Kim Kardashian With Glasses, Frizzy Hair and a Crooked Smile? Believe It!

03/19/2014 at 12:50 PM ET

Kim Kardashian Celebrities UndercoverGustavo Caballero/Getty;Courtesy Oxygen

We never see Kim Kardashian without a full face of makeup (yes, even at the gym), flawless blowout and designer duds. But the reality star dialed down her high-wattage glamour for the chance to dupe fans on Oxygen’s new show Celebrities Undercover. And Kardashian’s guise is a good one.

The star looks totally unrecognizable in a crazy-curly wig, full sculpted mask that makes her face look fuller and some stained gap teeth. The prank? Fooling fans who think they are interviewing for a spot to be Kardashian’s personal assistant, while she’s in the room right in front of them. The interview prospects are even tricked into thinking that Kardashian hooked up with Eminem to test their loyalty.

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Kim Kardashian Celebrities UndercoverCourtesy Oxygen

The “makeunder” was so drastic that even Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick couldn’t recognize the star. And we can’t say we blame them — we never thought we’d see the day Kim would wear flat sandals and a loose tunic. To see the whole clip and more star pranks, tune in to Celebrities Undercover at 10:30pm on Oxygen. And tell us: What do you think of Kardashian’s dramatic look?

Kim Kardashian Celebrities UndercoverCourtesy Oxygen

–Brittany Talarico

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Pauline on

Probably the way she would look without all of her surgeries. Nice arm bruises too, btw.

peet on

If you want to disguise her all you have to do is dress her in clothes that FIT – nobody would expect it!!!!!

Woo on

Makeover courtesy of Celebs Undercover….Bruises courtesy of Kanye West..?? Both arms?? She’ll blame it on the sex, of course…I did.

Lu on

They didn’t need to go to all the trouble of prosthetics. Just wash her face, remove her fake hair, make her take off those butt and hip padded spanx, cover up her breasts, put her in clothes not 5 sizes too small, and no one would recognize her anyway.

Kristina on

For the first time ever, she looks like a normal person!

Ashlee on

Omg! Pauline I was thinking the same thing. Bruises courtesy of Kanye?

Tara on


Tara on


Macy on

This is what she’d look like without a ton of money-just like everyone else.


I thought the same thing with the bruises!! There is the one on her upper arm.. and then look at that one on the other arm by the wrist! That is the “ive been grabbed” bruise…

Tabitha on

She really is just a short, stubby little Hobbit, isn’t she?

Eve on

That is what she would look like if she was not famous and rich, with no professional makeup artist, no expensive makeup and designer clothes, no surgery or expensive beauty treatments and a normal 9 to 5 job then her usual pampered life. We would all look like a million bucks if we indeed have millions in the bank.

Tess on

What’s up with the bruises on her arm? Kanye being a bit rough with her?

Gemma on

Kim always claimed her first marriage was abusive. Based on the bruises, it looks like her third one will be too.

tom holleman on


Sally on

First thing I noticed r the thumb print bruises. I think if she is being abused she will accept it. Hoping he’ll stop. I think she would be too embarrassed to admit he is abusive. Sad.

Barb on

Yes Kim & cohorts, we know you have oodles of money to enhance your physical appearance. We get it. So why do this? How disparaging to the public.

annie on

except she got recognized by her fat behind.

guest on

what is with all the bruises on her arms?

Vee on

It’s a vast improvement over her typical look. Too tight clothes aren’t as flattering as she thinks. Never were, still aren’t.

Shireen Hakim on

The show sounds funny.
Everyone here should relax, no need to have such angry comments against someone.

Lilyflower on

What’s with the bruises?

Tian on

I think this is an old pict or at least n old a stunt from a defunct tv show. I did notice some fine bruises on her arm that look like finger prints. Hmmmmm. You know I have only agreed with Barack Obama once in my life-when he called Kenye an *sshole.

JJ on

Isn’t this really old….I think she did this years ago.

guest on

Pauline, that’s called a grip bruise. Thanks kayne!!

Kathy on

Must be a slow news day! This is oooooold! I saw this show and make under years ago.

Shayda on

This was from a program that aired on E! Network a few years ago. I remember this, I was watching the premiere of it. Nick Lachey also dressed up too. There was another, but I can’t remember at the moment.

Marcie on

She looks so much better. I wonder how she felt having actual clothes on though. I bet the bruises are from rough sex with her dumb ass boyfriend. She’s never alone so it can’t be from Kanye because the entire clan would kill him.

Ashley on

Those bruises are so blatant, it’s almost like they were put there just to get people going -thinking you know dude did that to her! That’s a shame, I wouldn’t wish that on anybody!
On another note: She looks like a completely whole different person!

Ashley on

You have a point Marcie, didn’t even think about that. Yep they are probably from having rough sex with her lame-ass dude….

LIsa on

Anyone else notice all those bruises on her arms??? Maybe her relationship isint as great and she plays it out to be for the media. Its not like her other half doesnt have a bad temper. I hope for her sake and her daughters sake thats not the case.

Sammi on

She probably would look like that if she wasn’t born into that trashy family

Finally on

So nice to see her covered up for ONCE!!!

Amy on

Why do celebrities do this type of stuff? How pompous!

Jaki on

Is she trying to look African American?

wizard on

Wow those bruises are serious, no matter how much we dislike her I really hope she is not being abused by ahole.

guest on

yah, what’s up with the bruises? Kenya west give a good grab on.. ugly,which everway…

Rhonda on

She looks like a black girl in disguise.

Paris on

The bruises are probably fake. Anything for attention. Why did she lift her arms other than to show bruises and get people talking. I am PRETTY SURE they bruises were approved before publishing.

Dejavu all over again on

FINALLY her inside matches her outside.

Angie on

I am just shocked anyone would interview to work for her!!

ep on

Re: the “bruises” — remember a few years back, when it came out that Kim has psoriasis? Psoriasis causes scaly red patches on the skin, which when covered up with makeup, could look like bruises. Why is everyone assuming she’s getting beaten up? I know she isn’t the brightest crayon in the box, but I really doubt she would stay with someone who abuses her.

lori on

That is what her insides lookblike. Theyre just bringing it to d surface

blair on

Yeah, but how did she hide that huge butt? That would give it away in a second…..

STYX65 on

In regards to the bruises she does have a child who will grab like a pinch to hold on. That will cause bruising. Not to mention packing and goofing around with her sisters.
Why blame it on Kanye?

Bri on

Unfortunately I was afraid she was being abused, based on the fact that she leaves pretty much every decision up to him, which in my opinion is uncharacteristic of her.. Sad to be seeing the bruises to prove it. His arse needs to be in jail..

Molly on

OMFG it is true !!! What happened to her arms??
And about the disguise, she looks more “human” than plastic in this one, ahahahaahha L O S E R

ken on

trash with bruises………. nice bf

Truthfinder on

Bruise much? What’s going on? Left arm wrist area and right arm up/down tricep area…not a good sign at all!

Megan on

This is so old! I remember playing this in one of their episodes.

waggles on

you cant turn a ho into a housewife geeeeze

Megan on

They were talking about this earlier on tv the poiny of the show is that people who say things about celebrities on the internet, wouldn’t say it to their face. No one should feel guilty about their opinions of Kim Kardashian.

waggles on

you cant turn a ho into a house wife geeezus

Sonja on

She will find out that so many people commented on her bruises and by tomorrow there will be an “explanation” in People for the bruises. She would never admit she was in an abusive relationship.

Natalie on

Can we stop calling curly hair “frizzy?” Yes it usually is, but it’s also some people’s only choice. That is of course a very expensive and high quality wig. Some people work hard for ringlets like that.

Julia on

Wow…the first thing I noticed was the bruises. Very obvious thumbprint under the arm. Grip print on the wrist. He’s violent with the Paps. It just follows. Sad.

Lara on

How did her stylist hide her huge butt??

fatalreview on

the hard part is making that fat azzz cow look good-this looks like it was easy compared to the rituals she has to perform for one of her photo shots -oh and no Photoshop either-so even easier-look she is wearing Jennifer Aniston’s REAL hair and when she wears that actually fit she looks like a short fat dumpy over indulgent cow-and yeah the bruise does look like the king you get when someone grabs you by the arm and drags you around

notpetA on

What her kid will look like without all the surgery she’s had. Nice of her to make fun of ugly people….Fing Grunt

mary on

so she letting her boyfriend beat her up nice bruises

Stefani on

What’s with the finger bruises inside her arm and wrist??

Stefani on

What’s with the arm bruises

Sue on

Yes she looks like courtney..who hasnt had many surgeries yet.. The REAL Kimbo

chrissy on

proof that just about ANYONE could look Hollywood ready with the right make-up artist and stylist…anyone

Ivixen on

Ah, bummer. I clicked on the headline hoping to see her in real clothes. LOL This is just a costume…

Madmama on

And this idiot is worth millions! Does she not have a child to raise? Oh I forgot that’s why they have nannies, and she can’t act like an a$&-hole while be a mom and taking care of her child

Madmama on

Is the reason why all comments have to be approved by a moderator is very odd, considering we live in America and the first amendment applies to all of us , not just you

Betty on

why has she got bruises on her arms. Is she being abused?

anoula on

she doesnt look any different to me, still plastic , still ugly and fat either way

chelsie on

This is what she would look like if she was a normal humab being. I think she should have webt into public like that and had ger peers judge her apprence and feel the judgment just like tge rest of us womem have to do. Teach her some humilate.

Whatever on

This is very old. Must be a very slow news day in the world of Kardashians. So, no Kanye is NOT responsible for those bruises. This is even before Kris Humphries. Jeez

Jenna on

no comment.

Jeanni on

Seeking attention, again…you go jimmy

sal on

when your the town door knob, you end up with bruises on your arms!

Downey on

All she’d have to do is say one word and that whiney voice would be recognized by anyone. Anyway, she looks better in the disguise. After all the plastic surgery, she now looks like a figure in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. She was beautiful before, now she look like every other plastic surgery mistake.

suzy diamond on

Is there NOTHING this loon won’t do to get into the news!

Laura on

Finally we see her real face :D

Carter on

She looks better that way. At least the clothing fits.

Mary on

She’s done this before. She tried to fool her sister. . .

Mary on

The new look looks better than the old one.

norosecolored glspls on

forget all about the disguise. what’s with the bruising on wrist and upper arms? unless she is training in the martial arts those are not “ran into a door” marks.

Alecia on

Is it just me or does Kim look like Farrah from Teen Mom in that one pic….she is SO boring!! How anyone can think this girl is attractive is beyond me!!

Eva on

This is super old!! Its news just now? Reallyyy?? Anyway the episode was funny, and yes not bruises by kanye west dahhhh it was like 3-4 years ago not sure, please PEOPLE MAG bring updated news!

Chloé on

She looks like Beyonc√©….

Terri on

Personally, I think the makeunder is an improvement! lol

Psychic One on

If the bruises are caused from being man handled I doubt she will ever admit it . If she is I hope she remembers what happened to her Auntie Nicole Brown Simpson. Never allow someone to abuse you!

Psychic One on

If she is being man handled I doubt she will ever admit to it. If so I hope she remembers her Auntie Nicole Brown Simpson. Never let anyone abuse you!

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