Exclusive Photos: Jennifer Aniston's Stylist Dishes On Whether She's Used to the Bob (and What Was Up With Those Extensions)

02/20/2014 at 04:49 PM ET

Jennifer Aniston hair Living ProofCourtesy Living Proof

How smart is Jennifer Aniston? Her role as an investor in Living Proof haircare means she gets tons of super-luxe blowouts (for work, of course) and lots of quality time with her BFF Chris McMillan. And we have an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at photos from her most recent shoot for the brand‘s ad campaign for PHD Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as some hair scoop from her longtime stylist McMillan — including whether she’s adjusted to her recent short cut. (After all, she did add extensions recently.)

Since McMillan was there for the big chop, who better to dish on how it went down? “Jen cut her hair because she wanted a change. It was a spur of the moment decision but she’s really happy with it,” he says. And as for her initial reaction (“The minute I cut my hair I want it back. Always. It’s a guarantee. I’m trying really hard to love this one,” she told Elle UK) he says she’s totally digging it now. “It’s common to be unsure about a major hair change right after it happens. You look in the mirror for a week or so and forget you look different! It was definitely an adjustment but she loves it.”

So what was with those extensions we saw a few weeks ago? “The extensions were just for a project she was working on!” he says. “She only had them for a few days while shooting.”

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Jennifer Aniston hair Living ProofCourtesy Living Proof

For the photoshoot, Aniston is still sporting her old haircut, giving it the full wind-machine/model treatment. She looks fab, but seeing the old cut makes us realize how much we’re into the new cut — it’s a fun, fresher look for the actress, so we’re glad to hear that she’s now loving it short.

And though we’re not quite prepared to assign deeper meaning to Aniston’s bob, McMillan says that a haircut does say a lot about a person. “A haircut often conveys someone’s personality,” he shares. “If they just get a trim regularly then they are often consistent, have found a style that works with them and sticks to it. For someone who gets dramatically different cuts every time, they are often more spontaneous and like to try new things. However, none of this is true in Hollywood where hair, like clothing and make-up, changes for roles, particular special events or just to create a new look!”

What are your most recent thoughts on Aniston’s hair? Have you tried the Living Proof products? Tell us below!

–Alex Apatoff, reporting by Michelle Tan

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Showing 37 comments

Ugn on

Another article about her HAIR?!?!?!
She is 45 and the only thing people have to say about her involves her average hair. How pathetic.

june on

Didn’t she say she damaged it with Brazilian treatment? She can’t keep her stories straight.
What do fans see in her?
All she talks about is her hair, body, hair again, Friends, hair again…..zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Teknosbeka on

Wow that fake hair is gorgeous and natural looking.

Sonja on

Is Jennifer Anniston known for anything other than her hair and love life?

Janie on

Her fcuking hair again. What’s so great about her hair anyway? They are not hers. She has extension.

Marcia on

Her PR guy can’t string people along anymore with “Is she pregnant?” And it doesn’t look like she’s getting married. So that leaves her hair. Zzzzzz

pat on

Jennifer Aniston is a lot more than the hair. I have been around celebrities all my life and they are just people. For all of you haters out there, “Quit clicking on articles like this.” Jen is not just a babe, “Jen is The Babe.”

Annie on

I have never read so much “jealousy” in my life. Wow, ladies
she is 45 and looks fantastic. IF you do not like her that is fine but then why do you read any and all articles about her. I think she is great . The fact that she has tons of friends and people who work for her speaks volumes about her……go figure !

Gina on

Hair hair hair hair-show your body-hair hair hair. She is so boring. A man with her can’t really want much in a woman.

guest on

can’t read article or look at pics. or read comments. my own opioned, very jealous, of brad pitt and angie in their lovely tux combo.. they look great. sorry, jen you are not in their caterogoy. someone don’t comment on spell. it’s my computer. so there.. brad and angie conquer, jen, blahhhhhh..

Belinda Holbrook on

She is so boring at this point!!

Patti on

What a shock, Aniston talking about hair, next it will be yoga, tanning and laser porn.
Theroux must be so glad to be filming in NYC, poor beggar, must be bored out of his tiny mind.

Marcia on

The break up cover story should come any day now. Headshot of JA, “Jen Faces the Future.” The story will say that she and Theroux remain friends, but they loved opposite coasts and couldn’t make a go of it. JA is finding comfort in yoga, Courteney Cox and upcoming movie projects. She hopes to direct one day. The End.

Patti on

These Ads could not play in England, because a product has to prove it does what it claims.
Her is skim is leathery and she is always pictured coming out of a skin care place, that don’t sell six dollar cream.
Her hair is destroyed from over twenty years of bleaching and extensions, why do you think she have to cut it.
Plastic bottles filling up the landfills.
Every thing about her is fake, nose, breast, hair and eye color, if her lips are moving she is lying.

june on

Annie, no one is jealous of her.
I would hate to be 45 and the only interesting thing about me was my hair! I’d be embarrassed.
What is there to be jealous of besides her money? Not her average looks, bland personality, free loader boyfriend, racist BFFs like C.Handler, bad acting,….the list goes on.

sas on

She should never cut her hair. Her hair is her signature trademark. She’s beautiful with long hair.

Dina on

The only thing this woman is worthy to talk is about her hair !!! WTF is wrong with her? Does she do anything to help the needy, cancer research, support the troops, I mean, really, nothing about her???

Dee on

I can relate. I recently chopped off my naturally curly hair. It was just below my shoulders, I got it cut really short. I now wish I didn’t do it. I know it will take time to adjust but the adjustment period is killing me.

Jane on

One of the terms I wish could be banished from conversation is “hater”. Or if you don’t agree or like someone’s behavior or looks, then that person is “jealous”. Hating someone you have never met is a waste of time, so it is silly to think that someone on the internet “hates” a stranger. Just don’t have the time or energy for such silliness.

I just personally don’t find her attractive nor do I think she has such great hair. I have never understood the fuss over her hair. There are so many more women and even men for that matter that have better hair. Her’s just seems over processed and thin, since she (like so many others) relies on extensions for length and body. So, just not something to be “jealous” of.

barbara hawkins on

I did not see a pic of a new short cut? where is it?

Karen on

The 2nd pic is confusing. It looks like she has only one leg. Can someone explain what Im not seeing??

Justlllly on

Well she is a business woman ,who selling her product to the public . That is how the corporate world work. Sorry for some of you getting jealous becuase a woman is running it.

Jenna on

Her hair gets better press than her “acting” reviews.

Kiki on

R people going to still wonder if she’s pregnant when she ‘s 50? That’s just 5 years,. She’ll be going thru menopause!!!!

Raul on

She’s a loser. Doesn’t have a career.
It only remains to talk about your hair … and hair as false as your nose.
The queen of botox.

rachel on

such a ego for doing nothing with her life. she needs to disappear like the kardashian. loser for life. no amount of hair product is going to fix your fake personality

Justlllly on

Her twenty years continues career non stop according to losers is not a career? It must be in Bermuda !

me on

Uggghhhh, I can’t stand her! She is so talentless. She can’t act her way out of a paper bag!! Every single role she plays is Rachel!!

K. on

She vain, vain, vain!

Becky on

I’m not a huge fan of Jennifer Anniston and/or the media bubble that surrounds her. I don’t know her so I certainly don’t go out of my way to get wrapped up in the rumors. I will say, I’ve tried the Loving Proof Products (from Ulta) and they work real well for my hair and I will continue to use them. Kinda pricey, but I notice you don’t have to use very much product and it does make a difference. Just got my hair colored and the stylist and teacher at the academy both said my hair was In Great condition and no need to up sell.

Jan on

Her hair has been the same for 20 years so she obviously likes it. She’s not known for making changes in her life, other than dating partners. She doesn’t do anything except what she’s always done….fixes her hair, yoga, dating, movies. That’s Jen and that’s all there is to write about. Boring.

Trish on

Maybe I’m missing something, but she had a bob before. Back on Friends, in fact I think it was shorter if not the same length she has now. Either people forgot she’s had the bob before or it wasn’t a big deal like how it was then

justllllly on

if you look the whole year in hollywood, you can’t find as down to earth as Jen and a very wisdom actress.

justllllly on

She nail the character of “Rachel” She put that that character in history. Even some like the above poster who watch it many times, can’t get out his/her head.

Oliver07 on

I agree with all of you —/ BIG snooze alert. Her pr people are in bed big with People. So sad.

I needed something to help me fall back asleep. This worked ! Yay

AnistonNeverCalledOUT on

Why is this woman never called out for her shameless PR? Just from reading People Rag, you can keep track of her fakery and blatant PR moves. I feel she takes advantage of her still sore loser supporters by asking them to buy her celebrity perfume (while saying she’s ‘not one for scents’), buy her haircare line (after her hairdresser admits she’s always worn extensions and gets a Brazillian permanent relaxer – which damaged her hair which is why she cut it off he said before, NOT because she wanted ‘a change’) and now she’s asking her lemmings to buy her drugstore lotions and potions after always being caught exiting a ‘facial clinic,’ in Beverly Hills and admitting to the press she’s into what she called looking for ‘laser p*rn’ on the web (shopping for latest greatest skin lasers). She’s always been one big contradiction, and dishonest. All image and very little substance.

jan on

you just can’t make her pretty, no matter what you do

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