This Is What Kim Kardashian Wears to the Movies

03/17/2014 at 12:21 PM ET

Kim Kardashian red dressFameFlynet

One of the main reasons we love a movie date is the excuse to wear comfy jeans and flats. (Okay, first it’s the popcorn and free soda refills, then the casual dress code.) But when Kim Kardashian does a movie date, she has a whole different definition of “casual.”

The reality star and her fiancĂ© Kanye West went to a theater in Calabasas, Calif., over the weekend, and Kim looked like she was about to hit the red carpet (or a five-star restaurant on Valentine’s Day) in a bright red second-skin Alexander McQueen mini dress and gold strappy Sergio Rossi heels.

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Of course, we’re not surprised. The star loves to go all-out-glam on a daily basis, and we don’t imagine she’ll change her wardrobe habits anytime soon. But the combination of the short dress on the often-squicky movie seats and the fact that movie theaters are always freezing makes us wonder just how comfortable Kim could have been while taking in The Lego Movie (or whatever it was).

The happy couple recently set a wedding date, and we can’t wait to see the number of wardrobe changes Kardashian has. (It’s bound to be epic.)

“I’m just really excited for this year,” the bride-to-be told PEOPLE. “So many exciting things are happening in my life, and I feel so much good energy. It’s just going to be the best.”

What do you think of Kardashian’s movie look? Do you love her style? Share your thoughts below.

yesterday's look- #AlexanderMcQueenDress #SergioRossiHeels

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–Brittany Talarico

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Showing 73 comments

Chantel Alford on

Nice dress.

EriD on

That bicth always wear TOO tight dresses and her but is TOO HUGE.And where is the baby?They always going without their baby North because of PAPARAZZI(Of course they support bulls— law #NOKIDSPOLICY by Dax Sh.&Kristen B.)Kanya&KimK are nothing but talentless couple.

Tango on

Can you say “orca”?

guest on

Her butt is ridiculous….. and not in a good way.

joan719 on

Simply an exhibitionist, a trashy one at that.

joan719 on

Simply, an exhibitionist….of the worst kind.

Lola on

Can you imagine what her A– really looks like without the spandx??

MJ on

Tango, please don’t insult Orca’s (who are beautiful by the way)..

guest on

I say, GROSS

Judy on

Just one more excuse to show her enormous butt!

Mr G. on

Someone needs to tell this fat pig she looks ridiculous.

Mamagirl31 on

She is an effin moron.

spitfire on

My baby is 4 months, and I have yet to go to a movie :S wish I had some nannies.

jmk on

I object to people referring to her as ‘fat’. I think we need to embrace all body types as beautiful. But (butt?) she needs to dress for her body type. She is ridiculous in her clothing choices.

Anja on

Then again, Kim is famous while the rest of us are not. Which is probably why she chooses to dress up on a regular basis; I know I would want to look my best if I knew my picture would be plastered around everywhere.

sam on

dear people, you are really becoming so nasty each day. she is on a date with her fiance- who are you to judge? casual doesn’t cut for everyone. sometimes we dress for our loves. try practicing paid 2 million for her wedding pics, after all.why b/c she looks bad?

Lisa on

What does this thing look like in real life? Because pictures certainly aren’t flattering.

lori on

Is her butt pregnant or what??? She really needs to deflate some air from it, she looks like a nut!

May on

Nice to see her in color for once instead of white or black. Though I agree with the author, movie theaters are chilly, maybe she borrowed Kanye’s sweater.

lori on

is her butt pregnant or what??? She needs to deflate a lot of air out of that bootie, she really looks like a nut!!

conspiracy theory on

Perhaps the missing 777 is hidden in that enormous ass?

guest on

just threw up in my mouth

Mimmi on

They act like she’s the only person in the world who does this. While I’m a jeans and tshirt type of girl I have a friend who dresses up to go to Walmart. To each their own.

digit on

LOL. Thing about it is, when she sits down…think of all the boogers, gum and popcorn getting wedged in there.

Kristan on

She really does have a very UNATTRACTIVE body.

Ladybug on

She looks deformed from the waist down.
Make that from the waist up, too.

sue on

So awful! That butt is one to hide, not show off. So sick of her.

Carole123 on

I’d rather wear Kanye’s outfit to a movie. Her dress must hurt!

Missy on

Her ass is just ridiculous.

ssj455 on

Love that a(s)(s)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tess on

She looks gross!!!!

Kendall on

Why is she always out all the time doesn’t she have a baby to take care of like the kid is going grow up wondering why her mom is an airhead

Guest on

What is a squicky movie seat?

Tonya on

She is rocking that dress!

Janet697 on

ewww dress way to small a size to fit around the huge butt and the ugliest shoes I have seen in a while. They are both ugly people.

Kartrashians on

She probably took selfies inside the theatre we should be seeing those as soon as she photoshops them.

Shocked on

I’m absolutely shocked at the negative comments. Where I he world is FAT???? I guess bullying is ok until your child gets bullied. The Internet sure grows balls for some. Smh

mrsmass on

Is she using paparazzi pictures on her instagram? Does she call them to let them know she will be there? Pathetic.

jemlm on

He dictates what she wears…and she listens….sad

anb on

Eeewww…. wouldn’t want to be the next person to sit in her seat after she did. She’s just nasty and her arse is HUGE!!!

menders on

Interesting how Kanye is always comfortable yet he forces her to look like a ho (he is her pimp, right?). How sad that she will do anything and has no self respect. He might as well have her on a dog leash. Pathetic.

Brandi on

While I’d probably go dressy-casual and wear a long maxi skirt and cute flat sandals for a movie theater date, to each their own. I don’t particularly like the dress for the occasion but I have to say that she’s definitely got her pre-baby body back and is wearing every inch of that dress!!! I’m not a fan but I think she looks
good and happy in these pictures…definitely not fat. Hopefully the third time will be a charm with this upcoming marriage to Kanye!

whatever on

bimbo style…appropriate

Andrea on

The most Ĺ›urprising thing about this dress is that her breasts aren’t on display like they normally are in everything she wears.
Did someone tell her that her butt is attractive so she insists on wearing her clothes too small? And obviously she is under the impression that the world wants to look at her breasts 24 hours a day. Does anyone love Kim more than Kim does?

noname4me on

If that’s her style & what she comfortable in than good for her but, I do have to say this…Damn that’s a big ass!

Lynne on

I’m telling you she looks like lumps and bumps and she probably wears full make-up and heels to Disneyland, she is something else, again with the clothes too small, why does she wear everything too small?

Lynne on

Why is she wearing something so small, I think she is wearing clothes that are ugly and look too tight. I bet she wears heels to Disneyland.

Melissa on

I would not wear a short dress with heels to the movies! Bad idea!

nikki on

Its hard 2 believe that Kim doesnt own a mirror…cant she see how HUGH she looks in that dress? I guess she calls it “curves” but she doesnt have the body or azzzzzzzzzzz to wear such a clingy dress..UNLESS she wants everyone to look at her. which in Kims case..Its All ABOUT HER..ME..LOOK AT ME..

JP on

Kim is a pretty girl.

vanillabear001 on

I feel sorry for the “journalist”/”writer” who wrote this “story”, and that this is what they spend their time writing about.

lucy on

She loves all the attention I guess…her bottom is huge, she’s very pretty tho’…there is just too much of this couple out there, you get tired of seeing them all the time.

suzy diamond on

She could carry a TRAY of food back there! Holy Smokes!!

Dee on

I’m just thankful it wasn’t @ssless chaps…

tara on

the sad thing is over half a million people care about what kim k wears

Redd on

Who cares????? I am SO SICK of seeing her every dam day!!!! She’s famous for nothing! !!! Her ass is the size of Texas & she shouldn’t wear that!!! Go away, please & bring your family & Kanye with you!!

Nanu 08 on

Somebody PLEASE give Kim a total make-over getting rid of all those skin tight to short dresses that make her butt even bigger as its big enough…..she is so outdated!!!!

Mary on

Her butt starts in one area code and ends in another.

katy on

I never give opinions but I have to say ppl really like to talk bull, I think she looks great I seen worse famous ppl who look nasty with no type of ass but I guess in Hollyood no ass is nice. and I believe mothers can go out without there kids also. It doesnt always have to be with them.

Sophia on

Look at the comments here. Do you EVER talk like that about a man’s clothes and his body? Sad to see how many misogynistic people there are in the world, and some of them are women.

demaris on

What did she lose a bet? She is forever wearing clothes that are too tight for her. She needs to spend some time with Clinton and Stacy and learn that you look thinner in clothes that actually fit you. Well, in her defense, she never claimed to be smart.

Sammi on

How is this worthy of a story? Oh, right…..she’s paying you to run stories and you keep accepting it.

Awwshucks on

Kim’s done interviews over the years where she claims to wear tight clothing that particularly ‘cups’ and accentuates her derriere because she is proud of her abundant assets. Wheeeedoggies!

Joy on

I’m so sick of her. So what you can fit in a tight dress to show off your big fat butt and your big chest and who cares what you are going to do with your hair. UGH! Go away Kim.

Just Sayin on

her body looks just “a little” different from the selfies she takes

gramma on

Her boobs need an overhaul, they are sort of droopie!!!

gramma on

Her boobs could use an uplift

jen smith on

Her bum is so huge she needs to wear looser clothes. I agree as cold as the movies arte, she is was under dressed.

Sue on

She has had butt enhancement, injections/surgery. People are so dumb to believe her rear is natural. Get a grip people. Kenye likes bubble butt just like da “sisters in da hood”..

Mo-Jo on

Seriously ? What a PIG . . she’ll wear anything tight and sleazy, just the way Kanye wants her to look. So pathetically sad. Yeah, she’ll be nice and comfortable sitting through a movie. What a joke these two are. Nice parents. That poor little baby doesn’t have a chance at any semblance of a normal life with these two nitwits !! Should be fun to follow in the mags (drinking, drugs, rehab, anger management, therapy, therapy and more therapy) HA !

Laura on

Everything would be OK…and actually is… But that ASSSSSS (puke)

mary on

act like a mom u never do outings w ur baby shame on u and stop thinking you r pretty than everyone else cause u aint

debra on

Really doesn’t matter, she spends the whole showtime on her knees on a filthy floor.

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