Kelly Osbourne Shaves Her Head, Is Left With Mini-Mohawk

05/02/2014 at 05:34 PM ET

kelly osbourne shaves her headFrederick M. Brown/Getty

When we saw the latest photo of Kelly Osbourne on her Instagram, we were like, “Wow, love a good makeup-free selfie! Snaps!”

And then we were like, “Wait a minute.” And then we were like “Five alarm fire, stop the presses, a celebrity actually shaved their head.”

PEOPLE StyleWatch editors joke all the time about star head-shaving on a Friday afternoon, but we have to admire Kelly for actually delivering. Though we only have ourselves to blame for the late notice. After all, when we saw the Instagram below two days ago, we should have known something was up. The caption: “With @fraankie cutting off more hair! I wonder how long before I shave the hole thing off?”

Apparently, the answer was “Not long at all!” because she posted a close-up look at her buzzed locks a few minutes later, then showed up at the Race to Erase MS event that evening to debut it officially.

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We didn’t think much of it at the time, though, because close cuts always require a lot of maintenance. It wasn’t until today, when she posted her barefaced selfie, that we realized she was debuting a whole new do.

Unlike her previous cut, a buzzed-at-the-side bob, this one is fully shaved on the sides almost up to the crown of her head. Her hair (bangs included) is swept back off her face into an understated pompadour — it’s soft in this photo, but we have a feeling it’s only a matter of time until we see it spiky again.

Surprised by her cut? We’re not. After all, she defined her previous partly-shaved bob as “alien chic meets mental patient that’s just had electroshock therapy,” and told PEOPLE, “Every day I’m looking at it and thinking it needs to be more, it needs to go further back and needs to be shorter.” Good to know she’s a woman of her word!

kelly osbourne shaves her headCourtesy Kelly Osbourne

What do you think of Osbourne’s newest look? Are you a fan? Should she go all the way next? And how great is her makeup-free skin, seriously?

–Alex Apatoff

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Showing 118 comments

Forwarddad on


Emilie on

Looks like she’s trying to pull off a Miley Cyrus.

Ally on

I like Kelly, but honestly….That looks so stupid. It’s not fashion forward at all. It’s fashion backward.

Belle on

Why does she look like Justin Beiber? Make it stop.

Molly on

I think it really suits her… Perfect for her face shape. Not just anyone can pull this off. A+!!

purple on

I like the new style, and I’m 55yrs.old, I wish I could pull this off

urin on

freaking attention seeker! Bully ,foul mouthed chubby D lister!

Bernadette on

Why didn’t I get a famous parent?

Julie Clarity on

All of the sudden, I can see her mother in her face.

John on

Please pay attention to me!!!!

Mary on

She never looked better! Now we can see her real beauty. Love it!!! Looking good Kelly.

Pamela on

Never mind the hairstyle, look at her facial expression, I hope she is okay, Love Kelly!

Concerned in IN on

I am frightened for her….look at the large dilated pupils! Praying for you Kelly

Meow on

She’s so ugly. In all ways. How does something like that get to be a fashion judge?

DE on

Look like a beast!

Bhavana on

I don’t necessarily like the haircut, but I think her face looks so pretty. She’s not as bad looking as I used to think.

ariel on

She looks like my 16 year old son.

Smithy on

I like it. I hated the old hair.

Ginger on

Well I wonder who is back doing what she’s been to rehab for many times. I guess the lavender hair didn’t get her that much attention anymore.

Lakeside on

Britney alert!! There is something not good going on with Kelly. This sort of behavior seems to be an attention seeking cry for help.

MrsJAZ on

I like it. I think she looks cute.

sas on


BootzieGurl on

And I think she looks absolutely beautiful without make-up!!
I’m a tad jealous Kelly

Jazzicat on

Kelly Osborn looks absolutely gorgeous bare-faced! Who knew? Girlfriend needs to go natural more often.

guest on

Yuck. Looks like a dude.

Treat on

Ohh whyyyyy??

Yikes on

Very butch looking. She doesn’t have the face shape face and delicate bone structure this style would need to look a bit feminine. I also think she has some makeup on…just not the usual bright lipstick and artificial lashes.

Guest on

Miley was not the first one to get this cut- Pink was the first to rock it – everyone else looks like their trying too hard- Anyway why is this news anymore? . Just another trend that will fade- just because it’s trendy doesn’t mean it looks good on people – just saying-

Kimmie on

Kelly is a beautiful girl, but she looks so sad in this photo. If cutting your hair makes you look this sad, don’t ever do it again!

melissajean0 on

Pointed nails and 1/2 shaved heads have got to be the ugliest fads I’ve ever seen IN MY LIFE, and I was a teenager during the hair bands, neon colors, spandex, and mc hammer pants period.

rickydee1955 on

I think she looks great! Is she coming out with this do? Taking on a lesbian or transgender role? Changes her completely, but fascinated to know why?

jckfmsincty on

She doesn’t have the face for that.

Guest on

What a great, fresh new look! Really suits her.

Teknosbeka on

Not a fan of the butch look. Ladies should be feminine!

Meg on

Kelly Osbourne us a narcissist.

onegr8singer on

I have observed Kellie over the years and I find her to be an extremely conflicted young lady! Only an individual who truly hasn’t a clue about who they REALLY are, chooses to have such a shattered image. As females, we generally pick-up our self-image from our Mothers, and Sharon has been a pretty confused individual herself! I adore Sharon, however she seems to be obsessed with “improving” herself via any means, and that is a result of a lack of self-acceptance. I think Kelly hasn’t found her purpose in life yet-altho she is pretending to be a “fashion expert”……when she gets clear on who she is, she won’t have to be projecting such a confusing image. Good luck to her AND her Mum!

dee on

I think it’s time for her to leave Fashion Police since she has no style herself. Ok good style that is.

bren on

she looks like justin beiber…lol

here we go on

wow. a lot of people upset because somebody has a lot less hair. boohoo, it grows back…what a shock!!!!!

sal on

wow now the characters on fashion police will have a hayday! Kelly Osbourne is a joke!

Kat on

I love it! I think it looks great! But it really doesn’t matter what I think or anyone else thinks for that matter. The most important is how she feels about it, and I’m happy for her. :)

Kata on

Why? Another one desperate for attention?

avch on

She looks so good without makeup.

Dee on

I didn’t realize how pretty she is.

Sue on

It actually doesn’t look bad. I’m surprised because she has a full face. She looks SO much better with simple makeup than when she tries to be uber chic and overdone.

Julie on

She does have a very pretty face. I think this cut suits her well.

Mrs. C. on

Whoah. This makes her look a little too manly IMO.

Julie on

^that being said- she really does look like beiber

lydiaferguson on

another Brittney?

Denverpeet on

I like it… brings out her eyes and her face looks more sculpted. Can’t wait to see the different ways she is going to style it!

Mel on

Woof woof, she is such a mutt!

isabelle on


digit on

I wouldn’t advertise this ….and the way she’s doing it just screams “I need attention”.

JP on


Laura on

Anything to get rid of that color!!
Actually I love her…and I’m 60 years old. She has grown into a wonderful young woman. More power to her in whatever she does!

SquiffyQ on

SO glad to see someone in the spotlight get away from all that infernal long hair. She has a beautiful face. Hollywood and all their long hair — it’s boring boring boring.

Ventress on

This is not a new hairstyle for her. She had it like this when she was a teenager.

Jessica on

Ok. Her face looks longer. Now she really looks like a dude. She already has that squared jaw thing going. Is she coming out of the closet next?

jBl on

If she “shaved her whole head” she would not have this much hair! Please get descriptions correct!!

Eri on

Wow, writers. I assume you are neither thirteen nor from the valley. Must we , like, write as like, as stupidly as we speak? Arg!

Yep on


Sunni on

She just looks like a tomboy…some girls who feel like a boy cut their hair like the way she people will think she’s a boy…just on the outside.

suz on

Purple hair, shaved head, Who Cares?? Why does she even warrant print?? What has she done, being born????

Ugh on

I’ve never found her to be particularly nice on the eyes, and this doesn’t really improve or worsen that impression either way. I mostly just wonder why people care about her. Any significant contributions or claims to fame to speak of (besides being celebrity spawn)?

suzy diamond on

FAR from a shaved head! Get REAL!

Wendy on

She is so pretty sans make up! …and I think she looks cute in the haircut as well.

Dee on

Looks like she’s trying to emulate her buddy, Miley.
Surprisingly, this doesn’t look too bad with her face, which is full.

Minkku on

She has such a beautiful, symmetrical face. This hair style really brings that out. Good for her!

Joan on


Nancy on

WHO CARES?!?!?!?!?!? LOL.

Pattimelt on

Saw her on the Fashion Police last night. She looks ridiculous! Bright purple hair hair and matching lips. She’s too cute to do this to herself. She looked like Marilyn Manson’s younger sister.

Gf on

That is not attractive at all. I don’t know why women or girls think that it looks good. I wonder what her nasty, judgemental coworker Joan rivers will think.

Life goes on on

First I thought, oh no, now I kind of like it.

Ladyd on

What is up with those nails? Yuck!!!!

Cesa on

Anything for attention. She still looks a hot mess.

erica2 on

Looks very butch!

the drean team on

her pupils are dilated……what is she on this week? oh wait, isn’t she sober? not!

Cindy on

Unfortunately I think it’s a cry for help. Here engagement was called off not long ago.

CallMeMaybe on

Another misleading article by People. She didn’t shave her head, she just got the same haircut Pink had and now Miley has been wearing. I agree, it’s very yesterday but she’s young, let her have fun with it. What’ with all the negativity, what has Kelly ever done to any of you personally? You people act like you know her geesh.

Amanda on

This definitely reaffirms my decision not to watch fashion police anymore. No one with hair this terrible should be giving anyone else fashion advice.

queenpunkincatandherminions on

Not a flattering look.

kathy from fla on

Really!!!??? This is big news! Who cares!

Mellie on

It makes her look like a young guy. Quote from article “PEOPLE StyleWatch editors joke all the time about star head-shaving on a Friday afternoon, but we have to admire Kelly for actually delivering Somehow the words “joke” and then “admire” don’t seem to work together. To me, it’s like they’re laughing at the stars who do it, but then they do, they have to cover it up and pretend that they like it or “admire” it. People has even gotten into the suck up business.

Rose on

Seeking her identity…. Nothing original – purple hair has played out

peggy powers on

Anything is better than that lavender color! That was terrible with her coloring.

cynsation on

I don’t like Kelly. She sits on Fashion Police and laughs at Joan’s insulting, mean jokes and criticizes celebrities fashion when she’s a fashion disaster herself and how she lets her mother fight her battles. She’s an adult, if she’s grown enough to say it then be grown enough to fight your own battles!

Maria on

It officially time for E to fire her from Fashion Police. How could they possibly have her have opinions on fashion and looks.

observer on

She looks so beautiful without the makeup!

John on

She looks like a butch lesbian. Is she into women now?

observer on

She is so beautiful without makeup

Susan on

In Hollywood you do whatever it takes to be relevant, at least in your own mind!

lisa on

This poor young woman is so desperate for attention…sad

Kim 0323 on


karen on

Don’t like the cut at all and have never liked the purple color, but if she likes it that’s all that matters. Kelly is very pretty and looks great make-up free.

Sheila on

She looks great!

Guest on

Something about this female that’s highly weird. Hasn’t she been “engaged” countless times? What her problems are who knows. An over abundance of money. All the O’s are totally strange w/ ridic behaviors, starting with ma and pa. Ugh.

sally on

Omg. ANYTHING for attention! Absolutely ridiculous.

Carter on


gigi on

The girl needs to recheck her spelling, I think she meant”whole” -not “hole” ;huge difference ,lol

Sky on

I like the pic on the left. Doesnt look the same haircut on the right…

Lippyy on

You notice how she’s made a few fashion “choices” right after she broke up with her fiance? Hope she’s going to stay clean.

pennie on

she looks better then miley..

maryann on

She is a ‘nut’ just like her mother Sharon.

Jen on

“a celebrity actually shaved their head.” Yet Britney Spears shaved her head and people freak out. And it was the head shaving. Notice the articles that talk about Britney’s breakdown and they make it a point to mention the head shaving separately.

Docker on


Rebecca on

So Cute! LOVE

didi on

She looks so much better as a boy than she ever did as a girl.
I don’t really think she’s as stylish or glamorous as she seems to think she is.

veronica cervantes on

have fun!!

leigh on

Gotta go with Emilie on this one. Does look a lot like Miley copy.
I have always liked Kelly Osbourne though, she has been thru a lot and yet seems to be positive and upbeat . Its her hair in the end ….let her do what she wants with it. A fan of Kellys.

jesus h christ on

I was able to successfully bring myself to an orgasm.

cameron on

its a popular look . I have seen it on several ladies . Its androgynous but stylish

jlo1965 on

Lady looks like a dude now !

DeeDee on

Kelly is beautiful and can pull off any look she wants to have. WHY is she not allowed to do what others have done before her? Miley and Avril do not own the rights to the hair style. And many more are doing the same – Rhianna, Jada, etc. And if you have ever heard this girl sing, you’d know she has REAL talent! GOOD for you Kelly! XXX

nonyabizz on


craig on

by the time you people print anything new it’s old. I know many women wearing this style do and their wives love it !

kristin on

It’s her hair, who cares? She’s cute.

Smack Dab on

All I know is when female celebrities start shaving their heads, it’s a sign that they will go crazy very soon. I think her new girlfriend will like it.

eva on

I wouldnt dare to wear my hair like this, but
She looks really cool with this hair style.
She has such a flawless face and has
this great self confidence that makes her really stand out

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