See Jenny McCarthy's Huge Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring: PHOTO

04/16/2014 at 12:58 PM ET

Jenny McCarthy Engagement RingCourtesy Sally Hanson

What tops most girls to-do lists the minute they get engaged? Hitting the nail salon for the perfect mani to match their new bling, of course. Jenny McCarthy, who just announced her engagement to Donnie Wahlberg Wednesday, made sure her tips were freshly painted — though no nail art could distract us from that new mega-carat engagement ring sitting pretty on her left hand.

The View co-host shared her exciting news on air while showing off her sparkler to the other hosts. “It’s a yellow sapphire,” she said of the bauble, which looks to be 5-plus carats (if we had to guess) and is surrounded by a halo of diamonds. (Get an up-close look at the bauble — and her hot-pink Sally Hansen manicure — above.)

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McCarthy couldn’t contain her excitement on set, jumping around as she flaunted her rock. Wahlberg — who proposed to his girlfriend of less than a year last weekend with the help of her son Evan — even made a surprise appearance to kiss his bride-to-be. But the couple isn’t in a rush to head down the aisle. “We don’t know yet,” she responded when pressed by her co-hosts about a wedding date.

While we wait for more answers (and imagine some gowns we’d like to see McCarthy wear — not to mention the New Kids On the Block set list that will inevitably be performed at their reception), we’re going to add the star to our celebrity wedding calendar, which is really starting to fill up — Kim Kardashian, Mila Kunis, Lauren Conrad, Olivia Wilde, Jamie Chung … the list goes on.

What do you think of McCarthy’s ring? Do you like her colorful stone, or are you a fan of the classic diamond? Share your thoughts below!

–Brittany Talarico

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Showing 106 comments

kellyrsmith15 on

sounds like Donnie did it right!! Gorgeous ring for a cute as can be couple!

mesha on

Its a hot mess just like her. I can’t believe he is engaged to this hmmm how to politely put it… Someone who’s had more pr*cks in her than a porcupine.

Dawn on

Wow! Love the uniqueness! Just like Jenny! Mazel!!!

guest on

Love it! Think they are a good combo and I wish them the best.

Molly Lane on

I think its GORGEOUS and that they are a lovely couple. Good for them! Wishing them many years of love and happiness.

Laura on

Beautiful ring. Congratulations.

SunGoddess on

Beautiful ring! Love the sunny yellow! Congratulations!

Peachy on

She’s a whack. Run Donny Run……………

Aeol on

Rumor has it she bought the ring herself months ago and had been begging Donnie to announce an engagement. Did she finally break him down?

Patsy on

Definitely a divorce in 5 years.

Heather on

The ring is stunning! I am happy for them both.

chelseallyn on

Also crazy: her

weedandbombs on

Congrats — she’s awesome. Love that she didn’t go with a standard diamond (they’re DISGUSTING by the way and overpriced). But alas, I’m intelligent and 80% of the females in this country are complete morons. Not surprised at some of the ignorant comments. You aren’t women – you’re little girls.

Tina on

Glad she’s happy with it. I just prefer white diamonds for engagement rings. To me, when it’s any other color, it doesn’t look like an engagement ring. It just looks like a big ring.

weedandbombs on

Love the yellow ring! Diamonds are disgusting and overpriced for what they are. also, to the ladies trash talking – seriously? How completely sad are you? Get lives, please.

Deborah Marie on

I am so happy for the both of them!

Lane on

Ugh, product placement for everyth├«ng these days. I hated how she referred to Jim carey as Evans dad on Oprah and probably at home. She hasn’t even been with this one a year. They may be married 5 or even 10 years but it’s not a forever relationship.

Jocelyn on

Tell dr day to stop plumping your cheeks up. Getting cat lady

not a fan on

She is crazy. Give it less than 5 years. I agree with the porcupine comment above ewww

Linzy Maldonado on

This won’t last lol not even a year they have been together… It seems just like a couple of months ago she was with Jim Carey

Robin B on

First, I believe the question was what do you think of the ring, NOT what do you think of her. Secondly, the ring is gorgeous. As for classical diamond question, there are so many choices available. I went with an emerald center stone.

Kathleen Fowler on

What a gaudy ring. What is it that these people buying these Hugh stone’s. The marriages rarely last long enough to get to the value of the ring out of it.

Jojo on

Good for them…I hope they will be very happy. Don’t like the ring, though. Too big and wrong colour.

Barbie on

I knew they would get married. I could see it, how much they seem to love each other. I am happy for them. Congrats!!!!!!! I think the ring is a real sparkler, looks great.

hey you on

Yuck and she has old lady hands

Casey on

Had more pr*cks than a porcupine? She’s had exactly 4 relationships (including Wahlberg) since she left school. Look it up. You’ve probably had more in your life time. She got her bad reputation from modeling for playboy magazine, not from sleeping with a ton of men.

Kari on

LOVE the yellow Sapphire! ! Beautiful. . That would be my choice..

harp on

WOW!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Congrats!

sarah on

I don’t really like her or the ring but looove that he had her son be a part of it

Janet on

I’m not sure if this is an article about Jenny McCarthy getting engaged or a Sally Hanson ad.

LeSigh on

Donnie deserves so much better than this empty-headed attention-wh0re.

aeromel78 on

Personally, I’m not a fan of these huge stones on women. I just don’t think the style is flattering on smaller fingers. But I do enjoy that so many people are leaning away from traditional white diamonds. i think the option of choosing different colors lets some personality shine through. My cousin’s ring is black diamonds and it’s so perfect for her.

ChristineB on

OMG she is too cute!! Beautiful ring! I hope they have a long and happy life together! <3

mitchg on

We hope Jenny and Queen Latvia will be happy.

cynthia on


Claudia on

Does it need to be THAT big??? It’s an awful ring and looks even worst with that manicure………

ES71 on

I hate the promotion of expensive engagement rings. Why not spend the money on something useful like a house downpayment?
Who needs a useless rock on a finger?
Of course, rich people , who have more money than they know what to do with can do whtever they want.
But even regular women engage in this silly engement ring competition.

Smithy on

Love the ring. Don’t like the woman wearing the ring.

bitsy on

“massive” ring for that “massive” big mouth of hers.

amy on

I actually love this couple and wish the best for them! I can’t stand the pic where sally Hansen is getting advertising with her happy moment…

Molly on

Who Cares !!

ddcook2 on

All the best!!! Gorgeous ring.

NoooDONNIEnooo on

Casey…. ask people that grew up around/with her and they will agree that porcupine comment is 100% accurate.

Pattimelt on

Put some more makeup on. One jar is not enough.

Mommie Dearest on

It’s massive, alright… massively ugly. Just my opinion, of course.

Jennifer on

I personally think the ring is way to big and ugly. Not my taste at all. That’s a ring anybody with money could buy. Engagement rings should be classy, not gaudy. Then again, look at the bride to be history. Classy is not a word used to describe her.

Amy on

This looks like a wax figure, not a real person.

Amy on

I can’t stand this b!tch and her ugly face.

Mommie Dearest on

Btw, love all the foundation in her hair!

Aubrey on

yellow gems of any color look like something peed on it…

Katy on

I love the ring,it is so different. It is to big for my taste,but I really like the cut and setting and the stone is pretty.

Amber on

Oh gosh Donnie…RUN!!!!!

Karen on

WOW her face probably has ONE pound of make up on it! Nice ring though!

sas on

I’ll give it less than two years.

Dani on

How are these two even relevant in the world of People magazine anymore? Must be really struggling for something to write about!

Susan Sawatzky on

Gonna be tough to garden with that rock on her hand.

Nix on

Love the ring and I’m fans of both of them, but I don’t think they will marry.

Catherine on

Beautiful ring~~ be happy for them­čĺŹ~~ life is too short ~~ blessings for the engaged couple

Catherine on

Beautifully done ~~ great job Donny! Blessings to the couple

Lynda on

Gorgeous ring. Wish them the best. Hope it lasts.

Lynda on

Gorgeous ring. Best wishes. Hope it lasts.

catsby on

They make a cute couple and look so happy. Hope it continues. The ring is O.K. I am a Diamond girl myself. We all have different taste. I wouldn’t mind a canary diamond w/ a very pale polish so it wouldn’t clash.


Marie on

Nice! She really deserves some sort of family settling, instead of dating all these “Hollywood” types (They know who they are) that just used her. Donnie is a really down to earth guy and I am so happy for them!

Heidi on

Don’t really like the ring, I’m not a fan of the huge yellow stone, but hey it’s probably something SHE likes and that is what is important.

Ashley on

She is engaged AGAIN?!?! The ring is gorgeous, but come on she is a hot mess!!

Jenn on

It’s a beautiful ring but way too big! I do wish them nothing but happiness and love! Everyone deserves the right to be happy and be loved!

Marcie on

GORGEOUS!! So classy, unlike JM. Good for them. May they have a long and happy marriage

catsby on

Jennie & Donnie make a cute couple and seem so happy. Sure hope it lasts. Jennie’s ring is O.K. but we all have different taste. I am a diamond girl myself and I guess I would like a large canary diamond w/ a very light polish so it would not clash. I must say a yellow sapphire is different. I would like to see one in person.


judi danciu on

Why do people ALWAYS want the worst? If you can’t say anything nce, don’t say anything.

Jenn on

It’s a beautiful ring but way too big for my taste but it looks great on her! I do wish them nothing but happiness and love! Kinda knew this was going to happen.. They seem very much in love!

Laura on

So Weird here she is posing with her ring while doing a promotion for Sally Hansen. She also is seen on TV in commercial for BLUE VAPOR cigarettes. Vapor Cigarettes are not SAFE it has been deemed many of the flavor liquids come from China and are not regulated with any safety standards. Kids can but them online without permission. They reek havoc in the brain by reducing brain cells. Now she is posing with her ring with Sally Hansen…
She speaks about the evils of immunizations causing Autism… I guess if its not her kid she has no conscious re: hawking Vapor cigarettes so the public which are indeed harmful. She must really need dough. The next thing is her wedding will become like Sky Jones…all freebees donated to her so it becomes an Over the TOP Fabulous Event ~her WEDDING in HER APARTMENT–Ya Right- we’ll see when she books the RITZ in NYC…

Heather on

I’m so happy for Jenny and Donnie! Jenny is an amazing celebrity who uses her celeb status to promote
Generation Rescue and together I hope they can help find the cure for autism!!! We need more celebs like them :)

Ella on

Please, all you ladies sh*t talking. Someone has found their moment of bliss. Who are you to judge the length of their union? Jealousy brings out the ugly in all of you!!! Her ring is amazing! Besides, you’ll probably never receive a ring half the cost of hers..,.so shut it!

Debbie on

Another one that will never last.

Joan on

Omg, Mesha you made me spit out my drink that was funny. I like Jenny she is pretty and of course I love Donnie. I saw him in concert for the first time last year and he is fine as ever. I do not like that color of ring canary yellow. I am more of a traditional clear diamond but if I would be given a ring from Donnie I would not complain.

Tamarin on

Disgusting woman. Her face looks almost like a mannequin’s…bride of Chucky.

Gretchen on

It seems a shame that so many of the posters on here are so over-the-top rude and hateful! If you were somewhere and an acquaintance showed you their ring, you would say, “how pretty!”, or “Congratulations!”, but surely you wouldn’t say, “Ugly ring, Ho! No way you deserve to be happy!”; not unless your mother was a total failure in the manners department.

I disagree vehemently with Jenny’s stand on vaccines, and I don’t think she’s some sort of genius, BUT…how about, “the ring looks lovely on her hand, congratulations, and I hope she and Donnie are very happy!”?? Sheesh, the ring is for HER, not for you, and no one is saying you have to wear a ring just like hers or that it’s the next big thing. You probably thing Princess Diana’s ring, which is now on Duchess Catherine’s hand, is gorgeous and it’s a sapphire. Colored stone’s are coming back in style for engagements (they used to be what most women wore), and diamonds are falling out of favor because they are over-priced and are associated with violence and death. None of you were virgins when you married, 10 to 1, and likely you had more than one partner. Glass houses, people…glass houses. If you looked good enough, you would’ve probably posed for Playboy yourself!

B. Sosna on

My husband gave me a 3 carat golden sapphire center stone with 2 carats of princess diamonds flanking on each side. This was in 2000 when gemstones other than diamonds were not popular. It has been unique and I love it! Bravo to Jenny for not following the crowd, cause ya know she picked out the ring, just like I did! Stop being haters. Lets wish her marriage lasts to Donnie. He seems like he is a handful too and I am sure they will keep each other on their toes. CONGRATS!

carol on

She bought the ring for herself some time ago. This is not a surprise. Why in almost every picture of her, does she have her mouth wide open.

weezer on

Ugly!! It looks like an old lady ring.

Guest on

Goodbye Donnie…what an idiot you are to be engaged to that blonde bimbo. Why don’t you take a cue from Jim Carrey…he wizened up and dumped her. This engagement/marriage will be done before it even begins. She’s an absolute moron, but then again maybe Donnie doesn’t like them too smart because he isn’t either.

peoplelover on

Should have waited until after the NKOTB cruise and summer concerts before announcing the engagement as Donnie has a HUGE female fan base.
But absolutely beautiful ring!!!!

ImALadyToo on

It is beautiful without being too ostentatious.

me on

don’t like the ring but I don’t care for yellow stones …as far as a yellow ring goes, it is a fine ring. I hope they are happy and this one is permanent. It would be good for her son. They look happy together these days. Wish them the best.

Carrie Freeman on

I love Jenny McCarthy. I am also a Chicago “girl” – She’s so real, so smart and so good looking. Hope these two are happy. Sure seems that way. Blessings. Mazeltov.

truly on

weedandbombs, did you pull that statistic out of your rear end? 80% of the women are morons? That has to be about the most moronic comment from a woman. Also, you equate opinion on a ring with intelligence? Your line of thinking is very flawed. I HATE the ring…I don’t need traditional or even expensive. We all have our tastes. And for the record, I like D&J. You should really consider how silly you sound when you talk yourself up.

Elaine on

I guess if you are a very pretty women all these jealous babes just want to rip you apart. If you don’t like her , why read the article in the 1st place. Just hit the delete button…we don’t care about YOUR opinion. Congrats to both of them.

Melissa on

Really nice ring! Those are really trendy these days!

Easyup on

The ring is stunning. I wish them a long and happy marriage. You can see they are crazy for each other and I hope it only gets better and stronger through the years.

robin smith on

The ring looks fake. I also find her extremely obnoxious. And because of her big mouth, im sure many kids are going without vaccinations.

rara on

She has no talent whatsoever. I don’t consider farting and belching on tv being talented. How is she famous??

1twinsfan on

….thinking…be nice…typing…congratulations…phew, I did it.

Debbie Zepeda on

to all the haters on here commenting on this story if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say nothing Congrats to Jenny and Donnie and what a beautiful ring Jenny

Barbara on

The ring isn’t my taste but it’s a nice ring for Jenny. And that’s all that should matter. :)
Congratulations Donny & Jenny!

Alie on

Yes, such a “Lady”, not, & I know her. Stripping
with Shar to a full on nude during the prime time morning show was tacky and pretty much shows
her lack of respect for the entire Wahlberg family,
especially their matriarch.

I am really disappointed in Donnie. I gave him
more credit than letting a tramp using a fake
body to seduce him. She has proven her
priorities and classless prowess to many of us
who have known her since Jim C days.
I do feel sorry for Evan, but what a mother
he is saddled with. Donnie, get your head on
straight or you will look like a goofball, in a couple
of years

Nanu 08 on

Is this one the real deal or will they break up soon?

Sally on

It’s a beautiful ring – I just wish he had given it to me :(

Kimberly on

She looks happy! :)

Elizabeth on

There goes my Donnie, my second favorite Wahlburg Mark being my first favorite. I totally agree with you gals statement there about Jenny being the one he picked. As far as the ring I wouldn’t personally prefer a yellow stone. Rather I would choose a diamond but I do like the cut on her ring so I would get that type of cut.

June on

Yep, she is not diamond material.

Julia on

I also have a large cushion shape yellow sapphire engagement ring. Much more unique and interesting than the typical round diamond. May there life together be as beautiful as her ring.

mrsmass on

She’s had 4 public relationships. I’m sure there were many many more than that.

Lilly on

That’s the kind of ring you give your lady on an anniversary. Give her the classic diamond ring!

Yolanda on

Her ring is as Beautiful as she is!!!! Good job

Kay on

The ring looks like something off of QVC! Why not get a smaller more tasteful diamond? Trying to look like a high roller with a big ring with a small price tag compared to a canary diamond that size?

Hil on

He is great. Way to lock that shizz down woman! Best wishes and the ring suits her well :)

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