Barack Obama Picks Out Sweaters for His Girls at the Gap: 'I Think the Ladies Will Be Impressed by My Style Sense!'

03/11/2014 at 06:07 PM ET

Barack Obama at the GAPSaul Loeb/AFP/Getty

One might think the most famous “dad jeans” wearer in the free world would be wary of being photographed inside a Gap, but not President Barack Obama.

While in Manhattan for some Democratic party fundraisers, the president stopped at one of the chain’s Midtown stores Tuesday to pick up a few souvenirs for the ladies back home (and to not-so-coincidentally make a plug for raising the minimum wage; he praised Gap for voluntarily doing so for its employees).

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Sales associate Susan Panariello suggested a hoodie for Michelle, but was told the First Lady is not a hoodie type. How about V-neck sweaters for Sasha and Malia? “I’m worried the V-neck is going to slip,” he said in protective dad mode. In the end, Obama ended up with a blue workout jacket for the First Lady and two modestly crew-necked sweaters (one gray-and-white, one coral) for his daughters.

“I think the ladies will be impressed by my style sense,” he said as he approached the registers.

And, yes, he was asked to apply for a Gap credit card so he could save 15 percent on his purchase. He demurred.

–Sandra Sobieraj Westfall

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Showing 31 comments

Carolina Margonari on

OMG! I love OBAMA!

Gwen on

Excuse me…..I just threw up in my mouth a little.

what on

Wow……..he has time to go on talk shows, shop, interview with actors…..when does he work?

Guest on

Good on him for rewarding the GAP for their awesome support of a better minimum wage!! It’s like an extra $200 a month for full-time. I don’t think Republicans can spell minimum wage even though they love it ;-) Obama is such an interesting combination — able to deal with the huge global stuff and still relate to what matters everyday. I feel very privileged to have witnessed his presidency — gives you hope that reasonable people have a reasonable chance to make things better.

Guest on

Beautiful Story. Love that he acts like a regular person and shots for the women in his life. Love Gap for raising their pay.

Stacy on

He seems so personable and down to earth. :)

Susan on

Every thing about this man is so fake and manufactured… You folks are such pathetic sheep.

Delight on

He has time to shop while thousands are waiting on an unemployment extension? Must be nice

Susan on

So he goes to pick up a couple of souvenirs for the wife and kids… from the gap??? Like they don’t have one of those on every street corner? FAKE, FAKE, FAKE.

Dawn on

To Susan:
How is Obama shopping at the Gap fake? Do you know how stupid and ignorant you sound? He’s a husband and dad who was out shopping for his wife and children. Which I’m sure your husband may do for you sometimes (oops! that’s if you have one) In case you forgot, he is human. Lay off and stop hating and discriminating against him. I’m pretty sure if it was any other president, you and anybody else would not have a problem with. You would think what they’re doing is cool, cute and down-to-earth. President Obama is the most endearing president we have had since Bush became president and the the USA in a total mess but it seems as though, people had their blinders on and were wearing hard hats when he was in office. You are a hypocrite

Renee on

This is MY president. I love that he thinks of his family. I love the visions that he has and stands up for the average person in America. Better than Bush, Jr! Gosh, what a mess that idiot left this country!!

Oh and I am UNEMPLOYED. It isn’t this president’s fault. It is the company whom I worked for and Bush, Jr. for making a mess out of the financial and job markets. Oh, and blame the Repub-tards for NOT renewing the extended Unemployment benefits. CONGRESS changed the laws, NOT the President. Might want to get your facts straight!!! You look really dumb when you don’t. ;)

Driane on

How much did the Gap ‘donate’ for that ad?

Susan on

Gee Renee, nothing seems to be Obama’s fault… you said it was congress…. how come it wasn’t congress’s fault when Bush wasn’t president. Keep on believing… Bush wasn’t a good president either but he was a heck of a lot better than Obama. I’m getting tired of voting for the person least likely to do damage….

Lana Davis on

Love Love Love Barack! The sexiest anbd smartest president EVER! Viva americans who votes for him twice, no everything is lost for america, glad there are smart people in here:)

Gwen on

Publicity stunt. Trying to make it look like he is like his constituents. Hmmmmmmm, where can I go shopping with all my handouts?

Kay on

Hey Renee, I was actually reading your post …then I saw you used the word “republic-tard”……just showed your ignorance. Name calling, especially using that word …. And I’m speaking of anything with tard at the end makes you clueless.
I also love George Bush and am very sad for what Mr. Obama has turned this great country into. Maybe some sensitivity classes would help you.

clay on

The idiots that thinks Obama should have time from work to shop shouldn’t have the time themselves to shop,vacation nor the time to be posting their hate Obama remarks. Obama is a down to earth person and not the billionaires puppet like most of the teaparty politians are .

Ick on

Enough already! He is not a celebrity. Neither are any members of the family. I do NOT care! People Magazine, you’re going to lose subscribers with constant stories about BO & family.

Ick on

Response to Renee

The Republicans nor Bush are the reason for your F A T B U T T being unemployed.

proud sister on

Hey Renee, I have a mentally disabled brother and everytime someone shows their intelligence by calling someone a retard or republic-tard or any kind of TARD, I realize that my brother has more class in his little finger than you will ever have. Try to grow up, if you want to point out that you love Obama,that is your choice. Everyone has an opinion of who they like but please, write your thoughts with research, educated opinions without demeaning yourself with off the wall, inane, thoughtless diatribes that hurt anyone who loves someone who has the gift of loving everyone but are clueless that there are mean-spirited people that think they are superior by calling someone a re- TARD. I hope you get more sensitive when you grow up.

Ick on

Response to Kay: LOVE your comment to Renee who we should feel sorry for as she is clearly ignorant and uninformed.
I, too, love Bush and his family. Bush truly loves America. It is very clear that Barack Hussein Obama does NOT care one bit about America and hates all she represents.
Unfortunately, idiots like Renee (and yes, I’ll name call because she deserves it) cannot be reasoned with. She will remain loyal even though all her rights will eventually taken away like the rest of us. Obama’s agenda is to ruin America. I fear for my children’s futures because of him and his administration.

Pat on

He should not be interrupting other people’s shopping that way. I’m sure his security detail had to clear out the store so that he could shop. I would have been so irritated if I had been there trying to shop. Stick to online, Mr. President, so as not to inconvenience the rest of us. Hey, it was your career choice, so deal with the consequences!

Ick on

Response to Clay: You must be related to Renee as your comment is ignorant.

Ick on

Response to both “Guests”: So happy for you that you “feel very privileged to have witnessed” BO’s presidency. He is the most deceptive and divisive president EVER and yes, we all will witness him being exposed for the great liar in chief that he is when Lois Lerner gets busted (not a smidgeon of corruption – – direct quote from BO), the truth comes out about Benghazi (let me guess, you think it’s a “phony scandal”), the NSA (oh, BO knew NOTHING about it. At all.) and so much more. NO trust, NO confidence in BO or his administration. Not my president. End of story.

Truthfinder on

HOW do you people not know that all this is, is a photo opp.
PLEASE tell me that even the Obama kool aid drinkers won’t
cop to that! COME ON…
Can’t wait until our national nightmare is over and Obama is gone for good!

Nancy on

This is for Susan: Clearly not an Obama fan. However, what makes you think he’s different than any other President or politician? They are all the same . . . and they are manufactured by the MEDIA in this country. Do you live under a rock?

Nanu 08 on

Does he ever just WORK? Golfing, vacations, and now shopping….wow! where does he find the time to work????

Tina on

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with President of the USA shopping in the gap. But then I heard he made an appearance on #BetweenTwoFernsWithZachGalifiniakis. Really? There was a time when the only time you saw the US President was when he made his State of the Union Address.

Kate on

Because there is obviously nothing else in the world or the country that needs attending to. All is A-OK, fine and dandy. Roger that!

R on

Something about this smacks of publicity for Gap–another corporation setting up a photo op with the President so we are further blinded to shady corporate practices. Ho, hum…

Susan on

Dawn, perhaps you should look up the word hypocrite. Again, to go to NYC and go to the Gap to buy a souvenir for your 50 yo wife is stupid… my husband would have more sense than that. What corner doesn’t have a Gap? No other president has tried so hard to look like an average guy… must be a reason. I think all politicians are lower than paparazzi… Frankly, I wasn’t a Bush fan either. I’m getting tired of voting for the person that I think will do the least amount of damage. I don’t think I said anything discriminatory so don’t even go there. Sorry, I realize that everyone forgets but the man is as much white as he is black… probably more so since he was raised by his white family. Interesting that you never see pictures of him with his sister, mother and grandparents.

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