The Bob Is Back! Jennifer Aniston Ditches Her Hair Extensions

02/12/2014 at 08:40 PM ET

Jennifer Aniston ditches hair extensionsGreg Tidwell/Pacific Coast News; Brian Virgo/AOL

Jennifer Aniston is sticking by her bob (and keeping hairstylist Chris McMillan very busy). The actress has taken out her extensions!

Earlier this month, Aniston made waves when she stepped out sporting longer locks at Portia de Rossi’s birthday party just a few weeks after she debuted her initial short cut. At the time, some speculated the longer locks were for an ad for one of her endorsement deals. But her edgy bob is already back in action. On Monday, Aniston attended the The Makers Conference in Ranchos Palos Verdes, Calif., to interview author and activist Gloria Steinem, and she was sporting her short asymmetrical style again.

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“I don’t know, man. I did it! I feel great,” she told Vogue of her bob last year. “I feel lighter. It’s simple, it’s really simple, that’s for sure. But I’m always one of those girls who does a big old chop just to get it really healthy, to repair all the [damage from] hair coloring and stuff like that.”

“And I just got bored, honestly,” she added. “It’s fun to change it up once in awhile.”

Which Jen hairstyle is your favorite? Share your thoughts below!

–Brittany Talarico

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John Marlin on

Besides Jessica Alba & Eva Longoria, has there been a more untalented actor than Jennifer Aniston

me on

I love Jennifer and think she’s very talented! This hair is SO cute on her. Here comes the hate though.

em on

I think she is quite talented but needs to get out of her comfort zone and try a dramatic role. Something gut wrenching.

Carolyn on

She strikes me as nice but boring.

Jane on

And will there be another story when she puts the extensions back in. Enough with the hair already.

Eli on

I agree. She is not a good actress. She was OK on Friends because she was playing the same character for 10 years and certainly had enough practice but I haven’t seen her in anything else where she hasn’t been terrible. She is basically a hot bod and hair and nothing else.

johannah99 on

I wouldn’t call it a bob…it’s longer than that…..I love the way it is now!! She looks awesome!! She looks amazing with the shorter length!! I think she should keep it shorter…

johannah99 on

and, oh, BTW, if you don’t have anything nice to say……..STFU!!

Judy on

She is pretty, but I am tired of hearing about her.

Aud on

Wow, what a change. o_O

Dude on

Cripes people can be so critical. Everything she has been in has been entertaining to me. Beautiful woman. Her comedic acting is very good which is a skill in itself

Amp88 on

I actually prefer the shorter length hair on Jennifer. It makes her look younger (though she still looks young with the long hair). :)

Doris Gill on

Honestly, I don’t care what her hair is doing!!! She is just someone who acts. It is nothing special and what she does with her hair or anythingelse is none of my concern. I’m only commenting because it annoys me that so many people care what she does. You can walk the streets everyday an see women just as pretty and probably just as nice.

trena on

I don’t understand the fascination with her???

Amaryllis on

I doubt they were hair extensions. Hair extensions ruin your hair. It was most likely a hair piece put in for the evening.

Mo-Jo on

WHO CARES ?!?!? Don’t get what all the fuss is about this chick. Completely boring and probably very needy . . . which is why EVERY SINGLE GUY she dates runs for the hills after awhile. I guarantee you that she will never get married.

alan on

I think she needs to either getmarried already to this guy or move on

Kristan on

THIS is the top story on People? It’s like North West has just rolled over! I loved Jennifer on Friends but she’s a really mediocre big screen actress. I bet she’s a really nice person but enough already!!

Moudsie on

I don’t think she can do anything other than comedies–she’s pretty much one dimensional.

Moudsie on

She’s pretty much one-dimensional–I doubt she can do a “heavy” role.

Moudsie on

She’s pretty much one-dimensional–doubt she could carry off a “heavy” role.

Apples The Mule on

Hair extensions now a haircut?! I’m dying to find out what will happen next!

Kate on

Top story? Really?!

vladimir on

She is a beautiful lady and she appears very nice it is sad that she is attracted to losers that that nice not wealthy males have no chance meeting her.

Annie on

Is there nothing to talk about her except her hair, which by the way is really ugly. Well, maybe because she has an ugly face.

Hazel on

Her Aveeno commercial just proves how lousy an actress she is!! YIKES!!

Sammi on

OMG! Thanks for this top story about vanilla Jennifer…..

anon on

Yeah John, she’s only made a bazillion movies. Nah, not successful at all. Constant endorsements, continuous movies…yep, she’s washed up and nobody wants to hire her. You have obviously been a recluse. Just saying…proof is in the pudding and she isn’t hurting for money or work.

Smithy on

Please keep us updated on any bikini waxes, eyebrow shaping and leg shaving. This is riveting sheet.

Hazel on

Her Aveeno commercial just proves how lousy an actress she is!! And that’s not a bob…that’s a greasy mess! YIKES!!

dzyjne on

Boy! I wish this is the only problem I have in life. Extensions or no extensions…oh the horror!

bettyann greco on

she has nothing else going on in her life so she focusses on her hair. her boy friend spends time with his buddies on her birthday #1 clue the party is almost over for the two of them and the #2 she will make the supreme sacrifice and adopt a baby she is getting too old to have one the natural way #3 she is not choosy about her films anything for a buck like she reallys needs the $$$$. give much thought to your life and what you want to do not what someone else wants.

Ioana on

She was great in “The Good Girl” for those who want to see her in a more “dramatic” role

joseph g mattera on

not matter what she does; always a class act……….

Iona on

So pretty! She looks great. Change is hard, I cut off my hair by 5 inches and I’m still getting use to it.

joseph g mattera on

hey moderator stop screwing with our fist amendment you commie bastard………

joseph g mattera on

hey moderator stop screwing with our fist amendment you neo Nazi commie bastard………

Maryanne on

And I suppose Mr. Martin you are very talented. Jennifer is a very good comedic actress and has the bank account to prove it.

Jennifer on

Most read????

Prnzez on

zzzzzzzz What I want to know is if she’s ever going to get married?

Marie on

10:30 am: This just in, Jenn just changed her shirt.

Annoyed on

Some of you trolls never let up. Say what you will but Jennifer was great on Friends and none of you can call her ugly. What’s wrong with you people?

candy on

WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

john mac on

Jen’s a real doll. One of hollywood’s finest., John Marlin, you are way off base my man.

Jamie on

It might look better on Bob.
Seriously, longer hair softens her rigid bone structure/jawline

K. on

Good grief…

dixie on

No matter what she is wearing (or not), how she cuts her stringy hair, or who she is befriending that week…….whenever I see a photo of Jennifer Aniston, I instantly connect her face with Mr. Ed, the horse.

Neese38 on

Love Jennifer’s new shorter hair. How can any man want to run his fingers through fake hair extensions?

kellyf on

Mercy, has there ever been so much discussion about someone’s hair? People JUST reported the other day that she’s filming a movie, she probably had to put the extensions in for filming. Case closed. Everyone go home.

And I thought the discussion about her missing PSH’s funeral was absurdly inappropriate. Everyone knows the media circus that follows her every move (i.e. extension-gate), so if she’d gone, it would totally have interrupted his family and friends mourning. No one wants to enter a loved ones funeral by having to step around the paparazzi waiting for Jennifer Aniston. I just assumed that she stayed away to avoid that and let Justin mourn his friend without having that around.

dixie on

Kellyf – There were likelly many, many more “celebriies” at PSH’s funeral such that the media would not likely have been drawn to JA other than for a quick “I was there” shot…..Good grief- you make JA seem like she’s the most sought after actress on the planet. Now THAT would be comedic satire at its best.

Bill on

Let’s have a chat room to discuss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

al shea on

she lied on a talk show, that she was getting topless in wanderlust ,they blurred it out.she’s 45 now and better drop her clothes or she will be looking for guest spots on the biggest loser

tony on

Devastating either way!

Alex on

I don’t fault her. She can’t help it. She has that All-American look and she’s a little controversial. That sells gossip rags at the super market. If it didn’t, you wouldn’t see her on them all the time. Do you, really think that people who buy those mags care about depth and substance?

Lisi on

I like her hair better without the extensions!!!!

Patti on

Ladies & Gentleman, This is SHORTER hair, not short hair!!!

Dan Barnhart on

I love Jennifer Anniston, I always wanted to meet her, cause she seems so sweet. I have to be her biggest fan. I watch everything she is in, she could be bald and still look like a million dollars. Her personality shines through her smile, my biggest dream is to meet her one day and become her “friend” I watch the reruns everyday. I love you Jen!!!

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