Kim Kardashian Is So Committed to Showing You Her Abs, She's Now Cutting Up Her Designer Dresses

01/24/2014 at 01:06 PM ET

Kim Kardashian crop topJMA/Star Max/Getty

Did you know that Kim Kardashian has lost the baby weight? If not, you may be living under a rock, as her every movement on social media (as well as every outfit she selects) seems designed to drive that point home via a series of midriff-exposing ensembles.

But even someone whose closet looks like this can apparently run into a shortage of ab-baring crop tops, so for her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she made her own, by taking scissors to a pink Dior dress.

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“Tonight’s look #AllPinkEverything #DiorDressICutInto2Pieces #ManoloHeels #LorraineSchwartzJewels” the star hashtagged enthusiastically on her Instagram. And the pencil skirt/crop top combo wasn’t the only déja vu moment she was sporting — she was also in her second extremely fancy Lorraine Schwartz diamond collar necklace of the week.

So do we think this was just the star getting crafty in her spare time? Was it a creative reaction to another last-minute dress disaster? Is she letting her fashion designer fiancé Kanye West act as an in-house tailor? And more importantly, how are we feeling about this? Tell us below.

–Alex Apatoff

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hautemom on

you can put a pig in Dior….it’s still a pig

Judy on

I think she looks beautiful.

Stephanie on

She didn’t cut it. She doesn’t do any of her own tailoring. I doubt that she can even use a pair of scissors. *eye roll* I try SO hard not to click on anything about this family, but every other article is about them. Please! MAKE THEM GO AWAY!

Bamabelle83 on

This isn’t flattering.

Smithy on

I think who she is and the values she projects completely take away from what beauty she has. Add in a horrible choice in a partner and there’s not too much to admire about this girl.

Bernie on


Bernie on

Judy below you need glasses

Uptomyeyeballs on

I seriously hate to make comments because it’s rude…..but she is not remotely thin, remotely crafty, or even attractive anymore. She’s become a narcissistic fembot who has a baby accessory….and an idiot for a partner. Kanye makes me want to barf every time he opens his ignorant mouth.

LaShondra on

I seriously doubt she cropped a DIOR dress!!!!! She wouldn’t know how to work a pair of scissors anyways.

Amp88 on

I don’t like it. The cropped section hits her in the wrong spot. She would have looked SO much more stunning just leaving it as is (or cutting it in a different spot.. not one of her widest). :(

Priceless on

I just finishes telling my 15 year old that the Kim Kardashians, Paris Hiltons and Lindsay Lohans of this world are nothing but attention ho’s. None of them actually have any clue as to what it is really like to work for a living. Would it not be nice if we could all place our place on the scale of importance in life by who and or how many people we have slept with?

Have any of these dodo birds ever done anything that was not self serving in one way or the other. I honestly have more respect for porn stars they at least work for it.

mrsmass on

if the writer of this article thinks for one second that this chick actually cut that herself, she/he needs her/his brain tested to make sure it’s functioning properly.

Susan on

What is wrong with her face?! Did she have more work done? If she’s not careful, she’ll whittle her nose down to a Michael Jackson one.

Max on

The neckline and armholes have so obviously been altered. Dior would never let something that crude out of their shop. Mon dieu!

Gemini2loveme on

Has our world become so mindless that people mag finds this disgrace of a family’s every pathetic move a newsworthy story? …..yup.
People please stop brown-nosing.

Jeri on

She has fake boobs. She has big a@@. She is not attractive. I’ve long wished her and her family to be gone. No wander Bruce, after living with the K,s so long, is changing his sex, to get away from them on a permanent basis.



Sandra on

Oh Please, the title suggests she had everything from her under carriage to her pelvic bone showing. Small amout of skin showing and this is the best the writers can come up with. Get it Kim, keep the haters hating, while you enjoy your life.

nikki on

Oooooh pls Kim, why are you so vain…why do you need the attention so much, isnt kanye giving you enough…to me she still has BIG hips, by showing her midrift makes her hips looks bigger..all this for sad.

J.M. on

Who cares. I don’t know why this makes news. Again who cares

Marie Mullin on

She still. Has a big derrière!

Deborah Freeman on

Well, as for Kim.. she looks cheap… so I guess she is getting ready too go with Kinley. To where ever he is planning because of radium… I guess he should have thought about that before he had a child with a white woman.. so Kim. If he is still your designer… You need a NEW one….

Linnea on

If I never hear another word about any of the Kardashians…. well, that would be perfect.

Whittierlil on

Hey Bernie, YOU’RE so right on ! She’s so into her fat ass, I’m surprised it’s not in this pic. Those huge hips weren’t there before baby.

Guest on

I would be shocked if kk made a step in support of anything , anyone, any cause that didn’t have anything to do with herself. I have never seen anyone so self absorbed. Enough with the clothes and make-up. Some people need a different sort of reinvention. Like their personality. Sorry kk.

Linda on

I usually think she looks pretty good, but she looked horrible in is dress. It was I’ll fitting…and now I know why

Cms on

Just proves the selfie last week was photoshopped. Her waist in that shot was tiny compared to this pic in the crop top.

TT on

I’ve had a stressful day. Thanks for the good laugh, hautemom!!!

rona on

Her and Justin Bieber 2 little piggies.

Jen on

She looks fantastic! After dealing with the negative press while she was pregnant, good for her to be able to bounce back and look this great 8 months after. She is no way fat! Grow up people!

Debbie on

Someone needs to tell her this dress goes against all the rules about flattering fashion. If she ever watched “What Not to Wear” she would know that a short woman should not wear a mid-calf dress or a dress that cuts you off at the middle. Both errors make her look shorter and wider…not flattering at all. Where is her stylist? Oh wait, I forgot, it’s Kanye.

diamondgirl on

Mr. Dior is turning in his grave.

Kay on

THose are some WIDE hips!

Christine on

Love it! Gorgeous!

nikki on

So funny! My friends and I used to make fun of the type of girls who wore pink pumps. Lol!

Tiffany on

I think it looks cute. It suits her body. The color looks great on her..

Bubbles07 on

What a waste of an elegant dress. It would have been so much more tasteful as it was originally.

Aspen on

Hardly think it’s her crafty side coming out. She probably can’t use scissors by herself anyway.

Holly on

What is up with her face? Her boyfriend is trying to make her into Beyonce,sad. I’ve never been a fan of hers, but she was pretty, now she looks like a completely different person.

Tania on

One word. Matronly. She can try and buy her way into fashion, but style is innate.

Tazmara on

She does look nice. I think she is slowly losing weight. As for the dress, good idea. It is only fit for the red carpet but this way it can be worn again.

Gh on

So, just curious People magazine…exactly just how far are you going to stick your head up Kim Kardashian’s a**? Yet another pointless and un-newsworthy story. Yawn.

Guest on

She looks beautiful.

Charlotte on

She lost weight? I really can’t tell. She looks the same as she always does, big & wide. That is one big girl.

Cecelia on

Because there’s no way should could zip it up otherwise, duh!

Shel on

Slow news day?????

Treat on

These outfits make her look too big. I’m sure she has a great body but nooooo just stop these cuts are not a flattering look.

Janet697 on

perfect for a piggie pink

Janet697 on

pink so perfect for a piggie. With a lard butt she certianlly does not have any idea how to dress to look nice or classy.

menders on

People you can keep saying Kim lost her baby weight but anyone with clear vision can see she is quite overweight and it not looking good at all.
She looks like a stuffed sausage.

sally on

no matter how you slice it…its tuls (backwards) all the way

Johnson on

I think she’s hot, but in all honesty she’s at least 30 lbs overweight. She still looks great to me, but stop pretending she’s a waif.

peopleperson on

Kim Kardashian doesn’t put a foot down wrong. I think this look is gorgeous. And clever. And her daughter defines the word stunning. Why all the vitriol, people? Kanye was right, this IS
one of the most beautiful women of all time, and it takes a LOT
of discipline, period. to do all it takes to present herself this way
every day.

guest on

She looks stunning.

Kathryn on

At least she didn’t drag the skirt down to her hips and show her navel. I’ve def seen worse.

Marie on

It looks weird.

d on

Wait. What about her mouth/nose weird new look? What kind of surgery could make her permanently frown like this?..ELECTIVE surgery? She actually wanted to end up looking like she is perpetually smelling something stanky..??!!?

Betty on

What happened to her face? It looks kind of frozen in place and stretched. And pink shoes, really? I thought shoes that matched the color of the dress went out in the 80s.

rocknmovie on

She does have some hips on her… Not flattering for her figure. She is too big to start with: boobs, hips, ass.

suzy diamond on

YEP, she has abs and MILE LONG hips! FATTTTTTT Can’t dress up a pig.

zami on

She needs to change it up a bit stylewise; the crop top/tight skirt ensemble is getting very tiresome. And WAY too much makeup per usual. Even her cleavage has been shadowed/contoured. SMH

Me on

My goodness, what has happened to her face?! At first glance I thought it was LaToya Jackson. She needs to slow her roll on the plastic surgery!

sunday on

She can do what she wants, but,…unless Dior did it for her, Dior is not happy.

Mai on

Kim’s body is fantastic and looks great in clothes, her “big hip” are considered more attractive than the non existent hips of anorexic models. She represents what lots of women and young ladies look like. I’m not a fan of this outfit however, I believe the dress should have been left as just that.

roundtown on

She wants all of us to believe she has so much money that she can cut a Dior dress in two and make it look fantastic. I’d have to see the dress and the tag for the proof that it was designed as one piece and if it is, in fact, a Dior design!

jpeterson on

She never smiles anymore in pictures maybe kanye won’t let her lol

Cristina on

It is a Disaster. She looks cheap. I don’t care if it is Dior. She should fire her new “stylist” KW. Since she started to be influenced by him, she looks like a bimbo starlet.

Nanu 08 on

She is still a wide load so needs a total make-over starting with that oggly hair……she has lost her beauty!!!!

Shelby hayness on

Jesus Christ, put you fits away.

spanky on

what a massive backside,omg

Amy on

I think she would look great in anything if she smiled. Every picture of her is like a statue. Pretty soon people will stop caring, just like they did with Victoria Beckham and Kristin Stewart. BORING and don’t care anymore.

Yay on

She is so insecure. If she wasn’t she’d let the media advertise what she did and what she’s wearing. Instead she brags for attention about things the average person can’t afford. Guess what? People HATE you for it. Bye nice psoriasis flare up on her leg. Life must not be #perfect.





vena on

cannot wait for the 3rd Hobbit, she is such a great actress :D

Didi on

More like she couldn’t get the dress on without cutting it into two pieces.

Dina on

She made a super cute Dior dress into a simple blouse and skirt combo. Agh… ZERO CLASS.

Lyd on

Her face is starting to resemble Michael Jackson!

pam evenhouse on

Kim is beautiful, but she should not always show so much skin. It makes her look desperate!! She is curvaceous, why can’t she just leave it at that – you can tell through the clothes.

carol on

so sick of seeing any kardashian in the news they lie and try to make themsleves important and they are NOT””

Diva on

Nothing can disguise her big booty!

alex on

To much botox, her face is frozen, why does this family keep getting all the attention they are getting? They are not special, except for getting their “fame” through sex. And sadly the mother is now whoring around with any young man she can find. Cant we just forget about these people and find some other “wonderful” deserving people to report on?

Marie Mullin on

Her abs might be so so, her ass is big, lose that girl, not easy.!,

South park on

Her “abs” aren’t doing anything to prove she is not really a troll.

DM on

GO AWAY, KK, KAYNE, & KRIS When are you all going to realize we just don’t care whether you cut your clothes, show your abs so you can Instagram a thousand times to watch yourself on your iPhone, whether ” mom manager” makes you all a million dollars to show everyone how tasteless your family is, how Kris wore/wears the pants in the family & then dumps her husband….you’re all self absorbed, tactless, no class, and the only reason why I am commenting is because NONE OF YOU ARE ANYTHING BUT WANNA BES!! And People you need to get a backbone..the minute you STOP giving her/them attention they WILL GO AWAY!!!

Deni on

Boy – those hips don’t lie.

Briseis on

Terrible like her face

many on

N**** in Paris Lovah! See what I did there.

Cheryl Pelletier on

Kim is not attractive anymore and although I admire her weight loss she looks off-kilter. Her body looks like it is rubber and her head looks way too small.Kayne make-over has not improved her at all. She reminds me of a professional good time girl Kayne pimps her to the world and he wants her to look the part. First she marries that mentally challenged Lurch. I expect K-K to rent out a football field while being filmed on their wedding night. She would make several zillion selling that.

Judi on

Tacky! Did SHE cut it? It doesn’t look hemmed.

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