Kim Kardashian's Full Face of Makeup at the Gym Is Making Our Pores Hurt

03/11/2014 at 01:42 PM ET

Kim Kardashian makeup gymINF (2)

By now, we’re all aware that Kim Kardashian wears more makeup on a Tuesday than the average woman wears to her wedding, and we can understand that. After all, if you were photographed constantly (both by paparazzi and by your own cell phone; the woman loves a selfie), you’d want to put your best face forward too — and for Kardashian, that’s a full face of paint.

But knowing that, we still managed to be floored by the sheer amount of makeup Kardashian was seen wearing outside a SoulCycle class Tuesday night. Now, we typically end up drenched in sweat at the end of a spin class, leaving any residual mascara from the night before caked under our eyes. But KK must have the mother of all waterproof makeup, because not a speck of glitter or fleck of eyeliner was out of place.

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From our estimation, the star is wearing foundation, concealer, bronzer, contouring bronzer (on face and cleavage), blush, several shades of shimmering eyeshadow, highlighter, brow powder, what looks to be at least two types of eyeliner, fake lashes, several coats of mascara … oh yeah, and a tinted lip balm.

Lest you think she didn’t actually hit a bike in that, Khloé Kardashian was on hand to document the whole thing on her new Vine account.

Should we start having sympathy breakouts just from thinking about her sweating under all that makeup? Says celebrity dermatologist Dr. David Colbert, “Sometimes heavy makeup can block your pores and cause minor plugging and then a possible breakout. Most lighter makeups are fine even during exercise.” And if you can’t help a sweat session with your full face on? “When you get home, wash your face with a balancing cleanser, then wipe your face with a toner to clean pores of debris. Finally, add a glycolic acid serum [he likes his own Stiumlate serum] to further exfoliate and clean the skin. This minimizes the chance of acne.”

The bottom line? If she gets home and immediately cleanses, “I’m sure Kim will be fine!” Colbert says. We appreciate the reassurance, but we still think we’re going to be hitting the gym with a clean face ourselves. How about you?

–Alex Apatoff

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Showing 102 comments

Gretchen Weiners on

It’s obvious they were setting up for a shoot for her show so they probably faked the whole thing. Fake. Like everything about that family.

Lila on

Heavy makeup and implants shoved to her chin. Yes, this is a typical look in a gym (Not!)..

Aud on

EYE ROLL at this article.

sam on

people, practice some kindness. don’t talk about the way women look in a negative way. you are warping into the nastiest of them all.

Sammi on

How is this article worthy again? Oh, right….this family pays you to talk about them. Silly me.

Mary on

lol Gretchen I agree with you . I am so tired of that fake family.

Mary on

lol Lila and Sammi you have me laughing too much with your comments.

Jane on

When I go to the gym, I sweat like a horse, am constantly wiping my face and my hair is wet root to tip. So either she does not plan on working hard enough to break a sweat–so then what is the point in being at the gym-or it is for show. Pick one and I don’t think the answer is much of a mystery.

lydiaferguson on

I just threw up

Pnut on

That is so so so so so so so so so so so so nasty. I don’t even want to imagine what her skin must look like under all that gunk.

Pnut on

Maybe she can just wear a bag over her head.

jj on

Ugh, no. Just no. Her makeup is caked all the time! I understand there’s paparazzi & cameras everywhere, but she can minimalize it a little bit! Esp when going for a work out.

Jo on

Makeup and hair in your face! Nothing pisses me off more when I’m in the gym and see this. She looks just like she did in her infamous tape… Just sitting there like “Oh, this is so exhausting”

whateveryousay on

…this is why her BMI is 30 and mine is 17 – I WORK OUT when I work out, not try to look cute…go away Orca

Rachel on

I hope her face breaks out in large painful cysts! lol

Mike on

Clearly she does not work out. Shes fat and out of shape, the exact opposite of what someone who works out should look like

Carrie M on

I see she’s spending MORE quality time with Baby Nori. Seriously – when does this person ever see her kid?

Jesse belle on

Who is this heifer think she fooling? A cycle class?? Yeah. Okkkkk!

Annie on

Enough already. Seriously

Angie on

She got really terrible body,whichever workout she would choose, she can’t do nothing with her short legs and huge hips not to mention disgusting enormous butt.I pity her,it must sucks to be that short and not proportional.

MM on

um, who cares! she’s worn make up before to the gym, y is this newsworthy now!? i dont understand…

MM on

people are allowed to do as they please! who is she hurting with make up on her face? i do love people and other celeb blogs but seriously, i want to read REAL gossip, and maybe fashion and make up trends…. i do not think an article should be based on if she wore make up to the gym! so stupid…

Joyce on

Has anybody else noticed the suttle changes in her face since she re-emergered post kid ? It appears she has had a little touch-up work done. It wouldn’t surprise me, I think mommager has a plastic man on retainer and probably lent him out to Kimmy.

Tiff on

When I am done working out, I actually look like I worked out. And I would never wear make up to do so.

Karen on

So in that video, is that her sis? And if it is, what is on her back, under her top?

Sarah S. on

WOW–that article is cruel! People’s credibility has just plummeted!

StopIt on

So is there a video of her actually working out with the makeup on? How do they know she didn’t put the makeup on AFTER the workout, considering she is always being photographed and maybe just wanted to be ready?? This article is asinine.

Ruby on

I would look like a melting oil painting if I wore makeup to the gym! That can’t be healthy for her skin.


OMG, she is wasting her time going to the GYN,. Look at her fat bottom. Kloe looks soooo much thiner that the the MASK aka KK

1026 on

I go to the gym after a full day of work, and I do not go home and wash my face/remove my makeup. It is not a crime to go to the gym looking like this!!!

Tamarin on

Well this article sounds a bit snarky! LOL I agree she’s ridiculous though. Must have a lot to hide under there.

Julie on

How is this a story?

People magazine, you’ve sunk to a whole new low. You might as well be US Weekly…

dawn on

Most spin classes are packed this one has 2 people photo shoot and fake.

lisa on

I didn’t read this article. I don’t read any article that has that name on the top of it. Why oh why is this person ever in the news? Is this news? This is insulting to everyone. And anyone that follows this idiot should be ashamed of themselves.

weezer on

She’s an idiot and her lips keep getting bigger and bigger.

Kristin on

This is the way we all workout when we are in between lipo sessions. You know sit on a bike at the gym and pedal casually. Just to save face work your arms with it to acknowledge those long hours of recovery, oops I mean workout you just put in to get toned.

j on

She does not seem to be working out very hard !!

Kaura on

I don’t care about negative comments regarding Kim Kardashian as I quickly skim through them. But it gets boring after a while, the same complaints about her over and over. The EYE ROLL comments; she’s faking everything, yeah yeah, the comments are too repetitive, etc. Yawn. I just keep reading the same things over and over. I doubt anyone is reading them anymore.

Kristina on

Fake photo shoot opportunity…

Guest on

Yes, and please be sure your boobs hang out. Fake boobs, fake butt and needs a ton of make-up – yup she’s a natural.

Guest on

they’re filming. and no doubt Kim knows there are people who love to hate on her, so she wears makeup to cover any blemish. it’s awful how she’s treated.

murf on

I am going to throw up.

ssj455 on

Just show us that ass!!!!

tulmon on

Oh come on…. do you really think she is exercising there? She is about as phony as the day is long.

sandy on

I cant stand women who have to wear all that make up and cant… ya know, get their hands dirty, how boring

lane12 on

If they have so much money, why don’t they have their own gym at home….makes not sense.

Guest on

She wears 4-7 layers of foundation…. Uck! Let the skin breathe!

Sue on

Swollen Greasy face, fake swollen lips. She looks like a mannequin.

Sue on

Whats funny is no one cares about the “wedding” X3? What a pathetic joke. Kimbo and kunte kinte,

Rachael on

Fat fat fat fat. Ugly pig!!

Vic on

I hate myself for taking the time to read this story. Lol

Lolo on

And this is newsworthy because….?

Kerissa on

All you people come on and complain or hate- then STOP WATCHING OR LOOKING. This woman is a filthy attention wh-re and you all play into it!! PASS OVER THE TRILLION ARTICLES they push themselves into daily!!

May on

I have to admit, I clicked on this article to make a snarky comment. This whole family makes me feel like I need to take a shower. They are shady, seedy, and dirty. Pounds of makeup won’t hide a person who is ugly on the inside. It’s pretty clear Kim is as shallow as a kiddie pool with no water.

Alex on

Sure, you can keep that much makeup in place if you’re incredibly lazy at the gym, or just filming and posing, not working out.

Kate on

Wow, what a catty article. Thought People was better than that.

noname4me on

She is very beautiful!!!

rco on

Looks like a Proactive commercial in the future..

Melissa on

As much as she is photographed going in and out of the gym how in the world is her butt still that big ? Geez Louise.

MJ on

Heavy make-up and working out at the gym seems like a horrible combination. But, whatever she’s comfortable with.

Brooke on

This article is ridiculous.

Christie on

I’m not a fan of KK, but I don’t think it’s a big deal that she wants to wear makeup to the gym…or any female for that matter. If it makes someone feel better about themselves to wear some makeup to a place where they come in contact with just as many people as any other place they go during the day, then so be it. Why are people so quick to judge others for such superficial reasons?

Lindsay on

I’m not gonna lie, it’s nice to look good and feel sexy even when working out- while I may wear makeup to the gym, it’s because my workouts followed a full day of work or personal training. Try me- I don’t feel like I’ve gotten a good workout if I’m not dripping in sweat! I certainly could not have my long hair down and accomplish anything either. Guess that’s what separates reality people and real people! Lol. Kim’s beautiful – fake lashes or not. Too funny

JP on

She looks pretty…..even at the gym.

DM on

Why do we comment on this “person of interest” she’s self louthing, pathetic, selfie, slefie, blah, blah, blah….every day KK has a “reason” to be written about & photoshopped about..why???? I don’t CARE ANYMORE!!! GO AWAY…but I’m stupid…she pays for this attention…I forgot!!! Ughhhhhhhh……

Veronica on

You all do realize this is for the show? When you see the shot of the younger sister, the camera crew is setting up the lighting and the sis has a mic pack on her back. I doubt they really are there to honestly work out.

KellyGreen on

Pretty sure that’s more makeup than I wore to my wedding, let alone the gym, LOL!

jckfmsincty on

Famous for being famous. What a bore.

Angie stonghear on

Make up or not, she is butt ugly

Ashley on

We need to stop the nasty commentary on women’s looks; really, there are a million and one things we could call Kim Kardashian out for, but please, for the sake of women everywhere, let us not make it her appearance. I expect better from People, even if it does involve a Kardashian.

Betty on

Kim FAKE ugly she showers and sleeps with make up..

Kimmy on

Great photo opportunities at the gym!

Melissa on

Not a good idea to wear makeup when working out! I did that mistake in the past before and my makeup bleeded! My advice to Kim; wear makeup that is waterproof or wear minimal makeup such as lip gloss and mascara!

Guest2 on

She looks good in the gym.

Truth is on

Because she doesn’t work out……it’s all for photo op. She is very intoned for all the gym attendance

Guest on

Why do you write nasty comments. If Kim kardashian is so ugly and nasty and not news-worthy, why waste your time commenting? Lame! Get a life and go read a newspaper if you want “news”.

Lisa on

God, how many shots of fillers have also been injected into her face and lips? She looks unrecognizable and alien-ish.

wow on

Not surprised its the most read, all the trolls/haters/weirdos come on just to trash this family..I never watch the show and I have zero understanding the emotion a stranger evokes in all dipsh*ts on here. Get a life. Go hate something tangible. Such idiots and losers on here hating people they have never met!

didi on

When you’re that fake, you don’t want the public to see the real you.

smh on

Who effing cares? Does it matter? A lot of people wear makeup at the gym, in fact, probably most do. It’s not like she’s wearing a prom dress and high heels to the gym. This is NOT newsworthy and certainly not shocking. Stupid article.

Romy on

I agree….. For whatever she claims to have worked out to lose her baby weight she has no leg muscle or arm muscle to reflect it … I do t know why she continues to lie

tom holleman on


tom holleman on


Nikki on

r u surprised? she is soooooooooooo full of herself, she probably wears makeup to bed…never saw such a vain insecure person

sharon on

she is so fake it’s disgusting

Nazzzgol on

Okay, people, relax! Can this girl do anything without being judged or harassed? She’s constantly being photographed and when she goes au natural, people call her ugly…with make-up, you call her fake and trashy. Mind your own business and worry about your own skin.

Dee on

Puh-leeze. She’s not working out. It’s nothing but a PR gimmick/photo op piece of bull.
The sad thing is, she really seems to believe her own hype…and thinks we’re dumb enough to believe it as well.
Must be nice living in your own bubble of denial…

Kido on

Cute Picture

Nanu 08 on

She goes to the gym but still has that really HUGE butt that never seems to get smaller……she has to be tired at the end of the day carrying that thing around…..

alex on

To quote Elaine Benes, on the episode “The Mango”: fake, fake, fake fake! And I even have my finger pointing as I repeat: fake, fake, fake, fake!

antasha on

Really, People magazine? This article is unprofessional & unnecessary. Why are the writers of this magazine ‘estimating’ how much make-up Kim Kardashian wears? This isn’t even a news story– it’s just a mean girl tactic. Not impressed! Hire some real writers and write some real celebrity news. And to the writer of this article: find a passion in life that doesn’t involve attacking others. Sincerely,
An unimpressed reader

Fiona on

So first gladiator shoes cutting into your swollen pregnant feet, and now a full mask of makeup to the gym? She makes the most irresponsible decisions concerning her vanity. Idiota.

Anne on

Insecurity is a sad thing.

Oli on

Kendall has something weird on her back

donna clark on


R on

I’ll bet that the people commenting on here calling her a “cow” or a “whale” are themselves obese. Keep your cruel thoughts to yourself, and go for a bike ride.

Anyway, her face must be a nightmare from all that make-up. I pity people like her, because in their own desperate attempt to be beautiful, they destroy that which is already beautiful–themselves. What a shame.

R on

Oh, and that video? Look at her. She’s barely moving. Silly.

Tonybalogna on

That fat A$$ is making my eyes hurt!!

Sal on


Sal on

Antasha, all articles about this talentless fruit loop are a waste. Plus after her last face lift, she needs to wear pounds of face cover

Teri on

Obviously the person who wrote this article is a Kim K hater. I can care less about the girl or what she does with her time. She’s a regular person, just like the rest of us but just so happens to live her life in the spotlight. Who cares about the amount of makeup she wears or the “damage” it can cause to her skin. We’ve all see her without makeup and she seems to have normal skin, just like the rest of us. Maybe she takes care of her skin when she IS at home. Maybe she washes her face every day (gasp!) Maybe she uses a toner and moisturizer (oh no she didn’t!) Whatever she does, it’s like the rest of us. Sure she has help from dermatologists but if we had her money we’d do it to. I may have put too much time in writing this, but just leave the girl alone! There’s too many people out there tearing people up. The article should have just said, “Kim K is silly going to spin like that, but at least she’s at the gym, taking care of herself”

fatalreview on

the only NOT fake thing here is how Kim constantly checks out her rack-on camera and off

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