Jamie Lynn Spears's Wedding Dress Is Long, White and Pretty - and So Is Her Mom's!

03/18/2014 at 10:23 AM ET

Jamie Lynn Spears Wedding DressCourtesy Ramsey Sims

Britney Spears‘s wedding looks have run the gamut from ripped jeans to minidresses to ballgowns, so we couldn’t wait to see what little sis Jamie Lynn Spears wore to her Friday nuptials in New Orleans. And while we weren’t surprised to see her in something long, pretty and white, we were a little surprised to see mom Lynne in a dress not so different from the 22-year-old bride’s.

Baton Rouge, La.-based I Do Bridal Couture posted the above photo to their Instagram Sunday, depicting the bride and mother of the bride with Ramsey Sims, the owner of I Do. The caption on the photo read: “It’s official ya’ll! @jamielynnspears is now Mrs. James Watson! We are so happy to have been part of this celebration of love. The beautiful bride, Mrs. Lynne and sweet Maddie all wore custom gowns by @liancarlodesign. More pics to come! Xo.” (The dress designer wasn’t a surprise — I Do had teased it back in January.)

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Leaked photos showed Spears in the V-neck mermaid gown design with a long lace cathedral-length veil and a large bouquet of pink-and-white roses. In addition to mom Lynne and daughter Maddie’s Liancarlo dresses, older sister Britney wore a silver V-neck beaded gown (and her new red hair) while all the men (from Britney’s two sons to groom Jamie Watson) wore suits with blush ties and pocket squares.

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What do you think of Jamie Lynn’s dress? What do you think of her mom in a matching look? Tell us below!

–Alex Apatoff

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Showing 77 comments

KellyGreen on

Mom wore a WHITE DRESS?! I hope this was planned/expected and not a conscious decision on the mom’s part to upstage her daughter. (Also…is that Saran Wrap at the bottom on Mom’s dress?)

Otherwise, Jamie Lynn looks gorgeous :)

Peachy on

Since when is Jamie Lynn Spears a ” star “. And mom does not look appropriate in white dress. Champagne would have been a better color choice.

Guest on

Mom looks ridiculous wearing a white dress. Have some class, woman!

Amanda on

Unless you’re the bride, it’s bad form to wear white at a wedding. It’s her day and she should be the only one wearing white!

Blush on

Lynne’s dress isn’t white it’s a blush color w/ silver lining.

The designer addressed it in the comments of the same photos further down .

Guest on

WOW…I have nothing against people wearing white to a wedding (I don’t do it) . I’ve seen it a lot but typically it does not look like it could be a wedding dress. Mom looks like she’s trying to look like she’s the bride. Not Cool!

rothiam on

My mother also wore white to my wedding. I was not pleased. The only person that is to wear a white dress is the bride. Period. It is her day and that white dress is what distinguishes her from everyone else.

Nancy on

I give it 2 years . . tops.

Blush on

Who cares about tradition? It’s not like people are going get confused on who the bride is. My mom can wear whatever color she wants and so can my guests.

FYI: the designer posted a comment that said Lynne’s dress was BLUSH W/ SILVER lining, not white.

But people probably just needs a story.

KEP on

The dress was actually pink! It’s an instagram pic for crying out loud.

MrsJAZ on

Wishing them every happiness. She looks beautiful…Mom – not so much.

Mama June's Many Chins on

The mom’s dress looks like cellophane and it doesn’t fit her well.

Jamie-Lynn looks wonderful, though!!

Dejavu all over again on

Her mother looks like a horse’s arse in that. Ridiculous. Couldn’t she just let her daughter have her day?? Also, what woman over the age of 14 wears a dress like that? Totally not age appropriate.

guest on

It’s nice that no pics of Britney have come out so it leaves Jamie Lynn as the focus. Y’all are a tough crowd giving her mom such a hard time. Especially when you’re mistaken and her dress is blush.

Teddi on

What’s that old addage – you can take the girl out of the trailer but you can’t take the trailer out of the girl. Read a book, only the bride wears white to the wedding.

Kate on

WTF Lynne?

Rogthu on

Who cares about outdated wedding ‘rules’???

Both ladies, look great.

momof3 on

The golden rule is don’t wear a white dress to a wedding unless your the bride.I cant believe her mother wore a white dress, is she trying to upstage her daughter?

janice pinto on

I never ordered people magazine why did ingest a bill for 134.00 dollars. Plessey correct your records

janice pinto on

Correct your records please I never ordered the people magazine. I will not pay 134.00

Katina on

I don’t think Mom’s dress is white, looks blush or very pale pink.

Me on

Haha this is so tacky! Reminds me of Vicki Gunvalson and her “light pink” dress – priceless! :D

Kimberly on

Umm, no, her Mom’s dress wasn’t white. It was Blush. And even if it WAS white I’m sure it wouldn’t have been a surprise. Don’t brides usually approve what their mother’s wear? I certainly did….and my Mother wore a floor length cream colored dress that was lovely!

Beth on

Her mother looks desperate and ridiculous.

An opinion on

The mother looks more “bridey” than the bride…not appropriate to steal the limelight. My eyes kept going back and forth like I was watching a tennis match. I don’t care what ‘color’ they called it…she was definitely competing with her daughter, and without a doubt, pulling attention away from her daughter and onto herself. Heck, and lots of brides are wearing “blush” now, so that’s no excuse. Ridiculous.

Seabot on

Jamie Lynn looks beautiful. Lynne looks like she’s wrapped in cellophane.

Deborah on

Mom’s dress looks cheap.

Mary on

If you look at the other pictures, it’s clearly a silver dress. The lighting in this other picture is off.

Paul Lopez on

What I find super silly are the people, offending the mother telling her “to get a life” really hahaha … She isn’t hurting anyone. #hatersgonnahate

Ladybug on

Here in America, it’s considered bad taste for anyone other
than the bride to wear white. It takes the focus off the bride.
Pippa Middleton did it and she became the star of her sister’s
wedding. Mama Spears should know better!

Lane on

Lynne spears the original dina lohan

rachel on

Perhaps it’s a champagne color dress that ended up looking more white — especially in a photograph.

momof3 on

Mom looks like she’s wearing saran wrap… I’m sure the dress is beautiful in person, but the photo does not serve it well. And I’m sure Jamie was completely aware what her mom was going to wear.

Barb on

How could a mother or mother-in-law wearing white upstage the bride? If another woman showed up at a party wearing the same dress I was, and she was 30+ years older, it would only make me look better.

Sarah S. on

Wow, talk about upstaging the bride. That’s very sad.

rachiecake on

the dress is actually a blush pink and matches the groom’s/groomsmen ties

Mandy on

Her mother looks ridiculous but Jamie Lynn looks gorgeous! I love her dress, its not over the top and not too plain, its perfect. Congrats to her!

Kelly on

Not to mention how ridiculous the mother looks.

Alice Mezhibovsky on

Not only does Lynne’s dress look off-white, but who cares if she or the bride wore black? It’s not your wedding. Everyone looks happy and stunning.

KWW on

Tacky, mom.

seejanerun on

And to think this family couldn’t be any more trashy, then this proves me wrong. The mom write a wedding dress to her DAUGHTER’S wedding?! Tacky. Attention wh@re

Guest on

I think it’s a bit weird, but if Jamie Lynn was okay with it, then I guess it’s fine. It’s not like someone was going to mistake her for Jamie either :)

Gg on

Her mom looks ridiculous. The entire family lacks class.

Gg on

Her mom looks ridiculous. The entire family lacks class

Arlen asekjfd on

Illegitimate kid at age 16, and she wears white at her wedding? And then her mom also wears white? Her mom is dressed like a 16-year-old on the way to prom.

Lisa on

The mother looks absolutely ridiculous–no class or common sense whatsoever.

tara on

this is the first of how many I wonder

kew on

Looks like Lynn is trying to live vicariously though her daughters again. Maybe she couldn’t have a fancy white wedding dress when she got married, or maybe she just thinks she should have all the attention on her daughter’s day. Get a life lady!

Kellie on

Why was either wearing white? Haha

Kellie on

Why was either wearing white? Haha

Maria on

Stop looking for the bad and just be happy for Jamielynn and her family. They all look beautiful.
I am very happy for them.

Lady O on

“Mom” is way too old for that look! Something not white and not frilly would have been much more attractive on a post 50 woman. Not sure what she was thinking? All looked pretty, but Lynne could have been more age appropriate.

Myrna Gold on

On my screen, Mrs. Spears’ dress appears pink. It doesn’t look white at all.

Patricia on

First of all her mother’s dress is not white and second of all I think her mother looks great. I know a lot of people that wish they looked as good as she does on their daughters wedding day! I don’t see anything trashy about any of them. I did however read a lot of comments that sounded like they came from trashy people who are jealous of a happy loving family!

Lacey on

Can’t really tell what the brides gown looks like. The mother is ridiculous. However by next week no one will remember and no one should care. I give the marriage 18 mos.

Seattlebeans on

If you look at the other pics (follow the link) the dress is a pale blush. Same as the ties on the guys. Jeez people. And if it was white and that is what the bride wanted, who cares? Get a life! And to the designer, beautiful dresses! I wish I could afford something like that.

Nancy on

You can’t buy class.

Guest on

The bride looks lovely.
MOTB looks like she is desperately trying to look young and failing. Those cap sleeves look hideous on her aged arms.

Lacey on

Her mom is ridiculous. I am somehow reminded of the Beverly Hillbillies.

Sue on

Designer must not have much of an imagination. Why would you put ANYONE in a dress so similar to bride, blush or not! And shame on the mom for not setting designer straight. Not appropriate at all.

Lily on

To ‘Kep’ (below) it doesn’t matter if the dress was pink! lots o brides are also wearing pink these days and besides that, it looks WAY too much like a wedding dress just the same! (think you missed the point!)

guest on

Britney wore silver, so they seemed to have planned it.

jwoge on

22 and on her second wedding? Hopefully mom won’t wear white to the third!

Kate on

People.com, I realize that your “news” is all for entertainment but you just don’t do a good job giving accurate information. There aren’t even that many comments on that instagram account and you didn’t take the time to read I Do Bridal Couture’s response to someone question Lynne’s choice in dress. The dress is actual blush colored. I realize it’s not a life changing detail but when your article focuses on the style/color of Lynne’s dress, your information should be accurate.

Carolyn on

Whether the dress was “blush” or not, it looks too close to white. That shiny dress and long stringy hair….ugh.

Christine on

Although she could at least have chosen another color,having the same style dress was not the best choice.

Ann on

The mother’s choice of a dress is terrible. It looks like she is competing with the bride. The bride does generally look nice, except the drink in her hand spoils the look completely and makes her look trashy.

Kate on

People are getting pretty worked up over something that I’m sure Jamie Lynn approved of prior to the wedding.

Sharda on

I think they both look beautiful!
IF EVERYONE WOULD JUST STOP PASSING JUDGMENT AND ACTUALLY PAY ATTENTION… When you click on the link right on this page that takes you to the Instagram photo from idobridalcouture AND ACTUALLY READ what she says, she says the dress is a BLUSH COLOR!!!!!
P.s.- my mom and MIL both wore ivory to my wedding as planned by me. So stop judging. Maybe it was planned!

Guest on

Jamie looks so different. I’d never recognize her. Glad they are all happy. Her little girl is gorgeous.

nancy willis on

OMH smh ,you do not wear a white gown to a wedding…. Brittney ..you should have told her that wasn’t right

Smiles on

Which is the BRIDE?????

Me on

Hope Britney didn’t have to pay for this wedding. Tacky for the mom to wear white.

Sarah on

Ramsey looks amazing in that black and white dress. My friend’s sister got a dress from her, The Bride Whisper is what she called her. She worked her magic on Jamie Lynn! #beautiful #wedding #TLC #sayyestothedress

Dana Denman on

Mom’s dress is WILDLY inappropriate!

Dusty on

I would NEVER! What was she thinking!!!!

Lady Soldier on

Who cares if the dress is BLUSH, silver or white? Mom looks trashy and tacky. Guess her dress do u les as saran wrap to take leftovers to the trailer park!

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