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Guest on

Really who cares what this mindless bimbo wears down the aisle. Donnie needs his head examined for getting engaged with her.

bitsy on

Barf! Everything about this woman makes me sick.

And i wish she would stop wearing the glasses. They do not make her look smart!

Lisa on

I couldn’t even see the ring; I was too distracted wondering how many layers of makeup she is wearing. I lost so much respect for Donnie :( I’d love to write more, but my daughter has a vaccination appt. and I don’t want to be late!

Amy on

Come on guys really? Jenny is completely gorgeous, her ring is stunning and couldn’t be happier for her and Donnie. Why waste your time being so negative…keep your bad juju to yourself!

annie on

Does she put her make-up on with a spatula? Absolutely revolting. This woman is a pig.

Jessica on

Is she still pretending her son was autistic and she cured him so she could write books and make money? No one is lower than this ska nk. The sucker parents who buy into her cr ap are pathetic. Age of Autism—that’s you!

jenniferlynne01 on

The ring! The dress! The designer! The location! The cost! The cake! Weddings today have become so commercial and materialistic and it makes me sick. It is my opinion that this is the reason that so many marriages fail. So many people want their “princess moment” so bad and they get so competitive with all other brides that they forget that it’s only one day long and the best wedding dress, the tastiest wedding cake and the costliest wedding by the most desired designer all fade into insignificance the day after. $30,000 + for a wedding? No way. Not me. He can give me a modest ring and I will plan a simple wedding with a practical wedding dress that I can wear more than once and I’ll use the rest down as a down payment on the real deal – which is the home that my husband and I will share for the rest of our lives. Better option for my money and I will use it longer, too. But even if you can afford both the great wedding and the house. Spending $40,000, $50,000 + on a wedding, to me, is foolhardy and grandstanding. And wasteful. If you want to part with your money that bad give to a charity. Just my two cents

Laura on

Congratulations to both of them.

Roe on

I can’t say I am a huge fan of hers but I get SO sick and tired of hearing her bashed because her son was injured by vaccinations. No I am not an anti-vaxxer so don’t jump on me but I am open minded about it because I know too many children on the spectrum these days. One thing I do know is, there is no topic that brings out the bullies quite like this one. You want to bash Jenny? Google the following other celebrities: Doug Flutie, Holly Robinson-Peete, Rob Schneider, Mayim Bialik, Alicia Silverstone, and Aidan Quinn and their thoughts on it as well (Flutie, Robinson-Peete, and Quinn all claim to have children on the spectrum from vaccination injuries as well). It’s time to call of the witch hunt on McCarthy and 1) open your eyes to what might possibly be going on in our society or 2) quit making her the sole scapegoat. It’s easy to dismiss a Playboy Bunny but it’s not so easy to dismiss a PhD in Neursocience like Bialik. My point, is quit zeroing in on McCarthy and educate yourself. You ridiculing parents for listening to her (I know non-vaccinating parents and NONE of them give her any credit for their decisions) is about as ridiculous as your own probable-lack of research (how much research have you REALLY done yourself?). Just food for thought. Never since the early days of AIDS have people more vehemently opposed or been more judgmental about the way a population of people have been sickened. Think. About. It.

Girl on

I hate the ring!!! Why do people think bigger is better?? I used to l

Girl on

Oops…didn’t finish what I wanted to say.

I used to love Donnie but this makes me sick!

Xat on

Love the ring but loose the bracelets. They look like something for a teen not a woman.

Tamarin on

She’s starting to get old woman hands.

Brandi on

@ Annie does it make you feel better about yourself to call a complete stranger a pig? Really classy. In the above photo I see a woman that has a smokey eye, a touch of blush, and pink lip gloss or lipstick. I’m sure she’s wearing concealer, foundation, primer and other products as well, but the look I just described does not equate to a woman that “applies her makeup with a spatula” as you so eloquently stated. I am also tired to people bashing this woman for being “against” vaccines…she isn’t against them at all. People are so busy hating her and hearing what they want to hear instead of what she actually said. She said that not all children are able to handle the standard schedule of vaccinations and as a public health nurse that has worked with infants for the last ten years, I totally agree with her. I have seen some babies go from being alert, playful and responsive to an almost catatonic-like state within 24 to 36 hours of receiving vaccinations and the doctors made the decision to adjust their schedule of vaccinations so that they were spread out over a greater period of time. Any logical, reasonable person would understand that Jenny McCarthy is not a medical professional and was not advising people not to vaccinate their children. She was just advising people that the standard schedule of vaccinations are not for all children and sharing her own personal story about how that schedule affected her son. Her message was very clear and concise, but again, people hear only what they want to hear.
As for people not liking Donnie for his relationship with Jenny McCarthy…I would expect that from a lovesick teen fan of his, but not from grown women (and men). It’s pretty simple…she’s not a serial killer, isn’t hurting anyone and seems to make him incredibly happy. True fans and will recognize the fact that they are happy and be happy for them. Anyone that would harbor ill feelings towards him for being in love and loved in return is just sad.

julie on

Ring looks cheap. Every woman likes a big ass diamond whether they admit it or not!

j on

Jessica, shame on you.

Lily on nice people,be happy for them,life is to short or all the hurtful things you all have to say,they love each other and that is all that matters.

Join the conversation on

Honestly, I think “Vera Wang” is cursed. A lot of the marriages, in which the bride wore Vera Wang, ended up in divorce.

mrsmass on

If she told him what she wanted, how was it a surprise that he got her a sapphire?

By the way, Is this an ad for Pandora?

Europa49 on

It is scary the influence these misguided celebrities have over the masses. People and specifically young mothers have actually taken her anti-vaccine nonsense as truth. As a result, 1,300 children have died due to complications from measles and other illnesses that could have easily been prevented.

momof3 on

The nasty comments on here are rude, you need to look at yourselves and find out why you are so hateful. Congrats to Jen and Donnie!

Hayley on

Puke. Please snap out of this, Donnie!!!

BeHappy on

This world is faced with so many dangers with so many conflicts and wars going on. It is amazing and sweet that these two people were able to find each at this stage of their lives…congratulations!!

Sam on

She went a little heavy with the makeup for the shoot. But she still a fine looking woman. You’re a lucky man Donny.

JP on

Still surprised she is on the View. …not good.

Abby on

What’s with the comment about her hands looking old? She is getting older! It happens! Why are people so judgmental and cruel? Everyone ages differently and I would say she looks pretty damn good. Stop criticizing and let’s be compassionate towards one another.

Marie on

I am happy for her son!

Jessie on

Congrats to both of the them.

Carrie on

Only reason I clicked the post was to see her nail polish up close, lol.

CallMeMaybe on

Congratulations to both of them and kudos to him for including her son. To the rest of you, jealous, idle haters, nothing more.

Sophia on

Actually I do wish them well, but must admit, the first thing that hit me was how long does he have to wait for her to go out with the amount of time she takes with the makeup. She’s beautiful and doesn’t need so much. Actually I love the glasses.

janie on

I just love this couple! Jennyvis so beautiful and such a wonderful girl. Donnie is so handsome, kind and a really good guy. I wish them all the happiness and love in the world. Congrats to both!

fiona on

its beautiful and so is she! congrats to jenny & donnie, they seem very in love. more power to them. love the nail polish color btw.

Jules on

Well! I for one think the ring is lovely. I wish the couple much happiness that life has to offer. I really like Jenny, I think she is a hoot! Donny has come along way in life & love the family too! Congrats!! Way to go with Jenny’s son!

pen goranson on

i am thrilled for you jenny
you are the real deal beautiful smart and most of all
i send hugs and prayers for a wonderful life full of love
health and laughter!!!!

Donnie Run on

She’s nuts. Ugly ring.

marie on

I think she is so pretty and funny. And I love her ring!

BijouxBridalChicago on

I design bridal accessories, so I keep tabs on LOTS of wedding and bridal information, and I think Jenny is just doing what she wants to do, and what’s right for her, Donnie and Evan. She’s a girl from the south side of Chicago who’s made it on her own, and whatever choices she’s made, at least she owns those choices! Donnie’s from another family of self-made successes and I think they share that. As a small business owner, I applaud them and wish them all the best!!!!

Miranda on

Wow. Some of these comments are ridiculous. Jealousy is not a good look. I’m a Donnie girl since I was like 7 or 8 years old. I’m in my 30’s now and I don’t really think I’m going to marry him. LOL. I have never been a Jenny McCarthy fan, but if you put aside your childish fan girl attitude, and really look at the two of them when they are together, you can see that they truly do love each other. Their personalities compliment each other and their chemistry is palpable. I’m happy for Donnie as his fan because he seems truly happy with Jenny. I don’t agree with Jenny’s stance on immunizations, but just like friends I have in real life, you can’t hold that against someone personally. You may be surprised that you might just have family members or friends that chose not to vaccinate. Do you have to agree with their decision? NO. But do you need to vilify them as a person and basically say that they don’t deserve to be loved by a New Kid (lol). Seems sort of childish.

Guest on

I wonder what the color stone is for misinformed? Seriously you did the white dress and that didn’t work, you have one wedding that way. Who cares what color you choose? Elope and do everybody a favor.

Easyup on

For a large ring, it is absolutely outstanding. The color is unusual, the style is beautiful (nice closeup so you can see the details) and suits her so well. I can see that she and Donnie are very much in love so there is hope that this is going to be a wonderful marriage. Glad to see she has wedding ideas already as opposed to a number of starlets who say they are engaged but have made no moves towards marriage and are just in a perpetual holding pattern. Very happy for Jenny and Donnie, can’t wait for the wedding!

Emily on

Thank Goodness NO BALLGOWNS! I am so sick of the ball gowns, they are ridiculous! And the ring is amazing!!!

The claws are out today. on

@Europa49 … So do you have proof that 1300 parents listened specifically to Jenny and that is why their children died? My guess, no. In this instance, you not only look ignorant but extremely vindictive.

Buttercup on

I despise this woman. She has done more to set back vaccinations that any other person Ever. Shame on her.

Buttercup on

I despise this woman. She has done SO MUCH to set back vaccinating children, and she’s Not a doctor or medical professional. I wish People would stop reporting anything on her.

jilldotter on

Sad so many bother to log in to type critical, hateful, negative messages…

I, for one, was never a big NKOTB fan… Knew who Jenny was, (mostly from her dating Jim Carrey), but didn’t know much about her. I’ve grown to really like her on The View…, and hearing her share her love story with Donnie on the air, and seeing him come on the show from time to time and share his love for her… I’m so happy that they’ve both found love – in each other, and done it in such a way to have the love and support of their children…, and the support/blessings of their former spouses…

While it’s obviously superflous “celebrity-watching” to see what they choose for their date/destination/wardrobe, etc…., (honestly, so is most of People Magazine – but I love the escape!!), I look forward to see the fulfillment of their planning…, and I wish them all the love, happiness, and success in the world!!

Blessings Jenny & Donnie!

Guest on

I think the biggest issue here is she went from being an author of a book about how you have gas when you are pregnant to analyzing the medical community. What credentials does she have? Oh yeah she was on MTV and now she wears glasses.

jilldotter on

OMG!! Did someone (Jessica) actually write, “No one is lower than this ska nk.?? Sad… if of all the lowlifes in the world… terrorists, pedophiles, serial killers, rapists… heck – lying politicians, people who cheat on their spouses, people who will millions in the lottery – then keep collecting welfare & food stamps.. I could go on… you think “no one is lower,” than Jenny McCarthy??? You need to get some perspective, hon!!!

Ro on

Geez, the amount of hate out there for Jenny. Leave the lady alone. Love the ring. Canary diamonds are beautiful. Hope she and Donnie are very happy. Good Luck to both.

Ro on

Geez, there’s a lot of hate for Jenny out there. Leave the lady alone. I love the ring. Canary diamonds are beautiful. I hope she and Donnie are very happy together. Good Luck to both.

Nadia-Nyc on

WOW everyone Jealous much?

She’s very pretty, The ring is stunning, (I would of preferred all clear diamond-not yellow.)
They make a great couple and I wish them the best!!!

Marie on

Its not gonna last. She’s shared almost every detail of this so called relationship. What happened to Donnie being a private person? She’s going to ruin his life and career. Longtime fans are so turned off by this relationship and how he’s changed since hooking up with her.

tiji on

UGLY Ring, Stupid Woman. Stop talking about vaccinations you know nothing about. Go Away!!!

Paula P. on

…and Vera Wang breathes a sigh of relief that one of her gowns won’t be wasted…

Tab on

I absolutely love them together, I think they are so cute. Congrats!

MLR on

Why bash Vera Wang? Was that really necessary? I’d like to bash the bimbo for her anti-vaccination crusade, but is that really necessary?

fatima on

People are so hateful. How could you not like this story? And the comments like ‘who cares’? Obviously you do since you decided to click on the story and comment. Grow Up!

charron on

Good morning from Canada!

First off since this is not the FIRST wedding for both of them why not a simple, casual wedding in Boston perhaps at the restaurant the Wahlberg family owns……it could be closed for the evening. They r both such busy people take a day or two and keep is simple, small and memorable for all involved. Good luck to you both may u have many years of happiness together!

Judy on

I think Jenny is cute and she and Donnie make a cute couple. I think it’s absolutely awful how you people are talking about her. She has dealt with a lot with her son being autistic, no matter what you think. Yes, she is silly, but that makes her more likeable. Take a chill pill and relax. It’s no skin off your nose one way or the other. Go for it, Jenny!!! Good luck!!

Nadine on

Vera Wang is the best and represents class something that Jenny sorely lacks.

here we go on

at least she actually sounds interested in getting married. so many are happy to wear the ring but it means nothing to them.

Sloane on

it doesn’t hurt that it looks like a pricey canary diamond either

Sloane on

and I guess she’s looking for a position with Pandora… doing print ad$ for them and so forth

LRM on

Have to agree that the make-up is thick and off putting to look at. The ring is huge, in-your-face and suits Jenny. Her Vera Wang comments were unnecessary though….does she have a beef with Vera? Why bother mentioning who she’s NOT going to consider for her dress unless she wants to be disrespectful and nasty?? Vera is never a bad choice! Jenny needs to take a few lessons in proper manners because I have a feeling that Donny’s Mom isn’t going to be too accommodating of disrespect in her house!!

julia on

Who comes up with these lame “meanings” behind stones?? And even lamer are the people that believe in it. She should be ashamed about the misinformation and blatant LIES she spreads about vaccinations. Donnie could do so much better

Bro3 on

So happy for her and love her ring. Many people throughout history have had their views bashed by an ignorant media and populace only to be proven right. “Doctors” promoted cigarettes as healthy in the 50’s. Galileo was in prison by the Vatican for his theories, which were right. Jenny isn’t against vaccines, she just wants “safer” ones. Know your facts. I forgot many of you still think the world is flat……

Pacificgirl on

Jenny I don’t think Vera really cares.

CC on

Days before they went public with their romance, I went to see a NKOTB concert and he was making out with a girl on stage and withering around on his back while kissing her. The cameras caught it and it was pretty gross. They are both nasty!

DI on

How about concentrating more on the “happily ever after” and less on the superficial? The wedding is just a one-day event. Marriage is a life long commitment.

Minniehaha on

Amy, when she keeps her anti-vaccine bs to herself, we’ll be much kinder.

Julie on

Every bride wants a Vera Wang dress. Duh.

Tiredtraveler on

It’s about time that People magazine talks about a wedding besides the drama of the Kimye disaster.

Barbara on

Good, I’m sick of Vera Wang dresses. I don’t need to see the bride’s arms and cleavage to that extent. In my day, brides looked dignified and beautiful.

heather on

“Marriage is a life long commitment.” well, is it really?

Sue Trueblood on

About the ring, I just don’t like yellow sparklers – they always look like low-grade, off-color diamonds to me. Just my opinion.



mrsd on

people are so cruel ….really really cruel. cyber bullying is as alive as ever. sickening

donna on

Why can’t you just wish them good luck?! Haters need go on a different story! Jealousy is not very becoming…(or why would you be so mean if you are NOT Jealous?)

Theresa on

I would bet the wedding will never happen .How many times has she been engaged? How many daddies has her son had? I’m sure Evan will remember this, and the next, and the next. Somehow I expected Donnie Wahlberg to be wiser.

k on

Yep, who cares. Must be a slow news week.

bluegnu63 on

Too big for my personal tastes, but I love that sapphires bring wisdom, the square cut, and that the color looks like sunshine on her hand. :)

rayz on

I’m glad that she’s enjoying herself after helping to kill all those babies with her antivaccination rhetoric. See

love on

gosh people are mean…anyway gorgeous ring!!! love sapphires. people are too stuck on diamonds and they are blah blah boring.

Candace on

She is a Hollywood hanger-on-er. She drapes herself all over famous guys so she can be relevant. FAIL!!!

Jean on

Why not go ahead and get married? They have been together now forever! It all seems like they are playing house and showing off. If you love each other, quit messing around. After-all, each has a son involved that have to wonder what the heck is going on.

East Coast Mermaid on

Beat of Luck! Jennys ring is so much nicer then what George gave to his new girl! Wear what you want Jenny, it’s your day!

Butch on

I like this couple…They are so reall and cut and above the Kim K and Kayne West drama! Best of this world to you Jenny!

So What on

Wow. No offense, Vera…


GOOD!!! At least she won’t end up spoiling the Vera Wang brand – Vera Wang is definitely out of her league. She needs to find something from K-Mart.
She does not even realize that she is NOT GOOD ENOUGH for Vera Wang.

Marcie on

The ring is GORGEOUS!

Why are the women so mean and nasty?

You all sound so small, petty and jealous.

Just STOP!!

wendy steerman on

I think it is very rude for her to say “Not Vera Wang”. How do you think Vera would feel if she read that!

Casey on

I love her! She is gorgeous, and hilarious! I also love the ring, and the nail polish. All the best to them!

msparrow16 on

The only Jenny McCarthy article I want to read is the one where she takes responsibility for the damage her ignorant science denying anti vaccine campaign has done. I don’t understand why anyone would care anything about this woman’s life or what she is doing. Her claim to fame is posing naked and hurting public health.

Jeff on

what a bunch of jealous bi*ches

Jeff on

what a bunch of jealous witches

Bernadette on

Hon, are you sure you want to wait for next Spring because of the season? Are you sure you don’t want to wait another year to find out if something better will come your way? No? Oh, okay.

Kelly on

It’s always nice to read these comments and see how much women stand up for women and don’t bash them. My bad,,,,this is not what is going on here. You haters need to start thinking positive and not bashing women. I mean…you all must be so unhappy and insecure.

guest on

I’m not a huge fan of Jenny McCarthy or anything, but why all the hate? She’s an attractive woman with a vibrant personality. I know she was adamant about the vaccinations=autism thing, but obviously she felt strongly about it (at least at the time – I haven’t followed her enough lately) and must have been influenced by doctors and scientists who were feeding her information, too. I think any mother would want to fight for a cure and know the cause of their child’s diagnosis….. especially today when “1 in 68” children out there fall under the autism spectrum. I’m not judging anyone, I’m just wandering what is about her that people here so despise.

Jen on

I think she looks fabulous! I want her glasses she wore today if anyone has ay idea of the brand pls post it.

Jenny on

What is she doing to her face? People should age gracefully instead of very obviously doing something to look younger and failing miserably!

fred ss. on

love both but i’m afraid it’s just another short term wedding. all the glitz is gunna be for nothing except the dizzy papa dizzy to have something to write about. more to a great relationship than her body and his talent.

Bill on

Glasses or no glasses she is still a moron.

jill on

This woman is nothing but a bare titty shower. I feel sorry for her son to have a mom who has no respect for herself.

Sammi on

I doubt Vera Wang would even want her in one of her dresses….

Rose on

I can’t stand the blond bimbo! I have one thing to say to Donnie…..Sucker! It will never last and you will pay through the nose!

claire bellerose on


i am happy for her but i do not like yellow diamonds, no matter the size. i prefer something traditional

Debbie on

I love love love Jenny’s ring it has so much mean inning and isn’t just another diamond like I can get one bigger than you can like Kanje. Job we’ll done Donnie you put thought into it and for sure it isn’t tiny but absolutely gorgeous!,,.

phil on

probably more $$$ than a diamond—but I prefere a diamond

Kay Anderson on

Didn’t used to like Jenny, but find her real and honest and hope she is happy. Think her ring is lovely and wish the best for them both. Life is tough and love helps us get through it. Unfortunately it’s hard to find.

Easyup on

Jenny is not off the mark about Vera Wang. A couple of months ago I commented something of the same thing in another article on this site. Years ago VW used to be the go to designer for bridal dresses to the stars but not any more, she has been overtaken by Monique Lhuillier who has become the new queen of bridal wear. The last time I can remember hearing VW;s name mentioned was at KK;s doomed mega wedding to Kris Humphries. Jenny can choose who she wants and she doesn’t want VW – so what!

The makeup is probably her TV makeup left over from The View. This was probably a function right after work.

Do you not have any core values of your own? Why would what she says about vaccines influence how you medically treat your child? She is not a medical doctor and a situation that affected her should not have you following her like blind sheep! I’ve heard vaguely through the media and your comments on this site what her story is about vaccines but I never followed it because I believe differently and what she says isn’t going to change my core values, She has her values and I have mine. Stop blaming others, use your own brain.

And, leave her alone and let her enjoy the love she has found, we should all be so lucky!!!

Guest on

She has always been, and still is, so stunningly beautiful! Best wishes Jenny! :)

Sandra on

Awesome way to propose Donnie!

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