Adam Levine Dyes Hair Bleach Blond (And We Have All the Details Straight from His Stylist)

05/04/2014 at 09:49 AM ET

Adam Levine Bleach Blonde HairCourtesy Adam Levine

We can’t wait to hear what Blake Shelton has to say about this. Adam Levine has dyed his hair platinum blond.

The Voice coach and PEOPLE’s reigning Sexiest Man Alive, 35, shared a photo of his new bleached do on Twitter Saturday along with the caption, “Apocalypse prep course complete.” Also in the photo — his fiancée Behati Prinsloo, who looks to have retired her ombré highlights for an allover brunette hue.

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Last month, Levine made a dramatic mane change, shaving half his head for a more punk vibe. But we guess that wasn’t enough of a rush. This time, we thought it might be some kind of tribute to the hit show’s new coach Gwen Stefani (who has some of the best platinum locks in Hollywood), but the Maroon 5 singer’s stylist, Shaul Arbiv, owner of Shampoo On 3rd Hair Salon in L.A., tells PEOPLE there’s a much simpler explanation.

“With summer months coming up we wanted to do something totally drastic and different from his previous styles so we bleached it,” Arbiv says. “I have been working with Adam for a long time and he likes to change up his style often.”

We’re just happy Levine didn’t let the dye touch his signature dark brown eyebrows. Tell us: Do you like Levine’s new ‘do: Is it perfect for summer or is it a little too Miley Cyrus?

— K.C. Blumm, with reporting by Raha Lewis

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Showing 149 comments

Smithy on

I would really like Adam Levine, except I think Adam Levine’s got that more than covered.

JP on

Hate it!

sandy on

hes hot, but dont care for the blond hair,,,oh well

Kari Crouse on

I love Adam’s new hair. Totally badass and cool.

peasant33 on

Reminiscent of Boo Radley

jenn on

Im a HUGE Fan of Maroon 5.. Adam knows I love him, Ive met him MANY times. He looks horrible..

skc on

I hope the blonde hair is temporary. I prefer the dark, mysterious, sexy look.

Melissa on

He almost looks like Billy Idol with this hairstyle!

Life goes on on

To each is own. He does not look good as a blonde.

Ingrid on

I really like Adam BUT he looks like he should be a villain in yet another James Bond flick. Why Adam? Aren’t you having enough fun? LOL

Maria on

Horrible, wonder if his young model g/f ask him to do it?

Kimber on

Heck, I’d still adore him if he was bald. Besides, with short hair you can get more daring. Doesn’t take long to grow out and cut off again.

Lakeside on

Billy Idol called…he wants his hair back!

Denise on

Whoa indeed! Kinda smells like midlife crisis. Let’s hope he dyes it back before he gets married.

fiona on

meh – its alright – darker hue works better 4 him.

Janice on

Not a fan of the blonde locks!

Pam on

Hate it! Dark hair on him looks better. It’s bad enough he shaved it. If you have natural good looks…why must people try to change it? Go back to dark…especially before Blake tears you a new rear on The Voice.

Tiff on

Don’t like it

L on

No, he looks good with dark hair.

kew on

Ewww. I really like him, but do not like the hair!

notpetA on

Now he needs to sport the big bushy beard

Jenna on

YUCK! Love Adam but blonde is NOT his color!!!!!!

kathy from fla on

Adam is hot! Prefer the darker hair though….

hrword on


Lisa on


char bear on

I’m sorry but blonde is not your color look like a creepy sex predictor…I love you Adam Levine but Yuuckkyy!!!!

Liz on

He looks like a Nazi.

Laura on

Looks like Ryan Gosling’s stand in for A Place Beyond The Pines. In other words, NO. The carnie look is not good on anyone.

MrMonkee on

Not sure who likes Adam more. Adam or………Adam?

Nora on

I love the kitten on his t-shirt!

LDZ on

YUCK!!!! He needs to fix this…bad mistake…dark hair goes well with his eyes!!!

Roberta on

I cant wait to see what Blake Shelton has to say about the new color myself!!!! I am sure Blake will make a good and funny remark!! I personally think it is too Miley Cyrus!!!! But I am not a Big fan of Adam Levine!! But I am a fan of Blake Shelton!!!

Sophia on

Eww, he looks absolutely AWFUL….and I bet he won’t be keeping that for long. Maybe a few highlights o.k. but this! I agree Gwen Stefani has the best blonde hair in the bus. Plus I never could, and still don’t know how he was even considered for The Sexiest Man of 2014 – even with his reg. hair colour – are you kidding me?!

denise on


Q on

He looks like a male version of Miley Cyrus.

Amber on

Uh….NO!!! Looks horrible

Shannmarie on

Dislike. Adam looks so much better with his dark hair. Didn’t even know it was him until I looked closer.

adub on


Lola on

No. Just…NO.

jan on

It’s summer why not? I.change my hair color often…am natural brunette am blonde now..woohoo who knew?

jessesgirl on

He looks like a cardboard cutout in this pic. haha

peet on

He is hot as a little firecracker but not so much with the blond hair….

janie on

I love him any way he comes! Shave his head, he’s still fine!

peet on

He is hotter than a little firecracker but not so much with the blonde hair!!!!

peet on

He’s hot but not so much as a blond

Hazel on

His hair and his too many tats look hideous!! He adores himself way too much!!

menotyou on

Are we still pretending this ugly – inside and out – egomaniac is some kind of sex symbol?

Celeste on

Whatever floats his boat.

happy on

He looks ridiculous.

46yearoldmom on

Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really like it. It suit his face.

amy on

I never found him remotely attractive..and even less so now.

Nikki on

What is up with these serious face, trying to look mysterious/hot selfies. You look like a dork.

Terri on

Love Adam but prefer the darker hair.

Debbie on

No, no, no!!!

ask me on

I detest when people say platinum, it literally means silver, his hair is nowhere near silver…. when people say platinum they are exaggerating and mean white blonde, and his hair clearly isn’t near that either as there is still quite a bit of gold in it, though I hope a lot of that is light or filter. He just went blonde or light golden blonde, platinum would be so white that it has no pigment at all and then toned with violet to look gray.

Liz on

A little too Miley Cyrus for me. I think his brown locks added to his beauty and sexiness. Now ?

Mamagirl31 on

He is so much more than attractive. However, he know’s that and to me, that makes him unattractive.

jen smith on

Noooooooooooooo. He is gorgeous with dark hair. Too drastic of s change.

kyle on

Okay. I love Maroon 5 to death, I’ve seen them 5 times live. Adam is my favorite person ever, he’s gorgeous talented and awesome. BUT, he looks TERRIBLE. What in the world would posses him to do this??? First of all, he had beautiful hair, and was a great example of your typical “tall, dark and handsome” man. Now he looks like Vanilla Ice and Billy Idol had a baby…. Adam, are you high? What did you do to yourself. I will love and respect him always, but seriously?

kyle on

Okay. I love Maroon 5 to death, I’ve seen them 5 times live. Adam is my favorite person ever, he’s gorgeous talented and awesome. BUT, he looks TERRIBLE. What in the world would posses him to do this??? First of all, he had beautiful hair, and was a great example of your typical “tall, dark and handsome” man. Now he looks like Vanilla Ice and Billy Idol had a baby…. Adam, are you high? What did you do to yourself. I will love and respect him always, but seriously?.

PebbleMonster on

What won’t he do for attention?

Dee on

That is….not attractive.

Eileen on

Looks like a geek, and I never make nasty comments on these things but in this case I have to make an exception,

Eileen on


Maria on

That looks absolutely terrible. This is a joke, right? Hopefully photoshopped?

Betsy Krrumbholz on

too Miley for me! Liked him so much better as a brunette!

peppermintmochamama on

It looks ridiculous.

Mysty on


jhplv on

Makes him look male model/ douchie.

Punk is an attitude. Adam is more Kardashian than Billy Idol.

Lisy on

Ewww… horrible look for him..

Lisy on

Ewww adam

Nancy on

LOL Smithy!

Cheryl on

Adam….Do us all a FAVOR and DYE YOUR YOUR HAIR BACK!! Am all for changing up looks and styles to stay fresh but you also have to know what works and what doesn’t and that look is definetly not for you!! Sorry!!

Dreamer on

First of all he needs to lose the fiance she’s just not right for him as for the hair it isn’t terrific but I’m sure he loves it and we all know he has an ego as big as the world it’s self. none the less I love Adam Levine <3

Darcy on


Lisa on

He officially lost his spot as sexiest man alive :(

guest on

Why mess with perfection????

Jeeny on

How cute, he wanted to have Miley Cyrus hair!

Joanne Lullio-Morris on

Edgy! He can do anything and look hot!

Joanne Lullio-Morris on

Edgy! He can do anything and still look hot!

jckfmsincty on

Behati and Adam are in love with the same man.

PH on


jerome on

excruciatingly awful

mrsmass on

Don’t you bleach your hair blonde, not dye it? It looks ridiculous. How many times did that photo go through a filter?

daphne on

Hideous. and a free ad for Apple (as if Apple needs publicity).

they’re still engaged? seems that deal has passed its expiration date

Jana on

I’m a hairdresser. You do not ‘dye’ hair blonde. You lift it with lightener. I hope that it got toned after this picture was taken.

georgina on

purple would have been a better idea. It looked great on Kelly Osbourne.

isn’t peroxide unhealthful? Hair salons are such toxic places…chemicals and plastic and WASTE. and waxing? what happens to the wax after….you think it just floats away into nothing from the landfills? uh, no. ick and quadruple ick.

Lola on

Don’t like it at all. I think he looks weird as a platinum blonde. He should have went a softer blonde. Might have been less harsh looking.

Tammy on

It looks nice, today…wait til the end of the week when the black/brown roots start showing…then…not so nice. Maybe should have done highlights. Just my opinion.

Mary Miller on

Love you Adam. You were perfect before you went blonde. If you like it, it may grow on me but at the moment I prefer the before look.

Audrey on

He’s still sexy as f*** but I definitely like the dark hair better.

kuanyin4 on

Dark hair is not “dyed” blonde, that mistake drives me crazy. It is a bleaching process, not a dyeing process.

Gina Rush on

Awful change it back ASAP!

marie on

So much for Sexiest Man.

barbandop on

He looks terrible! Don’t know what the attraction is about him at all. He’s just a tiny skinny little man who thinks he is perfection.

Heather on

Way to miley cyrus!

Judi Barsony on

Who cares if he dyed his hair blond? It’s nobody’s business. You people commenting negatively are not all that yourselves.

Cathleen on

when you make your hair lighter you bleach it when you make it darker you dye it..he didn’t dye his hair blonde he bleached it

sarahGrier on

Oh no, its Miley Cyrus! LOL

Landry on


Landry on


guest on

Nooooooooo!! Please go back to your dark hair, Adam. You are much more fun to look at that way.

BootzieGurl on

Not a fan of the bleach blonde, maybe a different blonde would work but I do like the cut!!

Marlene porter on

Needs a toner. Too much yellow/gold tones.

Karen on

No. Just….no.

FormerAdamFan on

Adam is a man who needs a good hairstyle to look good. He just looks like a skinny punk with this ‘do – even before this godawful blonde – the half shaved look wasn’t working. The way he was wearing it a couple of years ago was what I would call classic handsome and his best look.

Smithy on

He is getting less and less likable as time goes on as it becomes more apparent how pleased with himself he is. Best comment on here……Behati and Adam are both in love with Adam. so true!!!!!!!!!

Jessica on

Just when I thought he couldn’t get any douchier..

MFB on

I have the sudden urge to cover myself in sanitizer :-/

Bettie on

I don’t like him either way

Wanda71 on

The hair is one thing (not a good thing) but his girlfriend looks like she is about elleve years old. Not cool

cindyann on

I think he is a good looking man but part of the attraction was the blue eyes and dark hair contrast. I don’t like this at all..please change it back :(

Wanda71 on

He is a good looking bloke but his girlfriend looks about eleven years old. Not cool.

wildmountainbelle on

No Adam. Just….no.

bonnie butts on


bonnie butts on

OH NOOOOOO!!!! No good!

Marcie on

Looks ridiculous. His features are favorable to brown hair and he looks stupid

Lisa on

Nothing i hate more than celebrity selfies – aren’t you photographed enough? We get it dude, your cool, your fiance is gorgeous and your a blond now – don’t like it but do think he is sexy – not a good look for him –

iwillnotbow2gravesdisease on

He went from hottest man alive to WTH??? Can’t wait to see Blake’s reaction tomorrow night. Can Luke Bryan join The Voice tomorrow night? Would love to see what those 2 come up with together :)

Nika on

He needs a toner!

Cheryl Holland on

HATE the blond, go back natural Adam!

Megan on

He must be really bored and empty to do this s*. No real man needs this.

geaneb3 on

No. Just. No.

Andrea on

Waaaaaayyyy too feminine looking.

Donna on

Do not like it at all. Too phony looking and his hair was so gorgeous. Now he looks like a punk rocker, too common.

breined on

i think is fake/photoshoped. if you look closer his head seems blury, like its was pasted into the picture…

Lea on

He seems like the type of person who says “looking good” in the mirror to himself!!! LOL

Donna on

Do not like at all. Too phony looking and his hair before made him look hot.

Kattia on

Eeewwhhh… Adam is a hottie but the blondie hair makes him look like a criminal/evil. I predict it won’t last long. We’ve all tried to go blonde once!

chris pompili on

HATE new hair color…..he is so handsome in his dark hair… WHY would he want to give that up…makes him seem less mature….kind of punk….sad

Nubia on

I think his hair was better the color brown .

debbie on

That looks terrible!

Amber on

He looks ridiculous… I want the old Adam back!!!

mk on

Something looks fishy to me. the tattoos don’t look right.

Sharon on

Sorry Adam, I hate it. Go back to your natural color. Still love ya!

sookie on

The varsity hockey players at our local school do that for playoffs. On them, it’s fun. On a guy this old…just stupid.

Kerricatt on

I love that he’s wearing a tank top with CATS on it!!!

debby on


Juli on

NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. Put it back the way it was. Right now.

SweetRochester on

Whatever Adam does is fine with me as long as he keeps cranking out music w Maroon 5!

roberta wilson on

He looks like Billy Idol!!!!! He looks better with dark hair.

Angela on

I don’t like it. He looks better dark hair. Blonde isn’t him. Why did he do it? Big fan of Adam’s. Of the show The Voice watched since the beginning.

Katelyn on

Its edgy for sure, but I agree with most everyone …. Get rid of the blonde! Most def could pass for b-idol or gosling in place beyond the pines.

Trizone on

I believe that Blake Shelton is crossing the line with Adam. He goes too far in his teasing and making comments about Adam’s sexuality. Recently, he gave posted Adam’s cell number which I thought was very disrespectful and almost reminds me of a bully. He is truly going too far.

Janice Clark on

Adam, the platinum hair color doesn’t go well with your
Complexion. Not your signature style. Your own color was so great you couldn’t improve on it. I think both Michael Jackson & Kenny Rogers both looked terrific but kept messing with their image.

Love voice on


em on

Lol….idk why yall are commenting cuz Blake is gonna have enough for all of us. He does look like MiCy tho…

Bruce Hall on

Love Adam’s new do- very hot- much like himself!!!
You Go Guy!!!

Carla M on

I think he looks great. He could have purple hair and look good. It’s a change, he can always change back. That is always an option.

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