Rachel Zoe Drops Out of Fashion Week at the Last Minute to Spend More Time With Her Baby

02/03/2014 at 12:45 PM ET

Bruno Mars hairMichael Tran/FilmMagic

With only ten days to go until her scheduled New York Fashion Week presentation, Rachel Zoe is dropping a may-jah bombshell: She’s canceling the show in order to remain with her newborn son in L.A.

Zoe, who welcomed Kaius Jagger in late December, sent an email to ticket holders apologizing for the last-minute cancellation and promising to reschedule for a later date in L.A. But as she explained to WWD, she just couldn’t make the show work with the needs of a one-month-old.

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“While I look forward to New York Fashion Week each season, I’ve made the difficult decision to move our fall 2014 runway show from Feb. 13 in New York to a later date in Los Angeles,” she told the fashion publication. “As a new mother, my newborn son is too young to travel with me, and I’m unable to leave him for the amount of time required to appropriately prepare for the show in New York.”

Market appointments will still take place on Feb. 10, when buyers will have a chance to check out the collection, which she described as “French bohemia with mod elements.”

What do you think of Zoe’s last-minute cancellation? Are you excited to see the collection?

–Alex Apatoff

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paradisamama on

Im pleasently suprised to hear a mom actually taking responsibility for her child.

lip on

Good for you! Enjoy your time as a new mother! You deserve it as much as any other mother out there does! You are at the top of your game career-wise and a break won’t take away your talent! Congrats!

Izzie on

Playing the new mom card, huh? This isn’t even close to the reason since she knew her child would be a month old when she committed to the show AND she isn’t a first-time mom. Convenient excuse she is using to garner sympathy and understanding.

Luli on

This makes me like her :)

Ariel on

Love a mom putting her baby first.

Brittany on

Izzie, were you going? My goodness! Celerities are damned if they, damned if they dont! I applaud her decision and respect it as well. Congrats to her on her new bundle of joy! Now I want her to have a girl!

didi on

I’m inclined to agree with Lizzie. Unless thebaby has special needs.

JR on

You plan for Fashion Week like you plan for a pregnancy. There’s more to this. I hope everything is okay with the health of the baby and not being used for just an excuse. Huge deal to cancel this close to the finish line for NYC Fashion Week.

annie on

the son is just an excuse. she probabky got alot of flak for the collection. when have kids ever posed a problem for these celebs that travel via private jets??

Hmm on

I am super impressed by this news. I have always liked her. She seems genuinely nice and the fact that she puts her family first speaks volumes. Good for her.

pashforfash on

Izzie are you a mother? It’s safe to assume you’re not.
Pretty sure Rachel knew her infant would be a month old at the launch of the show. Not rocket science on any one’s part when calculating.
Sometimes you think you’re capable of something and you get to that point and you just cant follow through. Perhaps she underestimated just how much she needed to be away? No doubt she made the right decision though as her baby needs her. She merely rescheduled. If you have such trouble identifying with that situation I would think twice when coming to a decision on procreating.

Andrea on

Baloney! I saw her so-called “fashion line” on her series last year, and it was horrible! Very cheap looking, tacky, and not stylish at all.

Tazmara on

A lot of people say nasty things about this lovely woman, not sure why. She’s never anything but kind and pleasant to everyone. She’s a great mom to Skyler and now is putting her other son first as well. Cut the lady some slack!

CJ on

Good for her! Mom’s shouldn’t have to choose between work and their children so often and should NEVER feel bad for saying NO to work. Babies grow fast, enjoy them and spend as many moments as you can with them. They will never be as small as they are today!

MaybeBaby on

Maybe, just maybe, she did plan to do the show when she knew full well her baby would be a month old. And maybe she made a mistake. The important thing is not matter why or how she got to this place, she is doing the right thing. Good for you, Rachel Zoe!

c.a. on

I agree that she should stay with her baby. However, odd that she chose to cancel so very late in the game.

Judy on

She did the right thing….family is everything.

sedinacobbs on

Good for you congratulations.

La La on

Is she even relevant anymore?

indianagirl on

It’s nice to see her putting her family needs first, as they will outlast any season’s collection. It will definitely keep me as a customer!

BH on

She’s just trying to make herself look good. She knew she was having this baby a month before fashion week. I’m not buying this.

Colleen on

While a newborn is actually incredibly easy to travel with, a toddler adjusting to a newborn is not. Neither is a husband adjusting to a newborn. The most difficult part of her whole situation, in my opinion, is that a new mother tends to get rather obsessed with their newborn, as they should, and new moms are incredibly exhausted, what with their own healing and nursing the baby, and lack of sleep. To even think about putting on a fashion show at 4 weeks postpartum would be insane. Good decision Rachel. Good decision!

Sandra Belmont on

That’s the excuse I’d use, it’s like, totally believable

A on

Honestly pashforfash, what an absurd and insulting correlation to make, just because someone is questioning the truth behind her reasoning doesn’t have anything to do with their ability to take care of a child or be a mother. Honestly her reasoning is pretty flimsy when you take into account how late she’s cancelling her show, obviously she could have thought she could handle it and realized she can’t–but this isn’t something that designers start planning two weeks before fashion week-that’s when the finishing touches are done so her timing more than anything seems odd. Regardless there’s no need to attack someone in the way that you did because they view the situation differently.

Smithy on

Given that I don’t like her and her husband looks like a chick and she dresses her boy as a girl…..I don’t believe this reasoning.

dawn f on

This is odd, somethings wrong shes not like this, when she had skylar she had more on her plate and she has a nanny, so somethings up.. hope everything is okay best wishes how do you pronounce the newest addition? how can women be my age yet the babies are all okay?? i dunno that was a filter off thught sorry..

carrie on

Very counter culture. I don’t know much about her but I am impressed! How often do we hear of something like this? And to Izzie I would like to say that your comment is JUST as surprising. Not sure where your thoughts are coming from but it’s not from a good or positive place.

Oliver07 on

I completely agree with the naysayers. I didn’t know she alone looked after her boys. How amazing she can’t have a nanny or 2 or 3. Really.

#soNotVB no matter how hard you try! Lol

Kerri on

Good for her! I’m very surprised to see the negative comments, clearly made by people who don’t have children. Putting together a runway show is no easy feat and to throw every 3 hour feedings on top of the stress and pressure makes it a near impossibility. Good for her for making the right decision for her child and shame on the people calling it an “excuse.” Also to note, FMLA allows women in this country 12 weeks of maternity leave and people have the audacity to say that she should be working crazy hours for a fashion show across the country less than 8 weeks after giving birth?

Cheryl on

Good for her. She is putting her family and the needs of her child first. She is lucky to be in a position where she has the option to do that.

shanna on

Good job! :-)

patty sullivan on

I am glad she’s staying home with her baby for what ever reason.You can do a whole lot more when you only have one child,it’s harder when you add a second.I am happy for the kids..Why does everyone have to always be so mean about people that have money/stardom.I wish I had money, I don’t ,but I am happy for anyone that does.

Guest on


Jane Wells on

Ok, she did not cancel because of her baby-anyone who believes that is DUMB-she canceled because the line is not selling well, its not doing well press wise, and they are out of investors. They do not have the money to produce a show-everyone in the fashion world knows that-Rachel is an absent mother always has been always will –

Frances on

Yes – put your baby first!

Heidi Quayle on

I think its the right decision, of course, but I wonder how she didn’t know the needs of a one month old who was unable to travel at that age, may be a conflict with her fashion show? She has an older child…I’m guessing she could have realized the dates won’t add up, maybe a little earlier than now!

c.a. on

That’s really interesting. I’m wondering which demographic buys her clothes. Really not sure who it is. I am a 30-something “Last call sale” shopper. I want clothes that look nice and are wearable to my kid’s school and out and about. Having followed her collection, I really don’t find around 95% of her collection that practical or nice looking so would understand if the baby excuse is really a ruse to cover up bad sales. I would justify spending a lot on a nice pair of shoes or classic Hermes scarf. I really don’t see the value for the price tag of the Rachel Zoe brand items. Just my 2 cents.

Teknosbeka on

Giving working moms a bad name.

Allison on

Family first. Kudos Rachel!

Carrie on

She made a wise decision, not only for the baby, but also for her own health. I saw some of her clothing in a store recently. She will do fine.

Laina on

Rachel Zoe, I applaud you for putting your family first. It is such a tough decision.

As for the negative people out there, leave it alone. We do not know, nor are we entitled to know Rachel’s family’s private life. She is rescheduling the show for a later date, deal with it.

dp on

i don’t like this woman, she was so obnoxious on her reality show. And her fashion life was the be all end all for her. But i think it’s good that she wants to be with her baby since it is a newborn. But i am surprise that she’s staying home.

Gretchen on

A, love the way it’s okay for Izzie to attack Rachel Zoe, but Izzie is hands off?? Posters get on her and insult new mothers AND their babies with abandon all the time. It is beyond irritating and even disgusting that posters can slam RZ for choosing to postpone (not cancel) her show, likely because she thought it wouldn’t be so difficult to manage since she had little trouble handling things with Skyler. Someone told me that the 2nd child didn’t double the work, that somehow they seemed to triple the work involved. These parents have been quite hands on, and havin waited so long to have children, why should they be insulted, called “irrelevant” (whatever THAT ignorant word means relating to a celeb), rather than complemented for putting their child(ren) first. SMH…what is the matter with some of you?

Lacey on

Shocked, but thrilled to see she puts her children first sometimes.

Nanu 08 on

Good for her for putting her baby first……..

RR on

Even with some negative comments, given she “has experience” with her 2nd child and somehow is expected to have planned better, she made the right decision to cancel her NY FW show even if the investment on the show has no refund and no publicity (as the show will not happen in NY this season, but rather later in LA).

Maybe after having her 2nd child, she realized, “Hey, not planned, but I’ve realized that I can’t leave my 1-month old baby, so everyone else will need to deal. It’s a fashion line that I’ve put my heart and soul into, but it’s not a cure for cancer”.

Sally on

Thank you for setting a great example to young mothers torn between work and mothering. Cheers to Mrs. Zoe!

Kristi on

Good for her. I would rather read about a mother doing this, opposed to her over working herself to the point of a nervous breakdown.

Nikki on

She could be dealing with postpartum depression which she may have not dealt with after her first pregnancy… or it could be another (private) matter concerning herself or the baby. Life happens and the world won’t stop turning because she rescheduled her show. Good for her for making her own decisions.

Aby on

I just recently watched Rachel Zoe Project again. And I’m surprised with the huge change in behavior and temperament of Rachel Zoe.
Before having Skylar, she was always stressed, annoyed and always on the run for her clients. Now that she had children, she had a better overall mood. She laughs alot in the show, not afraid to be somewhat childish or giddy when she’s excited. Anyway, adding kids to her life really added comfort for her and good for her for that.

She probably thought that she could leave her new baby boy for Fashion Week back then when scheduling (based on her old habits and work ethics). But when she already had her second bundle of joy in her arms, she probably just couldn’t leave him behind. Who could blame her for that?

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