Kim Kardashian Goes Back to Brunette

02/01/2014 at 09:26 PM ET

Kim Kardashian brunetteJason Merritt/Getty; Fern/Splash News Online

Kim Kardashian posted a photo on Instagram of herself this week. And everything about the photo is classic Kim Kardashian — right down to her signature open-mouthed duckface (perfected over the course of thousands of selfies) and rich brunette hair color. But no, this isn’t a Throwback Thursday picture. The star has ditched her Vogue-inspired blonde strands to return to her roots, so to speak.

The reality star has sported a heavily highlighted blonde hairdo, with dark roots and under-layer, over the past five months. However, it’s received mixed reactions from PEOPLE commenters. Some liked her lighter, brighter hairstyle, while others felt it changed her overall look too much. That skeptical fan reaction may be why Kardashian captioned her Saturday Instagram selfie “I’m back.”

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She’s still not quite back to the super-dark brunette she was wearing about a year ago. Her new color is still honey-tinged, with a slight ombré effect. But it still should be a big enough change to make Kardashian hair purists happy. Don’t get too comfortable though. When a fan asked her on Twitter Saturday if she’d return to blonde in the future, she responded “Absolutely! I loved it!”

Are you glad she’s back to brunette? Tell us in the comments!

I'm back

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

–Alex Apatoff

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Showing 190 comments

anna on

I am so glad that my life has been made better by this dramatic chang

DM on

Wow another nothing, self absorbed, Instagram from KK….I didn’t even read the so called “article” I’m sick of everyday she’s instagraming & it shows up on People!

Seriously,John? on

Kim is back to being a brunette and People magazine has stooped to an incredibly pathetic low for even reporting this rubbish in the first place.

Rachel on

Regardless of what hair colour she chooses, she’s always gorgeous!

peaches on

who cares

dean on

Spend more time with your baby and grow up…You are a parent now…Get over yourself,, you are no longer in your twenties so step aside grandma…

Julie on

This really has changed my life!!!! Lol

Erin on

Glad Kanye gave her permission to make the change.

florida on

thank god she went back to being a brunette. now all the denver broncos have to do is win the super bowl and all will be right with the world

NIkki on

That’s great. She looks far better as a brunette anyway..

Sacré on

Did Kanye approve this?

jane on

seriously, headline news. You are pathetic PEOPLE

Karen on

Thank you. Thank you, People Magazine, for sharing this life-altering news. I don’t know what I’d do without you.

carrie on

This article is no better or worse than most of the stuff People mag passes off as news, so it doesn’t bother me that it’s not earth-shattering information. In all fairness, and whether you like her or not, you cannot deny that she is beautiful. Stunning even.

Me on


ella on


carrie on

If the exact same thing had been written about Selena Gomez or P!nk, you guys would be all sunshine and roses. Double standards when Kim is just as harmless and pretty.

Beth Hill on

OK, give us the REAL “skinny”. How much plastic surgery and botox has this wanna be home girl had? No muscle in her face moves. Hair color..who cares.

Jane on

Oh joy. This person is “back to brunette” and aniston is wearing extensions again. Don’t know if I can contain my glee knowing this extraordinary and earth shattering news.

joanne1965 on

pathetic, completely pathetic…

sofia on

… -.-

9 3/4 on

About time!

Yo on

Lawd jeez
Kanye approved this. Now she nah look like Beyoncé.
We all know he got second choice. He wanted jayz lady

Guest on

Go away porn star.

amyinoaktown on

Kim Kardashian posted yet another photo of herself this week…enough already!

JulieB on

Dean’s comment about her spending more time with her baby is spot on!! How many hours of every single day does this woman spend applying makeup??? She is so vain and self-absorbed, you would never think she actually cares about the human life she created.

J on

Selfie. Pose pout and post. I’m so absorbed with my looks. Gag.

KJM on

I condone nothing this woman does for publicity, but I will say she really is stunning. Just gorgeous. Love her hair darker like this.

Lisa on

Black men have a lot of self hate inside them, that is why you see them marrying outside their race at 3-4 times more than other races. Black men hate the color of their skin, so they think by marrying white or lighter skinned woman, that their children won’t have to deal with the discrimiation that black men occur.

Nikalaka on

Wow! There are bigger problems in the world other than Kim Kardashian, a reality star who does nothing or very little to help those in need, and her hair.

Marie Mullin on

Who really cares about duck face.

chloe on

lovely color. beautiful woman.

Angela on

wow! thanks for the update. this is breaking news everyone KIM CHANGED HER HAIR COLOR

Pen on

Her lips overwhelm her nose. She should sue he plastic surgeon.

Ernie Bedurnder on

Well I now have a reason to live. Some pseudo-celebrity made famous by a mindless reality show and a sex tape changed her hair color. Meanwhile the Ukraine is near meltdown and the US is spiraling into a mess. But all is well, some idiot went back to brunette. Thank you, People, for making my life worth living again.

tom holleman on


linda on

She looks better as a brunette. Ditto, glad Kanye gave her permission to go back to her original color. Very generous of him.

peoplereader on

Guess Momma Kris was unhappy as they had a few days out of the news so she made sure they got back in….Pretty desperate of Kim to keep posting pictures of herself…

Rats on

Please stop posting your picture. Go and be a mother to your daughter.

ALW on

Love her or hate her, Kim Kardashian is a gorgeous woman.

Mimi on

BREAKING NEWS!!! Kim K just farted!

Tina on

Why does she always have to pout her fake lips?! She thinks she’s a 6ft model. Wish she’d disappear into the abyss never to appear again on planet Earth. Better yet, Kris should accompany her.

spanky on

who cares about that fat ass tramp

Amaryllis on

There are “Kardashian hair purists”?

Shocking on

Hey look, another selfie!! For Pete’s sake…

cheryl on

With all the real problems in the world and what we have to go through who cares about the color of her hair?

Justin on

now can someone please explain to me why this is news? I mean really? how many women a day change their hair color???? AOL you should smacked across the F ING lip for even thinking this news let alone writing about it. Thanks AOL I think since you did this article that i am going to go and dye my hair today, take a picture and pray you write about it on your website, no, wait i am not cool enough nor em I famous enough. Rite????? Exciting article AOL i really appreciate it. scrolling through what i though may be interesting news and say this had to click on it to see how many people slammed her nasty ass…….

Valerie on

I guess she’s done trying to look like Beyonce.

Valerie on

I guess she’s done trying to look like Beyonce

LInda on

Who cares? I am sick o fseing her on the internet every single day.

Nanu 08 on


drrrrrrrr on

she a blow job

drrrrrrrr on

I was going to have sex with her and I have to say she was dirty I couldn’t do it

greenie on

Iam so glad that my life has been made better by this dramatic change. Me to. I don’t know how I was going to make through the day. You are so right.

Andrea on

People Magazine – how much are the K’s paying you to keep their pictures and names in the so-called news?
You used to have a good magazine, no more.

Paul on

How this p-g gets all this attention just shows how low this country has lowered itself to even mention to this trash which is what she is.

sthrnfilly on

It’s not even a question of taking or leaving KK, I’ll leave her. Having said that, the brunette KK looks so much prettier than the blond one. While blond, she lost her exotic look. She must have caught Kanye in a good mood.

Carrie M on

I just cannot, for the life of me, believe how incredibly self-centered and egotistical this woman is. Barf.

bettyann greco on

trashy kim k went brunette- why is this newsworthy???

bobbi on

I did not even wait to see a picture (becauseI don’t care). I came right to the comment section because EVERY day her name is somewhere on your site and I wondered WHY???? OMG, enough news about an immorasl unwed mother with no social value. Write about someone who has actually done something for society.

MatB on

Fish lips in da house!

sthrnfilly on

I have a question: Since these posts are 9 to 1 indifferent to this earth-shattering “news,” how did that show ever become popular and she (and her family) ever become famous?!?

Tojo on

She can dye her hair any color she wants, she is still committing “Bestiality”.

Joe Alsup on

She is beautiful either way — Blonde/Brunette

Pete on

She’s so hot ! What a shame she’s married to that jerk Kanye West.

elvira walker on

It’s sad really that someone is so insecure and superficial that they believe they are as relevant as kim believes that she is. I would much rather see pics of her doing the mother and daughter thing than the selfies. Can someone’s ego be so inflatted that they have to have a constant reminder by pictures that they exist. Living in a make believe world must be tough when you enter into the real world.

rastus on

Is this AOL’s way of punishing us??????

Lynn on


susan on

Tell me, ” I am beautiful!” Tell me, “I’m great!”, Tell me, “I’m relevant!” People who must post selfies of themselves everyday must have low self esteem that they require this much attention.

guest on

Really?! Does she S**T brown as well?

slk on

still a big arse, both physically and mentally!!!

Yaya on

She only went blonde to distract from her weight gain. Now that the weight is gone, there’s no need to stay blonde.Smart move.

Mike on


ted on

just be her self she so beauitful any way she has her hair

Kim on

Now I can finally get a good night sleep again! I was so worried about when Kim would go back to brunette. So glad there is nothing else to keep me up at night, like our country’s healthcare debacle and our country’s debt, and our country’s jobless numbers. Give me a break!

valerie on

This woman is so in love with “herself.”

Bud on

It is sad that people actually care about this.

Pink on

Her face looks strange.Why do people do this to themselves?Sshe looked way better before.smh

Judy on

who cares, so tired of this shallow family


Hallelujah, praise the Lord. I am so hapy for her.

Every Hooker changesthe color of the Hair periodically


Every Hooker changes the Color of her Hair periodocally

k on

What I love about the Kardashians is that they are NOT stick figures. They show that you can be famous or rich or whatever without having to be typical stick figure petite blonde.

TT on

She’s still ugly on the inside.

sahali on

Kim…….why don’t you post photos of your baby, like most new mothers do?????……………….
Oh………….right…………then it wouldn’t be a “selfie”, would it?

Rosanna Ortiz on


Stephanie on

Didn’t read this article, but saw the tittle homepage and my first thought was WHO THE FREAK CARES… First it was the Kardashains, constantly in the news, now its just all the media putting them there.. Please, no more.. WHO.. THE… FREAK… CARES about this family and their money maker the PORN star?? Gosh I am SO sick of them….

joanie on

Why do we have to continually hear about what this bimbo is doing every single day, who cares what color her hair is she is still ugly no matter whether she is blond or brown headed…stop giving her all this publicity..

gary shinsky on

I am so sick of seeing this no talent piece of s–t every where you look. Please get rid of these Kardashian’s. What have they done to deserve all this media attention?? enough already.

gary shinsky on

Who really cares about this premadonna. She is talentless and gets way to much press. She complains about poperazzi but if they went went away she wouild be devestated. Who is she kidding?

tom on

A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots…this skunk can change her hair color all she wants…but she’s still just a dirty nasty ho..

R Homer on

Enough about Kim K. ,There’s nothing special about the women . It would be nice to to have plain old news put up on this site ounce and awhile.



Jessica on

Uh huh honey :P

MrMonkee on

I love it! 84 comments so far on a story bout someone that just about all 84 people say they can’t stand, want her to go away, don’t understand why People keeps running stories about her etc, but haven’t figured out yet that “comments of hate” are exactly the reason why stories keep coming day in and day out. Guess what people, the stories that generate the most response, the subjects that generate the most response, Kardashian and Cyrus and Bieber stories that you all profess to hate but continue to post multiple comments are exactly the stories that will continue to be printed . You are your own WORST ENEMY. Get it?


She looks much better as a brunette.

bbowens8 on

Hey why is there so much hatred for this beautiful woman and she is, all you losers need to go get a life, some of you talk about Halle Berry as if she is a goddess this woman is much more beautiful and desireble than Halle” has been” Berry.

Go Broncos on

And the world held its breath. (cue eye roll)

bbowens8 on

Hey Kim you are beautiful, most of the people that don’t like you are probably not good to look at anyway. I ENJOY READING ABOUT KIM K.

rufus on

i can speak her language, oink, oink. see.

ladybug1974 on

Who cares!!!!! I agree with all who are tired of this fake family. Whats next People will you be updating us at what time she changes her underwear?

Lola on

NOT newsworthy.

Mr G. on

Changing the color of your hair isn’t going to help with ethics, integrity and morals. She might want to start working on those first.

Chloe Smith on

Open-mouthed duck face is right.

Chloe Smith on

Open-mouthed duck face is right but that sounds like an insult to ducks.

Smithy on

She really is engaged to a great guy who would allow her to do this. Bravo to him for being so caring and selfless.

Andrew Shapiro on


Sammi on

Wow, what an interesting story. I guess when you keep accepting money from her to run anything about her, this is what happens. STOP IT

Joy on

Whats the matter, not enough attention for her being a blonde?

ksmacker on

do you think the one pub she leaves uncut changes color too?

tafollab13 on

Her biggest issue is which selfie to post, so intelligent isn’t she

dee58 on

Contrary to what some may think blonde does not always suit all women and can make some appear older. While not a big fan of Kim Kardashian I don’t deny she is a stunning attractive woman. Her dark features are what make her even more attractive IMO anyway. Going blonde she appeared older and it cheapened her looks even moreso with her ridiculous outfits.

Kyle Harrison on

Why is this news? We don’t really care! most of us would be happy if she would just disappear! (Now that rhymes).

Rhett on

I couldn’t have received better or more exciting news on Ground Hog’s day!

odett on

She’s still high maintenance no matter what hair color she chooses!

Kj on

Go away.

sandy on

haha lol @ myself for clicking on this, I do like her better with dark hair

jeff on

does anybody really care ?

dave on

I cannot for the life of me see why you people make such a big deal out of her, she has no talent , she’s nothing but a lard ass, now I know why I don’t buy your mag.

cal on

Who in the h*** cares!
She will do anything to
be in the news!

sm on

either way she is still a pig

rona on

Do these stupid writers think anyone cares about this moron anymore? Nobody cares if she is bald, where she shops, what she eats or what city she is in for the day. THE KARDASHIANS ARE DONE. ALL THEY DO IS INSTAGRAM THEMSELVES AND THINK ANYONE CARES. that is what makes me laugh.

kjsdaddio4321 on

I will say this one time. WHO GIVES A RAT’S BUTT about this talent-less hack. The media keeps giving her air time, why? What has that whole family done besides Bruce Jenner to be in the lime light? No, I didn’t read the article either, but I just had to say this.

farkle on

This just rocks my world. lol

Sherlock on

Lady Kardashian’s gone back to brunette? Oh, thank God above! Now if she could just do something important.

Jdl on

Why one EARTH is this newsworthy? Are Americans so vapid that the hair colour habits of the crass and ill-educated become hot headlines? Really, I despair the species.

veronika on

Who is KIM Kardashian?

Chicago on

Kim must have gotten tired of having to look like Beyoncé per Kanye requests !

tom holleman on


Lynn on

This is so absurd. The media reports on when this women dyes her hair. This women who is famous and popular for being filmed in a sex tape. I know its a celebrity mag but come on there must be other things to report on other than this no talented media hound and her family.

toni on

when will you get rid of this has been nobody cares about a self rightest pathetic looser

Amber on

I guess Kanye gave her permission to dye it back.

Mona on

Wow….so glad to know…now I can move on with my day/life.


Bear on

GEORGEOUS?? Guess you folks only look a t her face. If most women had that ass, they would go for so m e serious reduction along with the face plastic.

Ann on

I’m not a fan but I think the dark is much, much better with her horse face. She’ll change it again as soon as the Kanye tells her to do so.



zarathustra on

What color is her ‘BUSH’?????

JOE on

a PIG with brown or blonde hair is still A PIG

JOE on


Barbara Coble on

No matter how hard Kanye tries~he can get her to lighten her hair, he can have a baby girl (with an unusual name)with her~Kim will never be Beyonce, and he will never be JayZ. No wonder he’s losing his mind, just can’t be “Keeping Up with the Carter’s” lol

Sherrie on

She looks so much better with brown hair, the blonde looked ridiculous.

Guest on

I don’t know what I’ve EVER seen one human being, more enamored with their own image than Kim Kardashian.

bea on

Who cares!!

KJ on

And this is new worthy why?????

mary on

I can image at kims house the fight for the mirror and both of them fighting for the mirror and telling the mirror how beautiful they are

DevinP on

Does anyone understand why people still make duck lips?

Tojo on

“Bestiality” should never be promoted in the press.

Ron on

I thought she moved to gilligan’s island

Ron on

I thought she moved to gillian’s island

tim dugan on

and we should care why?

bummed1 on

Wasting time on worthless tripe, means you all are desperate to publish something. Maybe you could report something interesting for a change.

Aspen on

Thank you so much for that breaking news!

Jeff on

Clowns. So much make-up on women’s faces that they look like clowns. Plaster on make-up to create a false image of yourself and then get bent out of shape when someone lies to you. That makes sense. Clowns.

mrsmass on

why no story about how Kanye settled with the guy he beat up for 250 grand?!

Richard Coleman on

Can the news (?) people PLEASE stop writing about people that make no real contribution to life.
Just because somebody thinks she is somebody and she comes from a famous family is NO reason to write about every time she moves! Can you move her to Canada with Beiber another want to be.

Marie Mullin on

And she posts that.

susan kent on


Brian Williams on

Kim is absolutely one of the most beautiful women out there (TV land) but she has done absolutely nothing with her life to be modeled by our younger generation. I wish people in this position would allow this gift to benefit humanity instead of defecating on it. I don’t care who you are, if you have the ability to impact life, contribute to not depreciate it.

guest on

wow, colored hair again, what about her fat ass, that hasn’t changed. where is the kid???

dena on

I guess Khloe will change her hair color back now

Joyce Griffin on

So glad to see Kim back to her natural self. There are too many run of the mill blondes and her hair color is such a rich color Just Beautiful!

Ron on

Will someone PLEASE remove this woman and her entire family from being in any news, social or otherwise, in the UInited States! PLEASE!!!

Ed on

Who cares?

Susan on

Thank goodness she changed her hair back….now I can sleep at night!

James on

Not a fan of Kim, but much better.

Mary on

Remind us why this is news?

Lori on

At this point, I don’t think she looks any better with darker hair. Her face is so weird looking now that her Armenian features have been completely erased from her face. She still looks older and harder. She need to stay at home and take care of her baby. It’s not like she has any talent that will be missed.

mark on

who really cares!!!

mark on

who really cares!!!!!

Tanya on

She looks better as brunette.

Marina Newman on

Seriously….who cares

Angela on

And now I can leave again…… wow what a news.

Jim Dearborn on

WOW! Breaking News.. they should have interrupted the Super Bowl to announce this..

Jazz on

How is this important? Why does People mag feel the need to report her every fart?

Joe on

Wow, I can hardly wait for the next breaking news…..

fred on

garbage is back

fred on


noonecares on

um, wow, really? WHO CARES?!

Linda on

Boy, thanks for that info, I will sleep better tonight!

DaveT on

The woman has a real problem and that problem is she really really loves herself.

Jimmy on

kimmy,, we love the black hair better honey”but your still ok in our books”



Richard on

if it weren’t for that fabulous butt, she’d be a nobody!!

Richard on

if it weren’t for that fabulous ass, she’d be a nobody!!

Lori on

I don’t think she should go back to blonde, I prefer her dark hair. I think Kim looks much more beautiful with her super dark locks. No more BLONDE Kim!

Chrissy on

I don’t understand how People can take a selfie from Instagram and turn it into a story. Does anyone care? If they do, can’t they go to her Instagram? I’m only commenting because I’m sick of the Kardashian stuff day in and day out. I have been a long time People reader, but it’s getting tiresome to constantly see this family when I don’t see why they’re famous.

mommytoane on

omg without this knowledge life didn’t exhist. She looks better with the darker hair, but most people look better in their natural hair colors. Either way, I wish the entire family would disappear.



Kate on

When I was a new mom, I definitely didn’t have enough time to take this many selfies. I was too busy taking care of my baby and snapping pictures of him. I’m amazed at how ridiculously self centered this woman is and that she either doesn’t realize or care about the optics of her self-centered behaviour. Really gross.

dee on

“Kourtney is receiving too much attention lately. I need to do something stat.” Next she’ll be posing in a thong w North and kissing whales @ Sea World. She has to be the center of attention.

Kay Cee on

I am so annoyed with myself for even reading this “news.” I just needed to say, wow. Does she need validation so badly that she was compelled to ask the world for guidance regarding her HAIR COLOR?! Funny, because I don’t recall her asking the world for advice when she decided to go blond. Ugh!

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