Miley Cyrus Forced to Sing In Underpants After Running Out of Time to Put on Her Open-Butt Chaps

03/10/2014 at 04:36 PM ET

Miley Cyrus underwear Karl Larsen/INF; Courtesy @Cyrus_Miley_FR; Justin

We’d like to thank Miley Cyrus for the opportunity to type something we never thought we’d get to in our careers: This headline. The singer, who certainly refuses to bore people with her Bangerz tour wardrobe, took the stage in Milwaukee wearing a new look, a striped and glittery bra-and-bikini set (top right).

Fans speculated that she might have debuted a new costume, but the reality was much more mundane (though somehow slightly more surprising): She just didn’t have time to put on her pants. And rather than signal to the band to play a few more bars while she snapped the few pieces of her normal glittery chaps (left) together, she hit the stage in what she had on — as she clarified on Twitter.

This also isn’t the first time she’s mixed it up with the bottoms to her “23” outfit. Cyrus has also showed off her dance moves in a pair of bedazzled bike shorts (bottom right) that match the outfit’s bikini top. At this point she’d have to show up in jeans and a tee to surprise us, but we do appreciate her commitment to performing no matter what the attire (or lack thereof!).

Are you impressed by Cyrus’s willingness to perforning in a bikini? Think she should ditch the pants altogether? Tell us below!

–Alex Apatoff

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Tina on

Like this is a problem for this twit!!! She goes out of her way to wear nothing but underwear in public.

Tommie on

It’s hard to believe that she pays people a lot of money to get that look. She could shop at a lingerie store and get the same thing.

LuLu on

She’s just foul.

dody on

What’s the big freaking deal….she sang on a cannonball naked??! So sick of this girl and her antics!

SoTrue on

She wasn’t “forced” to do any such thing…she’s an exhibitionist. Lord, I hope she burns out soon.

Dee on

I call BS. It’s just another attempt to ‘shock’. It’s her tour, her band. If she doesn’t give them the go ahead then they can play a bit longer.
She just wants to strut around in her underwear because she thinks she is attractive.
I have a little newsflash for her: those underpants don’t fit her. They’re cutting into her hips in a most unattractive fashion.
Go away and grow up, Smelly.

SacrƩ on

Like the crotchless chaps where going to make any difference anyway. SMH

Ann on

Isn’t this a common thing, running out of time to put your open-butt chaps on?

Sammi on

That’s not much different than what she wears anyway….People grasping at straws again.

Lublake on

SHE’S GROSS!!! That is all

Kristina on

I feel like I have caught something just by looking at pictures of her.

ProudAmericanWoman on

You need to correct your headline- NO ONE is FORCED to sing in their underwear. Forced? Ha!

Juliana on

How is this any different than the million other times she’s been in public in her underwear?

Annabelle on

I think she looks great! It’s just like wearing a bikini. Chill out, people! You wouldn’t harp on a guy if he came out in a speedo and no top to sing, and she’s actually wearing more than that!! She looks fantastic – go, Miley! :)

sick on


Anner on

Ugh!! She is so nasty and gross now. It’s sad what’s happened to her.

Beth on

I wish she would go away, grow up, but never come back. I’m so sick of heršŸ˜

Jimi on

I don’t believe she wore her underwear. It has sparkle and shine, probably sequins and beads. Besides, it’s very unlikely Miley would wear all that extra fabric, she’s more no bra and G-string variety. Its just another one of her stunts to shock everybody.

JJ on

It just looks like a bikini to me I don’t see the big deal if you saw someone wearing that at the beach or at a summer party you would not think anything of it. Take away the chaps and I have seen plenty of facebook pictures of women on vacation looking similar. Its not like she is out shopping in that outfit or performing for young children at a kids show. Lord knows Lady Gaga, Madonna and Katy Perry all do similar outfits to when performing live too. And really she has a cute body and she is young what’s the big deal? If I had her body and her guts I would take risks performing too its not like she plans on being 80 and still doing these performances in those outfits. If people are so threatened by her outfits and antics then try this: Don’t take your daughters to her concert and don’t buy her merchandise or tickets. Its really not that hard. I am sorry you are all so scared of the human female body in underwear. Uh so scary female sexuality!

chrissy on

not sure why any parent would still take their young children to see her shows.

guest on

why not just wait the 45 seconds it takes to get ready

Mark Wrendell on

Miss Piggy…!

Svs on

Flashback ummm be original this is the exact xtina outfit from the dirttty video

guest on

What’s “boring” is seeing her wearing so little, again and again. I’m over it.

Puke on

People – can you add a vomit-faced icon for all the stories about Miley Cyrus and the Kardashians?

Pam on

She’s just trying to look and be as disgusting as possible. She looks so trashy, yuck!

sue on

Why doesn’t she just go naked in Playboy or Hustler and get it over with? She wants us to see her body, so go pose naked Miley and take Rhianna with you!

Pam on

Even my sweet 10 year old niece said she’s changed so much, yuck!

Alison on

I find this hilarious. How is this any different from her normal day-to-day costumes?

LM on

… And she didn’t have any regular pants

Joanna on

oh, come on, she’s young, like we all were once, and full of life.,..give her a break. the world will dull that sparkle soon enough.

jckfmsincty on

Yeah, she’s a real trooper.

Sarah on

Saw her last night in concert in Milwaukee… not the worst thing. Her singing was great… the outfits, not so much. The underwear thing, everyone around me, including my group thought it was a costume. I guess sadly we were wrong.

ciabella on

She is such a disgrace to herself and especially young girls!!

slb on

she is disgusting…disgusting!

Susan on

I can only imagine how diseased she is by now. Severely, permanently damaged goods.

Lyrak on

Oh, my goodness. She had to perform in her underpants? However will her reputation recover? *gasp*

returningdghtr1 on

Didn’t have enough time? I’m sorry – after everything that she has done lately – I just don’t buy it! Not sure where she is getting her fashion tips from, but I get the feeling she’ll wake up 10 years from now cringing from the current styles she’s sporting…

Gross on

She behaves like a common guttersnipe.

freya on

My question is if she run out of vulgar gimmicks and people see her act as predictable and uninspiring WHAT WILL SHE DO NEXT?

Dee on

Impressed??? Why doesn’t she come out naked and just get it over with?!

Annie CH on

yeah, right, she ran out of time. What a sorry excuse for “entertainment”!
It’s only a question of time before the news on her is in the crash and burn mode. Sad, sad, sad.

Jessica on

You never thought you’d write something like this? Um, so you not remember Marky Mark? He only performed in underwear. I’m assuming Mark Wahlberg was atop the headlines during that period of time.

Joellen on

Who cares! Her only talent is walking around trying to be raunchy. It will only take her so far.

Nikki on


Ebrena on

I don’t know maybe Miley is planning her next profession as gyrating stripper exhibition dancer to put on her resume. If her performance is to shock everyone-she has. If it is to separate herself from the young fans who made her mega bucks-she has. If it is to show Hemsworth what he is missing-she has. If she is doing it for daddy-she has. I hear “oh Miley is just being Miley” is a silly thing to say. She is diddling herself in front of all her audience- isn’t that indecent exposure and masturbating in public?

Lacey on

People please stop writing about this trash and let her go back to the trailer park.

Nanu 08 on

Maybe her goal is to perform in the NUDE so don’t be surprised……….her costumes are rather boring so time for a change maybe as there is really nothing there to see.

C on

And this is supposed to be a role model for young girls? Sure she has confidence, but we don’t want to see every girl running around in their underwear..

debbie on

she’s such a hoe! Have some self respect.

Becca on

Oh brother…just another GaGa, Madonna, Brittany, Cher, etc….The list goes on & on. It’s all for “shock value.”

Debra on

DISGUSTING! That is all.

angie on

“Forced”??? She would sing naked if she was allowed to. This girl is an exhibitionist but worse, she’s trashy!! She and a few of her annoying friends (namely the Kartrashians) should just go away and never come back!!

Lisa Horan on

I’m not a Miley fan, but I’ve seen less on the Victoria’s Secret models in commercials and to me it looks more like a bathing suit. So why people are grossed out is beyond me.

Kaira on

I understand Miley went about changing who she is in the wrong way with being a tween idol and all early in her career but she is a great artist and had she just started out in the entertainment business the way she is now just like numerous other celebrities no one would have ever batted an eye or talk her down so much. I think you people are just jealous….who is making the big bucks?! not you!

Just Sayin on

She has no class. Simple as that.

K. on

Yes Miley, yes…Sickening is an understatement…seriously…

mirm on

Shes got everything she wanted. Your all talking about her right. You haven’t realized she doesn’t create this stuff her managers do. It keeps her in the spot lite. You dont like it dont watch it. But like I said your all tatalking about it……

Morgan on

She grosses me out. A lot.

Mickey on

Considering what she does wear as outfits, I doubt that it would make a difference. Really tired of her, and her antics. I actually like her voice, and some of her music. But, I would never go to a concert … she is just too interested in showing off her skin than her musical talents.

Kathy on

She’s so disgusting! I’m so sick of looking at articles and pics oh her. Go away ugly boy !

A Runnaroundd Life on

Hey, here’s a thought, Miley. Wear real clothes to begin with so you don’t have to run onstage in your underwear. I don’t get it. Does anyone get it? Ugh.

nikita on

You can fool some of the people some of the time**********

Rob on

All chaps are buttless, otherwise they would be pants.

Ree on

Can we stop saying ‘open-butt’ ‘crotchless’ and ‘assless’ chaps? All chaps have an open butt/crotch, otherwise they’re just pants. Stop trying to make them more scandalous. And can she just PLEASE fall off the face of the earth? Trash bird.

gretchentbutler on

My little girls who know her as Hannah Montana saw her on a magazine and asked who it was. They were surprised and said, “She’s gross.” I’m just glad my girls get why I won’t let them watch her or listen to her music. Sad that she is making these choices.

D on

Miley is beginning to look more like a freak performing in a circus

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