Does Amy Adams's Critics' Choice Awards Gown Look Familiar?

01/16/2014 at 09:26 PM ET

Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence Lester Cohen/WireImage; Dimitrios Kambouris/WireIm

If you tuned in to the Critics’ Choice Awards Thursday night — or even if you just caught up on the highlights this morning — you probably had a strong reaction to Amy Adams‘s hot pink gown. At first, you might have gone “Wow, that color is awesome. Who says redheads can’t wear pink?” And then you might had said, “Wait, why am I getting a strong sense of déja vu?”

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The first feeling you can attribute to Roland Mouret, who designed Adams’s off-the-shoulder stunner. And the second you can attribute to Adams’s co-star in American Hustle, Jennifer Lawrence, who wore a very similar look (by Oscar de la Renta) to the 2011 SAG awards. In fact, we were just reminiscing about how much we loved Lawrence’s look here, which is why it was top-of-mind.

Obviously it’s not a direct match, but something about the vibrant hue, the asymmetrical draped top, the black ribbon at the waist — and oh yeah, the stunning stars wearing them — made us stop and say “Wow.” We only wish we could hear what their arch-rival characters in American Hustle would have to say about this moment.

What do you think of the two looks? Let us know below!

–Alex Apatoff

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BamsyPop on

Really, People? Your head is so far up Jennifer Lawrence’s behind that you only think of her? In fact, when I saw Amy Adams, that is the last thing I thought of. Just admit you wanted to find a way to include Lawrence into one of your articles.

Boo on

I agree with BamsyPop – seriously, People – are you out of your collective mind?

So there’s a bow around the waist and it’s pink. Big deal.

jane on

When did they hire Stevie Wonder to write for People. These gowns look nothing alike and is really starting to SUCK

Marianne on

The only similarites are the fact that they are pink dresses with a black belt. Nothing else.

Emily on

I don’t think that those two dresses are similar at all… except perhaps the black ribbon/belt but even those are vastly different.

Come on. Find something else.

lylah on

These two dresses are not similar.

Me on

I agree with BamsyPop. The gowns don’t look that similar and Amy Adams looks much better.

Pat on

Except for the black bow at the was, I don’t see the similarity. But I love, love, love Amy Adams’s dress; not so crazy about Jennifer Lawrence’s…

Pat on

oops – that should be “the black bow at the waist”!

grdenstate on

Hey Alex Apatoff, I think you might have meant to post this article tomorrow based on, “If you tuned in to the Critics’ Choice Awards Thursday night — or even if you just caught up on the highlights this morning…”
I know writing for People doesn’t have the same sort of journalistic integrity as writing for others, but proof reading by you and your editor should still be a standard!!!

mrsmass on

Um, it’s still thursday.

Guest on

grdenstate: I think you have your days mixed up sweetie, it was posted on Thursday AFTER the critics choice awards. It’s okay, I do it too ;)

Marie on

@BamsyPop is right

Jane on

Except for the fact that they are both dresses and have black belts at the waist, there is absolutely nothing similar about these dresses. The person needs new glasses if they think they look the same.

Marie on

Jennifer this Jennifer that, stop kissing her a$$ People magazine. And they look NOTHING alike.

Diana Prince on

@Guest who called me sweetie, which is really quite nice of you…

I understand tonight was the airing of the Critic Choice Awards. I know it’s Thursday. How the article is written, which again is, ‘or even if you just caught up on the highlights this morning,’ suggests I would have to time travel to tomorrow morning to watch the highlights of something that aired tonight. The tense in this sentence suggests that I would have already been able to catch the highlight reel.

At any rate, Guest, it is obvious to me that I cannot time travel to tomorrow morning’ new show that has the highlights at the time when this was written. Bravo for apparently you do!

Nina on

Two totally different women, two totally different looks. Amy Adams looks classy and Jennifer Lawrence looks…

deewa2010 on

That is DUMB… she looks great & I am SURE there are tons of pink gowns with black belts. PLEASE

seriously? on

oh people…how the mighty have fallen. and this probably isn’t even the worst headline of the week.

Seabot on

“If you tuned in to the Critics’ Choice Awards Thursday night — or even if you just caught up on the highlights this morning…” Did we forget that this wasn’t supposed to be published until Friday morning? And no, the dresses aren’t even remotely the same, much less close enough for deja vu.

Mickey on

Wow! People has absolutely cracked it. My goodness, it looks like Amy Adams totally stole the dress from Jennifer’s closet. Oh, wait a minute … no, that wrong. They are both pink (although, a different shade of pink) and they both have a black bow (although, a totally different style there, too). Really, this is best you could do? Why not just let Amy have her moment in a glorious pink dress on her own and not bring up a dress worn in 2011!

Mickey on

I wonder if People even understand what the phrase Deju Vu means? ‘Cause they seriously got it wrong here.

BootzieGurl on

They are nothing alike, I mean come on other then having a black belt at the waist, what is deja vu about it? You’re all crazy if you think the dresses look alike lol

suzy diamond on

The two dresses look NOTHING alike!

Jen on

Seriously People? These gowns look nothing alike. You’re stretching and just trying to start drama. I should have stopped reading People the moment you guys named Adam Levine sexist man alive.

I'mnotreally readyingpeople'sMag on

Who cares. It looks nice, doesn’t it?

Jennifer on

I agree with almost everyone else. These dresses are not similar and the looks are styled completely differently. readers now know that pink gowns with black sashes are as off-limits as red gowns with shoulder/neck bows. This article even gives Ms. Hathaway’s supposed flip out over Ms. Seyfried’s gown some credibility. C’mon Alex Apatoff, if you are going to write about fashion, make sure you know something about it first.

zusje on

So the dresses are both pink and have a black sash…other than that there’s nothing similar about the dresses.Or the ladies wearing them!

Andrea on

Amy ALWAYS looks stunning

Peachy on

Love the Stevie Wonder comment. I agree….not alike at all and NO ONE remembers what Jennifer Lawrence wore or cares !

Amanda on

You’re joking…. Besides the black bow, these in no way, shape or form are similar. So similar that a whole article was needed about déjà vu?! No! I love love love Jennifer Lawrence but this dress looks a bit sloppier than Amy Adams. Amy looks incredible.

Kary on

Seriously People, Amy Adams looks beautiful and stop talking about Jennifer Lawrence so much. Ughh

Joanna on

I hate when they compare what they think are celebrities wearing the EXACT SAME THING. Unless EVERYTHING from head to toe is the same thing as in the same color worn in the same way with the same shoes, etc. it is NOT the same thing. Us as readers cannot do a who wore it best from about 90% of the comparisons they give us and this one is no exception.

Angela on

Nope, not the same dress or color…. Amy’s is the better
dress and she wears it well….

Lilyflower on

Oh come on, People. The dresses aren’t THAT similar. Really like the dress on Amy Adams, though.

mommy2eandl on

The only thing alike about these two dresses is the black waist bow… And even THAT doesn’t look alike!

Carolyniscrazy on

These dresses look nothing alike, aside from both having a black bow at the waist. This is an article that should have happened when Emma Stone wore that red dress with the huge bow on the back that was almost identical to the one Nicole Kidman had worn years earlier. That was deja vu….

SN on

Um…..they look nothing alike.

MrsJAZ on

What’s the deal here ?? Except for the color and the belt, they are nothing the same. Why is People comparing them. Amy Adams looks fantastic in that gown. I actually don’t like the other one. It’s nice to see Amy Adams in something pretty for once.

Eliza on

The only thing these dresses have in common is the black bow. “People” needs to stop looking for fights and just report the beautiful dress Amy was wearing. It looked great on her as Jennifer looked great in 2011. Both were perfect for them and age appropriate which is more noteworthy. Nice job to both stylists.

Dinyell on

I agree with the other commenters – What an insulting way to cover a talented actress who looks fantastic in her dress. I know Jennifer Lawrence (whom I also think is fantastic) brings the clicks, but the angle of this article is whack.

lisaplcp123 on

This is actually an article? Must be a slow celeb news day. These gowns look nothing alike. Amy Adams looks lovely.

bkable on

These two are a little similar… maybe? Not grounds for an article. I thought by ‘deja vu’ they meant Amy was repeating a dress or wearing the same as someone else.
Either way, I love Jennifer Lawrence but frankly Amy’s dress farrrrrrr exceeds Jennifer’s!

Tiff on

I like Amy Adams dress better.

alaina on

Ridiculous, People Magazine. Would you feel the same way if they were both wearing black dresses? Jennifer Lawrence looks beautiful, but Amy Adams wins this one, in my opinion at least.

Frank on

Ha ha, People mag is a joke

bb on

The gowns have a sort of similarity; but its like Jennifer’s gown is the knock-off store version of Amy’s. The bright pink color is less sophisticated than the coral shade, and the larger bow looks more costume-y. I never would have made the connection between them though, they are not identical at all.

E. Caceres on

Bamsy pop
why are you so rude?
Ms. Lawrence is so talented and awesome
she is young
but prefer Amy’s dress
please be nice
or do not comment

DressMe on

REALLY???? So how many different “styles/looks” do you thing designers can come up with? Only you, People, must go back through months & years of pictures to try & criticize someone for wearing something that really doesn’t even look like something someone else wore a years ago or six months or 1 month ago. REALLY??????

Denise on

Amy’s dress is much more beautiful.

Terry on

These are two completely different gowns. I do not like Amy Adams gown at all.

Julie Drake on

I agree with all comments. The dresses are nothing alike! What happened to common sense?

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