Kanye West's $245 Nike Sneakers Sell Out, Reach More Than $16 Million on eBay

02/10/2014 at 03:00 PM ET

Kanye West Nike SneakersCourtesy Nike; Inset:George Napolitano/FilmMagic

Some people really want to walk in Kanye West’s shoes. The rapper’s new collaboration with Nike — his Air 2 Red October sneakers — sold out in hours Sunday (no surprise), and they’ve already hit eBay (also, not surprising). But the current bidding price for Yeezy’s kicks did manage to surprise us (as in, jaws on the floor): £10,000,000 or roughly $16.4 million.

Nike announced on Twitter Sunday that that shoes were on sale, retailing for $245. And they sold out so quickly that the eBay sales started almost immediately. The sneakers are all red and feature gold embellishments on the laces (not real gold, although for the price people are willing to pay, you’d think it was.)

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The most ridiculous listing on eBay shows the top bid at more than 16 million bucks, but more sales have been popping up with “Buy It Now” prices as low as about £3,500.00 (about $5,748), which seems like a total steal by comparison!

What do you think of West’s new shoe? Would you splurge on it? Share your thoughts below!

–Brittany Talarico

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Amy on

I’m sorry that so many people have such bad taste and are willing to waste so much money on a pair of sneakers.

Pink on

Forget the $16M price…I wouldn’t even pay the $245. For sneakers?! No thanks. God Bless capitalism.

Anna on

First off, I wouldn’t wear these sneakers if they were free. They are horrendous. Secondly, even if I semi liked them, I wouldn’t allow myself to contribute to this man’s wealth. Not a cent of mine has been spent on anything West/Kardashian.

Jesse on

I wouldn’t pay 10 cents for these things. Anyone spending that much on sneakers should re-examine their priorities.

peoplereader on

I wouldn’t buy anything to do with him or the Kardashian family!



CJ on

I hope they are donating that money to a good cause. Otherwise whoever spent that kind of money is just a rich idiot. You can change a lot of people’s lives for 16 million dollars!

Brooke on

People sicken me. Kanye West is shallow and greedy for associating his name with these overpriced sneakers, and the buying public are shallow, materialistic consumers for spending that kind of money on those shoes which probably cost 5 bucks to make. People are homeless and starving in the world. If you have that kind of cash to burn, why not buy a $40 pair of sneakers and donate the other $205-16mil to a charitable cause?

lu on

ok yall wouldn’t buy them so what its their money they can do what makes THEM happy

guest on

! hard to believe.. sigh. IF (I’m not!) I was willing to pay $245 for these shoes, I would not pay a penny more !

Lisa on

The top bid was no doubt from Kanye trying to create his own buzz…. thanks for assisting that Ackjass, People!

whateveryousay on

this society is in the s h it t e r

Katie on

$16 million. No way. I wouldn’t put it past Kanye to have Kim or someone else put them up on Ebay and then he “pays”$16 million just to get them in the news and hype them up. I believe Ebay takes a little bit from what is paid by someone (maybe I am wrong), but basically the publicity would be worth the huge price tag. Who knows, maybe someone is crazy enough to pay for it.

Carol on

Shame on Nike for giving this looser a platform to make even more money that he doesn’t deserve!

Jenny! on

Who supports this guy and wants to be a fan!! He is childish and annoying

Elsa on

As a whole, we Americans, need to get our priorities straight. Squandering money on frivolous things, such as these shoes, is a shame. We need to get away from a materialistic world and let our spiritual life become our main focus.

Anne on

Fools and their money are soon partied. No sneakers are worth near that price just because an idiot has his name on it like Kanye West…..

yaya on


Amaryllis on

I wouldn’t take a pair of those for free . . . unless I could sell them. Damn those are ugly.

Annie on

Why do I have a feeling he’s bidding for his own shoes?

Sue Tarlton on

I Don’t Even Half To Say Anything I Personally Think Everyone Eles had said it just Fine!😊

Danielle on

$245 is doable. Jordans and other shoes are costing way more.

Shantel on

Let the tax money rolll in..lol! How stupid! These shoes suck and are not worth it. Im sure men everywhere are skipping out on child support this month in order to buy these.

Maddie on

Kanye West is a piece of s h 1 t. Whether it’s him making these ugly shoes no one can afford (including his young fans) or her whining about her hair color and her closets, it all is just so disgustingly shallow. The more materialistic the better, I guess. Sad that these people are looked up to and admired. How about donating that money from those stupid shoes to hungry kids or school lunches for kids, or anything worth while.

Phyl on

This is pretty sick! (But aren’t all the groupies connected with the
Kardashians. You gotta be pretty low-life to have anything to do with them.) AND…. the people who make these dumb shoes only get paid 5o cents and hour! Yes, that’s right. I wouldn’t touch these
or take them if they were given to me. This is what happens when we buy or produce stuff in other countries. Our workers are out the job of making the shoes and no one cares, one way or the other. Nike’s and all not “made in America” should be avoided and not bought!

kate on

Okay a) no one with that kind of money would need to resort to ebay to get a pair of yeezys and b) no one with that kind of money would BUY a pair of yeezys

So this must be some kind of scam

Judy on

It’s just so so sad,what a pathetic world we live in.First off this guy has proven his ignorance,which I don’t even consider him a man or human being.But he sure is grinning his nasty Satan face at all you dumb added who paid for these stupid shoes.Just keep playing into the Kartrashin/Maybe Worthless Fund.You think he cares about any of you.ROFL!!! FOOLS!!!!!!

Mr G. on

If I was a Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey circus clown in need of completing my clown outfit I might buy a pair but that’s about it. You really have to be an idiot to wear these things.

Lilyflower on

He’s charging $245 for those ugly things? Kanye has lost his damn mind.

grandhuff on

With all the theft and violence involved in the youth wanting to have ‘only the best’ sneaker. So many youths are attacked by thugs (of all races), to steal their ‘high-end’ sneakers. Some have been killed. It is very irresponsible of kanye to create a shoe most people can’t afford. Of course, since when as he been responsible?

Icon on

Well, they are not bad looking for the younger set. I imagine tweens, teens and possibly twenty something sneaker-heads loving this. I am just not a sneaker-head and its much too loud for my taste. But, God bless those who took to these like authentic Jesus sandals. I hope it brings them the joy they are hoping for.

christina on

Those are cool, but the price is just crazy.Kudo’s to him for doing something with his life instead of just sitting on the couch.

Bettie on

LMAO. Jeesus is trippin!

jordan on

I would like to buy these shoes so hard.

Lesli on

Who are the moron’s buying these??????

sondra on

He’ll no I don’t like his attitude.

ann kramer on

let the killing begin. Wonder how many teens will be killed over this newest fashion statement

hey you on

They’re ugly, don’t like him, and I wouldn’t pay $245 for shoes, not to mention 16 mil…which is more than most people making minimum wage make in their lives. Just sick.

Theresa on

Great, now he will have an even bigger head.

TallCoolOne on

This is story is insane.No shoe,especially one designed by Kayne is worth $245 let alone $16 million.This story is fake,just looking for some attention for this ugly shoe.

Thomas on

I love how people are blaming Kanye for the secondary market price of the sneakers. It’s not his fault people are reselling them for that much. The original price of $245 is fairly standard for high-end sneakers, don’t act like he set the eBay price, that’s stupid.

rgaer on

Not real

Ladybug on

The sneakers are overpriced and ugly.
Ditto for Kanye, Kim, and her entire family.

diane on

too ugly to sell.. very poor taste of color n the look.. i rather buy $245. grocery n clothes to feed the poor people n children instead.

jennifer on

The soup sent out a tweet about this that said something to the effect of ‘ kanyes shoes are selling out faster than he is’ and I thought that was so funny.

Bamabelle83 on

Where are the idiots buying these?!?!? I will never understand.

Kartrashians on

Your going to pay all that money to look like Ronald McDonald? No thanks

mg on

Those are some ugly shoes i would never buy those

Bee on

Would by any sneaker for $245 let along anything with this fools name on it…

tom holleman on


Lisa on

There’s a lot of bids on those shoes, it’s unbelievable

Stacey McRae on

Does go to prove that you can fool some of the people all of the time and a sucker is born every minute. If they earned the money it is theirs to throw away as they see fit. I winder how many are on welfare and or food stamps because I cannot see a thinking working person having anything to do with him or his overpriced monstrosities,

stew on

Fugly! I wouldn’t pay $2.45 for them.

Me on

Promoting a disrespectful “entertainer” ; It’s official… I will no longer purchase Nike products!

Meg on

Maybe someone is trying to make a big buzz about them, because there is no listing like that (not in active listings nor in sold). If there was an auction like that, with $16000000 on it, if of course, ebay must have figured out what was it about and cancelled because no such listing exists.

Nanu 08 on


Guest on


A. Goodwin on

If I ever see a person wearing these sneakers, I swear I will stop to laugh at them. U G L Y!!!!

Lisa on

Dont believe the hype.

arleen on

People are starving…….people are homeless……people are stupid if they are paying that kind of money for a stupid pair of shoes, especially considering they would be putting more money into this dumb assses pocket……

Susan on

Really? Money can’t buy good taste, but apparently it can buy hideously ugly sneakers.

Kimberly on

Some people obviously have more money than brains.

norman on


Kristy on

BS! He has been out of the news and hated so he bid them up himself.

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