Lupita Nyong'o's Met Gala Gown Gets the Risk-Taker Award

05/05/2014 at 08:18 PM ET

Lupita Nyong'o Met Gala gown David Fisher/Rex USA

Lupita Nyong’o always turns heads on the red carpet, but for her latest high-fashion outing, the star may have left a few spectators scratching their heads at the same time.

PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful Woman made a major impact in a custom emerald-green Prada net dress featuring a crazy number of embellishments — glass beads, crystals, cascading feathers and chandelier drops. She teamed the look with gem-studded green suede sandals and a coordinating clutch, also Prada.

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And she topped the look with a vintage Cartier necklace worn as a headpiece and oodles of other vintage Cartier jewels. (She might be the most embellished star at the ball.) What do you think of Nyong’os look? Are you a fan? Did she totally miss the boat?

–Brittany Talarico

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Guest on

She looks like a love child between Pocahontas and Jane from Tarzan. Ridiculous

Guest on

She obviously has no idea what the theme was or who Charles James is.

karen on

umm. noooo…this is crazy weird!

Amaryllis on

Damn that’s ugly!

Regina on

Oh no, that is all kinds of wrong. Gorgeous woman, awful ensemble.

thenitenurse on

It’s interesting to say the least. Lupita usually hits a home run with her gowns. I guess she wanted to try something really wild. I think it would have looked a little less crazy without the feathers.

Andrea on

I would say the biggest risk is getting a heel stuck in it and falling. It looks dangerous to be wearing with heels.

Jennifer Adkins on

I think she tried to go for a dress that was inspired from her culture. Risky though I will admit

Mark Wrendell on

She looks stupid….!!

Guest on

It’s different but at least her vagina isn’t showing … Chloe Kravitz.

Guest on

correction – Zoe Kravitz

marlene on


Kat on

I cannot believe that at the end of all of her stunning turns in dresses throughout the entire awards season, THIS is where she drops the ball – when it’s ALL about the dress and not the award. Good thing there isn’t an award for worst dress. Or is there?

Bob J on

Love it! It’s beautiful, she looks beautiful wearing it and it’s a total work of art! BRAVO!!

Janie on


Guessed on

Fun & cool, but not appropriate for the occasion.

Becky on

I love it, but agree it would look better without the feathers. .

Jessica on

I look at it and all I can think is That had to be so much fun to twirl in. And I can just imagine the twinkle of all the little doodads as she walked. Lighten up guys it looks FUN. And shes covered,. the title makes it sound like she had all her lady lumps hanging out, no bueno People.

james kenneth Terry on

I am not a fan of Miss Nyong’s, but I love this dress on her. The under dress, the brown one, was very close to her body color, therefore gave an excellent appearance of nudity. The beads and feathers are just classy. Good pic, regardless who picks the garment for her to wear.

Ryry on

This is the first “misstep” I have seen her take. She usually has impeccable taste in dresses.

Guest on

I’m so over her.

AtlDancer on

A REEEEAAAALLL miss! I feel the same as the another posters. She is out of place.There is nothing Charles James about her dress. It looks like a bad flapper costume and I am appalled that Prada would allow her to go to such an important event as the Met Gala looking like that… And to that other poster that said this outfit had something to do with her culture, it doesn’t.

Rhonda on

She’s usually the best dressed, but this is the worst! There’s no redeeming qualities about this mess. Her hair doesn’t even look nice.

Lisa on

Absolutely love it!! She makes this unique look work, and it’s refreshing to see creative fashion that has a touch of class and exotic flare.

Lori on

She usually gets it so right, but not this time. This is BAD.

anonymous 1 on

This is a costume gala. It’s a fun dress. She doesn’t have to be glam all the time. Particularly when she’s attending one of the most celebrated costume galas on the celebrity schedule.

slawson on

I think she look beautiful as usual and exotic. She would look good in a potato sack, if she chose to wear one.

Smithy on

She looks ready to go on stage for Lion King.

Bomx on

I think she was beautiful, every touch was relative to the look of native history. I feel the colors were put together beautifully and the shoes were awesome. If you can wear this look, why not and she clearly did. I say KUDOS and well done, not the normal boring look, thinking outside the box of fashion and adding a touch of class. Well done!

Chyrel Jackson on

I think she’s amazing and can wear absolutely anything. She’s flawless but because this isn’t a cookie cutter, conventional look, people won’t appreciate the almost African tribal styled gown. Too bad & glad to see her having fun and taking risks.

Ladybug on

Yuck. This is the first time I have not liked her style. Hopefully
she does better the next time.

MrsJAZ on

Wow…so disappointed in this outfit. Nothing pretty about it at all. Waiting for her to start doing a rain dance or something.

MimiB on

Sometimes, even the best fashionistas [and fashion designers] make a mistake. Sorry Lupita and Prada … it’s your turn.

BettyAspinall on

She could come dressed in a bath towel and she still would look good.

Zarah on

She is a beautiful women, why such an ugly and inappropriate outfit?

Sharon on

I am going to disagree with most of the posts. I really like this on her. True it is not the kind of thing she normally wears but I just love her in it. It gives a fantasy African Princess vibe which works so well for her. And I have never seen her looking so beautiful and radiant. About time we had more African Princesses. That said, the Met might not have been the exactly perfect venue for this, but I still just love this woman!

Patty on

Um. She usually looks so good, but this one was a big mistake. Ugly.

kathy on

it was just a matter of time when her fashion would go overboard. shame. she has such a natural beauty that her clothes should only enhance, not distract. the headband and the whole get up is just short of ridiculous

sbettybooi on

Very nice. Maybe hairstyle, or hair piece throws the look off a bit. Otherwise, gorgeous.

MLR on


Hey, there on

Total mess. Total fail.

jckfmsincty on

This is her first fashion fail that I have seen. And, she failed in a big way.

lyn on

Ooooooo Weeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Surprised on

Oh no! She definitely missed the mark on this one.

Guest on

A complete mess! The hair the gown everything.

Writer on

Looking like a bird caught in barbed wire….

Charli on

The Met Ball always has a theme. I looked at the dresses and clearly there was some sort of flapper or roaring twenties theme. I think that is what they should make known otherwise these guests just seem nuts for their attire.

Carter on

Lupita is a very unattractive woman.

yvette on

Not her best look, but she still looks beautiful

BB on

Disgusting. Her outfit is worse than what Kim K wore to the Mets last year. And i thought that it couldnt get any worse than that. She obviously didnt get the memo on the theme for the night.

oplease on

Nothing but a bunch of jealous, fat white chicks on this board. Lupita, you killed it! Fantastic!!!!!

Zoe on

I love Lupita..she’s usually all hits but this is a much goin on..u can’t win them all.

cricket on

she is giving grace jones vibe in this outfit and i LOVE IT! im so tired of plain jane caucasian women in hollywood! this woman is pure beauty dipped in godiva chocolate, the net dress is hot and daring and i love the feathers, she looks like a sexy native american slash african princess all rolled into one fine package! thank god for change in hollyweird!!!

cynie on

i thought biggest risk see through was Beyonce

nancy on

Did you people not see Sandra Lee. I hope someone threatened her life if she refused to wear it.

stinky on

luv the beaded net overlay, but the feathers & headband have to GO!!

Xoxo on

Her face is so gorgeous – she can wear anything.

Xoxo on

Her face is so gorgeous – she can honestly wear anything.

BZ on

Don’t like it…mainly because of the feathers. And I hope she doesn’t let them talk her into wearing fur.

Lacey on

Fashion don’t.

NC on

Fashion – stupid
Performance in 12 Years a Slave – strident and overworked, scenery well chewed (suitable for most overrated movie of the year)
But, she seems like a nice person.

Dawn S on

She and her stylist hit it on the head again! I know most people are not going to “get” this look but it’s beautiful and actually fits the theme in an unconventional and unique way. I admit it took me a minute since her look the last year has been so elegant, sleek and obvious, but if there’s ever a place to take a serious risk, this was it and she’s as beautiful as ever!

Rolyat on

She always hits it head on, but this was a miss. Charlize Theron stole the evening. She was stunning.

Easyup on

I like it. I think she looks fantastic and I like the feathers and how colorful it is. It is adventurous and winning!

rlb237 on

Completely awful.

Polka on

She look like Josephine Baker. Beautiful dress. 2 in 1 under brown mini dress and on green / smaragd dress.

teachingfrenzy on

I wouldn’t wear it, but she pulls it off….in a different setting (NOT the Met gala) it probably would’ve worked. Seems almost African-influenced, tho I can’t say why exactly . I think it’s just a but inappropriate for this venue. But SHE looks amazing. Lovely young lady.

letsbehonest on

I usually LOVE her red carpet style……but, this looks like she was walking through the jungle and got caught up in a net trap. =/

Lisa on

Not a good look at all. Way too much going on. Looks like a Girl Scout after a drunken night in the forest.

Susan on

Love her, the outfit, not so much!

Easyup on

The lady with the puffy organza dress with the flower garland draped all over it was my least favorite.

Mims on

Ok, u guys dont get it. As a black african girl, this is exactly what i would choose to wear too. Next to the Sarah Jesica Parkers and all…this is a young woman that is not western, but african and wearing it with pride (no pun intended). We are brown and we live around green. These are natural colours for us. She looks so beautiful and natural in this outfit. I love love the ensemble. But i do respect that you guys dont see it the way i do.

Mims on

Oh and i bet that band around her head looks silly to you guys too. Its all Africa baby!


She looks awful as usual. Guess she won’t be the “it” girl for much longer – lol!

fayem1 on

screw you haters she looks wonderful and daring which is what this night is all about

fayem1 on

she looks great and like a risk taker which is what this night is all about, much better than the curtains trashdashian wore last year

Guessed on

Human dream catcher

J. on

Above the waist it looks ok, below the waist it’s too busy. I like the shades of green though.

Isag on

I think her look is inspired by Josephine Baker’s look in Paris in the 30’s, when Charles James did some work in Paris as well. There’s more than one way to respect a theme, and this was an original choice. Good for her.

Avi Lavian on

Not a fan.

DLM on

I love it! It suits her body type without making her look too thin. The color compliments her skin beautifully. The headband (which I don’t usually love on her) looks good this time. I could probably do without the feathers but it’s still fly. And I love that is risky and different. Gorgeous!

ChimChim on

Somewhere a naked parakeet is cursing Lupita’s name.

Rebecca on

It’s a wild and fun choice, and I think she wears it all beautifully! Albiet, this probably would be better suited for a different event.

Jean on

OMG! A big NO!

Robb7 on

Who talked this poor woman into wearing this monstrosity??!!

Marie Mullin on

Weird, not the most beautiful.

Tamarin on

There is “thinking outside the box” and then there is “sh*t what the f*** was she thinking?!” This is not one of those “thinking outside the box” moments. But I guess attention is attention, even if it’s bad attention, right?

bb on

Well its not at all see through as the headline I clicked on implied. You can easily see a brown liner under it. Not my favorite look of hers; mine is that beautiful blue gown she wore to the Emmys. Flawless.

desiree on

I honestly cant help but to wonder if the negative comments are coming from a bunch of jealous white women… I only wonder that bc her beauty is very exotic and the opposite of what the standard of beauty in this country is.

Seriously, I think Lupita has A LOT of j white women jealous… I mean A LOT.

Erin on

Her first fail! SHE looks beautiful, but the dress, not so much.


She looks like she is going to a local powwow instead of a major classic event. Where the women wear ball gowns and the men well fitted tuxes. I guess she is tired of looking classic. What shame her style is usually so right on and who ever said she looked good should be fired for giving her the wrong wrong wrong choice..

Marie Mullin on

Was ugly” dying for attention.

Lia on

She looks unique and rather amazing in comparison to these trashy get-ups. At least her tits and *ss aren’t showing.

cyndy on

looks like she found a fishing net on the beach and threw it over a brown tunic! pretty shocking..she usually has such good taste!

bluebird on

She should sue PRADA!!! that dress belongs to the jungle!

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