Kim Kardashian Steals Kylie's Bikini, Continues Crop Top Experimentation in Miami

03/12/2014 at 06:51 PM ET

Kim Kardashian bikini photoCourtesy Kim Kardashian

One of our favorite things about a Kardashian family vacation is all the outfits the sisters will share on Instagram. And Kim Kardashian makes it particularly easy to keep up with the Kardashians due to her disciplined posting schedule. This time the krew is down in Miami, which means Kim is back in her bikini. Well, Kylie’s bikini to be exact.

The reality star posted a photo Wednesday showing off her curves — and toned post-baby body — in a tiny black Lolli bathing suit, the same suit Kylie Jenner wore earlier in the day for a tour of the Versace mansion. “Yep stole Kylie’s bikini…she’s not getting it back,” she captioned the below photo on Instagram.

Yep stole Kylie's bikini…she's not getting it back

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Aside from swiping from her sister’s suitcase, Kim also introduced us to a new outfit style: crop tops over dresses.

It’s not exactly a #DiorDressICutInto2Pieces moment, but the look still has our attention. Kim sported a Kardashian Collection midriff-baring turtleneck over a vintage Azzedine Alaïa dress. We appreciate her mix of high-low style, but we’re not sure how we feel about this combo. (Seriously: turtleneck + Miami = sweat.) The reality star is definitely digging it though, showing it off in one of her patented skinny mirror selfies (below).

Kim Kardashian StyleCourtesy Kim Kardashian

And though Khloé Kardashian has been poking fun of Kim on Keeping Up with the Kardashians for her extremely neutral-colored wardrobe, she took a page out of her sister’s style playbook in a beige jumpsuit.

Kiki & Koko take Miami

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on


A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

What do you think of Kim’s bikini post? Do you like Kim and Khloé’s matching moment? Do you share clothes with your sisters? Share your thoughts below!

–Brittany Talarico

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lola on

UMMMMM……That bathing suit does NOT fit her.

Louise on

No matter how hard your trying kim… You are still ugly! But it is so funny to the rest of us to see your self obsession!

Erin on

So pathetically desperate for attention.

breadsticks on

when you try to squeeze something the size of a watermelon into something the size of a lemon…

estee on

HAHA LMAO she said she stole Kylie’s bikini, and she’s not getting it back….. BAHAHAHAH like Kylie is going to WANT it back after Kim’s village bicycle has been there. Ick nasty.

guest on

Oh for F @@k sake. How self absorbed are we. She wonders why the paps hound her – and the majority of the public cannot stand her. Give your head a shake.

Bardot4ever on

Whatever was spent on this girl’s (semblance of) education, be it only through high school was money down the drain for sure

Bennyhanna on

Such a desperate vapid loser. Scared little sis will steal attention.

And this is one body I would NOT want to have! Ewwww

Katrina on

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)

Amy on

Look at the difference between Kim’s photoshopped selfie and the paparazzi pics! LOL

Mary on

The whole family needs to go away. Kim is still a BIG woman.

Flipflopgirl on

Kim look great but where is nori? She is even around her kid.

Guest on

What has happened to her last set of ribs? Looks they have been surgically removed to make her waste smaller.

Mandy on

This just makes her look pathetic. What is up with people constantly posting selfies? Doesn’t she complain about no privacy?

Milla on

Oh boy, I am so sick of this cromagnon woman… >_>

Kims Afraud on

Do people actually believe these pics are real? Look at the beam in the pic with the neutral dress, the white beam is 2 inches off on the top of the picture. She photoshops everything!!!!

Nicole on

She’s disgusting. Focus on your child not losing weight and showing it off so tastelessly, gross. None of that is real anyway fake boobs, tummy tuck, nose job, lip injections. I think possibly just her hair color is the only original thing on her body.

Karen on

Younger sisters are hotter than you, deal with this B E A T C H… ahahahahah

Sara on

Ewww, Kylie wore that earlier in the day? So it probably wasn’t washed before Kim put it on? I would never share a swim suit with any other woman, including my sister. That just isn’t sanitary. Gross.

Lane on

It’s way too small. Her stomach looks good but just icky that her vag is where sisters just was. It’s not very hygienic. Especially in that family. Also if I had an ass like that I would have it made smaller. It’s so gross. It’s not even firm, you can tell

Gwen on

Well, Kylie’s swimsuit is definitely all stretched out now! Kim–why??

hrword on

put those things away! shes obsessed with herself. OBSESSED. they have meds for that, ya know.

Amaryllis on

She’s going to break Kylie’s bikini.

Hook Em 1967 on

Ugh! She is so insecure and to get reassurance from the public and her “fans” by continually posting her selfies. I wish she and the whole family would go away.

Kristy Crowder on

Her poor baby, is there any time or room in her self absorbed heart for the baby or anyone else in her life. So sad, not much going on there but fake body parts and complete selfishness!
It will all catch up with her someday, and it will be far too late for a real life for her child or even herself.

brendy on

Gurl Bye!!!!!

Sheila on

seriously, People Online, don’t you have anything else to write about, why don’t you start a blog about her, you seem to be obsessed over them more than anyone else… get a life and get rid of this family, what a waste

kathy from fla on

Why does anybody care about this self absorbed family Stop watching their show, buying their clothes, perfumes and god knows what else they are hawking. They are greedy and narcissistic..

BuckysMom on

Well Kim definitely won this who wore it better

Jessica on

I actually saw Kim in real-life in Bev Hills (post-baby), and she’s actually pretty tiny. (About a size 4). HOWEVER, just because she’s not fat doesn’t change the fact that her ASSets are about 10-times bigger than Kylie’s. Kimmie, you aren’t exactly hurting for $$, how about buying a swimsuit that FITS, instead of borrowing your little sister’s?

Also, we see pics of Kim practically every day (unfortunately), and North is in about 10% of them, if that. Seems like Kanye’s baby-mama spends very little time with her daughter.

momof3 on

Kylie isn’t getting that back because Kim stretched it out from here to China.

Bones on

I am the same height as Kim (5’2) and if I had those hips I would cry. And not tears of happiness.

cher on

get over yourself, honey!


Someone is really obsessed with their appearance. Top Story? Really…a picture of someone striking a pose in front of a mirror is not even a story.

JP on

Thinks she looks great!!!

Susan on

Nice of her to stretch her sisters suit WAY out of shape.

Ladybug on

Thanks. I needed a good laugh today.

Learn to photoshop on

Her head doesn’t even line up on the one where she’s in the crop top….seriously….pathetic .

jellie on

no matter how she poses or what she wears….still super fat and still totally trampy. that goes for all of them!

Jazz on

This is not news. Why do you label this under “Top Story,” People mag? Stupid.

Emily on


say what on

She looks great! Wow

Emma on

Oh, for the love of God!!! This WHOLE family really needs to get lost. And Kim is one narcissist, pathetic sad individual

Sue on

The demise of society….

Jennifer on

This has got to be the most self-absorbed woman ever. She is really eaten up with herself.

moonchild on

Why does she feel the need to take Kylie’s swimsuit? Even with the photoshop pics you can see how it cuts into her hips and her chest is about to pop. It seems like she felt threatened enough to have to steal the swimsuit and post pics for the world to see. Ugh so awful!

EnUff on

Boil it Kylie! Boil it! Kim, try hard much?

PeopleIsObsessed on

Estee, BEST comment!! lol. I loved it.

People magazine…for the love of God can you PLEASE make a separate section for all things Kartrashian so those of us who don’t want to see them don’t have to every single time we log on to your page????? Why is this simple request so much to ask of you?

Guark on

Her butt is too huge for this suit…really, does she enjoy the “I’m bursting out all over in this suit look? Give the suit back to your sister, now!

rocknmovie on

Bursting at the seams… Boobs overspilling that bikini top…

lmao on

In other news…

Steph tanzini on

She needs to get over herself.

Kaitlyn on

Uh Kim, shouldn’t you be watching your baby instead of taking selfies?

Tri on

Thi is not news. People mag, why do you label this under “Top Story”? Stupid!

alex on

Looks like a mess to me.

Rachel on

She looks fantastic, good for her! Even though she’s a celebrity she’s still a mommy who is proud of her post bikini body. ☺️👙

Tri on

Thia ia not news. People mag, why dou label this under “Top Story”? Stupid.

rightintheparenthood on

Desperate for attention much Kim?

lesa on

Trying wearing some clothes that fit!

bobbi on

PLEASE!!!! Can we PLEASE have ONE day without Kim or any of her family in our face? PLEASE! This is not news,these are self absorbed people being shoved down our throats, they have no value whatsoever. No more PLEASE. Just one day.

Rachel on

Good for her, she looks fantastic! Just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean a mommy can’t earn the right to be proud of her post baby bikini body! ☺️👙

Robin on

I don’t think Kylie will want that suit back, crotch rot maybe catching.

robin smith on

a) its gross to wear someone else’s bathing suit. If i was Kylie i would NOT ask for it back.
b) could Kim Kardashian be any more in love with herself.
c) i cant believe i actually clicked on this article. I’m shamed.

Pyes on

This is not news. People mag, why do you post this under “Top Story”? Ridiculous.

Aspen on

Kourtney better hide Penelope’s little bathing suits. Kim will be trying to fit her fat ass and fake boobs in her suit next.

Rai on

Oh mercy, she looks awful in that 2 pc. suit…it’s waaaay better on her very thin sister.

Milky on

Does no one around her see that this is not normal behavior for a 30-something mother? I wish someone would help her :(

margaret on

Having to wear a coverup says it all….

Anna on

Forget the barrage of narcissistic selfies, my god, where is your daughter Kim??

Kristan on

Seriously PEOPLE… top story? I only clicked on it because I couldn’t believe it would be the TOP story. None the less, she looks ridiculous. What I can’t understand if she “complains” so much about her extremely large caboose… why doesn’t she get liposuction. Not like she can’t afford the BEST!

Nori on

Kim just had a baby. And the only thing she cares about is looking thin. Where are your selfie of you and your baby! Are you happy to be a mom? I maybe saw one pick of Kim and that baby and like one million picks of her walking around trying to look good. In a few years Kim will be 40 and another porn star will become famous and we will all forget about her. But all Kim would have left is a child that does not like her, know her and upset that her name is NORTH!

Pyes on

She had the Brazilian Butt Augmentation, its a plastic surgery procedure where the doctor takes extra fat out of the stomach area and transports it to the butt. She is so fake she will never admit she got that surgery.

Rachael on

Is she prego again?? Sure looks it!

Steph on

What kind of self absorbed woman in her 30’s decides to wear her teenage sister’s bikini and posts it on social media? Go be a mother to your child you sick woman, you have a child to raise.

Ru on

She looks like a stuffed sausage..nasty

guest on

Both girls are pigs

H on

I wanna see Kim’s dress from the back. Let the ripples begin.

I hope Kylie burns the suit now that it’s been tainted.

Ree on

I think all of the disgustingly tight clothing she chooses wear has cut off circulation to her brain long enough. Please. Stop.

nozona on

Kylie wins this one!

Dave H on

I hope Kylie didn’t plan on wearing that again as it’s going to be too stretched for her now. I’m still amazed that she was able to stuff that much boobie and butt into a bikini for someone who has neither.

Kartrashians on

I think I hear North crying in the background. Kim, put down your phone and get Nori her bottle. Oh wait, the nanny got it, never mind.

amyinoaktown on

Seriously starved for attention….go away.

Kartrashians on

I smell fish?

Canada1 on

Why, oh why do I put myself thru this nonsense of reading about the most self absorbed, uninteresting, narcissistic woman ever??

Mary on

Not a good look for her, nothing looks good on her lately. Looks like a cow.

Iona on

Wow, she really, really requires a LOT of attention. She is so self-absorbed and insecure all at the same time. Sad

Kate on

Please make the Kardashians go away. When will everyone stop giving these pathetic losers attention? Don’t they realize what a joke they are now? Sad.

Carter on

Yuck, those hugs thighs and that overgrown butt. That swim suit is waaaayyyy toooo small. She looks so silly. Would be nice is she could be honest and post a photo that she has not altered with photoshop. He stylist and trainer need to be replaced they are both doing poor jobs of choosing clothing that is not too small for her and tailoring her workouts to target he large butt and thighs.

bekind on

Two thoughts come to mind. . . #1, Kim k is soooooo desperate for attention and #2, I pray her sister doesn’t Wear that Bikini again after Kims yucky crotch has been in it. This is just pathetic. It screams, “look at me!!! Please!! Somebody!!!,anybody!!!”

Her on

People keep calling her narcissistic…Look at all the attention she is getting. No wonder. I think she looks great.

Amy Smith on


trouble on

Sure hope Kylie’s bikini gets threw away, that’s just gross.

Christina on

Just can’t get enough of yourself can you…STOP WITH THE SELFIES!

Chele on

With all these selfies when does she find time in her busy schedule of primping for poor little Nori?

cal on

Good Lord, “People”!
Isn’t there ever any other
news than this over-rated
and pathetic family?!! Are
the Kartrashian’s paying you
to keep them in the ‘loop’???

Brandi on

I have to admit that the swimsuit looks better on Kim than Kylie (it looked a little big on Kylie and Kim definitely has the assets to fill it out and then some) but I’m wondering why the owner of 50+ Hermes Birkin handbags would even need to snag her sister’s swimsuit in the first place. To show the world that she can wear Kylie’s clothes? Who knows. I agree with another comment about how Kim looks in person…I was on vacation in Miami about 2 years ago and actually saw her at this amazing restaurant called Prime 112 and she was tiny in person. I think she’s gotten her pre-baby body back and looks good but I think posting an OOTD selfie EVERY day on instagram is just too much and makes her look self-absorbed and insecure. I think she’s crazy for posting pictures of herself on a daily basis like this because social media can be especially harsh and cruel and with the fact that she’s criticized and insulted more than anything, I just wouldn’t continue to invite that kind of negativity into my life on a daily basis. I’m not a fan of hers but she just doesn’t bother me. A big part of why she is overexposed in the media is because people love to hate her, and the more people complain about the frequent stories and articles about her, the more stories you will continue to see about her. The magazines only care about the total feedback (i.e. readers, i.e. revenue) that she receives…they could care less about whether people love or hate her.

Whittierlil on

Is this self absorbed Bauch ever around her daughter. Poor baby, the woman called her mother, takes more pics of herself than baby. You never see her holding, or around the baby. So she stretched sisters bathing suit to a string ? big deal! Any one can do that.

MT on

Isn’t she breast feeding? Probably not a good idea to return that bikini. She doesn’t strike me as a mom with an infant…would be interesting to see if her baby is bonding more with the caregiver

mrsmass on

There is no way those are the same bottoms. 1. That’s disgusting to wear the same bottoms that someone wore earlier in the day. 2. The bottoms would never fit Kim.

Be real Kim, show us the butt shot so we can see how much of a mess it really is.

Boston burb on

When she does this type of thing it makes her so unlikeable. What is she trying to prove?

Karen on

Someone. Please. Make. Them. Stop. Please!

kunik on

I feel I will throw up after this….

Ell on

Nope it don’t fit. Nice try.

Diana on

She is going to keep it on for ever she is not going to be able to take it off LOL

joanne1965 on

pathetic beyond words.

TeamKrisHumphries on

Who is Kimmie kidding? She needs to realize she is a grown woman. Maybe mentally she has the capacity of a potato but numerically she is grown. This pig needs to quit the “selfies” & living vicariously through a little pig in training (Kylee). This piece of garbage should remember North. Poor kid should have been placed up for adoption.

Stephanie on

Ohhh Goody.. MORE selfie pictures of KimK in clothes that are WAY too small…. I thought for a second we’d have an hour or so without this nonsense!!! Not sure what is worse, the fact that she even tried to wear her BABY sister’s bathingsuit or that she thinks it fits her…(has this person every passed a mirror without taking a picture of herself?). but we ‘get’ to see it on every freaking news feed… yah us!!

joanne1965 on

pathetic beyond words or comprehension.

ssj455 on

Show that ass!!!!!

Melanie on

She looks good for having a baby! Good for her!

kfc on

Shoot me.

Kate on

“Desperate attention seeker” doesn’t seem to cover it anymore. Shameful, self centred weirdo maybe? I would die of a heart attack if she actually contributed anything worthwhile to the planet.

kfc on

Shoot m3.

Tamarin on

Really, I wouldn’t mind her so much if she weren’t SO DARN VAIN. Really?! Come on!

Jean on

That bathing suit is going to pop wide open with the first real move she makes!

Jenna on

god she’s gross. She wished she looked half as hot as Kylie

bonnieux on

Is this gal in love with herself or what.

Kim on

She sure is enjoying looking at herself in that bathing suit!

Kelley on

Hey People Mag.. When are you going to figure out we DONT CARE! What happening to writting about people that actually make a difference in this world.. Not just take up space!!

Chris on

If she bends over it will rip!! Mooooooo
PS Kim FYI: it’s fine to be overweight but it makes it hilarious when you continue to pretend to be something or an age your are not. YOU ARE NOT 18. And you are NOT 120lbs anymore! GIVE IT UP

Shea on


Truthfinder on

This is one sadly sick, self absorbed women. I feel very sorry for her.

Zoe on

Talk about INSECURE!! She has to SQUEEZE into her 18 year old sisters swimsuit but then take pictures of yourself and post them? Get over yourself you egotistical cow. She probably had to cut the bathing suit to get it off later.

SEM on

Kim is delusional, that bathing suit is at least TWO SIZE too small!

menotyou on

I cannot believe what an unbelievably shallow life this woman leads. No talent whatsoever except standing and effing.

noname4me on

For Louise… Kim Kardashian is not ugly, she’s a very beautiful woman

Tena on

Hey, this article reminded me to watch her porn movie. I am going to leave now and watch it. Bye!!

amy on

No. My older sister was BIGGER than me and when she tried my clothes on she STRETCHED them out!!!

SaRa on

The beige outfits remind me of the movie Troop Beverly Hills. Lol.

Debbie on

Girl needs to leave the suit for her sister!!!!

raa on

Her a– fit in Kylie’s bottoms? I don’t think so……

SaRa on

The beige outfits remind many me of the movie Troop Beverly Hills. Lol

Paris on

I wish this family would promote education and charity work instead of sex tapes and what they consider to be beauty. People need to get over the Kardashian obsession and stop making them richer!

Sue on


Anna on


Mary Berrigan on

She disgusts me with her selfies. Enough already. Think of your daughter if you can’t think of yourself.

Lisa on

WHY MOST BLACK MEN DATE WHITE WOMEN – SELF HATE AMONG BLACK MEN ON THE RISE. The black community knows about this issue of self hate in itself. Yet, if you look at the statistics black men date interracially/marry at 3 times or more than other races. NBA/NFL black players marry white women at 30% – 40%. If it was love as everyone states, then why don’t white players dates near those same levels. You will hear from black men but you will not hear them speak the truth and say: “I am treated better or with less suspicion when I am with a white women”, you will not hear, “I want my children to have lighter skin, so they won’t be instantly labeled”. Black women date interracially too, but their numbers are at the same levels as other races, which point to the fact that black women date/marry interracially more because of TRUE LOVE over not being proud of who they are.

jane on

Wait, does Kim think she has a good body??? Its the worst body i have ever seen. What is wrong with her?? weird

free spirit on

Why oh why does PEOPLE waste their time on this?? Where are the stories of real people, like our soldiers, firefighters, courageously batttling- illness people, etc???

Mellie on

I am so SICK of the Kardashians…especially Kim and her “selfies”. My gosh, what a narcisstic, self absorbed, self centered woman.

Tonja on

Gross. Maybe she should try spending time with her child rather than posting selfies of herself. Stupid, spoiled idiot

Nancy on

I wish Kim Kardashian release from her egoic obsessions with her body and the wonderful God honoring experience of finding her own pure and beautiful soul.

Sizi on

Why? Just why? Why constantly making an effort to show the world the newest body,clothes, places you visit, instead of just staying low (as private as you can be with paparazzi chasing you) and enjoy the precious time with your daughter? She is already so high profiled on TV and adds. Why do it even more yourself? I do not see anything else but constant self promotion. Might be for sake of money…. Or just simply self-absorbed person.

meghan on

There is NO WAY that’s actually her sister’s bathing suit. Maybe the same suit but NOT the same size

Tammy on

How sad to be THAT into yourself…it’s a shame her daughter will probably turn out just as shallow as her mother.

tg on

I guess they share underware too. And in the same day? Just eww. Like Kim can’t afford her own. Okay. Narcissist. Stop.

MelB on

and again, why is she news? I’m confused. PEOPLE wake up and talk about PEOPLE who have talent. That is why we read your site and magazine, not so we can be harassed and antagonized with the no-talent Kartrashians. This is getting old and boring. Find a real life issue and cover that, no Kim or her family. She is self absorbed and it shows each time you show a picture of her. uggggh!

Janet697 on

her fake boobs and lard butt still make her look like a hooker. She is so disgusting. By the way ugh Kim your sister looks way better in her bikini than you ever will. Hope Kyie disinfected it before she wore it again.

Guest on

I just cannot imagine that level of narcissism…

dcgal on

To all the young women out there: this is what you spend you day doing when you have no education, no talent, no direction and no decency. You try on your little sisters clothes. You dont create or invent anything, you do not care for your infant, you do not continue to better yourself. Instead you obsess over your body, and provide pictures for men to masturbate to Thats it. This woman is useless, and its sad ANYONE idolizes her.

minga272 on

Look At Me! Look At Me! Look At Me! – said every Karashian ever

E on

please, please stop with this family. They are so terrible for the continuation of bad body image for women, bad moral examples & materialistic; why are they covered so very much?!?

guest on


Cy on

I can see how tight the bottom bikini is on her hips and thigh crevice…they plump out. Obviously it is too small…the top, most men will like because her boobs spill over while on Kylie, the bikini just look bleh. She just needs to find the bottom her size. Kylie is a lot slimmer and flat-assed.

Morgan on

Isn’t there a way to make her stop?

mp on

so freaking tired of her get over yourself Boring!!!!

Mr G. on

Nothing destroys exterior beauty faster than one so obsessed with themselves that they continue to seek public approval in all the wrong ways. Kim is one insecure, pathetic tramp. I am here to tell you Kim’s character traits are so despicable they leave a man blind to any beauty. She may think her physical exterior is attractive. However, any beauty she may have is immediately cancelled out by her egotistical, arrogant, unethical, selfish, immoral, classless, self absorbed ways. Suddenly, she is very ugly as one discovers her true character. How anyone could be that screwed up and not realize it is beyond me.

tom holleman on


Cindy on

Kim needs mental help. She’s beyond being a narcissist. For some reason she needs to constantly take pictures of herself and post them online to feel accepted and attractive.

sam on

Whoever gave this narcissistic b I tch a phone with a camera. You would think that the paparazzi takes enough photos. I guess she has to flaunt her body because Kanye is always beating up her photographers. This woman has give selfie a new name. Selfish.

Meow on

There is so much more to life than what shape a body is. Be healthy yes. Obsess over weight. No. I can’t imagine her ever facing cancer or anything that serious. Bc she’s so self absorbed she thinks looks are most important.

Barbara on

Kim has worked hard to get her figure back after having her daughter. But, trying to steal her “little” sisters moment in a MUCH to small bikini is ridiculous!
It’s a good thing to want to look nice but the Kardashian girls have went way above and beyond that. Mostly Kim. She is constantly looking at herself, taking pictures of herself and posting what should be very private times. What is she teaching her daughter by acting like this?? In my opinion, Self Centeredness. :( Very sad.

Judy on

Of course Kylie wouldn’t get the bathing suit back, after Kim squeezed her fat ass in it, it would be too stretched out, for Kylie to fit in it again.

GAG on


Ms. Anne on

Kim do not share bathing suits bottoms. It is really gross. Next time purchase a bathing suit that looks just like your sisters’ instead of swiping her suit.

Betty on

desperate and disgusting. Fake and shallow..yuk


just saw her on tv talk show..she did NOT look like that..big girl..

Melindasays on

I mean- her attitude just screams “I am motherly and I change my own baby’s diapers! What? I would never go to the gym for four hours and drop my newborn baby off with the nanny!”

Tiffany on

I miss the pre-selfie days. It seems like there is a collective vapid narcissism that is just made worse by the instagram selfie-age we are in. Ready to revert back to a clam phone without a camera.

nikki on

Psssssssst are too BIG for Kylies suit..dont be jealous…face the facts and stop trying to be somethin you are not,..are you so insecure that your trying to compare yourself with you need the attention so much..whats wrong, kanye not paying attention to you? You have a BIG PROBLEM

Heather on

Seriously? She doesn’t even look good in that suit. I don’t understand that family’s need to flaunt themselves all over the place, especially Kim, she’s the worst of all! Khloe is the only one of the bunch that seems semi normal. They all just need to go away!!!!

funnychick43 on

Im going to see if I fit into my daughter’s onesie

Not so fast on

There is no way that is Kylie’s suit. They may have bought the same suit, but no way Kim fits in the same suit that fits Kylie. No way.

Kris on

You know the Kardashians and roaches have something in common… After a nuclear bomb hits mainland USA, there will only be roaches and the Kardashians. Nothing will get rid of this family. We are stuck with them forever. And ever. Ever and ever.

funnychick43 on

Next thing we see is Kim trying on North’s onesie

guest on

Oh for F sake. What a self-absorbed person – and she wonders why people hate her so much and paps hound her. Seriously – do you think the bathing suit could be any tighter?

isa on has pix of her spanx showing underneath the skirt. I’d be so embarrassed if I were her.

Joan on

Good for you Kim you lost weight. I know it’s a lot of skin showing but hey you get people’s attention.

anb on

She is so pathetic and self-absorbed. But, I have to admit the bikini is a miracle. That must be the most stretchy material ever made!!

jckfmsincty on

How much more money does she need before she retires from public life? I willing to donate $10.

nikki on

Pssssssssssssst Kim….that suit is TOO SMALL FOR are much BIGGER than Kylie..stop trying to be something you are NOT…you stretched the damn thing out…dont u have anything else to do then take selfies? are you feeling neglected..isnt kanye paying attention to you…..spend time with your daughter. instead of being in front of the damn mirror all the time.sheeeeeeeeeesh

Steve on

That’s what you call putting 20 lbs of spit in a 10 lb bag.

Kathy on

Frankly I’m sick of Kim and her flaunting herself. Sick of her boobs, her ass, just sick of her, period.

tina on

Its sad to see a 30 something year old did desperate for attention and validation. The kardashians realize their fame is fading more ppl dislike them than like them. They are pulling every antic they can think of to boost ratings. Hopefully this next season is their last so they can find real jobs n not pose for reality cameras and paparazzi all day. It really seems like Kim could care less about that baby

Mcm13 on


Lola on

She is getting to be a pro at photoshop. Anyone that has seen the pics that the paparazzi posts knows that her stomach is not that flat!

AJ on

When you are in your 30s and a parent, you shouldn’t be squeezing into a bikini 4 sizes too small and taking selfies of your ass. Time to grow up.

Ernest on

Hey look another selfie!!!! Shocking.

Ryananne on

I dont care how hot you are or think you are, selfies are not cute EVER. Especially a middle age mom. Its like she wants to be 20 forever. Who poses in the mirror with their phone taking pics constantly? On a side note, sharing bikini bottoms is no different than sharing panties. Gag, gross.

Suzie jones on

Kim could never fit into kylies bikini, dream on, kim! She barely fits into her own clothes! And whats w the face? Looks like a chemical peel gone bad w some over zealous cheek and lip injections. Not a good look…

sharon on

I thought she’d gain a little class since having a baby and becoming a mom , but nope she’s just as classless as a mom as she was single. Her poor sister will never fit in that suit now it’s all stretched out and YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEARING HER SISTER’S SWIMSUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

digit on

Okay, with those annoying snapshots out of the way… go tend to your baby, (ig)Nori, Kim.

emily on

What a clown! One day this family will realize they are just a joke. You are embarassing yourselves. Please stop.

Gloria on

I don’t really have much to say about Kim, but Khloe isn’t looking very good.

Roxy on

Best part of this selfie is she is desperate and the headline stating that is what grabbed my attn to even look at the article. I thought we may have come to end of their embarrassing dynasty. Honestly Kayne, your fiancee & father of your child, completely pimped u out in that video. & u still think it’s ok to take selfies wearing a child’s bikini. oh that’s right a child your family has also pimped that child out. I still can’t figure why we can’t deport u & your disgusting family to a deserted island & pls take Kayne with u. big embarrassment to the US. Although I have to say I’m rather amused by Chloe so let’s keep her. Adios idiot.

Gloria on

I’m sorry meant to say that Khloe is looking very good

Diva on

Her boobs are way to big for that suit!

Pam on

Yuck! No one wants to see your nasty body!

LA6226 on

Wow- khloe is looking thinner than Kim!

Mrs. Woodrow on

Kim is gorgeous, there’s no doubt about that…but to say she’s obsessed with her looks and is constantly seeking validation through shameless selfies would be the understatement of the year! I mean, congrats on looking gorgeous after having a baby, but it’s difficult to truly teach children the importance of cultivating what’s on the inside when you’re public worth and paycheck is based solely on your ample booty.

Karen on

Why is there a table and chairs in the bathroom? Who goes in there to eat, have tea or chat? Her butt is not hot, it is so large that its scary.

Heather on

lola you’re wrong. That bathing suit fits her just right.

Arlen asekjfd on

People magazine asleep at the wheel again. Stacey Kiebler pregnant and nothing on the website about it except Kardashian butts.

Not a Fan on

Kylie will never be able to wear that bathing suit again since Kim stretched it out. Kim has some body image issues. She thinks she’s the size of her little sisters and she’s not. Kendall is the beauty of the family. Kim can’t come close to Kendall and her style. Plus, Kendall didn’t put out a porn tape years ago to make money and launch the K brand/name.

tara on

I don’t think anyone has ever loved herself more than kim k.

Laura on


Bratcowski on

I think she’s beautiful but what she did to her butt (whatever that it) is ridiculous. It’s so exaggerated. Plus, I couldn’t care less about what personality tv/the press says she has or her moronic, hideous fiancee. :) just sayin’

Guest on

why would you WANT to wear someone else’s used bathing suit? Get a new one in a similar style if you like them that much

From a 1st time mom on

As a first time mom who actually works and manages a mortgage and raising my baby.. People lik Kim make me want to just throw up. Kim stop complaining Bout your privacy when your so self absorbed with yourself then raising your baby. Having a nanny raise your baby is not being this adoring mother you claim you are. Join the real mothers who actually manage it all and don’t have a staff watching their child

TN girl on

PATHETIC. Can this woman PLEASE get over herself? I know, I clicked on it…my bad.

Kayla on

Okay, she’s getting just straight up annoying. First these celebrities complain, moan, groan, sue the tabloids and say they get hounded, leave us alone, we just want to live in privacy, blah, blah, blah….then they’re posting all their business on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. WTH?! Here’s some advice for you Kim KarTRASHian, you don’t want people talking about your body, then don’t post pictures of your boobs, your butt, yourself in underwear or barely-there bikinis. Better yet, keep your private vacation (and life!) off social media. 90% of these celebrities are so pathetically self-absorbed and mostly of all they’re hypocrites.

veronica on

Kim please stop..

cruella on

the only reason I click on the Kardashian articles, are the comments here. They definitely make my day !!!!

jen smith on

Enough selfies. Tired of seeing you crammed into something too tight or small. Actually tired of seeing you at all.

lydiaferguson on

I just threw up again..

Wt on

These people just need to go away already. And really? This isn’t news…at all.

Daraco on

Bikini looks better on Kylie, nice try but give it back to her.

Daraco on

Bikini looks better on your sister, give it back to her

Natalie on

And we are to believe those are NOT implants? Yeah right!

sighingrita on

It seems she never stays with her kid. Maybe that’s good, she has a chance to grow into a normal human being.

Lala on

Look at me LOOK AT ME! I’m more than just a porn ho

Peggy Smith on


Kim on

Get over yourself! Your a mom now!! What message are you sending to your daughter?? Make sure you can always fit into a tiny bikini whether it looks good or not? I can’t wait to read the news articles about your daughter in therapy!!

Nanu 08 on

What was the purpose of WIDE LOAD Kim squeeeeezing into her teenage sister’s bikini? Is she that desperate for attention?

Nancy on

This girl is a complete narcissist! OMG. I cannot get over this generation of the completely SELF ABSORBED! It’s ridiculous and actually quite pathetic.

Sandra on

how did she get her enormous ass in her skinny sister’s bathing suit? that’s kind of nasty anyway, no different than sharing underwear.

Lacey on

When will she finally go away?

Guest on

Who does she think she’s fooling with the dress/turtl neck shot? Look at the floor tiles, she’s obviously had someone stretch her legs to look longer. Especially noticeable after you see how squat she looks in the other shots.

Mo-Jo on

No wonder Kylie’s not getting it back . . .it’s because Kim stretched the sh*t out of it !! This chick takes waaayyyy too many selfies. Why don’t you be a real mom and spend time with your daughter and STOP looking at yourself in tight sleazy clothing that belong on people much smaller than you. NO ONE CARES KIM ! Go be with your ugly a-hole husband and his inflated ego . . he’s perfect for you. HA !!

mandy on

everyone else posts stupid selfies why does she get ragged on so hard for doing the same thing non-celebrities do???? quit bullying her behind her computer screen. people are so mean all the time!!

didi on

It looks a lot sexier on Kim for sure, but why would she wear her sisters swim suit and then post it on social media? She wants people to compare the two of them? She’s so jealous of her sisters career and it shows. It seems sad how shallow and insecure she is.

on another note; that swim suit has some stretch to fit her

roundtown on

Catch a boat to Cuba when you leave Miami.

Rolyat on

At 55 years old, this truly has to be the most untalented family I have ever seen. And sadly, they get rich off it.

Carolyn on

Stupid self-absorbed woman.

ADJ on

Wow, she looks great! She really bounced back fast to her previous weight after the birth of her daughter. Good for her!!

ADJ on

Wow, she looks great!! She really bounced back fast to her previous weight after the birth of her daughter. Good for her!!

dellia on

Please! Let’s do each other a favor. I like people magazine, but I really loath opening the website up and reading about these vapid women. So sad that Kim thinks her only value lies in her body. Collectively, how do we run the Kardashians out of the celebrity business? Do we stop reading and commenting? Let me know, I’ll do whatever it is!!

Tiff on

It doesn’t fit her. Waaaay too small. Her bubble butt can’t fit into that thing, please. I always wonder where her baby is when she is taking all these pics of herself. She could never love anything more than she loves herself.

Kat on

Kim: Hey Kylie, I borrowed your bathing suit and wore it around. I’ll get it back to you later. Kylie: Um, no. Just burn it.

To say it would be returned stretched out is saying quite a bit.

hb on

These girls are stunning. You ladies are ridiculous bashing on people you don’t know. It’s sad really.

Katina on

Oh God, she is so pathetic. Just because you squeeze yourself into a small sized bikini, that does not mean you are small. She looks ridiculous…and, the picture of her in the skirt with the crop top, you can tell again she photoshopped that pic. Look at her legs in the pic and than look at the pic of her same outfit taken by someone else…the size of the legs are from the same in those pics. Go away Kim and take your ridiculous family with you.

Jenna on

Kylie wouldn’t want “her” bikini back, it’s all stretched out now anyway! Kim, you’re barely fitting into it and this bikini is probably actually a different one a few sizes bigger to begin with!

angie on

OMG!! Who is she kidding? If that even is her sister’s bikini, she’s definitely busted that thing up with her larger body. Kim is not a HUGE girl by any means but if she wore clothing that actually fit her she might look half decent. She’s so self absorbed. Where is her kid in all this? Millions of “selfies” all over the world but no baby!! Nice mother!!

CLo on

She’s not giving the bikini back? Uh – yeah she CAN’T give it back – it’s all stretched out and would never fit the younger sister again as it’s been stretched and misshapen by her massive pigtits. Who competes with their younger sibling? Your bodies are incomparable at different stages of life so why are you trying so desperately to do so? Bizarre. In need of therapy –

sue on

Way to make your young child proud of you. NOT!!!!

Alicia on

God, she’s vapid.

K on

Narcissistic cow!

KImsux on

Hey Kim, we can’t wait to see you in Nori’s suit! Don’t worry about giving the suit back, Bruce is already trying it on.

Kat on

Take pity on the sow trying to stick 40 lbs of ass in a sauage casing.

claire on

No matter how you slice it, she still has thunder thighs and a bubble butt

snigglefritz on

She will do anything to get attention

seastarbliss on

It may be LIKE her sisters but I’d bet $ that it’s a bigger size!!!!

Lynn on

Selfies from people like this are desperate to stay in the public eye …. go take care of your kid … be a mom …go away ugh!!

Jenny! on

That’s right kim…. it’s all about u ;)
And don’t you forget it! Oh right… she never forgets about herself.

noname4me on

OMG, her ass is huge!

Kari on

Yes, like and idiot, I clicked on this. Why? Because like a bad accident, some of us just cannot help but look. This is desperation at its’ finest. Sick.

Heather on

Why doesn’t this self absorbed idiot spend time with her “much wanted” baby for a damn change? Put the fricking phone down, stop the selfies and going out partying ever night and RAISE YOUR BABY!

Angie on

I have never seen a family, that is so self centered!! I guess I am old school, because I have enough respect for myself and my children, not to act like trash!!

lc on

What is this sick adult woman trying to prove? Selfies at her age with an infant at home? She is so pathetic and full of herself. She looks ridiculous. period. And her face is looking more and more un natural from all of her denied plastic surgery.

Dejavu all over again on

I don’t care what she says, what her family says, what a paid off doctor that does an X-Ray of her says, that butt is not real. It can’t be. Look at the rest of her body and then look at her butt. There is just no way.
And that bathing suit doesn’t fit her. And her and her whole family should work on keeping some things to themselves.

Becky on

This broad has the morals of an alley cat.

Question on

Where’s Ignori?

Just Sayin on

looks like Kylie wore the suit after Kim did…the top looks all stretched out and funny on her.

danika on

Still fat and monkey faced.

calienteuno on

Once again – another selfie. Self- absorbed of course! A grown woman who takes pictures of herself and shares with anyone and everyone??? Does she realize people are mocking her . . . It is truly pathetic.

Meme on

Why are people SO self centered that they need to take pictures of themselves every moment of the day?

Anna on

I really try not to get infuriated at this family because I’ve come to terms with the fact that they’re all complete morons. I just can’t get over how Kim says the paparazzi is giving girls a complex. Listen up Kim, it’s you and your family giving girls a complex. Your sister is a minor posting pictures half naked while you and the rest list the brand name clothing you wear daily. Parading on a tabloid magazine shortly after you gave birth furiously trying to prove you lost weight rapidly is what gives young girls a complex. Get your head out of your ass and get it together. This entire family is pathetic.

kvega9 on

Ten pounds of potatoes in a five pound sack. Reminds me of the ladies I see at Walmart wearing spandex. Just because you can squeeze yourself into it doesn’t mean you need to wear it! Self-absorbed much?

whatever on

…that’s just sad

Guest on

That bathing suit is way too tight on Kim. Not sexy and very ill-fitting.

Marcia on

As far as her not being pictured with her kid, remember came out with an article saying that in the interest of kids’ privacy they were no longer publishing photos of celebs with their kids unless given express permission. Having said that, I don’t see Kim as the type to pass up a photo op. But, if you notice she seems to be the one to always post photos of her baby and they never seem to come from the paps anyways. Also, Kim looks great – let’s face it, her big booty and curvy figure make her big money. But, that doesn’t make it ok for her to make us look at her half-naked figure every day after she looks in her mirror and thinks to herself, man I look good, everyone else should totally see how good I look right now. We don’t care to see it. Please make it stop. Thanks.

Nanu 08 on

Really!!Kim your teenage sister’s bikini…….time for Kim to have a total makeover as all these tacky outfits she wears makes her look very cheap…….and that butt is no doubt HUGE>>>>>>

Tina on

OMG, this chick can’t stay out of the mirror. I wish the mirror would just suck her into it and she’d be stuck inside the mirror for ever.

Marisa on

Poor Kylie can’t weat that suit again cause it’s stretched now.

Jemper on

There’s a more sophisticated way to go about being proud of the hard work you’ve accomplished by getting back into shape, in any situation, but that is respectfully done in the confines of your own home with your spouse to be. His love and attention along with your internal joy should be ALL that matters. Stop the cycle that you have been grown accustomed to, for the sake of YOUR daughter, and enjoy the life given to you, privately. Your true internal beauty will shine without needing to be paraded around like a circus act

holly on

If it was her size it wouldn’t look so… Forced.. Leave your LITTLE sisters clothes alone.. Its OK to like her style or even copy it, but get it in YOUR size

Kernel on

I came here to say I cannot stand this vain, stupid *ss moron!

su on

suck it in!!!

Disgusting on

First of all, what parent would let their young 16 yr old daughter wear this bathing suit?? Number 2 does Kim understand that people finds her obsession with herself disgusting. She will eventually fade away like Paris Hilton. Losers!

debbie on

Her freakin Ass is huge! she does love herself though doesn’t she?

janet on

She looks like a stuffed sausage

Carrow on

Hot mama!

Paula on

Why would she want her swimsuit back after you wore it Kim? She’d have to burn it! I have never seen a more self-absorbed person than her. And give up the crop tops. They look more like muffin tops.

Terri on

I’m surprised she could get it on without ripping it! UGH

Karen on

Does Kim know that she’s 34 years old? Does she know that it’s really crossing boundries to “Borrow” someone’s bathing suit? This is the part when Kylie says “Keep It!” Bad gypsy!!

Sheila on


Not again on

I have never seen one woman who is so self-absorbed. I don’t understand her obsessive need to constantly post almost naked pictures of herself. Geez, does she ever think of anyone besides herself! I feel badly for Nori because when she gets older I am sure she will be so embarrassed that her mother posted hundreds of pictures of herself half-naked!

george on

my god but some cloths on

Jose on

Not desperate cause you all easily give her the attention
and take time to form opinions
negative comments make u feel better about yourself

What on

Kanye’s thinking…if only you really looked like that!!

Eri on

WOW her butt is the size of the garden and her breast is HUGE.
One word…YUCK!!!

Ash keeled on

OMG she is trying to squeeze into a juniors bikini top.hmmm her boobs are bursting out.she needs to wear adult size clothing.she is a women.may try trading clothes with khloe

christina on

I’ve NEVER seen such a vein person. You owe your sister a new bikini that isn’t stretched out!!

christina on

Oh Kim your time has run out. Time for Kendall & Kylie to shine! Now go get her a new bikini that isn’t stretched out!!!

justsayin on

She looks better than Kylie. Sorry jealous haters. Kylie’s boobs look like they are sagging. Kim looks fantastic after having a baby. Khloe is all smoke and mirrors with her body(Spanx and needs to tuck you know what in). Kourtney never regained her body after her kids and she’s had way more time. It took Khloman 1yr and 6months to lose her weight and no baby to show for it. Keep winning Kim.


She is so scared her little sister will outshine her, she had to snatch her little sister’s bikini & put it on her OWN self to show off that she “fills it out more” & then take a “selfie” & posted it for the world to see. I think she’s jealous of Kylie’s lately career moves in the modeling industry …..

beauty expert on

Stop with the BUTT photos – u do not qualify in this category my dear. Really you look like u r carrying a sack of stuffed pillows up your back side, now really this is ridiculous. Accept the shape of your butt and move on. You will never have a nice tight firm rounded butt. And you are a little large to be wearing tight clothing- makes you look super fat actually bloated!

Rob on

Must be nice to just take pics of yourself all day and get plastic surgery everywhere and pretend you’re all natural lol. I’ve never seen somebody so shallow and so unhappy with what she really looks like and who she really is. She’s was made not born

tiffany on

People are so mean. She looks good. Not sure I’d let my teenager wear that bikini but it’s fine on Kim. This is what she does, what makes her famous, why we are talking about her. Get that money honey.

Jada on

Picture the *%&^ that comes out of that butt.

waytoosmall on

I think Kim is having an early midlife crisis. She will be in her 40’s while her sisters will be in their prime. I think she really want’s to go back and be 22 again.

Kathy Goff on

Poor Kylie! Her bikini will never be the same! P.s. It looks better on a skinny girl!

Really on

How sad she is so insecure that she has to try and steal the limelight from her younger sister. Get over yourself!

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