Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her Slim Figure In Sexy Yellow Dress: 'She Looks Phenomenal'

04/14/2014 at 04:10 PM ET

Jessica Simpson weight lossCL/Splash News Online

Jessica Simpson better get used to turning heads with her fit new physique. After hitting her goal weight last month, the star continues to work on her slim-down, stepping out in bright dresses that really showcase the result of all her hard work.

Most recently, she hit the red carpet in a slim-fitting yellow dress at the John Varvatos Stuart House Benefit in L.A. that got people buzzing, so we asked: What’s the key to the Weight Watchers spokeswoman’s continued success? As it turns out, diet and exercise (imagine that!); she’s still sticking to her points and remaining active at the same time, says a source close to Simpson.

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That means working out with trainer Harley Pasternak for 45 minutes three days a week, focusing on “everything. She needs to look good all over,” the source says. When she can’t meet with Pasternak, “She goes for walks with her kids and her [fiancé] because she likes to keep moving when she’s not with him. She’s very adamant about making sure she’s active when he’s not around so she tries to get in 10,000 steps a day.”

Also a major component in Simpson’s ability to stay fit? Finding exercise that’s fun for her. “She likes walking in her neighborhood and people often see her doing that,” the source says. “She really enjoys the workouts. [Because] she loves it, she’s consistent. It’s the one constant in her life that she’s always done no matter whats happening.”

And — as Simpson’s svelte physique demonstrates — all that work is paying off. “There were pictures of her in Daisy Dukes the other day!” the source says. “She looks phenomenal.”

What do you think Simpson’s new slimmed-down style? Are you impressed by her results?

–Alex Apatoff, reporting by Raha Lewis

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Showing 59 comments

cucu on

by working out with a trainer having a chef and not tending to her kids while they are being handled by the nannies

chipperchick62 on

She looks great! I wonder how well this “source” knows her though since he/she mentioned that Jessica likes to go walking with her husband. Did I miss something — did they get married?

Gwen on

Totally photo-shopped. Note the completely straight line down her left side vs. the bulges on her right side. Personally, I don’t care how much she weighs, but she shouldn’t fake it with photo-shopping and say she’s showing off how skinny she is at the same time.

Vicki on

When did she get married to what’s his name?

Amaryllis on

@Gwen. It’s not photoshop, it’s a 3/4 pose. With the other hip behind her she doesn’t look as wide. Either way, she’s in phenomenal shape. Time to get those tubes tied before she ruins it all again.

Karen on

OK give me a spokesperson who has a full time job, kids (without a nanny!) and someone who has to go to the grocery store themselves and make/cook their own food in between their job, laundry, mommy duty and housework. Now that would TRULY be inspirational !

guest on

No one said she had a chef it says she watches her Weight Watchers points and it also says she goes on the walks WITH her children. People who want to criticize others, especially moms, who lose weight are generally bitter about their own shape but won’t take the time to fix it.

Madison on

She looks great…but then again, she’s always beautiful heavy or thin.

Cate on

Having a $4 million obligation (contract) to do so and a wedding coming up both help, I’m sure. I’ll only be impressed if she keeps it off permanently.

Amy on

Karen – People do that all the time. I’m confused why so many people think it’s impossible to be healthy. It has nothing to with chefs or personal trainers. If YOU aren’t willing to be committed to it, it isn’t going to happen.

Cassie on

Ok you don’t need a personal chef or trainers. I lost 80lbs on my own working a full time job mostly 60hr weeks, going to school, and running after kids all the time. I MADE time to get my body the way I wanted it

jixxer17 on

like she has anything better to do all day than work out , i wonder if she has even changed a diaper yet on her own ? this photo is weird actually, the photog was very close and shot from a high angle with a short lens which makes her legs and feet look miniature.

emma jane on

diet can make you thin but it does not get rid of the things two pregnancies that you have gained 80+ pounds from! imhp she does not look good, her face used to be so naturally beautiful, now it looks like all the rest of the plastic celebs….fake and unnatural.

CallMeMaybe on

So many catty nasty women on these pages. Get off your azzes and do something besides sitting in front of the computer thinking of nasty things to say because you’re jealous of someone else’s success. Put the easter candy down, it goes in the kid’s basket anyway, and take a walk, or in many cases I’m sure, a waddle.

emma jane on

typo on my last comment should be “imho” and not imhp

sandy on

It’s so funny to read the comments. She has done the work- hard work of dieting and working out and she looks good. But could ALL the MANY hater give her credit??? No, jealousy won’t allow that. Having said all sort of hateful things, days after she gave birth- now they are having to look at how good she looks. So now it’s, she is photo shopped- she is lucky cuz she’s rich and has a personal trainer/chef…..! It is so amazing how people find so many reasons why they too, can’t get off the couch- or the chair they sit in- on the computer while eating chips, and get in shape. She looks FABULOUS, is so beautiful and has two adorable kids. Way to go. She makes me want to work hard and get into great shape too.

sandy on

PS: Cassie- that is GREAT! You too are an inspiration to me. Way to work hard, even though you have a job and kids to care for as well.

Melissa on

How many pounds is she at?!

JP on

She is beautiful

Kate on

I’m not a celebrity and I certainly don’t have a nanny or chef and I work part time, but I got in shape after my kids were born. It’s just living a healthy an balanced lifestyle, watching what you eat, regular exercise. Your diet determines the way you look. It doesn’t have to be expensive or all time consuming. You do NOT need a chef and a nanny to be able to get in shape!

Zeze on

These comments make me realize that it is VERY hard for women to be happy for each other.

Kate on

And it sates she goes walking WITH her kids, and she only does 3 exercise sessions a week with her trainer that take 45 mins. I’m sure anyone could manage that without a nanny. I exercise in the evening when my hubby is home after the kids go to bed. And once a morning I go exercising with a friend before my kids even wake up. Anyone can do it, you just have to be organised and want to do it.

j on

her fiance does not work? why? how can she be excited about a man that has no job,sets a bad example for her daughter, sad

Sarah on

She looks amazing! I am trying to lose weight now, and I have a nanny and a trainer. I’m an ordinary housewife and mom. I work as a teacher. Jessica has worked hard to get where she is. Why be jealous?

guest on

having a trainer and chef, motivate you. you just sit and eat, her boyfriend looks lazy, and no job. trainer gets you going. kids , she sees when she feels likes it. still looks better than wide hip kk anyday..

JD on

If you want something you’ll work for it and if not you’ll make excuses. No, you don’t have to have professional help. I lost 70 pounds on my own. That doesn’t mean having help negates someone’s hard work. I think it would be harder having a trainer because he or she would probably not let up until I couldn’t move anymore! Jessica still has to put in the actual work even with help. Her trainer can’t make her get out of bed to workout or do the workout for her. Her chef can make her healthy meals but isn’t going to be following her to make sure she doesn’t eat a whole box of cookies. You still have to be motivated and have some discipline and really want it. We should be happy for other women, not looking for any excuse to say something negative about them.

Amy on

Has People magazine ever written a single article about Jessica Simpson that isn’t about her weight?

Emma on

The butt hurt from women that can’t seem to MAKE time to work out and prepare healthy meals never cease to amaze me. You don’t need a trainer, chef or nanny to acheive results, or weight watchers for that matter. Stop making excuses, if you have time to sit in front of a computer and talk nasty about someone and their hard work you are wasting time you could be on a treadmill or a walk around the block.

Maria on

Anyone wanting to loose weight could if they had these stars resources. Most noted a chef who cooks and knows everything that goes into the food, portion control and a personal trainer. “Regular” people can’t afford those things, and they matter.

MrMonkee on

@Maria; personal chefs have cookbooks, cookbooks tell you what to put in the recipe,fitness books tell you what to do and how to do it.”Regular People” who know how to read can buy a cookbook, which will give you portion control and buy a fitness book, which will tell you what to do a a regular fitness workout. What you are trying to say is that because a celebrity has someone read the cookbook for them and prepare the food for them and have a fitness trainer tell them what to do rather than doing it on your own that you don’t /can’t lose weight like a celebrity can. Hogwash! There are 1000’s of “regular” people out there that lose weight and do it without chefs and personal trainers. You need to stop making excuses for yourself and start reading, cooking and exercising. You’ll always be overweight if all you can do is make excuses why you can’t afford a chef and a personal trainer.

Perth on

Those legs.. yuck

Jake Dodds on

I agree with Madison. Thin or pleasingly plump she is always good looking to me.

Smithy on

She looks awesome. Beautiful girl.

didi on

Sorry, not buying that this is a result of weight watchers. She’s obviously been going hard at the gym. Look at her guns!

She looks great, but WW? Nah.

Kristin on

Some people whine that she has a personal chef, nanny, personal trainer, and house keeper. If those things are what you need to get yourself moving then you really lack motivation. I know its impossible to workout when your kids are awake, but nap time/bedtime happen everyday. Resist the snack aisle when grocery shopping, and buy more fruits and vegetables. Isn’t necessary for a personal chef to wash those. Stores even sell them pre cut and washed.

Missy on

Looks like she has given up her party girl days and finally settled down.

amyinoaktown on

So PEOPLE…is there any other news about Jessica other than her weight loss and how she looks!??? No wonder girls have such a bad body image if all you focus on is what she looks like.

mel on

Get a life all of the so called fans on this site!!!

harpie on

doesn’t matter how much she tries to lose weight now.. her body just doesnt look the same anymore. and to be honest her legs are really scaring me.. THOSE CALVES.

cucu on

Let me explain my comment:
I used to be one of those who would say people made excuses after a baby to not work out. Until I got pregnant and gave birth 8 weeks ago. I have but 10 pounds to loose. I am not overweight and have been in shape my whole life. I dont have time to sleep and sometimes shower, my husband works a lot and I do nights and days with my baby so I barely get any sleep. I have started to work out and the baby cries like 10 minutes later. It is hard, unless you have NEWBORNS or Small kids dont judge. These people get the help we dont have, yes you have to put in the effort but what can you do when you want to and you have no help and a crying baby. I dont have the luxury of working out unless I do it in my sleep!. I even read she doesnt have to deal with the baby crying at nights because the nanny takes him…. tough life

Teah on

I too am weight watchers and I lost 45 lbs. I don’t have a chef or a personal trainer, I just followed the plan and was committed to losing weight. It’s not easy, but you have to watch what you eat and how much, and you will loose weight.

Meg on

It’s ridiculous to say that you need a chef, personal trainer, and nanny to get in shape. It doesn’t cost that much money to buy a Jillian Michaels DVD or some other fitness DVD and a pair of weights, and I’m sure most people can find 30 minutes to work out a few times a week. Last time I checked it was also free to go outside for a walk or run. Stop hating on Jessica because she is fortunate enough to have extra resources…she still put in the hard work and looks amazing!

princess on

So Um when is the wedding?? you popped out to kids and you are STILL not married. At least Nick got himself a wonderful women and MARRIED her before they had a beautiful son..

Judy Kemp on

You go Jessica. Show those haters how great you look! That will shut them up.

Gh on

Wish Jessica, like Britney would lose the bleached, blonde hair. It ages her like crazy!

Nadine on

Jessica Simpson no longer swallows, she spits.

Anita on

Looks good!

holly on

I feel like she is getting too thin now. Anyone remember when Oprah took it too far years ago? I’m slim and I support someone getting healthy, I just feel that some people look better with a little meat on their bones, and they shouldn’t have to feel that they only are deemed attractive when they get super skinny. That’s alot of pressure for women to feel they have to conform or aspire to. By all means, get healthy if you are overweight etc. But I don’t appreciate when sites like People make big “success stories” over dramatic weight losses. It doesn’t mean these people are only deemed successful or popular because they’ve lost weight. I personally thought she looked awesome at a heavier weight too.

harr on

jessica is hands on with her children!! she looks amazing sticking to the weight watchers diet n exercising.

lexapoo on

Jessica is gorgeous heavy or thin.. adore her

Bill on

Look at me everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unless I gain weight, then how dare you.

Glen on

She looks healthy and happy – good for her!

Chula on

I love, love, love Jessica but why are her legs so much darker than the rest of her body?

sue on

I don’t understand why anyone should care about Jessica Simpson and her plan to get back in shape. She has proved that she has issues staying fit and can’t keep it together in a consistent manner so lets not hold her up as a figure of health. There are plenty of celebrities with curves that have managed to stay in shape for YEARS like Beyonce! And Beyonce managed to stay fit even while she was pregnant! So if anyone should be an example of fitness to aspire to it should be Beyonce, not Jessica Simpson. The only reason it isn’t Beyonce in these kinds of articles is because Jessica Simpson has an agenda to push with her weight loss deal. Stupid.

Gretchen on

cucu, you are beyond rude! I had my third kid in 4 years exactly, my mother came when the baby was 2 weeks old…not to help out, but so I could take care of her for 2 months while she had urgent, serious surgery. My husband worked all day, and I had no nannie, no chef, and no freaking money to buy anything but utter necessities. I lwas back down to 110, and was exercising daily by the time my baby was 3 weeks old. I had exercised all through my pregnancy by walking and pushing baby #2 in a stroller regularly.

I am sick of people saying the kind of ugly stuff you are saying, and indicating JS hardly knows her own children. Stop reading Star, and the Enquirer…they don’t even bother to check their facts, and always make up stories they have to backtrack. Get over it; JS did the work, and anyone can exercise in front of the TV for 30-45 min/3 times a wk. Not that hard, and especially with one baby. I’m not saying everyone loves doing that, but if you don’t, then don’t rag on JS because she is doing the WW plan and exercising. Why does anyone think it’s their business what her BF does, anyway? Maybe he’s the primary caretaker, like many guys are who love their kids. Maybe he has a job and works 60 hours a week, but doesn’t think it’s anyone’s business! Maybe he sits on his butt and drinks beer all day…none of our business!!! Pay attention to your own stuff and quit ragging on someone else. Sorry, but I am sick of all the people who either ridicule JS and claim she has 42 servants and that’s why she finally lost weight, OR they say, “Too bad, she lost the weight and that’s still not good enough for me!”. Neither attitude is reasonable or fair, nor is it “just an opinion”!

Sammy on

Karen – I work a full-time job, a part-time job, have 3 young kids, take care of housework, AND eat healthy. Staying active and eating right is how I lost 40 lbs recently (I now weigh 110 lbs). And I encourage my kids to do the same. What I miss out on is excess of sleep, but it’s more important to be there for my kids. It is possible to do this without piles of money but each individual has to make the choice to be healthy.

Steph on

Okay the people saying that if they had the money and nannies and what not are absolutely pathetic. You think that it still takes no work to lose the weight? She still needs will power, to eat the right things and to exercise. You can’t hire someone to do that for you. She has the committment, sorry if you can’t have it yourself.

cucu on

Gretchen you need to take your meds and I seriously doubt you have 4 kids, you have no clue and by the way I ran marathons and have been an athlete all of my life. I was on bedrest for my whole pregnancy and was unable to work out, before you judge look at yourself. JS is no example to me, mothers who deal with their kids without help and manage to loose weight while supporting their families are inspirational not some entitled celeb who ballooned while pregnant to push her stupid WW agenda!!

Info on

For those interested and can get past the hate and trash talking Jessica will be spèaking in NYC on May 15 at a Forbes event for women and power. Yes she will be speaking. Over 250 women are expected to attend with a few speakers Jessica being one of them. She is a partner with Camuto.. Not just selling her name as the contract was renegotiated.Jessica has a lot of say in what happens

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