Kim Kardashian Runs Wedding Errands in Paris in a Variety of Head-Turning (and Full-Coverage) Outfits

04/15/2014 at 11:26 AM ET

Kim Kardashian Paris FameFlynet; INF; Getty

With about a month to go before their showstopping Paris nuptials, there’s so much for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to do. They’ve got to check on the cake, attend dress fittings, shop at every designer store along the way … the list goes on and on. So they did what any couple would do: Jetted in for a few days to follow up on the details. But because, of course, they’re not like just any couple, they did all of their errands in high style.

First, the duo had to visit the chateau 20 minutes west of Paris where they’re rumored to be having the reception. For that, Kim selected an ankle-length black embroidered silk full-coverage turtleneck gown with a gold tassel belt and lace-up booties. She pulled her hair back into a demure bun.

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Next, they had a more “casual” day of shopping (far right). Kim, again, opted for a head-to-toe coverage look (if it seems familiar, Kristen Stewart got her hands on the crop-top version first). Ankle boots and a nude lip finished the look, which we applaud for being very high-fashion, but question its “ease of use” on an outing specifically devoted to trying on clothes.

Though we were surprised by the star’s total style 180° (it seems like just yesterday she was wearing only underwear and sheer sheaths), rest assured that her trip wasn’t all long dresses and chi-chi shopping. Kim gave us a glimpse of her more low-key style upon arrival, wearing one of our favorite looks of hers: A casual tee, tuxedo-inspired blazer and shoes that would make sister Khloé jealous.

What do you think of Kim’a latest full-coverage looks? Are you loving them or do you miss her more body-baring styles? And what do you think she’ll wear to the wedding?

–Alex Apatoff

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Anna on

Not one of these looks is high fashion. Let’s get real here…she looks ridiculous with the exception of the middle look. That one is decent. She tries so hard it hurts. Her fashion is not effortless…I see no reason to praise what she wears.

Guest on

She’s gross. Please make this family go away!!

peet on

She actually looks ok in the middle photo

jessica renee on

how can she lack even basic self awareness? it is very confusing to me..

Pattimelt on

We love to hate her.

CallMeMaybe on

She lost whatever style she used to have when she began letting Kanye dictate what she wears. He must have been asleep when she left in the middle outfit which is the only one that should be allowed in public.

joan719 on

Her taste in clothing is atrocious. But, then, nothing about this person is classy. None, zip, nada.





L N on

The term ‘hot mess’ comes to mind . . .

Brandi on

The middle outfit looks good. I think the other two are a bit dramatic for shopping but that’s Kim K. for you lol ;)

Becky on

She looks like a couch in that one with black applique on it.

lola on

Not loving the 1st outfit with the gold thing on her belly, but the other two outfits I really love.

gopackgo on

she just screams for attention. Look at me, Look at me. How can they find room to love each other when they are both so in love with themselves

sara on

I wonder why they had a child when they can’t fit her into their busy schedules. Nori will always have money, but she will never have loving, dedicated parents who prioritize her.

Nica on

Not sure what she’s trying to prove but she looks ridiculous. Kanye in jeans and sneakers and Kim hermetically sealed in grandma’s curtains. Paris has never seen such a tragic ensemble. Terrible all around

Noelle on

She always looked amazing pre-Kanye. Maybe this is Kanye’s influence?

Suzy Hager on

Well, to be honest, since I saw her porn video on pornhub I just can’t get past that. It was so disgusting to see her doing that.

I don’t think this woman should be anybody’s hero.

Peach on


Jennie on

Ugly all around

Peach on


EB Girl on

She looks beautiful in the middle pic. The other dresses are terrible. They make her look much heavier than she is. She looks like Morticia on the left, a medieval knight on the right.

Tamara on

Kanye stop dressing Kim. That gown is horrendous. She always looks so damned gross now.

Sacrè on

Noelle, this is ALL Kanye’s doing. He went through her closet when they first started dating and made her get rid of almost everything. Then he picked out replacement clothes and had them delivered to her.

Barry on

She is so trashy.

Lindsay on

Part of dressing well is wearing what’s appropriate for your body type. She needs a stylist (not Kanye) to dress her. The high fashion clothes she wears look terrible on her and are more suited for Kendall’s body type. My guess is she’s probably now trying to make the best dressed list. I can just imagine what the Parisians think since they are harsh critics.

Ramune on

She looks bad for me with that long dresses, because they don`t fit to her.

Marcy on

who cares?

Terri on

The belt on the black dress looks like a boxers championship belt. The other dress looks like she walked through a wall of spider webs. Middle one looks good though

MrMonkee on

That third dress looks like it belongs on a dining room table.Right up there with Carol Burnetts drapery dress.

JT on


Snady on

Who cares?

Seabot on

The middle one is actually a really good look on her, although the shoes break the line of it. The dresses… just no.

Nunyas on

I like her middle pic. More normal and casual. The other two pics would be great to use as target practice. Very unflattering.

Joe on

With the exception of the pants outfit, just because a “designer” made these dresses, doesn’t mean people should actually wear them. My guess: she got them for free and is a walking billboard.

cyndy on

that woman has so much money and so much bad taste! those dresses are awful! it just confirms money doesn’t guarantee taste or class!

Misinformed on

No one can be the most beautiful if they’ve had countless plastic surgeries. Beyonce, you mean she’s the most enhanced woman on the planet!

cyndy on

for a woman with so much money, she certainly has really bad taste in clothes! this is a person who could really use a personal stylist. if she already has one they should be fired!
obviously money is no guarantee of class or taste.

Rachel on

She looks great and casual (almost like a mom!!) in the second pic. The first one makes her look heavier than she really is; not flattering on her body at all. The third one is just ridiculous. She tries so hard that it’s embarrassing. THIS IS NOT HOW NORMAL PEOPLE LIVE KIM. She really needs a reality check.

Catherine in Tulsa on

I wish she’d spend some time in Paris and learn how to dress. I hope Kanye picked out her gown and handled all the details of the wedding.

MEEMEE8227 on

Ok I am not afraid to admit it but I was always a fan of KK. Well until now…not that it matters but there is a definite change and it’s not for the good. I think she is a beautiful woman but these outfits look like something off of Bram Stokers Dracula…maybe I don’t get the whole Parisian thing.
Hey but she is traveling the world with the love of her life…enjoying her life…so who am I to say anything lol…

bluebuns on

Plastic person

Jeff on

Wait a minute … aren’t you already married? I mean seriously this is #3 or 4 in 5 years. Give up.

Cheri on

Why must everything they do seem like such a spectacle?

Emily on

She looks so uncomfortable. Maybe this is why she doesn’t smile anymore.

allie on

With her and her family, everything is over the top of the line. For a 3rd wedding, especially after the fiasco of the 2nd, she should try to keep it simple. Who goes shopping in a gown???
This family does nothing to earn the the money and attention they always get..the mother does a good job of making sure they are in the news somehow every few days..hope the fascination dies down soon with them all..

fsye on

She looks like an idiot!

holly on

come on people magazine, what is happening is I am getting tired of your coverage on these people….. who cares what there doing in Paris really, If i had to guess Paris doesnt even want this side show called Kim and Kyane there.

Lu on

Too bad they cropped Kanye out of the photo on the right. I saw on another site he’s wearing shoes that look like ladies Keds, lol.

Guest007 on

Michael Jackson’s 80s wordrobe called and would like their pieces back kim.

rona on

Ha, Ha, Ha, kimmee still thinks anyone cares.

Lesli on

Hey BEYONCE (eyes rolling)..I was under the impression that you thought you were the most beautiful woman on the planet….

Tonja on

You can put a pig in a dress but it’s still a pig.

Chrissy on

France should be a great match for these low life freaks. Let’s hope they stay there.

L on

I don’t think we will ever get rid of this troll……..

Mr G. on

Does anyone really care what this pig wears? I think not.

dawn scott on

I hope you read these posts Kim. Please hire a good stylist. You are too short to wear those long, heavy dresses. Stick to jeans and high heels. I have a similar body type–short legs, wide hips—and we don’t look good in those types of dresses. If Kanye is telling you how to dress, ignore him and develop your own style. I have never seen him look good at all. You would do better if you bought your clothes at Target.

menotyou on

Lord, the narcissism and insecurity of this woman is off the charts. Guaranteed this Kanye character will leave her the second her looks slip an inch.

sandy on

I would hate to have to “dress” every time I was running errands, what a hassle that would be, and these look uncomfortable, except the middle one, kinda cute, too much cleavage for me, but like the shoes and style

kim on

the middle look is okay minus those hideous shoes but that third one may well be the ugliest dress i’ve ever seen! the first one is tragic also.

yoko uno on

The only nice outfit is the middle one. The rest are not only completely unflattering for her body type, but ridiculous looking and way too fancy and inappropriate for running errands.

BG on

High fashion? What’s the definition of high fashion these days? Come on People.

maria on

The middle one is the most simple and the best one…. less is more Kim K

Somerita on

I don’t think the 2nd picture is of her at all. Looks more like Victoria Beckham.

Jane Wells on

she always looks trashy-nothing ever fits properly, nothing is ever appropriate for the time of day, and she always looks uncomfortable and awkward. She looks pretty when she is casual and natural with minimal makeup (which is rare).

K.B. on

That’s not a gown, it’s a maxi dress. Her being uselessly “famous for being famous” doesn’t change that.

Oh lord. on

Kim Kardashian is a vapid, pretentious narcissistic whose style is both atrocious and ill-fitting. Haute couture is art; it’s beauty and glamour and personality all rolled in one. The saddest part is Kim has the means, the figure, the team, the energy, the red carpets & parties, the lifestyle, that this kind of fashion deserves and she squanders it. She takes these magnificent works of wonder and carelessly throws them on … and why? Beecause she’s a label wh0re. She doesn’t care about style or fashion, looking classy and edgy and put together. She likes to flaunt designer names, especially expensive designer names, just because she can. And the more labels she can pile on, the better. Who cares if it matches or even fits, it’s expensive and that’s all that matters.

— It’s so offensive.

When you put on clothes, they’re not meant to wear you, you wear them and when you care and show them the respect they deserve, the clothes..the style: it looks effortless and fun.

But honestly, I never had high hopes from someone with a Kardashian Klothes Kollection at Sears.

Guest on

She looks nasty. Seriously what is up with these ugly outfits? I swear Kanye does it to make her look bad…. I mean, really.

love to hate on

She looks like a couch in the outer two photos. Yes, a couch.

amyinoaktown on

Gown? It’s called a maxi dress….

Jianna Vonn on

In the middle picture she looks great, but in the other two she looks like shes trying way too hard to be fashionable. She looks overdone.

Gwen on

The middle pic looks good. I don’t why she dress like that, she look ugly.

debbie on

She looks ridiculous in the 2 dresses…when will PEOPLE stop the Kardashian following?

megan on

This chick is overweight, disgusting, and famous because she allowed RayJ to p!$s all over her on camera. She takes these beautiful works of art and makes them ordinary. Ugly. I think that she is as low budget as a person can get with both her personal and professional life. I will no longer buy Vogue because she was on the cover. I detest what she, her boyfriend, and her family represent.

Barb on

She always looks like she’s uncomfortable in her clothes – too tight – It looks like she tries too hard to be fashionable and it’s not working.

George Clooney's Latest Beard on

Why is People Magazine still taking money from P*mp Mama Kris to write about her spoiled, talent-less, soul-less spawn? Their 15 minutes was up years ago!!

kari on

my granny said her doilies were missing, now I see what is wearing them

mk on

I for one don’t see what the big deal is about her body. She looks ok in some things, but the dresses above? No. I actually think she’s got to big of a behind and hips. She has an average body. What’s the fuss?

cintasmara on

With all that money, she cannot find a decent, graceful outfit for herself. Atrociously awful.

Shea on

Wheres this bimbo’s kid? Now THAT would be a headline. “Kim K out with child”

CaliWriter on

Sad thing is, she’s looking more and more like her mother but with bigger hips/a$$.

isa on

She just screams for attention with those hideous outfits. I can’t believe she doesn’t realize how ridiculous she looks.

julie on

who cares?

Yo-Yo on

This is exactly why I laughed when she was on the cover of Vogue. She has absolutely ZERO fashion sense. Her fashion motto is “the tighter the better” and she does not realize that she looks HORRIBLE in it.

Guest on

Ugly. Lotsa money, no taste. It will always be ugly, whatever they both put on their bodies. Ugh.

Guest on

WHAT HAPPENED TO HER! I can’t stand her but she used to look great in her outfits and now she looks absolutely horrible and all the plastic surgery is truly reflected in the third pic under the sun, not flattering at all! The second pic is the only one where she kinda looks like herself. Why would she wear these unflattering dresses. She seriously needs to stop letting Kanye dress her.

anon on

The dresses look like curtains that hang in old castles.

Jesse belle on

Wow! Kim is FAT!!

jen smith on

Who gives a s____. She can wear the best of the best and still
Be a tramp marrying for money.

Vida on

She’s tasteless most of the time :(

Susan on

She really is a very pretty woman but, dear lord the clothes she wears are just horrible. The middle picture would be ok with out the ugly shoes. She tries to hard to look good and it just falls apart on her.

rahmadclark on

She looks so top and bottom-heavy…I guess she is a plus sized woman now and that is a positive thing but those dresses are bulky and ill fitting. They don’t fit and I don’t understand why she THINKS that she looks good in them.

Ladybug on

I see better-looking and better-dressed women
at Walmart. She has money but no class.

R on

Kim K. is infamous for not dressing properly for her body type. The pictures on the left and right further prove that fact. However, she somehow managed to just once, albeit briefly, get the hang of dressing herself, as the middle picture shows.

turkey leg on

kk is wearing clothes from the medival time. surprise she is not carrying around a huge turkey leg? still, will not forget the fool kanye did at the awards, taylor swift with her speech, and west jumping on stage that beyounce the best. totally a fool, he met his match kk is a fool. where is nori?

halloween on

looks really bad, I wouldn’t dress like that for Halloween. kk looks hot and sweaty and fat.. can’t imagine what get up kanye will put her in for their wedding? perhaps king henry the iv, entire?? he must have it.. king henry was large, it should fit kk like a glove.

Tweety on

The middle one isn’t “high fashion” but it is the most flattering thing I’ve seen her wear since she upsized herself with a boob job and Brazilian butt lift.

Laura on

LOL…. Shee looks like a massive closet :D

Mackenzie on

Tsk! Tsk! Kanye, you can’t turn a ho in to housewife!

Ana on

Somebody somewhere is wondering where the heck their drapes went.
Ps… Nice to see that they are consistent with their rule of thumb: being with their child as little as possible. Disgusting excuse for parents. Absolutely shameful.

Takumi on

A lot of peeps that comment here are very very igonrant! Saying stuffs they don’t know! People shld learn to get facts right and not “dem say, dem say gist”.the BET awards? Very reputable(esp with d black community)! Kanye? Is gaddam good! Take it or leave it! Kim? ‘Most claim to hate her, but yet copy every fash trend/ style from her! She has bn popular in hollywood as ‘robert kadarshian’s daughter (the late attorney for d OJ simpon trial),frnds with paris, la la, etc (hollywood socialites)and most of all ‘a stylist’ for most of the people u admire(d) in the industry e.g eva longoria! Before the bloody sex tape and reality show (in 2007). So yal shld get ur facts right. Watch E! Often when you can and get the proper deeds!. Not much of a kadarshian show fan, #teamgulianaandbill! But if you people have been watching reality tv for a very long time, when other shows like ‘living lohan’ (lindsay lohan’s fam), ‘hogan knows best’ (hulk hogan’s fam) and so on… Some were cool, but stopped along the line. My problem is not how long they’ve been on, but what have they gained with their new found/ ‘renewed’ fame? How many reality stars have used their fame wisely? Wise bizz investment? Making the forbes list? Etc. That’s the concept of the whole thing!(I repeat, I rep #teamguilianandbill) I think we shld learn to look at the positive sides more often and neglect the negative ones… The way we attack dbanj? Isn’t so cool. These things take time. Do you know how many artistes are under good music? Pls google! Did u knw john legend is under good…? N yal keep dissing dbanj! Lol! U want kanye to leave common, john legend and so on, to face dbanj only? Lol! Na Turn by turn! We shld wish him well! His our own! Proudly nigerian mingling with the people of the game!am actually more of #teamdonjazzy, before u pple eat me raw. But the hatred is too much. Wale most people love now, do you know how long it took? Even big sean of kanye’s? This is an international blog, let’s embrace our own! …mehn I don try for the voltroning! Lol! Have fab day LIB fam! God bls.

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