Jennifer Aniston Is Bored Of Her Bob, Adds Hair Extensions

02/01/2014 at 02:28 PM ET

Jennifer Aniston longer hairSplash News Online; Pacific Coast News

That was fast! Though Jennifer Aniston proclaimed to love her new bob back in November, she’s already stepping out with a longer look, debuting an extensions-assisted shoulder-length do at a birthday party for Portia de Rossi on Friday night.

Though Aniston told Vogue at the time of the chop “I feel great. I feel lighter,” she simultaneously expressed some hair anxiety to Elle UK. ‘The minute I cut my hair I want it back. Always. It’s a guarantee,” she said. “I’m trying really hard to love this one.”

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She has been lying low since the big chop, but as of Jan. 20, she still was sporting her chin-length look. Which is why we have to give major props to her hair extension guru (we’re assuming it’s longtime stylist Chris McMillan) for making her newly longer, thick curls looks so natural.

Did you like Aniston’s bob or are you glad she ditched it? Have you ever had a hair-related change of heart so quickly?

–Alex Apatoff

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Guest on

soooo vain.. I am actually getting tired of her….

Gunny on

Me too. I’m not sure when it started to happen, but I lost interest in her a year or so ago. I was really a big fan.

Mimi on

They say your hair doesn’t define you, but in her case it really does. She loses her looks once her hair is gone which is sad that it’s just her hair that makes her. Angelina Jolie could be bald and she still looks as good as she does with long hair.

trish on

she looks good anyway

Guest on

People, she was at a commercial shoot for Aveeno right before this party, so the extensions are likely due to that. From Twitter: @AdrianMBurks 19h On set with Jennifer Anniston for a commercial #Aveeno#fun

Stylista on

I wish women would feel confident enough in their beauty to stick with their shorter hair. When they get extensions it’s like they become less strong, less sexy. Julianne Hough did the same thing. Just my opinion. It’s like they lose their nerve and fear they will be less girly, so they sew in fake hair, which to me is not sexy or beautiful. Hopefully Jennifer Hudson and Pam Anderson won’t follow suit.

Stylista on

Why would I buy hair products with fake hair in the ad? Aveeno fail

BRinMilwaukee on

Um…. make up your mind? But she looks good either way.

Smithy on

Her hair is at least consistent with her personality and acting — BORING!!

Gretchen on

Stylista, I think that’s exactly what I was feeling, but hadn’t realized it…fake hair for a hair products ad? That seems crazy! If her hair doesn’t look great whatever length it is, what does that say about Aveeno??

Sammi on

Big deal, her hair always looks like it does with extensions in. Slow news day I’m assuming

Pappy O'Daniel Jr. on

Agent: Jen baby! You haven’t been featured in the tabloids for WEEKS! Howzabout you getting a high profile movie gig?
Jen: Ehhhh. All those rehearsals sound like too much trouble. I’ll just change my hair again. Also, call one of your gossip column buddies and tell them I’m definitely getting married sometime before 2017!

Shia on


Robyn Racine Roberts on

Jennifer’s BOB was fresh, chic, edgy, & youthful! The long extensions are stale, boring, fake, and old looking!

Kimmy on

She probably realized she looked more her age with the shorter hair. She ranks right up there with Demi Moore in the ‘scared to grow old’ category.

Valliene on

aveeno is about skin…not hair.

Carly Peitel on

Jen’s “bob” was new & hot! The extensions are boring & fake!

Tina Meyers on

I am “team bob!” Jen’s “bob” was so very modern, whereas the longer boring extensions are outdated!

Dina on

She must be the actress with the MOST EVER boring stories…seriously U_U zzzzZZZZZZZZ

Lola on

I agree with Guest — so vain. Can’t imagine obsessing over hair the way she does.

Kimmy on

@Valliene; Aveeno also makes an entire line of HAIR CARE products. I know, because I have used them.

Guest on

@Kimmy: But Jennifer does not promote hair products for Aveeno – she has her own hair company Living Proof. Jen’s role with Aveeno is just for skincare and she was shooting an ad for them last night ahead of this party. It’s not unusual that they would want her to appear with longer hair as this is her most recognizable look – & the whole point of her advertising for them is that she’s a recognizable entity! Sheesh people really don’t get it how product promotion works!

K. on

Does this woman do anything more useful than calling the paparazzi to take “intrusive” pictures of her walking around in her bikini on yet another holiday? She needs to put some clothes on, ditch the blue contact lenses and learn to be more down-to-earth. She is over-rated in every single way.

dlraetz on

It’s her hair. She should wear it in a way that makes her feel comfortable

melissajean0 on

I thought it was cute short.

What’s wrong with you people, why are you all picking on Jennifer Aniston? You know her personally I’m guessing, right? Pfft. trolls.

Lisa on


Kate on

While I admit I think the current length (with extensions) is the most attractive length I’ve seen on her, she and her hair are getting old. As much as I want to continue to like Jenn, at some point, do you ever get mature enough to not use your hair as your total identity. Let it grow out….get it healthy and it won’t break off every three years.

Jane on

This story made me chuckle. When she first changed her hair, I said she would go back to the extensions. Her hair of course, but when you are supposedly famous for your “great hair”, this kind of flys in the face of that. All the fuss about the hair cut and back to the same old same old. How many stories will there be on this “new” do I wonder.

Kimmy on

@Guest; I am aware of that. However the remark I referred to was “aveeno is about skin…not hair” . Aveeno is about BOTH, rather Jen is or not.

susan schweitzer on

Jen, never cut your hair! It’s you.

rona on

she is such a bore. nobody cares about her life anymore. her movies are all the same, she is no A actress anymore.

Shea on

She’s still boring as h-ell! Snorrrreee

vickynicole on

@Stylista – um… Aveno is not a hair care line…. so what does it matter if she has extensions?

Sherrie on

I never knew she got a haircut so good for her either way

jabba on

A bob is the ugliest haircut of them all, it ages any woman 20 years, stay away from it unless you want to look like an old maid.

sandy on

I like her with longer hair

Julesy on

With or without extensions, her hair ALWAYS looks the same with no body, no good cut, blah.

Rene on

Ok we all like to see hoe Jennifer’s hair looks no matter what most of us women say. Hair is a part of life. It doesn’t and shouldn’t identify you but if a gal has great hair like Jen’s then it’s ok to chat about. Oh and Angelina Jolie could be bald and beautiful? Wow” I don’t dislike her and I don’t know her-but she physically looks sickly and so skinny. And I am a size 2 myself before everyone starts saying I’m fat and jealous….lol

guest on

oh, jen! with the big chin. change that. it would be news worthy, people mag.

car on

Figures, got to hide behind that hair!

suzycreamcheese on

I’m way tired of her never understood why she dumped jake

Marcia on

She’s looking her age, not in a good way.

Donnatella on

She’s not much to look at with short hair, her long hair is a definite asset. She’s sweet and that makes her pretty.

Lacey on

The haircut was bad and unflattering. It had noting to do with the length. The haircut she made famous wasn’t long. The problem is she thinks she is defined by her hair, not that we do. I don’t really think about her at all.

Jan on

She can’t make any changes in her life it appears. Always falls back on the same old Jen. She’s really quite dull.

cheryl on

Who cares about her hair with all the REAL problems we have in this world. Her hair color how sad .

Linda on

Hair-man-hair-man-lame movie-hair-man-hair man. That’s it. To mix it up a bit take weave out-put it back in-out-in. More mix I’m going to marry man-dumped again-man-going to marry man. So so boring and swallow. Look db John Mayer dumped her.

CallmeMaybe on

Come on Mimi…Angelina looks like a malnourished man with long hair and big lips…take away her hair and you won’t know what it is

Cindy on

I think she looks great either way. Why are people so harsh? It’s the media that is reporting every single hair change she has. It’s not like she’s going to People Magazine and saying “I changed my hair, look at me!” Women get extensions and then have them taken out all the time. She is nothing short of a class act! You look amazing Jen!!!!

MB on

She was “bored” with her bob because she is a boring person who likes the same old boring hair.

guest on

even Justin her so called fiancé can’t understand the big deal about jen, I read a interview on him. and he said that, as if to say, whats the big deal about her. she is certainly a poor actor, he hangs around because, who was he before jens boyfriend? I know body, Jennifer aniston is dummy Rachel on friends, that’s it, period..

Noneya on

Hey – she is who she is – just like the rest of us! It’s her hair and she can do what she wants with it. And WHY are people still comparing her to Angelina Jo-LIPS? Get a life!

Teknosbeka on

Looks great, I love this length.

Gg on

I’m sick of them all. They are all so vain. Not every woman looks good with short hair but I think it looks better on those that can.

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