Kim Kardashian Wears Leather Legging Boots Under a Leather Skirt (Because Why Not)

02/13/2014 at 01:08 PM ET

Kim Kardashian legging bootsX17 Online; Inset: Courtesy Net a Porter

When we first saw the “Sweet Revenge” legging/boot hybrid from Tamara Mellon‘s debut shoe collection under her own name, we had two key reactions. First: Wow, the person who buys those is seriously brave. And second: How would one style those, exactly? Leave it to Kim Kardashian to address both of those points in her uniquely special way.

If the star wasn’t so faithful about documenting, in minute detail, her #OOTD every day on Instagram, we might have thought these were just knee-high boots under her second-skin ruffled and ruched Givenchy skirt — but no, they go all the way to her waist. While this leather-on-leather layering might have been a creative way to beat the cold and snow at New York Fashion Week, it’s a truly bold choice for L.A., where temperatures have been in the mid-70s all week.

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Mellon, the former chief creative officer for Jimmy Choo, described her buzzworthy $1,995 boots as “a thigh boot that pulls right up into a legging.” They’re 100% leather and come in sizes S/M or M/L. And we are feeling incredibly sticky and chafe-y just thinking about cramming those under a tight leather skirt. But Kim doesn’t appear to be sweating it (so to speak), so more power to her.

What do you think about Kim’s unique styling choices? How would you wear those boots? Would you wear those boots? Tell us below!

–Alex Apatoff

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Showing 76 comments

K. on

This woman needs to disappear for a while and do some thinking about what she has been and is doing in a place AWAY from her family. I have no respect for her whatsoever.

Ld on

She looks really uncomfortable!

Canada1 on

Well, there’s another 30 seconds of my life I’ll never get back…can’t believe I read this stuff about the most boring, self sbsorbed, uninteresting (well, except for her fashion choices) person out there.

Julia on

Oh that’s never been done before! “Not”!!!!!!!!

Guest on

She looks fantastic!!!! You all need to stop ragging on her! If you don’t like her then why do you read articles that are about her? Get a life!

Sammi on

ugh, no one wants to see her. Stop kissing her gigantic butt and taking money from her

Freedom Baby on

I read articles to rag on her!!!! LMAO

karmagirl on

Just proves that all the money in the world doesn’t buy good fashion sense.

MyOpinion on

She must have the smelliest cooch on the planet.

Brandi on

I didn’t know she posted pictures of her outfits EVERYDAY on instagram…WOW. Might have been a smart move if she was wearing items from her clothing line to promote it but something tells me she’s not wearing anything from the Kardashian Kollection…lol. As for this outfit, that’s a LOT of leather and I can’t imagine that being comfortable at all (one word cimes to mind….chaffing)!! The skirt is unique and could be pulled off nicely if it were paired with the right shoes and top. Kim has said that she’ll get Kanye’s approval for her outfits and that she’ll change into something else if he doesn’t like what she’s wearing…lol he’s no Tom Ford so she needs to stop listening to him and go back to the stylist she had before they started dating.

Pnut on

Wait a second–these $2000 boot/legging things come in S/M and M/L?? How does that work–they’re SHOES?!

MyOpinion on

Her kitty probably smells like a bag of rotted onions.

Brandi on

@MyOpinion…lol we get it. Please don’t keep going there…yuck.

amy on

Please someone let her know that clothes come in adult sizes. She can stop trying to shove herself into kid sizes. She must store a spatula and cooking spray or butter in her closet to get in and or out of each outfit.

sosick on

she is fat

DLT on

This is my kind of apparel.

Bettie on

Why does she buys things that are too small for her?

Christine on

The woman is losing it more every day. Poor North West?

Gh on

Kim, your style is whack! Hang it up!

os on

this ho would wear anything

Sachi on

Skirt + boot/leggings = too fat to pull off the boot leggings

oneortheother on


Guest on

Imagine all that preparation and styling for a 30 second walk in and out of the car. If you’re trying to be a fashion icon, paparazzi photos should not be the only channel used to persuade the public or show-off. But in her case, she’s got to resort to whatever she can get b/c she has no legitimacy or footing in the industry. Sad.

Lu on

I think it’s past time for Kim to come to terms with the fact that she isn’t 5’10” and 135lbs. She only looks so crazy all of the time because she refuses to dress in clothes that will flatter her body. You bought that body, Kim, time for more chic and less freak!

Nikki on

I love the look actually!

Dina on

She must be on drugs by wearing this !!!! WTF is she thinking??? Wrong KKK, um sorry, KK.

Susan on

That looks awful. Too tight all around. Give that girl some cotton to BREATHE in!

Seabot on

If it weren’t for the stupid leggings, she’d actually look pretty decent and the outfit would be semi-flattering. Even without the ridiculous all over leather look, the leggings/boots bunch at the ankle and destroy the leg line.

roundtown on

That’s gotta STINK!!

Denise on

I can’t stand the K’s but I want to see what they were talking about because — stop the presses this is nothing new. I actually had 2 pair of these “legging boots” many moons ago in my early 20’s. I was asked to wear them to see if they would “be a hit”, Needless to say, people were curious, but they did not become a hit the company had hoped they would. They were to awkward and they were uncomfortable.

Lana on

So much improperly fitting leather. She should really start dressing for her shape instead of pretending she’s a tall, lanky supermodel.

Oft on

She looks like 10 lbs of potatoes stuffed in a 5 lb bag!

courtney on

quit paying attention to useless people like The KARDASHIANS & Ciara and revert back to talented ones like the Cast of the movie Winter’s Tale

Theresa on

How dead cow does a person need on at one time?

Sarah on

Sigh. This woman has developed the absolute worst style over the past couple of years. She constantly chooses tacky outfits that don’t flatter her body. Just because it’s an expensive designer brand doesnt necessarily mean it looks good!

ashley on

So many haters. If you dont like her, dont click. Its not like she wrote the article herself.

heather on

I think the legging boots are odd and I don’t think they should be in very many people’s wardrobes, but damn, she looks good. Her body looks good!

Hockeymom on

Enough of the leather and fur already?
Isn’t this the same Kardashians who did a spread for PETA?
You can be stylish without being cruel to animals!

kardashianhater on

a pig wearing too much cow.

ebrena on

Since it got her picture in People Magazine-she knows what she’s doing.

Devara on

That looks sweaty.

happy Valentine on

The legging/boots are cute by themselves. The skirt should’ve been worn w/something else.

tcvajv on

to Guest who said she looked great…..sure does, until she turns sideways or around and you see that huge behind.

noelle on

she needs a few sizes BIGGER clothes

NC on

Ugly skirt.

Zer on

I click on these stories for the same reason people rubberneck on the highway…because you know she’s going to be wearing something ridiculous that is completely inappropriate for her. For such a wealthy and pretty woman, she has absolutely no sense of what looks good on her. Just because they make it doesn’t mean you should wear it.

Judy on

Awful outfit

Cali on

I am so thankful I have an honest sister that would take one look at me in that outfit and say, “I love u but, no!!”

hessa on

IMHO, this skirt would look better with the ruffle running down the side, and paired with an interesting peep toe stilettos, with a pop of color!!! But the leather on leather is just too much, too overdone, just like her….and what is up with that slicked down hair “don’t”? She is a cartoon character and too clownish in her appearance…she is pretty if she would just tone it down and be a bit more understated like her sisters!

murf on

Just go away…….far, far away!

Janet697 on

she still looks like a 2 cent hooker

timmy on

her boobs are hanging a little low! all the money she has she cant get a bra that perks them babies up?

A T on

it amazes and me how she can take such expensive clothes and make them look so cheap.!.. why is she famous?.. she’s nothing..

Guest on

If she were too fat then you would see her stomach bulging above the waistline of the skirt. Everyone that is talking negatively about her is just jealous. Whether you like it or not she is a very successful business woman and has done very well for herself. If people really thought that badly of her then the paparazzi wouldn’t be following her everyday. Get over yourselves and grow up.

jckfmsincty on


bettty on

How do you go to the bathroom with that? she probably is wearing a nappy on that fat butt of hers..

Catherine on

I’m not a serious animal rights advocate or anything, but when you see this you can’t help wondering how many animals had to die so that she could shove her fat self into such a ridiculous getup. NO ONE would look good in this outfit, let alone Kim Kardashian.

GP Stoll on

That’s pretty dam fugly.

Stephanie Morales on

She looks fabulous! I wouldn’t wear them but she pulled it off.

McSassy on

She looks Great!

debbie on

I like Kim but that man she is with has changed her! He needs to go or have a wake up call!

sahali on

She looks like she’s wearing a diaper! Ick……just…ick.

gardenboy on

I know that when a woman has given birth, something strange can happen to her front bottom,but this is ridiculous..!!!!!

Mary on

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW! Please shoot me now! Enough already…………..

Amy on

The thing that really bothers me is that it calls her a star. Of what? A reality show and a sex video

Nanu 08 on

Kim has lost her looks since she had her baby so maybe its time for her to retire from trying to always be in the spotlight and concentrate on just being a mom and a housewife….she always looks raggy-n-haggy…..

Terri on


jamie on

Okay, the only question that comes to mind is how do you clean them. Because honestly leather near a vagina, there is going to be a smell lingering around…….

KdgMom on

I do like Kim. It’s sad that others hate her so much, I would think she would get depressed reading all this hate. It seems to me she is trying to prove that she can get her body “back” after having a baby. Most celebrities do this, their job is to look “good” even if that means doing it with unhealthy habits. The problem I have with this family is, and I think it comes from their mother, is that they all want the spotlight. They all want to be noticed. So posting pics of yourself every day in these ridiculous outfits allows people to keep talking about her. Does anyone know, does this family donate ANY of their millions to any charities?? Alot of celebrities do this as well, giving back to their community. Just curious…

Marie on

How does this woman have a clothing line when she has no fashion sense at all?

Tina on

That’s just ridiculous. She must be sweatin’ up a storm in the Nether-region.

blair on

I bet she is sweaty and stinky…..

JJ Bukie on

I would totally buy those boots if I had money to throw away like that. So more power to her if she, not only, can afford it, but have the figure to pull all off! Heck, I’m in the process of crocheting boots like that, albate it’s going to look more like a really high Uggs, in cotton. And sure, it will be at the end of summer when I’m finished. So I’m going to totally rock it in September! :-D

Poppy Panache on

She has enough money…she should seriously consider hiring a personal stylist..a good one. But on the other hand, I guess if she likes it, who am I to criticize. I really try to live by the “to each his or her own” rule. Just my personal opinion..hire a personal shopper/personal stylist, Kimmy!

DM on

I have one comment to make but the words won’t get on…it seems People is obsessed with KK & we the idiots still comment…she’ll never go away until we stop commenting on what she does daily..STUPID!!!

meg on


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