Madonna's Latest Beauty Statement: Hairy Armpits?!

03/21/2014 at 04:08 PM ET

Madonna armpitCourtesy Madonna

Madonna‘s no stranger to the OMG Instagram moment, but one of her recent posts is very revealing. No, we’re not talking about her cleavage, though it’s on full display in a lacy, black bra top. Instead, we can’t divert our attention from the diva’s underarms. It appears she eschewed her razor for au naturel hair growth … or is boldly introducing us to the underarm merkin.

“Long hair…… Don’t Care!!!!!! #artforfreedom #rebelheart #revolutionoflove” Madge humorously captioned the edgy photo above.

Did she miss No Shave November by a few months? Is she spearheading a new art project? Is it for an upcoming photo shoot or a throwback picture? All questions that come to mind, but we have a feeling the star is just trying to make a statement. Plus, she’s already revealed that she’s skipped her armpit shaving routine in the past.

“I saw how popular girls had to behave to get the boys. I knew I couldn’t fit into that,” she told Harper’s Bazaar in 2011. “So I decided to do the opposite. I refused to wear makeup, to have a hairstyle. I refused to shave. I had hairy armpits.”

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Considering Madonna is internationally renowned for her head-turning style choices, we’re betting her new grooming routine (or lack thereof) is intended to be provocative. Is it really surprising the woman who wears grills to the gym and flashes fans at concerts is flaunting her unshaven armpits? Definitely not.

What do you think: Is Madge’s new look real or fake? Would you ever give your razor a rest?

— Michele Corriston

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Showing 129 comments

Miriam on

But… Why?

What the Schick on

Wish I hadn’t looked! Nightmares tonight

Lisa B on

wtf? ew? why did i click on this? and the nightmares begin! THANK U MADONNA!

Doris on

The few times I have been slow in grooming I found my deodorant had to work much harder to control the smell. And my armpit hair never got that long.

d. mayo on

Shes not pretty, now She looks Nasty but whats new?

Carrie M on

Why oh why cant this woman grow up already?

Nancy on

She’s a pig.

wow on

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Between her Miley and Lady Gagme, I don’t know who is WORSE or LESS GROWN-UP!! Disgusting.

Seabot on

Well at least it draws attention from her face.

Just Sayin on

looks fake to me, although she did have armpit hair in her Sex book

LM Blum on

Why is this news?

Marcie on

Gross. She is so attention starved as she ages. Just accept you’re age Madonna and shave!

Lynn on

Fish for attention much Madonna??

Denise on

The eyebrows are freaking me out just as much as the armpit hair.

Pam on

Gross and her face is busted!

Karen on

Seriously, folks. This isn’t news. There were pictures of her from the days before she got famous. She modeled, and showed off her hairy pits.

Sammi on


LT on

Smells like desperation to stay relevant to me.

Nikki on

They need to add a “Gross” or “Puke” icon for posts like this because that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw it.

Lilyflower on

Not sure what’s worse….her hairy armpits, or the fact that I clicked to see this s**t.

Skiiy on

No surprise here, no class, same as always.

Amy on

Please stop giving this hag the attention she so craves.

Kathie on

when will she realize this isn’t the 80s anymore & she’s old? she & Justin Bieber should hang out.

Jayneson on

She looks old. And that’s gross. Shave the pit for God’s sake!!

Dejavu all over again on

The side of her face looks spackled as does her clevage. Sorry MADGE but I think it’s time to hang up the days when you used to trot around in a bra becuase it is no longer sexy.
Honestly…maybe this is like in Death Becomes Her and the ladies start falling apart after finding the fountain of youth.

Miriam on

It looks like a strip of fake hair was glued to her armpit.

Kell on

Didn’t she do this ages ago?

realist on

This woman needs a friend.

Anna M on

If this is what she needs to do for attention for her career….it speaks for itself.

mrsmass on

First off, hairy armpits aren’t shocking. Secondly, are we supposed to believe that armpit hair is real? Looks a little too blonde to be her natural armpit hair color.

nikki on

LOL !!! Desperate much?!

JTurner on

Considering her age probably has to dye her underarm hair like her

Dee on

She is just nasty…and old and no longer attractive. Guess she felt the need to stir up some attention. This is the wrong kind…

Guest on

This woman is disguisting, washed-up, and I wish we didn’t have to be subjected to her little PR stunts anymore. Especially when they’re this off the wall. To be clear, I have no problem with people not shaving, its the overaged face and her boobs suffocating out of that bra meant for a woman half her age that bothers me.

Jeffrey on

Never mind her underarms. Someone needs to tell her to stay out of Lourdes closet. What might have looked good when she was 18 looks kind of scary at 50+ and this photo is proof.

Karen on

Gross. Anything to stay relevant. But seriously… gross.

Sally Jean on

Don King in a headlock…Madonna needs to quit playing around!!

KymNoelle on

Fake! And she’s wearing makeup and has a hairstyle. Who is she trying to fool?

bk on

Why is this relevant?

gloria on

Can’t decide whom is the trashiest…..Madonna or Miley!! I give up…they both are! Total sleazes!

Rachel on

#artforfreedom? Your hairy armpit is now art?

Guest on

She’s Wierd. Always has been,

Nina on

Look closely. It looks like a fake hair patch. Besides at her age, I doubt very much she will have that much under arm hair. After 45 (or menopause, whichever comes first) is all downhill for body hair for women.

DM on

“Long hair…… Don’t Care” WE CARE!! MaDonna you are not the twenty something that poped out of no where in the 80’s…we’ve all grown up. Sure you can act crazy, dress cool…but give me a break on the hairy armpits!! That kills the whole picture…ugh

lauren on

it’s like an armpit toupee, doesn’t look real. Yuck, ew!

J.E. Ogburn on

Puleeze! Lower your arm and that thing back up.

Teddi on

Poor old hag

Puh-lease on

Still keeping it classy.

J.E. Ogburn on

Puleeze. Lower your arm and put that thing back up.

Ashlee on


Isabella on

Her arm looks a lot younger than her face….wow.

mary on

maybe she just want to show that her armpit hairs are not white yet, so she can still feel young

Whittierlil on

Afraid of what hairy mess we’ll see next? Old hag hanging onto whatever she can for attention. Yuk!

Arlen on

It’s fake and this is just for publicity. She’s an old has-been now, jealous of Gaga and Miley. This is the only way she can get in tabloids now.

Molly on

Hollywood are now being rule by monkeys.. monkeys all around.

Julie on

Yes, I do have an opinion, don’t care what anyone thinks either. WTF is Madonna trying to say. isn’t she a bit too old to be making a statement. gimme a break, grow up and take a step back, your getting old!!! go shave your armpits!

Kristen on

Is she really so desperate to stay relevant that she’ll reduce herself to hairy armpits?

Anybody can grow out their arm pit hair. It’s not impressive, brave, interesting, or creative. Get over yourself, Madonna.

Shannon on

Honestly…why is this even a story!?

Mary Wynn on

It is more common in Europe for women to not shave. My mother was from Naples, Italy and she did not shave either, not sure if that is still the norm but Madonna does spend a lot of time in other countries, besides it’s her business what she does.

Daphne on

Can you say…. Chi, chi, chi, chia.

Nannyto1 on

Eeeewwww!!!! I`m a bit of a fanatic though, shave my pits and legs three times a week 12 months of the year lol.

Anita Bic on

So, basically the headline could read “Guess what Miley/Gaga will be posting in 3 days!”

Nicole on

Umm… That really is gross. If that’s a statement then she has to be saying “look at me, I’m a freakin idiot.” Seriously.

Anita Bic on

So, guess we all know now what Miley / Lady Gaga’s will be doing in the next couple of days

Mary Wynn on

I have so many pics of my Momma laying on the beach in Naples when she was young and all the women on the beach had hairy underarms, it was perfectly exceptable. This pic of Madonna reminds me of those days, so very Eoropean lookin, I bet that is what she is trying to project in this image. By the way, I shave 3 times a week too, very much a fanatic about that, it’s just that this is kind of cool looking because of my upbringing…lol

H r word on

Lord she’s desperate

Frank Carrot on

How’s her bush?

Mary Wynn on

She is very proud of herself and she earned it, hard worker and she works hard at staying in shape, I would love to have her figure and her energy!

Mary Wynn on

My daughter and I just saw Miley in concert in Chicago! It was amazing and outrageous! Miley has her own thing going on and I doubt not shaving will be part of it!

miarol on

Nothing sadder than an old woman who refuses to accept that she’s old.

melsbookshelf on

Doris, I was thinking the exact same thing. Glad I don’t have to be around her to smell that!

Sara on

Not that I care but, how can she stand the smelly arm pits?

nettrice on

Humans have pubic hair for a reason! :)

Sylvia Tarvers Weston on

She’s a pig!

Ken on

That is hot!

AllSmiles:) on

Anyone else’s underarms itching just looking at that picture? It’s her body and she can do what she wants to, but why this? And what’s with the flashing fans while performing and wearing grills? She’s a beautiful and gifted performer. She doesn’t have to do all of this to get our attention because her music has garnered our applause for almost 3 decades.

Smiley on

Go Madonna! I am SICK and TIRED of all of these “RULES” that society puts on women and only women. What hairstyle should we have at a certain age, what clothes we shouldn’t wear or should be wearing, don’t wear this hair color, don’t wear that makeup, don’t wear skirts over the knee after a certain age, blah blah blah.. Madonna has always been a woman that goes against all of those strict rules and as a woman I thank her for being that way.

Frostysnowman on

What’s that I smell? Oh yeah, it’s desperation and no deodorant can mask it.

Eva on

Ummm.. It’s not real people. Take a closer look. It is fake arm pit hair. That is not even the color of her real hair which is a very very dark brown.
It is just to get attention.

sam on

She has always liked hairy pits. She used to have them years ago. She is one of the first celebrities to catch fame by doing things that shock. It has caught on…and we all write about it but we keep the narcissistic stars in the headlines. Lady Gaga, Miley, Robin Thicke, Justin Beiber, Lindsay and so many are using the shock trick to keep their fame. Madonna must be getting senile by using her old trick of hairy pits. She flaunted this in her Like A Virgin days

pixyprincess on

So I guess my question is how did she get that hairy? Is it just her genes because even after 2 months of not shaving as a woman I still don’t have very much hair to take off. Weird and interesting…

Sophie on

Um… is this not obvious to people that this is a feminist statement? She’s taken a pic of herself and her armpits to prove that women don’t need to shave if they don’t want to. Women have a huge pressure to conform to beauty standards like shaving and armpit hair is seen as unnatural, even though men have it and they don’t have to shave. This is an important message that needs to be spread, however problematically Madonna is sending it.

susu on

totally unnecessary to share this but then again it’s a free country so she can share whatever she wants.

Renee on

This is glued on fake hair. Remember people, her natural hair color is very dark brown. This armpit is blond-ish. I doubt Madonna has not gotten laser hair removal.

Dee on

I call B.S. Madonna’s real hair is dark. I doubt her underarm hair would be reddish brown.
What happened to her? She’s just become this attention seeking joke. Too bad.

de101801 on

She’s not a natural blonde, is she now dying her armpit hair? Classy.

Smithy on

Nastiest 65 year old woman I’ve ever seen.

Smithy on

Wow @Sophie, thanks for pointing this out. So profound.

Lady on

FAKE! Sorry, Madonna…there’s no way you are growing that much armpit hair at your age! You’ll do anything for attention.

Material Girls don’t…shave? | fashioncentzfashionista on

[…] Material Girls don’t…shave? […]

Guest on

Nasty sloppy seconds of Rodman.

Carter on

Just a lame attempt to garner attention for herself. Sad

Guest on

Not her natural hair color and too even. It is fake. The woman has lasored every hair on her hairy body.

Karen on


Ouiser on

If she wants to have hairy armpits, that’s her choice, but does she really have to show them off to the rest of the world? BLECH!

Gilda on

The armpit hair is fake. And she also has embraced her mole again (seen vaguely to her left side) She is trying to go back to 1984….and who isn’t?!

Lea on

Why is this news?

Women are entitles to do with their bodies as they please, and to show off as they please. The women (and men) here who chose to say negative things are just reflecting the unfortunately small perspective our current society has regarding women and they ways in which they express themselves.

Steph on

Its fake look at the hair its lined up to perfect to no have been shaved at all



KellyGreen on


J/k…just threw up in my mouth a little. May want to shave twice today, just to be safe!

Kerissa on

OLD NEWS! She did this thirty years ago… YAWN

No new tricks for the OLD dog???

Jeanine on

I think her face looks almost more disgusting than her armpit.

Tammy on

We’ll now what man is gonna wanna be with that. I thought it was an old pic. But wow is all I can say.

L. Cochran on

What’s everyone’s problem with this? I think it’s awesome. I wish I had the nerve to go against popular culture that for some reason says that women have to be hairless beings. God forbid we let our leg hair grow or armpit hair. And now girls think they have to go Brazilian to be attractive. It’s ridiculous. For the first time in my life, I’m applauding Madonna for something! I hope she starts a new trend.

Renee on

I would says its fake. Lets just say when you hit 50’s, your underarm hair gets thinner and less noticeable. I hardly have to shave anymore under my arm pits and I’m close to her age. It looks fakes also. She will do anything anymore to get attention!

Pattimelt on

She keeps proving she will do anything to stay in the limelight. Whats next? The more she does, the less i care. What a pathetic loser she has become.

Kim on

Nasty…I lost respect for her along time ago…..she’s old…trying to get attention….retire, already!!!

janetspillows on

She is truly a pig. And she hasn’t aged well either for that matter.

Treat on

You are old and gross now go away!!!!

Guark on

Okay, Madonna, now you have really grossed me out. I cannot unsee that.

SquiffyQ on

I love how everyone is freaking out over this, but guys are allowed to have hairy armpit hair as long as they like.
And at the same time, those same people scream for gender equality.
Can’t have it both ways, people. Guys can have hairy pits, so what if a chick can? It’s hair. It’s not filthy. Bathing is pretty commonplace.
Deal with it, you hypocrites.

Hilda on

She works out like a fiend, has so much plastic surgery done she often looks like a freak, yet she ignores her armpit hair? This is just another pathetic attempt to garner attention……she should “reinvent her psyche”.

Rolyat on

I used to be a huge fan. Madonna, you and I are only 3 days apart in age. That means we are both 55. That means we can now get certain senior citizen discounts. That means we are both close to being 6 years from collecting social security. That means its time for you to act your almost 56 years.

K. on

What a disgusting picture. Yuck. Act your age Madonna and stop being such an attention-seeker. You have the fame you want. What else are you after? Give it a rest. Seriously.

Marsha on

It’s not the first time she’s done it. She posed nude in her teens years with hairy arm pits. Big deal. Hair. Shocking.

Barbara on

At that age you just don’t get that hairy. Hairy armpits get front page attention, ask Julia Roberts.

Felice on

Pathetic – it is a shame what people will do to keep themselves revelant.

Nina on

Armpits not the worst in the photo look at the wrinkles and the bad coverup!!! She looks awful!!!



Cady on

Wow…what has society done to us to think unshaved armpits are disgusting? There is nothing wrong going au naturale in the armpit department. Wanna not shave? All you have to do (if you’re a women) is use men’s deoderant to help with smell and all dat. NO BIG DEAL.

carolyn anthony on

Madonna has NEVER shaved her armpits, from the beginning of her stardom and still today!! Still as disgusting as ever!!

Emily on

If its real she’s not making a statement at all wasn’t the armpit hair statement a 60s thing she needs a life obviously. If it’s fake she just pathetic and again needs to get a life. I think it’s a cry for attention cuz the age of madonna is completely over. Sorry madonna you old and getting ugly retire already.

Flagirlamer on

Never liked her, always thought she required too much attention. Not shaving us not making a statement it’s just gross. : (

Flagirlamer on

I think it’s gross. I do not shave to worry about what other women do to get boys/ men. Haur collects odor and its not pleasant I do it because I do not want to smell. I never liked her she requires too much attention and why? Is she miserable, bored??

Jay on

Nothing like a fake stache glued to your pit. She tries too hard to be relevant on Instagram. She’s 55 and the face of the Saw Puppet.

Bill on

Thank you Madonna for showing what it is to be
natural. Women and men all grow hair under their
arms and legs. Women with hair under their arm’s
has a natural attraction to men, we can smell that
al-natural smell that turn’s us men on. So ladies
start the natural trend, you will be surprised how
much attention you will get by being natural.

Vee on

to all the people who write “WHY IS THIS NEWS” under every damn article: isnt a news web site. people isnt a news magazine. ever heard the word” entertainment”?? so sick of the same stupid comments under everything.

Isakka on

Desperately trying to stay relevant. Pathetic.

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