him. They are both as pathetic as that ring.

sam on

I cannot understand why she would want this guy. I know she is not the prettiest but he looks dirty all the time. Many men look great with the unshaved look but his beard is sparse, his hair is always stringy and he has a beer gut. He looks very redneck with unpressed clothes. Why does he always look like he just woke up after a weekend bender? I hope he is good horizontally because I cannot see any value at all.

Jenna on

she’s an idiot. I can’t believe she stayed with him.

Mrs. C. on

So they cannot afford for him to get a vasectomy but he can afford to buy her a vintage Neil Lane ring? What the….

Amy on

I wish them the best.

dorkqueen on

when Neil Lane dies, will there be no more rings in the world at all?

that is an unbelievably ugly bauble; if I saw it at Goodwill for $1.99 I would think it overpriced.

eight years? Have we really been enduring this bilge for that long?

said it on

thou shall not judge….. we do not walk a mile in her shoes, with GOD all things are possible, including forgiveness, not saying i agree with her, but who are we to judge……guess its just an opinion

46yearoldmom on

Two things come to mind. How did he afford this, when they are flat broke? And…..I’m married 20 years and never expected a gift every year. How frivolous…..especially when you have no money and now move every 6 months, when you get evicted for not paying rent. They are in their third house in less than a year. Two prior evictions. Sheesh! Take care of keeping a roof over your children’s heads before buying an expensive ring.

Ris on

She’s pathetic and a terrible example to her daughters…I guess she has to stay woth him though. She can’t afford to divorce him and shes as hideous as a creature god ever bought ever created so who else would want her

Bernadette on

“McDermott, who completed rehab after cheating on Spelling last year, gave his wife a vintage ring with multi-colored stones from Neil Lane.” That is without a doubt the most romantic message you will ever read in your life. Too bad he couldn’t get that engraved on the ring. Maybe they can order it for their shared heart-shaped headstone.

mrsmass on

Why is People even giving these two clowns the time of day with this anniversary ring b.s.? Is it because they’re required to because it’s a Neil Lane ring? Pathetic!

PeopleIsObsessed on

She’s a cheater too. That makes her just as bad as he is.

mrsmass on

Also, I thought these two were broke. Who paid for the ring?

Sara on

And what a “love story” it is!

Susan on

Loser! This is just a free advertisement for Neil Lane. Neil Lane also does all the Bachelor/Bachelorette rings for free, since they feature him on the show. Dean probably got the ring for free, in exchange for this publicity. Tori needs to eat, get her tubes tied, go to a counselor for outta control spending, get her botched nose and boob jobs fixed, and dump that fool!

Dawn S on

Too funny (and sad). Here’s a ring to celebrate making it thru one of the worst years of our marriage. Thanks for picking up the tab.
I am all for working on a marriage, especially when there are 4 little bits involved. But good grief, is nothing sacred or private with these two? I refuse to watch the show/-I can’t believe any therapist would even allow this to be filmed! This whole reality tv thing is the root of evils in celebrity marriages. Hold something sacred!

Denverpeet on

What a scum bag! He sure knows how to manipulate her.

Tamarin on

What if, instead of giving her materialistic things to show his intent with the marriage, he shows it through his acts and his behaviors instead?

JLK on

if they are so broke her credit cards are declined, how can they afford that ring

Alissa on

That is a nice gesture. I’m not sure if Tori will love it or see it as Dean trying to patch things up with her, only time will tell what will happen to their marriage. I just feel bad for their 4 children…what a mess!

Amaryllis on

Damn, he cheats AND he has atrocious taste.

Avi Lavian on

Guess that makes up for the cheating, yup.

Ro on

My heart goes out to Tori

CindyLouWho44 on

Wow! That looks just like the ring I got for 50 cents out of the bubblegum machine (I REALLY wanted the Gobstopper. I think Dean needs it more).

Sara on

Tori, dump him before you get a disease …..

Sara on

Tori, dump him before you get a disease. You need to be around to raise your kids.

Umm on

The best gift would’ve been for him to not have slept around and actually kept his vows.

Mike z on

It is ugly!!! Nothing of monetary value will will repair this! Man up buddy!

Homework on

Yeah, because a tacky ring certainly makes up for him being a cheating scumbag. Pfft. Kick him to curb, girl.

carol on

This is what the vows mean. She’s taking them seriously and until we are in this position, we shouldn’t judge. 4 babies and she loves him…a lot of women have a lot less and they stay in their marriage. I give them both credit.

Janey on

I like it. Not something I could pull off but Tori can. Mind you I would take the ring and then tell him to pack his freaking bags but that is just me :)

Tiff on

That ring is oogly. It looks like an old lady ring.

And I’ll take my husband over that d-bag any day of the year!

jules on

emphasis on love sTORI…just that, indeed, a tale they tell themselves.

jules on

Emphasis on love sTori, it’s just that, a tale they tell each other.

Ashley on

He wanted to “celebrate their love story”? What love story? This isn’t a story of passion. This whole marriage is a story of cheater’s remorse.

Sarah on

1. The ring is ugly. 2. She needs to dump him…but then again she knew he was a cheater when she married him.

guest on

What an intimate private gift and sharing the news with People including a quote from Neil Lane!! More publicity to try and mend this complete train wreck of a situation. Don’t they do anything without sharing it with the public? They’re so messed up.

Sarah on

1. The ring is ugly. 2. Dump him….but then again she wasn’t going into this marriage blindly. She knew he was a man who cheats on his wife. 3. He’s going to Victoria’s Secret for himself…she doesn’t care about wearing fancy undies but he sure likes to look at her in them.

squekywheel on

first off the ring is ugly, over the top. second did he pay for it with her money since he doesnt have a job? what is wrong with this woman? she has no self esteem whatsoever to take back a man who has repeatedly cheated and then go on tv to talk about it. no shame whatsoever

guest on

If they were serious about working out their issues, they wouldn’t be on a tv show airing their dirty laundry.

Lucy on

What a tacky reminder. Is this a joke?

Jen DC on

@ Nunyaz: TAKING THE WORDS OUT OF MY MOUTH. You ain’t never lied. First thing I said when I saw that lede was, “He has separate monies? Not related to his ‘job’ on the reality show? Because that’s her money, too, Boo…”

I shouldn’t say anything else. None of what I think about this tomfoolery is good. Those poor babies. I’ll leave it at that.

Amy on

Fugly. Just like his face.

Anon on

I thought they were broke-

Elle on

I thought they were broke. Weren’t they just complaining how they had to go without and buy secondhand goods. He cheats on her and now he has money for a vasectomy, rehab for not being able to honor his vows (again), and has money to buy a tacky “symbol” of his love. This ring shows little thought, meaning, and truth. He should be able to show his love any day and shouldn’t need any one to help him or need publicity when he pulls the trigger. It all screams fake. Just like him…

Anna M on

This whole issue of cheating smells like a act for TV….the above pic does not look like anyone has any tension on their faces. Happy Anniversary…..these two deserve each other.

Suzi on

I wonder what kind of ring he gave his first wife when he cheated on her?

Rocky on

This one isn’t great but better than that huge ball ring he gave her last year!

Crombie on

Dean got the ring for free from Neil Lane, as he always gives TV shows rings for free for publicity (like the Bachelor/Bachelorette) and I think Neil was on Real Housewives or Rachel Zoe also?

june on

it is actually gorgeous !!! I hope they can both work on whatever is needed and try to heal. And then take all that annual ring money and buy some property instead.

Tonja on

What a fool for staying with this skeezy dude. I feel sorry for their children.

Amy on

I know she bought it to make things look good like he bought it.

Allie on

She let him off the leash to go shopping? Must’ve had a camera crew following him.

gyl on

Who am I to judge her decision to stay with Dean. But really, he needs to tone down the gift giving and just stay faithful. Give up this silliness and repair the marriage.

guest on

I am hoping that they will be able to work things out. Those children need both their parents. With that being said, they need to see a healthy relationship between the two. Children learn what they live. (Also, I think the ring is gorgeous.)

JA on

Wow. The price of adultery has just gone up.

abbey on

Tacky, gaudy ring for a tacky gaudy woman from a tacky gaudy man. Can’t believe Neil Lane made that gumball machine ring.
Emily you ain’t missing a thing now that he’s back in the USA.

Jackie on

If I was her…I’d be so pissed. Still not talking to him. Embarrass her like that. I would have given that ring right back.

Ina on

I am not a fan of this clown and think what he did is despicable but to throw mud at two people that try to make it work under severe circumstances that would of crumble most marriages by now it’s even more despicable.These bored housewives who sit here and talk shiat all day need a new hobby

HollyWeird on

I’m sure when the kids are older, they’ll love watching the reruns of their parents train wreck displayed for all the world to see. Losers. Think about the kids…. seriously.

princess on

that is one UGLY ring!!!!! yuck

Idiots on

Thought they were broke? Oh wait! That’s right, this is all fake and got them the new series so they’re flush now. People are dumb who think they’re having any troubles. She once wrote “”I’m Aaron Spelling’s daughter. I knew how to write the story. I knew what would tug on heartstrings.”

They each make heir money of their sad lives, instead of actually living them.

Janey on

Sigh… I just feel sad.. Sad for 4 kids who are in the middle of all this broadcasted drama. :( Tori grab a spine and leave him. He has proven (as you also have) that stepping out during marriage is not cool.

If it were me I would never trust his sorry ass ever again. Nor would I want to have sex with him. He has been with others and he put himself before YOU and the kids apparently at least 5 times.

Sex addiction? Please. Bored househusband looking for some tail. Run Tori, RUN!!!

Robin on

She is dumb as a box of rocks.

Terri on

Beautiful ring, but it seems like it’s a bribe to stay married to him.

Trish on

What a tool.
Sean is the slimiest man about.
I’m just his first wife is having a good laugh.
Poor kids

Sara l on

Why is this ring news? Are Tori and Dean trying to get everyone to believe in their “love story” again? Awwww… How romantic! A cheater who drinks too much and uses drugs! No ones buying this lie anymore!

Kristan on

Since there has not been any solid evidence that Emily Goodhand even exists. I am skeptical of this whole story. Seems to be more and more drama for ratings, making money and staying in the limelight at ANY expense. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

gymluv on

The only ring I would accept would be to wring his neck.

gymluv on

Dean apparently admitted today that he has ‘a small unit’. Perhaps while alone in the kid’s single bed, he can play ring-toss with his unit. The ring is the right size for it, it is big enough to fly over the unit top, with ample room to slide down all the way. We know he has no balls so they won’t get in the way. All the while wearing the sexy lingerie he bought for her.

TSmallwood on

I think the ring is nice and not everyone is so anxious to jump into divorce after a mate cheats, some people are more forgiving and willing to work on their relationship.

jckfmsincty on

They seem to crave money and publicity so desperately. Why don’t they just make porn, together?

Tessa on

The ring is ugly, just like their relationship.

Merrily Snider on

I am happy for Tori and Dean. I’ve been watching their new show and I can relate to the heartache she is going through and I think Dean is beginning to understand what she has been through. A good marriage takes two and opening up and having good communication is difficult in the best of situations.

trac on

Dean is a creep. You deserve better. You were used and shackled to your kids. Shame on you Dean. No one likes you!

Kim on

How does he afford this when they are not doing well in the financial dept ??

Rye on

They are both disgusting. They should be more worried about their kids than gifts. And didn’t I just read that they are broke???

debbie on

Tori get real this man Is A Jerk! Sell it! It’s more then likely you paid for it!!!

Pat on

Pretty ring, it should appear on their reality show.

lolly on

omg is that a ring pop?

suzanne on

Why give her another ring? The wedding ring didn’t stop him from cheating. Maybe he should have bought himself a chastity belt and given her the key.

suzanne shayne on

Why get her another ring? The wedding ring didn’t keep him from cheating. He should have bought himself a chastity belt and give her the key.

Nancy on

Tori . . the man is a complete CREEP!! You know he is . . deep down girl . . come on. DIVORCE his SORRY butt! Easier said than done with 4 kids . . . however, you deserve way better than this skeevy leach.

Lacey on

Where does he get the money? He hasn’t worked in months.

Glenda on

Rings don’t fix everything, having a baby does. Maybe if they have one or two more all their problems will disappear.

Erin on


Katy on

They can’t afford a vasectomy for Dean but they have money for rings, nannies and housekeepers. The whole show is a sham.

Jalyn on

When do we get pics of all the STD’s he’s given her too? Just wondering…

Rolyat on

Did Candy Spelling ultimately pay for that ring?

stinky on

ive never really been a fan of hers, but on True Tori…i enjoy seeing her as a mom to 4 little ones (sweet family)…and i feel bad for her… (cheating husband). I like watching True Tori. I admire her for putting this on TV, it must be hard.

sas on

Why does she stick with that loser? Dump him.

stinky on

dean looks tired, bloated, sweaty & dirty, and he needs a haircut and to lose the tattoos (he’s not a rock star). She could do alot better.

Colleen on

Ok I am going to get comments about my opinion on the ring, but I think the ring is beautiful. Look, if you have seen the other rings he gives her, THIS ring is the most beautiful. But, I agree with what someone said earlier….. I would look down at that ring and know that it represented a bad year, and see it as a emotional bribe. It makes me feel so bad for Liam when I see how this poor kid is a witness to everything. Also, on their new show they showed Liam Having a typical 7 year old
Melt down over something he wanted in a part store. Trust me if you haven’t seen the show, it was sad. Anyway, wtf is tori doing?!?! Uhhhhh you DONT need to show your kids meltdown and have him go into school mortified after. I mean it’s being taken way to far! I’m shocked the school system by her never got
Involved saying what she was doing by exploiting her kids under the circumstances is wrong!

Christine on

I am so glad I am happily single. Watched the show. He is a user d bag. Kick his alchy keester to the curb..

Life goes on on

They are both cheaters, She cheated on her first husband with Dean and he cheated on his first wife with Tori. But I believe he cheated with many other women on both his wives. Now she knows how it feels to be cheated on. What comes around goes around.

Jay on

Obviously Neil Lane is offering a huge discount since he provides the photo and speaks about it.

The ring is unattractive and looks like the Union Jack. No comment on their marriage.

marlena on

It’s a nice ring too gaudy and busy for my personal taste but I’m not the one wearing it it’s good he’s putting in the effort to save their marriage

Midge on

Ugly… All of it everything.. That’s it

Midge on

Ugly.. All of it….everything about thismarriage….. That’s it

Lauren on

Wait….I thought they were broke???

demaris on

He will cheat again…don’t unpack your bags yet Dean!

Gigi on

Ugly ring !

Lisa on

I don’t watch the show, but I have read some of the articles and this whole public display is just a sad commentary on our society. All of these reality shows, basically that follow people around, in made up dramatic moments – are just awful.

lauren on

”This is what the vows mean. She’s taking them seriously”
are uy kidding me???

For all the idiots who claim this is what marriage is about.. working it out coz u have for 4 ..seriously?? well if he had took his vows the wouldn’t been trying to work out there ‘love story’

last time i check ..marriage was supposed to be a commitment between the husband and wife .. not husband wife and mistress..g on ur husband /wife is whats about!!!

but she had it coming .. karma is a b**ch.. once a cheater always a cheater.. she should have know its in his nature

Eve on

Dean has close-set eyes with droopy upper lids, thin upper lip, small eye opening, all signs of being a fetal alcohol syndrome baby. He doesn’t have any friends of his own – just acquaintances, another sign in adults. Every behavior on his part is selfish and an act. FAS adults have difficulty holding or finding a job and living independently. He has no imagination when it comes to buying anniversary gifts. He ALWAYS gets her Victoria Secret lingerie and a ring from Neil Lane – bet she has at least 16-20 rings from this guy and countless lingerie items.

Cheating (sex) is a problem – Victoria Secret is not the answer to an already humiliating problem – he only hopes he’ll get “lucky”. Having his son in tow at VS shows a lot of stupidity – teaching the boy all the wrong things to do after a near divorce. Dean is a womanizer. He says one thing and does another – he’ll always cheat if he can get away with it. Sorry Tori but you have to buck up and get over your insecurities – if not for you, for your kids. Not setting a great example as far as character, self-respect – which is the most important step in life – you both are emotionally immature.

Tigs on

Yikes, thats ugly

shpoa on

I thought Tori was quoted saying they “couldn’t afford a vasectomy”? BUT they have $$ for a Neil Lane babuble..?

Vic on

He should’ve taken a page from Kobe Bryant and purchased a $4million “im sorry ring”. You know, a ring fixes all the cracks…lolololol

Lynne on

Perhaps he should have put the money he spent on the ring towards a VASECTOMY. I think that would benefit Tori more than any hideous ring ever could. I’m Canadian and I’m embarrassed that this ASSCLOWN is as well. Mary Jo Eustace must be just loving this idiocy. I know I am.

NoDoubt! on

Also, This couple needs to go away. They are nobodies. She was on a show that her dad ran… NEXT!

kdm on

“Love story” – Ha!. And that thing looks like it came out of a vending machine in a hard plastic bubble.

Kate on

She has no self respect. Publicly humiliated, but a ring will fix it all! Great lesson for her children.

Maty on

Kobe’s wife got a bigger “I’m sorry for F-ing someone else.” ring. :P

Annie on

Wow! I’m so jealous… Not! 😕
He probably gave her an STD too.

Jenny on

This whole thing of him Cheating smells funny to me and now they are “Celebrating” – Really ppl this is Hollywood and she is a Spelling which “Spells” fake fake fake – They are broke yet have EVERYTHING their hearts desire now he Cheats?? Really HE cheats on a Spelling and SHE takes him back come on I don’t buy it – They did all of this for publicity – He is soooo distraught ummmm how bout you left your first wife in the EXACT same manner where was the remorse for her ohhhhh wait right she wasn’t a Spelling – This couple is BS all the way I don’t feel sorry for her or him the kids may suffer due to the stupidity of their parents – Actually they have more then some children can every have or dream of having so they’ll be fine too –

great on

Sorry, but he bought her a super ugly ring with her own money… not romantic at all…. He’s not even attractive… She’s obviously a moron

bitsy on

awful ring, awful couple.

Carole on

Ugly ring. Ugly couple.

greta jones on

She is paying for it . So why bother.

Lisa on

how will she look at it without feeling ill?

Lisa on

Hmmm…. I was looking at their pic. I think that Deans two beady eyes would fit right between the gaping space between Tory’s fish eyes. just sayin.

vivaladiva831 on

It looks like the Union Jack…

Marie on

I’ve been watching True Tori, and I just want to puke when Dean continually states that he was “suicidal” when he cheated and finally “hit rock bottom” Also when asked by Tori’s friend why he “did it” he stated that he “didn’t think that he was going to “get caught” Please spare me!

karen prescott on

Not a fan of the ring but people make mistakes. I think it’s heartbreaking that she is going through this. I feel badly for Dean, also. He made a horrible mistake; had a breakdown; has addiction issues but he seems like he loves and adores Tori. Sometimes, infidelity is caused by the deep-seated personal problems of the person and has nothing to do with the wife herself. Anyway, I hope they can work through this, especially for the sake of their adorable children.

Not Impressed on

I watched “True Tori” today for the first time. I was NOT impressed by her husband’s “remorse” about what he had done. He seems to be acting when going through therapy knowing that Tori has too soft a heart to watch him pretend to be upset. My heart goes out to Tori and her children.

ella on

Where did the money come from this since they are always crying that they are ‘broke’. Also photos of him purchasing other items sure weren’t the talk…..were those other ‘items’ for Tori or for another fling. Kick his sorry butt to the curb. Yes you may have cheated with him before, but now, let someone else have him for good. Don’t put your kids through his/your drama. Let go.

Elizabeth on

It’s a nice ring, if you like that style, but I have to wonder — Tori claims that they couldn’t afford a vasectomy for Dean. Wouldn’t that have made a much better anniversary gift? And so, so much cheaper, too.

Cynthia on

I watched a few epopisodes of true Tori. I did not realize how self absorbed Dean appears. I don’t know when the show starting airing but instead of focusing on Tori the focus is on how much Dean can handle. That will cause Tori to never be allowed to think of herself and what it will take for her to truly forgive and honestly move forward. As a mom she pushes aside her needs because she has four small kids depending on her to keep it together. Then Dean who may regret acting on his needs and then thinking that his is really trying. Trying involves understanding what Tori must feel and have to surprises to get through each day for the sake of their children. He was caught and now he wants it to go away and begin to see signs from Tori that will make him heal. Selfish selfish selfish..Tori appears to want to make the marriage work, give her a break and learn some patience. Not feeling Dean based on the first three episodes. You cannot buy forgiveness is something he needs to show..from within no just with words. if Tori don’t want him back in her bed for months he should not be as easily frustrated when things aren’t falling into place according to his want.. Tori is dealing with the kids, the cheating, Dean’s seemingly fragile mental state..when will she be allowed to deal with how all this has made her feel. This is why women supporting women label ourselves Superwoman..

lorraine l stebe on

not all his fault and who is she to be so hurt by his cheating, she cheated with him. like the pot calling the kettle black. cant stand her and they deserve
each other

Mad Max on

Once a cheater….

Jennifer on

If they are so broke, why would he spend so much money on a ring????!

slawson on

What’s a ring when he is a cheater? I much rather have faithfulness, loyalty, and commitment than material things. Having a husband with good character is “priceless.”

Tammy on

I’m sorry Tori, but I don’t trust him. He is trying to be a peach now, and he will do and say anything. I know he is finished with rehab, but to me I don’t think it magically goes away. I’d be very careful and tread lightly. I would leave him, but I know it is hard with four kids, but you have to think of yourself and the kids. Once a cheater, always a cheater, I want to give him a chance, but I think it can’t go away just like that.

Dori on


Guest on

Do not trust this guy. He will never ever change his ways.

Dori on

I did type a comment … WHAT DOES HE DO FOR A LIVING ???????????????

Tammy on

I was watching it, then I felt dirty for doing it, it was so personal. I think she is making a mistake airing it on TV. I’m sorry, but were told all the time, why do we make comments, well this is why, she puts it on TV. I like Tori, I don’t think in her heart she is a bad person, maybe some choices that were not great, but who hasn’t, but to put him in such a fragile state in front of all the world to me is not healthy. For both of them. I think she thinks she is getting him back, but that is not healthy for her either. I had to shut it off, because it bother me watching something so personal.

Tammy on

First off what about the woman, do they not feel bad for doing this? I know she did it also, but hey, what can I say, like all of us haven’t made a mistake in life, now they should not get away either, and the old excuse I did not know he was married won’t wash, Tori to, but now we have to think of the kids before and the 4 now, that is who needs to be thought of. This show should be taken off of TV now, and she should not air it on TV. I believe they are doing it for pay, and that is how he bought the ring, they are not doing it for nothing.

joan on

Well, I might as well stop watching “True Tori” (or whatever it’s called), since we now know she forgave if not forgot…. Oh, well. Hope he got the help he needed.

Becky on

That’s the second hideous ring they have shown on this website that he has given her that I can remember.

Carolyn Levesque on

Beautiful ring. I’m afraid she will end up paying for it. Sad that
men have such a hard time staying faithful. He appears to be a good father. Neither can afford to go it alone. 4 very young children who need a father and mother.

sara on

Now she knows how his wife and son felt, remember she cheated too. As far as the money for the ring, True tori I am sure has helped, not even sure I believe any of it, just were out of money – nice lesson for your girls or any of the kids, they are both so selfish they should not have had any of them. You know they already do not stand a chance of a normal life and their parents are responsible for that. If it is true, the only thing he is sorry about is being caught. My husband of almost 35 years also comes from a broken home and it just made him a better person. Hope they are not fooling themselves thinking the kids do not know what is going on, believe me they do.

Susan on

I think the ring is beautiful but, I’d sell it 1st chance I got. Who wants a ring bought for you with your own money????

Bobbi on

I honestly think this is a rating move. I don’t think she would stay with him. But if he did cheat and they are having all the issues they are shoeing on TV. Then they are just hurting the kids!

Barbie on


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