Jessica Seinfeld Goes Blonde: Are You Loving Her Light Pixie Hue?

05/07/2014 at 03:40 PM ET

Jessica Seinfeld blonde pixieCourtesy Jessica Seinfeld. Inset: Larry Busacca/Getty

You won’t believe the latest star to lighten up her pixie this week! First, Shailene Woodley went blonde for the Met Gala, and now Jessica Seinfeld has followed suit.

Though she has been rocking a shorter style for months, Seinfeld amped up her piecey haircut by adding a modern, high-end version of frosted tips. (More proof that celebs are obsessed with ’90s style and beauty!) She thanked her colorist Sarah Spratt in her first reveal photo on Instagram (below) for teaching her that “you can never be too old or too brunette to be blonde.”

Oh, it went down today. @spratula aka Sarah Spratt taught me you can never be too old or too brunette to be blonde. Thank you @rheannewhite for the cut. You are still killing it after 11+ years together, boo.

A photo posted by Jessica Seinfeld (@jessseinfeld) on

To make the cut match the color, Spratt teamed up with New York City stylist Rheanne White, who also has worked with Lena Dunham. When her hair was dark, Seinfeld tended to wear the front a little more side swept, but White made use of her longer bangs creating a more messy, rock-and-roll vibe.

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And the star is already finding new ways to style it herself. “ALERT: another use for coconut oil! I am ONLY posting this selfie to explain that after getting Blonded yesterday by @spratula, I covered my head in COCONUT OIL to hydrate after the process. (I slept with a do-rag to not ruin my pillowcase.) Silky smooth results,” she captioned the below photo, showing off yet another edgy way to wear her hair. (Anyone else going to steal her conditioning tip?)

TELL US: What do you think of Seinfeld as a blonde?

–Catherine Kast

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Showing 99 comments

Susan on

Yuck! Was really cute before but the blonde doesn’t really suit her coloring…. I think it makes her look much older.

Julia on

Yikes– that’s not a good look

katie on

she looks like a lesbian

Julie on

Oh my…….not cute!

ELC on

She’s a dog no matter what her hair color and style is. LOL..Jerry must be such a lucky guy married to this b***h.

Miss Scarlett on

Not everyone can wear short hair. She’s proof.

Sarah on

Yes, you CAN be ‘two’ brunette to be blonde! The color does not suit her at all.

Zeze on

Oooh, not a good look, her face is a little too harsh to pull off a pixie.

HowTacky on

I’m not sure which is worse…the style itself or the horrific blond color…

fifiwereking on


Jolly on

This is not good at all. Ugh

Kellie on

Um…. NO!!!

Mamagirl31 on

Not her best look…

mrsmass on

absolutely terrible. all of it.

Jay on

The color is completely the wrong shade/hue for her skin tone, and the short hair just doesn’t do anything for this poor woman.

46yearoldmom on

She needs a bag over her head, and not for the hair. For her rough face. What was Jerry thinking marrying this ugly woman? Not to mention she ditched her first husband when she saw the $$$ signs of marrying the hottest comedic talent at that time.

Sophia on

“you can never be too old or two brunette to be blonde.”
Oh yes you can – went blonde years ago and it was so awful and made me look so much older. Is anyone else sick of everyone showing off their blonde pixi cut ? – I certainly am.

Lynda on

No, no, no! Does not look good on her at all! She looks prettier as a brunette. Hopefully this is short lived.

Lynda on

No, no, no! Not flattering at all. She is much prettier brunette and longer hair.

Jen on

My mom always told me if I don’t have anything nice to say, I shouldn’t say anything……

OK, I’m done.

Meg on

The color washes her out and makes her look older. It is not flattering. She needs some layers around the face to soften her sharp features.

Jemma on

Horrid woman!

Guessed on

She’s a very cute girl no matter what, but she looks more youthful with the darker hair.

Linda on

She looks AWFUL!!!!! It changes how she looks so much, I wouldn’t have known it was her if I hadn’t been reading the article. She needs to leave blonde alone. She has brunette coloring. She should stick to that.

Truthfinder on

She looks a little bit masculine. She’s cute but sometimes a certain fun look just isn’t for everyone!

Lala on

The cut is too harsh for her face. She has very sharp features already, she needs a softer hairstyle. I think the blonde looks okay on her.

whatever! on

PLEASE spare us! Stop calling this wannabe a celebrity, her only ties to celebrity is her husband!!

Liz on


peasplease on

money can’t buy style

jmk on

Cut is really cute on her. Don’t love the color.

Stacy on

She looks like a giraffe

guest on

I don’t know who looks worse her or Adam Levine… She needs to fire whoever is telling her it looks good…

Karen on

Not good at all. She is boring and a new hair color/cut whatevs doesn’t help.

serra on

“the star”? Star of what? Oh if only we could pass laws prohibiting the promiscuous posting of photos photos photos…what must her children think? UGH UGH UGH! She looks simply terrible, and the photos are so offputting, those poses! What the? Stand her next to Adam Levine; they both look completely ridiculous (well, worse than that; they look….perish the thought….really unattractive). I love how unobtrusive her wedding ring is, though. CLASSY! And no long fake nails, that’s SOMEthing at least.

Maria on

Yikes! Um, no.

lulu on

the pink is not a good lip color choice. and why is she POINTING at that woman? It reminds me of Sir McCartney’s stupid finger point at his wife on their wedding day. EEEEK

laura on

I really don’t understand why so many people think blonde is better. It does nothing for her.

Imaboomer on

Thumbs down on this move. I thought she looked much better longer & darker.

Kat on

Who cares about a talented comedian’s wife. Writing a cook book & being a rich wife is not enough. And the color is too young for her & looks cheap. The cut is not flattering, she just looks like a mom from the ‘burbs, who cut her hair for convenience.

Christine on

She was beautiful as a brunette — why don’t brunettes realize they have beautifully coloured hair and just enjoy it?

Jess on

Unfortunately, it seems to make her look older!!

Sandra on

Yuck, it looks horrible on her! She looks like a lesbian! Not a good color or cut at all on her!

Jerry Feinseld on

2 words – woof woof

cynsation on

All I have to say is I hope she didn’t pay a “professional” for her new look!

Pao on

Omg! That’s terrible! Gross!

Jay on

Jessica is a cute girl but the haircut is just bad and would be on anyone.

Shannon on

Um, NO!!

Mrs. Garcia on

Short is cute but not blonde. But, hey, it’s her hair!

laura on

I don’t have a problem with the color. The blonde is edgy. But the cut is not super flattering to her face. Don’t get me wrong; I couldn’t pull off such short hair either. You have to have really classic bone structure to do it.

Denverpeet on

Um…….not so much

Guest on

Not a good look for her. She needs long hair.

Annie Mouse on

You have to have pixie-ish features to successfully pull off a pixie cut. In no way does she have those. This cut has robbed her of all femininity . And no way is blonde a flattering color choice for her. Why do so many women go blonde, as if brunette is somehow inferior? Dark hair color is just as flattering–it has to do with complexion! There’s nothing inherently more glamorous and flattering about blonde hair.

Eve Spencer on

Bad, very bad. Just because everyone else is jumping on the trendy blonde pixie bandwagon…

Ivixen on

Bad color. Bad length.

rachel86 on

She is not an attractive woman.

Debra on

Poor girl. At least hair grows. The long brunette hair was best

Emma on

OMG she looks horrible. I mean she is not a pretty woman to begin but her longer brown hair suited her. She looks like a teenage boy with her hair like this!!

Lee on


Jan on

HMMMMMM………………’s not working

Being a blonde isn’t a fit for her.

missk on

Oh, girl, you need better advice from your stylists.

Harmony on

She’s such an unbelievable natural beauty – truly one of the prettiest celebrities ever. I’m always amazed that she flies under a lot people’s best-dressed and most-beautiful radars. But I gotta say I think the blond obscures her beauty. I think she looks way better as a brunette. But, hey why not have fun with hair and makeup when you’ve got it to spare.

Europa49 on

I think it looks adorable. For heaven’s she’s just changing it up for a while as people do. There’s no need for such hate. You sound like you have no life at all if you can be this nasty to another human being who has done you no harm.

laura on

She’s attractive, but this style looks like Miley Cyrus and I don’t think a 42 year old woman would want to look like a wrecking ball.

Lee on

Oh dear…

nope on

It looks terrible.

Fegs on

Her face shape is not suited for short hair. She was lovely with the longer hair. I never even noticed her harsh features before. Big mistake.

laura fuller on

horrible. too butch…not even blond and I doubt jerry finds it attractive

emma on

If my hair dresser did that to me she would be bald!

Jennifer on

It’s not the color, it’s the cut. She doesn’t look feminine at all. I would grow it our a bit. I think she looks nice as a blond though.

Jay on

Hate the cut and color. Love her recipes. She looks like a bad Debbie Gibson.

truly on

Nice…love the comment about her being a dog. Not the case, she can be quite pretty. This pics are horrible and I have to say this haircut and now color is not helpful. Jessica, please grown your hair and dye it the beautiful brown you had before. Unless you really love it that much….and than to heck with the rest of us! Cheers.

Guessed on

I just thought of who she reminds me of. Bess Armstrong. She played the mom on “My So-Called Life.”

Sally on

That poor dear. She does not have the face to support a pixie cut . . . Neither do I and I do not dare try! To highlight that unfortunate hair style any further by going blonde is just . . . .cuckoo bananas.

Eli on

Seriously…that is 80s, not 90s. Roxette had the exact same hairstyle. Although it looked way better on her because she had the coloring for blonde and this chick does not.

Skinnyminnie2006 on

Slow news day, People? Mrs. Jerry Seinfeld is not a star. The hair does nothing for her-the length or the color.

Miranda Hobbs on

Why do women keep cutting their hair off when they get older? Try to hold onto some youthfulness ladies. Take a hint from Sofia Vergara, she is so sexy with longer hair!! Stop chopping the hair ladies. And I agree Jessica looks butt ugly.

Carter on

Pixie cuts look horrible ladies. They take away the femininity of a woman. This look is not good. It makes you look silly. Look like a lady, not a young boy.

Pam on

Eww! She’s not attractive. She looks so masculine and the short hair makes her look even more so.

Dolores on

Officially, this woman is now ugly inside and out… I met this wench once with her husband and her disgraceful behaviour 10 years ago still remains with me… She is simply famous for marrying a more famous man after her first honeymoon…

Jennifer A. on

She is not attractive either way you slice it…. but this haircolor is truly horrible on her. Also, not sure why people is reporting on her anyway. She is not a celebrity in my opinion.

Tila on

It doesn’t look good on her.

Carrie Freeman on

I’d like to give Jessica credit for taking a risk. We’ve all done it.
I will guess that she does not maintain the experiment. I bet Jerry will hate it. She was very feminine when they met – This is a tough look and I agree that the color is a total mismatch to her skin. I imagine these stylists cost a fortune.

Lacey on

When I saw the headline I thought “oh no”, but it’s cute and she looks much younger.

norosecolored glspls on

cute cut however, the color is not that flattering. not for her. such pretty brunette hair but, at the end of the day, it’s her hair.

lovefritzy on

Eeewww!! Oogly. Looking like Blossom in the face.

46yearoldmom on

Should have married Shoshanna. She’s GORGEOUS. Jessica’s fug.

guest on

“you can never be too old or TWO brunette”…

Does anyone proofread over here???

Stacey on

I can’t believe all of these hateful comments! So she wanted to try a new look–more power to her! I think it suits her; it’s a fun, cute look for spring. Perhaps some of you are jealous that she’s brave enough to mix it up a little. So much negativity…it’s really depressing.

kdm on

Someone’s really ticked off their hair stylist!!!

Lynne on

Oh noooo. That poor girl looks quite unfortunate. She really needs to be brunette and have her face partially covered by hair or perhaps a paper bag!
Next week she’ll make Jerry pay for brunette extensions!
Clearly she has too much money and not enough brains.

bumpkin on

She is not an attractive woman at all.

VB on

Uh, 1) Why is this newsworthy even in People?

2) Being married to a “star” doesn’t make you a star, so why is she being referred to as “the star”?

And 3) That hair color is a mess, and that short cut is NOT flattering on everyone, just because it’s the trend right now.

VB on

1) Why is this newsworthy even in People?

2) Being married to a “star” doesn’t make you a star, so why is she being referred to as “the star”?
3) That hair color is a mess, and that short cut is NOT flattering on everyone, just because it’s the trend right now.

moonriver on

1. “Celebrity” simply implies fame. When you marry someone famous, you are included in their fame, whether you like it or not. What do you want her to do, hide??
2. Her hair was lovely when it was long and chocolate colored. This cut and color look so very unfortunate.

Chris on

Never go 2-3 shades from natural hair color.

Chris on

I would lift 1-2 shades and add ash.

Chris on

I would lift 1-2 shades and add an ash

Kristi on

Wow! This hair color and haircut doesn’t look good. She looks much better as a brunette. Some brunettes shouldn’t try to be blonde!

klm on

Color is WAY too warm for her complexion.

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