Ashlee Simpson's Engagement Ring: Get All the Scoop (and Exclusive Photos) From Neil Lane Himself

01/14/2014 at 05:59 PM ET

Ashlee Simpson engagement ringCourtesy Neil Lane

When it came to creating an engagement ring for Ashlee Simpson, her love, actor Evan Ross, was not messing around. “He took it very seriously and it was a wonderfully intense process,” says L.A. jeweler Neil Lane, who worked closely with Ross, 25, over the last month to design a one-of-a-kind ring on a tight deadline.

“Evan was really, really sweet and he was looking for something beautiful, a unique ring that said everything: love, romance, beauty, character. He didn’t want anything traditional,” Lane says. After going through an array of design options, Ross spotted a ring from Lane’s vintage archival collection that had a marquise-cut diamond surrounded by small rubies, with an elongated navette style and vintage aesthetic. “When he saw it, his eyes widened and that was it,” says Lane. “But that was only the beginning.”

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Ashlee Simpson engagement ringCourtesy Neil Lane

Ross wanted to blend in design elements to evoke a more contemporary feel, so the two pored over sketches and traded ideas. Ross even consulted Simpson’s mother Tina (whose other daughter, Jessica, also has a Neil Lane engagement ring). “He wanted to do the right thing. This is a young fellow in love,” says the celebrity jeweler, who created a delicate diamond sleeve into which the original ring fit. “His taste level is exquisite and he wanted to make sure it was a perfect ring for his love.”

The new five-carat ring, set in platinum and gold, now boasts 140 white diamonds accented with small rubies. “Evan was blown away when he saw it!” says Lane, who admits it was a nail-biter getting it done before Ross and Simpson, 29, headed off to Hawaii last weekend. “It was non-stop until the last minute when Evan picked up the ring last Friday, but it was worth it. It’s one of the most beautiful rings I’ve ever done.” The verdict from Simpson? Says Lane, who spoke with Ross following the proposal, “She was overwhelmed! Oh my God, they are so in love.”

What do you think of the ring? Do you want a nontraditional ring for your engagement? Weigh in below!

–Elizabeth Leonard

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Showing 98 comments

mrsmass on

How much does Neil lane pay People to talk about the fug rings that are always on here?

heather on

Are you sure this isn’t a prototype for this year’s superbowl ring?

Sarah on

the edges are going to be a pain- I had a ring that had triangle ends and kept cutting my finger…

I’m not overly in awe of the ring myself, but good for her if she likes it, each to their own

Liz on

I have to say I actually like it. It’s different than the same old boulder every other celebrity has.

Andrea on

Tacky just like the woman wearing it! Nothing beats a classic princess cut with simple diamonds on the side. These celebrities spend so much money on tacky rings only to divorce 3 months later. This won’t last!

Marsha on

I actually like it although it’s not my style. I would never wear it but it is very beautiful.

What does this kid do for a living besides have a famous mother?

Nic on

It looks like a blinged out class ring – yuck!

dustin on

beautiful ring!! so happy for them both!!

Stephanie on

It’s tacky. Just because someone has a ton of money..does not mean they have taste…

Moira on

I actually like the ring, just not as an engagement ring. I would wear it as a fashion ring since it’s certainly an interesting/unique piece. However, I suppose all that matters is that Ashlee likes it. So good for them!

Nom on

It is magnificent.

Huh? on

I’m probably showing my age, but who is this guy, and how can he afford a ring like that?

Jan on

I agree with the Superbowl comment. What were they thinking.

Karen on

Where will her wedding band fit with that big of a ring? I guess they do a 2 in one? Her engagement will be her wedding?

anaiulia on

i actually love the ring. they seem absolutely adorable together. congrats to them.

Jillie on

I’m sure they could care less what all you people think.

shawna on

Come on people… This ring looks as though it is antique ..eight of John Jacob Astor’s mistress finger! It’s a beautiful ring and nothing new as far as design. A tweak or two of something old and something new…so glad he can afford it.

Camera on

And what kind of wedding band could one begin to put with that ring?

Dee on

I only have one thing to say to Mr Ross. Iron-clad pre-nup dude .

heather on

Jillie, the saying is “couldn’t care less.”

Ryry on

While it is not my taste, it looks very vintage and is stunning.

GuesT on

I love Neil Lane. My engagement ring is from his collection. BUT this one looks like it was made after a night of too many sippys. To each his own.

Carolyn on


lala on


juju on


juju on

ok now shave your soul patch

Lilyflower on

I agree with whoever said it looks like a super bowl ring. But if she loves it, that’s all that matters. To each their own.

Denise on

That has to be the ugliest engagement ring I have ever seen

jsp81355 on

I think it is absolutely gorgeous. Evan looks and sounds like a great young man and I wish them every happiness. Oh to be young and in love…..

Linda on

Tha’t’s a really gaudy looking ring but hey, if Ashlee likes it that’s all that matters. Congrats to both of them!

Gg on

I don’t care for it myself.

Amaryllis on

He was looking for a beautiful ring and he came up with THAT? She should recycle her engagement ring from Pete Wentz.

cj on

I love that it’s ssssooo different!! Very unique, beautiful. Would like to see it on her hand though ..

Meredith on

Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup ring!

xo on

That thing looks like it belongs in the prop department of The Vampire Diaries.

Tazmara on

Yes, it is beautiful but the pointed ends will catch on everything and there could be some painful accidents. He seems like a very nice young man.

Pam on

I clicked on the “LOL” button.

Liz on

The ring is stunning and unique.

kitty62862 on

As long as Ashley loves it! Not my thing but it is amazing!

Liz on

Oh I cannot believe the negative comments about the ring and the people. I hope your kids are not bullies like you are. If you do not like it-just say it but in a pleasant way.

Lilian on

Don’t know what all the fuss is about! They will be married and divorced in no time … as usual.

aly on

Give it no more than 4 years.

yaya on

Looks like something She-Ra would wear.

guest on


Pat Gillespie on

To me, that is gaudy. Would never wear something like that!

Anita on

For all the people asking about wedding bands, you can wear your engagement ring on the right hand once you have a wedding band. My friend has an exquisite yellow diamond that wouldn’t have gone with any band. She wears a simple pave diamond band on her left hand and engagement ring on the other. People come up with the craziest thoughts!

1SoaringLady on

Cheers to young, authentic Love!!! Most young men his age are too preoccupied sniffing themselves. So it’s refreshing to hear how excited he was in the preparatory stage. Evan wins BIG in my book!! Now, if I can just meet an intentional young man possessing such two balls… UGH!!!!

lima on

I’m glad she likes it, because I don’t im traditional.. Diamonds only with a traditional shape.

Jackie on

Not my tasteā€¦.but she has to like it!

Elena on

It looks monstrously big from that picture. It’s not something I’d feel comfortable wearing, however, I’d like to see how it looks on Ashlee’s finger before I could really say if I liked it or not. I do love rubies, though.

The most important thing is that the bride-to-be loves it. Good luck to the couple!

Guest on

The design is very unique, it’s eye catching.

Mary on

In the end…..the only person who matters on if she likes the ring is Ashlee. Congratulations!

whatever on


Pao on

That’s the fugliest ring I have ever seen! And N.Lane is right- this is ‘a young boy in love’ cause when he finally wakes up – he’ll think ‘WTF was I smoking?’

amy on

29 and headed for marriage number two. Wonder how long this one will last.

Jenna on

that ring is just …..ummm, ewwwe

/S on

It would be SO much better without the triangles at top and bottom, more octagonal. It would also be cool if the 4 swirly pieces were added later as her wedding ring.

Niel Lane should totally hire me as a consultant.

flower on

How exactly would someone pair this with a wedding band?

Yrhino on

Ugh. No.

Beth on

Ashlee and Ross are decent young people who will have a charmed life. The ring is beautiful!


I don’t like the rubies. If I had a ring like this one, fire opals would be the stone I’d pick to accent this ring. also the length and width of the band itself could lend itself to callouses and rubbing spots on the finger/knuckle. It’s gaudy this way, but I think some more class could be added when designing a diamond insert sleeve to complete the wedding set.

Marie on

Beautiful unique ring! Congratulations!!!

JWS on

I like the ring. I’d never wear it, but it is pretty.

kc on

Eric Johnson says thanks for making his ring to Jessica look less gaudy now.

Jen on

WOW….you have to wonder if she actually likes it or if she’s thinking OMG I have to wear this everyday?!?

Sarah on

Is it just me or does this look like the eye of Sauron?

Patty Humor on

Love a good vintage ring but this one just reminds me of lady parts. It’s even pink! But hey, maybe I just don’t get art.

Hertyu on

Looks like both sisters got the shaft in the ring department. At least this one is big.

Sarah on

After they are married, she’ll probably change it.

didi on

He’s too young and she has too much baggage.

didi on

I guess i am the only one that is disgusted by how much emphasis these celebs put on “the ring” and how little effort is put into the actual marriage. None of it means anything. Sad really.

Tobs on

This boy looks very feminine!

guest on

sorry but it just seems gaudy to me.

Sapphire on

Only one word comes to mind when I see this ring…tacky. The shape and size of it is a total turn-off and the rubies make it look fake.



CheBe on

That’s different…..

Cheryl Pelletier on

It looks like a prize that one “fishes” for in one of those ripoff containers.

Lisa on

Nice ring? SUCH a creepy guy!

Sheila on

I think it’s breathtakingly beautiful.

Davenee Benge on

I like it… Reminds me of something that Elizabeth Taylor may have worn. Wishing them many years of happiness.

scoobe2 on

not my style but if she likes it. i think she should be more concerned about her future monster in law…

roraw on

I thought I saw something like that on an episode of star trek a alien goddess holding out her ring to put captain kirk under her spell! Rare ring not Diana;s his mom’s good taste!

Guest on

I really like the ring! I think it’s different and beautiful! Congrats to them…hope they make it :)

jones on

I like the style of the ring, but think it would be impractical for an engagement ring because of the sharp edges. Just like Jessica she gets a ruby engagement ring for her second engagement.

Kat on

Really looks like a family crest. Not fond of it, but if she likes it who cares?

gracie on

uck. These folks all just have to do bizarre things to keep getting in the news. if you are really talented – you don’t have to do bizarre things. I bet 1. she stops wearing it 2. they don’t last more than 3 years.

Billy on

looks like the Popes hat. Congrats to them, hope they are happy!

Bug on

What’s Evan do for a living?

Rose on

That is by far, the ugliest ring I ever saw. Tacky, tacky, tacky.

Dub on

One of the ugliest rings I’ve ever seen . Trying to copy her sisters ring but fell way short

Tina on

That is one of the ugliest rings I have ever seen.

Mandyraejordan on


cal on

Too Gawdy!
Do Not Like!

maryann on

Do Not Like!
Too Gawdy!

Stacy on

Ross is an actor. He is also Diana Ross’ son. His father was a billionaire and Mogul. He really doesn’t need to work a day in his life! I agree with whoever said prenup!!!!

sapphireerings on

All the best to them. The ring is beautiful.

Meowwww on

It looks like an evil red eye.

Amy on

Some of the previous commenters already echoed my thoughts. Looks like a Super Bowl ring prototype. Not a big fan of giant “look at me!” rings, but to each his own. My simple amethyst princess-cut solitaire flanked by pave 6 diamonds is all I need…understated while still being classy. I also question where the wedding band itself will fit in there.

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