Kim Kardashian Posts Braless #TBT Photo

02/06/2014 at 05:45 PM ET

Kim Kardashian Throwback ThursdayCourtesy Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian loves to show some skin. (We think it’s in her DNA.) She also loves to share a good body shot on Instagram. And her latest Throwback Thursday post might be the boldest yet. Why? Well, for starters, she’s not wearing a bra (or much else!).

Kardashian shared the above photo with the simple caption, “#tbt calendar glam.” But we have a lot of questions. Like: When was this photo taken, where does one find a fringe moto jacket like that and how did she avoid a wardrobe malfunction? (She’s showing off some serious underboob.)

Back to present day, the new mom has been on a belly-baring parade. From this crop top with leggings ensemble to the Dior dress she cut in half, the reality star is proudly flaunting her weight loss, which she attributes to a healthy Atkins-based diet plan and lots of exercise.

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Kardashian is also getting ready for her upcoming nuptials to Kanye West. “We’ll be getting married this summer, hopefully in Paris,” she told Jimmy Kimmel recently. “He’ll take care of the music. I’ll take care of the seating chart. Different stuff like that. We’re making it really easy on each other.”

What do you think of the star’s sexy TBT? Are you excited to see her wedding dress? Share your thoughts below!

–Brittany Talarico

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Showing 90 comments

Dejavu all over again on

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Erika Torres on

Reason #984734 why this tramp will never make it to Vogue magazine..bwahahah

indie on

Ugh. What a fat belly!

noelle on

she looks like a plastic Ho!!!

dora on

this chick is so desperate.


Just show us that a(s)(s)!!

notpetA on


D on

She prob. took that outfit out of her closet..

Jenb on

She is one of the most insecure women on earth. No need for public validation especially when you are a mother and soon to be wife. If her fiancé lets her posts such pics then he has no intentions of really valuing her as a wife.

Elizabeth Smith on

I wish I had a body like hers. I think she looks great.

postathread on

yawnnnn….can this woman (and I use that word loosely) be out of the press just for ONE day? I think not.

Seabot on

Throwback to what, last Thursday? Does she really not grasp the concept of “throwback”? (That’s a rhetorical question, I’m pretty sure Kim doesn’t even grasp the concept of one plus one.)

T on

So what?? Beyonce posts pics like this every day and no one says anything..

postathread on

and yeah, kinda tired of Beyonce showing less and less every time. yuk.

Betty on

Why does PEOPLE magazine insist on reporting on what she does! Who cares! Enough already!

mandyt on

How classy

Amy on

Trash !

Lisa leonard on

Narcissist much?

Guest on

Attention is attention – good or bad. As long as this family gets attention, they don’t care the source

Elizabeth Hall on

I think Kim is very beautiful, but she sure acts dumb as a stump. Now if she really isn’t dumb, then she is a fantastic actress. I wish she would put her fame to good use. So many have so little and they flaunt their riches. Maybe a trip to Ameica’s most poor area’s and other countries would wake the walking dead. That “vocal fry” ( the way she and the sisters talk ) drives me nuts. I just want them to go away. What a waste of human organs.

sahali on

“Throwback”?……………as in she can throw her boobs over her shoulder?…………….I’m confused.
Self-absorbed at any rate.

noneofurbusiness on

Let’s call it what it is: Throw up Thursday.

46yearoldmom on

Hideous! Cover up your fat belly.

kelly on


kimdy on

She looks awesome… All you folks jeering about her belly or what have you? Bet every last one of you HAS one, period. Hush, and let her be herself.

Christin on

Kim Kardashian may be obsessed with her body, but unless I am blind…she is fat….and fat is not necessarily pretty.

Red on

Boy, is her daughter going to be proud of her one day…could you image the teasing that kid with endure?

Naomi on

I’m so sick of seeing her flabby Mommy Boobs.

noname4me on

Say want u want about her but, I think ya’ll are a wee bit jealous of her

Susan on

Whoa. Lots of girth there girlie! Time to cover the flab!

Sarah S. on

Narcissistic skan k.

Mr G. on

Who cares about this pig? Ho’s like her are a dime a dozen.

groova on

Good grief….what porn movie is she staring in? Personally, I’m disturbed at the message she’s sending to young girls, mostly the role model she’s being for her daughter. IMO Kim has little self respect. But then look at who her role model has been.

Bambi22 on

A self-obsessed, whorish post as usual!

mrsmass on

People, why? Why do you insist on posting everything Kim?

Canada1 on

Please, People editors….just 2 weeks without a mention of this uninteresting, self involved, nobody & her obnoxious, arrogant can have the other 50 weeks, but please. If they ever get married this site will be a Kardashian/West marathon of every small, annoying detail. Geez…she needs to go away, find something useful to do, & be a mother her daughter won’t be embarrassed by.

Guest101 on

Hate to hate, but that looks like a stripper about to go on for a dance…

Christian on

Wow kim can’t you stop looking sl*ty for 2 seconds.

jen on

She looks good in the photo but why oh why doesn’t she keep this for her and her husband? It’s just too much. She’s a mom now, is this the example she wants to set?

disney on


Is there anything she keeps private about her life? Good gracious

disney on

Why! Does she keep anything private anymore?

amyinoaktown on

I would think with all the negative reviews and ;( faces I see on every Kardashian story, that People would get a clue that they are just feeding into KK’s desire to be over exposed. Stop reposting her photos already!!

Lesli on

Can you say “hooker”……

tom holleman on


Not again on

Does this girl have any shame?

Marcia on

Hooker fashion.

Marie Mullin on

Yuck flabby belly, isn’t she a mother?

olaola0055 on

Why ? She looks like a hooker.

sara on

no one wants to see your implants! Yuck!


Let it go you psychotic narcissist!

Nikki on

Her makeup looks great…!

Janet697 on

I suppose this broad will never stop being a show off and a classless tasteless person.

Penny on

Oh.Dear.God Woman! Go away already! Attention Ho. Usually mothers wear more clothes than that. Just sayin.

Kash on

How is she avoiding malfunction? Photoshop and fashion tape.

Lady on

I wish she had something else to post other than herself. I do admire her business sense, b/c they have accomplished a lot, but now, I’d really like to see this wrap itself up. I think the family would try something different b/c it can’t be lost that people are beginning to find this becoming old and overdone. . The pics, past and present, is getting old. Real old. It’s like seeing having an old aunt who over-sprays herself with perfume and wants people to compliment her.

geminismom4u on

Keeping it classy, I see, Kim… We can’t see her cute little baby girls whole face in a pic, but she won’t miss a chance to show off her body. We get it, you think you’re beautiful. Now… build a bridge and get over it. We have.

Kelly on

I’m sick of her half naked pics too. But she is hot….and if that’s fat sign me up.

jckfmsincty on

I resent that I know who she is.

Lena on

She is an insecure girl looking for attention. It’s so sad. No one cares what your body looks like. You are belittling yourself and we are all laughing at you. Sad she thinks a body is more important than a mind. To each their own I guess.

kyla on

This looks like an outfit I wore for a boyfriend once. The only difference is no one else saw me in it. Every woman wants to feel sexy, but it amazes me that she doesn’t realize what to keep private. I think she knows that her fame is fading so she has to post old pictures to keep her name out there. Being that self absorbed would bore me. Books, art, films, history. There are so many other interesting things in the world. She should try to obtain an education. Get a degree.

sal on

there are names for chicks like her…of course peopleDOT is so obsessed with her, they can’t go a day without posting a story. PeopleDOT needs to stop following her twitter page….she truly is a h0e

sal on

Elizabeth Smith on February 6th, 2014
I wish I had a body like hers. I think she looks great.

Know a doctor? You can get a fake body too!!!

Pagan Rules on

Do Karthrshians pay you, PEOPlE, for abusing us on a daily basis w/ pics of this attention **re? I just don’t see any other reason why you continue to feed us againt our will w/ this vomit pictures and stories?

Gina on

Kim wears a nice boots, looks sexy!

Lacey on

So tired of her.

Maggie on

Its got to be recent. Look at her nose. See pics of her before she had the baby and after-you can tell she had a nose job after. Note to Kim: Leave your friggin nose alone OK???

Alyssa on

I don’t understand why there are so many articles about that family on People website. Did you get a deal with the Kardashians?

Briseis on

I wont judge her but can’t understand how someone so beautiful ruins herself with alleged plastic surgery. Can never undo it. It’s plain as day.

lola on

She looks really good. Those of you who are calling her fat in this picture, need to get your eyes checked cause no way does she look even a little bit fat.

Tony on


Julesy on

Ugh, I just had to look. Now I’m ready to lose my breakfast.

Joy on

Come on Kim, you’re a mom now, put some clothes on. Really. Gross

Joy on

I can’t believe Kanye lets her dress like this in photo shoots now that she is a mother and soon be a wife for the what one hundredth time. LOL. I mean third time.

Philessense on

Older, uglier, fatter, more lipo and surgery scars has-beens go nude or show off their implants trying to be relevant. Her mother/pimp sells her for whatever she can get. Oh well. Porn makes money

Philessense on

Older, uglier, fatter, more lipo and surgery scars has-beens go nude or show off their implants trying to be relevant. Her mother/pimp sells her for whatever she can get. Oh well. Porn makes money. Soon she’ll be selling closeups of her genitals. Yecchh

n paulman on

And once again not with her baby! And why was she much bigger on jay leno last night. She must think were all dumb. Not me don’t believe nothing any of them say or do. The rest of u need to wise up a bit.

n paulman on

Fake fake fake. Last night on jay Leno fat fat fat. Where’s ignori again.

marciana mckoy on

I think she looks great,y’all stop hating. If y’all can’t say nothing nice dont say nothing at all pls.

Pam on

Hooker! What a great role model for your daughter. Smh.

myla cree on

Only claim to fame, a dead daddy who got O.J.Simpson off for murdering 2 innocent people…

Skins on

When are her 15 minutes going to be up??

Karen B on

I just understand the fascination. She is classless, tacky and ignorant. She’s not ugly, but she’s also not someone who I need to see undressed every day I the week. Life would be better is she would drop off my news stream.

Karen B on

I meant I DON’T understand the fascination. Neve have.

Brenna on

Most people are so over the media shoving her and her family in our faces EVERY day. Stop covering their every senseless move.

Brandi on

Lol…I have to laugh at these comments because People magazine knows exactly what they are doing by continuing to run these stories about her. Topics that generate a lot of buzz and controversy (regardless if it’s positive or negative) usually end up attracting a big response…which usually in more readers…and that responds in more revenue for the magazine. Kim Kardashian is the girl that many people LOVE to hate and this makes her a hot topic. I think we are definitely all entitled to our own opinions but by posting a response (good AND bad alike) to these stories about Kim, you’re actually increasing the likelihood that you’ll see more stories about her on this site in the near future. Though I do agree that she’s overexposed and overrated, she just doesn’t matter that much to me and if I get tired of seeing her, I just skip over the articles about her if I’m reading or change the channel if she’s on tv. Sometimes silence is golden…if you really want to stop seeing articles about her, then stop clicking on them to read them and/or responding to them.

didi on

Why not just re release her sex tape a s show everything?! Sheesh. Talk about desperate for attention.

Judy on

She looks great after having a baby. The outfit is horrible! She is too old to take all these pictures of herself. It is weird to me.

Back when on

Sorry, but the pic screams flesh colored body suit. Next best thing to photoshop. Probably borrowed Beyonces.

Once again Kim, yuck!

Me on


Jennifer on

Those boobs will be down to her knees in another five years!lol

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